Karen – Can I stay at your place for the night


There was a soft, almost hesitant knock at the door. The woman put down her drink from her gloved hand to the table besides the sofa, and waited, listening.

Another knock. Hesitant. Then another, barely louder.

The woman got up from the black leather covered sofa, her black tight leather pants creaking with the movements. Her leather gloved hands disappearing under the sleeves of an equally tight leather jacket. She was in her late 30’s, but had kept a killer body. She walked to the door, sensually moving her hips, the heels of her five inches pumps clicking on the hardwood floor.

She looked through the peeping hole and startled, opening the door, concerned.

On the other side, a young woman, early twenties, in tears, her mascara running down her cheeks, sitting by the door, sobbing.

“Karen? Are you okay?” asked the leather clad woman, while crouching down, her leather outfit creaking hard and loud.

“This… this is the worst… (sob)… day of my life!!” she said, sobbing some more.

“Can’t be that bad, Karen. Take a deep breath and calm down.” said the woman, helping Karen to breath down until she could talk without collapsing.

“Well, I lost my job this morning, some cut backs, they said.”

“Don’t sweat it, sweety, you’ll find another one.”

“When I told this to Mike, he dumped me, saying that he didn’t wanted to have a dead weight with him.” she said, starting sobbing again.

“That guy was a jerk. I told you often to leave him.” she said, running her leather clad fingers in Karen’s messy brown hairs.

“… so now, I have no job and… no place to stay… Can… Can I sleep here for the night, Lynda?”

Lynda got up, startled, in a chorus of creaking leather.

“Well, it’s just that I really don’t have a place for you, Karen. It’s not that I don’t want to help you, it’s just that I don’t have any place for you.”

“You keep saying that you have a guest at your house. I thought you had a guest room.”

“Yeah… ” said Lynda, taken aback. “It’s just that it’s… hum… I’m renovating it right now, so it’s not usable.” she said, like trying to get out of a bad situation.

“Can I use the sofa? Just for tonight.”

“How about your sister? She would surely help you.” asked Lynda, trying to lure her away.

“What sister?”

Lynda looked at Karen, frowning.

“Oh… THAT sister… well… I lied… somewhat.

“What for?”

“Well, everybody was talking about how their parents, brother, sister, cousin, etc, were so kind and wonderful, I didn’t want to look… cast out. You already know my parents are dead and that I don’t have any relatives. In reality, I had a sister, but she died when she was two months old. I was raised alone.”

“Well… I may understand part of it… Alright. I… I can offer you a coffee, a tea… or a scotch?” she said, helping Karen get up on her feet, her legs encased in skinny jeans, blue T-shirt and wedge sneakers, and leading her inside before closing the door.

They knew each other for a few years, when they literally bumped into each other… in their car… on a snowy road… at night. Karen’s small car was no match against Lynda’s SUV, and she ended up at the hospital. Karen paid her medical bill and they met a few times a month since then. To Lynda, it was just a friendship. To Karen, it was more. She was more like the mother she never had, and she often asked Lynda for advices. That’s why they kept contact.

“You know,” said Karen, following Lynda in and staring at her tightly encased butt, “I’ve known you for a few years and I always saw you in tight clothes, leather, jeans, high heels, etc, but I always figured that once home, you would jump into something more… relaxing.”

“This?” said Lynda, turning around, opening her arms to allow a full glimpse at her outfit. “This is what I live for. I could sleep in this.” she said. “One or two sugar?” she said, holding up a cup of tea.

“Nothing in it. Thank you.” said Karen, extending her arm to pick up the cup from Lynda’s leather gloved hands. She took the cup to her lips and took a sip of the hot beverage, then, while getting her head up, she noticed that door, half opened, leading to a room with a strange reddish glow.

Lynda was pouring herself a cup of tea, and when she headed back to Karen, she saw her, pushing the door.

“No! Do not…”

“What the fuck… Is that?…”

“My guest room.” said Lynda, now just behind her.

“But…” began to say Karen.

“Well, the truth is out, now. I’m a dominatrix, Karen. You know what that is?”

Karen laughed.

“Of course I know. I wasn’t born yesterday.” she said in a condescending tone. “This is your dungeon.” she said, making a step forward to browse, but she was stopped by a firm leather grip on her shoulder. Lynda’s expression had gone from a casual one to a very severe one.

“Nobody browses this room, Karen. You do not browse this room. You submit to it. I told you I didn’t have any room for you to stay for the night, which is true. There’s a motel a few blocks from here. I’ll loan you some money so…”

“I don’t want to go to a motel.” said Karen, looking at Lynda straight in the eyes. 

“Listen carefully about what I’m about to say, Karen. This is the ONLY place ANY guest would stay in this apartment. And the only way to stay there, is to follow its rules.” 

“Yeah. Sure. Why not? I’ll follow its rules.”

“Do you have any idea of what you’re getting yourself into?” said Lynda, startled.

“Well, you’re a Dom. You’ll show me… Isn’t it the way it works?”

