Karen – Boobie Trap


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“Are you out of your mind?” asked a shocked Karen, looking at the array of highly polished steel items on the bed. “You want me to wear a chastity belt and bra? What the hell for?”

Her good friend, Lynda, was suppressing a laugh.

“What’s so shocking about that? They’re top quality, and look at this wonderful hot pink silicone trim.” she said, taking the chastity belt and handling it as if she was on some home shopping channel, displaying the goods.

“What for? Why do you want me to wear this? I said I haven’t had sex since Brad left me, not that I wanted to lock myself out of sex.” said Karen, looking at her friend with a big question mark in her face.

“Then it will not be such a big challenge.” said Lynda, still serious. “What is two more days after what… two months?”

“It’s been three months” she mumbled “… but that’s not the point.” she said louder. “What would I gain, except a few pounds of steel.” said Karen, weighting the bra in her arms.

“Oh, nothing really, just this.” said Lynda, producing cruise tickets.

Karen frowned, then took the tickets.

“A two-week cruise in the Caribbeans? Are you nuts? What for?”

“For our friendship… and to change your mind. There will be a lot of gorgeous guys on this cruise, and being on a boat, there’s no… running away.” she added with a devilish smile.

On that point, Lynda was right. Since Karen and Brad broke up, Karen has been avoiding every party night where there would be interesting guys, and if there was one, she would run away.

“You know, I was hurt really bad when he left me, and I don’t want to go through that again.”

“No worries. So we have a deal?”

“Yes… I mean no! Why the hell do I have to wear this?”

“Just for fun.”

“And if I say no?”

“I’ll go alone and all the good guys will be for me only.”

Karen looked at the cruise tickets. It wasn’t the first time Lynda tricked her to do silly things. Two weeks would be a nice way of going away from it all.

“Okay, lets try it.” she said with a sigh.

She got naked and Lynda wrapped the tight belt around her waist. It fit very tightly just over her hip bones, then she fed the crotch strap between her legs and pulled it tight until it reached the front locking mechanism which snapped together with a creepy clank.

“I really hope you have the key.” said Karen, moving her hips and legs, trying to get comfortable with the belt. “It’s really too tight.”

“Yeah, losing a few pounds would help.” mumbled Lynda, too low for Karen to clearly understand, but before Karen could ask questions, she went behind her and snapped the steel bra over her ample breasts, squishing them in the process. Karen felt her nipples getting squished against the cool stainless steel of the cups.

Lynda snapped the strap between the cups, then the two shoulder straps, tightly wrapped over the shoulders. Karen felt her chest being crushed before she heard three clicks.

“There!” said Lynda, kind of proud. “Try to take them off now.” she said, stepping away.

Karen tried as hard as she could, but nothing moved. In the meantime, Lynda was in Karen’s walk-in closet, choosing the proper clothes. She chose loose fitting clothes, a pair of pants, a blouse and a jacket. It was the perfect business outfit for her job in an office.

“Less chances for it to show with these.” said Lynda, putting the clothes on the bed.

Her mind elsewhere, Karen put everything on, then as she sat on a small wooden stool to put her flat shoes on, it made a clunk as the crotch strap slammed on the stool. Karen quickly rose up.

“I… I can’t go to work with that. I mean, when I’ll sit down, they will hear and…”

“How many wooden chairs is there in the office, Karen?”

Karen lowered her head. There was none. She put her shoes on. Lynda handed her the briefcase and her purse and accompanied her down to her car. When she sat in it, she found the belt quite disturbing.

“Geesh, that…”

“Annoying in a good way.” cut in Lynda. “Now, drive carefully, hon. See you for dinner?”

“Yes, okay…” said Karen before leaving.

The trip to work proved hellish, especially on the bumpy construction zone, and once at work, she felt that everybody was staring at her. The feeling when you feel something that you instinctively assume that people around you can see it. But no one came to her, or asked  questions. It went rather smoothly after all.

The trips to the bathroom proved challenging and she was eager to get home to take it off to wash herself thoroughly.

Lynda was already waiting for her. She apparently had other plans.

“Ready for dinner? I’ve made reservations at Patrick’s.”

“Patrick’s? But it’s $100 a plate!”

“I know, but you have to get ready first. Go take a shower.” said Lynda, removing the belt only, leaving the bra in place.

Karen protested, but she had no choice. The biggest surprise came when she got out of the shower. Lynda was waiting for her with the chastity belt which showed some… additions.

“You don’t really expect me to wear this? At Patrick’s? But they’re huge and… there’s two of them.” said Karen.

“And they are well lubricated and ready to go in.” cut it Lynda.

Karen insisted she couldn’t do it but Lynda waved the cruise tickets. Reluctantly, she agreed.

She put on a knee length dress and a wide blouse.

The dinner was strange. Sitting on those comfortable leather chairs, eating delicious food yet feeling those intruders was everything but easy. Every move, every bending to reach the plate made the  dildo move.

It became even more hellish when Lynda, on the way home, stopped at a club for an hour or two of dancing, forcing Karen to follow her on the dance floor.

Karen was eager to get home and get some relief as she was horny as hell, and then go to bed but she had forgotten that she would be locked in. Her night was less than restful, still plugged with the double dildos. She tried to climb Mount Everest but failed each time. That belt was preventing any pleasure, even with toys!

The next day was hellish when, after a morning shower, Lynda plugged her back with the double dildos. She felt blushing all day long and she made the challenge, but now, she was hornier than ever.

She was quick to hit the sex shop and get herself some toys the following days, not telling Lynda. She was not to admit that she liked it.

Two weeks later, they were waiting in line to get on the cruise ship. Lynda had put on a black short leather skirt with white shirt and a black leather bolero jacket and high heels shoes, the kind of outfit she was known to love. Karen had chosen a short summer dress with thin shoulder straps and flat sandals on her feet. Her usual. However, Lynda realized that she had too many carry-on bags, and she gave one to Karen, asking to take it through the gate.

“You know,” said Karen, “I’m eager to taste that wonderful buffet. Your idea to be on a liquid only died for a week before leaving sure helped me lose a few pounds. That too small bikini you bought me now fits me to perfection, but it’s more the thought of what I’ll be able to eat that made me go through it.”

“Well, good for you. You’ll appreciate the efforts even more.” said Lynda with a sultry voice.

They were walking the line, side by side. Without realizing it, a divider of clear glass, about hip high, had appeared between them, and they realized it when they reached the metal detector booth, the last step before boarding the ship. Each metal detector booth was leading them to a different path.

“Well, see you on the other side.” said Karen, making a cutie goodbye gesture with her long fingers.

“Yeah, that’s exactly that.” said Lynda.

Karen put Lynda’s leather bag on the metal detector belt as well as her shoes, jewellery and her purse then went through the booth. Nothing. She exited the other way but before she could react, she was grabbed by three strong men who bent her face down on a table. While one was pressing her face against some kind of cushion, muffling her protests, another one raised a steel bar behind her lower legs, preventing her from kicking back. The third one, helped with the second one, grabbed her arms and pulled them in her back.

Karen saw them opening the black leather bag.

“We have everything here.”

“Okay”, said another one. “Here we go.” he said as he kneel behind the table. 

Karen felt steel cuffs being wrapped around her ankles and tightly closed. Then, something wide and soft was wrapped around her wrists, very tightly and she felt her arms drawn together and she felt another set of soft cuffs being wrapped over her elbows, then her elbows drawn almost touching. She heard the distinctive sounds of padlocks being applied to every cuff.

She felt release on the pressure holding her head down but as soon as she began to protest, a huge rubber ball was forced in her mouth, and a web of leather straps was circling her head, being tightly pulled then locked.

She was put upright and held immobile while one of the guys, who she found gorgeous by the way, approached her with a creepy looking gun with a large needle on the end. He pressed it against her left shoulder and at the same time she heard a snap, she felt a sharp pain that was quickly gone. The guy then produced a scanner and approached her shoulder where he had stung her.

“The RFID is working. Don’t worry hon, in a few hours it will be forgotten.” he said with a smile. Before slapping a large square adhesive bandage over it.

Finally, a two inches wide steel collar was tightly wrapped around her neck, making it almost difficult to swallow, and a blindfold was applied over her eyes.

“Come.” she heard as she was pulled. She tried to resist but she was not in the best of positions. Nevertheless, she let him pull hard all the way to wherever she was heading. Suddenly she was halted and pushed against a wall. The chain of her leash tied over her head, forcing her to stand straight. To get release, she had to stand on her toes.

“Well, hon, next time, wear heels.” she heard the guy said, laughing and walking away.

She tried to move, but she couldn’t. She had to stay there and wait. She didn’t know where she was and… why.

She was hearing muffled sounds around her, moaning, sobbing and she was sure, some of the moaning was far from pain, rather… pleasure. Was she sold as a sex slave? She knew Lynda better than that. Or did she?

It seemed like hours. She felt more persons were added in their confinement which was apparently small or there was a heck of a big lot of slaves in there. She was feeling people all around her, and to her own surprise, began to like the accidental rubbing.

Finally, people began to move. She heard slaves or whatever they were, being picked up. She heard master’s voices complimenting, giving orders. And then it was her turn.

She felt her leash being unhooked from the high point. She could finally put her feet down flat. Then she heard a voice, a known voice, but cold and commanding. Lynda’s voice.

“Come. Follow and don’t pull.”

