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He was quick to get off from work. He had to. He wanted to. He just had to see her, again. And there she was, getting out of her office building. Karen was her name. He followed her. She had, as every other day, a variation on tight latex. She was changing from time to time, from catsuit to pants, and when she was wearing a dress or a skirt, there was no bare skin as it was covered with clear latex. He was watching her, wiggling her tightly encased body, walking down the street. He followed her, just at the right distance, watching her struggling to keep her balance on her ballet toe boots, which were making her wiggle her butt even more. 

She didn’t mind the people staring at her. 

She didn’t mind if people pointed at her.

She didn’t mind the people talking in her back.

The tight black latex catsuit was molding her every curves, getting high between her buns. It was pretty much painted on. No zipper to cut the smoothness of the rubber.. She walked for about half a mile before taking her place in line to wait for the bus, which arrived right on time. He followed her in. She had to struggle to get the steep stairs. Her extreme boots mixed with her crushing leather corset didn’t make it easy to get up the steps.

She kept standing up, grabbing a dangling strap for balance, probably because it was too much of a hassle to sit in with the corset. He positioned himself so he would have a better view. At some point, she turned her head, and looked at him, her brown curly hairs sliding gracefully on her shoulders. He smiled, she responded by a wink.

A couple of stops later, she got off, and of course he followed. She walked, wiggling her tightly encased butt for a few blocks, before entering her apartment building. She could take either the elevator or the stairs. She chose the stairs, much to his delight. Yes, he followed her, watching the light reflecting on the shiny rubber sparkles with every move, as if it was alive. He could easily see the rubber stretching. Her heels didn’t seem to bother her at all.

He was close. So close, he could almost touch her butt, the stretched rubber. 

She reached her floor, and he followed her inside her apartment, her heels clicking on the tiled floor, her butt wiggling along the way, until she reached the bedroom door. She had a wink at him, inviting.

She entered and took place besides the bed, and then…

The screen changed to show text, a bunch of graphic toolboxes and drawings with lots of guide lines as he took place at the keyboard, cracking his fingers. He had a lot more programming code to enter into his virtual rubber gal simulation program, but things were getting better every day.

© Pete / monsterp63, May 2016

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