Karen – Sooner or Later


Part I


She made one last pass of polish over her shiny latex covered leg, down to her individually enclosed toes, while looking at her reflexion in the long mirror. A very tall and slim black, shiny, almost liquid looking, female form. Her large breasts were tightly squeezed by the skin tight Fantastic Rubber neck entry catsuit, leaving her body totally seamless. 

As she put her leg down, she moaned at the intruders she had deeply inserted in her crotch. They were silent. For now. That was for later. Way later.

She took a long leather corset. She tightly wrapped it around her already thin waist and tightened it using a doorknob as a holding hook while she was walking away, pulling on the laces.

She was doing it slowly. She loved the gradual compression, the squishing. It was pushing some stuff up, but also down, against her already too big dildos. She softly moaned, gently biting her lower lip with a sensual smile. That would be fun. Later.

With some regrets, she took her full body stocking and began to feed her feet into it. She didn’t want to go multilayer but she had no choice, otherwise, she would attract too much attention.

Slowly, she proceeded to feed herself into the tight body stocking, that would leave only her hands and head free. After long minutes, she was done, removing the last wrinkles.

She grinned at her reflection in the mirror. She would have much preferred the shiny look of her latex catsuit, but, oh well. That would also be for later. Again.

She took her tightest skinny jeans, the ones that could only fit if she was heavily corseted, which were also the reason why she had to cover the latex with the nylon stocking, so she could put them on, and proceeded to slide them up her legs.

Twisting and squirming, she pulled the tight pants up her waist. She sat on the edge of the bed to put her black velvet over the knee high heel boots. They were made with a thin 2cm platform and a 14cm high total heel. They were the latest fashion, with a gold chain around the ankle. They also had a secret. Before pulling the side zipper, that was running the length of her ankle, there was a little strap inside of it. She pulled it together and linked them with a very small, yet effective, padlock. Those boots were to stay on until the keys in the timed safe would allow her to get them off.

That was for later.

She then lay on the bed, sucked in what she could, and pulled the zipper of her tight jeans up. She complimented them with a narrow silver belt. It concealed a lock that looked just like a box where she would put the tip of the belt. She was locked in. No release.

As she struggled to get up, she looked in the mirror and laughed at herself. Once up, it was a totally different sight, her long boots making her appear to have extremely long legs, her corseted waist making her almost look unreal. Her upper body was left to cover.

She picked up a pair of thin wrist length nylon gloves she struggled to put over her latex covered fingers. It was followed by elbow length black kid leather gloves. Sliding them over her nylon covered fingers was still not easy as they were very tight. Once done, she flexed her hand a couple of times, feeling the three layers of fabric, impairing her dexterity. She liked it.

She took a turtleneck shirt, stretchy and tight fitting, and slid it over her head, pulling it tightly over her ample breasts. It was tight to follow her extreme curves.

She went to her closet where she chose a red leather jacket. She put it on. Her arms slowly fed into its sleeves as it was very tight fitting. She took pleasure from it, feeling it getting tighter as it went on. It was hip length, and had a fashionable diagonal zipper. She zipped it. It was made to be worn with that corset, following her curves. She left the large flap over her breasts down.

A last look at the mirror. A last struggle to make a little touch-up of makeup, her fingers clumsy and her arms too tightly wrapped in leather to easily reach her lips. She grabbed a small purse and out the door she went.


Part II

The walk.

She got out of her apartment, and into the street. The few stairs she had to take made the large dildos wobble inside her. She was smiling ear to ear, sparkles in her eyes. People she was passing by, saluted her, returning her contagious smile.

If only they knew that she was not smiling for them…

She walked slowly, her high spiky heel with a metal tip clicking on the sidewalk. It was a coldish afternoon, the temperature just a few degrees above the freezing point. Her attire of high boots, leather jacket and turtleneck was perfectly suited for it. She would not attract attention.

She walked a few blocks toward the crowd that had begun to gather on each side of the main street for the annual autumn parade. Already, a few hundred people were all squeezed together to watch the first decorated floats. She was early. The parade would not start for another hour or two. She slowly walked along the sidewalk, enjoying the fresh air, and since the people were coming in more and more, she was bound to bump into them from time to time, which made her dildos bump on the sides of their cavities, creating not unpleasant sensations.

