Karen – One Strange Night


An image illustrated story

She thanked the Uber driver and got out of the cab. There was no traffic at this late hour and the driver disappeared quickly at the next street corner.

Karen, slightly drunk, looked around her, looking for her hotel.

“Where the fuck am I? This is not my hotel!” she said, looking in disbelief at the walls covered in graffiti of what looked like an almost abandoned part of the city. She looked at  her phone.

“8732 42nd Avenue. That’s the right place, but that… Wait a minute… Tha… that’s 24th avenue.” she said, giggling with a drunken laugh. “I gave him the wrong street! Silly me. I’ll… I’m gonna have to call another ride.” she said, looking for the app on her smartphone, but she got NO SERVICE as answer.

“What the f… No signal? What kind of hell hole is this?” she said, as she began to walk, moving her phone up, down, sideways, inverted, trying to find a signal.

The sounds of clicking high heels could be heard in the distance, and the voice of women talking.

“I’m bored.” said one. “Anybody want to dance with me?”

”I’m sure we’ll get some action. We always do” said another one, following the first woman’s dancing moves.

“That’s a nice choreography, girls,” said the third one.

Karen wasn’t looking where she was going.

“Damn… Damn… Damn… I need a signal. Please… I need to call a…” 

The woman dancing and Karen, neither of them looking, collided. The woman in high heels lost balance fell face first on the sidewalk while Karen collapsed on her knees.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!” said the one who had fallen, quickly joined by the two others. 

Karen looked up in amazement. The one on the ground was wearing some kind of shiny catsuit, purple, with a tight red corset. She was standing high in colorful thigh high, high heels platform boots. The woman with whom she was dancing was wearing a dark blue shiny catsuit with a black corset and light blue thigh high, high heel boots, and the third one, was kind of weird. She was wearing something that looked like liquid metals, standing on boots without any heels. She had a red leather corset covering her from hips to breasts.

“What the hell” began to say Karen.

The one in the purple suit got back up and approached Karen in a threatening way. “Don’t you push me around. The sidewalk is wide enough.”

“Yeah! Who do you think you are?” said the one in blue.

“No… No, wait. I’m… I’m sorry.” said Karen, trying to defuse the situation. Suddenly, she felt a lot more sober. “Listen. My cab dropped me on the corner over there, but… (giggling) … I gave him the wrong address, so now I’m trying to call a ride back, but I get no fucking signal on my phone.”

“What? How come, no signal?” asked the purple one.

“Look: no signal” she said, showing her phone.

“What kind of phone is that? Never saw anything like that before.” said the blue one.

“It’s a… prototype a friend of mine lent me. Apparently, it’s not ready for the market yet.” she said, putting it back in her purse.

“Do you guys have a phone I can borrow? You know, to call a cab?”

“Oh, you want help. But of course.” said the purple one, suddenly all cheerful. “We can help you. We have a phone upstairs, in our room. Please come in.” she said, inviting her to enter

While the one in blue quickly gets up the stairs to open the door. Karen marvelled at how shiny their suits were, and their tight corsets, and incredible high heels.

As she climbed the stairs with them, her phone brushed against the thigh of the strange golden catsuit, making a strange metallic clunk noise.

“Oops, sor… What the hell is this?” touching the woman’s thigh with her finger to discover that it was as rigid and cold as metal. “What are… you? Some kind of robot or cyborg or something?” asked Karen, in disbelief.

“She’s a failed experiment.” said the blue one.

“Suzy! Stop calling me that.” she said. “I’m NOT a failed experiment. The suit is.”

“How come?” asked Karen.

“Well, it was an experiment for a new probable armor for the soldiers. I was in the army at the time, in the testing department. It was supposed to obey the muscles commands, and move accordingly, but if something from outside was to press on it, it would revert to its solid metal form. That’s  how I can move freely, but when your phone touched it, it was rigid.”

“So… it works.” said Karen. “What’s the failure part?”

“Well, my body will make it stretch or contract. It will follow my skin. This is a neck entry catsuit. If I try to stretch the collar to take it off, it goes off my skin and gets rigid. In short, I’m stuck in this until they find a way.”

“Then what… what are you doing here instead of being in some military facility trying to get it off?”

“Who said she wants to take it off?” said the purple one. “By the way, my name is Lynda. This is Suzy and the… failed experiment here, is Anna, but we call her Copper.”

“Very funny.” said Anna.

By then, they were entering the room. Karen startled when she saw what was inside. She wanted to back off, but Lynda and Anna were blocking the way, forcing her in.

