Karen – The Fetograph


Karen got out of the cab and looked at the huge mansion. She was somewhat jealous of her friend Lynda. She was brainy, getting scholarships to go to the top universities of the country, had won big at the lottery, had made investments that had made her a billionaire at 24. Now, at 27, she was managing a few companies, but spending most of her time in this huge mansion, on that immense property.

The cab driver got her single suitcase out of the trunk of the car, and smiled as Karen paid him. She was herself a sight to see, 26, tall fit body with ample breasts and thin waist, making them very well present with a tight stretch T-shirt and tight stretch faded blue jeans, standing on high heel wedge sandals. Her curly brown hairs were floating on her shoulders. She was pretty, cute. Well, she was a hot babe, and she often showed it by being hired as a grid girl at the racetrack of her hometown. But, contrary to Lynda, she could barely make ends meet.

Lynda opened the door and smiled when she saw her. She was no less stunning, standing tall on very high heels, and designer tight red leather jeans with a white blouse. Her blond hair held in a ponytail.

“Come on in, Karen. It’s been ages since I saw you. How are you doing?” she said, giving her kisses on the cheeks.

“Same as usual, Lynda. Nothing new in my life, but you…” she said, making a broad gesture.

“Yeah, I had some spare change.” she said, waving at the mansion, laughing. “Come in, I’ll show you your room and you could get your swimsuit on. It’s burning hot today, let’s cool down by the pool. Margaritas?” she asked, evidently happy to see Karen.

“Err.. yes, why not.” she answered, taken by surprise by the apparent urge to go to the pool.

Lynda led Karen on the second floor, to her room. That single bedroom was bigger than her whole apartment!

“Just meet me downstairs.” said Lynda while leaving.

Karen took time to unpack her suitcase somehow, her swimsuit at the bottom. She was undressing when there was a knock. She opened. It was Lynda, wearing a one-piece high back glossy pewter swimsuit. Karen made wide eyes, following her in this extremely tight garment where there was little left to the imagination, especially with the Brazilian cut, as she entered the room.

“What the f…” was about to say Karen, but she was cut short by Lynda.

“So, what do you have… a plain bikini? No, no, no. You really have to try one of these.” she said, rubbing her hands along the shiny garment. “I’ll get you one. I’ll be right back.”

Before Karen could argue, she was gone, so she waited. Less than two minutes later, Lynda was back with a bright purple suit.

“There. Put this on.”

“But… isn’t it a little too much… skin covering? It’s already hot…” began to say Karen.

“The hell with the sun. Even more, this will prevent sunburns.” she said with a grin. “You have to try it, to feel it, to get it.” said Lynda, evidently enjoying every second of it.

Karen took it and undressed before Lynda. It wasn’t the first time, since they knew each other since they were in kindergarten.

“Shit. This is tight. Sure you got the right size?” asked Karen as she began to pull hard on it to pass her hips.”

“Nah. The tighter the better.” said Lynda.

Once on, Karen needed Lynda’s help to close the back zipper. She felt her stomach and chest being compressed, her breasts heavily squeezed in. She ran her hands on the sides of it, feeling the smooth vinyl like coating.

“Now, let’s hit the water.” said Lynda.

Karen followed Lynda, feeling the tight suit pulling at her crotch, creating a disturbing rubbing. Once at the pool, Lynda jumped into the warm water. Karen followed. The feeling of the water on the slick suit created a wonderful sensation she did like a lot, but she tried to hide it as best as possible.

In fact, Karen had been a closet fetishist for quite a while. She didn’t have enough money to get herself high end garments, but she had a few latex dildo panties and a PVC catsuit she wore a few times to take a bath.  Working as a barmaid gave her the occasion to dress with tight clothes like spandex and PVC tights and high heels, but she did not wanted to keep this sultry look out of work, explaining why she was in tight jeans and sandals, although the wedge had a four inches heel. At this precise moment, she wondered how it would feel with her PVC catsuit on, swimming freely in the pool.

She swam a few length or the rather large pool, enjoying the rubbing of the swimsuit against her skin. It wasn’t long before water sipped in between her skin and the swimsuit, making it glide, tugging the tight thong section.

She stopped where it was the deepest then, standing straight up, pushed herself down to the bottom, and when reached, with a push from her feet, projected herself to the surface, feeling the water glide on the suit, the flow created small waves of pleasure along her body, and when she was about to reach the surface, she put her arms straight over her head, which tug on the crotch, then, when bursting through the surface, she put her arms on her sides, relaxing the crotch, before letting herself dropped on the water and do it again. Damn! She wishes she had some toys in. Unconsciously, while she was going deep again, her hand reached her crotch and played with it.