Karen resisted at first but the first hard tug from Lynda put her through her paces. She followed. Silly but, knowing that Lynda was in charge, she kind of relaxed and began to enjoy the game although she found it somewhat extreme.

She was tugged a few times to correct her direction, then she was backed against a wall. She heard sliding door close and felt going up. An elevator. She began to count the floors, trying to figure out where they were heading, but not knowing at which floor she began proved futile. Finally, after numerous stops, they walked out of the elevator and walked some more. Finally, they stopped and she heard the distinctive sound of a hotel room lock being worked with the magnetic key. She was pulled inside.

“Wonderful, isn’t it? What a view. Oh, silly me…” she said, sarcastically, “you’re still blindfolded. Here, let me take care of that.”

Karen went from total darkness to total illumination as the sun was brightly entering through the large patio of the first class cabin. Karen tried to follow, to get to the patio but apparently, Lynda had fixed her leash somewhere and she was able to make only one step before being stopped. She grunted.

“Oh, yeah, sorry. You must be tired of all that waiting standing up. Well, they don’t have enough room for every slave to sit. I had to be on the deck to wave at the pier as we depart, but believe me I went straight to get you… after a few drinks.” she said, trailing off. “Let me show you your wonderful room.” she said, unhooking the leash and leading Karen to a room, close to the entrance door, not close to the outside.

She opened the door. It was a rather small room without any windows. There was only one small bed, very narrow with steel rings all around it, a leather covered chair with lots of straps, a standing cage, and rings about everywhere else. For sure, someone could be kept tied up in numerous positions in there. Karen turned around and looked at Lynda with angry eyes.

“What… Okay, it’s a master-slave cruise. I took a pic while you were in chastity to prove that you were my slave. Think of it on the bright side, I got your ticket for half the price. The only drawback is that you have to be kept bound-up the whole time.” she said with a false pity pitch in her voice.

Karen grunted through her gag and gestured that she could be passed on as a Master too.

“No way.” said Lynda, understanding what she was saying. “Your RFID identifies you as a slave. There’s no way out.”

Karen tried to move her shoulder. It was still aching from the poke of the syringe.

“Anyways. It’s meet-up time so I have to prep you.” she said taking a rather large suitcase and opening it. Karen went wide-eyed. In it was a bunch of latex items, and what jumped out, the chastity belt.

“Time to get you suited-up.” said Lynda, picking up a thick, shiny, black rubber catsuit.

Karen frowned as it appeared way too small for her, and it had no zipper.

“Yeah, I know it looked small,” said Lynda as she heard Karen’s silent question “but it latex, so it’s stretchy.” she said, stretching the collar. “Yes, you go in through the neck.”

She removed Karen’s restraints, except the ballgag head harness. “That’s for later” she had said. Karen was somewhat reluctant at first, but then again, she didn’t have much choice.

With a lot of lubricant, they worked the suit up Karen’s legs. The suit was tight and the rubber quite thick. They worked hard but finally, the legs were up, including the attached feet with molded toes, and it was time to put the arms with attached gloves.

Again, Karen was glad she had good yoga classes so she was flexible enough to contortion the way it was needed to put on the suit. Karen felt her waist being squished as the suit rode up to below her breasts where she had to work her arms inside to find the sleeves. The suit rode up by itself over her shoulders. Now, her whole body was squished, except for two holes at her crotch and the tip of her breast cups, forcing her nipples out.

For Karen, having never worn any latex before, this was a mixed feeling. At first, the latex felt cold, but she quickly realized that it was transparent to temperature. She could sense the cool breeze coming from the open patio, but she couldn’t feel the wind. That mix of sensations created an interesting paradox in her mind. She didn’t know it but it was only the start of it.

Lynda then produced a corset. It was made of fine black leather with white trimming. She wrapped it around Karen’s waist and began to pull on the laces, getting it tighter and tighter. At one point, Karen grunted. This was getting awfully tight.

“Sorry, I have no choice but to close it, otherwise the chastity belt won’t fit over it.”

Karen went wide-eyed. The chastity belt was going OVER it? It meant that, once the chastity belt would be on, she would be also locked in the corset. She wasn’t wearing tight jeans because she didn’t feel they were comfortable, but she would have to spend hours in a corset?

She began to regret the whole agreement.

After a lot of pulling, Karen was out of breath and Lynda was out of lacing. She knotted the laces and put them securely away in a special pocket. She then produced the chastity belt. Karen had seen it before, but not with those new toys. They were huge and made out of rubber with metal patches. She would have asked questions, but she couldn’t.

Lynda lubed them generously before inserting them, and then fastening the belt around Karen’s corset. Even with it, the belt was tight, but it felt more comfortable since the corset was distributing the rigidity of the belt instead of resting on her hip bones.

The chastity bra proved just as tight, and like the first time, she felt her nipples getting squished by the too small cups compared to her ample breasts.

“Now, you keep your mouth shut. I don’t want to hear a sound otherwise you’ll get punished. Understood?” said Lynda with a cold and authoritative tone Karen never heard before. She felt she had to comply, to obey. The tight rubber suit, the dildos, the corset, the tight bra were all sending different signals, mixing up her mind. She nodded.

Lynda slowly removed the array of small padlocks and took the head harness off. Karen quickly swallowed the large amount of saliva filling her mouth with a sultry, sexy twist of the tongue. 

“Remember the beauty mask I had you put on many weeks ago? Remember how thick and rigid it appeared? Well, my dear, it was to make this.” said Lynda, producing an anatomically perfect rubber hood. The face was complete, blue eyes, red lips, white teeth, pinkish tongue. “This will literally fit you like a second skin.” she said as she approached the flipped inside-out latex item from Karen’s face.

“Now, open wide. Your tongue has to go inside this one. There you go. Now hold your breath while I put it on.” she said as she stretched the garment over Karen’s head. It was a really tight fit.

Karen felt the large rubber lump filling her mouth, pushing on her tongue. She worked it as best as she could, feeling the rubber teeth covering her own. She then felt two rubber tubes going up her nostrils, almost to her sinuses as Karen pulled it down in the back of her head. She felt it squeeze her head tightly, evenly. No pressure point. No nose squishing.

From the exterior, her eyes were of a beautiful blue with small pupils, about 3mm wide. The reality was that those same pupils were her field of vision.

Dark lenses were lining them, limiting her vision to what was directly ahead of her.

Lynda worked the yoke of the collar inside her catsuit, removing every wrinkles. The look was simply astounding. She was however quick at putting back the steel collar and locking it in place. Next, she added steel cuffs at Karen’s wrists and elbows before having her sit down. She produced high heeled boots, knee high, with a five inches heel and a one inch platform. Karen gasps. She had never worn anything that high.

Lynda laced tightly the boots on Karen’s legs before adding more steel cuffs at the ankles and over the knees. She linked both sets of cuffs with short chains. 

She then had Karen stand up. She linked her wrist cuffs to rings on the side of her chastity belt and joined her elbows in her back.

“Now, some simple instructions, Karen. You’re my slave and I’m your mistress. You will address me accordingly and with proper decorum. For the next two weeks, I plainly own you. You will do as I please without complaining. If you behave, you’ll get rewards.” she said as she pressed the button of a small remote control, the same size as a car key FOB.

Immediately, Karen felt a gentle vibration coming from her double dildos, as well as very pleasant electrical pulses on her nipple. She began to twist in her bounds, almost like dancing.

“There’s three more levels at this. Naturally,” continued Lynda. “if you misbehave, you’ll be punished.” she said pressing another button.

Karen twitched. The vibrating dildos had stopped and the vibrations had been replaced by a sharp electrical pulse. Not exactly painful, but very unpleasant.

“This is the lowest setting of five levels. Want me to show you the highest one?”.

Karen frantically nodded no. She would behave.

“Very well then. It’s time we joined the others for the cocktail.” she said softly, then changing to her commanding tone while giving a sharp pull on the leash “come!”.

Karen followed. Trying to get accustomed to her high heels and the hobble chains. That was not mentioning coping with the large dildos, even if they were not vibrating at the moment. Then, adding the corset, her restrained arms, the collar, the hood with impaired vision and restricted breathing.

She never thought possible to feel, at the exact time, being sensory deprived and sensory overloaded.

This promised to be a cruise to remember.

Part II

After a walk that seemed to go on forever for Karen, they finally reached the observation deck where the cocktail was given. Karen was somewhat pleased to see other slaves, in different situations. Some were very lightly bound, being completely naked with only a small leather leash and other were to the other extreme, in a rubber body bag, squeezed into a cage, suspended near the side of the ship, or others, like this woman, completely encase in a very tight white fiberglass cast, from head to toes, confined to a wheelchair. 

Karen heard her Master explain to Lynda that she misbehaved the day before boarding, pushing her master to be late for her hair appointment. So as a punishment, she’s totally encased in fiberglass, plugged, entubed, deaf and blind. She was to stay like that for the entire cruise. No stimulation of any kind.

Lynda chatted with many people, masters and mistresses, evidently knowing some of them. She was proud to present her unbroken slave as she took pleasure to introduce Karen, simply as her thing.

Karen would have loved to have a sip of that champagne, or to have a plain glass of water. She was sweating a lot in her rubber confinement and was getting thirsty. She tried to make Lynda understand.

“But of course, my dear. Only problem is, there’s no hole in this rubber mouth of yours.” she said with a very nice tone, then changing to her newly cold tone “unless you want to drink through your nose, you shut up and wait.” she said, sending one electrical pulse.

