Karen – Work-Xcise Suit


Karen was fit, in shape. She lived an active lifestyle. Jogging three times a week, crossfit two times a week, kayaking, rock climbing, cycling, she did it all. It was perfect. But life as it is, things changed. She was offered a new job with more responsibilities, with more money… and less free time.

She had to move from the suburbs to downtown. Cross-fit, she could still do it, but jogging, in the smog of the city was killing her. Driving an hour to go running at a cleaner park was less than appealing.

Her apartment was rather small. It was high priced, because in a brand new building, 15 minutes walk from work, but small anyways.

She was thinking about getting some home exercise equipment, but the high quality devices were big and bulky, then she saw this ad in the newspaper, about a place that was selling exercise equipment for small spaces. There was this picture of a guy in a colorful plaid jacket that seemed right out of the 60’s. It didn’t inspire her confidence.

Destiny has its own way. One day, on the bus, she was daydreaming and missed her stop. She ended up getting down not far from the said store. She figured that it might be a sign and, having not really something else to do, why not have a look at it.

She stood in front of the store, grinning. The door was in the middle of two display windows. The one on the left shows exercise bicycles, benches, and the other one… vacuum cleaners.

She went in. The door hasn’t closed behind her that a salesman was on her.

“Helllo milady. How may I help such a beautiful woman today.”

“Well I…” began Karen.

“Don’t tell me. Let me guess, running shoes, spandex tights, I don’t think you’re here to get a vacuum cleaner, am I right?”

“No. I was looking for exercise equipment. I have a really small apartment and…”

“Well, milady, you’ve come to the right place.” he cut in, with the voice like a pitch man from one of those infomercials. “We have the best equipment for small spaces, but I would invite you for our new, state of the art, hyper technologically advanced Work-Xcise OCW suit.

“The what? No, I don’t want a workout suit I …”

“No, wait. I’m not talking about workout clothes here. I’m talking about the Work-Xcise OCW suit, the suit that makes you workout. No need for bulky equipment, no need to go to the gym. You simply wear this suit while doing your daily chores, and it does make you workout.”

“Errr… yeah, right. Now, about your treadmills…”

“Forget the treadmills, come have a look at the suit, first.” he said, almost pushing her toward a mannequin in the middle of the room, sporting what could be described as a smoothskin wetsuit, by someone used to see wetsuit.”

“No, forget it. This is a scam. This is nothing more than a wetsuit, It makes you sweat a lot, but it’s not any… exercise suit.”

“Ah… Don’t get fooled, milady. This is not a wetsuit. It might look like one, but it’s not. Here, come closer, feel that.” he said, taking her hand, which Karen quickly withdrew.

He continued as if nothing happened.

“Go ahead. It’s like rubber, not this thick neoprene you’re thinking about.”

“Okay… so it’s a vintage wetsuit, a plain rubber suit so…”

“No, milady, look at this.” he said, taking the arm of the mannequin and lifting it in the air, releasing it, and showing the arm was still up. “See?”

“I see the arm up… and?”

“Yes it is, but the suit is keeping it there. Go ahead, try it. Pull it down.”

Reluctantly, Karen did, trying to get the hell out of there. She pulled the arm down. She had to use some force.

“Now, see what it does?”

“Honestly no. The mannequin arm is stiff. Now can I see the trea..”

“It’s not the arm, I assure you. The arm is totally free. It’s the Flex-id technology. Flexible yet rigid. For every move, one has to exert some effort. When you raise your arm, you’re working but when you’re lowering it, gravity is doing the work, but not with the Work-Xcise OCW suit. You have to work out every movement you make. Each step you make is like climbing stairs. Each leg you lift is like having a weight on both sides.”

Now, he got Karen curious. She moved the arm a few times.

“I’m sure there’s a trick.”

“No trick, no gimmick. This is it! This is what everybody has been waiting for.” he continued with his infomercial voice. “It’s 100 exercise equipment into one, easy to carry device. You can use it anywhere, even wear it under your day clothes and workout all day long, on the plane, in the bus. It’s like a portable fitness gym.”

