Karen – Where Is Everybody?


Art from Osvaldo Greco that inspired an image to Parangsakti which inspired an image to RubberMatt which inspired a story to me.

Talk about collaborative creativity…

Karen got off the elevator of her luxurious condo building, her high heels clicking on the hard tiled floor. She was rocking her hips tightly wrapped into the latest designer skinny jeans, complimented by a white blouse and a pink leather jacket, all designer signed, of course. After all, she was a highly sought after model, in high demand.

The usual limo was waiting for her outside the building, in the middle of the city. The driver opened the door.

“Good morning Miss Karen. Beautiful day for a shooting at the park.” said the driver.

“Absolutely gorgeous, Frederick.” answered Karen as he closed the door on her.

“You have any idea which designer you’re shooting today?” asked Frederick as he drove into the traffic.

“Actually, Phil wanted it to keep it a secret.” answered Karen. “Something never done before, apparently., but he’s offering twice my regular fee, so be it.”

“Must be one of those new age designers.” answered Frederick.

A few minutes later, the limo pulled to the sidewalk, Frederick opened the door, and Karen saw, in the distance, pretty much in the middle of the large field, the photo equipment and a tent she recognized.

“Thank you Frederick.” said Karen as the man took her arm to help her out of the car, which Karen did very gracefully.

“I’ll be waiting for your call.” he said. “As usual.”.

“You’re such an angel, Frederick, I wonder why I haven’t married you yet.”

“My hopes are still there.” answered Frederick, half joking, half serious. “Have a great day.”

But she was already gone. Frederick looked at her walk away, her butt wiggling in her tight jeans, her jacket reaching just at the right level so that the eye could pick up barely enough, but wanted to see more. She walked gracefully toward the tent, high heels on the grass as if she were wearing sneakers.

She reached the tent as Phil, the photographer, happened to get out. He startled.

“Ah… Karen. Err. Hi.”

“Hello Phil… Something wrong?”

“No… yes… well, you’ll see inside. I’ll be checking my gear.” he said, walking fast away from the tent.

Karen was puzzled. She entered the tent, somewhat expecting something, but not really knowing what. The usual cloth rack was there, but it contained shiny garments. Karen approached as Phil’s helper, Lynda, walked it.

“Oh, hi Karen… Yes, that’s what you’ll be wearing.” she answered to Karen’s puzzled look.

“Latex? Well, I did it before, just not outsi… and this?” she said, picking the long leather tubes, with long lacing, a pointed toe and very high heels. “Ballet boots? Really. This is a fetish shoot or what?” she asked.

“Something like that.” said Phil who was just entering the tent. “The client was very specific that he wanted you.”

“But I’m not a fetish model. That could ruin my reputation. Top designers would not want to be associated with a fetish model. I’m not doing it.”

“Don’t worry. The customer will use a stage name, just provide him with one, and your face will not be shown.” said Lynda, producing a rubber hood with dark bulbous lenses over the eyes and only small nose holes for breathing.”

“Still I won’t do it.”

“You signed the contract.”

“Then I was tric…”

“You signed when you saw that he was doubling your usual fees, without reading it, I was told by your agent.”


Karen was speechless. He was totally right. She didn’t read the contract, she only saw the shitload of money it would get her.

“I… think I’ll have a talk with my agent.” she finally said. “So, shall we proceed?” said Karen with a reluctant sigh.

“Actually,” said Lynda “we’re waiting for Robert. He’s from the client and he’s the one who dresses you up. I don’t know much about these things.” she said, handling an intricate shiny steel belt.

Karen tried to reach her agent but all she was getting was her voicemail. She was getting pissed off at not being able to reach her agent and still waiting for the “dresser” which was over half an hour late. As Karen was trying to reach her agent one more time, without success, a man entered. Karen startled. He was tall, very good looking with his latest trend of haircut and two days beard. His chest was molded into a tight fitting T-shirt showing his muscular six-pack. His jeans were not hiding very much what he had between his legs.

He smiled when he saw Karen, who obviously forgot everything about her agent and the fact that he was late.

“Hello. You must be Karen?” he said with a sexy British accent, extending a hand and looking at her straight in the eyes. “The name is Matt. Robert Matt.” (Get it? Geesh, sometimes I even surprise myself…).

“I would…” said Karen, obviously answering some other question in her mind “Err…. Hello… Sorry, I’m…. I’m Karen.” she said, taking his strong hand.