Karen twitched. Her place was slowly sinking in.

Finally, after quite some time, lunch was called and everybody was invited to come to the different dining rooms of the ship. Lynda being first class, had access to the nicest restaurant. Karen was eager to see it, she thought.

Before entering, Lynda gave Karen leash to a strong built man which led her to what looked like a locker room. He stopped in front of one, opened it then pushed Karen in, backing her in, and put a half gas mask over her lower face, hoses linked over her head, before closing the door. Karen tried to protest but soon, she felt the locker shrinking. She felt as if something was squeezing her from all directions. Something rubbery was inflating, confining her in her small locker. Within a few seconds, she couldn’t move at all, and even felt lifted off the floor, getting much needed relief to her aching feet. She calmed down, and even started to doze off from exhaustion. It had been a rough day and it’s barely noon.

But soon, her toys came to life, and sleeping became the last thing on her mind.

After a time she was unable to make out, the bladder released her, gently. The door opened and someone grabbed her. She couldn’t see anymore, her lenses were all fogged up. She couldn’t walk either. Her legs were totally gone, as well as most of her mind.

She was put down in a chair. Apparently, Lynda had foreseen Karen’s state and was waiting for her with a wheelchair. She was tightly strapped to it and rolled back to their room and was led to the bondage chair, again tightly strapped. Karen found it funny since she was in no state to run away.

Lynda released the steel collar and removed the hood.

“Geesh, what a mess.” she said, seeing Karen’s face, red, soaked and all wrinkled. “And those filthy hairs. We’re gonna have to take care of that. Here drink, but go easy.” she said as she stuffed a drinking straw in Karen’s mouth. “It’s a sports drink.” she said at the same time Karen tasted the faint strawberry flavor.

It was followed by a diet shake. “Liquid diet again.” thought Karen, but this time, she knew the exact purpose. She was then led to the bathroom and allowed to take a leak with the plugs removed.

Going to the suitcase again, Lynda came back with a very thin black catsuit. 

“Yes, another neck entry catsuit. But first, this.” she said while getting a pair of black rubber panties with two huge dildos. “Okay, get the lube.”

Karen complied, not without grunting. Then the suit was put on. It was a tight fit, but the suit was so thin, Karen was actually afraid to rip it.

“Don’t worry, it’s sturdy enough for its use.” said Lynda.

The suit was put on and once the shoulders were in, it kind of gently moved into place.

“Actually, it’s quite comfy.” said Karen while moving her body to get everything at the right place.

Lynda came with another rubber garment: a hot pink dress with long sleeves. The dress length was just over the knees. It was difficult to put on. It was very tight.

“I think this is too smal.l” said Karen.

“Nothing is too small for you, hon.” answered Lynda.

They removed the wrinkles and Karen made a few steps.

“Geesh, I can barely walk in this.” she said.

“Then the purpose is achieved.” plainly said Lynda.

She added a white rubber corset, squishing Karen’s waist of a few inches, and ended the look with red leather high heel platform sandals.

“You look gorgeous. Now sit.” ordered Lynda, pointing to the bondage chair.

Reluctantly Karen complied. In fact, since she cooperated all the way, she wondered why going back to the bondage chair.

She was carefully and tightly tied to it, including her neck and forehead. Then she made wide eyes as she saw Lynda approach with a razor.

“No, not my hair!” said Karen, trying to get free.

“Shut up! I know your shoulder blade length hair is wonderful, but honestly, they will be better serving the needs of a cancerous person than a latex covered slave. And you will be able to grow them back… assuming you’ll want to.”

Karen tried to fight and convince Lynda to stop but she learned that the double dildo panties also had electrodes and after a few zaps and the prospect of a huge ball gag, she shut up. Once she was perfectly shaved, Lynda pulled over her head a clear latex hood with eyes holes and a huge red penis shaped gag, built-in.

She smoothed the hood under the suit before putting back the steel collar. She added the steel elbow, wrists, knee and ankle cuffs. Those had an added chain going under the arch of the shoes, effectively locking them in. Her arms were elbow and wrist tied in her back, and a short hobble chain was put on.

“Come, we have a heck of an evening ahead of us!” she said, pulling hard on the leash.

They walked to the dining room again, for a copious dinner. At every table, was some kind of device to keep the slave at bay. To the left of Lynda was a steel post. Karen was kneeled to it and her collar attached to the top of the post, too high to be really comfortable. The worst part is that she saw under her eyes but totally out of reach, some wonderful plates of seafood. Then it was to the ballroom for an evening with the revival of the Glenn Miller Orchestra and the swing era.

Feeling the rubber all over her head was kind of weird, yet, as the sweat began to build while they danced on the floor, she actually began to appreciate it, although she was still arm and feet bound. The suit was gliding on her body, rubbing it, massaging it.

Dancing in bondage, however, was not easy. All she could do was twist her shoulders and move her legs in the limits of her chains. And she was not used to wearing heels. Her feet were aching and it began to show.

Lynda led her to a table where she could sit. She made sure her collar was linked to a D-ring on the side of the circular table, and her ankles were linked to the table center post.

Suddenly, a gorgeous male, Karen would have loved to have, passed by Lynda, in tight leather pants and T-shirt. He had in tow a slender female, walking in small steps in a tight black rubber hobble dress, on ballet boots. Her waist was heavily constricted by a leather corset. Her shaved head was covered by a clear rubber hood and her mouth was filled with an extremely inflated blow-up gag as Karen could notice her bulging cheeks.

Her hands were secured in her back in the reverse prayer position.

They chatted for a while, comparing each other slaves as if they were nothing more than cattle, then the man invited Lynda for a dance.

Karen and this other slave were put standing up, their collar linked together so that their gags were almost touching. Their corsets were also linked, forbidding them to sit. They were left there by the table while their masters went dancing.

Karen felt weird and shy at the same time. As soon as she opened her eyes, she was seeing the bright blue eyes of the slave inches from her own eyes. They couldn’t talk, they couldn’t exchange expressions except from their eyes.

They had to use all their concentrations not to tip over. Neither of them was able to spread their legs to have a more stable position. Both of them seeing the smile behind their gags, they began to slowly dance, moving their bodies in unison. That rubbing proved hellish… or was it heavenly?

After what seems like an eternity, both masters came back. They brought their slaves to the bondage equipment filling a third of the ballroom. While Karen was fixed to a St-Andrew’s cross, the other slave, with her legs almost already tied together by the hobble dress, was tied to a single cross, then both put face to face again on their mobile platform.

Their masters went away to the dance floor, enjoying a good time. Karen was angry toward Lynda for letting her by the sidelines like that, until the dildos gently began to do their jobs.

By the end of the evening, Karen and the other slaves were untied from their respective cross and brought to the dance floor for a few dances before they called it the night.

Lynda led Karen back to their room. Karen was eager to go to sleep and be relieved of all this bondage, but another surprise was waiting for her.

While she was taken out of her rubber garments to let her skin breath, Lynda produced a shiny spandex catsuit.

“Well, it’s not that bad.” said Karen after having it on and rubbing her hands over the tight and smooth fabric. “It’s not as if I was to spend the ni… oh shit! No!”

“Yes.” simply replied Lynda, holding a brocade waist cincher and a large lump of leather. She put everything down on the narrow bed.

“Don’t tell me I have…”

Lynda cut her short with a silencing gesture. Karen knew better than to be ballgagged, so she shut up and complied.

Lynda tightened the waist cincher around Karen’s waist. Karen was kind of surprised as it was not as tight as she thought. As if Lynda knew the question, she answered:

“It’s a night corset. It’s there to continue your waist training without being too tight.”

Lynda opened the crotch zipper and produced two large dildos. “You’re never to be unplugged.” she said, forcing the large intruders inside. “Not to worry, nothing electric on those.”

Karen frowned. Those might not have anything electric, but they were damn huge and almost hurt getting them in. She then startled when Lynda opened up the large lump of leather, revealing that it was some kind of sleep sack.

“Get in.” coldly said Lynda.

Reluctantly, Karen proceeded, discovering two tubes to put her legs in the middle, and also two tubes to put her arms on each side.

Lynda closed the zipper which made the sleep sack already tight, before proceeding to tighten the dozen or so straps around it. Karen was getting squished and began to wonder if this is how it felt to be mummified. Lynda completed the setup by using one padlock for every strap, which Karen felt it was way overkilled.

Once everything secured, Lynda approached her with a heavy leather hood, with thick padding. She put it over her face first, pushing the large penis shaped gag with a breathing whole first, then unfolded the thick leather over her head before closing the inside layer with a zipper first, then the outer layer with laces, she drew tightly. The finishing touch was the attached posture collar, tightly fastened and locked. By then, Karen was unable to move, deaf, blind and mute. She wondered however if there would be a risk she would roll out of bed, but as she felt fondling around her body, she figured that she was being fastened to the bed.

Lynda was actually feeding a steel wire from her shoulder, to each D ring of every strap, then back to the bed, all around her. The then used a winch to tighten the wire, which pulled evenly all around Karen’s body to secure her tightly on the bed.

One last leather strap tightened around Karen’s neck, over the posture collar, and another one across her forehead.

