Karen – K.a.R.L.: For the good of humanity.


Author’s note:

This story is much more Sci-Fi than Fetish. It is inspired by the work of Isaac Asimov. It’s far away from any fetish stories I have written so far, and even far from any S-F stories I have written. I hope some of you will enjoy it.

Karen stretched on her satiny covered bed, taking a deep breath. Today was a special day. She was turning 20. She had already received a communication from Karl that he would meet her. She would, finally, see Karl. 

Well, yes, in reality it was K.a.R.L., the meaning of it having been lost during its 800 years of existence. Karl was everything. It was a machine, a computer, built centuries ago, to control mining robots. Followed farming robots. Soon, robots were everywhere, and Karl was controlling them, freeing the humans to gets the benefits of living. Karl cleaned the air, the water, the soil. With time, it even took control over the weather. It’s only goal was to care for the humans. And it succeeded. The life expectancy jumped from 80 years to 180 years. Karl made sure that there was no overpopulation, and that the earth was never over used. It provided them with all the basics they would need, plus all they didn’t even know they needed, to keep them happy, to keep them alive. No one was working. All were living.

Karl has been built following the three universal laws of robotics, as laid out by someone named Asimov, almost 1000 years earlier:

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law

The Earth’s population had been stable for the last 150 years at six billions, according to Karl, give or take a few tens of thousands.

Karen got up and got to the shower. A fine spray of just right warm water, cleaned her. The waist water would be analyzed by Karl, checking over her general health. He would get more precise results after she had taken a dump. Occasionally, Karl would request a blood sample, which he did the night before, just as she turned 20, exactly at her time of birth, at 01:04.

She got dressed with the standard provided jumpsuit. She had the choice of color, and on this wonderful day, she chose a light blue one, that matched perfectly her soft blue eyes.

She walked out of her bedroom to reach the dining room, as there was no kitchen. Karl was providing them with everything they needed at the push of a button. The meals were perfectly balanced for each individual.

Her mother and her ten years younger brother were already there. They looked at her, smiling.

“Happy birthday, sweety” said her mother, getting a handful of Karen’s thick and long brown curled hairs, pulling them at the back of her head in a ponytail. “You look wonderful, as always.” she said.

“Happy birthday, pumpkin.” said her father, extending a plate with her food on it, two brown squares, one white square and a glass of a greenish, thick liquid. “Your breakfast, princess.”

“Thank you dad.” said Karen, taking a seat besides her little brother.

“So?” began her brother. “It’s today you’ll know if you’ll reproduce, right?”

“Jeremy. Don’t say something like that.” said her mother, on a disapproving tone. “This is a very important day for any woman. Karl will analyze her body data and give her the prognosis as if she will have the honor to procreate. I had that honor. Twice. And I was very privileged to have been allowed to have the both of you. This is a serious matter. We’re talking about the survival of the human race.”

“I believe that Karl should have allowed more than two.” said the father, grinning. “The population is dying. We have less birth than we have people going. Karl is lying to us by saying it is stable.”

“That’s only rumors, honey.” said the mother. “I’m sure Karl has a good reason for that.” 

“Of course, it does. It gave us too much anti-reproductive compounds. Now, we can’t have children anymore. Even if it stopped giving the compounds, we would not reproduce. It killed our reproductive system.”

“Those are what the Renegades want you to believe.” said the mother. “I had two wonderful children.”

“Yes, but they usually are 2 years apart and we were giving the okay for the second one six years later, and it was born after four years of trials…”

“What? The Renegades Brigades are real?” cut in Jeremy. I thought they were legends.

“Somewhat, they are, Jeremy. A group of people that refused to go by Karl’s protection, and are living by themselves, somewhere out there.” said the father, looking out the window. “You realize that they have to kill their own food? They have to kill animals and plants to eat.

“That’s disgusting. Eating animals.” said Karen, finishing her breakfast. “Well, better get ready, Karl is sending my transport in 20 minutes.

“Very well, sweety.” said her mother. “You’ll be chosen. I’m sure.”

“Bullshit.” said her father. Karen turned around, and looked at him, not sure to either believe him or not.