They were quick. She didn’t have time to react. In no time, she was stripped of her boots, skirt, shirt and jacket and was sitting in this straight wood chair with those rings all over it. She looked at them.

“What are you doing? Give me back my clothes. All I want to do is make a phone call. You said you have a phone, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, you’ll make your phone call, but only AFTER.”

“After? After what?”

“After you try our products,” said Lynda.

“Products? What are you? Tupperware representative?” she said, thinking their shiny catsuit was some kind of publicity stunt.

“No, we’re the Sisterhood of Latex Enlightenment.”

“The WHAT?” Asked Karen in disbelief.

“I told that name was stupid!” said Anna.

“And you think your idea of “The Shiny Squad” was better? Said Suzy.

“Cut it out girls.” said Lynda, then turning to Karen “Don’t worry. It won’t hurt a bit. After that, you’ll be able to make your call.” she said, approaching with a black lump of shiny, silky rubber.

Karen was some kind of daze. She was not afraid, yet eager to see what it was. She did not feel threatened.  She obeyed. She felt she could have run away, the door wasn’t locked, but  she felt rather compelled to do what they were asking. She didn’t know how. She didn’t know why.

She got completely naked and began to slide the tight garment up her legs. It was to be put on through the narrow neck opening. The girls helped her, applying lubricant, gently pulling on the thin shiny fabric, which covered her feet, each toe individually, like a second skin.

It was a strange feeling. It was smooth and easy to put on, but as soon as it was touching her skin, it seemed to get tighter. She liked it. As it reached her crotch, it was obvious that there was something else inside. She blushed when she realized that it was dildos. Huges. And TWO of them.

She had played with dildos, but in her vagina. Never in her butt. Now she would have to, and both at the same time.

The girls helped her to relax. She moaned when they entered, slowly, being pushed it as the suit was rising up, now wrapping her waist, then compressing it, like an invisible corset. With some struggle, they manage to put her arms in and the suit slid into place, pulling her hands into the attached gloves of the sleeve. Damn! That felt good.

They completed the outfit with a tight rubber hood, leaving holes for her eyes and mouth, and with heavy steel shackles.

Karen made a few steps, feeling her new skin. It was getting her shivers with every move. That was a strange sensation. Something she liked. Especially the huge dildos with each move.

They led her to a padded frame on the wall. Quickly after, she was suspended by the arms, spread eagled. They began to grope her, squeezing her breasts, rubbing her thighs, pushing on her dildos. She moaned. Loudly. Very loudly.

“Ooo. We have a noise maker here.“ Said Suzy. 

“Better take care of that.” said Anna, producing a red rubber ball attached to a strap.

Karen never saw what was a ballgag before. She was puzzled when they asked her to open her mouth, but as soon as she felt the hard ball in, she moaned even louder. Having her mouth full, unable to spit whatever was in, was another new sensation, and it made her drool.

They continue to touch her, caress her, squeeze her, pinch her. She was squirming and she was glad the shackles were heavy steel: she would have ripped herself out of that frame when the first orgasm struck.

Lynda smiled.

She took a long vibrating stick and began to rub it on Karen’s stretch body. The vibrations seemed enhanced by the tight rubber, but then, when Lynda reached Karen’s crotch, a whole new world opened to her.

In the meantime, Anna has been complaining that she wanted some part of the action, so Suzy suspended her, upside down, to the frame facing Karen.

She saw the slim Anna being suspended, arms tied in her back, squirming of pleasure when Suzy applied the same kind of vibrators in her crotch. Her suit reverted to a full solid as the vibrator touched it, sending its vibrations to the whole suit.

They said Karen was loud? Anna was a bomb fallout alarm!

After a few orgasms on the board, they took Karen out of it, and put her inside a strange frame, tying her arms in different heights, putting her feet in hot pink high heel sandals and linking them with a short chain.

Standing in heels was all new to her. She hated heels. She despised them. Those were for hookers and people who didn’t like feet. But with the tight rubber suit, her dildos, the shackles, the gag, those heels took an all new meaning. It forced her posture. Forced her to put her butt out, making her hips move in a strange way, and with those huge dildos, now vibrating on their own, that was just too much.

She orgasmed. Again and again, while looking at Anna squirming upside down while Karen and Suzy were having some very intimate moments, caressing each other on the straight chair.

She didn’t know how it happened, but in the end, she lost it. Everything became black, peaceful. Orgasmic.

She was sitting on the ground, still clad in her rubber catsuit. It was dark. She couldn’t see. Did they blindfolded her?