Karen was totally immobile in her confinement. Try as she might, she was unable to move at all. Since she was totally deprived of any external sensation, the feeling of the tightness of the bondage, and especially the dildos, were enhanced. Sleep was achieved between periods of extreme arousal and frustration of being able to do anything about it. She began to wonder what a life like this would be, and to her own surprise, she got aroused at the thought.

Lynda had a last look at the setup. There was no way she would fell out of bed. She turned off the light and headed for the cabin door. She opened it and the man she saw in the ballroom was waiting, smiling. They headed for the bedroom. On their way, Lynda heard a muffled moan. Karen was fine.

Part III

She was almost surprised that the tugging on her hood awakened her. She never thought she would find sleep, confined and isolated as she was, but she did, and now, her body was aching everywhere and was craving to move. Lynda had already loosened the steel wire and was in the process of removing the hood.

What came out was a red sweaty face, somewhat smiling.

“Wow!” said Karen. “That was some…”

She cut her phrase short as Lynda only showed her a ball gag hanging on the wall. Karen understood and took her place. She would not talk unless allowed to.

Her spandex catsuit had absorbed a lot of sweat and was now stinky damp. Lynda gave her instructions to take a shower and come back. She was waiting with a bright red latex bikini, of course with all the right stuffing. A steel ring was hanging from below the crotch dildo. Then a clear latex catsuit with attached feed and gloves was put over it, but the palm of the hands and the bottom of the feet appeared punctured. Wedge platform shoes with six inches heels were put on her feet, but they seemed surprisingly light.

Her arms were cuffed in her back, elbow touching, and a short hobble chain put between her ankles.

Next, a clear latex hood was zipped over her head. A latex corset preceded her chastity belt and cuffs. Finally, Lynda produced what looked like a gas mask, but it was somewhat different. She put it over Karen’s head and tightly tightened the four straps. She then plugged the breathing hole, which sucked the mask on Karen’s face when she tried to breath.

“Perfect. We wouldn’t want you to drown while you’ll be at the bottom of the pool, wouldn’t we?” she said, tugging on Karen’s leash.

They headed for the main deck where a bunch of masters were enjoying the bright sun and the sea breeze around the pool. Lynda led Karen to a service man who took charge of her.

He fitted the breathing hole to a long and flexible hose. Karen felt a rush of air fill her mask. After a few checks, she was led down a plank to the middle of the pool at the end of which was waiting a concrete block with a large ring on it. A small chain was linked between the middle of her hobble chain to the block. The plank was motorized and moved sideways then back a few feet. A chain was attached from the ring on the crotch dildo to the center of her hobble chain. Then she was simply pushed off.

She fell in the water and the weight of the concrete block quickly had her down to the bottom. She realized that the shoes were somewhat very buoyant and pulled her up. She was amidst a whole bunch of… forced divers, some, like her, wearing clear latex catsuits, others were totally encased. Even the one in the fiberglass cast was there!

Karen had nothing to do but let herself float between two waters, and relax, having the sun rays enter the water from above and projecting its diffracted light everywhere. The sight was almost hypnotic.

She had absolutely no time reference and since the ship was moving, looking at the position of the sun was totally useless. She had no way to tell how long she’d been in there, but it was out of the question for her to doze off.. 

The movements of the water created by the users of the pool made all the semi-floating statues move erratically in every direction, including up and down. Every time she was pulled up, the chain between her dildo and the concrete block would get pulled, pulling out the dildo of about one inch, but as soon as some slack was given to the chain, the tension of her latex panties and catsuit had it push back up. So, every wave was effectively screwing her!

After quite a while,  a diver went down and attached a wire to her ankles and she was gently raised. When reaching the surface, she was still getting pulled. Her upper body stayed in the water while her feet were pulled out of it.

She was taken out, suspended by the ankles and gently lowered on the ground while Lynda was waiting. The concrete block was removed along with the fresh air tube and she was back to her feet.

“Come on” said Lynda, snapping a leash. “We have to get you ready for tonight’s party.”

Karen stumbled along. “Tonight? Geesh, what time is it?” she thought. She was surprised that it was past 18:00.

Lynda was quick to get Karen out of the clear suit.

“Hurry. Go for a quick shower, take a leak and come back. There’s a special presentation in one hour and I don’t want to miss it.” Said Lynda from a firm tone. “Every minute late is going to be translated into one hour of punishment.”

While she was in the bathroom, Lynda asked

“Ever thought about… total enclosure”?

Karen didn’t answer. If she said no, Lynda would do the opposite, if she said yes, Lynda would go with it. She had the feeling that, whatever would be her answer, she would end up totally enclosed.

She was expecting to have all the gear to be totally enclosed waiting for her on the bed, but all there was, was her chastity belt, bra and the steel cuffs. No toys.

Puzzled, but knowingly not saying a word, she put them back on and locked them. She knew the drill. Lynda added a white panel gag hiding a large ballgag, crystal platform heels, snapped a leash to her steel collar, and away they went.

Karen had no clue where they were going. They went down to the main level and headed for the conference rooms section. There was a crowd gathering near an entrance. Some guy, in a black leather jacket and pants was greeting them. Karen and Lynda took the queue, behind other masters and their slaves, mostly covered in rubber. Karen felt odd wearing only her chastity belt. When it was their turn, they were stopped.

“Ah, sorry miss.” he said with a strong Scottish accent, “but your slave is not upon the minimum dress code for this presentation.”

“Oh dear, I’m very sorry sir.” said Lynda. “Do I have time to go back to my room to have her changed?”

“I’m afraid not.” he said. “We’re about to begin and the door will be closed. No late comers. I hate being interrupted. However, if you will give me the custody of your slave, I can put her with the others that were not following the dress code, so you can see the conference.”

“That would be wonderful, dear. Here, take her.” said Lynda, giving him the leash, not even asking how he will keep her.

He dragged her along the back of the room. Karen could already see three other underdressed slaves, one plain naked, the other one with a latex swimsuit, the third one with a latex shorts and sports bra, and now herself with a chastity belt only.

Like the others, her wrists cuffs and ankle cuffs were linked to a long spreader bar, and she was lifted off the floor, her feet dangling six feet up. One thing for sure, she had a great view of the stage.

The main doors were closed a few minutes later and the presentation began.

“Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Masters and Mistresses. My name is Robert, and this presentation is about total enclosure, its advantages, its drawbacks, what to be careful with, what could be done with it.”

So, thought Karen, that’s why Lynda asked me about the total enclosure. She’s probably planning something.

Robert went on with its presentation, showing slides on the giant screen of the different steps, mainly intubating for a long-time enclosement. Then it went on about caring for a totally enclosed person, feeding, cleaning, and so forth.

“Now, I’m open for any questions.” he said as the multimedia presentation ended.

“Do a live one.” yelled someone at the back.

“Yeah, show us live. Pick me” said a slave sitting at the front, to which her master immediately tugged hard on the leash, forcing her to sit down. He was quick to stuff a ball gag in her mouth.

There was a general sense that the attending crowd wanted a live demonstration.

“Well, okay then. I just hope I have everything with me. Lets choose someone.” he said, to which there were a lot of hands raised.

“I think I’ll choose… her.” he said, pointing to the hanging Karen, who hadn’t moved a fingernail. She startled.

He took a remote and operated the winch and Karen was transported to the stage.

“To set the record straight, she was late, being punished… and she was the first in line with the winch, so…” he said, to the approval of most masters in the room. Whoever deserved punishment deserves to be used as an example. Meanwhile, an assistant rolled over a wheeled table with a lot of boxes on it.

“First thing first, the intubating.” he said, as he took surgical gloves, then a keyring. 

He got Karen lower so that her crotch was about at his shoulders level, then removed the chastity belt. He then took a tube and proceeded to feed it up her urethra, giving detailed explanations at the same time. Karen felt the tube going up. The sensation was not exactly pleasurable.

He then took a large dildo and, generously lubricating it, firmly pushed it inside her vagina. He stopped half way to feed the urethra tube through a hole of the dildo and continued pushing it until the large flange was flush with her crotch. Only two tubes were coming out.

Karen moaned as the large intruder made its way. He then easily flipped her around, and proceeded to feed an equally large intruder up her rectum, pushing it deeply. Again, two tubes were dangling out. He unlinked her legs from the spreader bar and linked them back together.

“Just to make sure she won’t push anything out before we’re done.” he said.

He lowered her to get to her head and removed the gag.

“Ever been tube fed?” he asked, whispering.

Karen nodded a small no.

“It’ll be fine. Just swallow and it will go down easy.” he said with a warm tone, to comfort Karen who was visibly concerned.

He took the rather large tube and proceeded to feed it in Karen’s throat while giving all the necessary explanations. Karen gagged a few times, but it finally went through. 

He pushed two tubes up her nose. Karen felt them going through and going down at the back of her throat.

“Those tubes will prevent any blocking of her sinuses. After all, those will be her only means of breathing.”

He slid a rubber sack over the tube and pushed it in her mouth. Karen worked it in place the best as she could. She knew what this was for.

He went back to his boxes, and produced a rather large two-tube syringe, a little like an epoxy resin and hardener distributor and approached Karen.

“This thing will produce rubber foam, that will fill the blow-up bladders of her gag and inserts. It will expand gradually over the next three to four hours before curing. They will then be only removable with the introduction of a solvent that will re-liquifies the foam.”

Karen felt, in turn, each bladder gets inflated, way more than she was hoping for, and knowing that they will still expand over the next hours was almost overwhelming. They would become huge!