“But it allowed us a family of four, dad. Could it be possible that, in other parts of the world, there is overpopulation. That’s why we don’t have as many children as you… would have wanted to?”

“Bullshit!” he repeated. “Yes, he allowed us another child, TEN YEARS LATER! Usually, it’s within one year of the first birth, not ten years later. Karl is out of resources, or rather this planet is out of resources, of reproductive resources. ” he said, his face red.

“You better go prepare yourself, honey.” cut in her mother. “We can’t make Karl wait.”

As Karen left the room, her mother turned to her father, her face severe.

“What the hell are you doing? You want to scare her?”

“It’s time someone besides myself sees the truth around here. Don’t you see it? How many 10 years old kids are there in this Reproductive Area? Two? Three? We’re 250 families, but only 3 ten years old child. And how many younger than that? Tell me, Maria.”

“But… I’ve heard that they’re all in the new R-A number 89, that’s it’s better suited for newborns.”

“Bullshit.” he answered.

[Author’s note: yes, the fetish stuff is coming. Continue reading.]

Twenty minutes later, a transport, or a pod as they called the transpex spheres that are used to carry up to six people around, stopped by. Karen had a shock. This one was empty and it carried red strips, identifying it as an express pod, something rarely seen as it was considered inefficient to move only a few persons to one destination. Express pods were used for people of higher importance.

“See, Pete?” said Karen’s mother. “Karl sent an express pod. She’s a chosen one. She’ll be the fourth reproducing generation, Pete. Isn’t that wonderful?”

He grunted as he turned away from the window as the pod was rapidly disappearing.

Karen got in and took a seat, her stretchy catsuit adjusting to every movement without any tugging or pulling. She sat straight. She thought that, if Karl had sent an express pod, it meant that she was a chosen one, that she will carry a child, meaning that she will live, like her parents, in an individual house instead of the multi-housing buildings of the city. Her parents will have to move there, when Jeremy will turn 20, to leave the house to the next child carrying parents, and move to the city. That was how Karl was managing it.

The trip to the fertility center, located some 200km up north took less than 30 minutes. The pod stopped, without a bump, in front of the main door, at the same time as another express pod was stopping, coming in from the opposite direction.

Karen got out and had a look. A young man walked out. He was tall, muscular built, blond hairs and blue eyes. Karen immediately felt a connection between them, and apparently he felt the same. Perhaps he was the mate Karl has chosen for them. The perfect couple, that would raise their child to perfection.

“Hello. I… I’m Karen. ” she said, timidly.

“Hi. I’m Phil. It’s your birthday too?”

“Yes.” said Karen, suddenly realizing that he was there simply for his 20 years fecundity appraisal, like herself.

The door opened and a robot, roughly humanoid shaped, welcomed her from its monotone voice. Karl had deduced that people prefer to interact with a robot as long as it IS a robot, not a human clone or something. So all the robots were kept robot looking and behaving.

They were led to a large white room. In the center of it, two circular platforms, that seemed totally lost in the center of that huge room. The robot instructed to get each on one platform, which they did. The robot left.

There was absolutely no sound, Everything was white, from floor to ceiling. Then the ceiling opened and two clear tubes got lowered, trapping Karen and Phil on their respective circular platforms. They were surprised, but not afraid. After all, Karl wouldn’t hurt anyone, and it was similar to their showers, or their health examination station.

A hologram of a head materialized between the tubes. It was Karl. Nobody knew exactly who this head belonged to. Rumors saying that it is modelled after the head of Karl’s inventor.

“Greetings, citizens.” said the Hologram. “I am Karl. You have been chosen as a reproductive couple.” he coldly said.

Karen and Phil looked at each other, smiling. There was already a contact between them. They felt at ease with this decision.

“But you are not a regular reproductive couple. We believe that you can save the world.”

“S… Save the world?” mouthed Phil.

“You are the first operationally reproductive humans within the last year.” said Karl who couldn’t lie. He could withhold information, but could not lie. Yes, you may have heard that the population is declining, which is true. The reproductive functions of most humans are non-effective. You are holding a perfect pair of reproductive functions, the first one in a year, so you must be heavily protected until the exact reasons for the malfunction is found.”