She had time. She crossed the bridge to the other side of the river, stopping in the middle and resting her crotch on the steel guardrail to have a look. Of course, she knew what it looked like. She just wanted to press her tight jeans, at crotch level, to the rail, which was, evidently, having an effect on her dildos.

To passerby, it looked like she was simply humming a sound and slowly humping against the rail, in a distracted manner, while the real thoughts were all much too real: she was screwing herself.

As more people got in, the path through the bridge became crowded to the point that walking back proved difficult. She had to twist her way against lots of people, bumping on her, pushing her, squashing her, even some she could clearly felt, were groping her. She liked it.

She slowly walked back to the street she first came in, as the crowd became thicker, she gracefully made her way to the second row, not without being bumped, squeezed and groped a few times.

The first float passed by. Karen was smiling. It was a beautiful float made by the local high school students. People were cheering and moving, creating some kind of crowd wave, bumping into each other. Karen liked that. She was applauding and yelling hooray at different floats and street artists accompanying the parade.

Then, all of a sudden, her knees bent, she yelped, quickly clamping her mouth shut, eyes wide open. The man just in front of her, turned to her.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I step on your foot?” he said, looking down at her feet.

“Nice boots, by the way.” he said, glancing at her from her booted feet to her crisping face. “Nice whole body, come to think of it.” he said smiling.

But Karen wasn’t responding.

“Are… Are you okay?” he asked, visibly concerned.

She nodded a quick yes, and she managed to say “cramps” between two gasps. “It… It’s a… woman thing… you know?”

He smiled and nodded, turning his head back to the parade.

Actually, Karen was repressing heavy stimulation as her dildos had suddenly come to life. Both of them. Yet, the remote was at home, four blocks away. How the hell…?

Then, as quickly as it started, it stopped.

Karen breathed heavily, recomposing herself, panting. The man turned again to her.

“You okay? You looked in great pain. Sure you don’t want to go sit somewhere?”

“No, I’m fine. It’s over now.” she said, but at the same time, it started again, and the man saw her eyes widened and her lips clamping together as she held another yelp.”

Then it stopped. Again. Except that this time, she picked up something. It stopped at the same time the light show of one of the floats stopped. Could there be some kind of interference?

The man was back again looking at the parade when Karen twitched for a third time. Yes, it began at the same time the float lit up. With this third time, she was closer to an orgasm than ever. She closed her eyes, the man getting more and more concerned about her. He turned toward her again.

“Come, let’s get out of here.” he said, getting closer, but at the same time, someone pushed Karen forward. She ended up squished against the man. Actually, the man had his hand over his thigh, and Karen’s crotch got squeezed to the man’s hand.

He went wide-eyed.

“Is that…?”

She wasn’t looking at him, but at the float. The lights went off…but the dildos continued.

She was quick to realize that she was too far away. She had to get closer to receive the off signal, otherwise she would…

She quickly turned around, ignoring the man, trying to find a way to get out of this tightly packed crowd, each one pushing against her because, with reasons, they wanted to see the parade. The man was on her tail, following her.

“Wait. I’m coming with you.” he said, trying to find a way himself as the path she was opening was closing behind her just as fast.

She was behind the crowd. The float was far away. Too far away. She tried to run, but getting all vibrated at the same time didn’t make things easy.

“No… no… NO!” she said, as she saw the float turn to the right. “Not over the bridge. Damn it!” she said, knowing perfectly that the bridge was jam packed and would be impossible to follow the float. She was screwed. (pun intended).

She grabbed a hold of a nearby lamp post and leaned forward, grunting, her other hand at her stomach, wanting so much to slide down. The man stumbled behind her.

“Oh, there you are. Are those…?”

Karen looked at him with pleading eyes, asking him to keep it shut.

A couple was walking by.

“Everything alright?” asked the woman, concerned.

Karen nodded yes. 

“Women problem.” said the man with Karen. “You know…”.

The woman smiled. “Oh yeah. I had the same thing. I fixed the problem by having all that plumbing removed. That’s what you should do, young lady, if you’re getting cramps that powerful. Go to the East Side Clinic and ask for Dr Smith. Just tell him that Carmen sent you.”

“Thanks.” said Karen, raising her hand, before closing her eyes and being taken by convulsions. She grabbed the man’s shoulder and leaned on him. He felt her shiver as the orgasm rushed through her body. A while later, it had subsided. She looked at him with a thank you in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Pete.”