“Good… Shall we proceed?” he said, extending a hand toward the table of goods. “We’ll go with the dildo panties first,” he said, picking a plastic bag, “then…”

“Wait! What??” asked a stunned Karen.

“The dildo panties.” he said, showing a latex brief with two large, no huge intruders. Karen went wide-eyed.

“No way. I’m not wearing that!”.

Robert looked confused.

“But your agent told me to use the biggest one I could find, that you’re used to this.”

Karen’s wonderful green eyes changed to flamethrowers.

“That bastard. What the hell did she do that for?”

“You’re not a fetish model?” asked a suddenly unease Robert.

“No. I’m a high fashion model. I work for Channel, Gaultier, Armani, Versace, Loren, not…”

“Oh… Well, actually it’s too late to find another model, the client wants the pictures in two days. Would you care to do it anyways. Believe me, it will be a blast.” he said with the warmest smile she ever saw, and his eyes, his steely blue eyes…

“I… I guess I could try.” she said.

“Perfect.” answered Robert, handling the panties and a bottle of lubricant. “Just use plenty.”

Karen took the items and went behind the dressing screen. She undresses in silence.

“Fuck. That’s huge.” he heard Karen say. “I… I can’t put these things on.”

“Do you mind if I help?” casually said Robert. “I’m used to this kind of… situations.” he said.

“I… I don’t know…”

He gently walked behind Karen, and with the right words, the right advice and the right touch, she was able to insert the two huge intruders. Once done, she raised her pleading eyes toward Robert, her face red.

“People actually wear that?” asked Karen.

“Some spend their days with them on.”

“How could they…”

“I’ll show you later. The sun is rising quick. I’m afraid I will have to ask you to press on. Here’s the catsuit. It’s a neck entry… right, never saw that before.” he said at the despaired look on Karen’s eyes.

He helped her put on the black latex catsuit which revealed to be very, very tight tight.

“Sure you don’t trick your measurements?”

“No!” answered Karen. “You can’t trick your measurements for top designers.

“Well, it looks like the suit is about two sizes too small. It’s gonna be a real skin tight fit.” he said, still struggling to help her get the suit over her shoulders. Once there, it slid in place everywhere, the attached toe socks and gloves molding every little part of her body to perfection. It squished her large breasts to perfection, and also pushed on the dildo panties, getting them deeper.

Karen couldn’t believe the feeling. She put hands at her crotch, letting out a soft, guttural, groan. Robert only smiled. He took the ballet boots.

“You, models, are used to high heels, so this should be just a little stretch.” he said. “Just get on that stool over there.” he said, pointing a few feet away.

Karen sat as Robert put the long tubes up her legs. They were made of soft kid leather. As he was tightly lacing them, Karen’s smartphone beeped, but she was too far to have a look at it. Robert didn’t make a fuss of it, he too was beeping from time to time, either text message or notification.

As he was finishing lacing the other one, Karen’s phone beeped again.

“Okay,” said Robert. “Ever wear a corset? He asked, taking the rather long leather garment which would cover her from the hips to just below the breasts, almost grabbing them with it’s U shaped trim.

“Yes,” answered Karen. “Some designers add corsets.” she said as she made her first tentative steps on the ballet boots. “Wow, quite… unique.” she said, making a few steps to the entrance of the tent then back. “It’s going rather well.”

“You’re apparently one of the gifted to wear those so easily on your first try. So you’ve only worn designer’s corsets.”

“Well, yes. Why?”

“So you don’t know the difference between a designer corset and a fetish corset.” he said as he began pulling the laces on the garment.

Laughing. “Like there’s a difference.” she said.

Her phone beeped again.

“Oh yes, there is. Designer’s corsets are for show. Fetish corsets are… for… real.” he said as he really began to pull hard on the laces.

Karen went wide-eyed!

“Oh my god! What are you doing?”

“Told you, tightening the corset. Your agent gave us your measurements, and this should fit.”

“No it doesn’t.” said Karen, putting her hands at her already thin waist, beginning to gasp for air. “Stop it. I can’t breath.”

“No can’t do. It has to be fully closed, a client’s request, and also the belt will only fit if it’s fully closed. Only about an inch to go.” he said, giving a strong yank at the laces, Karen expelling what she felt was the last pocket of air she had in her lungs.

“Almost done… there.” he said as he made the last knot with the laces.