He then moved a couple around looking at the labels,  and picked in one, a black rubber neck entry catsuit. The rubber appeared amazingly thick for a neck entry suit.

“I believe this size will fit you…. And thick as it is, better use a lot of lubricant.” he said with a devilish smile.

Karen was lowered to the ground and all her steel cuffs removed. She was greased and the suit put on. It was a TIGHT fit. Just getting her legs in proved difficult. It ended with attached feet with toe socks. It was raised to her waist where Robert fed the tubes of her crotch and rectum through the suit. The torso section appeared rather rigid with some kind of spline in the back.

When it was time to pull it over her body, Robert asked the help of a nearby master, and the both of them had a hard time stretching the neck entry so that Karen could put her arms in. Then it reached her shoulders, it squished in place in a flash, pushing everything in place. Karen definitively felt something long and rigid going up her back, from the small of her back to just under her shoulder blades.

Karen squirmed at the sudden push of the dildos. She would have grunted but the tube down her throat prevented any sound from forming.

He produced two anatomic earplugs he inserted in her ears, making sure they were perfectly fitting.

 following it by an equally thick and heavy hood both men had to stretch hard to put over.

Her breathing and feeding tubes were fed through tiny holes. Karen felt the hood pulled tight against her face, pretty much forcing her cheeks in. They took the large yoke of the hood and carefully stretched the neck of the suit, placed it under it, creating a perfect seal once they released it.

Karen was now one gleaming, curvy, black rubber doll. But it was not all. She was quickly re-attached to the hanging bar and lifted so that her feet were barely touching the ground. Robert then took  a cordless drill with a small T shaped tip.

“This wonderful suit also integrates a wire mesh corset. You need one of those to tighten it.” he said, pivoting her so that her back was facing the crowd. He motioned to a slit about a quarter of an inch wide in the middle of her back waist level. He inserted the tip of the drill who found the matching slot in the steel plate embedded between two layers of rubber and operated the power drill. Quickly, Karen felt her waist being squeezed, from her hips to just below her breasts, getting tighter and tighter. She never felt anything so unyielding. It was tightening. Period.

It was getting way much tighter than what she was used to and began to panic when Robert stopped. 

Under her dark lenses, Karen was wide eyes, panting heavily in short gasps, her body crushed beyond belief. The crowd applauded.

She was lifted even higher while leather ballet boots were applied on her legs, laced tightly, then locked with a small padlock on the upper hole, and the steel cuff of her chastity belt kit. Her ankles were re-attached to the spreader bar and she was lowered some more. Her chastity belt was re-attached.  He had to adjust it one notch tighter as it was now loose on her body following the dreadful corset tightening. Then her steel bra cups. Her ankles were linked with a six inches chain, she was lifted again high up in the air and slowly rotated so everybody could see the setup.

Karen stayed there, as a display mannequin, for the rest of the presentation, and finally, the conference ending, was lowered and given back to Lynda who quickly tied her elbows and her wrists together with steel cuffs.

“Thank you Richard.” said Lynda. “You did a wonderful job.”

“What you have here is a very cooperative slave, Mistress Lynda. Thank you.”

Lynda snapped a leash to Karen’s neck, took her cellphone, tap on it and approached her, nose to nose. Karen heard a crackling sound in her ears.

“I do hope you appreciate what I do for you.” said Lynda, obviously intoxicated by too many glasses of champagne.

So those were earphones, she could activate them with her cellphone, thought Karen.

She was glad she couldn’t smell Lynda’s breath. She felt she would get drunk just by breathing the… secondary vapors…

They headed out, to the main deck, toward the pool. Karen was in tow, trying to get accustomed to all of it: the double huge plugs, the overinflated gag, the dreadful corset, the ballet boots. Yes, she knew some of it, but not at this level. She was on one side in sensory deprivation as she couldn’t hear, couldn’t make a sound, couldn’t taste, couldn’t smell, couldn’t touch, yet at the same time, she could feel her mouth full, feel her crotch being massaged, feel the intruder up her ass, feel the crushing embrace of the corset, feel the tight cocoon wrapping every parcel of her skin.

Lynda was quick to the bar again. She was in for a heck of a headache, thought Karen.

On the other side of the deck, was a crowd forming around someone making some kind of demonstration of a spray. Lynda pulled on Karen’s leash. They were going there.

“… the new Diamond Coating will protect your investment.” was saying the young man, holding a piece of latex stretched on something like a picture frame. “Look at this.” he said, taking a large kitchen knife and trying to cut the latex from the frame, but the blade just slipped on it.

“That’s how resistant it is. The surface is composed like zillions of small bubbles that deflects any blade. It’s resistant to abrasion so perfect for long use. It will protect you…”

Lynda made her way in front of the crowd, pushing everybody around, a glass of wine in one hand, Karen’s leash in the other.

“How much?” she pretty much yelled at the man.

“… your latex gar… in a minute ma’am.” said the salesman. “Yes… it will protect your…”

“I said how much, and I’m not ma’am, I’m Mistress Lynda.”

The salesman was taken aback, probably not used to make a sales pitch to a bunch of dominatrix.

“…Well… it depends on the garment and…”

“For her. Complete her.” she said, pushing Karen to the stage.

“A complete catsuit? Err, for the standard coat it’s $1500 but we do it for a special cruise price of $999.”

“Good.” said Lynda, pushing Karen to go up on his stage. “Do her. It will be a demonstration at the same time.”

Taken by surprise, the young man took Karen’s arm and helped her get up on stage.

“Err, ma’a… Mistress Lynda, I can’t spray the coating on her if she has her arms tied in her back. Could you please free her arms?”

“Shit.” she said, climbing the platform, risking falling down backward with each step to unlock Karen’s cuffs. “There you go. Happy?”

“Err… won’t you take off the cuffs?”

“What for? The diamond coating isn’t good for them?”

“No, on the contrary, it’s just that they may stick to the suit afterward.”

“I’m not removing those cuffs. Period. Here, take my card.” she said, handing her credit card. He swiped  in on his machine to take the payment first, then began to put Karen in the middle of a rotating gig.

“The whole spraying is automatic, which provides an even coat everywhere. All the subject has to do is keep her arms in the air over her head while the spray is going upward, then downward when the spray comes back down.”

Karen nodded that she heard. Apparently, Lynda’s phone app was still running.

He positioned Karen in the middle of the rotating platform and was about to start the machine when he stopped and looked for Lynda.

“Err.. Mistress Lynda. Excuse-me but this suit doesn’t have any zipper.”

“I know that, I paid for the damn thing. It’s a neck entry catsuit. Never saw one before?” she asked, the other masters/slaves around her starting to look at her with disgust. She was not behaving properly at all.

“Yes, Mistress, I know what a neck entry catsuit is. It’s just that spraying the diamond coating on that is… risky.”


“Because the suit will lose part of her stretch, and it might be very difficult to take off after that.”

“It’s a long term suit. Just do your damn job and spray her. I have something else to attend.” said Lynda.

The man executed. Karen could feel the hot liquid as it was sprayed on. The spray gun had made its trip up and down. Karen was about to get down from the platform.

“Wait. Can you double-coat it?”

“What?… Well, yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it on a neck entry suit. In addition, you would have to remove the cuffs as the liquid might clog the locks.”

“Leave those little problems to me, will ya? Just spray her. You still have my credit card, so that’s no problem.” she said with a harsh tone.

“But… Mistress Lynda. I strongly disagree with a double coating on a neck…”

“Listen, buster. I’ve paid $4000 to have her enclosed in this suit. I want to protect my investment. DO IT!”

The young man was obviously stuck between a rock and a hard place. If he was to say no, he might lose sales, if he’s to say yes, he could get Karen in an undesired situation.

“What are you waiting for. DO IT, I SAID!”

“In a minute.” he said, searching for something in his briefcase, then producing a piece of paper, he handed it over to Lynda.

“What the fuck is that?”

“It’s a waiver, stating that I recommended not going on with the first coat, and I disagree doing a second coat, but you waive my responsibilities on it and you asked me to do so.”

“Whatever.” said Lynda, signing the release form, much to Karen’s dismay.

The man took the form, filed it then approached Karen and articulated carefully looking at her.

“Stay away from salt water and direct sunshine for 24 hours. If you happen to take dip in salt water, just rinse it off for 5 minutes under a shower. Understood?”

Karen nodded yes.

“Okay, she’s the boss. Here I go.” he said, pushing the spray sequence button again.

Karen felt the second coat of the hot liquid being applied.

“Make sure there are plenty under the boob cups!” yelled Lynda.

The salesman took a manual spray nozzle and forced its tip between the tight steel cups and Karen’s breasts, mouthing a “sorry” doing so, and he pressed the trigger one little shot.

“What? You call this a thorough coat? You pull that trigger until it oozes out of the cups, buster! And under every cuff!” said Lynda.

With a sigh, he complied, putting the nozzle under the collar, elbow and wrists cuffs, chastity belt, knee and ankle cuffs, and still under pressure from Lynda, made sure that the ballet boots were well covered.

The coating became dry to the touch after a few minutes. He took Karen’s hand to help her stand down from the spraying booth.

Karen, unsteadily stepped down the stage and headed toward Lynda who was quick to turn her around to fasten her arms in her back.

“Excuse me, Mistress Lynda, but I wouldn’t do that.”

“And why not? She’s my slave and needs to be controlled at all times. Besides, I don’t have to receive orders from you.”