“I’m Karen. Glad to meet you, Pete.” she said, smiling.

Part III

The Voyage Home

“Listen. I live about half an hour away by bus, but with this crowd…” he began.

“No need, Pete. I live just a few blocks away.”

“Ah… Just… tell me. Are those really…?”

“Vibrating dildos,  yes.” she said. “They weren’t supposed to turn on. Somehow, an interference from the car dealer float turned them on, but they were too far to turn them off. That’s why I ran after it.”

“They? You have two?… But the float turned over the bridge… Want me to walk with you to your apartment or something? Just to make sure you’re okay. I promise. No foul play.” he said, raising his hands. 

Karen wouldn’t normally accept, following the first meeting with a total stranger, but he emitted good vibes, as she would say, and she needed some kind of protection. She couldn’t tell how many times she would orgasm on the trip back home. She agreed.

“So, tell me. I assume the remote to turn them off is at your place, right.”

“Yes, it is. That’s a wonderful treat, especially with jeans this tight.” she said, not wanting to hint about her latex catsuit, “but it was, I would say, scheduled for later.” she said with a grin.

They had walked about a bloc and a half when Karen began to slow down again, as another orgasm was building. She became unsteady on her spiky heels, knees shaking. He grabbed her by the waist to steady her.

“Let me help… is that… a corset?” he asked, feeling the rigid garment through her tight leather jacket.

She stared at him, not knowing what to answer. However, in his look, wasn’t someone disgusted by the thought, or someone ready to laugh at, or someone that would freak out, but someone who was eager to know.

“Yes… It’s a corset.” she managed to say between two muffled moans.

“Cool” was his answer as he firmly held her.

She slowly re-composed herself, and began to walk again.

“It’s that building over there.” she said, pointing to a modern, high-end apartment complex. “I think I’ll be fine now. Thanks for your help, Pete.” she said with a genuine smile.

“What? No, I’m not letting you go until you’re safe at your apartment door. If you have another… big one before you reach it, you could simply collapse. Come.” he said, walking with her.

Karen walked slowly. This was killing her. Every step was arousing. She was slowing down, trying to figure out a way. Pete had obviously seen that. He scooped her and carried her.

She began to laugh.

“That’s one way of taking off the problem.” she said, wrapping her arms around his neck. 

By holding her like that, he could feel the rigidity of the corset, as well as the incredibly tightness of her skinny jeans. The feeling of her leather covered arm over his neck, the smell of the leather gloves up his nose, were all disturbing.

As they approached, Karen looked at him and whispered in her ears. “Are you getting a hard-on or it’s just some random salami in your… front pocket, rubbing against my hip?”

Pete cracked up, and he had to put her down. They were in front of her building.

“I would be lying if I told you that the way you dressed, plus knowing you have a corset, was not a turn-on. I really enjoyed carrying you around.” he said with a smile. “You think you can manage to get to your door from here?”

She kept silent for a moment, looking at him, searching in his eyes. She smiled the smile of someone who’s having more thoughts behind the head.

“I’m not sure. You should come with me, just for safety measures.” she said with a smiling grin. “If you don’t mind…”

Pete extended a hand toward the building.

“Shall we…?”


Part III

The Trek

Karen used her code to unlock the main door and they entered.

“My door is just there” she said, pointing to a door just one flight of stairs up, about 10 stairs.

She lifted her leg to put it on the stair, and held a yelp. This had moved her dildos in such a way that they were directly vibrating a very sensible spot. She lost balance and was falling backward. Pete quickly grabbed her from behind, effectively placing a hand directly on her crotch, from behind, using his arm and body as a backrest to hold her.

Karen let out a “Oh Gawd!” sounding moan, throwing her head backward as, with his hand, Pete had inadvertently pushed the rectal dildo up.

On his side, Pete had his really first touch of her tight jeans and could feel the powerful dildos in action.

“Darn! What the hell are they? Industrial wet concrete vibrators or something?” he said laughing.

Karen could only laugh. All these hormones flowing had made her as if she was drunk. She turned around, wrapped her arm around his neck, jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“I’m too weak. You’ll have to help me.” she said, laughing, but with a sexy sultry voice, her mouth close to his ear, her hot rapid breath whistling by.

