Karen – The Pose Machine


There was a knock on the large industrial warehouse door. Phil walked to it, his steps echoing into the large, mostly empty room. He lifted the large steel mechanism and opened a small pedestrian door.

On the other side was a young woman, brown shoulder blade length curled hairs, wearing a tight black leather jacket, tight stretch jeans and wedge high heels sneakers.

“Hi… Geesh, I’m sorry, I think I’m not at the right place. I’m looking for someone named Phil? Err… Sorry, my name is Karen.”

“Yes, hello Karen,” he said, extending a hand. “Please come in.” he said, opening his arms, inviting her in.

She made one step then stopped.

“Who… What is giving me the proof I’m at the right place. I mean, this is an old warehouse at the port. You could be anybody.”

“Sure. Very clever. I didn’t expect less from you. Okay, I contacted you on Fakebook last week because your status was: I’m a model, waiting for the next assignment. We exchanged and I gave you a detailed description of what I was expecting on my project.”

“Not bad… What’s the code word?”

“Roses are not roses if they are red. You thought about that yourself?” he asked.

“Yes… Like it”

“It stinks… but I didn’t hire you for your writing prowesses. Please come in.” he said with a smile.

She frowns

“That’s not very nice.”

“That’s the truth. Then, I’m a visual artist, not a literary critics.” he said, closing the door behind her, gesturing to her to walk forward, toward a brightly lit corner.

There was a makeshift table with a computer on it. Wires were going from it to a large box, the size of a dishwasher, then multiple cables and tubes were going from that box to a strange looking device that looked like an unfinished robot with a dozen hands.

“Is that the… device? Looks creepy.” she said, pointing at the multi-arm contraption.

“Yep. It looks scary, but it’s just a bunch of sensors to record your body position.”

“Ah.” she said, approaching it, and trying to get in place. “Is this how I should stand in this thing? How does it work?”

“I’m no tech guy here. A friend of mine lent it to me, however, you have to wear that special suit.” he said, pointing to a plastic bag on the floor, just right next to it.

Karen picked it up. It was a black lump of something shiny and slippery. She took it out.

“Feels like rubber. What is it?”

“Not sure, and honestly, I don’t care. You’re the model, you should know about this stuff. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m already paying you, so please, step on it and come back here when you’re ready. The machine is ready.”

Karen looked around for a changing room, but there was nothing of that nature. She retreated onto a black corner and pulled out the suit, trying to find the zipper, but there was none.

“How do you put this on? There’s no zipper.”

“I don’t know. You’re the fashion expert.”

“You’re the model, you’re the fashion expert. Damn, I wonder if he knows how to put his briefs on the right way.” she mumbled to herself, turning the suit on all sides, having second thoughts about the contract. But she needed the money.

The only  obvious way to put it on was through the narrow collar. There was a large bottle of lubricant at the bottom of the bag, and Karen made the link. She has read and saw pictures of people in latex, but apart from seeing pictures, she never actually, really saw what a neck entry catsuit was like.

Phil was so concentrated on his setup that he never heard the multiple huffs and moans of Karen as she put on the suit. Finally, she walked out to  him.

“It’s about ti… wow!” he said, eyes wide open.

Karen smiled, but was not sure. This thing was molding her body like a second skin, revealing everything. She was, without realizing it, slowly rubbing her hands on her hips. That suit made her, at the same time, uncomfortable and incredibly hot. Good thing there were those ventilation holes at her crotch, two holes about 1cm in diameter. Not enough to reveal anything. For the rest, she was totally enclosed, from the attached gloves to the attached toe socks. Only her head was free.

“Errr… you… you have to put those strange boots too.” he said, pointing to two long leather tubes, leaning against the wall. 

Karen looked at them with wide eyes.

“You’re not serious? Those are fetish boots.”

“Your resume states that you are a ballet dancer, right.”

“Well… I attended a few classes… Fine…” she said, taking the boots, sitting down, the suit stretching, pinching in her crotch. She bit her lips for not moaning as she put on the ballet heel boots and laced them tightly. She got up, not very steady. Yes, she has taken a few classes, the beginner’s, easy, no pointed toes ones. She didn’t exactly lie on her resume, just not given all the details.

“You sure all this is required? I mean, it’s pretty extreme for simply tracking body positions.” she said, wobbling her way to the spidery looking machine.

“I don’t know. Like I said, I loaned it from someone I know… Okay, come closer, you should stand here, and  now this comes… Oh, I forgot, there’s the corset-like thing you have to wear too.” he said, picking another plastic bag and getting out a long leather corset.

“No way I’m wearing a corset! This is a joke! I can’t believe it.” she said, eyes wide opened at the dreadful garment. The catsuit was one thing, then the ballet boots. No way she would go for a corset.

