Karen – Doctor’s Orders


The man put some papers back in a cabinet, looked at his computer screen, punching a few keys, put his small glasses back in place then pressed the intercom button of his desk phone

“You can let the next patient in, Lynda.”

“Yes Doctor.”

The door silently opened, the doctor still looking at his computer screen. As he heard the door closed he raised an eye and startled, doing a double-take, before punching more keys on his computer, as if that patient was not the one he expected.

“Err… Miss… Karen?”

Squeaking sounds brought his sight back to the patient entering. It was a tall and slim woman, completely encased in a shiny black latex suit, so tight that not a single pocket of air could be seen. The shine was reflecting almost like a mirror.

She was walking on knee high leather ballet heels, elegantly balancing from one foot to the other, without showing any sign of straining. Her long legs met her hips where a heavy rubber corset was crushing her waist to an incredibly small size, creating an hourglass with a stem, emphasizing her already large breasts.

Her arms, as tightly covered with the black latex as the rest of her body, were balancing in sync with her slow sultry pace. Slowly playing with her latex covered fingers from the attached gloves, she put her right hand to her squished waist, in a sultry move.

Her chest was slowly expanding and contracting with each breath. Her neck and head were also covered with shiny rubber, leaving only two small eye holes, visible through the clear lenses of the gasmask she was also wearing over her rubber coveredface.

She took her right hand from her waist and extended it as she reached the doctor’s desk.

The doctor looked at her in shock.

“Hello doctor.” she said, her voice muffled by the gasmask. “Yes, I’m Karen.”

He shook her hand, feeling the warmth of her body through the tight latex glove, but evidently not quite sure of what was going on. He looked again at his computer file for a few moments, and his eyes seemed to lit up.

“Hello miss Karen. I…  see you followed… to the letter… my advice to help your germaphobia.”

“Yes, doctor. It’s working wonderfully.” she said. “I just won’t leave that suit.” she continued. “I’ve spent more time outside in the last week than I did in the last year. I went shopping, to the park, even went swimming. I can’t believe I actually sat on a public bench downtown. My life is back again, doctor. Thank you.” she said, crossing her legs in a concert of squeaking sounds, and putting her gloved hands on her knee.

“You… you know, Karen, this idea of sealing yourself, was an attempt to actually go over your fear of germs… Not actually do it.”

“Oh, yes, I’m aware of that, but then I said to myself, why not go the easy way. Instead of having to work to overcome my fears, take all those synthetic drugs, this appeared far more simpler: I seal myself. No germs are touching me. Problem solved.”

“Yes… I understand, but… How about, you know… the rest of it.”

“Oh, everything has been taken care of. I have a catheter to my bladder and I’m plugged for enemas. Tomorrow, I’ll get tubes for my breathing and a feeding tube. That’s why I wanted to see you today because, starting tomorrow, speaking will be difficult.”

The doctor let himself drop at the bottom of his chair, mouth half opened, trying to sink the information.

“That way, I will be able to eat anything. You know how asepticized meals taste bad. Since it’s going to go directly to my stomach, I won’t taste it. Ain’t that clever?”

“I… I think so.” he said, troubled.

“And the gas mask will filter all the air I breathe. A plug will be added, linked to the feeding tube. All I will have to do is push it down from a syringe.” she said, as if it was the procedure of choice, and she was perfectly happy with it.

“Very interesting.” he said, typing on her file on the computer, adding information. “So, why are you here, exactly, today?”

“To show you that your advice is working. I’ve been off my medication for the past two weeks, and I feel great.”

“Oh, really. Can I make a small exam?” he said, taking his stethoscope.

Karen followed him to his examination table, making a concerto of creaking noise when she took place over the thin paper covering the table. The doctor listened to her heart, lungs, and took her blood pressure.

“Everything seems fine, Karen. I should see you in… a month.” he said, looking at his file “which is our regular meetings. Just see to that with Lynda on your way out.” he said.

“Oh, I do not plan to come back. I’m cured, doctor. Anyways, in a month from now, if you follow the same patterns you did for the past 10 years, you will be on a cruise ship, and thus, not taking patients. But we will see each other, in fact, at that same period. I already booked a room on that cruise.” she said, walking toward the door, her butt twisting, her long thin legs whipping the air. 

Upon reaching the door, she turned around and wiggled her thin long latex covered fingers at him.

“Goodbye doctor… Better hide that hard-on from your next patient. Mrs Smith might get quite disturbed.” she said, making a wink from her left eye before opening the door and leaving.

© Pete / monsterp63, November 2016

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