Karen – Good Everything


Note: This was originally written as 3 different “stories/sequels”. They are all regrouped here as one story.

Good Morning

Her shoulder was aching… amongst other things. She hadn’t been able to move much, stretched as she was between the headboard and the foot of the bed, neck held erect by the giraffe steel collar, arms elbow touching, bent backward in her back, fixed to her chastity belt.

And her legs, firmly held together by strict cuffs allowing absolutely no play, with her crotch. Filled but totally static, un-moving, deeply inserted dildos.

She sucked in some of the drool filling her gagged mouth. By now, her pillow was soaking in drool dripping.

She had no clue of what time it was, her sight completely blocked by the thick padded leather blindfold. It could be still the middle of the night, or the sun could be up and shining.

She softly moaned. She had to be careful not to awaken him, or there would be consequences. She hoped he was already awake.

“You awake?” he softly said, evidently just besides her.

“Mmmeeeefff.” she said through her gagged mouth.

She felt his large hand, touching her left thigh, then slide slowly toward her hip, gliding over her corset, then sliding down, following her chastity belt crotch strap to reach her inner thigh, then caress between her tightly clasps legs, sending pleasure waves, making her gently squirm within the limits of her tight bonds.

His hand rode slowly upward, over her leather compressed waist, over her chastity bra, behind her head, holding it while he gave her another kiss on the nose, while, at the same time, removed the chain linked to the collar.

He slowly, teasingly, ran his fingers down her body, along her side, down her leg, down to her ankles where he also removed the chain binding her to the bed. He gently rolled her on her stomach, squishing her breasts against the steel cups of the chastity bra, and unlinked the wrist cuffs from the belt.

She moaned as, for the first time for about 8 hours or so, she could stretch her arms, welcoming some feeling in them. He removed the wrist and elbow cuffs, but replaced the wrist cuffs with leather ones.

He also removed the steel cuffs from her knees and ankles, and replaced the ankle ones with leather cuffs, locked in place, ankles linked with a short chain.

“You can get up when ready.” he whispered softly as he got off of her.

Karen moaned as she flexed her legs and stretched her arms, sitting on the edge of the bed before slowly getting up, standing still. She was still blindfolded after all.

Phil worked behind her head and the blindfold came off, flooding her eyes with the sun, entering directly from the due east window of the bedroom.

She blinked to adjust to it, then saw Phil, looking at her, smiling. She smiled back.

“Good morning, beauty.” he said.

“Mffbbrrm  mooornngfff” she said, the sound she tried to produced mixed with a pool of drool coming out of her mouth, behind the gag, dripping on her latex covered chest and steel bra.

Phil snapped a leash on her steel giraffe collar and pulled her along. She knew where she was heading: the bathroom. But not any bathroom. They had built a special bathroom for someone in bondage. It was covered in white tiles, stainless steel sinks and bathtubs, and there were rings about everywhere, so anyone doing any kind of task in the bathroom could be totally secured.

He led her to the toilet. He took a keyring from his pocket and removed the chastity belt. He linked her ankle chain to a snap ring on the floor and her collar to another ring on the wall behind the toilet.

“I have two new toys for you just right here.” he said pointing at two extra large dildos she had never seen before, in the counter besides the toilet. “Just put them on when your job is done.” he said with a devilish smile, before leaving.

He went to “his” bathroom, while he let Karen do her things: getting the crotch zipper opened, removing the dripping dildo, and emptying herself.

The temptation was hard, as she inserted the new, fresh, huge dildos, to play with them, to have some fun. But she also knew that, if she was caught, there would be harsh consequences. Obviously, Phil had planned something for her. If it was assuming she would behave badly, she would go against her plans by holding up. If it was for her to behave, then she would have the reward he had planned for her.

She played with them nonetheless a few times, just enough to juice up, then push them in fully, closed the zipper and put the chastity belt back on, which was self locking. She stood up, waiting for him.

He opened the door just a few moments later, almost as if he had been standing by the door, waiting for her behavior. He linked her wrists with rather long chains on the front ring of her chastity belt and removed the linked binding her to the wall and toilet.

“Very well, dear. I’d like a full breakfast, please. I have a very long day ahead of me, probably doing some overtime tonight, so I want to be well prepared.” he said, leading her to the kitchen, watching her walk down the stairs with her bound legs on wedge ballet boots. She had elevated the procedure to an art. Once in dining room, he simply sat at the dining table, taking his tablet to look at the latest news.

