Karen – Sisters


Part I

Lynda softly moaned through her large ballgag, held fully inside her mouth by a rubber lined leather panel attached to a web of leather straps wrapping her head. Her head was itself, covered by a tight latex hood, leaving only two holes for the eyes, covered by some plastic, and two small holes for breathing, with tubes extending about 3cm inside her nostrils.

She was resting on a rounded wooden pole sticking horizontally off one of the two concrete walls making her cell. The two other walls being steel bars.

That 6cm wide pole was all the seating available in her cell. There was nothing else. No table, no chair, nothing but the bare concrete floor.

She moaned again, because, by slowly squirming her crotch on that pole worked her steel chastity belt, which in turns, worked her two huge dildos deeply inserted. Sometimes they were vibrating, sometimes not. It all depended which option Phil chose for her day.

She took a breath as deep as her waist crushing corset allowed, squirming her hands bound at the wrists in her back with steel cuffs, matching her chastity belt.

She leaned forward a little, pushing from the tip of her knee high ballet toe boots, her ankles, wrapped in more steel cuffs, linked by a short chain, and walked off the pole. She could feel the weight of the chain, linking her 4cm wide steel collar to the ceiling. That was what was preventing her from sitting on the ground. The best she could do was kneeling, if she located herself directly under the centrally located ceiling ring, and she could kneel, but could not sit on her ankles. The chain was stopping her just a few inches away. She could do it if she strangled herself… That was not on the agenda.

The latex of her thick and tight zipperless catsuit creaked as she made a few steps to change her mood. Oh, she was not bored, far from there. Although her cell was without any means to see outside, or any kind of light except from the dim red tinted LEDs placed overhead, with time, she had become very good at predicting the time, and it was about that time when Phil would come home… give or take half to an hour.

That day had begun like every other day since she lost her job and, with Phil approval, she became a housewife, or rather a housebound wife.

She would wake up before Phil, dressed in her shiny spandex or PVC catsuit, and would carefully get up without awakening him, which she was not always successful at. She was sleeping with her arms tied in her back. She would have to go back to the wall where there was a hole. Her release key would fall down two minutes after her “alarm clock” which was a tens unit, fired. She would have to get her hand in that hole and wait for the key to fall and catch it before it fell into the thin steel cup, which would make a noise that would wake up Phil.

Once she had the key, she would remove the padlock linking her neck chain to the wall, then walk carefully on her 10cm high heel slippers, to go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. She would then awaken him, and while he was eating, she would get herself ready, putting a choice of latex and PVC catsuits, even wetsuits, adding corsets, gloves, hoods, heels, cuffs to her outfit.

Phil would check on her and close the padlocks. Her list of chores were already laid out. She would perform them. She had four hours to do so. After which, she would get downstairs and lock herself in the cell. That was the rules she and Phil agreed upon, and so far, for the past eight months, everything went smoothly.

She was already forecasting the evening. He would get home and free her, then tie her elbows in her back with a chain allowing them to reach the sides of her body, but no farther, and linked her wrists with an equal length chain. She would have to prepare dinner bound like that, unable to taste, barely able to smell, and seeing as much as behind a wall of fog since by that time, her lenses would have completely fogged up.

She would watch him eat his dinner. Only after he’s done, she would be allowed to eat, the first time her gag would have been removed since morning. But she was not to be unbound. Depending on the meal, that could be easy, or that could be a mess.

The evening would be spent relaxing, watching a movie. If weather permits, like that day, a dip in the pool could be included. He would then make love to her before putting her in restraints for the night.

She just loved that life and wouldn’t change it.

She made a few steps toward the door, until she reached the end of her neck chain. Slowly turning around, walking expertly on her extreme heels, she began to walk the other way. Then the ceiling lights began to flash with high intensity. It took her a few seconds to figure out what was wrong, after ruling out a freak power failure. That was a first: incoming alarm!… Incoming alarm? Oh shit!

