Karen – Specimen


The door of the elevator opened, sliding into the highly polished wall, as he tried to squeeze his blobby body before the door was fully open, pesting at it. He wanted to move fast, but his body was unable to produce slime fast enough. Nevertheless, he was able to pass a few slower crewmembers of the huge mothership.

Finally, he reached the room he was looking for, pressed the button and impatiently awaited the answer.

“Yes?” said a voice from the intercom.

“It’s Gukl. I’m back from my trip. You got to see the specimen I brought back.”

“You brought another specimen from Mukkl? Damn it, Gukl, we have more than enough specimens from this planet.” said the voice as the door opened, showing another blobby creature, with a whitish heavily rippled skin, showing its old age.

“No no. I went to Wiogkl. We have never been there before, I discovered that planet two days ago.This one is different, Pogkl. I swear. You never saw anything like that. I… I don’t even know what it is.” said Gukl, all excited. “I think it shows real signs of evolution.”

“Very well, Let’s see it. Where is it?”

“In the specimen’s room, Pogkl. Where else?”

The two blobby creatures slimed their way down the long corridor, down 8 stories with the elevators, to an area where someone with a special pass would go. Pogkl stretched his blobby body,  making a tentacle like grow out, touching a small but brightly lit panel. It scanned its skin and the door opened.

“There, to your right, in the yellow gel. See? I told you. There’s nothing like it.” said an excited Gukl.

Pogkl slowly approached, his 9 eyes moving on his blobby body to look at the creature from all angles.

“Look carefully. It’s all black and shiny. Its body is divided into two blobs linked by that narrow ring.. TWO BLOBS, Pogkl. And those tentacles, five in all. Two long, two shorter and between the shorter ones, one that seemed to be a stump, as if it had been cut-off, but grew back with a defect. It almost look like a… giant spider but… with four legs.”

The creature was immobile, suspended in the amber gel filled tube, suspended one meter off the floor, the long tentacles toward the floor, and the two upper ones, half folded. One standing there would see the creature move, very slowly, inside the thick gel, which would nourish it for years to come.

“Are you telling me that you brought back an incomplete, damaged creature? What could we learn from it if it’s missing a limb? Although, I’m not sure it’s a limb. I think it’s its… brain.”

“Who would put a brain on the tip of a tentacle?” asked Gukl, laughing.

“People from Mukkl. Did you use your own planet search software again? The one that renames already known planets?”

“Well… I… I…”


A few days earlier.

A secluded lake.

A a small cabin.

A single woman.

The sun was barely up, shining its hot rays through the light fog slowly lifting off the small lake, seeping through to reach the windows of the cabin. Karen was already awake, hardly containing her excitement. She finally managed to book it, and to get all her stuff in. She had been preparing this stunt for months, or… years. In her deepest dreams, she never thought it would realize.

But there she was, completely secluded, knowing for sure that no one would make a surprise visit. The lake was large enough for one plane. Only one plane. No one else would land there. Complete isolation from anyone else.

She was drinking a diet shake. She would needed as much energy as possible, and at the same time, ingesting as little as possible.

She arrived the week before, piloting the small plane. She didn’t settle down. She, instead, walked for three hours in the deep forest, carrying a duffel bag and a shovel. She dug a one meter deep hole, put the duffel bag in and buried it, then walked back to the cabin, shovel in hand.

Once back at the cabin, she took all her clothes off and bundled them together. She then slipped into a tight black PVC catsuit and high heel wedges sandals. By this time, the sun was getting down over the mountains.

She made a fire on the beach of the lake, took the bundle of clothes and carried it outside where a fire was already burning in the fireplace, and threw them all in, watching them burn, including her sneakers. Those were old clothes anyways and ready for the dumpster, so no hard feelings.

She watched them burn, the bright flames reflecting on her shiny PVC coated thighs and arms.

She was sealing her fate: if she wanted to get dressed normally, she would have to walk for 3 hours, in high heels or barefooted, dig one meter to retrieve her duffel bag, bring it back to the cabin, to the plane, to be exact, where the only key to open it was chained to the airplane.

One would say: easy. One good hit of the shovel on the bag would rip it open. She thought about it. That’s why the bag was made out of ballistic nylon, and the shovel was… plastic. She had no choice.

She had rented the cabin for one month. She would have to fish most of her food, all that dressed in latex and PVC. And catsuits. Only catsuits.

She had planned to go deeper and deeper in her fetishes, reaching the more severe setup by the fourth week, but… it was too long.

So, for this day, she had decided to go heavy. Already, the day before, she had crossed the lake with the canoe, to leave the keys on the other side. Her only way to get free was to row to the other side to retrieve the keys that would… unlock the box at the cabin containing the release keys.

Shaking with anticipation, she began with a clear latex long sleeved bodysuit, which had sheaths at the crotch and rectum. It had been made to measure and it was neck entry, like all her latex catsuit, so no bulky zippers to deal with. She would rely on multiple layers to achieve the desired tightness. 

She took two huge dildos. They were large and long, because they contained a self-recharging unit that produced power with movements. She would get teased all day long.

She followed it by a large rubber ballgag. It was already filled with some foam, allowing it to squeeze it in her mouth, but once in, it expanded to fill it completely. It was hollowed in the center, allowing her to install a feeding tube down her throat. She was a nurse. She knew the procedure. And it was not her first time.

She inserted two small tubes up her nose.

