Karen – Two Little Devils


The sporty motorcycle slowed down and entered the long driveway of the huge house on an equally huge property, and stopped in what could be considered a parking lot.

A high heeled platform boot was put on the ground as the woman struggled to lift her leg to get out of the bike with difficulty, as her jeans were simply too tight for the task.

With her leather gloved hands, she reached for the full face helmet strap, barely able to reach them as the leather motorcycle jacket, lacking any expansion panel, was simply also too tight. She took the helmet off and shook her head, to let her curly brown hairs flow down on her shoulders.

She put her helmet on the bike and walked to the house, her heels clicking on the concrete walkway, her butt wiggling in their tight jeans. She pushed the doorbell button and waited, balancing her weight from one foot to the other. The door opened to a richly dressed woman, that was just the image you would expect from such a large house.

“Hello Mrs Thompson I’m sent by the agenc…”

“Karen? What the hell is that?” she said, stunned, looking at Karen as if she was seeing an alien.

“It’s my motorcycle gear, Mrs Thompson. It’s that…”

“You’re not babysitting dressed like that. Why did you come here like that? You know the rules of this house. You look like a damn hooker and…”

A man, wearing a tuxedo came to the door while knotting his bow tie.

“What’s all the commotion… Oh, geesh. Karen. That’s…” he began to say, his eyes wide open, obviously enjoying the view.

“Oh, you shut up and keep your dick down.” said the woman.

“Mrs Thompson,” cut in Karen “I’m perfectly aware that this is not the proper attire to come babysit, but this is my night off, or rather I’m starting my vacation. The agency called me as this was an emergency and I know the kids. I was the only one available within the short time frame you gave the agency. However, since it was my night out, that it is Friday, I was going clubbing, and the theme was biker babes, hence the outfit. I’m doing you a huge favor to come here while on vacations…”

“But I don’t want…”

“If you don’t want me to babysit as is, it’s fine, and I’ll go meet my friends at the club. I’ll call the agency and ask them to call someone else, which will take time. If you want me to go home and change, I could do so and be back in about an hour. Or for tonight, as you’re going out for only two hours or so, and you’re in a rush, you can accept…”

“No. Out of the question. “Phil! Make sure the kids won’t see her. YOU, come with me.” she said with darts in her eyes.

Karen followed, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor, the steel buckles of her boots resonating in the vast hallway, her leather creaking. Mrs Thompson led her upstairs to a guest’s bedroom. She asked her to wait and she came back a moment later with pyjamas.

“Get this stuff off and wear this. It’s better than what you have. WE’RE GOING NOW.” she yelled to signal her husband to be by the door. “We’ll be back in about two and a half hours, oh, and by the way, the reason this was such a short notice is that they made a surprise gala in Phil’s honor, for his work in research. They just forgot to invite him! Talk about a bunch of idiots.”

The man was behind her, pointing down at Mrs Thompson, mouthing “No, she forgot the date.”

“Ah, yes… Better change then. Have a nice evening, Mrs Thompson.” said Karen, but by the time her sentence was over, Mrs Thompson was already downstairs with Mr. Thompson on her heels.

She removed her jacket, which proved a hassle. Then the shoulder length kid leather gloves, followed by her tank top revealing a bright red satin bra.

She yanked very hard on the leather belt fastening her jeans, then undid the button. The zipper almost popped open by itself, and she literally peeled the jeans off her buns down to her thighs, revealing red satin panties. She sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled down the side zipper of her knee high laced and buckled, black leather high heel platform boots and took them off.

She grabbed the pyjamas and, seemingly having second thoughts, she put it down and walked to the adjacent bathroom, closed and locked the door.

There, she pulled her panties down, revealing a latex thong. She slowly pull it out, revealing that it was holding up two dildos. She was going clubbing. Might as well make it funnier.

She pulled them out and took a leak. While sitting on the toiled, she heard noise coming from the bedroom.

“Joshua, Beverly. I know you’re in the bedroom. Go downstairs, I’ll be there shortly.”

She heard giggling and running steps going away. They were known pranksters, so Karen smiled, bracing herself for whatever they have done.

She put the dildos back in place and concealed everything back with her panties. She carefully opened the door leading to the bedroom, in case the kids were still there, but they were gone, leaving the door wide open.

She quickly gave it a swing to close it, then looked for the pyjamas. It was gone, along with her own clothes.

“Kids! Where are my clothes?” she asked while looking under the bed, in the closet, even the desks, but everything was empty. She risked to go downstairs in underwear only, calling the kids over.

“Josh. I know it’s you who did it. Bev would never do something like that. Please, give me the pyjamas.”

She looked in the living room, then, at the end of the main corridor, a door was open and a bright light was coming from it. Karen made wide eyes. That was Mr Thompson’s workshop. It was a forbidden area for the kids. In their hurry to get out, he must have forgot to lock it back. She heard giggling.

