Karen – Out of the Pantry


The doorbell rang. Once. Twice.

There was a knock on the door.

Then the doorbell again.

The woman seemed pisseed off, looking at her husband.

“I know he’s here, his car is in the driveway.”

“They could have gone out on foot.”

“They’re not here. Let’s go back home, mom” said the young woman with them, looking at her phone, who didn’t seem interested at all at what was going on.

“To where? They bought this fucking house in the middle of nowhere. The nearest neighbor is 2km away on a dirt road. COME ON, OPEN UP! I KNOW YOU’RE HIDING, PHIL!!” she yelled at the door, banging on it harder while pushing the doorbell button non stop.

Finally the door opened, on a man in his bathrobe, hair wet, a towel wrapped around the neck.

“Oh, hi Mrs Thompson. Mr Thompson. Excuses me for being so long, I was in the jacuzzi.” said the man.

The woman entered the house, pushing him off her way, followed by the man and the young woman, still looking at her phone, apparently not interested in being there.

“Okay, where is she? Where is Karen?”

“Karen? You should have called ahead. She’s working today.”

“Bullshit! It’s Sunday.”

“Her boss asked her to come in, he was meeting investors and needed her to go over some propositions.”

The woman stared at the man.

“Listen, Phil… if that’s your real name, because I don’t know who or what to believe anymore. For the past 3 months, we’ve been unable to see her. Every time we came here, she was gone at the last minute. We weren’t able to speak to her.”

“I believe she sent you emails and text messages, no?”

“Yes, I got all those, and it could be her…or not. I can’t tell. Now I want to know what’s going on.”

“Nothing is going on.” said Phil, visibly getting nervous. “I assure you she’s fine.”

“Then I want to see her. NOW. If she’s at work, then let’s go there.” she said, looking at him straight in the eyes.

He lowered his eyes.

“Okay, that’s it.” she said, turning around, picking her cellphone. “I’m calling the police. I’m reporting her missing, and YOU will be the only suspect.”

“No, stop. Don’t call the cops. I… I will show you Karen.” he said, red faced. “I knew this was coming, one day or another.” he mumbled.

He led them to the kitchen, where he opened a pantry door that was going from floor to ceiling. It was filled with canned goods.

“What the hell are…” began the woman, but stopped when Phil pulled on those shelves, revealing that they were in fact, not very deep, hiding a secret space behind it.

The back of the shelves had 8 planks, placed like shelves themselves, were weirdly shaped. Someone with imagination could see half the shape of a human body, as if it was holding one.

Inside the space left by the shelves, it was dark,, but one could see something shiny, or slimy, slowly squirming inside. Phil extended an arm, and pulled on a leather strap. Whatever was inside began to move.

The woman put her hand on her mouth, muffling a surprise scream.

The man had his mouth wide open, and the young woman was smiling ear to ear, bringing her phone to eye level. 

“Cool” she said, snapping a picture.

In front of her was evidently a woman, completely covered with a shiny black skin, looking like liquid tar. She was completely covered, from head to toe. Her waist appeared crushed by an incredibly rigid corset. Her face appeared to be molded into thick rubber. Her mouth seemed to have been coated, with thick red lips and a red rubbery looking tongue. Two small hoses were coming out of where her nostrils would be. A blindfold was wrapped around her eyes, held by snaps on each side of her head.

She was walking, slowly, on knee high leather pointed toe boots, like a ballet dancer. Her hands were held in her back, elbow touching, by leather cuffs and padlocks. Her feet too, in addition to their extreme footwear, were cuffed and linked with a short chain. Similar cuffs were tightly fastened over her knees. Around her waist, already tightly squeezed, was a polished steel band, from which another one was going down under her crotch, apparently very tightly.

“What the hell have you done to her?” screamed the woman at the same time Phil was taking the blindfold off, revealing, not her eyes, but two dark tinted lenses. They could see her twitched, like surprised.

