Karen – Shiny Buffing


People facing her went wide eyed. Many turned around after she passed them, looking in disbelief at… whatever that was.

Karen couldn’t care less. She was smiling, her long buckled brown hairs floating on her shoulders as the clicking of her thin and very high heels were hitting the hard tiled floor of the shopping mall.

And it was crowded. She was the center of attention.

She didn’t care.

She was doing nothing special. Perhaps, for some, being tightly encased in a very tight black latex catsuit, would be special, but not for Karen. This was her everyday attire.

Each clicking of her heels were accompanied, like a perfectly tuned orchestra, with the creaking of rubber, mixed with the rubbing sound of her tight leather corset, squishing her waist.

The rubber catsuit was flawless. Not even the sight of a zipper. It was following her skin like it was glued to it.

There was a group gathered around a center booth, assisting the demonstration of some miracle product. Karen headed for them, getting there as the salesman was turning her back on her, preaching his product to the group gathered on the other side.

The group, mostly consisting of men, as the product was some kind of car shine product, stopped looking at him, and turned their eyes at her, some with more interests than others.

Karen simply stayed there, smiling, winking at those who seemed the most appalled by her look.

The salesman was going on with his selling script, but at one point, he noticed that people were not looking at him, but behind him.

“… and with just a buff of the shine-y-cloth included with the shine-y-thing, you get the… w… is something wrong?” he asked.

“Behind you.” said a man, without taking his eyes off Karen.

The salesman turned around, and dropped his bottle of shine-y-thing, which made him snap back to reality, as he picked it up.”

“Hello, miss. Are… are you interested by shine-y-thing?”

“I might.” said the woman with a soft, sultry voice that would melt anyone too close. “You say that your product would shine anything?”

“Yes, your car, your windows,  your lawnmower, your…”

“How about me? Can you make me shine?” she said, showing her tight rubber suit, which was not exactly dull, and not exactly shiny either.

“Oh, you are already shining miss.” he said “I think you blinded half the people around this stand, including myself.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet. I would like my suit as shiny as a mirror. You think it can do it?”

“Err… yes, of course, it can. Shine-y-thing would make anything shine. You…  you w… want me to try it?” he said, awkwardly approaching her with his shine-y-cloth.

Karen extended her arm. Her rubber covered arm and hand, without any trace of seam, as if everything had been molded straight, on her body as if she had been spray-coated.

He gently touched her arm, feeling the rubber, gently rubbing it. Already, a patch of her rubber coated arm began to shine like a mirror.

“Oh, that’s miraculous. Can… would you be so kind to do the whole arm?” she asked from  her soft melting voice.

“I… I guess I can.” he said, some men evidently encouraging him to do so.

He applied more of the shine-y-thing liquid to his shine-y-cloth, and rubbed it into her hand, rubbing each individual fingers, feeling the tight rubber within his hands, then going upward on her arm, making long slow strokes, making sure his cloth would get to touch everything. He had to snap out of it. He was there to sell the produce. He had to… go on.

“As… as you can see, ladies and gentlemen, the shine-y-thing makes this material shine like new, just with a swipe of the cloth. No buffing, no cleaning. Just a little rubbing to make sure it contacts everything and the job is done… like that.” he said as he finished the arm.

Karen looked at it, evidently pleased, turning it all around, admiring the harsh light of the shopping mall reflect on it like it was a black mirror. She put her other arm besides it.

“Wow. What a difference. But… I can’t go out like that. I would need at least both arms equally shiny… if you don’t mind.” she said, again with her soft voice.

“I… it’s that… there’s those people here…”

By then, the small group had grown, men and women were getting interested by… by what exactly.

“Go on! Do the whole suit” said one woman within the crowd. “Yeah, do the whole suit” began to say to some other people, as many women than men. The salesman was kind of stuck between the crowd inviting him to do the suit, and that gorgeous woman, smiling at him.

“I… I can do it…” he said, then recomposing himself, seizing the opportunity “and you’ll  how quick and easy it is to shine any surface with Shine-y-thing.” he said, pouring another shot on his cloth, and rubbing the other arm, then the back, over the corset, demonstrating that even leather would come out shining, down to the buns where he quickly rubbed them, down her legs, shining her leather boots, then going back up, stopping at her crotch, not sure to go there, and staring at her large breasts, stretching the rubber. He blushed.

“I… I can’t…”

“Need some help?” said Karen, gently taking his hand, and guiding in around her crotch, between her legs, then up, doing her tiny waist, and finally, rubbing her breasts in circular motion. The salesman was alternating between looking at his hand, firmly held by the rubber clad hand of the woman, the breasts, shiny, returning his own reflection, and her beautiful face, her smile, those lips, inviting, moist…

He snapped out of it and took back control of his hand as he did a few last strokes on her collar.

“There, ladies and gentlemen, Shine-y-thing works on anything: cars, tires… beautiful ladies. It’s only one bottle for $10 or four for $30, including the shine-y-cloth.

“I’ll take a case.” said Karen, handing a pile of bills, and a piece of paper. “Just deliver them by my place.” she said with a wink.

“Err… Yes…” he said, as others were handing money, while looking at the woman, looking at her shiny suit, slowly walking away, smiling, sexily walking on her high heel boots.

*   *   *

He stopped by the address she had given him. It was a motel on the edge of the city. He picked up a case of shine-y-thing, and brought it at the door, where he knocked. The door opened, on a tall, black and shiny woman.

“Hello, young man. Care to enter for the delivery?” she said, closing the door behind him.

A few of the followers, that were trying to stalk the woman, left, and a few of them stayed, awaiting the salesman exit, to, perhaps, have a try at it.

“So, how were your sales…  honey?”

“Fabulous, Karen. It works every time! I’ve sold all my inventory. I’m gonna have to order more.” he said, dropping the case of bottles, revealing at the same time, they were empty ones. Mock-ups. “I should have the next delivery in a week. We’ll have to decide which shopping mall to visit.” he said.

“We have time for that later. Now,” she said, grabbing him by the tie and pulling him to the bed. “you have to work on that suit rubbing thing. Would you mind doing it all over again, and this time, put some heart in it.” she said, laying on the bed, the man leaning on top of her, grabbing her breasts. She moaned.

© Pete / monsterp63, May 1, 2017

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