“How… how do you put it on?” said Karen, having walked around the mannequin. “I don’t see any zipper.”

“Easy through the new patented neck entry collar. It will stretch to fit you like a second skin.”

“O00kaaayyy.” said Karen, uncertain. How much?

“How much, you ask? Don’t ask now. Wait to see all that there is to it.” he continued. Karen had the feeling this was a fucking infomercial recording. “because it includes the Oxygen Enhancer” he said, producing a garment Karen recognized.

“A corset. Really?”

“Ah-ha. Don’t be fooled by its shape. Yes, it looks like a corset but the patented fabric actually forces your breathing, working your diaphragm, and gives the same effect that top athletes have when going in higher altitudes to workout in an oxygen deprived environment: the lungs capacity increases. This does the same thing without the hassle of going up a mountain. It’s included, a value of $100.”

“Okay, then. How much?”

“Don’t ask now, there’s more!”

“More?” added Karen, deciding to play the game. “Oh my gawd!”

“Err…” hesitated the salesman a second, surprised by Karen’s reaction. “Yes, there’s more. You also get the breather trainer hood.

Karen raised her eyebrows as he put the heavy rubber garment over the mannequin’s head, revealing a stuffed mouth and dark lenses over the eyes.

“Yes, it looks scary, but it features special devices in the mouth and nose forcing the wearer to inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose. For those who want to train for nose breathing only, the mouth breathing can be shut off. More, the dark lenses provide a sealing around the eyes, preventing any fog to form and allowing the wearer to exercise without having tinted glasses jumping on its nose.

And more, it includes bluetooth hearing plugs so you can listen to your favorite music without having the standard ear plugs fall off, or getting pulled by the weight of wires.”

“Wow, fantastic.” said Karen, sarcastically, but the salesman was too caught off by his sales pitch to notice.

“Now, how much, you might ask.”

“Oh yes, how much for this wonderful invention.” continued Karen.

“But wait, that’s not all. It also includes these wonderful calf Exercisers trainers.” he said, getting from the floor, a long tube, ending with a pointed foot on an 8 inches heel.

“Calf exercisers? This looks like…”

“…Yes, it looks like a ballet shoe on a boot. Everybody knows how hard it is to do ballet. One must build extremely strong lower leg and feet muscles.. With the Work-Xcise OCW Suit, you get One Complete Workout in one neat package. Easy to store, fits in a regular drawer. Easy to carry along when traveling. No need to carry everything. No need to put on everything. One day, you’re in the mood for oxygen training, you take the belt only. You want to build your calf muscles, you wear the calf exercisers. Now, all those extras here are thrown in complete free for this special one time offer, now how much do you think this will cost you?”

“It must be pretty expen…”

“Don’t answer now, because there’s more. We also includes this lean cuisine recipe book, and since this wonder suit is very tight fitting and a little lubricant is required, the package includes one, 10oz bottle of water based lubricant with added aloe vera for a perfect smooth, silky skin, BUT,  if you buy within the next hour, I will throw in not two, not four but six 10oz (284ml) bottle of lubricant, enough to last a whole year of once-a-week use. Now how much?”

“Yes… how much.” said Karen, now getting annoyed.

“It’s only 36 easy payments of $99.95. It’s less than 25 bucks a week for a complete portable workout.”

“Yeah… but if I don’t…” began Karen

“No worry. We have a 30 days, full money back guarantee, and all the lubricants are yours to keep, whether you keep the suit or not. So what do you say? Please call now… err… buy now… ” he said, the whole room going dead silent.

Karen was silently waiting for the announcer to add “operators are standing by. Call now…”

She approached the suit and touched it, then had a look at the boots, the belt, the hood. All the guy had been saying made sense, somehow.

“I get 30 days to try it, right?”