“What have you done to her, you bastard!!!” said the woman, beginning to pounce at Phil, who tried to protect himself the best he could, but it’s the strange rubbery creature intervened, taking place between Phil and the woman.

The man was still in shock, looking at the incredible sight from head to toe. The young woman approached and tentatively touched the shoulder of the rubbery woman.

“Wow! Cool!” was all she said, before she snapped a couple more pictures with her phone.

“Stop it! STOP IT!!!” yelled Phil. I will explain everything. Just follow me to the living room.” he said, picking Karen’s leash and pulling her around.

“You have no right to do this. She doesn’t deserve to be treated like an animal. You will go to jail! Don’t worry honey, I will get you away from this sicko, and I will make sure…” she said, while touching her, but Karen moved away.

“What the h… Karen? Did he brainwash you? That’s what he did, didn’t he?…”

“Shut up, Charleene” said the man with a harsh tone. “We’ll have his explanation first, then we will advise. I hope you have a really good one.” he said, looking at Phil with a look that didn’t leave any interpretation: he was ready to kill him.

The young woman was in tow, looking at Karen sultry moves to walk, her buns squeezed by the tight rubber

Phil led Karen under a suspended flower pot. He took it off its hook, and put her directly under it, linking it to a ring sewed to her rather thick hood, forcing her to stand still, slowly balancing on her boots.

“No, she will sit down and…” began Charleene

“No, she will not.” said Phil with a firm tone that startled everybody, even himself. “I’m sorry to say that, Karen and I are both adults and that we have an agreement. I will not break it, nor will she. Just watch this.” he said, picking his TV remote, going to his private network, fetching a video file and began to play it. “You will understand… I hope.”

The clip started. They saw Phil, his face close to the camera, then quickly moving away.

“I think it’s working now. Okay, let’s do this.” he said.

The scene was shot into some medical facility. Two nurses were standing by. Karen was sitting on an examination table, smiling, but her head totally shaved, and completely naked. Black things could be seen dangling from her crotch.

“Hello Mom, Hello Dad, and… Hello Lynda. I suspect you’re there little sister. You’re a real leech on them, so you are surely there. Who wouldn’t, they are paying everything for you.”

Lynda lost her arrogant smile, as her mom looked at her with angry eyes.

“Anyways, I will try to make it short. You know Phil. We’ve been together since high school, and we’re living together. That’s nothing new. Now, a long time ago, we discovered that we shared more than some interests. It went deeper than that. We shared some, I would say, kinky interests. I loved being tied up and dominated, and he likes being dominating, and a little bit dominated.” she said looking at him, winking. “I will spare you the long story about how we came up to this, to jump right to the point.

I, Karen, hereby declare that I want to be fully encased in rubber, intubated for breathing and feeding, as well as cleaning… Geesh” she said giggling “Sounded like I’m having a plumber’s job…” she said laughing. Then after recomposing herself. “Okay, where was I. Yes, I will be sealed in rubber, and stuff, for one year. I’ve already taken a leave of absence at my workplace. During this time, Phil will take care of me. Of course, he will use me, that’s the goal of the whole gig, isn’t it.” she said, leaving a pause for her parents to digest the first part.

“I’m already plugged and… filled.” she said with a sultry voice, “and I’m about to have a tube inserted down my throat to my stomach for feeding and more up my nose down to the back of my mouth for breathing.. So, basically, this is the last time I will speak for the next year or so.

Phil is not to take me out of this predicament for any reason except for medical emergency, of course. I am to stay bound, restrained, attached to something at all times. In no time I have to be free.”

Again, she left a pause, moving slightly on the table, ordering things in her mind. She did have a lot to say after all.

“Phil in all that? Well, Phil will be fitted with a chastity cage. I HAVE the key, and only I HAVE IT. He will retrieve it when I get out of that.” she said with a broad gesture, showing the pile of stuff there was laying around.