“Well, okay then, but he told me that it might be quite uncomfortable in the long run in the machine without the corset, but… okay…” he said, picking the arm behind her waist, to which was attached a curved band covering the back of her waist, about 12cm wide against her back. There was a mechanical arm attached to it that followed the movement.

He pressed a button and winding noise were heard as the end of the plates grew, circling Karen’s waist and getting quite tight, holding her firmly in place.

“That’s tight enough, you can stop.” said Karen.

“It’s all automatic. I can’t do anything about it.” he said as the winding continued. It stopped, making Karen wide eyes. The corset might not have been that bad after all.

He did the same with bands at the ankles, above the knees, over the elbows, wrists and neck. Finally, another arm, with four large fingers, were gripping her head, two fingers on each side, one at the temple the other below the cheek.

“There. All done. Comfy?”

“Not really.” she said, trying to loosen the waist band.

“Okay. You’re gonna be lifted off the ground about 10cm now.”

There was a whining noise and Karen felt being lifted by the waist band, which pulled hard against  her rib cage.

“Aaargh… no, put me down, please.”

“But I haven’t beg…”

“I said, put me down… And hand me that corset.”

He did, puzzled. He took Karen out of the device and she wrapped it around her waist and began to pull on the laces, then looking at him, he understood that he should be the one pulling on them.

Karen felt her waist being crushed, but it was more comfortable than the gripping arm. At one point, he stopped.

“This is getting very difficult to pull.”

“How much for the sides to meet?”

“About 2cm.”

“Damn. No pull harder. They have to get together or I feel they will pinch when the machine will grab me.” she said, knowing how tight the machine would squeeze her.

Twenty minutes later, panting, he knotted the laces.

“Okay. Let’s go on with it.” she said, putting her back on the machine. Phil fixed all the arms again.

He wrapped the waist band.The tightening was a lot more bearable. This time, Karen felt almost comfortable as she was lifted off the ground.

“Okay. I have figure out the software. Stand still… Okay, capture done. Now move.”

“Move? How? What do you want me to do?”

“You’re the model, you should know how to move.”

With a sigh, Karen began to take standard poses, It was weird because she was not touching the ground. Phil seemed happy, frantically punching keys on his keyboard, clicking the mouse, smiling.

“Why do you need this anyway? Isn’t there software that poses CGI models already?”

“Yes, but you have to put their limbs at the right place. I’m basically a photographer. I want to extend my trade to include CGI characters into my photographs, but I want them to have a natural position. This device is the best thing I could get… Oh yes, continue.” he said, as Karen took weirder and weirder poses.

“Okay. That’s perfect. You can relax while I look up what else I need.”

On that, he left Karen hanging on the device, with nothing to do. She had time to feel the setup, feel how tight each cuffs were. She could feel her sweat slowly drifting downward inside the suit.

“The rest are very specific poses” he said, taking her out of her daydream. “Okay, do as if you’re holding someone’s hand… Perfect, now as you’re protecting your face from something bright… Perfect. Okay. Put your hands in your back, like if you’re cuffed and spread your legs like you’re getting arrested and frisked.”

“Like that? Woh… what the fuck… That thing is stuck. I can’t move. Arrgghgh…”

“What do you mean?” he asked, turning to her, and at the same time, making wide eyes as the machine was adding things. An arm was raising from under her crotch, with two huge dildos, that were forcing their entry through small holes in the suit that became larger when she spread her legs. Karen was there, unable to move, mouth wide opened.

“Waaaak aaass aaaask aaaoooeeegggnn”

“I don’t have a clue what it’s doing. Why do you keep your mouth wide opened?”

“Aaa aaaagg ooooggg eeeeeegg!”

“Can’t close it?”

“OOooooo aaaaaaggg!!!!!” screamed Karen as the huge dildos got forced in. There was a humming noise and Karen’s eyes turned backward. The dildos were vibrating.

She was fighting her bonds, but the machine didn’t bulge.


“What… Ah yes, I have to get you out of there… Why… why isn’t it stopping?” he said, as he pressed the stop button repeatedly, even the large emergency mushroom button.

“Hold… hold on a minute, I’m going to call the guy…”

Karen was frowning, but not from the stimulation, but from the fact that, at first, it was a friend, then someone he knew and now… the guy?” But her mind was quickly taken elsewhere as the dildos were not only vibrating, they were pulsating and… squirming. She never felt anything like that. She couldn’t repress it. The orgasm was building. Very strong, and she realized at the same time that being bound actually… increased it!

“Yes… Pete? Is that you? Listen, it’s Phil. Where are you?… visiting a friend…In Paris? France?… Damn! Listen, I have a problem with your machine. It’s holding my  model and… well… having sex with her… Yes, I made her took a position like that, to simulate being frisked… that was a secret password… orgasms machine… But I want to stop it. How do… can’t? What?… she has to org…. Three… for… are you serious? Gag?… There’s no way out? What if I unplug it? Ah… Okay… thanks.”