It was followed by the first of three black latex catsuits. Each one was thin, but all three together made it very tight. All had attached gloves and toe socks. She squirmed to put it on. It was very tight. She smoothed out all the wrinkles, then put a hood over her head, which had only small holes for the breathing and feeding tubes, as well as for the eyes.

She added a long corset, covering her from the hips to below her breasts, including rigid breasts cups. She would be unable to touch herself.

The corset was tight, very tight. She looped the laces to a doorknob and walked away from it to tighten them. She pulled until it became too difficult. She had still 3cm to go to fully close the corset. She knotted the laces, and grabbed two long tubes: pointed boots.

She laced them up tightly on her legs. The movements helped the corset fall in place.

She got back up, quite steady on the extreme boots, and looped the laces of the corset on the doorknob again, to pull the corset fully closed, which was done quite easily. She knotted the laces in a way that she couldn’t take it off without cutting them.

It was followed by another hood, this one with clear spherical lenses over her eyes.

Then the third catsuit, which was a hassle to put on, with her boots and corset. The suit had been made especially for it, especially to follow the contour of her pointed boots, with a kevlar reinforced tip so that she would walk easily without slipping, or tearing it off.

She wiggled the suit on but stopped before putting her arms in. 

She took a stainless steel chastity belt and tightly wrapped it around her waist and under her crotch, pushing deeper the already large dildos, before locking it in place.

She took the last hood. This one was different: It had one dark panel covering her face, hiding all its features, making her whole head totally smooth. The inside was filled to follow the contour of her face, leaving two opened areas over her eyes. She felt it tightly squeeze her head as she put it on, locking her nose in place, the breathing hoses and feeding tubes linking to the holes, which were barely visible.

As for the other hoods, she smoothed the large yoke, before pulling on her last neck entry catsuit, to feed her arms in, and her hands, which were ending into fingerless mitts. With the suit on, just finding the neck opening to take it off will be a struggle.

She was already hot at the thoughts of the challenge, of what was to come. With a last move of her shoulders, the neck slipped upward, in place, pulling the suit everywhere.

She had a glimpse of herself in the large mirror: she looked like a creature out of this world, black, sleek, shiny. Almost like a spider. An alien four-legged spider.

She walked out. She could feel the hot rays of the sun hitting her black suit. She would sweat a lot in this. Walking around the cabin, in the soft ground, was easier than she thought. After all, her heels were not sinking, since she had none. Her whole pointed feet were, but it was easily manageable. She just had to lift her legs higher to compensate, which played with the dildos that happened to start their random firing. 

She moaned but no sound came out. 

She put her hands at her crotch, but could do nothing.

Nothing to help, and nothing to stop.

She enjoyed every second. She walked to the pier and she realized one thing: she never tried to row with fingerless mittens… Would she be able to? She better try it now, otherwise, she would have to either walk all the way around the lake, or swim to reach the release keys.

The canoe had been purposely stored 20 meters away from the lake, forcing her to drag it along, with fingerless mittens. She wanted the struggle. She wanted the workout. She wanted the frustration. She wanted the pleasure.

She got them all.

Half an hour later, the canoe was in the lake and Karen was trying to hold the paddle with her fingerless mittens. She managed, but it was difficult.

The sun was getting higher and was hitting hard on her black catsuit. She had doubts that it was a good choice to cook under the sun dressed in black rubber.

Then a cloud appeared, blocking the sun, which was a relief. As she looked up to have an idea of the size of the cloud, she startled: this was no cloud, this was some kind flying saucer. It was as large as the lake, hovering silently over her, flashing lights lighting its circumference.

“What the fuck is that?” she asked herself as a green glow seemed to materialize around her.

She suddenly felt very light and she realized that she was being lifted off the canoe. She struggled to get free, but it did nothing. She was somewhat suspended, rising up rather fast.

She entered the spaceship, or whatever it was, the greenish glow still keeping her suspended in mid-air. She was directed over a tube filled with a yellowish substance that, when she touched it, felt like jell-o, but very thick. The glow manipulated her, pushing her inside the gooey substance, inside the 2 meter wide tube, until she was about in the middle of it. Then the glow disappeared, but Karen found herself held in place by the thick gel like substance.

She could see things moving. Blobs. Almost like snails but without shells, slowly moving around on a layer of slime. She could see rods forms in her blobby body, almost like arms or fingers were created on demand, pushing buttons, operating consoles, pointing at her.

One seemed overly excited and quickly slit its way out of the room.

Karen’s brain was on fire. She didn’t know where she was. She had absolutely no way to communicate, not by facial expression, not by finger gestures. She was totally mute. At the same time, her dildos fired again.

By using a lot of force, she was able to turn her head, to have a blurry, distorted look around, but she could see that she was not alone. There were other tubes in that same room, each containing a weird creature, like… specimens.

The odd thing was that, somehow, the gel seemed to be alive, shaking, or moving, effectively recharging her dildos. Constantly.

Inside her tight layered suits, corset, pointed boots, fingerless mittens, chastity belt, she was having the orgasm of her life, helped with the amber goo, holding her firmly in place like the best vacbed she ever imagined..

She remembered what she thought of herself while looking in the mirror in the morning. She laughed. Irony has its way, sometimes.

As another powerful orgasm was building, she wondered if she simply fell into the lake, had drowned and was now in heaven or is this hell…

© Pete / monsterp63, January 2017

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