After the fourth one, she realized that she was alone in the pool. Lynda was on a lawn-chair, with her sunglasses on and sipping the sangria.

Karen felt odd and got out of the pool.

“You can go on.” said Lynda. “You seemed to… enjoy yourself quite a bit in there.” she said with a devilish smile.

Karen walked to a wheelchair and laid down on it, red.

“Funny, looks you have a sunburn, but on your face only… Ah, come on. Don’t you think there’s a reason why I chose these swimsuits?”

Karen looked at her, surprised.

“Of course they’re arousing. You know me better than that. Everything turns around sex in my life, you know that. I even got one with long sleeves. Awesome!”

“Ah… yes. That must be… interesting.” mumbled Karen, her mind juggling with the thoughts of a full PVC catsuit, or better yet, in full rubber, what would this be like in the pool, but she was not ready to go openly with her feelings.

After a few awkward moments of silence, Lynda got up, made a few steps and jumped in the pool. At the same moment, Karen realized that she had jumped with her high heel sandals on. She made a few lengths then got back to her chair, laying down and taking a sip of sangria.

“You swim with your shoes on?”

“Yes. Why bother taking them on/off all the time. You should try it.”

“Yes… perhaps.” said Karen, thinking.

It was one of two things: Lynda was too open about her fetishes, or Karen was too shy about them.

“Okay, Karen.” said Lynda. “Enough fooling around. I’ll show you why I wanted you to come here. Come with me.” she said, getting up, and walking to the house. 

Karen followed.

She led her toward the garage of the house. There, they entered a large white tiled room, from the floor to the ceiling. In the centre of it, a circular platform about four feet wide, rising about four inches from the floor. On the right, what looked like a computer console. Karen followed Lynda with her high heels clicking on the tiles, who stopped between the platform and the console.

“This is my newest device. I call it the Fetograph.”

Karen laughed.

“The what? That sounded like a device imagined by Isaac Asimov in one of his 50’s science-fiction novels.”

“Yes, he might have inspired me for the name. Step in, please.” she said, showing the platform.

“For what? What the heck is a fetograph?”

“It reads one’s fetish and fantasies and makes one live it.”

Karen stopped. She was somewhat reluctant to show her fetishes to Lynda, like that, within some machine?

“Come on, Karen. I know you have a weakness for high heels and tight clothes. The way you reacted with the PVC swimsuit proved it to me. Look at me. I’m in a swimsuit with high heels. If it can make you feel better, I’ll leave you with the machine once it’s started. I’ll go change to something more… appropriate.”

“Well… how… how does this work?” she asked, while stepping on the platform.

“Very simple.” said Lynda, punching keys on her computer. Karen heard a humming from over her and looked up, to see a clear tube getting down on her, imprisoning her.”

“Don’t worry, you’re not stuck in. See the red button by your right hand on the wall of the tube? Just push on it and it will stop everything. 

Now, one thing to be aware of: the tube will fill with some… smoke for a lack of a better word. It is normal and will not affect your breathing. Believe me, after a few moments in there, you’ll forget you’re in it.

Okay, it’s all set. Just let your fantasies fill you, and the machine will do the rest. I’ll be back in 15 to 20 minutes. Have fun. Just don’t forget this is a prototype.” she said with a weird smile.

The tube quickly filled up with fog. Karen was thinking about what Lynda had just said, that she had a swimsuit with long sleeves. She felt something wrapping her arms, getting tighter. She looked, and her suit had in fact stretched to cover her arms, and getting tighter, way tighter, the way she liked it. Was it real, or was it a dream? The fog was probably some kind of drug, making the mind believe that what is happening is really happening.

Karen began to think about the swimsuit being complete, with long legs. Shortly after, she felt her legs being compressed by the bright red fabric. She moved her arms in legs, and she could actually feel it stretch over her limbs, feeling how tight it was. She found herself already addicted to the machine and wondered how much it would cost. Lynda would make a fortune selling those, as if she needed it anyway. She let her fantasies go deeper, adding high heels. She felt her feet rise and take the required position.

She changed the PVC for latex, tight. Tighter. Thicker. Remove the zipper. Rubberized feet and hands. Oh yes, she liked them. Now a complete hood.

