Karen – Craftswoman


She was an artisan, a craftswoman, and in her field of work, she was renowned around the world. She took great pride of it, and made sure to live up to her reputation.

She was putting the last touch on the highly polished stainless steel of her latest craft : a permanent, a quarter of an inch thick by three inches wide, bondage collar.

She was specializing in permanent and semi-permanent bondage equipment and accessories. Oh, she had no degree in engineering or such. She even dropped out of school quite early because she found it boring.

Using only her skills, her smarter than average brain and a lot of research, she created a few rubber bonding compounds, but especially, a very intricate locking mechanism.

She looked at the highly polished collar. What was left was to install the locking mechanism. It was encased in a stainless steel box that she slid over one end of the opened collar. She put it under an induction coil so that the solder paste inside the sleeve would get activated. After a few seconds, she took it off. She carefully sealed the opening to make sure that the other end, the tongue, would not get it by accident because there was no way to get it out.

Those that were semi-permanent, had a series of small holes on the locking box, allowing a special block equipped with pins of the right length at the right place, to be pushed over, releasing a series of springs, allowing it to open. But on the permanent ones, once the springs had latched in place, even by drilling holes, there was no way to make them release. That locking mechanism was used on all her devices, from collars and cuffs to chastity belts and bras, and even full headgear gasmask.

Those were a masterpiece. They were in two halves, molded to the skull of the wearer. The back half would go first, then the front half. The front half featured LCD lenses, and an inflatable gag. When the two halves made out of a steel mesh sandwiched between two layers of carbon fibers, would lock, it would release a spring loaded mechanism that, when unwinding, would force tubes through the nose and through the mouth, pushing the inflatable gag in place. Once the unwinding was done, there was no way to rewind it, so if the helmet had the permanent locks, the wearer was stuck with it.

In addition, if it was the permanent locking kind, the feeding tube, when reaching the end, would trigger an expanding foam capsule inside the inflatable gag. Over 10 minutes, the foam would slowly expand, getting firmer and firmer, pushing the outside of the rubber gag in every space inside the mouth, then applying pressure before becoming almost totally solid, keeping a little of elasticity to maintain the pressure. But don’t even think about taking it out without a long and painful procedure.

She carefully wrapped the bondage collar in silk paper before putting it into a well padded box for shipment. It had to arrive in perfect condition at the client’s house.

She looked at her working table where a permanent stainless steel chastity belt was curing. Well, for hygiene reasons, the whole belt was dipped into a special rubber like polymer. The two, already large intruders were coated the same way. This model, since it’s permanent, had a rubber tube which would go up the urethra of the wearer. Of course, both dildos featured the expanding foam capsule. This was permanent, after all. They even had vibrating options, rechargeable with an induction charger.

It was ready. She affixed the so special one-time locking device, which features two inputs: one for the belt, the other for the crotch strap. She carefully packed it. They would be ready to ship.

She heard a noise behind her. She turned and smiled. It was Phil, her boyfriend of a six months. He was the first one not to run away when he learned what she was doing for a living. He even encouraged her, and gave her some advices.

She got up to greet him, making her extra-tight leather pants creak along the way. She hopped her way, swinging her hips, standing on knee high boots with a five inches spiky high heel. She wrapped her leather covered arms as much as her tight jacket allowed, making sure her hands, protected by black nitrile gloves, would not stain his perfectly pressed business suit.

After a long and passionate kiss, she let go of him and peeled her nitrile gloves off, revealing that she had finger clinging leather gloves underneath. The leather was so tight that the knuckles could be made out.

She walked back to the boxes and pointed at a pile of four boxes, the last one, the chastity belt, she had just put on the pile.

“Those are ready to ship, hon. If you have time, otherwise I’ll do it tomorrow.” she said, with a sultry voice, twisting her tongue inside her mouth, pouting out her bright red lips.

“I’ll get them by the door.” he softly said, passing in front of her in all her masculinity, brushing his hand against her tightly leather encased butt and slim natural waist.