Incoming alarm. It was Phil sending a signal that someone was coming to the house in a very short while. Their way of life was a secret. She had to get ready.

At the end of the long wall, there was a classic “break glass in case of emergency” box. She reached with her hands in her back, took the small hammer and slammed it on the glass door. Nothing. Again… and again. It took her five attempts to succeed. Way more than when they practice, once, six months ago when they decided on an easy way out for her.

Under the glass was a master key that would release her wrists and neck chains, but when she opened the door, the key fell on the floor. Fuck! Apparently Phil forgot to link it to the attached chain. Now she had to retrieve it from the floor… where she couldn’t kneel.

Using the tip of her ballet boot, she dragged the key along. It was not easy and was doing almost blindly: the collar prevented her from bending her head low enough and the corset from bending her body. She would drag her feet, hoping to catch the key in the process. Problem is, the footprint of a ballet toe boot is not very big.

Panting, she stopped where she thought she would be able to get it and kneeled. To reach the floor with her hands, she would have to pull hard on her neck collar, almost strangling herself. She did once, and scraped the floor from the tip of her fingers until she was ready to pass out. No keyring found. She tried again. On the third attempt, she touched it, but was unable to grab it. It took three more attempts before, totally exhausted, she managed to get a hold of the small keyring. Kneeling straight, she managed to open the padlock holding her wrists together. Arms almost numb, she reached for the back of her collar and removed the lock.

She just hoped that the magnetic lock of the cell door had released with the alarm, as it was supposed to, and she relaxed when it opened. She had to rush upstairs, get everything off, her cuffs, boots, chastity belt, corset, latex catsuit and toys, get in the shower and get dressed again before… How much time did she have? The visitor could be there any minute.

Getting up the basement stairs with her hobble chain was not easy. She got to the top of the stairs panting heavily through her two small breathing holes. That whole ordeal did move her dildos a lot and she was getting hot as hell. That was a very disturbing feeling, and very conflicting situations.

She hobbled to the bedroom, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor of the hallway, her tight rubber creaking, her buns squeezing the tight shiny latex.

Hands shaking, she reached for the release keys in Phil’s bed table, then hobbled to the bathroom to use its mirror to find the padlock holding her panel gag on, and removed it.

Drool spewed out of her mouth when she took off the wet and messy gag, oozing on her latex covered chin, dripping on the latex covering her ample breasts. She took a few deep breaths.

She then fondled to find the hole of her smooth steel collar with an embedded padlock, in fact, the same devices used on all her cuffs. She took the collar off and immediately pulled off the hood.

Her sweaty and filthy short cut hairs stuck to her skull like if they were glued on. 

Looking in the mirror, she removed the lock of her chastity belt, then fondled in her back to try to undo the laces of her corset. She was shaking like hell, on the verge of panic, when she felt the laces tangled together. Now in panic, she pulled on the front of the corset, trying to unhook it. She was just merely succeeding. She took a few short breaths then emptied her lungs and sucked her stomach in as much as she could, and she succeeded at unhooking the last hasp.

She grabbed everything and hobbled back to the bedroom, and, taking deep breaths, she sat on the bed to remove her ankle cuffs and then the ballet boots, and finally the wrist cuffs.

Now, time to take the suit off. It was so thick and so tight that the best way to take it off was in the shower, filling it with water.

She hurriedly back to the bathroom and hopped in the shower. Filling the suit with water expanded it and made it easier to take off, but it was still very hard to do. Finally out of the suit, she put it aside and washed herself with lots of soap to remove her sweat and the smell of rubber off her skin.

She dried herself up quickly, grabbed the suit and almost ran back to the bedroom, putting on a summer dress and sandals with a 10cm heel. She was putting the final touch to her makeup when she heard Phil’s car in the driveway, then he entered the house.

“Hi honey, I’m home!… with a surprise!” he said, looking worried. Did she have the time to get out of her predicament, or should he begin to imagine some excuse to throw the visitor out.