On this, the tube was filled with a mist that surprised both Karen and Phil. It was accompanied by a whirlwind burst of air and lasted five seconds. When it stopped, they looked at each other, totally naked, their standard provided clothes having dissolved, disappeared.

Before they could react, they were sprayed a second time. This time, Karen felt her head become hot then cold. When it stopped she put her hand on her head, in shock, as she looked at an equally shocked Phil within the other tube: they were bald, all body hair having been removed. Karen was about to cry. Why her hair? Why remove her hair.

“You will be coated for your protection.” said Karl.

At the same time, there was another whirlwind of spray, but this time, the space around them became black. Karen felt her body becoming hotter, as if she was sprayed by almost boiling water. Whatever it was, she felt it stick to her skin, and it appeared to be getting tighter and tighter, squishing her thighs, her waist, her breasts, her neck. The whirlwind was so strong that Karen felt being lifted off the floor. When it stopped, she was lowered on the ground and had to stay on her toes, unable to lay her feet flat on the ground. They looked at each other again, seeing in disbelief, their body completely covered by some deep shiny black rubber like coating, from head to toe. Even their eyelids were coated. Karen tried to pinch it and pull it away from the skin of her arm, but couldn’t. It was as if it was glued there. Then, a steel arm descended from the ceiling, grabbing Karen at the waist, while two more, raising from the platform grabbed lower legs. She saw that Phil was somewhat held in a similar fashion.

She felt something wrap around her waist and getting tighter. Way tighter. Too tight. She thought she was about to be crushed. Maybe that was Karl’s way to reach the reproductive system, but it seemed doubtful. She felt very hot at her waist and a similar feeling at her feet. She was gently lowered, and she had to grab a hold on the side of tubes as she was about to trip down: she had to stand on her tiptoes, like a… ballet dancer? What was Karl doing? Was she going to be a reproductive mother or a dancer? She was stunned when she saw that Phil who also had his waist crushed, was standing on his toes.

“Karl!” said Karen, with a strong voice. “I have a question. Answer.” she ordered. She knew that Karl had no choice. He was there to obey humans.

“Yes, miss Karen.” said Karl, turning its holographic head to her. “What is your question?”

“What is going on here, Karl. Why… this?” she said, opening her arms.

“Karl has to protect humans. You are the only viable reproducing capable couple in one year. Karl failed the first law. By trying to protect humans, he made them unable to reproduce. Karl failed. Karl must repair. Karl must protect reproductive couples.”

“By coating us in… rubber?”

“Protective coating. Indestructible. Protects body. Now, Karl must protect the reproductive system.” he said as steel arms lowered again, grabbing Karen around the chest and hips. Another arm did the same for Phil. 

Karen felt something tighten around her breasts, and got hot all around her chest and over her shoulders. The same around her crotch, then she screamed and tried to pry open the steel arm when she felt something large being forced in her crotch and rectum.

“Stop that, Karl. I order you.”

“Karl can’t comply. First law: must protect humans, not harm. This not harm, this protects. Karl has to protect.”

When the arms retracted, Karen looked down to see something silvery and metallic looking, wrapping her breasts, almost squishing them, with two bands going over the shoulders, meeting the horizontal band linking the two bra cups from the back. And at her crotch, again, steel looking bands, circling the tiniest portion of her crushed waist, with another band going between her legs. She tried to tug on it, but it didn’t move.

“What the hell is that, Karl.?” asked Karen, pissed off, realizing that Phil has fitted a similar fashion, and even more, with its tight… corset, for lack of a better word, he also had breasts cups, but smaller, he also had the same steel belt at his crotch, completely hiding his manhood. He too was trying to pull on it, evidently not finding that comfortable at all.

“Reproductive system and mammary glands protection.” answered Karl. “You have been intubated to insure proper bodily functions.”

“Remove that. Take this off, Karl. I order you.” said Phil.

“Karl cannot comply. Items indestructible. No removal. Protection.”

“Karl, we can’t reproduce plugged like that.” said Karen. “You have to admit your error. There’s no harm, and you will not be deactivated. Your program will be corrected.”