While he was getting the boxes by the door, Karen made sure all her equipment was turned off, then turned out the lights of her workshop, heading for the living room.

Phil was there, on the other side, his suit’s jacket off, his tie undone and his shirt half unbuttoned. He knew that this sight was rendering her crazy.

“Wanna go to the playroom?” he softly asked, a corner smile on his face, meaning that he had very horny thoughts.

“Really?” said Karen, playing the over surprised girl. “You just got home from work.”

“It’s been a long day. I need to… change my mind.” he said, scanning her body from her large breasts to her crotch.

Karen wouldn’t miss an opportunity to have some sex. She passed him, heading for their play room, who was pretty much a dungeon, with bondage bed, cages, racks, crosses, different fucking machines and, of course, hooks, O-rings and dangling chains everywhere.

Her catsuit was laying on the bondage bed. She took it. It was another one of her creations: thick rubber coated with a protective polymer layer, making the suit tear and cut proof. The only way she managed to damage one was to use a high speed buffer, and if someone had been wearing it, it would have hurt like hell.

Of course, there were two versions. The permanent version included another polymer layer inside it. It was activated with body sweat and heat and bonded the suit permanently with the skin.

She undressed, right there, in front of him. Why the hell not? He was going to play with her, better tease him from the start.

She twisted herself to enter into the tight neck entry catsuit, feeding her feet with the attached toe socks and gloves, aligning the holes at her crotch so they would receive the dildos later on.

Next, were the knee high ballet boots. They too could be permanent. They were made of a steel mesh sandwiched between two layers of fine leather. The laces included a steel wire and were also treated with resin so that they would get all glued to the boots. The inside of them were coated with polymer which would react with the permanent latex catsuit and bond together. Of course, she was wearing the non-permanent version.

As she was smoothing her catsuit along her curvy body, Phil approached with the latex hood. He took a firm grip on her long brown curly shoulder length hairs, and pull the wig out of Karen’s head.

She laughed. It always makes her laugh the way he takes the wig off, as if he was dreadfully pulling her hairs out.

He slid the tight latex hood over her smooth, hairless head, and smoothed out all wrinkles as he put the large yoke inside the catsuit’s collar.

He then applied her own set of steel collar, three inches wide, and cuffs, before gently leading her to the suspension frame.

It was always a surprise. She was never able to figure out which device he was going to use on her: the bondage bed? The X frame? The cage? Or just standing there.

The bondage frame was a heavy square steel frame inside which Karen would be stretched, not touching the ground.

He placed her in the frame, linking her ankles and wrists to their respective corner before activating a winch which tightened everything at once, stretching her in the middle of it.

She moaned. She simply loved that. She slowly squirmed in her bonds.

He walked behind her and wrapped the awaited corset around her waist and began to tighten it. It was made with an inner layer of rubber, a center layer of steel mesh and an outer layer of smooth leather. He proceeded, as usual, at tightening the laces. Karen welcomed the crushing feeling, sucking her stomach as much as she could, knowing that it would squeeze her waist a good six inches. That’s the way she liked it.

As you would expect, a permanent version was also available, where hooks would grip the two ends of the corset when fully closed, in addition of the laces being resin soaked, plus an adhesive bonding it permanently to the catsuit.

He gave a few last yanks on the laces before knotting them. He then gently caressed, from behind, her large breasts, encased in the tight molded rubber, squishing them. Karen moaned. This was quite pleasurable, but it would be much better with the dildos on.

He ran his hands down her tightly constricted waist, down to her thighs, running the tip of his fingernails on the tight rubber catsuit, sending her tingling sensations.

He worked at her crotch, as he inserted the catheter tube before pushing the chastity belt in place, pushing in the large dildos up her vagina and rectum. He tugged on the waist band, made to measure to fit her corseted waist and locked everything.  Fixed like that, she could be kept tied up for hours or days, but their sessions merely lasts about two hours.

He turned the vibration on.

Karen twitched in her bound stretch position, throwing her head backward as much as the wide collar allowed, moaning loudly.

