Karen – Summer Ride


With a very flexible move from her shoulders, the tight neck entry catsuit slid in place with almost a sucking sound, as it moulded her body, her long legs, her thin waist, her ample breasts, to perfection. It was made to measure with attached feet and gloves, a very thin waist and a very high collar, which made it difficult to put on. But there was a purpose for it: the collar was in fact a tube, with a one inch opening in the front, where she would insert a one inch wide steel collar, that would lock the suit in place.

With anticipation to the act, she shivered when she slid the steel bands in the sleeve made by the tube collar, until it had wrapped all around and come back in front. There was just one adjustment. She slid the tongue of the steel collar into the bronze block. She had to squeeze the collar around her neck for the tongue to get deeply enough into the bronze metal block to click and signaled that it was too late to go back. The  keys were in a timed safe for 16 hours.

Of course, she could get out of the suit, minus the collar, right now, by ripping it, but it was too expensive to do it.

She bent down and took her boots: knee high, kid leather with a 1.5 inch platform, tight lacing and eight buckles running the length of the shaft, each one lockable. She took a handful of padlocks and proceeded to lock each strap, smiling at how she was overdoing it, but just the weight of the balancing padlocks as she walked was a source of pleasure.

On her desk, was laying a large lump of black leather. She took it and wrapped it around her waist, expertly tightening the lacing until her waist was shrunk by almost four inches. She went gradually, until the ends met and knotted the laces. The corset was covering her from the hips to just below her breasts, giving her an incredibly looking hourglass figure.

Then she took place on her bed, laying down, and fondled at her crotch with two latex sheats. She already had a tube going up her urethra. After all, she was going to be sealed for at least the next 12 hours. It wasn’t her first time, and she had learned the hard way. She inserted a rather large and long dildo into the rubber pouch, pushing it deep inside, while feeding the urethra tube in the base of it.

She had done an enema a few hours earlier, so that other hole was covered when she inserted the rather large plug. 

Still on the bed, she stretched and grabbed a stainless steel chastity belt, which would keep those two large plugs deeply and firmly in place. She wrapped the waist band around the tiniest part of her waist, over the corset. The belt had no adjustment and had been custom ordered to fit over that corset, fully closed. The two ends latched in place within another bronze metal block. The then grabbed the crotch strap, which she had to pull hard, pushing between her buns, which pushed hard against the plugs, sending them deeper within their confinements. She struggled to push the tongue of the crotch strap in the bronze block until it clicked.

She let out a sigh and smiled ear to ear. She was all set, locked, nothing easily removable, for half the day to come.

She got up, which moved everything, especially the dildos. She bit her lips. She would have loved to simply let herself drop down and enjoy it right now, but she held herself. There was another part of her plan.

She walked to her garage, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor of her house, wiggling her butt, forced by the tight corset and the rigid belt. She got down the few steps leading to the garage floor where her sports motorcycle was waiting for her, along with her safety helmet.

She lifted up her right leg and mounted the bike saddle, sitting on it, the chastity belt slightly bending, pushing the dildos inside. She moaned.

She took the helmet. Yes, it will be a hassle to put on, but would be worthed. She placed her long curly brown hairs in a loose ponytail. She wanted her hair to “flow” off the helmet. Then she took the black Simpson Bandit racing helmet, which provided a wider band over the mouth and a narrower viewport, and put it over her head, revealing a dangling rubber bag over the chin band. She lowered it down. It was very tight over her head and she had to push/pull hard on it to get it down, squishing, her face in. She used her tongue to grab the rubber lump and sucked it in her mouth, while she continued to wiggle the helmet over her head, to get it fully down.

She took a small hand pump and fondled just on the side of the helmet and plugged it to a small valve and began to pump, filling the rubber bag inside her mouth with air, filling her mouth, gagging herself. She pumped it until it felt comfortable. She moved her head, putting everything in place then asked herself if it was comfortable enough to sustain for 4 to 8 hours. The answer was yes, so she pumped it one more full squeeze, then, before changing her mind, quickly unplugged the unique connector and hurriedly took the chin strap and fastened it tightly under her chin, then inserted the end of it in another bronze metal block. It was locked in. It clinched her mouth shut and hid the gag tube, preventing any access, and deflation.