Karen was wide eyes, panting in short gasps, not believing how tight this thing was. It rendered her upper body totally rigid. While her phone beeped again, she looked at herself in the long mirror and couldn’t believe what she saw: an incredibly small waist female, with extra long legs.

There was another beep on her phone.

“I’m sorry. I usually don’t get bothered by my phone while I’m shooting, but it’s just too many notifications. Something must be wro… what the fuck?”

“Something wrong?”

“Yeah, I got about 10 messages that different payments didn’t go through. What the fuck… Now a call from my bank.” she said as her phone sang.

“Yes, I’m Karen, yes… What? I never closed my account! Say what? Empty? Sam… Shit, that bastard. No, I never allowed that! Can you reverse the transaction?… Well, do it… No, wait. Allow him to spend just enough to buy his plane tickets, then cut him off.”

Robert looked at her with a question mark.

“Apparently, Sam, my agent, closed my account. He had papers that I’ve signed to transfer everything to an offshore account. He must have forged my signature. But I had special protections in just such cases.”

“And that’s why he probably set you up here while he’s leaving the country. He probably didn’t plan the fact that I would be half an hour late. Sorry for that by the way.” he said. “I fully understand what you’re going through, but we must continue, you know, the lighting conditions? And I was late.” he said, producing a lump of rubber. “That’s a latex hood. With that on, nobody will recognize you.”

He walked behind her then turned the hood upside down revealing strange things.

“This is a soft foam rubber ball, a little like a dog toy. It will squeeze and fill your mouth, which will give your cheeks a nice bulging from the outside. The small tubes here, about an inch long, will go in your nostrils to help your breathing, finally, the dark lenses will ensure that… well, nobody would be able to see and recognize your wonderful green eyes.” he said with his sultry voice. Karen would have said yes to anything.

She opened her mouth and he began to squeeze the ball and forced it in. It was way larger than what it seemed.

She worked the gag inside her mouth. It was filling it way more than she had expected to.

“Just be sure to place your tongue under it, otherwise, it will become quite painful if it was to get stuck backward in your throat.” Said Robert.

He then pulled the thick rubber over her forehead, carefully aligning the small tubes inside her nose, then pulling it over her head, then down, aligning some kind of plugs in her ears and tucking her hairs inside, then carefully placing the rather large yoke of the hood under the suit’s collar, removing all wrinkles. With his strong hands, he pulled on the hood, putting in place so that it was sitting right where it should.

The lenses were so dark that Karen couldn’t see much. She was working the gag inside her mouth, trying to find a comfortable position, but there was none. It was really disturbing and incredibly big. She moved her arms, twisted her head, the rubber was sliding, finding its place, getting into position. She was feeling more than hearing it, the rubber creaking with every move.

“There, you’re all set” said Robert.

Karen was overwhelmed by all the sensations, the feeling of this strange fabric on her skin, especially on her fact. Walking in ballet boots was very new and was forcing her legs in a different way, plus the huge plugs inside her were somewhat disturbing.

The thick rubber covering her ears, dampening every sound, she was mostly hearing the sound of her breathing whistling through her nose tubes. The dark lenses made her see pretty much nothing else but the brightly sunlit door of the tent.

Once out of the tent, the harsh sun of this mid-summer day increased her sight to about normal level, although it was still lower than with standard sunglasses. She could see all around. Phil and Lynda were ready, Phil at the camera and Lynda holding a large silver reflector.

Karen walked toward them on the hard packed stone dust path. She had to rock her hips in a very fluid way to be able to walk. She laughed when she saw Phil’s expression, and saw his mouth more than she heard him say “damn!” with his eyes wide opened. Even Lynda was in awe.

The sun was reflecting off the shiny black rubber as she moved closer to the camera. Phil finally got out of his trance, giving instructions to Lynda, as he began to take pictures, giving general instructions to walk forward, turn left, right, etc. Karen was improvising poses, putting a hand on her hip, feeling the tightly wrapped corset, turning around, bending. Every move reminded her that she was coated in rubber, from the pulling to the gliding of the rubber.

She walked to a blanket that had been placed on the ground and gradually got lower on it, finally laying on her side, taking multiple poses.

All these moves made her hotter and hotter, in every possible sense, as the dildos moved a lot. She was almost glad she was hooded, because she would be red faced and drooling.

“Okay.” Finally said Phil. “That’s it for now. You can go back to the tent to be set up for the second part.” Said Phil.