Phil, standing in front of her, ran his hands from the inner thighs, then slid to her buns, squishing them, pressing them against the chastity belt and the dildos, then along her slim waist, up to her breasts, which he squeezed while giving her a passionate kiss.

“ready for the gasmask?” he asked softly.

“Yes… if you don’t need my mouth for now, that is” she said with a wink.

“I’ll keep that for later.” he also said with a wink, disappearing behind her.

With the vibrating dildos helping, Karen squirmed in her bonds, turning her head sideways, looking at the reflection of the lights on her extra-shiny black rubber catsuit, seeing how tight her arms were encased, all smooth, up to the smooth steel cuff… smooth steel cuff? There’s supposed to be 5 pinholes there…

Phil was gently but firmly put the back half of the gasmask on Karen’s head, gently turning it center, and was about to put the front end when, suddenly, Karen became agitated, and at the same time, saw tubes dangling in front of the gasmask.

“No. Wait. Phil! What are you dowaarrggl…”

It was too late. Phil firmly pressed the front end of the gasmask against Karen’s face, and with his strength, squeezed the two halves together until they met.

Karen heard the locking mechanism work, then heard the tube mechanism being released. She felt the tubes going up her nose, and the tube going down her throat. She tried to stop, to pinch it with her teeth, but she knew it was no use. She designed it. There was no escape.

From the outside, Phil was watching her panicking eyes, her struggling, trying to stop the tubes from creeping in. He looked at the tubes disappearing off the front of the gasmask, stopping at the end of their pre-measured lengths.

Karen heard a cracking sound in her ears as the built-in headphones were turned on.

“I bet you have two questions in your mind right now: are all the items permanent and why. Am I close?” he asked, waiting for Karen’s obvious nod.

“The answer to the first question is: yes. Assuming that the order you just packed was all permanent, because that order was for you. I placed the order.”

Karen’s eyes widened. She struggled against her bonds. She knew there was no way out of her bondage, but she still had about 10 minutes to get the gag and dildos out and about an hour to get the rubber suit out. If this was a joke, it wasn’t funny.

“And now, the whys. You sell items that could put someone into permanent bondage, whether they want it or not. Yes, I know, you have a disclaimer that you’re not responsible for wrongfully using your material, that each person is responsible for their acts.”

She nodded a sharp yes and squirmed even more as if to say “yes, yes, I get the picture, now let me out” kind of answer.

“You washed away any responsibilities on the outcome of those… slaves, saying that you only make the items. You’re not responsible about how they are used, a little like those corporations that make weapons, saying that making them is not a crime, it’s how they are used that is.”

Again, Karen squirmed in her bonds, trying to say that she got the message, that she would stop making them, but Phil didn’t even acknowledge anything. He simply walked out of the room and walked back with a woman standing on ballet boots, tightly enclosed into a shiny latex catsuit, waist crushed by a leather corset, head enclosed in a gasmask, all of it she immediately recognized as her own work.

“I present you Lynda. She’s my sister. One year ago, she had been abducted. When she was found, four months later, she was like this. We tried to get her out of it, but it’s impossible without creating great pain and harm.”

“So, I went on a chase to find you, with one goal: put you through what my sister is going through, so that you’ll experience what you built is doing to others. I hope you’ll like it.”

Lynda approached Karen, who was squirming in her bonds like the devil in holy waters. Lynda was calm. She began to gently caress Karen’s breasts, squishing them, but Karen was in no mood to be sexually responsive. She kept squirming.

“So, finally, from now on, I’m taking over your business, and for each order, we’ll meet the client to make sure that’s what they want, so that something that happened to Lynda won’t happen again. I’m sure that, in time, you’ll come to appreciate all the efforts you make in your art.” he said, turning off her LCD window, keeping her in the dark and in the silence.

Slowly, she was feeling the dildos and gag inflate, and with all her squirming, she, herself, generated enough heat and sweat to fuse the suit to her skin. There was no turning back.

© Pete / monsterp63, December 2016

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