Karen – Now What?


As she felt herself being stretched out as Phil operated the winch, her breath became shakier. Her arms were high over her head, held apart by the spreader bar being winched up. Her feet, also kept apart by a spreader bar, were now barely touching the ground from the tip of their knee-high leather ballet boots. The bottom spreader bar was linked to the floor, so it would help for what was next to come.

Phil slowly caressed her tightly rubber encased breasts, sliding down his hands over her waist and hips, before teasing her at the crotch where the huge intruders were already working.

He grabbed a thick latex corset and wrapped it around Karen’s already thin waist and began to lace it. Karen squirmed at the tightening embrace in her latex suit.

Her thick, neck entry latex catsuit. It was the first time she was wearing it. Phil had made a special buy for her, a gift. She had worn neck entry catsuit before, she was a long time bondage and latex fetishist, but never a suit that tight. It was almost too tight, as it had been very difficult to put on, Phil putting a lot of lubricant to ease the process. But once in place, once the attached toe socks and gloves popped in place, the feeling was simply awesome. She could feel getting squeezed in every parcel of her skin. It was the first time Phil had used that much lubricant. The only thing left was her head, but Phil had taken care of it right after.

The hood was also new, very thick and without any zipper. It was also a hassle to put on. Phil had to grease Karen’s hairs carefully to be able to put it on. But strange as it may sound, in was probably because of the tons of lubricant, when the hood popped in place, it felt as if was resting directly on her scalp. She liked the feeling. She had never felt anything like that before.

Phil then carefully tucked the large yoke of the hood under the collar of the catsuit, making a complete seal. The thick latex over her head dampened the sounds. The thick dark spherical lenses over her eyes dimmed the light. Only her mouth was untouched, kept wide opened by a ring gag.

Phil would be working on that later. Right now, he was pulling strongly on the tight corset. He even added lubricant to it so it would glide over her latex covered body while it was getting tighten. That proved handy. It was tight. Way tighter than Karen was used to.

Nevertheless, with each pull, feeling her waist being crushed again and again, Karen couldn’t repress a low pitch grunt as it emphasized the effects of her inserted, vibrating toys.

The corset was reaching about the same tightness as she was used to. Phil stopped.

“There’s still about 2cm to close it. I’ll let you rest for a while then finish up later.” he said.

Two more cm? Damn. Karen wondered if it would close and if she would be able to breath again. That corset was long, going from her hips to her armpits, squishing her ample breasts in its cups.

Phil went to a nearby table and took a few lengths of rubber tubing before approaching Karen. She knew what they were. She had mentioned it a few times that she’d like to experience being intubated. She was about to try it now. Phil had spent the last month reading and getting information about the procedure and he was feeling confident enough for it.

Karen, on her part, had also practiced. Well, after all, when they began their kinky sessions, her gag reflex was kicking at a simple ballgag. Now, she could pretty much deep throat without the reflex kicking in. The feeding tube was not her worry. The nose breathing tubes were.

Phil sprayed some anesthetic in her nostrils and let it work while he put latex gloves, before removing the tubes from their aseptic bag. He showed the tube to Karen who nodded “yes”. He carefully inserted the tube in her right nostril. Karen grinned. The feeling was not exactly pleasant. Slowly, she felt it run up her nose, her sinuses cavity then slid at the back of her throat. Phil was looking at it from her opened mouth and stopped when it was the right length. He did the same for the other nostril. He cut then to the correct length and added some flanges he pressed against the nose holes of the hood.

He then took the larger feeding tube, instructed Karen to swallow. That one had been pre-measured and had been fitted with a blow-up gag and a large rubber flange. He removed the gag, which allowed Karen to close her mouth, the hole on the gag also shrinking to the size of the tube. Phil carefully worked the flange of the tube under the hood. All that was left was a steel plug flat with her mouth.