She put all her weight on the bike’s saddle, moaning at the setup, the corset, the belt, the collar, the helmet, the toys. She stretched her arm and pushed the button to open the electric garage door while she started the engine.

The sun was beginning to appear over the horizon. She smiled, as if her gag permitted it, engaged the first gear and went.

She was living a few kilometers from the highway, so at every intersection, she had to put her feet down on the ground, moving her dildos. It made her hot as hell, and it has been merely a few minutes.

Finally, she got on the highway, leaned forward on her gas tank, which made the steel chastity belt get in contact with it, transferring the vibrations of the engine, the road, the bike, to it, and then to the dildos. She was getting vibrating by a motorcycle engine, and with each bump, getting screwed by the road. Yeah, weird. And that would last, at least, four hours!

She went along, driving the highway. The vehicles that went by her, either she was getting passed or she was passing, had passengers look at her with wide eyes. Some even winked, and some gave her a thumb up.

She was about half way through her trip, and was crossing a large city. Oh, she could have gone around it, using the freeway, but it was more fun to be in the traffic, having to stop and go at every traffic light. She was there to have fun, not getting bored. The boulevard was packed with vehicles. She saw many other bikers driving in the other direction, waving at her, raising thumbs, or simply looking in amazement. While she was waiting at a traffic light, on the opposite lane, another biker drove along, obviously a woman, wearing a tight white Dainese leather suit. She slowed down when she saw Karen’s shiny suit and boots, almost to the point to be rear-ended. Karen simply saluted her by raising a hand, and went on as her light was green. 

Shortly after, she noticed in her mirror that another biker was obviously trying to catch up with her, quickly passing cars between the long traffic light. At one point, Karen recognized the biker in the white leather suit. It took her three more traffic lights to meet with Karen, where she rode alongside. She had a long flock of blond hair floating on her shoulders. The suit appeared very tight, too tight to be a standard biker’s suit, and her boots were obviously carrying a wedge heel Karen estimated at four inches!

“Hi there!” she yelled through her full face helmet, raising the dark visor, revealing perfectly eyelined eyes. “I like your setup. What is it? Latex?”

Karen nodded  yes, and ran her gloved hand over her thigh.

“And it’s a chastity belt?” asked the other biker.

Karen nodded yes again.

“Where are you going, like that?” she asked,

Karen made a gesture, pointing away, making two “jumps” of the hand.

“Err… I don’t get it. Where are you going?”

Karen answered by the same gesture, then made an X over her mouth, on her helmet. The woman in white leather made extreme wide eyes.

“You’re gagged???”

Karen nodded yes, but before the woman could ask more, the traffic light turned green and Karen was off. The other biker was quick on her tail, and as Karen took the on-ramp to the highway, she was beside her, gesturing that she would go along. Karen raised her hand in a “suit yourself” gesture and along they went.

The woman in white was constantly staring at Karen, trying to figure out her entire outfit, the latex catsuit, the corset, chastity belt, the boots, and then the helmet which held a gag in place. About an hour later, Karen took an exit and, again, took a long boulevard instead of going down the highway farther in to get in closer. At each traffic light, she would put her boots down, lift herself from the bike, which would relieve some pressure on the dildos, before sitting down again, pushing them in. On the next to last traffic light before reaching her final destination, she had to suddenly break and then accelerate. That’s where she almost exploded. That was way too much. She was so close to having an orgasm, yet she was denied. She screamed through her gagged mouth, the sound muffled by it and by the helmet. She was wiggling her hips, front and back, on the saddle, trying to get more, but the chastity prevented it. Devilishly frustrating.

A few more turns, then she stopped in front of the main bus terminal. She stepped down from the bike, the woman in white by her side, removing her full face helmet, revealing a pretty face, surrounded by long blond hairs.

“Hi… My name is Lynda, by the way. I really love your setup.” she said, glancing at Karen who she was seeing for the first time as a whole, standing up.

Karen gestured that she had to get inside. She walked in, ubiquitous to the numerous people staring at her, staring at them, one woman in shiny black rubber, boots clicking heels and padlocks, a steel belt around her corseted waist and under her crotch, still wearing her helmet inside, and the other woman, clad in extremely tight white leather catsuit, hopping on four inches high wedge boots. Karen walked to the lockers section and unlocked one, taking a keyring with two key on it, then returning to her bike.