The machine wrapped her head with a complete rubber hood, but there was no hole and she was quickly gasping for air. Panicking, she didn’t think about wanting a breathing hole. She reached for the panic button and pressed on it. In a flash, the fog had cleared the tube that was quickly retracting in the ceiling. She found herself alone on the platform with her red swimsuit.

She stepped down. She would have to wait for Lynda to return to start the machine again. Bummer. She was kind of… liking it. She walked to the computer. It was easy to understand and was made to be operated alone, the machine will wait for someone to be on the platform for activating.

She pressed the start button and went back to the platform. This time, her fantasies were way clearer, way stronger. She knew what she wanted to live, to feel.

The tube lowered and filled with smoke. Now, full catsuit, thicker, thicker, tighter, again, more. Now high heel boots, higher heel. Yes that was it. Now, a hood with a breathing hole over the mouth and glass lenses over the eyes.

She closed her eyes as she felt engulfed by the hood, and was amazed at how that machine was able to read and play with her mind. Then, of course, toys, in both orifices. She went wide eyes as she felt them grow inside her, getting larger as her thoughts were getting more precise, and then began to slowly pulse.

And, why not. How would it feel to be totally enclosed? Tubes, yes, urethra, enema, mouth for feeding and nose for breathing. Those, she didn’t like the way the machine made her feel about the insertion procedures. She would have to note it to Lynda. She could certainly skip some unpleasant steps, making them more enjoyable. Mouth filling now. Yes, oh yes, bigger… no, no, no, smaller, she thought as she began to choke. She made her mouth as full as possible, her cheeks bulging.

But something was missing: a corset. Yes, like that, no longer, up to the breasts below the breasts, she thought, while running thick latex coated hands over her waist. Tighter, yes, a lot more, she said as her breath became shorter and shorter. That’s it. Yes. She was so hot. She was pushing on her dildos, feeling them move.

She raised one leg, turning on the platform. Ballet toe boots? Always wanted to try those, she thought. Immediately, she felt her heel rise even higher and she had to grab a hold of the glass tube as she was jolted on her toes. She had to keep balancing from one feet to the other. Yes, knee high, leather, and very tight… Oh yeah. She said as she felt an orgasm go on. She closed her eyes and let it engulf her. Her legs were shaking and she ended up kneeling on the platform, panting, one hand at her crotch, the other at her breasts, squishing them.

That was so powerful, so strong. How about some… denial. A chastity belt and bra. Oh yes she said as she pictured the unyielding steel device wrap tightly around her waist, spreading between her legs. Tighter, she said, while putting her hand at her crotch, wanting it to push on her dildos. Wider. And the bra… tighter, yes… Thicker… and cuffs. Yes, she said as cuffs, following her desires, appeared at the ankles, over the knees, at the writs and over the elbows. 

Her body was shaking, taken by constant waves of pleasures. She wanted more, a steel posture collar, which appeared, tightly wrapped around her neck, forcing her head up… No, no… too high, narrower…. yes, that’s it, she said when it reached about 2 inches wide.

Her heart was racing like crazy, she was panting, her lower body pulsing like it was receiving electroshocks.

She drew her hands in her back, joining her hands together. “Chains. Chains and padlocks.” she thought. Her wrists were joined, and her elbows dramatically drawn together. She never thought she could achieve that extreme position, impossible to do in self bondage. But she was proud she did. Her knees were linked with a short chain along with her ankles.

“Oh darn, I love that.” her brain mouthed but stuffed as she was, nothing came out. “Vibrating, I want them vibrating.” she said, and then the two dildos began a pulsing dance, sometimes completing each other verses, something singing in unison, and other times, totally out of sync, as if it was reading her mind. Well, it was. The machine was simply creating her fantasies.

“This thing will trigger the end of all prostitution, the end of all sex shops” she thought, as another orgasm exploded, putting her off-balance, letting herself drop, her back to the glass tube.

“Oh my… this is so good… What if…” then, following her thoughts, all locks from every steel cuffs disappeared, replaced by smooth steel, the lacing on her ballet boots seemed to merge with the leather, the same with her corset that seemed to become one with her rubber suit.

She collapsed on the floor, curled herself into a small ball within the confinement of the four foot radius of the glass tube, while another powerful orgasm, something she never thought possible, engulfed her, wrapped her and shake her body to the point she thought that every one of her bones was going to shatter.

Then, totally exhausted, emptied of all living force, she relaxed and lost consciousness.

“Karen? Oh good, you’re coming around. Karen, are you alright?”