“Shit. They have no business  in there.” she said to herself.

She ran to the door. It was the first time she was seeing that room herself: a rather large room, white tiled, one wall was filled with rack of computers and other electronic devices, next to it was some kind of bench with a large array of parts scattered all over it, then on the third wall, what looked gas and other chemical containers. Finally, close to the door, was clear box, the size of a phone booth. Karen associated more with some kind of shower booth. With all the chemicals in this room, it might be just an emergency shower.

She spotted Joshua and Beverly playing hide and seek between the equipment.

“Come on, guys. Lets get out of here. You’re not allowed here. And give me back my clothes.” she said when she saw the boy run with her jeans in his hands, while the girl has her pyjamas.

“THAT IS NOT FUNNY.” she said with a very firm voice.

Still giggling, Joshua threw her leather gloves into the emergency shower booth.

“Joshua, that’s not funny.” she said, going into the booth.

On that, Beverly went from behind her and pushed the door closed. Karen swiftly turned around to get out, but couldn’t. The door was stuck. Or locked?

“Guys! I’m stuck in here. Open the door.” yelled Karen, barely audible to the kids, who didn’t seemed to give a damn. They had a reputation of being real brats, and they really were.

Joshua approached and tried to pull it open, but couldn’t.

“It’s locked.” he said. “I don’t know how to open it. It’s Bev fault!”

“Josh,” yelled Karen from inside the booth, but trying not to sound aggressive. “I don’t want to know who’s fault is it. I don’t care. Just find a way to open the door, okay?”

The little boy tried to pull on the door. He looked for a handle or a button.

“I can’t do it, Karen.”

“I think I found it.” said Beverley, looking at some kind of control console. “there’s a picture of the box here. Maybe it’s this green button.” she said.

“Wait Bev. What’s written on it?”.

“I don’t know. The word is too big. I will try it.” she said as she pushed it.

Karen heard a strange hum coming from under the booth, but the door would not open. Then, the nozzles lining the four walls of the booth began to spray a clear hot liquid. Karen moved her hands to her face, trying to protect it from the hot liquid, but it was somewhat oily. She ran her hands in her full flock of hairs to squeeze the liquid off but, to her horror, her hairs stayed in her hands.

“What the hell… My hair!! I’m losing my hair. Stop that!! Quick, Stop that!!”

Josh and Bev were looking at her, laughing their lungs out. She was funny looking when bald.” And they saw her boobs!

Karen looked down in amazement to see her bra had disappeared, along with her panties, leaving only her latex thong. But she couldn’t care less that the kids were seeing her boobs.

Josh went to the console and pushed another button. The clear jet stopped and Karen was looking at all her hair go down the drain. A blow of hot air followed. She felt her skin dry. All traces of the liquid were gone but also the moisture of her skin, even her face, who was covered with heavy makeup, was perfectly clean and dry, not a drop of oil was left.

Then the ground shook again, and this time, a black liquid spewed out from the numerous nozzles. The spray was of a fine mist, but it was getting everywhere. Soon she began to cough and had to breed from her nose. She tried to cover her mouth with her hand, but the fingers appeared to be sticking to her face, so she pulled it off, trying to keep her fingers as open as possible. She was grasping for air. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the spray stopped and the blow of warm air followed, but instead of cleaning the black substance off her skin, it made it stick to it. She felt it becoming dryer, and… tighter?

“Don’t touch anything, guys.” she managed to say.

“We’re not touching anything. It runs by itself.” said Beverley

“What… what is it written?”

“Coooting in por.. porgress.” said Joshua.

“What? Is there a cancel, a stop, an abort button somewhere?”

“I don’t see any.” said Beverley.

Another spray of the clear liquid followed by blow drying followed. Karen fears were confirmed when another spray of black goo fired.

Surprised, it managed to enter her mouth, coating her lips and part of her tongue. Then stop and blow dry again. That second coat seemed to be even tighter than the first one. Then it went on for a third time. By then, Karen could barely breathe, and her waist was severely squeezed. Even her extra tight jeans seemed loose now. Finally, by itself, when the program was over, the door unlocked and Karen rolled out. Her eyes were covered by black rubbery like membrane. Her ears were totally covered by the black goo. She didn’t respond to the kids touching her. Her mouth was packed full, her tongue immobile. The kids approached her, not sure what to do. She was breathing fast.

Karen was in a totally different world. She was deaf and blind. Breathing was difficult but manageable. She could feel all her limbs, but they were encased in something not rigid, but very rubbery, almost like tire rubber. Her dildos were disturbingly big, or her hips and waist have been incredibly crushed, making them feel bigger. She felt she was being moved. Moving on her own requested too much effort. She was getting dragged, then put in a sitting position. Someone was moving her legs, her arms, her head. She couldn’t hear. She couldn’t see. She couldn’t produce a sound, her vocal chords having been coated. She figured that this was sensory deprivation.

