Karen – Something’s Fishy


“I… I’m sorry, honey” he said, softly, his head leaning lightly against the closed door.

“It’s okay, Phil. Just give me time to change.”

“I love you, honey. I didn’t know about it.”

“Don’t you wor…ry, dear.” she said, with a struggling tone.

“Are… are you alright, Karen?” he asked, puzzled.

“Yeah, I’m fine.  Is just…” Slap! “Ouch… I’m fine. No worry.”

“What’s going on in there? What are you doing?” he said, putting his hand on the doorknob but only to find it locked.

“Karen. What are you doing?”

“I told you, Phil. I’m changing…. Ommmff!… Ommmfff… clothes…” she said, obviously straining against something.

“You’re changing clothes? Looks more like you’re moving the furniture, by the sounds it makes” he said as he heard strange sounds.

“It should take some time, hon. Why… Why don’t you go wait in the living room. Don’t you have a game already on the PVR you wanted to watch?”

“I’m not in the mood to watch a game, Karen. I just want to apologize. I didn’t know you were allergic. I didn’t mean to throw that juice at you to trigger a reaction.” he said, pushing his forehead against the door. “I was just bringing you the reward of a long day.”

“Who said I’m allergic?” she answered.

“Well, you ran pretty fast to the bedroom, and to the bathroom where you… locked yourself in. I never saw you like that, Karen.”

“Then you’ll discover a new me.” she said, her voice evidently muffled by something.

The doorknob was unlocked, turned and the door opened. Phil made wide eyes, surprised so much that he walked backward until he met the opposite wall. His mouth was wide open. His expression conveyed, almost at the same time, horror, surprise, puzzling, joy.

In front of him, was standing Karen. Well, he believed it was her. What he was seeing was a tall and slim woman. Her skin was pitch black and as shiny as wet tar. Her legs were long and thin, ending in pointed, leather, knee-high ballet toe boots. Her waist was incredibly small, crushed by a long rubber corset. Her large breasts were tightly encased in the same rubbery fabric, as well as of her arms, down to the tip of her fingers. Her hairs were hidden by another shiny piece of rubber, her brown hairs exiting from a single tube at the back of her head, flowing down. Her face appeared to be also covered by the shiny latex, but it was also protected by a gasmask, with two large circular lenses. He could see her beautiful green eyes from behind, enhanced with strong make-up. Hoses were coming out from the mouthpiece of the gasmask, running at her back where some filtering cartridges were hanging from her corset. Leather cuffs were visible at the ankles, elbows, knees and ankles as well as a wide leather collar around her neck and a wide belt over her corseted waist.

Phil was looking at her from head to toes to head to toes to head, not believing what was in front of him. A hard-on was definitely beginning to show.

She produced a sharp butcher’s knife and lifted it in front of her, as Phil’s eyes widened even more.

“Okay… Where did you put that stinky, gooey fish you got, so I can take care of it? She said as she walked past him.


Phil was frozen solid. All he could do was turn his eyes to follow this spidery looking shiny female body, wiggling her butt, swiftly walking as if she was floating, on those extreme heels. He could hear the creaking sound of the tight rubber with every one of her moved.

“Are you coming to help me?” she said as she stopped just entering the kitchen, twisting around, making her suit reflect the sun rays entering through the kitchen window, making the rubber creak more.

He got out of its daze, shaking his head in a swift movement.

“Yes M… Dear.” he said, realizing that he had almost said “mistress”.

He saw a change on Karen’s jaws through the gasmask: she was smiling. He followed as she walked to the counter and waited by the cutting board with the knife in her hand. Phil got the fish out of the fridge and gently put it in front of the latex clad creature.

Her, who walked back a few steps when he showed her the fish, keeping it hanging with his fingers through the gills, her who made an almost puking expression, was now firmly taking the fish from with tightly latex covered hands. She put it on the cutting board, and to Phil dismay, began to cut it with an expert hand, extracting a few minutes later, two perfectly cut fillets.