“It’s just that the coating might be dry to the touch but it will take a good hour, especially since it’s double-coated, to dry completely. If you link her arms together, there’s a good chance that the coating will fuse and they will be permanently glued together.”

“That… that’s not such a bad idea.” said Lynda with a devilish smile, to which Karen answered by a frantic no nod of the head. “very well, then, but behave!” she said, snapping a leash on her and dragging her along.

But it wasn’t long that Karen kept pulling on the leash, trying to avoid bumping someone else, or a post or a wall.

“You know what?” said Lynda. “I’m tired of you avoiding everything, and I’m not in the mood to check on you every second, I have a party to attend.” she said.

Being able to speak, Karen would have answered “yeah, I figured.” but she couldn’t which was probably a good thing.

“Go back to the room and tie yourself to the ceiling, making sure you’re not touching anything. I’ll free you when I’ll return.” she said as she removed the leash.

Karen nodded yes and turned around, heading for the corridor. Upon arriving at the room she realized she didn’t have the key, and would have to go back to Lynda, who will probably be pissed off, drunk as she was. She thought that it would be a good time to wander by herself on the ship and visit a little. That would give time for the coating to dry completely, and to herself to get accustomed to this all new experience.

To think that a few days ago she was lounging around in her underwear, watching TV at home, and now, she was totally covered in rubber and plugged everywhere! What a change.

She walked along the long corridors, avoiding the main crowds like the casinos and ballrooms. She also avoided the decks giving to the sea, following the advice of the salesman.

She crossed many people, all admiring her look, her setup. She was also surprised at how easy it appeared to walk on those ballet boots, even easier than standard high heels.

And the rubbing of the tight suit, the movements of the huge intruders, everything was keeping her aroused, but unable to take off.

She had no way to tell how long it was, but she figured it was probably time to get the key to the room. She headed back to the pool deck to find Lynda, in the pool, her arm holding a glass of wine raised up in the air while she was trying to dance.

A toy raft was bumped from one to another in the pool. A couple of times, as it was thrown higher, a gust of wind would pick it up and push it out of the pool, to be thrown back just as quick. As Karen got closer, someone threw it higher in the air, and it was caught again by a gust of wind, but somehow, that gust was stronger than the last ones. People on the side of the pool parted away, but Karen saw it at the last moment, too late. It hit her just below the jaw, going upward, throwing her off balance and hiding her at the same time from the crowd.

She stumbled backward on her ballet boots, out of balance, until she hit the guard rail. The stiffness of her suit, the rigidity of her corset made her lean backward against the rail and she flipped over, falling down, the toy raft with her. 

People followed the toy raft fly overboard, not noticing the gleaming black body falling with it in the darkness of the night, and by sheer luck (well, I’m writing this, I can put whatever I want, don’t I…) the raft hit the water a split second before Karen fell on it.

The ship’s guests heard one simple splash, giving no indication that something or someone else fell with it.

Karen felt falling, hoping to catch a lower deck, but they were on the stern of the ship and there was nothing to catch her fall until she hit the water.

As she hit the water, or rather fell on the toy raft, her head hit the little boat hard and she lost consciousness.

From the ship, nobody noticed, quickly disappearing in the dark, the shiny outline of a woman in a totally enclosed rubber suit, floating on the toy raft, quickly moving away from the ship, caught in its wake.

… To Be Continued…

(c)  Pete. March 30, 2016.

Part IV

She was slowly coming back to her senses, awakening. Was all that just a dream? She was feeling gently rocked from side to side. Sometimes, she would feel a splash of cold water on her body, getting warmed up by the sun. She chewed on her mouth filling gag… wait, what?? Gag? Sun? Water? She felt the corset. As she tried to move her legs, she was reminded that they were linked by a six inches chain.

She opened her eyes to see a clear blue sky. She quickly got herself together, turned around and kneel in… a toy raft. On one side, the endless see, sending the waves that gently rocked her raft. On the other side, a sandy beach. Of course, no sound, just a feeling of the sounds.

The events of the last hours sprung back to mind: the party, the raft, the fall… the suit, the coating, the warning to keep away from salt water and direct sunshine… Too bad for those. She was literally swimming in salt water, and couldn’t be more under direct sunshine.

It was hard to tell the difference how the suit felt before and after the coating, having it on for just a few moments before the coating was applied, but she find bending her arms, her legs, surprisingly stiffy. She could bend them, alright, but it needed effort. Closing her fist tight was almost impossible.

She crawled out of the raft and onto firmer ground. It was no use trying to get up in ballet boots on the soft sand of a beach. Crawling on all fours proved to be hellish. She could feel her muscles strain against the tight rubber coating. Highly corseted as she was, she had to move her hips a lot, which made the dildos dance in their positions, effectively screwing her. She was getting hotter and hotter. Her brain was conflicting between the life-threatening conditions she was in, and the sexual arousing she was feeling. 

The shadows of some coconut trees were welcomed. She needed to cool off, in every meaning of the words. She stumbled up, and walked to the treeline. Now, where the hell was she? 

Panting, she did a brief survey of her surroundings. She had to turn her whole upper body, her neck unable to turn much: to her right, was the abrupt face of some high mountain, then the sea and a beach in front of her, stretching about 50 meters to her left. It was a pointy beach, going back up on the other side, about 10 meters behind her, then the land was getting wider as it headed toward the single mountain.

She had no clue where the ship was when she fell overboard. So this could be the mainland or an island. She had a recall of Cast Away and wondered if she could live out of coconut. Then it springs to her mind: how would she drink, eat, get the waste out? She needed special devices. She had to get moving now. Surely, they would search for her, but would they look at the right place? There could be someone just on the other side, a few minutes walk away. Of course, the best survey point would be up the mountain. She headed for it. Each time she was lifting a leg, she could feel the tight rubber against her thigh, resisting the extension. While balancing her arms, her whole upper body was gently swinging with them, linked with the corset. She entered the deeper forest, tripped and fell face first, the chain linking her ankles hooked on some root.

“Damn!” she thought. “How would I ever be able to walk in the woods with that?”

She spotted on the rocky side, what would probably be an easier path with her ankles chained like that. The chain would glide on the rock, as she would climb. She had to give it a try.

*   *   *

Lynda awoke with a pounding headache, a bad taste in her mouth, and… a naked man by her side. She tried to remember his name… Brad? Tom?? Mervin??? Whatever. She sat on the edge of the bed, trying to recall the events of the past hours. She remembered the conference where she had paid the host to take Karen as a model for that full enclosure suit, and that she loved that champagne, and the wine… and the rum… and the vodka… She vaguely remembered seeing Karen around. Talking of Karen, where was she? She vaguely remembered ordering her to come tie herself in the room.

She stumbled on her feet, still feeling dizzy, stumbling on the boxes containing the hardware needed to maintain Karen in her sealed suit. She opened the door of Karen’s bondage room, to find it empty. Where was she? She wouldn’t wander around alone, wouldn’t she? Lynda smiled. That would make a heck of a good excuse for punishment, and in that suit, and… coating? Ah, yes, the coating. Karen had to keep away from the sun. She frantically looked out the patio door of her cabin, but she wasn’t there.

She shook the man to awaken him. He seemed as dizzy as she was, not knowing her name either.

“I… better ought to get back to my slave.” he said, stumbling out of the cabin, putting back his jeans only.

Lynda quickly grabbed a bathrobe and went to the corridor, looking for Karen. That was a huge ship. It is quite possible that some other master, seeing a slave by herself, would have put it to safety. There might be a special place on this ship for… lost slaves.

She dressed up and looked for service personnel. Yes, there was a slave jail, on the lowest level of the ship. Lynda pretty much ran there. There were about a dozen slaves, each tied up in individual cells the size of phone booths. The man she slept with was there, hooking a slave on a leash, but Karen wasn’t.

She went back upstairs, looking at the pools, dining areas, anywhere where a slave, deaf, mute, bound, unable to eat, drink or take a leak on her own, would be. She had to call security.

*   *   *

She was gasping for air. This normally small effort was extreme in her condition. Add the sun heating her black rubber coating and you had one seriously cooking in her own juice gal. She had reached the rock face. Now, her pointed boots were sturdy enough to grab a hold on some chipped rock, but she could barely look down… nor up, thanks to the wide steel collar and corset. She blindly tried and succeeded. She grabbed some edge higher over her head and pull up, which pulled the tight rubber suit tighter at her crotch, pushing the dildos in. She moaned/grunt at the same time she tried to pull herself upward, while trying to catch another hold with her feet, but the short chain between her ankles proved to be the weak link: she didn’t had the freedom to do so.

She let herself drop back on the ground, only to realize that she had merely went up 15cm. 

She noticed en entrance nearby, to some cave within the mountain. She reached for it, her ankle chain grabbing a hold on any rock it could find. She fell a few times, on sharp rocks, but a close inspection revealed that the suit, or rather the diamond coating, didn’t had a simple scratch. With more and more despair, she welcomed the sudden coolness of the cave.

It was about 5 meters long. There was a ledge at the far end. She hobbled her way to it. It was long enough for her to lay down, which she did. The coolness of the rock helped her cool down. She began to think about her whole current situation. She wasn’t feeling very well. Her body was in a conflict: it needed to take a leak, but it was thirsty, and hungry at the same time. 

She was wide eyed, looking up the rocky cave ceiling when she suddenly felt extremely sleepy and lost it.

