Karen – The Probe


The harsh cold lights of the ship’s corridor was reflecting off her shiny suit. The only sounds heard were the shuffling of her wedge boots, and the creaking of her white and light blue latex catsuit, tightly wrapping her entire body. It was enhanced with a light blue rubber corset, tightly squeezing her already tiny waist into an incredible small size.

Her wedge boots were somewhat extreme, as she had her feet pointed down as a ballet dancer would have, making it appear as an extreme high heel boot. The wedge sole had a hole, about 2cm in diameter, through them, from side to side in the middle of the wedge. The boots seemed to be of thicker latex, without any lace or zipper, and were rising up to her knee, tightly encasing her delicate calves.

If she could have walked faster, she would have, but doing so, would have triggered some… feelings that were not exactly nice to show in the middle of a ship’s corridor. Two huge intruders, deeply inserted and properly inflated, were invading her rectal and vaginal holes. Already, they were quite disturbing.

She was panting, her heavy breathing whistling through the snout like face of the glossy, thick plastic helmet she was wearing. Her eyes were covered by a wide dark band, from one temple to the other. In front of the snout, were two connectors: one for breathing, and the other one for feeding, all linked to tubes going either up her nose or down her throat. The helmet was totally smooth, except for the snout, and a electrical plug, located at the base of the skull, near the visual cortex.

She reached the command center. The door vanished in front of her and she entered, immediately flagged down by the captain.

“Ah, Karen. Glad you could come this quick.”

Karen only nodded off her head as she couldn’t talk, and walked up to him, stopping, getting at attention, legs together, hands in her back.

“At ease, Colonel. Now, I know you’ve logged a lot of hours recently, and you are in need of much needed rest, but this planet we just reached needs a thorough survey. In my opinion, you have the best eyes of the team. I would like you to be the prober on this one. Are you up for it?”

Karen joined her hands at her chest and bowed slightly: the Universal sign of approval and honor.

“Thank you, Colonel. We’ll launch you as soon as you’re ready.”

They exchanged a military salute and Karen turned around, wiggling her butt in her tight latex catsuit, walking out of C&C.

She turned left, walking about 10 meters before using an elevator to go to the highest level of the ship, where the probes were launched.

For centuries, people have been trying to record images of everything. When space exploration began, they used the latest camera technologies, even 3D cameras to bring back images of new discoveries, planets, fauna. One thing remained: it was never as good as being there, because the eye perceives things in ways that a camera, no matter how high tech it is, can’t.

About 15  years earlier, they developed a technology where the signal from the eyes could be recorded and played back, so anyone watching would see it through their “own” eyes.

Karen was one of the chosen, to be used for her eyes. They were called “Probers” because they were riding the probes.

As she walked, she could feel the thick and very tight latex, massage her hips and thighs, squeeze in the small wrinkles her butt was making. She liked the squeaking sound, the struggle she had to make to breathe through the corset. She just loves the position of her feet. 

She reached the probes launching facility and headed for her own dedicated pod. It was shaped like an egg. Right now, it was opened with four petal-like sections, over the lower section.

Carefully, rubber creaking, she took place in it, laying on her stomach, inside the perfectly molded body form, exactly to her body, even a little smaller.

The smooth finish, almost like permanently oiled rubber, made her slid easily in it. She wiggled a bit, putting her arms in her back, clamping her hands together.

On her feet, rods automatically fed through the holes in her boots, making sure they wouldn’t move.

Then, slowly, the petals began to close. The ones on each side were pushing on her arms, bringing them together, until their elbow touched and their hands were palm to palm.

The one down her legs, by closing, bent her legs at the knees, backward, tightly cinching them, separated by a 2cm thick rubber layer. She was effectively put into a tight, ungiving, hogtie.

Already her breath was shaking. Connectors at her crotch automatically linked to the plugs. She felt a jolt as they made contact, feeling the electrodes fire on her dildos and on her sensitive nipples.

Finally, the petal over her head closed down, pushing down her head tightly in place, unable to move.

That was the obligatory setup. That’s what she liked. They called that the SexStim. Sexual Stimulation… To the extreme.

The reason was simple.

At first, the Probers were left to themselves. They could look everywhere. It soon turned out that some important observations were lost because that prober was attracted by a nice scenery, or an odd object that the scientists were not eager to see with such details. Their eyes had a human response. But, how do you unlink the eyes from the brain?

They were able to develop technology where the eyes could be controlled. It worked fine, but sometimes, upon seeing something that would attract more attention, a flash of light, a sudden move, the eye control from the Prober override the computer.

The solution was dead simple: keep the brain focused on something else, so that the computer could control the eyes.

But how? On what? They tried complex formulas, reading texts, but nothing worked. It was too boring, uninteresting. They had to find something that would distract the brain for a long period of time without it being boring. Once thought, it became obvious: Sexual Stimuli

Then were born the actual probers. Men and women, confined in small pods, sexually stimulated according to their own fantasies, for hours on end, so that their eyes could be used to image new worlds.

The petal over her head closed down. The connector linked the plug at the back of her skull. She felt another jolt. Then, without her controlling them, her eyes made a “cycle check” going from the far left to the far right, up and down, and adjusted the focus.

The… self test… was concluded and a signal was sent by the computer to C&C. All Karen could do was wait.