Karen was quick to the kitchen to work. She began by serving him a glass of orange juice and a coffee before getting to work on the bacon, roasted potatoes, ham, sausages, and eggs, not forgetting the toasts and a few slices of fresh cheese.

She was used to work tied up. She didn’t mind. The huge dildos inside her made it quite interesting, being more disturbing than annoying. The short ankle chain was forcing her to make small steps, which, in the small and well equipped and well laid out kitchen, wasn’t a problem. She had to keep an watchful eye on Phil, making sure he would not run out of coffee or orange juice.

She cooked his breakfast to perfection and carefully walked to the dining room and put the plate in front of him, before taking two steps back and waiting, watching for any sign he wanted something.

They were subtle: a tap of the knife on a piece of toast means he wanted one more. Swirling around his coffee cup meant he wanted a refill. Looking at the bottom of his near empty orange juice glass meant he wanted another one.

She was quick and efficient at giving him what he wanted. It was a play. She would, sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose, miss something, overcook, undercook, spill, anything that would earn her some form of punishment. It was all part of the game they both enjoyed. But this time, she wanted to tease him, having him no excuse to punish her, so she would have her day to herself. After all, that’s why she had taken a day off from work, to work on her hobbies, but mainly to do nothing, to procrastinate, to sleep, and after the almost sleepless night she had gone through, she was eager to go back to bed.

Halfway through his plate, Phil took his tablet and punched a few keys on it. Karen didn’t looked at what he was doing. It was none of her business. Then suddenly, out of the blue, her knees bent, her thigh tightened and she let out a surprise yelp: the two huge, massive new dildos had begun to vibrate and pulsate. She never felt any toys behave this way. Damn! That was good. Then as quickly as it started, it stopped. She moaned.

Phil turned to her with an evil smile, holding the tablet so she could see.

“There’s the latest. They’re WiFi. I could control them from anywhere, and their lithium battery will last for 8 hours of non-stop… pleasure. I could even program them in advance or use one of the 512 teasing  combinations. Like that?” he asked.

Karen wasn’t sure what to answer, because it would mean that he could fire those at will, any time of the day, from pretty much anywhere. That could be a blessing, but that could also be a curse.

As an answer, she moaned in an “not sure” way. He laughed.

His plate almost empty, he made a sign to her that gave her permission to fix her own breakfast. She didn’t know if it was the fact that she had been pretty much awake all night or it was something else, but she felt hungry as hell. She would usually have enough of one egg, one toast, some bacon and a few potatoes, but this time, she felt to go for it all. So she fixed herself one full breakfast, with two eggs, two toasts, loads of bacon, sausages, bacon and a mountain of roasted potatoes. She was drooling even more under her tight gag.

She walked back to the dining room, carrying her full plate. She put it down, filled her cup with hot coffee and her glass with orange juice, then sat down, jumping at the clank sound her chastity belt, she had almost forgotten by then, made when it hit the hardwood of the chair, pushing her double dildos deeper. She gradually let her full weight on the chair and stood there, waiting. Well, she was still gagged.

Phil looked at her plate with wide eyes.

“You’re really going to eat all that?” he said, perplexed.

Karen nodded the strongest yes she could nodd, restrained by the giraffe collar. He got up and removed the panel gag, which let a pool of drool fall on her rubber and steel covered chest. He took the permanently attached chain from the back of the high back wooden chair and linked it to her collar, preventing her to get back up, and making eating even more difficult as she could barely bend toward the table..

“You sure drooled over that meal.” he said. “Enjoy it. I’m gonna get ready to go to work now.” he said, leaving her alone at the table.

With her hands bound, Karen could barely reach her plate, and, thanks to the bound and stiff collar, barely able to reach her mouth unless she was holding the fork with the tip of her fingers, on the tip of the handle.

She was taking pleasure at all this struggling, hands bound, rubber creaking. She liked every second of it.

She began to dig into the breakfast. The first bites went well, easy, desired, but she quickly realized that she had overdone it. It was way too much for her if she was not corseted, and she had on her tightest corset. She would have been able to eat half of her regular breakfast. She would leave this plate almost completely untouched.

She ate as much as she could until she feared that she would throw up if she added anything more.

