Karen – Under Wraps


The wind was softly moving the windows on that rather cool night. Karen was asleep, but somehow, her ear picked up a sound, as if…

She was about to open her eyes when she felt a heavy weight over her, pinning her down. She opened her mouth to scream but it was filled with some cloth. By the texture of it and mainly its taste, she was quick to figure out that it was her own panties, she used to drop them on the floor, by the side of the bed, before slipping under the bed sheets, completely naked.

She tried to spit it out but strong hands held her head while some plastic was wrapped around her mouth, pushing the panties deep inside. Her faint scream turned into a muffled sound.

She had time to see her assailant, kneeled over her, in the dim light: muscular, tall, large body, with short dark hairs and apparently a short beard, before the plastic was wrapped over her eyes, keeping them shut.

In a swift move, he turned her on her stomach and grabbed her arms, wrapping her wrists in the tight plastic wrap, and then going to her ankles, before going back to her knees, and then her arms, where he drew her elbows together.

Karen squirmed but knew it was a lost cause.

He went back to her feet, flipping her back on her back, where he began to wrap them, using some narrow pallet wrap roll, starting at her toes, then wrapping her legs tightly up to her knees, where he stopped.

She felt fondling at her crotch. He was putting his fingers there. They were wet, moist… lubricated. Then she felt something solid, spherical, being forced in. It popped inside her then it began to vibrate!

A vibrating egg!! He put the control and the battery back between her legs and continued the wrapping, sealing them in place.

He wrapped her tightly around her waist, creating some kind of makeshift corset, pinning her arms in her back at the same time. Ah he reached her breasts, he stopped again, then  massaged them, squeezing them.

Karen moaned. This was not… unpleasant. He then pinched them with steel nipple clamps before going on with the tight wrapping. 

He reached her shoulders, neck, head. He wrapped them all carefully, then began with a second layer from the head down.

This time, he overlapped the layers a lot more. He was over her breasts when he stopped. Karen wondered if that was it, until he continued, with a fresh roll on his hand held dispenser.

He continued, wrapping her tightly until he reached her feet, before going upward again, for a third layer.

Karen could barely breathe. He had only left an opening at her nose. That was enough, but it was the crushing wrapping around her thorax that forced her to take short breaths because she couldn’t expand her rib cage.

He stopped after the third full wrapping. By the movement of the bed, she figured that he had laid down besides her.

She felt a hand, caressing her, feeling the tight, smooth stretched plastic on her body. It made her shimmer. The touch was sending her strange waves. She was not afraid. One thing for sure, he wasn’t there to rape her, not wrapped as she was. Abducted, perhaps? The thought made her wet. The vibrations appeared stronger. As if he had the right cue, the captor began to press on that area, increasing the feeling, the pleasure.

Karen moaned moure loudly, as the orgasm built up, higher and  higher. That’s when she felt plastic over her nose, cutting her breath.

Out of air, she panicked, started squirming, which made her orgasm explode stronger than ever before. Immediately, she felt air again. She could breath. It was as if it was aiming for it, and knew what he was doing.

Karen tried to relax, but the unrelentless vibration inside her, kept her active, aroused, climbing. Slowly, but surely. She was squirming, trying to stop it. She didn’t want another one. Not that quickly after the first one, but it seemed to be stronger than her will, her body was reacting on its own. Less than 15 minutes after the first one, she had another one. She was sure the wrapping was to let go, tense and convulsing as she was, but as she relaxed, she could still feel the tight embrace, the relentless tightening of the plastic wrap each time she tried to move.

The relaxation wasn’t long. Another one was building. But this time, her captor played with her breathing, cutting it, letting it flow, again and again. It just increased it. Made it more powerful. It also lengthened the time it took to build it as each time he was letting her breath, it suddenly lost part of its power. It was like climbing flights of stairs, getting out of breath when reaching one floor, then getting some relief, before going on for another floor.

Her captor apparently knew what he was doing, knew how she would react. He played faster with her breathing, each time, making her climb higher and higher, squirming. She was squirming so much that at one time, he sat on her tightly wrapped body, holding her still, sitting on her crotch, squishing it, containing the vibrations while playing with her breathing.

The restriction, the breath play, was just too strong. She exploded and almost lifted him off the bed although he was twice her weight, before, out of exhaustion, she fainted.

He gently got out of her, made sure she was breathing ok. He rolled her on the side, took a pair of safety scissors and cut open the wrapping on her back, freeing her arms from the wrists up to her shoulders, but keeping the wrists wrapped up.

He placed the safety scissors in her hands and rolled her back on her back, making sure she was breathing ok, that she was alright, before leaving.


It was early evening. Karen was relaxing in her pajamas, basically a tight shiny metallic purple spandex catsuit, watching some TV while sipping on a glass of wine.

There was a knock at the door and she heard it open. She knew who it was. She turned her head toward the entrance.

She immediately recognized him: tall, muscular build, short dark hair and a short beard.

“Hi!” she said, smiling from ear to ear.

“Hi!” he answered. “So, how was your night?”

“Ah man!! Awesome. I think I passed out for about an hour. When I awakened, the damn egg was still vibrating, and I had another one while I struggled to cut the plastic around my wrist. That was totally awesome.”

“And the… abduction thing?”

“I loved it. Even though I knew it was you, not knowing what was going to happen, what you were to do, was a thrill! I want to do it again.”

“Oh, really? But wouldn’t it be the same thing again?”

“Oh, no, not this time. I want more wrapping. I want all limbs wrapped separately, then all together.”

“Wow… really? I pretty much used all the wrap you had, you’re gonna have to buy more.”

“Oh, I already took care of it, today.” she said, pushing two cases with her feet: one of pallet wrap, the other of 6cm wide vinyl tape. And on top of it, a package with, obviously two large dildos and a large black box.

“What’s in the black box?”  he inquired, while surveying the amount of wrapping material.

“That’s the battery pack for the dildos. Guaranteed to provide power, at full blast, for 12 hours. Oh the kit includes vibrating nipple clamps too!”

He looked at her, raising her eyebrows.

“Well, I do not intend to stay into that amount of wrappings for just a few hours. You will keep me in it and free me when the dildos would die out.”

“Say what?” he said, stunned. “You intend to stay mummified for 12 hours?”

“Oh no. I will not set up the dildos at full blast. I think it would be around, oh… 16 hours or so.” she said with a devilish smile. “So, are you in? Same setup. You have to surprise me within a month, but will not tell me in advance.”

“Err, well… by what I see here, and what I used  yesterday night, you could be wrapped in three layers of plastic AND three layers of tape… for each setup. That would be a total of 12 layers, if I was to use them all. How many layers do you want?”

“Oh… I didn’t intend to do that setup more than once, so… all of them!” She said with a devilish smile. “So, is that a yes?” she asked, with doggy eyes…

© Pete / monsterp63, June 2017

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