“I… I…”

“Please? Can I sleep in this room for the night?”

“Well, Karen… There… There are rules, and” began to say Lynda, a little taken aback.

“Come on, Lynda. I have my own vibrating dildo. I know what sex games are and being kinky is all about… I am your slave for the night.” she said, lowering her head and offering her hands to be cuffed.

“Very well, Karen. You asked for it.” said Lynda, taking Karen’s hand and dragging her inside the dungeon. She had her stay in the middle of the room, by the leather bondage table. She walked to a nearby walk-in closet.

Karen raised her head. She could see a lot of attachments everywhere, cages, X crosses, T crosses, chains, and some devices or furniture she had now knowledge of their uses. 

Lynda came back with a pile of clothes and put them on the bondage bed.

“Get naked and dress up. I usually give my regular guests five minutes. Since you probably never put anything of that before, I’ll give you… 10. NOW.” she said, from a firm tone Karen never knew about, but she knew she better obey.

Karen quickly took off her tight jeans, t-shirt and sneakers and began to look at the clothes: a catsuit, high heel boots and a corset. She took the catsuit and proceeded to put it on. It glide easily as if it had been pre-lubricated. It was obvious the zipper was going at the back, since two molded cups for her breasts were on the opposite side. It also had attached hands and feet. Two long latex tubes were hanging at the crotch, and she figured they were for dildos. She began to shake as she realized what she got herself into. If only she knew then what would happen next…

The black latex catsuit was a very tight fit, and getting the zipper closed was not easy, even with the drawstring. She put the boots on. They were knee high, had a one inch platform and a five or six inches heels, she couldn’t really tell. They had a side zipper. Putting them on was easy. Standing on them, her, who her wedge heel sneakers were the highest heels she ever wore, was a challenge. 

Finally, the corset. She tried to figure out how to put this thing on. She never saw one before. Logic dictates that the metal hooks were going on the front and the laces at the back. She fastened them and began to pull on the strings, managing to tangle them more than tighten them.

Karen walked back.

“Your 10 minutes is up. I see. The corset is not fully closed.”

“Yeah, it’s just that aowwmmmfff.” said Karen as Lynda stuffed a gallgag in her mouth.

“Slaves don’t talk unless authorized to. This will help teach you to keep it shut.”

Karen laughed. A ballgag, stretching her mouth open, will teach her at keeping it shut. That was funny. Apparently, Lynda didn’t get the irony, and looked at her with pissed off eyes. Karen stopped giggling.

Lynda untangled the laces and pulled on them, tightening the long black leather corset, covering Karen’s body from the hips to below the breasts, getting tighter. And tighter. And an awful lot tighter. Another yank and Karen put her hands over the laces as if to say “stop”.

Lynda did stop. Grabbed a set of leather cuffs and locked on Karen’s wrists, before linking them to a bar hanging just over Karen’s head. Once they were secured, she went to the wall and pushed a button, which operated a winch, pulling Karen’s arms upwards, until her feet were barely touching the ground. She went back to the corset, put her knee up on the small of her back and tightened the lacing, much to Karen’s dismay.

That corset was getting way too tight. She had to breath in short gasps, and she was afraid she would be cut in half. She felt tugging. A leather flap was put over the laces with a belt circling her waist, and a small padlock was added. She would not remove the corset.

The winch was lowered, putting all her weight again on her hips, increasing the pressure inside the corset.

At first, Karen didn’t like it, but she noticed that it actually was exciting her. Having her waist crushed like that, feeling the tight latex on her body, her arms still suspended over her head. Yes, she was really in bondage, and she had no easy way out. Just for the sake of it, she will try, for sure.

As soon as Lynda had unlinked her wristlets from the suspension pole, Karen made a run for the door. But unsteady, unaccustomed to high heels, she wasn’t running very fast. Lynda was quick to grab her.

“Either you know exactly what you want, Karen, or you don’t have a clue of the consequences. Either way, you’re gonna remember this night for the rest of your life.”

She was dragged to the wall and pushed her back against it. Lynda fastened her hands on rings over her head.

“Don’t say a word. Don’t make a sound.” Do you understand?” asked Lynda.

“Eeeeffff.” said Karen through her gagged mouth.

Lynda frowned. She took off the ballgag, and took a heavy leather hood and put it over Karen’s head, tightening first the laces, then the straps. Karen felt it squeeze her head very tightly. The sounds were cut-off. A blindfold was hanging on the side of it. The hood included a very large collar that, once tightened, prevented her from almost any head movements, and made swallowing difficult. This was tight.

Lynda kneeled and added more leather cuffs around Karen’s booted ankles, tying them to more D rings on the wall, keeping her legs wide spread. She went to the closet again. During that time, Karen tried her bonds, feeling the leather of the cuffs, the tight corset, creaking under the strain. She had a hard time breathing. Her heart was racing, and with her sensory deprivation hood partly on, all she could hear was her heartbeat pounding hard. Lynda came back with more stuff.