To hold her, he had to grab her buns and pull them upward, which pulled each buns apart, making her dildos move again. She moaned even louder in Pete’s ears. She was getting horny, and he, himself, was getting horny as hell.

He put her down at the door and Karen struggled to get the key in her purse and unlock it. They entered and as soon as she was in, removed her leather jacket, and immediately wrapped her hands around Pete’s neck and began to kiss him, each other twisting their tongues, exchanging their first energy sparks.

She slowly dragged him toward the bedroom, removing her leather gloves at the same time. He pulled on her turtleneck shirt to remove it, then startled when he saw the tight latex catsuit under the bodystocking.

“Wow. Latex. I love it.” he managed to say between two tonsils licking sessions, while rubbing his hands over her tightly corseted waist.

They reached the bed, with Pete backing on to it. Karen pushed him on. He fell softly on the plush bed cover, Karen falling over him, still kissing.

Their bodies were slowly rocking in unison, gently, he tried to push her down, but she fought back. She wanted to be on top.

He grabbed her ample breasts and squished them, making her moan deeply. He began to, not so gently, pull the bodystocking down, to touch her latex, to touch the leather, to feel it. Karen helped him as much as she could, laying down over him, while kissing him. She reached for her throbbing member through his jeans. 

He let go of the stocking and tried to take her jeans off, fighting the belt.

“How the hell do you take this off?” he asked between two kisses.

“I can’t, it’s locked.” answered Karen, swiftly turning him on his back and kneeling over him. “It’s part of my little game. The keys are in a timed save in the other room, that will open only when the time comes.” she said, pinning him down, holding his arms up, kissing him, then crawling on him, now sitting on his chest with her knees over his upper arms. “I like it when things are difficult.” she said, stretching his left arm toward the edge of the bed.

He felt something being wrapped around his wrist, and when she let go, he realized that she had just tied him to the headboard. She did the same with his right arm.

Oh, he could have fought her, sending her flying with a good throw of the hips as she was quite lightweight, but he played along, squirming. It was something new to try: bondage.

Once his wrists were fastened, she slid down on him, going to his jeans. His hard member could clearly be seen by the large lump on his jeans.

While rubbing it with the tip of her latex covered fingers, she undid his belt and slowly pulled down the zipper.

He squirmed, helping her to get the jeans off.

She turned around, putting his tightly denim encased butt right in his face while she began to suck on his cock.

She went on teasing him, and each time she felt he was about to jerk off, she stopped, making him groan in frustration. He was throwing his hips in the air, trying to produce what was missing, without succeeding.

She turned around, laying on him, but in a way where he couldn’t masturbate, stuffing her latex encased breasts on his face, sometimes cutting his breathing by covering his mouth and nose.

She kissed him a few more times before slowly getting off the bed, leaving him hanging there, unable to unload his gun.

She came back a few minutes later with ice cubes. She took a handful and squished his member with it, immediately shrinking it.

“That should cool you off, you little dirty mind.” she said, laughing while Pete was squirming and almost screaming her to stop.

“That’s devilish!” he said.

“Yes, I know.”

“How come YOU could orgasm but not me?”

“Because I can.” she said. “Want a beer?” she said, without waiting for his answer, leaving to come back with two cold bottles. She sat by his side, removed the cuffs and handed him the beverage.

Hi took a few gulps before putting the beer down. He could still hear the vibrators humming.

“How long should those batteries last?” he asked.

“Oh, about an hour or two more.” she said.

“Good then.” 

He took another large gulp of beer, put it down, waited for when Karen put down hers, and he swiftly pinned her down back on the bed. She didn’t resist, laughing. He sat on her stomach and began to tie her wrists in the same cuffs he was a few moments before.

“You get the game quickly.” she said .” However, I must say that I can be quite noisy, and that you should do something to stop that.” she said, paused, looked at him with mischievous eyes and yelled at the top of her lungs “HEEEELLLP!”

Pete startled.

“Shhhhht. Shut up.”

“HEEEELLLLLPPP” she yell, laughing, squirming more on her bounds, looking intensely toward the closet door.

Pete got the hint, went in and went wide eyes seeing the bunch of latex goods and bondage equipment. He saw a head harness gag with a detachable blindfold. He grabbed it. It was equipped with a panel gag which had a large penis gag on it. He kneeled back on her stomach and put the harness over her head, tightening it very tight, immediately muffling her loud moans. The blindfold was already snapped to it, putting Karen into darkness.