*   *   *

“She fell overboard?” asked Lynda, shocked, to the captain of the ship, breaking the bad news.

“Yes. By reviewing the security camera footage of the pool party, the last place people reported seeing her.”

“Don’t you have people looking at those cameras?” she asked, trying to blame them.

“No, we do not, as well as you do not have someone looking at every security camera of a mall. And honestly, even if one was looking, he would have been very lucky to catch it. There’s so many people that move away when that toy raft is flying, it was difficult to finally pinpoint Karen and assume she flew overboard.”

“So… what do you do now? Send a rescue boat or something?”

“We already alerted the authorities, but a small toy raft in the middle of the sea will not be easy to spot, and it happened over 12 hours ago.”


“I’m sorry, that’s all I can do. The coastguards are taking care of it.” he said, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. “They will get in touch with us and you if they find anything… but,” he said, looking at her in the eyes with a very sad tone, “she did have her legs linked by a chain, and a set of steel cuffs and belts, a steel boned corset…”

He didn’t have to add more. She could clearly see where this was going. This wasn’t the best swimwear gear.

“Yes… Thank you.”

*   *   *

Part V

She felt carried in the arms of someone. She opened her eyes, but they closed as fast. She was too tired. Actually, she felt as if she was drugged. She moaned, chewing on her rubber gag as she tried to move her head.

“Relax” said the man carrying her. “you’ll be fine. Keep breathing to get it out of your system.”, unaware that Karen couldn’t hear a thing he was saying.

She was carried for some distance before she entered some sort of shack, and then gently dropped on her back on a bed. For the first time, she saw him: looked late 30’s early 40’s, shaved head, looking average with a small beer belly, not the handsome hunk à -la-Fabio she was hoping to see.

He stood back, looked at her, obviously admiring her awesome shiny black body, and at the same time, quite puzzled by the sight. 

Karen tried to move, but immediately felt dizzy. She saw his lips moved and read most of it.

“Relax. You’re safe now. You almost died.”

Karen did a remarkable effort of taking her left arm, lifting it and pointing to her ear, nodding no at the same time. He nodded yes and left to come back a few moments later with a pad and a pen. He wrote a few things then showed it to her: English? Français? And a few other languages. Karen pointed to English. He wrote more.

“There are toxic fumes from an active underground volcano in this cave. I was lucky to find you alive. An hour more and you would have died. You’re safe now. Just breath and the toxins will clear off your system.”

Karen made a thumb up, then asked for the pad. She wrote her details, that her name was Karen, that she was on a fetish cruise ship and fell overboard the night before, etc. She also added that a phone app could be used to talk to her, but she would have to either type or write for her to talk.

“No cell phone service, no internet here. It’s a small private island.” he wrote.

“Bluetooth” she answered. She added some details about her feeding and cleaning, showing the steel plugs at her crotch and mouth.

He fondled with his tablet and found something. A few moments later

“Do you hear me now?” he said.

She nodded yes.

“Good. It will be a lot easier for me.” he said. “I’ll try to keep it simple. My name is Patrick…” he said, making a pause, realizing that she would gain nothing by knowing that since she couldn’t talk. “Err… I own a big… corporation, and this is my little island out of it all. This is where I come to relax, and clear my mind. This island is basically an active volcano. I allow research teams to come here from time to time. The cave where I found you gets filled with toxic gas from the volcano. Now… who… what are you?”

Karen grabbed his tablet and typed on it, explaining the cruise, the setup and the accident.

“Why not simply take you out of this suit? You don’t want to rip it?”

“Well, I don’t give a damn about this suit right now,” she wrote “but it is very hard to take off now.” she wrote, explaining the little she knew about the suit’s original sturdiness and the diamond coating.

He asked her to come with him. She was unsteady at first, still a little dizzy, but she was back on her feet, and he was amazed at the sight, at how so easily she appeared to be walking on pointed feet. He led her out to another shed that looked like a workshop. She followed him. She could feel the rubber creaking as her inner thighs rubbed against each other as she walked, putting one feet directly in front of the other. He gently grabbed her hand. Karen could feel the grip, but it felt so… external.

He placed her hand on a table and took pliers to pinch some latex, evidently to cut it, but the latex kept slipping in the pliers. He was unable to grab a hold of it.

He then tried to poke a sharp Exacto knife through the sleeve, pushing the knife away from her skin, grabbing some latex with it. The latex barely stretched before the blade slipped off.

“Okay, about the locks.” he said, putting her wrist cuff in a vise, then gently stroking a steel cutting saw on it, but the blade kept slipping, gliding off the cuff, landing on her arm, where it didn’t even made a small scratch.

“What the fuck… “he said, taking a battery operated grinder, but again, it slipped off the cuff, then off half the length her forearm and hit the upper arm, without damaging the latex whatsoever. 

“Damn!! What the hell…? Are you okay?” he mouthed for Karen to see.

She nodded that she was fine. She only slightly rubbed her arm. The rubber was intact, but she did feel the impact of the spinning wheel.

He tried the buffer against the chain between her ankles, with the same result. His last try was with a plasma cutter. There he was able to cut the chain off the link.

“I’ll be damn. This coating is hard. There’s no way I can use the plasma cutter against your skin.” he said. Karen nodded a frantic no.

He looked at the steel connectors, frowned a little and went to a drawer. He tried the first one and the second one on her mouth and it connected. They looked the same at her crotch.

“Standard hydraulic quick connect.” he wrote her.

She grabbed one and ran to the bathroom, not taking care to lock the door. She positioned herself over the toiled and inserted the connector on her vaginal plug, which immediately began to spill urine, a little bit everywhere before she aimed it at the toilet bowl. Obviously with great relief, she sat down on the toilet seat.

While being relieved, she looked out the window and saw a pier with a small yacht, 4 Sea Doo’s, and a sailboat. Who the hell was this guy? And how come he had all these tools and hardware on such a small island.

She cleaned the connector and handed it back to him.

“Geesh, you needed a leak. How… What do you eat?”

Karen wrote that it was all new to her, and she didn’t really know. Furthermore, people must be looking for her.

“I’m totally cut off from civilization, here. You were lucky the research team had a well equipped workshop, and that I was curious enough to know how to use it. We better go back to mainland.”

Karen took the fitting off his hand and walked out looking for the kitchen. She found it, browsed in the cabinets. She found a can of vegetable soup. She gestured to him to open it and blend it so that it would go through the tube.

He got her a saucepan and the blender while he went back to the workshop with the fitting. Karen went on with the soup. It was not easy, her eyesight was impaired with the dark lenses, and the collar along with the corset, was making it difficult to bend to look at what she was doing. Her fingers were clumsy with the tight rubber and the diamond coating. She had no sense of touch, no sense of smell. She had to rely only on what her eyes were seeing. When it was boiling, she took it off the stove and put it through the blender. Just when she was done, he came back with a length of tubing, on one end the fitting, and a funnel on the other end.

He plugged it and Karen poured slowly half the mixture. She stopped when she felt full. It was a relief.

It dripped on her chin and latex covered breasts when he unplugged it. He took a towel and stopped just before wiping it. Karen just laid back, and let him do it.

He went gently, wiping the liquid off the shiny coating.

“Well… I… I better go pack my stuff if we’re to leave. It’s a five hours trip to the mainland. We’ll be there by dawn, if we’re lucky.

Half an hour later, they were departing on his 10m yacht. Karen was nearby, holding on a door frame, trying to keep her balance from the moving boat on the waves.

“Not the best marine footwear.” he said, looking at her ballet boots. “Have a seat” he said, inviting her to one of the fine leather covered benches, but the next wave had Karen glide on it. Her diamond coating was very slippery.

“Well, it’s either leather inside, vinyl and plastic outside… or…”

He ran down the boat, leaving it on auto-pilot, to come back less than a minute later with a large coil of rope.

“You have… attachment points. Better make use of them.” he said, directing her to the back of the boat to the fishing chair. He ran the rope from her attachment points on her steel cuffs, around the back of the chair.

It was not pulling evenly and Karen was not sitting exactly straight.

“We’re about half an hour to the port. I don’t think I have quite the hang of it.” he said with a grin. “Sorry, I’m not used to tying someone to that chair… Or anywhere else.” he quickly added.

Karen giggled. She could cope with that. It was only for a few hours anyways.

She managed to fall asleep, rocked by the regular movements of the boat over the waves. She awakened when the boat stopped. He came to untie her.

“I’ve never pulled to port with a bound woman on my ship… or any rubber coated woman, for that matter. Might be better to hide you.” he said leading her down below the boat.

He led her to an open crate where there was already a few diving gear, like a neoprene wetsuit, that would act as a mattress.

“That’s all I have to offer to you. Once at the port, I’ll have that crate moved to my house. It is not unusual since it’s scuba gear, and they are used to carrying it.

Karen reached for the wetsuit, neatly folded in the bottom, and took it out. It was clearly a woman’s wetsuit, black, shiny, with hot pink stripes running on each side, making a waving pattern at waist level tricking the eyes that it was even thinner than it really was. Karen gestured.

“What? Wait. You want to put it on? Don’t you have enough… rubber already?”

She nodded yes, and pointed at the size label.

“It’s a small, judging by your body, you should be a medium, although that thin waist…”

Karen continued to gesture.

“Well, it belonged to someone I had on board a while ago… Yes, yes, you can put it on.” he said, in despair, as Karen continued to gesture.