Second part? There was more? She wondered how she would be able to come up with more positions and moves. Probably a change of clothes. That would make sense. She was eager to get out of that sweaty suit.

She entered the tent and Robert was there, waiting for her with a long leather tube. It looked like very fine and supple leather with long lacings and two long straps.

“Ever wore an armbinder? I would guess not.” Said Robert.

Karen stopped, puzzled.

“It binds your arms in your back. Just turn around and clasp your hands together in your back, keeping your arms extended, like so.” He said showing the position. “I will slide your arms into this sheath and lace them in.”

Now really sure, Karen complied. She felt the smooth leather glide up her latex covered arms. Robert tugged on it a few times, and Karen felt her hands enter some kind of pocket. He put one strap from the lower upper left of the sleeve and linked it with a buckle at the back of the right shoulder, and the inverse for the other strap. He then proceeded to tighten the laces.

Karen felt her arms being forced together.

“Just relax, it will go much easier.” He said. “Your arm will naturally bend as your elbows are drawn together.”

She tried to relax, but it was not easy. She was feeling trapped. Someone else was taking control. It was a mixed feeling, scary yet intriguing even… appealing. Her, who always had full control over her career, her life, taking pleasure at being controlled. Weird.

“Never wore anything like that before?” he said, as he moved her arms so that they would follow their natural positions, as if elbow touching in her back was remotely natural.

She nodded no.

“Well, you’re quite flexible. Not everybody can be tied elbows touching on the first try.” He said, as she felt a few more yanks way up her arms. Yes, she could feel her elbow being forced together.

He completed the setup by adding two straps, one over the wrists, the other one over her upper arms, securing everything in place. The straps crossing on her chest got cinched a little, pulling on the armbinder.

“There. I’ll just add this little collar…” he said, putting a rather large three inches large piece of leather around Karen’s neck and fastening it tightly. So tight that swallowing was difficult and turning her head nearly impossible. He fastened the two leather buckles, and she heard some clicks.

“There. All done.” He said. “The locks are just for show-off, the keys are on the table, right here.”

Karen had a glimpse of herself into the long mirror, although impaired by the dark lenses. She was looking like an armless statue. Her breasts appear larger than usual, and her neck thin and erect.

She walked out of the tent. Walking with her arms in this extreme position was forcing her to balance in a new way on her ballet boots, and the high collar forbade her to look down at the path. She had to walk looking far ahead. She wandered off the hard packed path a few times, struggling to keep her balance as Phil was frantically pushing the buttons of his camera, quickly filling his memory card.

She could see him and Lynda mouth astonishing sounds.

He directed her toward the blanket but suddenly raised a hand, asking her to stop.

“Memory card full. Let me get a spare one. Damn, this never happened before! Too many pictures!!!” he said.

A minute later, she proceeded, getting to the blanket, kneeling, letting herself softly drop on the ground, rolling on her back. She surprised herself at slowly rocking her butt up and down, stimulating the dildos, getting hornier and hornier, until she went back to reality. She was not to have an orgasm there, in the middle of a photoshoot, in a public area, where more and more onlookers were gathering.

“Okay. Done. Go get ready for the last setup” said Phil.

That’s when Karen realized that she wasn’t about to be able to get up on her feet by herself. She wiggled as much as she could but without success.

Robert approached her, smiling. “Need a hand?” he asked, easily pulling her to her feet simply by grabbing her arm. He picked her in his arms and carried her to the tent, much to her delight: walking would have triggered a powerful orgasm.

He put her down in the tent, and removed the collar and the armbinder. She rubbed her arms, quickly getting the feeling back in them. She wondered what the last setup would be. She went wide eyes behind her tinted lenses when she saw what Robert pulled out of a cardboard box.

Robert approached her with the creepy looking device and wrapped the steel band with a hot pink trim around her corseted waist. He struggled to join it in front. He then put the other steel strap, dangling between her legs from the back, and pulled it between her legs, pulling it hard, yanking, practically lifting Karen off the ground, it so that it would meet with the center front of the belt.

Doing so, he pushed deeper the dildos. Karen moaned.

“Yeah, a chastity belt with double dildos has a tendency to do that.” He said with a smile. As Karen felt more than heard the chastity belt lock click into action.

He stepped away and Karen immediately put her hands at this rigid steel band, tightly encasing her waist, pulling hard on her dildos. She tried to move it, but it did nothing,

Robert added thigh cuffs, linking them with a very short chain between her legs and a longer chain up to the belt.