“Absolutely, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, just return everything for a full refund…”

“Cut the commercial, will ya?” said Karen, I got the message. “I’ll think about it.” she said, approaching the more regular equipment.

The salesman followed her and took a more conventional approach with the stationary cycles, rowing machines and treadmills.

“You know?” said Karen. “It might seem odd, but that suit really… intrigues me. I’ll try it.” she said, not even thinking what the total amount was. She was just seeing how small it could be and only $100 a month, which could easily fit into her budget.

“Fantastic. You won’t regret it.”

“How many have you sold, so far?”

“I…. I can’t tell you that, I’m sorry.”

“It’s the first one, isn’t it?”

The salesman didn’t answer, he just went backstore and came back with two cardboard boxes, one rather large, the other thin, and two plastic bags. Karen smiled when she saw, on the big cardboard box fetish ballet boots, size… . She had already figured that was it. The box was identified as waist cincher and the large plastic bag had the logo of Work-Xcise OCW with suit, basic, black and the other had Work-Xcise OCW, hood, full, black. She picked up the large bag, or rather plastic envelope, the size of a regular sheet of paper, about 2 inches thick.

“This is the suit? May I?”

“Err… yes, of course.”

Karen pulled the garment out, unfold it and suspended it in front of her. She actually had to manually unfold it as it was keeping its folded shape. She realized that what he said was right, it needed to work out. It was okay lengthwise, but on the width side…

“You’re sure this will fit me?” 

“Oh yeah, it’s very stretchy and made to be worn this tight.” he said, picking the collar and, with strength, stretched it as wide as Karen’s shoulders. “See? You’ll fit in no problem… With the help of the lotion.” he said putting a large heavy box on the counter.

“And this?” she said, indicating the zipper at the crotch.

“Well, it’s for… relief while you’re in the suit. It is expected that the wearer will have it on for long periods and might need to take a leak…” then, whispering as if not wanting anyone else to hear, although they were the only ones in the whole store “I’ve heard that some people put… ahem… toys… in there.” he said, making Groucho Marx eyebrows.

“Yeah… I still don’t think it will resist. This thing will tear upon on the first wear.” said Karen.

Without warning, the salesman took a pair of scissors and quickly and forcefully, lowered it down the suit, stretching it to the floor, then banging the tips of the scissors against the suit and the floor many times.

“What the hell?” said Karen.

He simply took it and showed it to Karen.

“Here, find a tear, a hole, a scratch, anything while I finish your transaction. If you do before I finish, it’s all yours for free.”

She didn’t find anything, not even a scratch and had to pay… She couldn’t take the bus back home and had to hail a cab. Half an hour later, she was in her apartment with the boxes.

Curiosity had the best of her. She read the little booklet that came with it. She unpacked the suit and began to put it on. It became obvious that she was going to need lubricant, a lot of it, but it did stretch, and after fifteen minutes of squirming, it was to her waist. Now, per the little instructions paper, she put her hands inside and slowly worked it upward, feeding her arms in the sleeves at the same time. When it reached the top of her shoulders, it quickly slid in place, suddenly rising up as high as it could go on her crotch.

She muffled a little yelp as it touched a sensible area, not expecting to have this reaction. She felt the suit tighten as her body heat worked it, as described. She was amazed at how much force she needed to move her arm up, then the same force but opposite had to be applied to get it down. Walking, she felt she looked like a robot, all the moves had to be decomposed: lifting the leg, extending the knee, leaning forward, bending the rear leg knee, moving the arm forward, putting it down, everything needed a thought as the gravity was not helping at all. After walking back and forth twice the length of her apartment, she could feel she was actually having a workout, but more, the crotch zipper proved annoying, rubbing at just the wrong, or was it right, place.

She sat down and put the boots on, lacing them tightly. They fit her perfectly. Standing up was another matter. She had worn high heels to high class events, but she was not a regular wearer. She grabbed a hold of a chair and stood up, legs shaking, then let go of the chair and made a tentative step, then another one.