“I really can’t believe it.”  he said, as he worked his breath out at tugging on the too tight suit to get it on Karen’s body.

“This thing will never close.” he said as he looked at the wide gap at the back of the suit.

Karen put her arms backwards over her head, grabbed the sides of the collar and pulled them closer at the same time she pulled upward on them.

Patrick pulled the large zipper, pinching the suit all along the way, getting the zipper higher, the suit tighter.

Karen could feel the suit tighten, squished her chest, pressing against her chastity breast cups. Her eyes were closed. She, herself, was not believing that she actually asked for it.

Karen took place inside the cramped space and tried to get as comfy as she could. He filled the gaps with more gear, choosing the soft ones when possible, then closed the crate, before screwing the lid in place.

A short time later, she felt the boat hit against the pier, then the engine was shut down. Everything was quiet.

She had no sense of time, but cramped in this confined space, time was slow. She felt it took forever before she was moved, and then put on a truck and drove… far away. She was then carried again and put down.

Again, everything was silent for a while, before she felt the cover being unscrewed, and the lid open.

Patrick was there, and he helped her out like a perfect gentleman. Karen was unsteady, being cramped like that for that time. He held her as she regained the feeling of her legs. She looked around.

“Welcome my home… well, one of them.” he said, widening his arms.

Karen was startled. That place was huge, the walls and cathedral style ceiling all white, the floor covered with colorful tiles. On one side she could see some large mountains through huge window walls, and on the other side, through an open wall, she could see the sea. They were quite up in the mountains, and she estimated being about one km from the sea, on the edge or a high cliff.

“Trinidad and Tobago” he said, answering her silent question, using the app on his cellphone. “My little place in the Caribbeans.” 

She was in awe. Who was this guy and… could she stay there?

“I’m going to the authorities. There must be a missing persons report from the cruise ship to all ports along the shore. I’ll keep you posted.” he said. “In the meantime, enjoy your stay. If you walk upfront, you will see the pool about 2 meters below. In it, you still have a view of the sea. It’s stunning.” he said, walking out the door, leaving her.

Karen didn’t really knew what to do. She was a stranger in a strange place… in a strange situation. She headed for the pool, and slowly let herself dip into the warm water realizing at the same time that she was still in the wetsuit. It relaxed her muscles, cramped by the latest trip in the dive gear box. She began to think about what happened, her luck, and Lynda. She must be devastated.

*   *   *

“Are you serious?” asked Lynda, in disbelief.

“I’m sorry, miss Lynda.” said the captain of the ship. “Apparently they found the raft, or rather what’s left of it. Here’s the report. Since they haven’t found her, she’s reported as missing, presumed dead, but that’s all.”

“Thanks.” said Lynda, taking the report, tears falling on it as she read it. “I’m sorry, Karen. That was not part of the plan. If they gave up, I haven’t.” she said, looking away at the sea.

*   *   *

The wetsuit was hanging to dry. She was getting some sun, sort of, through her tight latex catsuit, in the lounge chair, by the pool, when a dark shadow made her open her eyes. It was Patrick, and he had a burial face on. She seated on the chair and he took place beside her.

“I don’t know how to break the news but… no one is looking out for you.”

Even though her face was totally hidden, he could see her surprise, her shock.

“There’s no missing person from a cruise ship, at sea or at land at all. Not the local authorities, nor the coastguards, and that’s from here to Florida.

She couldn’t believe it, they were not looking for her at all. Something was wrong. No way Lynda was still so intoxicated to not realizing that she was missing. Right now, she knew that Lynda was unreachable. She would get back to Florida in three days. She informed Patrick that she will try to contact her then.

Five days later.

Karen saw a cab going up the private road to the house. She knew who it was. She stayed out of sight as Patrick walked out of the cab with a tall woman, in high heels and sundress Karen immediately recognized. As soon as she entered the house, Karen was on her, hugging her. Then Lynda pushed her away and began to point at Karen, making gestures to Patrick, her face showing disapproval. Karen couldn’t hear, as no apps were running, but she figured what was going on.

Lynda plunged her hand into her handbag to retrieve padlocks and chains. Under her dark lenses, Karen went wide eyes. She had been missing for over a week and all she was thinking is putting her in bondage? What the fuck was wrong with her?

But she knew she had no choice. Her arms were locked, wrists and elbows, in her back, and a short length of chain linked her ankles. Not really surprisingly, Karen was turned on. She actually missed being bound. Lynda took her phone.

“Hello Karen. I’m so glad to have found you. I was really worried about you. Turned out the captain never filed a missing persons report. He didn’t want any bad publicity for the cruise. He’s being held by the authorities right now. Oh, I’m so happy to see you.” she said again, hugging Karen who couldn’t respond, bound as she was.

“Now, that’s the way to treat a rubber slave.” said Lynda, turning to Patrick “She always has to be kept in bondage, and even more since she bailed out on me at sea, we have to make sure she wouldn’t leave the property.”

Leave the property? What the hell was she talking about? Isn’t she coming back with Lynda? Back home? As if Lynda knew Karen’s questioning, she answered.

“I understand, as I have been completely brief, that you’re stuck in this rubber suit… because of me and too many glasses of champagne.” she said, lowering her head. 

“Under some law, I’m being accused of mistreatment, and illegal detention of a citizen, because you’re somewhat an unwilling prisoner of this suit. You never agreed to be permanently sealed in rubber. 

“I really can’t go back home, I mean… well, you know… Anyways, long story short, I was allowed to leave the country, but if I go back I go to Jail. However, Patrick here has agreed to keep you.”

Karen turned to him.

“Well, this house is empty all but a few weeks a year. I figured that if it could be maintained by someone on site, that will be just perfect. You will have a place to stay, and the house will get less chances of being squatted.”

“And to take care of you,” continued Lynda, “Patrick… well he made me an offer I can’t really refuse. I will be your caretaker. What do you think?”

All was going fast in Karen’s brain. She nodded yes… As if she had any other choices.

“Good.” said Lynda. “We’ll have all the legal papers this afternoon. Now,” she said turning to Patrick, “I need attachment points there, here, two on the ceiling, I will put a stock there and… ” she said, before turning her phone app off, making Karen deaf, but Patrick stopped her.

“That’s not the entire deal, Lynda.” said Patrick. As Lynda stayed of ice, he continued. “I can use both your skills for one of my companies. Karen, you can still work on a computer, as Lynda, since she IS able to talk, could call or answer the phone. You’ll work for me to pay for your stay. Is that okay with you.?

Karen nodded a frantic yes. She felt more at ease paying for her stay than having it free. Nothing of this was her fault. She didn’t want charity.

The house was retrofitted to Lynda’s desires, adding rings and fixing points at many places. A week later, stocks, vacbeds, crosses were added at some places all over the house.

The first weeks were relatively easy, but their workload increased rapidly when Patrick began transferring them work. At the end of the day, or even during the day, they were relaxing by the pool, Karen often finding excuses to add the wetsuit. The real reason for it was that it was rendering her buoyancy neutral, making her able to swim instead of being drawn to the bottom by her heavy chastity belt and bra. Patrick was paying them a visit every 2 to 3 weeks.

Karen was confined to the property, while Lynda was spending weekends out, partying and shopping.

Part VI

Then, one day, a delivery truck asked to come. Lynda opened the gate. When the delivery man saw her, in her sundress and high heels, he had a very happy look, which changed to a weird one when he saw that strange shiny black rubber and steel woman, standing back. Then, more surprises, Patrick’s car drove up.

“Hello ladies. Apparently, I’m just on time.” he said, looking at the four boxes being unloaded from the truck.

Patrick signed the bill and the driver went away.

“This is all for you, Lynda.” he said.

“Really?” she said, picking up the first box, all excited. Karen was looking, puzzled.

Lynda opened the first box and was immediately struck by a known smell. She picked two bags, one containing a latex garment, the other was containing dildos and gags. Wide eyes, she opened the second box. She grinned when she took out a pair of leather ballet boots. The third one was containing a chastity belt and bra, and a set of steel cuffs and collar. The fourth one, a long corset.

“What… what is this all about?” asked Lynda.

“Well, you see, Lynda, Karen is confined to this property, for obvious reasons, because of you.”

“It was an accident… I never meant…”

“Hitting a child that comes running from behind a hedge to the street, where you have no time to react, is an accident. Driving off road and hitting someone standing on the curb while you’re drunk is NOT an accident. She’s in this situation because you were drunk and didn’t listen.”

“I’ve heard of what you do,” he continued. “You go out on weekends, and even on weekdays, to party, to have fun with the locals. You seem totally oblivious as to what Karen is going through. So here’s my solution: you will be encased, as she is, except for the mouth and ears. I need someone who can take and make phone calls. You will take care of each other. “

Lynda was stunned.

“Karen, it is now your duty, when the day’s work is over, to gag Lynda for the rest of the day, yes, even for sleeping.”

Karen answered by a military salute. That would be fun. Lynda was looking in disbelief at the huge dildos, plugs, corset, figuring that this would last a month or two then he would take her out of it.

“Come on, Lynda. Hurry putting everything on. Karen, go with her to help her, you’re the best suited… pun intended, to help her. You have one hour.”

“Why one hour?” asked Lynda.

“Because the guy from Diamond Coatings will be here by then. The sun is high and the pool quality is maintained by a salt system.”

© Pete / monsterp63, June 2016

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