“I’ll be right there, hon.” she said from the other side of the closed door, as he heard shuffling and some steel clanging noises as she threw everything away in the walk-in closet.

She finally opened the door, panting, eyes wide opened, silently asking “what the fuck?”, her short blond hairs now perfectly in place.

“Your sister, Karen, stopped by my office saying she wanted to talk to you, that she tried to call you but you didn’t answer, so I suggested to her to come home for dinner.” he said, then mouthing silently “I had no choice”. “We could go out,” he said as he and Karen reached the kitchen, where Lynda was waiting.

“Hello sis.” said Karen, giving her a hug. “Too busy to answer your phone?”

“I… I was probably in the pool, and didn’t hear it ring. What do you want, Karen?” asked Lynda.

“Well, I went to that travel agency and they have a wonderful cruise with only a few places still available, and very cheap. I was wondering if you would consider coming with me?”

“A cruise?” she said, looking at Phil. “That’s an… interesting idea.” she said, her eyes saying “awful idea” to Phil.

“Yeah, I figured we could have some fun…”

“Need some time to think about it, Karen.” cut in Phil. “So, where do you want to go? There’s that nice Indian restaurant on Fifth…” he tried to say, trying to lure them out of the house.

“Err, yeah, that sounds fine. I’m just gonna use your bathroom for a short stop and I’ll be right back.” she said, heading for the bathroom.

Phil whispered to Lynda

“I had no choice. She came in as I was getting out, talking about that cruise that she wanted to talk to you today about it. I’m sorry. You’re okay?” he asked, evidently stressed out.

“Yes, I’m fine, but we’ll have to revise our emergency plan. It almost didn’t work.” she said, giggling. “But it was fun… now that the stress is gone.”

“You got me worried there for a moment.” he said. “When you opened the d…”

“Hey, Lynda!” said Karen, walking back in the kitchen. “Care to explain this?” she said, holding in her hand the steel collar, with “slave” printed on it.

“It…it’s just a toy collar. The lock isn’t real.” quickly said Phil. “I bought that as a joke.”

“Ah.” said Karen. “And this is just a joke too?” she said putting a keychain with a red key holder with “emergency release – expect consequences if used” printed on it.

“It’s part of the joke.” added Lynda, beginning to blush.

“Oh, I see.” said Karen, putting the keychain down besides the collar on the table. “Then the… ballet boots hidden behind… err… the toilet bowl… are part of the joke too?” she asked with an evil grin.

Phil and Lynda looked at each other, mouth opened, speechless.

“Care to share the details?” asked Karen.

Part II

“Boots? Err… ” began to stutter Lynda.

“You left your boots behind the toilet bowl?” asked Phil in disbelief.

“I… I thought I had picked up everything…” began to answer Lynda, frowning, reviewing in her mind what she had done. “I don’t understand, I take them off in the bedr…”

“HA!!! I don’t believe it!” yelled Karen, jumping up and down. “You guys are really into kinky games? And you really have ballet boots?” she said looking at Lynda with wide eyes.

“What… How…”

“I kind of totally made that up. Geesh! I can’t believe I was right. I mean I had a hunch when you became a housewife and began to dress with those high heels and you were spending almost all your time in the house, I mean… wow. That’s cool.”

Phil and Lynda were looking at each other, then at Karen, not knowing what to say.

“I… We… It’s kind of… personal, you know and…”

“Care to show me what you have, what you do? Do you have those armbinders and ballgags and catsuits and stuff? How did you start? Was it when you met?” asked Karen out of the blue, taking to a stunned Lynda and Phil.

“Well, we…” began Phil,

“How… How the hell do you know about all that stuff?” cut in Lynda, suddenly dead serious.

“I go on the internet too, duuuuh.” answered Karen in her almost teenager attitude, although she was 22.

Lynda and Phil looked at each other, and through face signs, decided to go all the way.