On that point, in the living room, in front of Karen’s parents, Phil, who was standing up next to Karen, took down his pants to reveal the device, to which Lynda was quick to snap a few pictures.

Karen was going on.

“Here, I have two neck entry latex catsuits. I will put one, then the base layer hood, then a coat of slow curing vulcanizing glue, followed by the second catsuit and the final hood. All this is to add some wear-out layers. To get out, Phil will have to destroy them, but they have to last the year ahead.”

She picked up a heavy hood.

“This is the final hood. It’s very thick and have pretty much a real face on it.” she said, showing like she was proud of it. “The mouth is made to pretty much coat my own. My tongue will go into this pocket, here, which is my rubber tongue.” she said, putting her fingers inside from the back, and wiggling it through the red rubber lips of the mouth. “The feeding tube will go over the tongue, right there. To feed me, Phil will have to open my mouth and plug the tube in here.” she said, showing the connector.

“And the mouth allows to use different devices to avoid boredom, like a ballgag, or a horse bit gag.” added Phil, on the video.

Karen’s parents were in disbelief. They were sure that all that was some kind of special effects, a prank. A very bad humorless prank.

“Okay, girls. I’m ready.” said Karen, taking place on the examination table.

The nurses approached to begin the procedure.

“Oh my gawd!” said Lynda, her parents turning to her.

“What? What is it?” asked her mother, frantic, thinking something dramatic was going on.

“Don’t you see it? The nurses.”

Her parents stared blankly at her.

“They are wearing latex outfits! Latex nurse uniforms. They are latex nurses! That is so cool!” she said, snapping more pictures of the TV screen.

For the next half hour, Karen’s parents witnessed the setup procedure, saw how Karen had to twist to get into those suits, but was all smiling and evidently enjoying all of it, helped by well placed caresses by phil. They saw how she was gradually transformed into a latex doll. After the first suit and hood, Karen disappeared behind a coating of black shiny rubber. Her identity had been taken away.

The nurses helped her put on the thick hood, turning it inside out to align the face correctly. The feeding tube was plugged at the back of the  mouth, and, when the hood was pulled in place, she pushed her tongue into the rubber pouch, then worked her mouth to align the lips and teeth, while the nurses pulled hard on it to slide it over her head, stretching it with difficulties.

Then the second suit was put on, with the same wiggling involved.

The corset was wrapped around her already slim waist and tightened using a power tool. Her father had his biggest reaction when he realized that the corset lacing was in fact steel cable that was tied with a compression lug. This was serious.

The chastity belt was added, and locked. The key was handed to Phil.

Finally, the boots were laced and all the cuffs locked in place. Those could be removed to fit any other footwear or accessories, necessary for the tasks ahead.

“There. All setup.” said Phil, picking the camera, and making a detailed shot of Karen’s whole predicament, while she was rubbing her hands slowly on her new slick skin,  “I hope you’ve enjoyed this show. Now it’s time for my show.” he said, evidently giving the camera to Karen, who stood back while he took his pants off and laid on the examination table.

The nurses got closer with a steel chastity cage. They carefully put it in place, making sure there was no way out. Karen, still holding the camera, got closer. They could see her latex covered hand. She began by gently caressing the cage, making Phil moan, then took the padlock and locked it in place. The key wasn’t seen.

“See you again in a year for Karen’s peeling off.” said Phil, laughing. Apparently, a nurse took the camera to film both of them, hugging each other, Karen holding him by the shoulder, as she was now taller than he was, then grabbing firmly his head to give him his first rubber kiss.

Her mother got up and approached Karen, still firmly anchored to the ceiling. She hesitated, extending her arm then retracting it a few times before allowing herself to touch Karen’s skin 

“Are… are you okay, Karen?” asked her mother, to which Karen nodded a firm yes.

“I’m sure your dad can get you out of this in no time.” she added.

Karen nodded a definitive no. Karen’s father was looking at all of it from a distance. Phil got closer.

