Karen – To Win A Ride To Disneyworld


The day promised to be hot and sunny. That would be just perfect. Karen got out of her car, already wearing her swimsuit. It was early afternoon after all. she grabbed her beach bag and headed for the sandy beach.

She walked down the path, wobbling on her beach sandals : wedge cork platform high heel shoes, with a one inches sole and a 6 inches heel. She chose a well located spot, not in the middle of everybody else, not secluded. It was just the right spot where people would pass by her, but not a lot would stay close to her because of nearby boulders.

She set up her large towel on the sandy soil, screwed in the parasol’s feet, and laid down, getting her shoes well displayed. She laid down on her back, took a book and began to read.

People would go by her, smiling at her very oiled body. Not that ordinary non-greasy sunscreen,  but the good old oily stuff. It appeared.

After a while, she opted for a dip. She put down her book and got on her feet, heading for the beach, her wedge sole shoes sinking into the hot sand.  She tugged her red PVC one piece swimming suit to put it back in place. It was competition style with a closed back with a zipper. That wasn’t seen a lot on beaches, but she didn’t care. She liked it that way.

She reached the water and continued to walk. She was not to take off her shoes. When the water reached her thighs, the jumped head first into the coldish salt water and swam, her shoes giving her a hard time, wanting to stay afloat as she wanted to dive.

She played in the water for about 10 minutes before swimming back to the shore, getting back on her feet when the water level was reaching her knees, and walked back, wobbling.

The water slid on her oily body, in a very weird way. People nearby were getting double takes, wondering what was happening, why water was behaving like that on her skin. As she was out of the water, a man was passing by her, looked, made wide eyes and opened his mouth to speak, but Karen simply smiled and winked.

The man closed his mouth and smiled back. He turned around, walking backward, looking at Karen with almost drool off his mouth until he ran into another woman.

Karen repressed a laugh and went back to her beach towel and laid on it. No need to dry herself, as she was already water free. Soft of.

She laid on her back, arms crossed over her face, gently raising her hips from time to time. She felt a shadow covering her.

“What the fuck…” she heard. 

Karen opened her eyes and smiled.

“Oh, hi Lynda. Glad you could join in.” she said, almost laughing at Lynda’s expression: wide eyes, mouth open.

“You… You really did it?”

“Yes dear. Full clear latex neck entry catsuit, a swimsuit and wedge platform shoes. There’s a dozen witnesses that could testify, if ever needed, that I went to swim with them on.”

“I… I don’t believe it… Well, I do believe it, since they are still dripping water, but I don’t believe it that you actually did it. And did you…”

“Just kneel down, my dear. You can hear them. I had to take a dip. It was getting way to… hot in here.” she said, pointing to her crotch where the double vibrating dildos could be heard humming.

Lynda sat down by her side, admiring the shiny oily rubber reflecting the sun. She could see beads of sweats between the latex layer and Karen’s skin. The latex was tight and surprisingly transparent, making it very difficult to make out. She put a hand on Karen’s latex encased thigh.

“But… I…. Damn… Listen…” stutter Lynda.

“We had a bed, Lynda. I would come to the beach, in sight of everybody, in full latex gear, and you will pay me a week to Disney World. If I added dildos, it would be two weeks. That was the deal, right.”

Lynda repressed an evil grin.

“You’re right, Karen. I owe you two weeks… at Deezney World.”

© Pete / monsterp63, September 2016

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