“Err… why not.” said Lynda. “It all started kind of naturally. I remember that time when Phil said that if the meal was not perfect, I should be punished. I deliberately added a lot of salt to his plate. After the meal, when it was time for me to get punished, we looked at each other and said… okay, now what? We didn’t have any cuffs or anything. Phil got a piece of rope and some duct tape from his workbench. I never experienced an orgasm like that. Needless to say, within the next few days, we were browsing the internet and began to buy more stuff.”

“And when she lost her job,” continued Phil to a now stunned Karen, alternatively staring at both of them, “she was bored. I came home once and she had tie herself up and was waiting for me, things leading to another, we decided that she would become a housewife but spend her days in bondage.”

Karen stayed there, looking at them, silently.

“Oh gosh.” she finally said. “I’m so horny right now… Can I try something, like… I don’t know… a latex catsuit?… some bondage?… Geesh. I can’t believe I’m saying this…” she said, blushing.

Phil and Lynda were kind of taking aback.

“Well…we’re about the same size, I think I could spare a catsuit.” said Lynda, winking at Phil.

“I think I’ll order some pizza after all.” he said while the two women got up.

Lynda led her sister to her walking closet. She picked up what she had thrown in earlier, showing the ballet boots to Karen who went wide eyes. Then opened a door revealing an assortment of latex clothes, from catsuit to pants, shirts and dresses and high heels. Karen began to touch the latex, her hand shaking. Lynda Picked up a thick purple latex catsuit with a back zipper and some other stuff Karen couldn’t make out and headed out.

“Okay,” said Lynda, handing Karen the catsuit and a bottle of lubricant. “Oil yourself and put on the suit. I’m gonna go put mine back in the bathroom, if you don’t mind.”

While Lynda was gone putting her neck entry catsuit, adding a double dildo panties, Karen was experiencing putting on latex for the first time. 

She was puzzled by the first cold contact of the smooth material, followed by its warm and tight embrace. She smoothed her legs slowly. She took so much time that when Lynda came back, fully suited, her arms were not in yet. Karen was stunned at Lynda’s shiny and sleek body, tightly encased in the rubber catsuit with attached gloves and feet.

“How… how do you put that one on?” she asked.

“It’s a neck entry catsuit. You’re not ready for that yet. Oh, I almost forgot.” she said, giving Karen black rubber elbow gloves. “Put these on… Okay,  now, put your arms in.” she said, as she helped her pull the tight latex catsuit over her shoulders.

“Darn, this is tight.” said Karen.

“The tighter the better.” answered Lynda, pulling the zipper up, then fondling it a few moments. “There, all set. Corset now.” she said, producing a long rubber corset, wrapped it around Karen’s waist and began to pull. Karen put her hands on each side of her waist, as she felt it getting smaller and smaller, eyes wide opened.

“Tight jeans will be a breeze after that.” said Karen as Lynda tugged as hard as she could on the laces.

“Okay, sit on the bed. It will give it your body some time to adjust.” said Lynda.

“And my mind. Damn, this is overload.”

Lynda laughed.

“And you’re not through yet.” she said, producing a pair of high heel, knee high platform boots with a lot of buckles on one side and a zipper on the inside. She pulled them up Karen’s legs and fastened the zipper closure. She then added leather cuffs she tightly fastened around her ankles, before putting a padlock on them.

“You’re locking me in it?”

“But of course,” said Lynda. “That’s what you want to experience, right?”

Karen suddenly reached for the zipper at the back of her neck, finding another small padlock. She didn’t talk. Her brain was in conflict. Did she want all of it or not? Right now?

Lynda grabbed the ballet boots and sat besides Karen to put them on, then got up as if she was in slippers.

“Wow, looks so easy.” said Karen.

“With time and practice, yes. You will be better off with those boots.” she said as she wrapped her own waist in a leather corset and began to tighten it. “Phil? Please?” she said out loud.

Phil was in shortly after and began lacing Lynda’s corset. Eyes closed, she was welcoming the tight embrace of the rigid garment. At the same time, Karen was in awe, seeing from her own eyes, her sister’s waist almost disappearing under the crushing garment. Phil expertly tied the laces until there was no gap left and knotted them. 