She attached a strap to the left side of her face, then stuffed a rubber bag into Karen’s mouth, before fastening the other side of it to the other side of her face. Tightly. She then took a small egg sized pump and pushed it against some plug in front of the mouth panel. She pumped.

Karen made wide eyes as she felt the loose balloon inside her mouth grow bigger. A lot bigger. She made wide eyes and it stopped.

“This is usually when I stop, but since you toyed with me, you spoke when I told you to be quiet, this is what you get.” she said, pumping once more.

Karen’s eyes closed as the balloon reached the back of her throat. She would have a hard time controlling her gag reflex. Her cheeks were hurting. She nodded a frantic no, asking for the pressure to be lessened but Lynda stayed of ice. Instead, she took her cellphone out of her leather jeans, punched a few keys and put it close to Karen’s ears.

“I know what sex games are and being kinky is all about… I am your slave for the night.”

Even through the thick leather hood, Karen recognized her voice and knew she was the one that said it.

Lynda then took a strange looking steel belt. She wrapped it around Karen’s waist, leaving another steel band dangle between her legs. She took two huge glass dildos and fixed them to the hanging steel belt, then placed them in the latex pouches hanging at Karen’s crotch, and pushed them slowly but firmly, in her rectum and vagina. At the same time, she drew the steel band tight over her crotch, meeting the waist band tightly wrapping her corset and locked it in place.

Karen lit up: this was a chastity belt, and those dildos will NOT be vibrating. She was taken off the wall and led to the bondage table, then instructed to lie on it.

Lynda proceeded to tie her down, using numerous straps over and below her breasts, waist, upper thigh, over and under the knees, and at the ankles. Each leg was tightened individually, slightly spread. Her arms were fastened to the side of the bondage bed, with straps at the wrists, below the elbow and over the elbow. Another one was put around her neck.

She saw Lynda bend over her eyes. By this time, her brain was overloaded by the tightness of her predicament, unable to move much, unable to speak, or hear. Lynda mouthed slowly.

“You wanted to spend the night in this room, you will spend the night in this room. Now time to turn off the light.” she said, as she pulled the thick blindfold over Karen’s eyes, then fastened her head to the  bondage bed with a strap over the blindfold.

Karen was alone with herself, her heartbeat and her short breathing. Slowly, she calmed down. She tried to move, but couldn’t do much.

She found it funny. The hood was cutting all sensations from the external world, which seemed to amplify what she was feeling inside: the latex, the corset, the bondage… the dildos. Damn, she would have love some stimulation, some vibration. Something. Not being bored like that.

Then again, she realized that she might had asked for it from her behavior.

She hardly slept. Her body wanted to move. She had never been restrained. She had been stuck in the narrow seat of a bus for a five hours trip a few  years back, but that was easy compared to this.

She felt the pressure being released on her body, then on her head. The gag deflated much to her delight, and removed. She was helped to sit down, which made her aware of the huge rigid dildos deeply inside her. She moaned. The hood was then removed. She smiled at Lynda, but she was exhausted, her eyes closing by themselves.

“Mor…” began to say Karen, then realizing she didn’t had the permission to speak from her mistress. She clamped it shut.

“You may speak, Karen.” said Lynda.

“Thank you… Mistress. Morning already?”

“Yes, Karen. It is 6 o’clock. I would guess you didn’t have much sleep.”

“No. Didn’t sleep much.”

“That’s what happens when you’re being an unruly slave. A normal night should be a pleasurable one. Get undressed and go take a shower.”

When Karen got out of the shower booth, her street clothes were waiting for her, all washed up. She put them on, and joined Lynda in the kitchen, preparing breakfast.

“I’m really tired, Lynda. Is it possible for me to take a nap in your bed… or on the floor, for all I care. I really need to sleep.”

“I was really hard on you, so I guess you could. But I have a… guest coming this afternoon. You will have to be gone by then.”

“Whatever.” said Karen. “Just wake me up.” she said, heading for Lynda’s bedroom like a zombie and collapsing on the bed, falling asleep within minutes.

She felt sinking in, as if wherever she was sleeping, was getting on its side. She then felt a gentle caress on her back. She awakened, smelling linen that… wasn’t hers. She slowly turned to her side, seeing Lynda, dressed in her usual leather attire.

“Time to wake up. Karen.”

She sat on the bed, besides Lynda, face in her hand, getting back to reality. Her reality: no job, no place to live.

“So… what do I do now? Any suggestion?”

“Well, I was thinking. You have no job, no place to live, no family, not even a boyfriend.”

“Thank you for the memories…” said Karen, sarcastically.

“You could disappear from civilization and no one would notice.”

Karen moved carefully away from Lynda.

“No, not that kind of disappearance, Karen. I’m not about to kill you. But business is booming and I would need a permanent slave. Of course, it comes with rules, punishments and rewards.”

Karen smiled and extended her hands.

“Yes, Mistress.”

© Pete / monsterp63, October 2016.

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