She put her hands on her sleek latex covered tighs and waited, slowly rubbing them. When Phil came back, wearing a perfectly pressed shirt, suit and matching tie, he was smiling, but it quickly changed to a grin.

“You’re done?” he asked.

Karen nodded a small yes, looking down.

“I was  hoping for better. This is better not putting me late.” he said as he turned around. 

Karen knew that consequences were in order. Phil could accept a lot of things, but throwing food away was not one of them. Karen made wide eyes when he came back with a lump of black rubber in his hands. He put it on the table, along with a wide leather collar and more leather cuffs. 

He removed her steel collar. Karen used the small time she was free to flex her neck, bending it, turning it in all directions, as she prepared herself for the punishment hood.

He pulled the heavy thick black rubber over her head. It was a struggle, as it was very tight and had been molded for her head exactly. She worked the deflated gag in her mouth while he struggled to pull down the heavy steel zipper, compressing her head with every notch.

The bulbous lenses were dark and were filled with imperfections, scratches and buffed portions, rendering her eyesight very impaired.

Once the zipper was down, he pulled a wide leather collar fastening its three straps tightly around her neck, and over the punishment hood, locking it in place. He then used a hand pump to blow-up the gag. He knew how squeezes were needed and he also knew what Karen could cope with. Since this was to be a harsh punishment, he blew it to Karen’s maximum then some more.

With the tight collar rendering swallowing difficult and her mouth filled to its maximum, this was not to be a casual comfortable day.

he added two more leather cuffs over her elbows and knees. He fixed her arms together in her back and linked the knees cuffs with a length of chain proportional to the ankle one.

“There. You’re set for the day. Throw this wonderful food down the trash and clean everything.”

Karen started to protest by showing her bound arms in her back.

“You put yourself in this situation. Cope with it. It’s YOUR problem.” he said, angrily picking up his briefcase and almost running for the door. “Oh, I forgot. There’s 5 misplaced items.” he said before closing the door behind it, then as reopening it as quickly. “Or six.”

This time he was gone. Karen saw the Audi roll down the driveway.

She was alone, all bound up, head compressed and mouth overfilled, having to clean her mess and find misplaced items through deforming lenses, all that before he would come back, sometimes in the evening since he already mentioned that he was looking at doing overtime.

All she wanted was a day to relax…

© Pete, February 24, 2017

  • To Be Continued.

Good Day

She was used to working with her arms tightly bound in her back. It was something she liked, which actually turned her on. Carefully, she turned her back to the dining table and picked her plate, still almost full with food and began to slowly walk on her wedge ballet boots to the trash can.

She was being extra careful. She didn’t want to spill any of it on the ground. If it happened, she would have a really hard time cleaning it. She approached the garbage can which was the high tech kind that opens automatically when someone approaches. It opened. She got closer and slowly tipped the plate over…


Her hood muffled completely her yelp, as her knee bent and she totally let go of the plate which fell directly into the trash can with the food. She was cursing at Phil and the damn remote controlled dildos. She walked to the nearby wall where she stood her back on it, closing her eyes, fighting and welcoming the pulsating and vibrating dildos at the same time, fingers relentlessly trying to reach the dildos. It was just not the right time because her brain was trying to work out how the hell was she going to retrieve the plate from the trash can.

About two minutes later, the vibrations stopped and she worked hard to catch her breath, restricted by the corset.. Damn! That has been devilish.

She pushed herself off the wall and tried to look at the trashcan, but with her impaired vision, she couldn’t tell for sure that no food had dropped on the floor. Anyways, she had all the dishes to either clean or put into the dishwasher. That was going to be fun.

First, she had to figure out where the good spot, because there was one, was. There was one tiny area that had been left untouched, where she could see clearly. Of course, it was not dead center, but to the side. Problem was the lenses could rotate, meaning that the good spot was not always at the same place from one session to the other.

Carefully, she scanned the room, or rather the lense. After about five minutes, she had found the two good spots: upper left for her right eye, and bottom center for her left eye.

Armed with that information, she proceeded carefully trying as best as possible to either prevent anything from dropping or if it was to happen, would not break everything. And her decisions proved right as the dildo fired about at any moment.

She was balancing from one feet to the other trying to get comfortable, and to find a position that, when they do fire, not make her drop everything she was holding.

It took her over half an hour to wash three pans and put one plate, two glasses and two cups in the dishwasher. By then she was already exhausted.