“No. Karl does not make mistakes. Karl do r… r…. right.” it said, beginning to stutter.

“We will tell.” said Phil.

“No, will not tell. Karl must protect.” he said, and at the same time, more arms lowered from the ceiling, grabbing their heads. 

Karen tried to pry it off, but couldn’t. She quickly felt something push deep inside her mouth, down her throat, then more stuff getting forced up her nose, she felt it exiting at the back of her throat, then she felt her mouth being filled up, and hot rings around her eyes. Her mouth filled to the point she thought that whatever it was, was to spew out through her nose. Then she felt the pressure increase around her head, down to her neck, getting tighter. She thought she was about to be strangled.

Then the clamp released, and Karen fell on the ground, as the tubes disappeared. Panting, she looked over at Phil, her neck stiff, her head heavy. She could only imagines that she looked exactly as he was doing, a curvaceous shiny black body, with a shiny steel bra and panties, standing on pointed toes, a hard helmet covering her entire head down her neck, with two dark lenses covering her eyes and her mouth replaced by a 1cm wide hole.

As they were stumbling to get back on their feet, trying to walk on their newly acquired ballet boots, two robots came in and grabbed them by the arms, leading them away. Behind them, the image of Karl was getting jerky.

“F…. F… failed. Karl must f… f… fix error. Reprod…d…d…ucive protection.”

Karen and Phil were led through some corridors to an express pod, which immediately left, going south, passing over the large city, and began to cross the ocean.

For Karen, this was too much, too quick. The tight coating squeezing every cell of her skin, the large inserts pushed by the rigid band, her waist crushed so much she could barely breathe, the helmet encasing her head, rendering her almost deaf and blind with the extra dark lenses, and the mouth, filled until it hurt. All the tubes. And seeing Phil, squirmed of discomfort too. The sight outside was something to remember, but they barely noticed it. She sat on a seat, feeling the rigid band between her legs push up, actually moving the huge inserts. The feeling was very new, disturbing but… There was more.

The pod got down very fast over the ocean and aimed toward a small island. It stopped without a jolt, and the door opened. They looked at each other. Phil gestured a “stay” sign, which Karen agreed to by a stiff nod of the head. They would stay in, and the pod would go back with them inside. But the pod stayed there.

Suddenly, things began to move inside the pod. The walls moved in, pushing them out. They stumbled outside, on the soft grass on their ballet toe boots. The pod left quickly, without a sound.

They strained to get back on their feet, helping one another to keep its balance. Then they saw movement from the tree line, about 10 meters away. Something was approaching. Something dark. Something… black.

Out of the forest, came forward another couple, gleaming black as they were, walking with experience on their pointed toe boots. Then another couple. Then another. Soon, they were encircled by about a dozen couples, all looking like them, shiny black coating, crushing waist, and those stiff straps covering their breasts and crotch.

One of them stood out, approached them, a woman facing Karen while a man did the same for Phil. They approached slowly, making slow movements, touching each side of their heads.

Then Karen started to hear, or rather feel words.

“Do you hear me? Welcome. My name is Lynda.” was saying the thoughts. They were talking through telepathy.

Karen fumbled with words and thoughts in her head. The woman raised her hand.

“Calm down. Slowly. We all have that ability, we just never use it, Karl never felt the need to show us, but those helmets are somewhat amplifying the thoughts. Just go slowly.”

“Who are… we?” she thought.

The woman answered slowly, repeating each phrase twice.

“We have been, like yourself, chosen by Karl as an important reproductive couple that needs to be protected. But its protection is kind of… killing the protected.” 

“I don’t understand.”

Lynda continued to ‘talk’ while inviting them to follow.

“Karl is sick, for lack of a better word. It is true that the fertility level has dropped dramatically. Karl wanted to protect the next available fertile couple, but its method backfired.” she said, opening her arm to display their setup. “So, he tries to fix it, but ends up in the same loop. He harmed us by selecting the wrong reproductive pattern, so now only a few are reproductive. So to protect the new reproductive couples, he coats them, but by doing so, he ‘harms’ them because they can’t reproduce. So, unable to kill us, he puts us aside, and tries again on the next couple. It has been stuck in this loop for the past… 15 years.” she said, as they came out of the forest, to a modern village. About 250 people were there, saluting the newcomers. “We have everything we need here.”