“Yes” mouthed Karen’s brain, but nothing came out. She felt her mouth full, packed with the rubber. She was laying on her back, on the floor of the white tiled room, besides the platform. She raised herself on her elbows. She quickly discovered she was still fully clad in rubber and very well chastised, the dildos still humming. She was still in her fantasy. Was it?

“Damn, Karen. You scared the hell out of me. What the hell happened? How come you’re out of the machine but all… fixed?” asked Lynda, then, realizing that Karen couldn’t talk much. 

“Silly me, how could you talk… Wait. Remember in high school we learned sign language? Remember it enough?”

Karen nodded yes and got up on her high heeled boots. The task wasn’t easy and Lynda’s help was welcomed. She let her out of the white room back to the dining room where she sat on the stool of the lunch counter.

“What the hell happened?” asked Lynda. “Are you hurt? The machine must have malfunctioned.”

“Maybe this is just part of my fantasy.” gestured Karen.

“In that case, your fantasy or mine?”

“I’m… puzzled” gestured Karen.

“So am I.” she said, then seeing Karen trying to find some locking mechanism out of her totally smooth cuffs, apart from the two D rings “I don’t know how to get them off. There’s no closing features on anything, not on your cuffs, not on your chastity belt, not on your suit. 

There was, it’s kinda funny, padlocks on the chains linking your cuffs with a key in them, but that was it. I have no clue how to take you out of this.” said Lynda.

Karen froze for an instant then walked toward the stove to pick up a sharp carving knife. She carefully put the pointy end of it on her hand, pulling it away from her skin then pushed the knife… and pushed, but there wasn’t a simple cut, a simple dent on the rubber.

“I already tried a very sharp snap-blade utility knife with the same results. Your suit appears to be indestructible, somehow.” said Lynda. “What the hell did you think? What the heck was your damn fantasy? The machine is supposed to take everything off as soon as the session is over, not keep them on the subject.”

“Well…” gestured Karen, “I was kind of taken by everything that was happening, overwhelmed by the pleasure waves, I think I may have thought something in the line of… I want to be like that forever… kind of.”

“So?… whatever! It should have reverted to normal. Something went wrong. Maybe it’s because you fainted. That way, the machine couldn’t terminate its program the right way. Would you mind stepping back on it?”

Karen made a small nod. She actually liked it there. She followed Lynda. She could feel her tight and thick coating of rubber creak with every move. She was gasping for air with her corset. She was feeling the rigid chastity belt push on her vibrating dildos. They reached the room. Karen took place on the pad, walking with her ballet boots as if she had been born with them.

“You know,” said Lynda, “that even myself, with years of practice, can’t walk like you do on these heels? Geesh! I’m jealous! She said with a laugh. “Okay, I will have to look and analyze your brain pattern. I may see very personal stuff in there. Sure you don’t mind?”

Karen opened her arms on each side of her body, making a gesture that meant “Have you look at me? You think it could get more personal than that?

“Yeah… right. Okay, here we go… Oh my… yes, you actually said that you wanted to be like that forever, which is why the machine didn’t remove it before going off-line. That thought was very powerful and commanding, that’s why the Fetograph executed it so precisely. Okay, I’m getting the tube down. You can correct that, I’m sure.”

The tube dropped on Karen and was filled with the fog again, then Karen thought about her setup.

“Your brain pattern is all fucked up, Karen. Better clear your ideas… yes, that’s better.” she said, but instead of Karen’s predicament reverting to normal, her corset got tighter, along with the chastity belt, and the intruders got bigger.

“Karen, you’re not helping here. Clear your thoughts.” said Lynda, on a very harsh, almost commanding tone.

But Karen was in another world again. The increase in tightness of the corset and the growing of her toys, made everything even more sensitive than before. She was feeling another orgasm build up.

“That’s not helping, Karen. If you want out, you better think about it, otherwise you’ll be stuck in that.” said Lynda, frantically pushing keys on her keyboard.

The fog cleared up and the glass tube rose in the ceiling.

“I’m sorry, Karen, but remember that the machine reads your thoughts, and apparently, your thoughts are to be kept in this… forever.”

Karen stepped down from the platform, obviously quite relaxed.

“Is this really what you wish for?”

Karen walked to the pool and plunged.

“I’ll take that as a yes… Now I will have to work on a safeguard function on this bug… or what’s the saying? It’s not a bug, it’s a feature… Should I make this… an option?”

© Pete / monsterp63, June 26,  2016

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