He put his cell phone down, and approached Karen, carefully. She was shaking in her bounds, unable to move, eyes wide open as she was relentlessly fucked. That machine was sturdy because she was sure it was going to fall to pieces with all the energy released. Phil tried to break the bad news to her.

“Well, Pete, the guy who built the machine, said that you inadvertently triggered its… bondage and orgasm functions, by taking the frisky / arrested position. There’s only one way to end it. You have to… orgasm…” he began to say, looking at the floor, “…blfh times for smlhsv hours…”

“Waakk???” she managed to say.,

“You have to orgasm three times, every hour for six hours. If for one hour you don’t reach 3 times, that hour doesn’t count. Sorry.”


“I can’t unplug it. Well, I can, but that doesn’t clear the memory, nor release you. And there’s more. You have to wear this otherwise the machine won’t… won’t count the orgasms. That’s why your mouth is opened like that.” he said, picking up a large ballgag hanging behind the machine and he put it in her mouth, tightly buckling it. As if the machine had sensed it, it released her jaw, which didn’t change much, as now the large ball was preventing it from closing.

At that same time, Karen’s eyes flipped backward as the first of many orgasms was building.”

The fact she was totally unable to move, the confine of the latex catsuit, her boots, the corset, the gag, all seemed to increase the power of the pleasure.

She exploded like never before, the machine holding her perfectly in place. Then all the vibration stopped, and Karen could relax for a few minutes.

Then, there was a beep, and the machine moved, changing Karen’s position to a spread eagle, not only spread, but stretched taut. She couldn’t move at all.

Then the vibration starts again..

Eight hours. That’s the time Karen needed to reach the goals. She had been moved between every orgasm, from spread eagled, to ball tied, to hogtied, all that while being suspended.

During that time, Phil was turning in a circle, thinking, fearing, the aftermath.

Finally the machine stopped. Phil helped Karen get off it She collapsed in his arms. He carried her to a bunch of cardboard boxes, having no furniture, and lay her down there. She had passed out. 

He removed the corset and the boots and waited, walking back and forth, trying to figure out how he will get out of this one. She would sue him, for rape or something. He would go to jail. He could run away, disappear, but he chose to stay, to face the consequences, to explain. He stayed by her side until she woke up, four hours later.

She didn’t say a word. He helped her get out of the latex catsuit. She seemed on drugs, out of this world. He asked her questions, but she only mumbled incomprehensible answers.  He put a piece of paper in her hand, stating that it was Pete’s number, and if she had anything to fix, it was to be dealt with him directly. A cab was called and she headed home.

The next morning, there was a knock at the door. He opened. It was Karen.

“Listen, I really didn’t know about it. I never wanted that to happen I…”

“It’s okay, Phil.” she said, all smiling. “Never mind. It was an accident. I understand. I’m not going to sue you.”

“You’re not? Thank you. But what are you doing here? Oh, right. Your pay check. Here. I put a little extra.”

“Thanks but… you don’t need me anymore? You still need a few poses to go through the list you had yesterday. Shouldn’t we be doing those?”

“Really?… I mean,  you’re willing to go back in the machine, even after what happened?”

“Yes. I mean, I know which position triggered it, right?”

“Err… yes…”

“So…” she said, heading for the dark corner to put on the suit, then walked to a chair to put on the ballet boots.

Phil installed her in the machine, then took place at the computer, setup the software, then looked at her.

It took about two hours to get all the poses he required. Karen was sometimes moaning, and while he was not looking, rubbing her crotch. Somehow, this whole thing was addictive.

“Okay, it’s all done. I’ll get you out of it.” he said, heading for her.

“No, wait…. I thought about something. Go where I put my clothes. The check you made is right there, Bring it to me, please.”

Puzzled, he did so. Karen took the cheque and ripped it.

“Why? It was your pay… Oh, right. I should pay you for today’s session too.” he said turning around to head to his desk.

“No, that’s all right. You don’t owe me anything. I’m fine. Just get the ballgag. You’ll need it.”

“The ballgag? What for… No. WAIT! DON’T DO IT!!!”

It was too late. Karen had taken the frisking position. The machine had locked her into position and the arm with the double dildos was quickly rising.

“But… That machine has a special setup that accumulates form session to session. I think you will have to get 3 orgasms for 10 hours or something.”

“Yes, I know.

“What? You know? How…”

“I called Pete. That guy is a genius!” she had time to say before her jaw was locked opened, awaiting the gag.

Phil dropped his arms. He couldn’t do anything. No work, nothing, until Karen gets out of the machine in… many hours.

Better make the best of it. He setup his camera tripod…

© Pete / monsterp63, June 2017

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