In the meantime, her eyes were looking straight ahead, but since the SexStim hasn’t fired into action  yet, the slightest distraction, a flashing light, someone passing, would make her automatically look there to be immediately brought back in the center position by the computer. When that happened during an actual survey, they called that a flick. It meant that the brain had lost its distraction and had taken control, often involuntarily, of the eyes..

Another jolt. In her crotch this time. Then it began, vibrations, pulsations, inflation, deflation, signals sent from her crotch to her tits. Breath control. Already, her brain was letting go of her eyes. The computer had control.

The exterior door opened and she was launched. A small chromed egg aiming to a giant planet.

Its trajectory was controlled by C&C, the different scientists overlooking the survey.

Karen was seeing. She would remember key findings, some extremely beautiful sceneries, disturbing creatures, but her brain would not control her eyes, as her breath became shakier, faster. She tried to move, but she was held too tightly. She was unable to make the slightest move, tightly confined in her cocoon of hard rubber.

There she was, getting her first orgasm. Her record probing time was 28.32 hours! It was also the Probers record. Nobody had managed for so long. She wondered how long it would be this time.

# # #

“Are you going to tell her?”

The Captain turned toward a young woman, sitting at a console.

“Are you talking to me, Suzy?”

“Yes, Captain. Are you going to tell her?”

“Tell her what exactly?”

“That you’re abusing them while there’s other solutions…”

The soft chime announcing someone out of C&C regular personnel was heard, and the Captain turned around. He smiled.

“Ah, Lynda. Glad you could have come. I know you’re currently off duty, so you know you didn’t have to come.”

The tall woman, head shaved, walked with a firm pace, standing on high heel booties, her body encased in a black very tight, very thick PVC catsuit, enhancing her voluptuous curves. A black leather corset was squishing her waist to a crushing size. She raised a hand, which created a concerto of creaking.

“I’m always at your service, Captain.” she said from a soft spoken voice. “Is there a problem?” she said, looking at the giant screen, showing the current progress of an active probe  with Karen’s ID.

“Yes, there is. This planet turned out to be a lot more interesting that anyone thought. Karen is out there, doing the survey, but she’s been there for close to 22 hours. She was already exhausted, and frankly, I never thought it would extend to this long. However, we had a flick lately, and we suspect that we will have to pull Karen out within one hour. I know you’re off duty, but we need more probe time.”

“Aren’t Jeff and Brittany available? They’re capable of handling it.”

“Yes, they are, but… they’re still newbies. They could cope with 2 to 3 hours, but we suspect we would need maybe… 16 more hours…??” he said, looking at her with a pleading look. “I know you manage regularly 12 hours.”

“16 hours? Are you asking me to try to break my own 15.2 hours record?” asked Lynda, smiling.

“Well, if it’s an incentive…”

“I’m fully rested and ready. Of course I will do it.” said Lynda, smiling from ear to ear.

“Wait! You don’t have to do this!”

Lynda stopped and turned around, while the Captain was facing the young woman at the console.

“Why? What is it, Suzy?” asked the Captain.

The young woman rose off her chair and walked to Lynda.

“You don’t have to do this. There are other ways.” she said. “THEY just don’t want to tell you.”

“I… I don’t understand. Other ways for what?” asked the Captain.

Lynda was switching from Suzy to the Captain, trying to understand.

“There is another way than this… SexStim scam.” she said, turning to Lynda. “There is a pill that exists that could do the same thing, without you having to go through all of this.” she said, scanning Lynda’s suit from head to toe.

“The Pill?” asked Lynda, puzzled.

“Yes. There’s a pill that… Why are you laughing? This is serious.” she said, turning to the Captain. “SexStim is addictive. Look how it got you… dressed!”

Lynda was giggling.

“The Pill, of course.” said the Captain, trying to compose himself. “Lynda? I can’t answer for you.”

“Of course I know about the Pill. We all do.”

“You do?” asked Suzy, stunned. “But… why?”

“It’s always available. We can take one any time.”


“The Pill renders your brain numb. Basically, it knocks your brain out. You don’t feel a thing. You don’t see a thing. You don’t remember a thing. Every time I would use a pill, I would have a good portion of my day, of my work, totally blank.

We have the choice of being sexually stimulated for 4, 8, 20 hours, or awakening with those hours of nothing in our brains. We are all volunteers, Suzy. We CHOSE it. Like what I’m wearing I chose it because I like it.”

“Oh well…wait!  what…?” Said the woman as there was a sudden flash on the screens. “… We’re at two flicks. Better hurry up, Lynda.”

“With pleasure, sir” she said, turning around, creaking her way out of C&C, but just before exiting, she stopped and turned around, looking at Suzy.

“You should have a try. I’m sure the Captain will authorize a simulator session, one with and without the pill. I’m eager to see your choice.” she said as she walked out of the room.

#   #   #

10 days later.

Karen, Lynda, and the other Probers are all there, some in their working suit, other off-duty. They’re in the general briefing room, having been called by the Captain.

He entered with a small woman, tightly wrapped in the classic white and blue latex catsuit.

“Hello everybody. I would like you to welcome the new Prober recruit. She passed all the tests with flying colors. I think she will easily challenge Karen and Lynda for the duration record as she doesn’t intend to take the Pill. Please, welcome… Suzy.”

© Pete / monsterp63, June 3, 2017

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