Karen – Movie Watching Challenge


From the living room, Phil could heard her approach, through a mix of unmistakable sounds : high heels clicking on the hardwood floor, the squeaking of the latex catsuit, the creaking of the leather corset, and the soft moaning that came with the intruders deeply inserted. He turned around and smiled at the sight

Karen was there, in shiny latex from head to toe in her neck entry black catsuit, her feet encased in knee high leather ballet toe boots, her waist severely squished by the 5 inches constricting long leather corset. Her head was also covered by a thick latex hood with dark tinted lenses, itself covered with a web of straps, holding firmly in place a panel gag hiding an inflatable gag, already pumped by Karen to what she was willing to take, perhaps a little more as her cheeks were bulging.

Her neck was held erect by a tight 8cm wide leather collar, making her aware of it every time she was to swallow. She had already locked the collar as well as the 5cm wide belt around her tiny waist. She extended her hands, offering, or rather asking Phil, to go through with the procedure, with a leather armbinder.

This was their usual “Friday night at the movie”. It started up a few months ago, when Karen decided to watch a movie in full fetish gear. Phil was very disturbed by it, and the very next Friday, made a deal with Karen that if she was to wear her gear, she was to be in full bondage.

Karen immediately agreed. From them on, she was bound to watch the Friday night movie. She pretty much experienced every imaginable position: suspended by the arms or the feet, suspended ball tied, frog tied, hogtied, on the X frame, on the cross, on the stocks, in a chair, just on the floor, kneeling, etc.

Phil regretted his suggestion.

The problem was not Karen. Well, yes it was. See, Karen was in full fetish gear, bound up, and enjoying her setup. So, every time she had an orgasm, Phil would lose track of the movie, as, even gagged, Karen was very loud. He would have to pause, wait for her to get over with, and resume the movie. If that happened only once per movie, he could have gotten over it, but it was happening many times.

So he decided to alter the deal. Karen was actually glad. Getting into orbit was getting much too easy.

Phil was choosing the setup. This time, it was the kneeling frame.

He began by putting the lambskin armbinder up Karen’s arms, lacing it tightly, pulling the holding straps crossing her breasts to the tightest possible setting. Karen was known to wiggle her arms out of it. He led her to the kneeling post, consisting of a long vertical steel tube with a small horizontal bar where Karen would rest her crotch. He took her arms in her back and lifted them so that the vertical tube would glide between her back and the top of the armbinder. Karen then gently lowered herself, kneeling, resting her weight on the crotch horizontal bar. She wasn’t kneeling crouching on her thighs, but rather with her thighs extended.

Phil linked her collar to the top of the post, forcing her to stretch her neck. Short chains were linking the pole to each side of the waist belt, to D rings on either side. Having this setup, prevented Karen from rotating around the pole. Another chain linked the D ring on the tip of her armbinder, to a ring at the base of the frame.

He carefully placed her knees over foam pads, so she would be able to cope with the position for a few hours, and at the same time, put her lower legs into position over permanently fastened wide leather straps.

He tightened one around her upper calf, and the other around her ankle.

She was not totally immobile. She had some play, and that was part of the devilish setup. For her double dildos to vibrate, she  had to keep them off the horizontal pole. If she was to rest on them, the dildos would stop. But, not resting on the pole, although it meant the vibrators were working, she would not orgasm. Just get teased.

One last check to make sure everything was properly setup, and that Karen was ready. He took place and began the movie.

From one eye, he was watching the movie, from the other one, he was watching Karen’s gleaming black body, gently squirming within the limits of her setup. He could hear the vibrators humming then Karen grunting as they stopped. Each time she was reaching the stop limit, they would stop for five minutes. Phil was gently stroking his manhood, looking at her squirmed.

She was getting aroused. He could hear the rubber squeaking as she slowly squirmed. He could hear the leather of the cuffs and belts creak as she struggled, trying to get out of her predicament, because, let’s face it, after half an hour, it was becoming strenuous. She was wiggling her booted feet within the confinements of the wide ankle cuffs. She would shift her weight from side to side, from knee to knee, to ease the pressure, but at the same time, putting pressure on the vibrators. That teasing was devilish, but also came with a huge reward: the longer the teasing, the more powerful her orgasm. She discovered that strange effect when Phil began to deny her orgasm on the movie night. When at the end she was allowed to have one, it was the most powerful she had ever experienced.

The movie ended and Phil let the whole credit roll go on, because, as every Marvel fan knows, you have to wait, because at the end of the credit, there’s always more. Then he turned off the TV and went to Karen. The task was easy. Phil would ask questions about the movie. If she had followed it, she would know the answers. If her mind was elsewhere it’s possible she didn’t know the answer.

She needed seven good answers to “pass”. She was given multiple choices and she simply had to nod to the right answer. There was no foul play or trick questions.

Question 1 – Good answer

Question 2 – Wrong answer. Something was done every two wrong answers.

Question 3 – Wrong answer. Phil plugged the pump on her blow-up gag and gave it one more squeeze.

Question 4 – Good answer.

Question 5 – Good answer

Question 6 – Wrong answer

Question 6 – Wrong answer. Phil turned on the power of the “device from hell” as Karen called it. It was simple TENS pads located each side of her clit. Mixed with the vibrating dildos, it would send her directly to an ORGA… without the… SME. Keeping her aroused, but never making her jump the fence, lift off, launch, exploded, whatever she might call it. This was devilish. But after a session of that, the real orgasm was moon reaching. He turned it on for three minutes, the time it took to make himself a coffee on the Keurig machine.

Question 7 – Good answer

Question 8 – Good answer

Question 9 – Good answer.

Question 10. If she was to give the right answer, Phil would simply set up the TENS and vibrators on alternate firing, which means that they would fire at the same time, then the vibrators only, then the TENS only, and again. This setup was proved to send Karen to heaven, and probably destroy the rig at the same time. It happened before…

If, however, she was to give the wrong answer, she would stay in the rig for the rest of the night, getting teased on and off, until the sun came out, which would trigger the alternate firing sequence. After a whole night of getting aroused and denied, she didn’t know what would happen, as she never did it before.

She was sweating, feeling the beads of water glide between her skin and the tight latex layer. Her breath was short with the tight corset crushing her waist. Phil presented the question:

“Which Superhero was this movie about: Was it Ironman, Thor, Deadpool, Wolverine or Captain America?

She knew the answer. That one was easy: Deadpool. It basically became her choice for the night: either get her orgasm right now and have a good night sleep or, take the long way home.

She closed her eyes and she began to nod her head: One…

© Pete / monsterp63, October 2016

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