She quickly rinsed her hands and began to make a light batter as some vegetables were cooking. Phil had stepped away, looking at this wonderfully tightly encased body, move as swiftly as if it was totally naked, making a few steps to the left, to the right, stretching to get something from the overhead cabinets, bending down to take pots and pans from the lower cabinets, all that without showing any kind of difficulty, her feet swiftly moving from one place to the other, her ankles not even wobbling.

She took two plates, filled them with perfectly cooked food and put them on the dining table, along with two cups and a bottle of wine. She sat in a concert of creaking noises, then reached for the straps holding her gasmask to release them. She took off the mask, revealing a black shiny rubber covered face except for eye holes, mouth holes and two small nostril holes that seem to be some kind of tube.

“I just hate touching and smelling fresh fish. That’s all… Enjoy your meal.” she said, as if everything was normal, everything was usual.

Phil began to eat, but couldn’t stop looking at her, at her tightly encased arms reflecting the light with every move, her chest expanding, obviously restrained from the corset, with each breath. Every one of her moves creaking disturbing creaking noises.

It was delicious, like anything Karen cooked, but he wasn’t really tasting it. She seemed to really enjoy the meal.

Afterward, they both did the dishes, but Phil was obviously disturbed by all of that.

“You haven’t talked much throughout the meal, Phil. Something wrong?”

He glanced at her from top to bottom.

“I… I never knew this side of our personality.” he said. “I know we’ve been dating for only a few months, but it’s still kind of… shocking.”

“You don’t like that?” she asked, puzzled. “I talked about latex and fetish a few times and you seemed interested, not repulsed by it.” she said, suddenly concerned she went too heavy, too fast.

“I have read about it and seen a few clips like everyone else, but never actually think too deeply about it. I can’t say that I like it or not. I’m still… computing the message.” he said with his nerdy sense of humor.

“I know how to fix that.” she said, taking his hand, putting on her breast while she was slowly caressing his neck. “Why don’t you follow me to the bedroom. Care for some excitement?” she asked from a low pitch sultry voice he never knew existed.

“You know, I’m not really at ease with this slave-mistress thing.” he said, hesitantly.

“Who talked about that? I’m just fetish play, here.” she said, taking his hand and pulling toward the bedroom.

She slowly stretched herself on the bed, laying on her side, inviting him to join. He did. He laid down besides her. She began to caress him, getting his mouth close to her rubber encased one. She began to kiss her. Her mouth was moist and hot. She was breathing deeply. She reached for his belt buckle and expertly opened it before slowly pulling his pants zipper down.

During this time, he tried to reach her crotch, but found only unyielding latex. He fondled at the back of her neck, puzzled then slowly pulled himself away as she was grabbing his throbbing member.

“There’s no zipper?” he whispered, not wanting to crush the mood.

“Three’s none. It’s a neck entry catsuit, and it stays on.” she softly answered, grabbing the back of his head and dragging it back to her mouth. He kissed her but pulled away again.

“Then, how am I going to… you know… make love to you?”

“Just take the panties off” she said, kissing him again.

Puzzled, his hands went back to her waist and ran down, slowly, his fingers digging into the sleek rubber, making Karen moan with the touch. Then there it was. A thin layer of latex he could peel off. Slowly, he began to pull down on it.

“Wait.” she softly said. “You have to fix me up first.” she said, extending an arm to her bed table and pulling the drawer opened.

Phil had a look and went wide-eyed. In it was a series of padlocks and some chains. She slowly turned on her back, put her arms together in her back. 

“Here. Take some locks and lock my arms in my back.” she said, her breath already shaking.

Not too sure of himself, he did it anyways. Karen was shaking.

“Everything alright?” he asked, concerned.

“Yes. It’s just that… I usually do self bondage, and thus unable to do the elbow cuffs. This is a fantasy come true.”

He didn’t answer, sinking the information that all this was far from new.  Her wrists went on easily, but her elbows would be a stretch.

“Don’t you want to add some short chains there? I will have to pull them together. I noticed there are some chains in the drawer.” he said.

“No, pull them together.” she said, her voice shaking with anticipation.