“You know, we both enjoy it, in our own way.” he said. “She’s been asking to do this for a few years. We had to plan the financial part of it, her loss of income for a year, etc. This wasn’t done lightly.”

“And she… She spends her time in that closet?” asked the father.

“No, not at all. She has her basic chores, you know, cooking, cleaning, that stuff. She has her own bed where she sleeps, restrained, of course. After all, she’s technically a rubber slave.”

That word made her mother twitch.

“It’s a fetish, a sexual pleasure slave, Mrs Thompson. Believe me, this is what Karen wanted, and I’m fine with that.” he said.

Her mother was touching the latex skin, the tight leather corset, looking at her face, trying to see her eyes, something to connect with her.

“Well… if that is what you wanted, I guess… it’s okay.” she said, turning around. Her father looked at Phil with darts in his eyes, not saying a word. He didn’t have to. He knew that if ever Karen was hurt…

All this time, Lynda was drooling, looking at Karen, taking pictures. Her father grabbed her arm.

“If any of those pictures ends up on the internet, you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

Lynda’s face went white and she quickly put her phone down.

“Come. We’re leaving.” he said to Lynda and his wife.

A few minutes later, Phil was alone with Karen.

“You knew this was bound to happen one day or another. I told you we couldn’t find a way to not show up to your mother’s for a year without raising suspicion. You’re okay?” he asked.

Karen nodded yes.

He untied her and led her to the bedroom where they laid side to side on the bed. He was rubbing his caged cock on her steel belt. Both could get excited, but none of them could orgasm. That was the deal. For one year. They fell asleep, Karen tucked in Phil’s arms.

It was after dinner, when the doorbell rang again. Karen was making the dishes, tethered to the kitchen counter. Phil looked through the security camera watching the front door.

“It’s okay, it’s Lynda.”

Karen turned around. Even with her face completely covered in rubber, Phil could read her saying “What the hell is she doing here?”

Lynda was her sister, but they were not in the best of terms. Lynda, although 23, had dropped out of school, wasn’t working and wasn’t looking for work either. She just loved to lounge around in her parent’s house, doing nothing but surf the social media sites.

Phil opened the door. Lynda asked where Karen was and he led her to her.

Karen saw Lynda enter the kitchen, as usual, wearing extremely tight clothes, like a leather jacket so tight that she couldn’t bend her arm to scratch her nose, jean, although stretched, so tight that the seams were ready to give up, and skyscraper heels. She was sexy looking alright. She could see how Phil was staring at her butt.

“Listen… Mom and dad are somewhat disturbed by that, but they’ll be okay. I talked to them to explain what was a S&M relationship and stuff. But mom had made a decision and… well they have made it clear that I have to find a job and get a place of my own within a month. The thing is, I don’t like to, you know, work. I mean not this way. But seeing you… I… I have an idea.” she turned to Phil. “If… If I was to get myself the same setup as Karen, would you… you know… take care of me? After all, I took your side with my parents.” she said with the doggie eyes she knew people were melting for.

Phil startled. He looked at Karen. He wanted her input, her opinion. What to say? What to answer? What to do?

They had learned sign language to cope with the fact that Karen couldn’t talk, so Karen began to “talk.”

“Hum… okay…” he said, turning to Lynda. “Karen agrees, for one year, but we will, like we did for us, write a very extensive and detailed contract, with all the rules and limitations.”

“I’m fine with that. I was sure there was something to, you know, limit the stuff you’re doing… whatever it is you’re doing.” she said.

“And,” continued Phil, “you would become Karen’s slave. She will lead you. She will order you around.”

Lynda turned to Karen with fear in her eyes. She knew Karen didn’t like her and she might get punished a lot more than what she deserved.”

“Well… I think I had it coming anyways… Okay, let’s get that contract done.” she said, taking place at the dining table.


NO, there will be NO SEQUEL.

© Pete / monsterp63, September 2017

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