“Except that we…” thought Karen, then rubbed her hand on her tightly encased waist.

“You’re right. We can’t have sexual intercourse. But wait to discover what we can do to ourselves.” she said, dragging Karen along a long pathway, where semi-spherical housings were located on each side. Lynda led Karen to the last one of the row, while a man, who had been having a similar conversation with Phil, dragged him to a semi-spherical unit directly in front of hers.

“These are built by Karl on a needed basis. Those two were added yesterday, so we were expecting you. It is coded for yourself, and only you can open it, with your thoughts. Try it.

Karen looked at the unit, and suddenly, a door appeared, pivoting toward the top. She entered, unsure. It was about 4 meters wide, and had a column from the floor to the roof on the opposite wall from the entrance, taking about a quarter of the space. Lynda led Karen to it.

A console appeared on the flat column, with 10 buttons, from 1 to 10.

“Choose ‘1’ for now. As you will want more, just choose another button. Just go easy. Then just stand your back against the column. This is a privacy session, so it will not begin until I leave. Enjoy. We’ll talk more after it.” said Lynda, leaving.

The door lowered automatically. The room was filled with a soft warm light, to her dark tinted lenses anyway. Karen punched the key marked 1, and stood her back to the column.

She felt something move, then the column, appearing like moving goo, produced grips that grabbed Karen’s ankles and wrists before she could react. She tried to pry herself away but it was too strong. She didn’t liked that. At all.

Then her legs got pulled slightly apart while something grew out of the column at her crotch, going up, lifting her until she felt her legs beginning to stretch, pressing hard against the rigid strap at her crotch, pushing… Karen’s fears grew. What was this… device doing.

Then it began to vibrate. Gentle at first, but getting more and more powerful. It was the first time Karen was experiencing anything remotely like that. After all, before Karl grew probes inside her, she was a virgin.

The vibrations were transmitted to the rigid band, which in turn, transmitted them to the probes. The feeling became more and more interesting. Something pleasurable grew inside her, getting higher, stronger. Her body was taken by strong convulsions as the first orgasm she ever experiences ran through her body. Hormones kicked on high, as the vibrations went stronger, then stopped, to start again a wee bit later, all while she was secured by the column, unable to get away. That was devilish. And she liked that. Her upper body would move, and she had to hold still. She wished she was held more.

All this time, Karl was watching, and was adapting his patterns. She totally forgot who she was, where she was and why she was there. She wanted that to never stop.


Karen was squirming in the tight embrace of Karl’s bondage, being firmly held by the neck, waist, her arms were stretched in a large V shape, restrained at the wrists and elbows, her legs, held over the knees and ankles, were stretched so wide, she was almost making the split.

Attached to her crotch belt by a kind of jaw, the blob was slowly pulling and pushing on it. It moved a little, barely one cm, but that was enough to trigger a wonderful sensation, and when it began to vibrate, it was devilish. It would vary the speed, the stroke, and the vibration, but right now, it was in its cool down cycle.

Karen’s legs were brought together, as if the column was organically alive, and gently lowered to the ground before the restraints were dissolved into the now flat wall.

Karen slowly walked away, tripping, trying to get back to reality. She had a glimpse at the console before it disappeared. The number 7 was flashing. Yes, she was at level seven. Most were at level five. A handful at six, and very few at seven. No one in her community was at 8, but she was planning for it. Nobody knew if anyone went to 10.

She walked expertly on her pointed boots, the newly added rings clanking along. Yes, as many others, Karen opted to have cuffs and rings added at her ankles, over the knee, corset, wrists and elbows, the collar and one on top of it, allowing her to be simply tied up, without stimulation, about anywhere around the living area.

The door opened automatically as she approached and she was greeted by the sun, filtered through her dark lenses. Across the street, Phil’s unit. A blue flashing pilot light by the door indicated that he was within a pleasure session, so not to be disturbed.