He took another large piece of metal and approached Karen who knew where this was going: over her breasts.

The steel cups were put around her chest, squishing her ample breasts as she felt Robert struggling to draw it close. Chains were linked from the middle of the bra, over her shoulders, to the back where they were also locked.

He went back to the cardboard box. Karen couldn’t believe there was even more!

He came out with steel cuffs he wrapped around her ankles, linking them with another short chain, then to her wrists and elbows. The last one was for her neck. All were locking.

He gently moved behind her and took her arms, drawing the elbows together and fastening them with a padlock. Then, more padlocks secured her wrist cuffs to rings on the sides of her chastity belt.

“There! Go for it, sweety” Said Robert, slapping on her rubber covered bun.

Karen twitched, making a step forward but quickly reaching the end of her hobble chain. Making small steps, trying to get accustomed to everything, especially the dildos now deeply pushed inside, the hobble chain, the awkward position of her arms, she got out of the tent and began to walk toward Phil, with Lynda close to her, aiming the reflecting sun on her shiny suit and polished steel chastity belt and bra.

“Oh, I forgot something” said Robert, extending an arm, holding some kind of remote. Karen saw him pushed a button then she was glad she was gagged as she yelped in surprise. The dildos, both on them, began to vibrate.

Damn! She wanted so badly to put her hands at her crotch, play with it. She was hot as hell, and obviously, many people in the crowd figured out what Robert had done. Every step was a struggle. She was closing her eyes, trying as hell not to climax right there, in the middle of a public place, but to her own surprise, her rubber confinement, the sweat running down her spine, her tightly compressed waist, the bondage, the dildos, the hood with impaired vision, hearing and the huge gag filling her mouth, all were adding up.

She couldn’t hold it any longer. She stopped, against Phil’s demands to continue to walk, and more as he wanted her to walk faster and go to the blanket. She turned around, looking at a wide smiling Robert, threw her head backward as much as the steel collar allowed and let out a guttural grunt through her nose as her legs began to shake compulsively. She was engulfed by a wave of pleasure she never felt before, she never thought possible before. Her mind was going mushy. Her whole body, not every muscle, but every cell reacted to this rush of whatever that was.

It lasted close to a minute, and Phil was getting worried but relaxed at Robert’s gentle gesture to let her go.

She was getting back to her senses, to the reality. The world around her, although damped and dimmed, slowly reappearing. She felt a tingling all over her body. At the same time there was a flash. A very harsh and powerful flash. So bright in fact that she closed her eyes and instinctively tucked, bending forward, only blocked by the corset. She was sure there had been some kind of explosion somewhere.

She was panting heavily, in short gasps. She regains her composure, the extreme rush of pleasure slowly fading. She opened her eyes, expecting to see a laughing Robert, but he wasn’t there. She turned around, expecting to see him, along with Lynda and Phil run for the flood lamp that had just blown up, but at the same time, realizing that she was outside, without any lamps. Then she saw it, or rather, didn’t see it. There was nobody.

“Where is everybody?” she asked herself.

Robert, Phil, Lynda: all gone. The crowd: all gone. She thought that her mind was playing tricks with her, but her feelings were just too real for that. She made a complete turn: nobody. Only … only piles of clothes on the ground, rows and rows of them, then, where Phil would be standing, a pile of clothes… and his camera.

What the fuck…

She slowly hobbled to it, using her ballet boots to gently move the jeans and shirt on the ground, as if, all of a sudden, Phil had completely vanished, leaving his clothes to fall straight down. The same for Lynda with her short dress. She hobbled back to the tent to see Robert’s jeans and shirt, along with the remote control for the dildos, on the ground.

If this was a prank, it was the best one she ever saw, but it also involved about a hundred curious onlookers. That was weird..

That was not funny. She entered the tent with the goal to find the keys and free herself, but the dark lenses, once inside the tent, prevented her from finding them. It was too dark.

She had to find help. She turned around to get out, suddenly realizing that the sunlight had a strange greenish glow, or was it her lenses giving that impression?

She hobbled her way back to the pathway and headed out of the park.

On the sidewalk, a bunch of piles of clothes. On the street, cars, obviously left to themselves, had run into each other, making the biggest car smash-up ever created.

She walked down the street, looking for someone, for something, in a boutique, a restaurant, in a car. Nothing. She couldn’t be the only one left. That was impossible.