Karen got up on her feet. She was a little unsteady at first, having never worn heels that high before, and presented her back to Phil. As he began to tighten her corset, the doorbell rang.

“Probably the pizza.” said Phil.

“I’ll get it.” said Lynda, trotting away on her ballet boots, rubber creaking. She came back a few minutes later, as Phil was knotting Karen’s laces.

“Yep, that was the pizza guy. You should have seen the look on his face! I bet he’ll have some interesting dreams tonight.” she said.

Lynda took more cuffs and locked them on Karen’s wrists, and added a three inches leather collar. She herself locked on steel cuffs on her wrists and ankles, adding the collar Karen had brought to the table. She took a padlock and tied Karen’s wrists together in front of her, then turned to Phil who did the same with hers. He then added short chains between each girl’s ankle cuffs.

“Okay, I’ll go put the pizza on the plates.” he said, leaving the two girls to hobble behind. He could hear the chains clinking with each step. When they finally reached the kitchen, Phil was beginning his second slice. Karen and Lynda sat, Lynda expertly taking the pizza slice from her bound hands and eating it. Karen, on the other hand, had to adjust to sit wearing a tight, crushing corset, then figure a way to take the pizza with her hands linked together, and bringing it to her mouth, when she could barely get her head down to even see the plate, thanks to the wide collar.

Phil couldn’t believe it. On each side of him, was a latex clad gorgeous woman, struggling to eat with their hands bound. He had a strong hard-on, and his mind was elsewhere.

Once everybody had eaten, the women, especially Karen, with their waist crushed, didn’t eat more than one slice each, Phil sat at the TV while the “slaves” cleaned the dishes. He wasn’t really watching the TV show, but more looking at the sleek women doing the chores, impaired by their bounds, light reflecting on their shiny catsuits, balancing on their high heels.

Once the chores were done, they hobbled their way back to Phil.

“Now what… master?” said Karen giggling.

“We… we usually have sex…” said Lynda.

“But I wouldn’t do it with your sister.” quickly cut in Phil.

“We… perhaps we could have some fun in the dungeon.” said Lynda.


Part III

Phil unlinked their hands from the front and re-locked them in the back.

“That’s the rules” he said as he led them both downstairs.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe you actually have a dungeon and all…” began to say Karen as they entered the large room with the large cage cage Lynda spent a lot of time confined into.

Lynda looked at Phil with a “do something” look. He grabbed a head harness and approached Karen.

“A good slave must learn to keep it shut-off.” he said as he fed the web of black leather straps, holding a huge red hard rubber ball in Karen’s mouth. He pulled the straps tightly, especially the one going under the chin so she wouldn’t spit the ball off. He then went to Lynda who was waiting patiently for her gag. He picked a black rubber hood with eyes holes and an attached blow-up gag.  During this time, Karen was walking around, looking at everything, trying to touch everything. Good thing her hands were in her back.

Phil linked Lynda’s collar to a chain to the wall then went to Karen, grabbing her firmly by the arm and dragging her under a suspended bar. A chain was also hanging from the center of the bar. He took it and linked it to a ring on top of her head harness. He then kneeled to remove her ankle chain, but as soon as he did, Karen decided to fool around, taking her leg away whenever he was trying to grab it.

Without a word, he got up and operated the winch linked to her head harness. She felt dragged and pulled by the head, until her feet barely touched the ground. She was squirming like a fish at the end of a fishing line. He put himself in front of her.

“There’s two ways to do this. The easy way, and the hard way. You behave, it’s gonna be easy. You don’t, it’s gonna be hard, but the results will be the same. Will you behave?”