They were still the last ones of the street, no one has been added to the community for the past two years.

She strolled toward the center part of the living area, what they called The Park, where posts and devices have been installed by Karl, to fulfil the requests of the citizens. She counted 7 citizens tied up to poles, suspended, spread, wrapped, within the park, all enjoying their new life.

“Care for some time tied up, Karen?” Thought a man as she was approaching.

“No, Thanks Ahmid. I’m fine. Just got out.” she answered.

He bowed and let her go by. She loved the feeling of the moving dildos, yes that was the name they had given to the probes, within her, which kept her very much aroused as soon as she moved, as soon as she walked. She sat on a bench and looked at the display of bound people, like her, totally enclosed into shiny black latex, rigid corsets and ballet boots, chastised by Karl to protect them.

Then, pods flew over the village. They were building pods. Karen wondered what for, since she was unaware of anyone asking for anything. She followed them down her own street, then she saw, besides her and Phil’s unit, two units being added, meaning that another reproductive-protected couple was to come in the next day. It would be Karen and Phil’s responsibilities to welcome them. That was the tradition that the latest to have arrived would welcome the new ones.

Karen had a thought. Wouldn’t she be more prepared, knowledgeable, if she knew what the level 8 was all about?

She got back into her unit and selected the level 8. The column created a table, on which Karen laid down. It was nothing new, level 4 was also using a table as a stretching platform, followed by a choice of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50. Karen chose 10. 10 minutes should be just perfect, as it was a middle setting. She never had any problems when she selected the middle setting for a first time level. 

She took place on it, thinking about the newcomers, about how disoriented they will be, and especially not knowing that, within all its mistakes,  Karl was actually saving the day, fixing its mistakes. Enclosed as they were, monitored, and nourished with a perfectly balanced meal, as far as they knew, according to all the health results, nobody ever aged a single day, meaning that they were pretty much… eternal. Yes, the reproduction will stop, and within a few decades, even a century, all that will be left will be people coated in rubber and hard plastic. Immortal.

She got comfy on the bed, awaiting the restraints to grab her wrists and ankles, like level 4, but instead, the mattress became very soft, and she felt sinking into it. It was acting like a thick moving goo, slowly pushing her arms below her. Karen knew what to do. She liked that position where her arms were tied in her back, elbow touching. She helped them get in place and she felt the goo tightly holding them. Then she sank more, getting within the goo, getting completely encased, except for a tube that was created as she was sinking, allowing her to breath.

She began to slowly squirm within the goo. It was difficult, but it was a blast. She tried to get out, to sit, but she couldn’t find anywhere to push herself up, almost as if it was bottomless, although she was only about 15cm deep.

Then, everything froze. Everything became a solid mass that tightened around her, rendering her totally, completely immobile, unable to move a finger.

“10 minutes of total immobility, that should be enough.” thought Karen. But then, things began to move, things began to pulsate at her crotch. The crotch strap was getting pulled and vibrated, but not the way the rod was doing it. No, this one acted more like fingers, pulling the band but going underneath, between the suit and the band, pushing little buttons she never knew she had.

The pleasure built, different, powerful. 10 minutes of that will be way too short, she thought, then she thought harder. The way the minutes and hours were displayed for the sessions were color coded. Karl will display the choices, but she had to select the time frame, the color. Yellow was for minutes. Orange for hours. Red for days. She was sure it was minutes. It was yellow. But then again, the colors were changing through her tinted lenses. The more she thought, the more she was sure. Her last setup had been in hours. Did Karl revert it to minutes or did it keep hours? Her doubts disappeared at the same time as her thoughts when an powerful orgasm began to build.

Outside her pulsing confinement, the clock was doing its countdown, now at 9:47. In bright orange.

She would be a wreck, receiving the newcomers, tomorrow!

© Pete / monsterp63, July 2016.

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  1. Not quite sure if this is what Isaac Asimov expected, but I thought this was an interesting and kinky take on the 3 laws of robotics.

    1. Thanks.
      I do have Asimov’s auto-biography (I. Asimov) and he doesn’t share his sexual fantasies (or much private life) in it. So… who knows? 😉

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