He slid down on her, putting his fully erect member back over Karen’s tight jeans crotch and began to masturbate, using the vibrations to get aroused even faster.

But Karen fought, using her hips and her legs, throwing him off of her. He noticed that there were more cuffs at the foot of the bed. He tried to tie her legs with it, but although the wrists cuffs had a rolling buckle closure, the ankle ones were closed with a hasp and required a lock to keep fastened.

He went back to the closet and found a bunch of small padlocks. He took two, walked back to the bed and fastened her legs to the cuffs, ending her struggles, legs wide spread.

Now he took his time, laying over her, rubbing her latex encased breasts, feeling the tight corset, the tight jeans, rubbing his cock over her crotch, feeling the vibrations of the powerful dilos. She responded by slowly raising her hips with each of his strokes. Slowly. Sensually. While he was kissing her latex covered breasts, squishing them, even kissing her over her panel gag. She softly moaned in response.

The beat of her hips increased at the same time as Pete’s pleasure was building up, culminating in a synchronized explosion, of both him and her.

He spewed his semen all over her tight jeans. He let out a loud groan while Karen’s scream was muffled by the gag filling her mouth.

Somehow, their energy had synchronized and they both orgasmed at the exact same time.

Catching his breath, he let himself gently slide to her side, still caressing her latex encased breasts.

“That was awesome.” he managed to say, to which Karen didn’t answer. She was panting heavily.

“You okay?” he asked. Again, no answer.

He removed the blindfold. Her eyes were closed. She had passed out from exhaustion. After all, it wasn’t her first orgasm of the day. He closed his eyes and fell asleep by her side.

He heard a beeping sound. He slowly came out of his daze, trying to figure out where he was, even who he was. He opened his eyes in front of a voluptuous woman, wrapped in skin tight shiny black latex, softly breathing by his side. Apparently, he had fallen asleep for quite a few hours. Karen was still sound asleep by his side.

He gently slid off of her, puzzled by the beeping sound that had awakened him. Passing in front of the next room, he noticed the timed safe with the door partially opened. That was it. The sound he had heard was the timer releasing the door. He went in and retrieved the keys before going back to the bedroom.

He looked at Karen, all bound up, spread eagle, her crotch stained by his goo that had mostly dried out by then. Her chest was slowly moving up and down with each breath. She seemed peaceful. Smiling, he went to her right arm and loosen the cuff enough so that she could easily get her hand out of it. He put the key ring in her hand.

He put back his pants, gave her a last look, and went.


Part IV


It was over a month after the parade. Over a month since that unforgettable experience. He had left her without leaving a single note. He knew he wouldn’t see her again anyway.

Pete was in his apartment, dressed in sweatpants and oversized sweatshirt, watching the game on his small TV. He wished the heating would be better, but his hell hole was all he could afford, working for minimum wage. He was never the lucky one in jobs.

There was a knock on the door. He didn’t even try to look through the peephole since it was broken. He opened it, and startled.

In front of him was a tall woman, brown hairs, sporting a long leather coat reaching the floor, tightly tied at the waist, showing that it was quite narrow. He recognized her, although she seemed taller than in his memories.

“Karen? How the hell did you found me?”

“Pete. Finally. You left in quite a hurry. I needed to find you. That was not easy. May I?” she asked, signaling that she wanted to enter.

“Yes, of course.” he said, moving away. She entered, her heels clicking on the stained  and half ripped off vinyl tiled floor.

“Nice place you got here. You decorated yourself?” she asked with a grin.

“Very funny. Now you know why I didn’t leave any contact information.”

“You’re ashamed of this?” she asked, making a broad gesture.

“Well, wouldn’t you?”

“Hey, life is tougher for some than others. I had more luck in my life than yours. But you don’t have to be ashamed of that. That doesn’t make you a bad person.”

“Thanks. But… Anyways. What brings you here?”

“I want you to come back with me at my place, I have something to show you.”

“But I… I… “ he said, trying to find an excuse.

“What… You have a fucking game to watch?” Come on. I have a cab waiting outside. It will be fun.” she said with a smile.

“But why me? We barely spent a few hours together. I admit it was a very special few hours, for me anyways, but…”

“You’re more special than you think, Pete.” she cut in. “Come on. Grab your jacket.”