Karen stopped her squirming and looked at Lynda who was obviously smiling under her gag. She had probably gone through the same procedure. Phil lowered her, kneeled and took her leg to fix her ankle cuff to a ring on the floor. He spread her other leg close to a meter apart. He unlinked her arms from her back and tied each wrist to the end of the suspension bar, having them as wide as her legs. He then operated the winch which got Karen off the floor, spread and stretched. He shortened the chain so that her head harness will be now also stretched by the spreader bar, and let her squirm in her bonds.

It was a first for her, and one heck of a first. She closed her eyes. She wasn’t sure if what she had put herself into was what she had in mind when it started. Nevertheless, she could feel the sweat run down her spine, between her skin and the latex catsuit. Each time she pulled, with either an arm or a leg, she cold feel all four limbs getting pulled, restrained. Strange, yet… interesting feeling. The most she could do was look at Lynda, getting into her own predicament.

He placed her on a leather padded table with straps everywhere. He tied her legs to the table, slightly apart, using individual straps at the ankles, below and over the knees and upper thigh. Then her upper body was wrapped with straps at the hips, waist, below and over the breasts. Her arms were put to the sides of the table, her fingers were inserted into leather pockets sewed to the table and her arms were tied to the side of the table by straps at her wrists, below and over the shoulder. 

He completed the setup by tightly pulling a strap over her steel collar, which prevented her from being strangled, and tied a last one over her forehead. She couldn’t move at all, because of the number of straps, but also because Phil used all his strength to tie them up. He softly leaned over her, caressing her tightly enclosed breasts, pinching their nipples. She moaned.

“I would guess you put your dildos panties on, right?”

Lynda couldn’t move her head to answer. She could only use expression in her eyes. She tried to hide it, but he understood. With a devilish smile, he took a magic wand and fastened it tightly on her crotch with a leather harness, before turning it on. All the straps creaked under the strain when Lynda reacted to the stimulation.

“That’s the consequence of using the emergency key,” he said with a devilish grin.

From her point of view, Karen could see what happened. She knew what that thing between her legs was, since she owned one, but she wondered why such a strong response. She went wide-eyed when she saw Phil approach with, in his hands, two huge intruders. Somehow, she suddenly understood Lynda’s reaction.

He kneeled at her crotch and carefully opened the crotch zipper. He smiled at the juice that was coming down. Yes, she was excited. He proceeded at inserting the first dildo pushing it while turning it, slowly. He even rocks it back and forth a few times. Karen reacted by swinging on her suspension setup. He went behind her and began to push in the other dildo. That one was a first. He gently caressed her buns, asking her to relax, to let it go. She twitched when it finally entered fully. He closed the zipper then came back with a funny looking steel belt. He wrapped one strap around her waist and pulled the other one between her legs, pushing the dildos deeper, before locking it in place.

“It’s funny how a chastity belt could be used to keep stuff in, instead of preventing anything from getting in.” he said, with a devilish smile, looking at Karen right in the eyes.

“Well, ladies, there’s a hockey game that is about to start. See you in… oh… two hours.”  he said, leaving, closing the dungeon’s heavy wooden door behind him. Then the door opened again.

“Silly me, I almost forgot.” he said, taking a remote from a nearby shelf and pressing a button. Karen twitched in her stretched position as the dildos began their devilish random firing.”

Karen lost track of time. When Phil came in to take her out of her predicament, she was almost out of it. He untied Lynda who disappeared upstairs while he set up Karen in the cage, linking her collar to the ceiling chain, her arms tied in her back, he added elbow cuffs and was surprised that he easily linked her elbows together. Karen was leaning against the concrete wall, and Phil was linking her ankles together when Lynda came back, wearing a PVC catsuit and 10cm slippers.

“W… What are you doing?” she asked.

“Setting her up for the night. You know she has a part time job, and she told me that she wasn’t working tomorrow to go to that travel agency, so it’s nothing to worry if she’s a wreck tomorrow morning.” he said, getting back up, closing the cage door and pulling away the thick drapes, opening the cage to the rest of the basement. “She’ll get a real sense of being a prisoner now.” he said. “Come, I’ll set you up for the night.”