With rather strong force, he pulled her elbows together and inserted another lock. As he released her, she let out a low pitch grunt.

“That feels so good.” she said, slowly turning herself on her back so Phil could have some fun of his own. 

Karen opened her legs as much as she could, to give  him some access. He pulled on the panties but something was pulling them back.


“Just pull.” she simply said, thrusting her hips in the air.

Phil made (again) wide eyes as two large intruders came with the panties. He pulled out the panties and she stretched her legs, inviting him inside. What strikes him is that there weren’t holes at her crotch, but two bright red pouches.

“Yeah, the condom is already there.” she said, with a laugh. “Just enjoy. It’s well lubricated.”

Disturbed, Phil slowly took place over her and inserted his large member into the tight hole, caressing her rubber encased breasts, feeling how tight he corset was crushing her waist. Her breath became faster and she began to make high pitch, very loud moans. He slowed down.

“You know those walls are paper thin.” he said. “The whole building will hear you.” he said, giggling.

“Then gag me.” she simply said with a devilish smile, turning her eyes toward the bed table. Phil had a look and spotted some kind of leather harness with a large rubber ball. Karen opened her mouth, inviting it. Just before he inserted the gag she asked him to lock it on when done.

He had to force the huge rubber lump in her mouth. A large panel was then sealing her mouth shut. The web of leather straps encircled her head, making a reverse Y over her nose, before joining a forehead strap. He put everything tight but Karen asked for more. He went to the last possible notch. Karen was obviously moaning in pleasure, surprisingly getting one tone up when she heard the locks click.

By then, Phil was ready as hell. All this, to his own surprise, was getting himself hornier by the second.

He joined her, kissing the leather panel covering her mouth, sometimes blocking her nose breathing hole, which seems to get her more aroused.

He climbed higher and higher then, as he was to jerk off, he accidentally cut her air again. She trusted her hips upwards, which gave him the push he needed, and they both exploded at the same time in a way they never anticipated before. Hell, they never imagined that before.

As he was wiping the goo off her suit and off himself, Karen gestured with her eyes toward the panties.

“You want those back on?” he asked, to which she nodded yes.

He put the panties back, pushing the dildos back in place. Then, rolling on her stomach, she kept pointing to the drawer where more padlocks were waiting to be used, and she pointed to her knees and ankles.

“You want to be more restrained?” he asked, to which she nodded yes. He linked her ankle cuffs and knee cuffs together. Karen squirmed gently, appreciating her new no-escape situation. She looked again at the drawer and folded her legs to pull her feet toward her wrists, trying to grab them.

Phil was puzzled and looked at the drawer again where another length of chain was waiting. He took the chain and wrapped it around her ankle link and her wrist link and pulled until Karen told him to stop, then he used the last padlock to secure the loop, putting Karen in a strict hogtie position.

“Is there more?” he asked, getting less sure of where this was going. 

She nodded yes, looking at the drawer.

“It’s empty. There’s nothing more. What more could you add anyways?” he asked.

She rapidly blinked her eyes.

“A blindfold?” he asked, as she nodded yes.

He looked around and there it was, on the large chest. He took it. Besides it were two more padlocks.

“I would guess you want it locked too?” he said in disbelief. Of course, she nodded yes.

He put the padded blindfold over her eyes, fastening it to the leather harness then, just before locking it, he took it off.

“Err, Karen. Where are the keys?” he asked, concerned.

She looked away, on the other side of the corridor.

“In the office? Don’t tell me… in your safe?”

She nodded yes then closed her eyes, indicating to put the blindfold. 

He did, fastening it tightly. She squirmed in her dark, tight and rigid confinement, her gag muffling all but small sounds.

Phil walked away, then walked back to the bedroom in a hurry.

“Karen. Your safe is locked with a timed lock. If I read this right, it won’t open until tomorrow morning at around 8. Did you know that?”

She answered with a soft yes nod.

“Well… I guess I will watch that game on the PVR after all…” he said, leaving toward the bedroom as Karen was slowly beginning to rock her hips up and down.

© Pete / monsterp63, November 2016

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