“That… that’s it? You came all the way here for a key ring? Wow, but how…”

Karen gestured to shut up, and walked to her bike where she used one of the keys to unlock the compartment under the seat, where she accessed a small hand pump like the one she used to pump her gag, and something which looked like a six pins fork, and another standard key. She took the fork, which was barely half an inch wide, and fondled at the bronze block holding her chin strap. There was a click and the chin strap went loose, which gave access to the relief valve of the gag. She pushed on it, relaxing, feeling her mouth getting free from the large gag. Once deflated, she took the helmet and slowly pulled it off, as it was really too tight. She revealed a face marked with the tightness of the helmet, but smiling.

“I’m Karen. Pleased to meet  you, Lynda.” she said, extending her hand.

Karen put her helmet on her bike, but Lynda was quick to grab it, interested at the gag setup and the locks. 

“Wow, amazing!” she said, putting the helmet down carefully as if it was a priceless artefact. “So, is that it? Now that you have the key, you get out of it?”

“Not exactly. Listen, I have to go for a leak, then drink and eat something. I still have a long road ahead of me. I’ll be glad to explain everything to you over lunch.”

“Really?? Oh, geesh, thanks. My treat!” quickly answered Lynda.

While Karen got to the bathroom, releasing her bladder through the urethra hose, Lynda ordered some fast food, and they met each other at a table outside, making head turns. A bus station is not exactly the place to go incognito.

“So, tell me, what’s the whole setup?” eagerly asked Lynda.

“Oh, it’s pretty simple. I have a complete latex catsuit, the collar prevents me from getting it off, I’m plugged, the plugs and corset locked with the chastity belt, My boots are locked on. The keys are inside a timed safe that will unlock around 22:00 tonight. The safe itself is in a locked steel box, which I have the key here.” she said, producing the second key of the keyring. I live about four hours from here, on a direct route. With the detours I’ve taken, about five hours have elapsed. So, if I go back directly to my home now, taking four hours, and unlocking the steel box, I will still have seven hours to wait before taking it all off. When I put my helmet back, I will use another lock, so different keys, which means I will be stuck in it until 22:00. That’s about it.”

Karen almost laughs at Lynda’s expression: Eyes wide open, mouth hanging open, drool ready to ooze out.

“Wow. I wish I could be bold enough to try something like that.” she said. “I’ve had my bike suit altered, removing or sewing most of the elastic panels shut, making it way tighter. I have four inches heels on my boots, but I’m far from being locked in, or corseted, or even… plugged.” she said, with sparks in her eyes. “Must be awesome, but how do you cope with, you know… orgasms?”

“That’s the tricky part. You don’t get any. You get on the verge all the time, but you can’t get it, thanks to the chastity belt. But once you’re out of it…” said Karen, trailing off, already foreseeing the night ahead of her.

“That’s… bold! Awesome! But what if, you know, something unplanned happens?”

“I have a backup plan. I have a complete set of keys, three hours away, from my home, in the opposite direction, which means that if, for some reasons, I would have been unable to get to those keys, or there was a problem with the safe at home, I simply go to the other location and retrieve everything I need to get out. But this is really a last resort, and I wish I never have to go to get them, not dressed like that anyway.” she said, opening her arms.

“And why is that? You walked across a bus station, and you’re sitting here, in plain daylight.”

“Because my sister has them, at work, in a funeral home.”

Lynda only opened and closed her mouth.

“Okay, all set.” said Karen, getting back up. “Time to ride back.”

“So, that’s it?” said Lynda while Karen was putting her helmet back on.

“Yes.” answered Karen. “There’s nothing more I can do but get back home, open the steel box and wait for the timed lock to give me the keys.” she said as Lynda was putting on her white full face helmet.

Under Lynda’s watchful eyes, she used the small pump to inflate the gag then used the second lock to secure the strap. As she was about to put the pump and the keyring back into the motorcycle seat storage, Lynda made a swift move and took the release keyring out of Karen’s hand. Before Karen could react, Lynda was putting the keyring in her suit’s pocket.

“Want them? Catch me if you can!” she said, laughing, firing up the engine. “Now, there’s more to it than waiting after a fucking time lock.” she said before driving off.

Karen literally jumped on her bike and went after her. This could be fun.

© Pete / monsterp63, June 2016

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