Part IV

When Karen received her tens unit wake up call, Phil was already up. She did her normal routine and began to prepare breakfast. He got up from downstairs with a wobbly, sweaty Karen, a weird smile on her face.

“You guys are nuts… But I loved every second of it.” she said, from an almost drunken tone.

“She needs some rest. Everything will be fine.” he said, dragging her along to the bathroom.

Phil had almost finished his breakfast when Karen showed up, dressed in a silk bathrobe taken from Lynda’s closet. She startled when she entered the kitchen and saw Karen, already tied up.

“You were serious about your daily bondage gig?” asked a shocked Karen.

“Yes, sis.” said Lynda. Want some breakfast?” asked Lynda, cracking more eggs.

“You bet. How do you guys, or I should say, Lynda, do it day after day.”

“How do you feel in your silk bathrobe?” answered back Lynda.

Karen closed her eyes for a few moments.

“Actually… that’s silly but… I kind of… miss it. The corset, the latex. That’s weird.”

“No that’s not. That’s why I’m setup most of the time.”

“Well, I hate to break the mood, but one of us does have to go to work today.” said Phil, picking up his briefcase. “See you later girls, and Lynda, you still have to do your list of chores. For the rest… we’ll see.” he said with a wink.

“Yes Master” she answered, lowering her head.

Once Phil was gone, Karen looked at Lynda, already busy making the dishes.

“Now what?” she asked.

“Now what? As soon as I’m done with the dishes, it’s back into my latex catsuit for my chores and into the cell for the rest of the day, why?”

“No, I mean… what about me?”

#  #  #

“Honey I’m home!” said Phil while entering the house. 

He walked downstairs. The drapes over the cage were still open and he could see Lynda, fully dressed in a neck entry, red latex catsuit, red thigh high boots with a five inches heels, waiting inside it. However, where Lynda had been tied up the night before, was another body. He recognized it as Karen. He removed Lynda’s gag, pointing at the bondage bed.

“Karen? She’s still here?” he asked.

“Yeah,” answered Lynda. “She said that she couldn’t sleep, not tied up, and wanted to get on the table, so I obliged.”

“What time was that?”


His eyes widened.

“She’s been like that for… 9 hours? Damn.  You really think she slept?”

“Well, she has been without any kind of reaction for a while. She had either slept or passed out.” she said with a smile. “I’ll leave her to you. You’re the Master after all.” she said with a wink. “I’ll go make dinner.”

Karen left shortly after dinner. Phil and Lynda spent the evening watching a movie, Lynda tightly mummified in pink vet wrap, by his side on the sofa.

When Phil came back from work the next day, later than usual, he had another surprise. There were two women in the cage. Lynda was there in a pewter catsuit, but also Karen, in the same purple latex catsuit she wore the first time. She had apparently brought her own chain and cut it the right length to be in the same situation as Lynda.

Phil removed her gag.

“What are you doing here, Karen? Aren’t you working?”

“I was, but, as you know, this was a part time job, and they cut it. I got laid off at noon.”

Lynda was struggling, frowning at him. He removed her gag.

“I was getting really worried, Phil. You’re almost an hour late.” she said. “You usually send a signal with the lights when you’re working late. What happened?”

“Sorry. I didn’t think it was going to be that long, and forgot about the signal.” he said. “I went to that travel agency you talked about for the cruise.” he said looking at Karen.

“Too late, it’s sold out. They sent me an email this morning.” she said.

“Yes, they told me that. But there’s a bunch of other cruises, and, like it or not, I booked the three of us.”

“What? We should have discussed it, Phil. You know I’m not a fan of cruises.” said Lynda.

“Oh, this one you’ll like, and you have no choice. It’s in three weeks.”

“Oh… okay, I guess. And what is so special about that cruise?”

“It’s called Kink in the Caribbean.”

© Pete / monsterp63, November 2016

NO, I have no cruise sequel in mind. (2020 update: Still no sequel)

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