Karen knew the next thing to come was the inflation of the gag. She closed her eyes as it got bigger and bigger. She tried to moan when it was big enough but she couldn’t produce any sound. She shook her head but Phil had already sent in a little bit too much air. He withdrew the pump. She had no way to tell him it was too much. She tried to work it in place. Somehow, it felt strange, as if it was not filled with air but with something denser. Then again, the hood was very tight and it was her first time having a tube going through her mouth with the gag. She closed her eyes. She would cope with it.

Phil went back to the corset. He gave strong yanks to close it. Karen felt she was about to be cut in half. He then fondled a lot after it, from the top to the bottom. 

In the long mirror in front of her, all Karen could see was that body, that shiny black body, tightly squeezed in that liquid tar catsuit, waist incredibly thin. She loved what she saw. When he came back in front of her, she was breathing heavily, in short gasps, eyes wide open.

“What do you think?” he asked,

She flipped her head from side to side, in a “not sure” meaning.

“Just give it some time.” he said. “I know you can do it. Now, I have a surprise for you, but I don’t want  you to see it. I’m gonna snap a blindfold on.” he said with the devilish smile Karen had come to know.

And everything became dark. She was lowered until her feet touched the floor. He fondled at each of her ankles, then, lowering her some more so that her arms were not as stretched, he fondled at her wrists, obviously replacing the cuffs by… steel ones? That was a fantasy of her, to be locked in unyielding steel. That was a nice surprise. She was stretched back in the air before a two inch wide collar was wrapped around her neck. Yes, it was steel. She was getting hornier by the minute.

Then at her crotch. Something was getting tightened around her already crushed waist, then it was fed between her legs, pushing on her already deep toys.

Karen closed her eyes and imagined the chastity belt he was putting on her.

She then felt his hands on her body, caressing her. She lost track of them as it went over the corset, and felt them back when they reached her hips, rubbing down on her thighs before coming back up, caressing her face, her head. He took the blindfold off.

She startled at the sight in the large wall mirror in front of her. Yes, he had put on steel restraints, at her wrists, elbows, ankles and knees, plus a steel chastity belts. She could see the rings, those that were not used, hang all over the cuffs, waiting to be put to use. She could imagine the numerous setups. It made her hot. They were smooth and shiny, and even the locks were invisible.

Phil approached her with a cell phone she recognized as hers. She was puzzled.

“Recognized this? We’ve been together for about six years now, and we always fully trusted each other. We also respect the privacy of the other. But, about a month ago, you left and forgot your phone. It then began to rang one notification after another, and it was getting annoying. I took it up to put it into silence mode but I couldn’t help to read what the notification was about.” he began. He could almost see Karen’s eyes getting wider and wider under the dark lenses.

“I was puzzled to see that it was from my retirement account. Somehow, you hack it, making me believe that it was still growing while, in fact, you made it all vanish on gambling. That repetitive notification was to advise me that the whole thing was now down to zero, but you had hacked it so you will receive those notifications instead of me.”

Now, Karen was heavily squirming in her bonds, trying to get off. Her toys were not pleasure toys anymore.

“So, let me enlighten you a little. That lubricant I used so liberally, is also an adhesive. When your skin would have absorbed the moisture content, the glue would take its hold.” he said, then taking a lump of fiber Karen immediately recognized.

“Yes, this is your hair. I used a hair removal cream, thus the hood is also glued to your skull and face. The gag is filled with rubber paste that should become harder by the minute. And finally,” he said, taking a lump of laces “is the lacing of the corset. It has been replace by a steel rod. Since there are steel rings all around your corset, as well as steel boning, you’re not getting out of it either, in addition that it is glued to your catsuit.”

He approached her slowly.

“Is it all? Well, not. All your steel cuffs are welded shut, including your chastity belt. No key to look for.”

Karen was squirming. She was not realizing the situation she was in.

“You’re sealed in rubber. I control your breathing, your feeding and your cleaning. You are bound with steel cuffs. There’s no way out.” he said, now as close to her as he could be without being hit by her struggles.

“And you’re asking yourself one single question. Now what? Yes, I’m asking myself the same question. Now what? Any idea, Karen?”

© Pete / monsterp63, November 2016

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