The next time the dildo fired, she leaned against the counter in the kitchen, pushing on her chastity belt, trying to make contact as hard as possible with the dildo. She was hoping she would climax, lift off, but it only made her even more frustrated as the dildos never fired long enough.

Well, she had other things to look for. Phil had misplaced a few items. Some will be easy to find and fix, others might not. As she expected, he had made an obvious one, leaving a book on the living room table. She bent her knees, twisting her legs and her hips to be able to grab the book from her bound hands in her back.

The rubber was creaking, the leather was creaking but mostly, the corset was preventing her from bending enough. It was crushing her lungs, cutting her breath. She held it for a few seconds, the time needed to grab the book, then let out a long shigh.

Okay, she had to find the shelf. She used her left eye to scan the bottom shelves and then switched to her left eye to scan the middle to high shelves. Fortunately, it was in the middle shelf, fust at the right height for her bound arms.

Somehow, she got the feeling that Phil had planned all of this. The only thing he hadn’t plan is that she had done nothing to deserve a punishment before taking that way too big breakfast. If she hadn’t done so, he would have had nothing to put her into this predicament. His plan would have failed. But…

Now she had to find the other misplaced items. Not easy when the house you’re in has a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a home theater, a playroom, a laundry room and a fully equipped bathroom… just for the first floor. Add the second floor with its four bedrooms and two bathrooms, the regular one and the bondage one, and one can have serious problems finding what has been misplaced.

Walking from room to room, moving, all this created only one thing: excitement. Ane when the dildos fired, it was never enough for her to climax. Damn frustrating.

The ground floor was done. She had found four misplaced items. Phil mentioned five.. or six. She had to go upstairs, which meant climbing the stairs.

She hobbled to the bottom of the staircase and looked at them the same way an athlete looks at the track in front of him, preparing himself mentally for the challenge ahead.

And away she went, leaning her back against the guardrail, grabbing it with her back bound hands, using it as a lever to lift her wedge ballet boots encased feet, linked by that short chain to reach the next step. And once more. And once again, until finally, she reached the second floor. She made a tour of all the rooms. She found the misplaced item, the bed cover was half pulled off, in the last guest’s room.

She managed, struggled to put it back in place, making sure no wrinkles were apparent, and walked down to the first floor.

She had found the five misplaced items. But was there a sixth, or it was just teasing. The only place left was the basement, which meant another staircase. But there was more to the basement than… the basement.

After a few moments to rest, she struggled to get downstairs. It was a very old house with the foundations made of thick rocky walls. The ceiling was about 9ft high. Once down, she was facing three doors. One was leading to the mechanical room, where the furnace, the boiler, the main electrical panel were. The second door led to a storage area. The third one was the one she would take. She hobbled to the thick old wooden door. It was locked. But she knew the way in. She walked to the side and pushed the fourth rock, which was a little more brownish than the other ones, and she heard the heavy mechanism of the door unlock.

She pushed in, smiling under her gag. That room always had that effect on her. It was her dream come true. Well it was any BDSM enthusiast dream: a fully equipped dungeon.

She walked in, quickly looking at the numerous rings, chains and bondage furniture filling the rather large room. She had used pretty much all of them, and she would again. She just loved to spend some time there.

The ground, made of the same large flat rocks as the wall, was uneven so she had to be careful when she walked. A false step and she could tumble forward or sprain an ankle. 

She looked around. She looked everywhere. She knew where everything was, where everything should be and everything was in order. Phil had been toying with her. She wondered what he had in mind for the evening.

Anyhoo, by then, it was early afternoon, and she figured she would be able to catch a break, lay down and sleep somewhat, which was the reason for this day off work in the first place.

She walked out, but with her impaired vision, missed seeing that uneven rock she should have known. She lost balance. Impaired by the short chain, she struggled to get back in control, but only managed to stumble backward.

Her heel hit something, and she could help it but fell backward. Her fall was short as her back immediately hit some steel bar, where she slammed into them.

For an instant, she thought she had stopped but the steel bar wall suddenly tipped backward, and in an instant, Karen figured out what was happening.

She had stumbled, backward, into the standing bondage cage, and had hit it so hard that he was tipping backward.

She was preparing for the hard fall on the ground, but, half way through, it stopped and bounced, as the cage was held to the ceiling by a chain. That swing  however made the door swing shut, closing on Karen with a loud clunk, locking.