“Geesh, I had thought it would have been a lot more difficult.” she said to herself, then remembering the last time she was in heels, the comment of another woman stating that she was looking like she was wearing high heels all the time, as she danced in them and even played the little games without taking them off, like the others did.

“I must be a… natural.” she said. She walked back and forth once.

“Yes, it really makes the whole leg work out. Never felt anything like that, even with weight on my ankles.”

She went on with the waist belt, tightening it, until she felt a big squeeze, but each time, she was able suck in her stomach a little more and tighten it again, until she reached the maximum.

She tightened the laces and tried to take a deep breath, but it was cut off by the tight garment.

Now, breath shaking, body shivering, she didn’t understand what was happening, why she was reacting this way. She added the hood, putting the large lump of the breathing control device in her mouth. The hood had a rather large yoke she left dangle over her shoulders. It took her some time to get used to the right breathing sequence while walking in circles. She was panting, her lungs burning, every muscle straining. She put an exercise DVD on and began her routine.

Half way through it, the rubbing zipper at the crotch was getting just too much. She was hot as hell. She collapsed on the ground, hands on her crotch, getting higher and higher. She wanted to breathe through her mouth, but couldn’t and it gave the effect she was choking.  Just at that moment she exploded, almost glad she was sort of gagged as the whole building would have heard her.

She let her arms rest, expecting to fall by her sides, but they stayed where they were, held in place by the unique flex-id characteristics of the suit. She was panting heavily.

She removed the hood. Her face was red, but she had one of those weird smiles on her face.

“Damn! And he said people added toys?”

She wore the suit every day and she kept it on all day on the weekend, using the zipper to relieve herself. Each time, it was a blast, how tight the suit was, and the workout it forced her to make. By then, she was tucking the hood yoke inside the suit for the perfect seal, But the thought of the… toys got more and more interesting.

By Monday, she stopped by the sex-shop. She got out of the store with a bag and a large smile. Once home, she unpacked the goods, latex panties with rubber sheaths that would hold two huge vibrating dildos. She was quick to put the panties on, then the suit, then gently, using a lot of lube, the dildos inside the sheaths, before closing the zipper.

The next workout exhausted her body and also her mind. Her alarm clock awakened her the next morning, still wearing everything. She was almost late for work.

By the end of the second week, she was totally out of lubricant.

“A year supply, yeah right. Even once a week, one doesn’t use that much.” she said as she entered the store, looking for the sales guy. Someone else approached.

“Hello miss. May I help you?”

“Yes, I bought the Work-Xcise suit a few weeks ago, and I need more lubricant.”

“Ahh… right.” he said, turning around and searching.

“You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? The water based lubricant for the Work-Xcise suit?, that suit over there?” she said, pointing to the mannequin.

“Err… I think so… let me have a look.” he said, searching again, then going to the mannequin and looking everywhere around it.

“Someone else served me the other day, is he in?”

“That would be Phil, the owner. I’m sorry, he’s not here right now and I don’t know if he’ll come back before closing time. He had an emergency and left on a short notice. I’m more familiar with the vacuum cleaners than the fitness equipment.”

He went to the back of the store. Karen heard him moving boxes and stuff around.

“I can come back tomorrow, you know?”

“Maybe… No, wait. There it is.” he said, coming back with a can of spray lubricant.

“That’s not what he sold me the other day. It has to be specific for the rubbery fabric of the suit.”

“Oh yeah, it is, it says here it’s safe for rubber components. But to be sure, you could come back tomorrow and ask Phil.”

Karen thought for a minute. She was totally out of lubricant, that would mean that she wouldn’t wear the suit this evening.

“You say it’s safe for rubber?”

“Yes, it’s right here.” he said pointing at the text written in big letters right under the brand name.

“Well, then, I guess it’s not that bad, I’ll take it.”

She went home and was quickly in the suit. With time, she found that putting the belt before the suit was even more enjoyable. She put it on and easily tightened to its maximum. She used the lubricant, which proved to be a lot more slippery than the other stuff.