“Hello? Miss? Are you okay? My name is Lynda. Do you want me to call an ambulance?”

She felt touched, shaken. She moaned. A pleasure moan. She opened her eyes, which she blinked a few times, the morning sun being quite strong.

Crouching in front of her was a young woman with purple hair. She had a sporty jacket and skinny jeans. Karen frantically looked around.

“What? Wh… Where the hell am I?”

“You seem to have passed out, and by the smell, you had quite a party last night.” said Lynda.

Karen moved and the strong smell of dried alcohol along with a lot of sweat filled her nostrils, making her grin.

“Oh… Man… I remember now. I gave the cab driver the wrong address and my phone wasn’t picking any signal… Oh, my head.” she said, but at the same time, she had a strange sensation… lower.

She looked at her phone where a full power signal indicator was lit.

“I don’t get it. It was totally dead last night.”

“I believe they had a problem with the cellphone tower last night. Well, this is not the best of neighbourhoods. Anyways, if you feel you’re alright,  you can call a cab. On the other hand, you’re just in front of the subway station. I can help you get there if you want.”

For some reason, Karen preferred to be helped by that woman rather than stay there, on her own, waiting for a cab.

“I’ll… I’ll go for the subway.” said Karen, struggling to get up.

“I’ll walk you there.” said Lynda, helping her.

Karen followed the woman across the street. Her name was Lynda?. Purple hair. Was that just a drunken dream?

Lynda took the lead. Karen surprised herself at admining her tight skinny jeans, and how she walked in her high heel booties. She felt… strange in her loose dress and flat boots. She tried to tighten the belt, but something else was missing. Lynda had reached into the entrance hall before her and was waiting. Karen was still dizzy. What the hell happened last night? Could she simply fell asleep on the sidewalk? She was walking slowly behind her, then looking down, was surprised to see she was actually walking on her toes… as if she was wearing heels. She lowered her heels on the ground. It felt… dull.

Lynda was waving at her to come inside the station, pointing her watch as she didn’t want to be late. Karen put a hand on her door handle, then turned around, looking at that corner door on the other side of the street, where she met those shiny girls… of her dream.

Then, there, on the window, a golden-copper reflection. She saw her. She saw Anna. The liquid metal clad woman. 

She turned around to show that to Lynda. She was there, all dressed in her purple catsuit and thigh high boots. She opened her mouth in shock.

Suddenly, her body was filled with large vibrating intruders, her mouth stuffed with a rubbery ball. Her arms were shiny pitch black. She was standing on high heel boots, feeling an orgasm coming.

As quickly as it appeared, it was gone. She did a double take at the building window, but there was nothing. The only golden reflection was the low morning sun shining off the window. Apparently.

Turning around, Lynda was walking away, in her skinny jeans and jacket, not waiting for her, disappearing off the corner of the corridor.

Karen got in, and tried to catch on to Lynda, but on the other side, it was already crowded and she had lost her.

A subway ram was getting into the station. It was hers. She walked to it. People were looking at her with a strange smile. She looked down, expecting to see her dress stained or something, but there was no stain, just herself, walking on her toes again.

She boarded the train. It was full. She had to stand up. She heard a woman nearby, her PVC raincoat squeaking against the seat’s vinyl. It sent strange sensations to her.

In front of her, a mother with a young child, holding up a helium filled balloon. It was almost rubbing Karen’s face. But the smell. The smell of rubber, and when she touched it trying to keep it away from her face. Again, she had that strange tight sensation of being encased in rubber. She closed her eyes. Yes, an orgasm was building.

The train started to roll. She lost her balance and felt backward. She had been standing on her toes again.

By stumbling backward, she hit another woman, her back to hers. That woman turned around, her dark blue leather jacket creaking.

“Be careful.” said the woman smiling. “Better keep your feet flat on the ground.” she said before turning away. For a minute there, Karen saw… Suzy?

What the hell was going on? What the hell was happening.

She got off one block away from her hotel. She passed in front of an erotic boutique. She never paid attention to that before, but now…

There were some leather cuffs, gags, latex panties. All of those produced strange sensations within her body, just for looking at them. Again she finds herself standing on her toes.

Once in her room, she opened her laptop computer. She had a search to make. Well, she had a few searches, but the first one was… Neck Entry Latex Catsuit.

She was changing. Already, she was dreaming of buying the high heels she saw in the erotic boutique window… That and the cuffs, and the gag, and…

© Pete / monsterp63, August 2017

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