Karen felt the steel door of the cage hit on her: that cage had been made to measure for her, so that once inside, she wouldn’t move much: it was following her body.

So there she was, leaning to her back 45 degrees, locked in a steel cage, unable to move or to get out.

“Well, Karen.” she thought to herself. “You wanted to rest. There you go.”

Then the dildos fired. The cage actually squeezed her chastity belt, acting like an amplifier, making the whole cage vibrate.

Karen began to hum… louder and louder… and louder.

© Pete, February 25, 2017

  • To Be Continued.

Good Evening.

 The cage, slanted at 45 degrees, its top  held by a chain linked to the ceiling, was rocking from one side to the other, swinging in place, as Karen experienced another powerful orgasm. Phil had programmed the dildos well, with their firing times getting longer and longer. Karen had stopped counting after the fifth powerful orgasm…or was it the ninth. She didn’t know. She plainly didn’t care.

She thought she heard some faint noise. She concentrated. It was Phil calling her name. She tried to answer, but the gag prevented anything from getting out. Then she saw his shadow approaching.

“Ah, there you go. The basement door opened was a good hint.” he said, then began laughing. “What the hell happened here?” he asked as he operated the winch which raised the cage upright, before opening the door.

Karen walked out, all dizzy, unsteady.

“I guess you enjoyed yourself in-there.” he said, laughing.

Karen nodded, then almost collapsed. Phil was quick to pick her up and bring her upstairs to the bedroom where he removed the good. She explained to him what happened. He laughed.

“No wonder you’re totally exhausted. Let me get you out of this.” he said, rolling her on her stomach to remove the links binding her arms in her back. He also unlocked the chastity bra. Karen moaned when he did so, feeling the pressure off her chest.

He turned her again on her back, removed the steel bra and began to massage her breasts while giving her a passionate long kiss.

“Is there any energy left for me?”

Karen moaned a positive response, and he began to caress her body, around her breasts, squeezing them, then down to her corset, where he unlocked the chastity belt.

Her hands slid along her legs where it unlinked the knee cuffs and the ankle cuffs. Karen responded by opening her legs as wide as she could on the latex covered bed. Phil grabbed her ankles and linked them to each corner of the bed before crawling back on her, removing the chastity belt and the vaginal dildo, leaving the butt one in place.

Again, he caressed her, going upward, kissing her while at the same time, stretching her arms to the corners of the bed to tie them up.

It was one of Karen’s condition to have sex, to make love: she had to be bound. He let her stretch, to squirm in her bonds, knowing that it was making her juice up, while he prepared himself, getting into his own latex catsuit, his throbbing member fed through a thin latex sheath. He crawled over her, the two latex covered bodies sliding on top of each other. He continued to caress her, now rubber against rubber. Karen was pulling on her bound member, getting excited, while Phil was slowly pumping inside her, kissing her, licking her latex covered breasts, feeling her tight compressed waist under her smooth leather corset. His legs gliding against hers, he pumped, faster and faster, while Karen reacted more and more. He knew how to read her. She knew how to read him. They got in sync, reaching their respective climax at the same time, sending them both to seventh heaven, their body filled with pleasure hormones, they slowly calm down, getting to a relax state.

As they both were getting their heart rate down, Phil grabbed a simple ball gag and put it in Karen’s opened mouth. She welcomed it. She needed it. He then laid by her side, looking at her, caressing her.

“I brought some pizza as it’s already too late to fix any meal. You’re okay with that?”

She nodded yes.

“By then, we’ll probably watch some TV and go to bed. It’s almost 21:00.”

She made wide eyes.

“Yeah, I did work late. Now, do you want to be stuffed and locked back or…”

He didn’t have time to give her the other options. The answer left no doubts.

He picked back the huge dildo and softly, twisting it, inserted it back in, then locked the chastity belt over it, and the bra, finally, linking her legs with short chains and her wrists in front of her.

He was downstairs before her, and waited by the table. Karen got there a few minutes later, took the pizza out of the oven where they had been kept warm, and served it. Phil linked her collar to the chair and removed her gag.

After the meal, Karen was bound to her special chair where she was restrained about everywhere and she could look only straight in front of her.

The TV show they had recorded began. Phil took his tablet. Apparently, there was still some power left on those dildos.

Karen didn’t pay much attention to the TV show.

© Pete / monsterp63, February 25, 2017.

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