“Darn! That stuff is good.” she said as the suit easily, almost effortlessly rode up her body and squeezed in place with a funny sound. She added the toys, greasing everything to profusion, then the boots and the hood.

She walked around her apartment a few times before popping in the workout DVD and doing her routine. As all the other times, perhaps even more with the slippery lubricant, she had a hell of a blast, feeling the tight belt, the straining of her legs on the ballet boots, eyesight absorbed by the video, breathing controlled. After her quite enjoyable, yet exhausting routine, that was the goal of the workout, she would allow herself some pleasure. She used the remote and fired the dildos. She was quickly on her back, hips in the air, rocking them up and down, gliding her hands from her crotch to her thin waist, to her large breasts, squishing them, while her moaning was muffled by the hood. Then, the thing that breaks any perfect moment, happened: her phone rang. She let it go into the voicemail. After less than a minute, it rang again, then again.

By then her concentration was lost, even with the vibrating dildos. She had a look at it, realizing that it was the fitness store number. She tapped to hear the message while getting the hood off. Usually, it was easy but for some reason, she had a hard time finding the overlapping layers. The message played, she heard it clearly through her bluetooth earplugs.

“Hi, Karen, it’s Phil from the store. John here sold you the wrong lubricant. Yes, it’s safe for rubber, but the rubber rings inside a vacuum cleaner. It is NOT safe for the Flex-id rubber of your suit. Please don’t use it, as it might melt the suit, and it will stick to everything it comes in squeezing contact with. Just come by tomorrow, I’ll credit you the can and give you 50% off your purchase for the trouble. Just don’t put it on your suit.”

Karen began to panic. She went to the bathroom and looked at the mirror. The junction between the hood and the collar was almost non-existent, and she couldn’t grab a hold of the neck to stretch it. She tried to take the boots off, but they were effectively glued to her legs. Desperate, she tried to cut the hood off with scissors, but it didn’t work.

She let herself drop on the bed, realizing that she would be stuck in the suit until Phil found a solution.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, the dildos became interesting again. She closed her eyes and dreamed of being encased for real… wait a minute…

© Pete / monsterp63, March 11, 2016

Author’s notes:

It’s funny how inspiration works.

I can’t remember how I came up with the idea of a flex-id suit. I commute to work half an hour back and forth every day, and I have time to think about this silly stuff.

This story was written, because of time availability, over the course of five evenings.

First question: how Karen gets interested in it. It’s not something that would be in fetish stores. She had to discover it by accident. One of my coworkers goes to the gym every day. Well, an exercise suit could work. So the thought process starts.

Now, she sees it at the gym. Nah, there would be people to discourage her from it. She sees an ad in a magazine. Nah, too specialized.

An ad on a newspaper, in the classified or something similar. I start writing. Why is she looking at exercise equipment? There goes the moving downtown plot.

Now, she sees the ad. It had to be silly. A suit like that can’t be “serious”. But will a silly ad like that would attract someone as serious about fitness as Karen, so, think, think… she misses the bus, or the stop, yep, that’s it.

Let’s make the store weird, Exercise equipment and… car parts. Nah, vacuum cleaners. Yeah, that’s silly enough.

The salesman talks to her like it’s an infomercial. Apparently, I’m in a silly-crazy mood that evening. I write the sales pitch, and throw in, six one liter bottle of lubricant for a year of DAILY use. She goes home.

How does she get stuck in it… Humm… She uses the wrong lubricant, but she has six liters (that’s 1.5 US gallons!!). She lost them? Break them? What if the bottles are smaller?

Re-Writes as six 10 ounces bottles, a year of WEEKLY lube. She goes to the store to get the lubricant. He wouldn’t sell her the wrong stuff, so he’s not there. 

Now, what kind of lubricant could be used on fitness equipment. Silly me, he sells vacuum cleaners!! The silly store to the rescue, she gets a vacuum cleaner lube!

And voilà!

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