A few minutes later, they were both sitting in the cab. Her leather coat had slipped off her legs, revealing that she was in full latex gear with knee high platform boots with lots of buckles on them. It gave her a dominant look. He had a hard on. She noticed, winking at him while pointing  his bulge with her eyes. He blushed.

The trip to her place lasted half an hour. As soon as they were in the apartment, she opened her leather coat to let it drop on the floor, revealing her full rubber outfit, waist crushed by a black leather corset, her shiny patent leather buckled boots. She smiled and pushed him, backward, to the bedroom where he fell on the bed, on his back

“I so missed you, Pete, you can’t imagine. You made me feel things I never thought possible.” she said, in a sultry voice, while sexily climbing on top of him, stretching his arms, putting them in the leather cuffs. After a passionate kiss, she slid down to his sweatpants and easily pulled them off, revealing an erect cock under tight briefs.

“Oooo. Ready, I see. Even better.” she said as she tied his ankles to the bed corners, putting him into a spread eagle position. 

He had never been tied up like that before. It was all new. It was disturbing, yet arousing. He kept rocking his hips up and down. Karen sat down by his side, took something off the night table and blindfolded him.

“It’s a little surprise. No worry, it won’t… hurt.” she said with a devilish sound.

He felt her take his erect cock in her latex gloved hand and gently strike it, up and down. She climbed on him, sitting on his knees. He was pumping. The fact that he couldn’t see created something new. Then he yelped, wishing he could have seen her applying a bag of ice on his erect penis, shrinking it to minuscule.

“Hey! What for?” he asked.

“You keep quiet or I gag you, Pete.”

Not exactly wanting to experience a gag himself, he kept it shut. He felt her play with her numb member, then felt a click, and suddenly, it felt very heavy. She got off of him and off the bed and removed the blindfold. He tried to look and saw a large piece of metal where his penis should be. She was dangling a key in front of his face.

“You’ve been caged, Pete, and there’s only one way out.” she said.

“What the fuck is that. Let me out, now.”

“Oh, I will. Later. Let me explain something to you first. Do you remember how you left me? Bound on the bed?”

“Yes, but, I put the keys in your hand. You had all you needed to get free.”

“Right. Not quite, actually. Those keys were allowing me to get the jeans and the boots off. NOT the ankle cuffs.”

He went wide-eyed.

“You didn’t leave any message. I didn’t know if you were to come back or anything. Did you put those keys elsewhere? Were they in my hand and somehow they fell off? I didn’t know. So I spent a good portion of time looking for them, but by then, the sun had gone down and it was pitch black in this room, Pete.”

“Oh my… I’m sorry, I didn’t want to…”

“I’m not finished. I came to the conclusion that, not knowing about it, you left the keys where they were, meaning inside the walk-in closet. I was bound to the bed, Phil. It meant that I had to drag that thing across the bedroom to reach the closet. I was crawling on my stomach, while my legs were spread eagled to that bed. Do you know what that did, Pete?”

“You destroyed your suit?… No, you hurt your legs?… Squished your boobs?” he said, trying to find the right answer.

“No, It created three of the most powerful orgasmes I have ever felt. I can’t even begin to describe it. Each time, I passed out, finally reaching the closet while the sunrise had begun.”

“Wow… but. I don’t follow you, here. Why the cage?”

“Because I want to relive them again, Pete.”

“Erm… just… tie yourself to the bed and drag it there, maybe? You don’t need me for that. Again, what’s with the cage?”

“Nah. It doesn’t work. You see, I had a high level of stress because I didn’t know where the keys were. I could have done all this bed dragging for nothing. If I do it myself, I know where they are. I struggle, but there’s no stress involved. There’s no… fear”

“So, you want me to just hide the keys. I still don’t get why I’m caged.” he said.

“That won’t do it either. You have to put me into the same fear level I was.”

“Okay, but, again, why the fucking cage?”

“Simple. Since that night, all the orgasmes I’ve experienced were almost non-existent. I need another one like that. I need to recreate the experience, and only you can do that. So, for as long as I don’t get one, you’re not getting one either.”

“It means…”

“Better get to it, buster, or you’ll have a nice story to come up with the next time you go to a locker room with the guys.”


© Pete / monsterp63, September 2017

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