“Karen, we’re back.” said a low voice, evidently not wanting to wake up the kids. But then, from the far end of the corridor, came two children, laughing, jumping.

“How come you’re not in bed? Where is Karen?” asked the woman.

“Come see our new doll. Karen is our new doll.” said Beverley, jumping, excited.

“New doll? What are you… Hey! Isn’t my workshop door that is open? How..?”

“It was unlocked, daddy. Quick, come see our new doll.”

They were both in shock when they reached the laboratory, and saw a curvaceous black female form, dressed with kids clothes, sitting her back against the wall, facial features drawn with wax crayons.

“What the hell happened? Karen, you okay in there? Oh darn, she had the full coatings”, he said, kneeling besides her.

“I’m sure she triggered all this herself. I always suspected her at being nosy.” said Mrs Thompson, going to a computer. “I will report her to the agenc…”

“Shut up, Beth. Karen had always been trustworthy and she couldn’t operate the console and be in the booth at the same dime. We’ll look at the video surveillance.”

Coming from her husband, who usually doesn’t say a word, shocked Mrs Thomson. Still raging, she went to the surveillance equipment.

“Oh dear god!” she exclaimed, as she saw the video of the kids entering the lab with Karen’s clothes and pyjamas, then Karen to follow, trying to get her clothes back, then getting pushed inside the booth.

“KIDS! TO YOUR ROOM NOW” yelled Mrs Thompson with such an angry voice that even Mr Thompson got goosebumps. “WE’LL DEAL WITH YOU TOMORROW.” she said, pointing the out direction. “Now, Phil, tell me you can get her out of it.” she said, approaching him, suddenly feeling guilty.

Karen heard something faint. Very faint.

“Karen. If you hear me, raise your right hand.”

She raised her hand. It barely moved. The rubber seemed so heavy, so rubbery.

“Listen. You have been coated by a device designed to coat machinery, robots, to protect them against the harsh conditions of Venus. We’ll find a way to get you out of there. Don’t worry.”

“There’s a way?” asked Mrs Thompson, full of hope.

“Yes, dear. With a diamond coated bandsaw…” said her husband, trailing off.

She felt being moved, transported, put on tables. On occasion, water was given to her. Her bladder needed some relief, but she was plugged. Severely plugged.

Suddenly, she felt vibrations in her crotch. That she felt very well, and she welcomed it. Confined as she was, the only sensory stimulus she was receiving was there, at her crotch. Everything got amplified, she had an orgasm, two, three. She felt something poke inside her. A tube. It was going up the urethra. Finally, her bladder relieved as she felt her intestines getting bigger. An enema. They were taking care of her.

Some vibrations in her ears, but not all the way through. It was just to thin the coating. Then she heard sounds, more clearer.

“Karen, if you read me, raise your right hand.” She did.

“Okay good. We managed to get you plugged for cleaning. Are you in any pain?”

She nodded no. Well, she barely nodded but it was enough.

“Okay. This is a very hard coating and we don’t know how to take it off your skin because apparently, it merged with it, but we believe you could adapt.

She nodded yes. What else could she do?

In the control center, there was a loud cheer as the large video screens showed, from an overhead view, a black shiny woman shape getting down the ladder of the small spaceship and set foot on the red soil of the planet, all this happening twelve minutes earlier, the time needed for the radio signal to reach Earth from Mars.

With each step down the ladder, she could feel her dildos move. Her feet, which had kept a straight down position when the rubber had dried, were usually in ballet boots, but for the purpose of the mission, they were in a straight tubular boot similar to an elephant’s feet.

She set foot on the red planet, feeling its low gravity. All great achievement is usually followed by the first spoken words. But Karen was mute. But at that precise moment, not being mute, she would have moan as the secretly implanted vibrators in her dildos fired up.

She looked around her, not through her eyes, they were never able to remove the coating over them, but through optical sensors she wears as goggles, that sends the signal directly through her optic nerve. She could see in a variety of wavelengths, making her vision far more effective than anything or anyone else. What a journey. She pulled her breathing backpack back in place, tightened the waist belt and went on walking. After all, this was far from babysitting.

“What was first a mishap in an experimental lab,” began the TV host, “is now one of the greatest breakthroughs in history. Karen, the woman imprisoned in a rubber suit, is now the first human to set foot on Mars, thanks to this rubber suit that protects her against the harsh Martian environment. With me, Dr Phil Thompson, the inventor of that wonderful… what is it? A coating or a suit?”

“It’s a skin…” he answered. “It’s a rubber skin.”

© Pete / monsterp63, August 2016

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