The vibrating dildos were now disturbing more than amusing. Nevertheless adding the possibility that she was stuck like that until… until the end?… It created a wave that traveled from the tip of her ballet feet to the top of her encased head, triggering an orgasm like she never felt before, even more powerful than the one she had a few moments ago. She leaned against the nearest lamp post to recompose herself.

Then, way over there, she saw something move. Someone was wandering on the street, looking at the clothes on the sidewalks. Karen tried to waive at it, but bound as she was, it was impossible. She began to bang her steel cuffs at the lamp post, creating enough noise she hoped to attract attention.

Whoever that was, heard her and quickly walked toward her.

It was a woman. Like Karen, wearing a complete rubber outfit with knee high platform high heel boots, closed by a row of steel buckles. As she approached, Karen saw something dangling off her face, a blindfold and some kind of ballgag held to a rubber panel. Roller buckles were keeping them attached to one side of her head, while the other end was dangling, showing her concerned eyes, and allowing her to speak.

“Oh my god. What… what happened here? “she asked. “Are you alone?”

Karen could only mumbled and nodded yes.

“Damn. sorry.” She said as she approached Karen. “Fuck, it’s lock. Where are the keys? You have to get out of this.” She said.

Karen pointed to the park. They slowly walked back, Karen not being very fast on ballet heels and hobble chain.

“I don’t know what’s going on. The sun sure has a strange color.” She said. “Oh, I’m Judy, by the way.”

Judy had a complete black latex catsuit with a rear zipper. She had a black leather corset and a one inch leather collar. Her hood had lacing at the back.

Judy went on explaining that she was starting a self-bondage session. She had everything on and she was about to close the handcuffs around her wrists when she saw that flash, even though her thick rubber blindfold. She took it off and looked outside, only to see cars bumping into each other, as the street appeared completely deserted.

She walked down the street and saw Karen.

By this time, they had reached the tent. Judy got inside to retrieve the key and removed the ankle padlock, noting at the same time her vibrating dildos, then she removed the elbow one. She had one of the wrist padlocks removed when, again, Karen felt the tingling sensation all over her body.

Karen went wide-eyed. She knew it would happen again.

“Oh geesh. I had the sa…”

Judy couldn’t finish. Flash. Karen closed her eyes. Shen she opened them a few seconds later, Judy was gone. All there was left was a pair of boots and a lump of latex, including a long glove with the keys in it.

Karen was able to crouch down and retrieve the key from her free hand. She removed the padlock securing her left hand from the chastity belt, but that was it. She still had all the cuffs, including the thigh bands, linked together.

Now, she had to find the key to the belt and cuffs. She looked everywhere, but couldn’t find it. Her lenses were just too dark. She couldn’t see anything inside the tent. She was in no rush anyways to remove them. It was obvious that she had survived the flashes because she was fully covered. Judy had been covered for the first flash, but just having her eyes and mouth exposed was enough for her to get… whatever happened to her.

She grabbed the dildos remote from what was left of Robert and turned them off, She was in no mood for that anymore. She walked back to the street and stopped.

It was obvious that anyone fully dressed in rubber would have survived, and by now, many would have come to the same conclusion as she did.

Now, where she, who never followed the fetish scene, would go to find where all those rubber fetish people would gather in such an event. There was bound to be more than herself and Judy. There were for sure a few others, perhaps many others. After all, this wasn’t just some small in-the-middle-of-nowhere town. This was New-York.

She walked back to the street, kind of liking her ballet boots more and more. Her steps were longer and more secure. She reached the street looking on each side, kind of deciding left or right. She made a few steps and stopped at a lamp post. She set her goal, three lamp posts farther.

She looked at the remote. She pushed the power button.

© Pete / monsterp63, April 2016.

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4 thoughts on “Karen – Where Is Everybody?

    1. Thank you. As already said, inspiration comes from everywhere and everyone.

      I don’t remember if it was on DA or somewhere else that I either posted that story or submit the thought of “what would you do if, suddenly, you were alone on the planet” on some fetish forum, but I got a bunch of answers in the line of “That would be a tragedy / all the love ones lost / the end of the world / that’s a sad topic / what would you think of something like that” etc.
      Again, some people can’t make the difference between real life and fantasy/fiction.

      Glad you could.

      Didn’t happen here. Then again, only one “rating” and one comment…

  1. Once it’s my favourites.

    Love the buildup from plain, simple clothing to fully enclosed and bound.


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