Karen – The Customer is Always Right


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She looked at herself in the mirror, smiling. That was perfect.

The early  morning sun was reflecting on her highly polished black rubber neck entry catsuit, covering her from neck to toes, including attached gloves. The red leather corset, squishing her waist to an incredible size was making a nice contrast.

She was running her hands along it, turning to the side, flexing her knee, making the sun send sensuals reflections in the mirror. Her knee-high, black patent platform boots with lots of buckles were a nice complement to the outfit.

She took a narrow steel band, about 1cm wide, and wrapped it around her corseted waist. It had one fastener, one size, and was made to be put over that corset, fully closed. She engaged the tab into the shiny brass box and it clicked.

The key? It was right here, in her apartment, but she would be gone for the day, without any means of getting out of it. It was thus locking her corset and the catsuit on.

The boots had their own padlocks, one on every strap. They were not getting off either.

She walked out of her apartment, confident, her firm buns and the tight latex creating one single line below her buns as she walked, latex creaking, heels clicking.

She took the elevator to get down from the 11th floor. Other residents got in and out. Some were smiling, some were cold and some were plainly drooling. There was nothing new. She was an usual sight. She never hid her fetishes.

She walked out on the street, walking half a block to reach the nearest bus stop.

“Hi, Karen. Nice outfit this morning.” said a young man.

“Thank you, Pat.” said Karen, smiling. “Glad you like it.”

As in the elevator, some were cold to that, and some were drooling. She knew that, when she would be boarding the bus, she would feel some hands brushing against her corset, her butt, her thighs. That was fun for herself too.

She took an empty seat, taking the window side. At the next bus stop, another woman, who was also getting a lot of attention, got in. It was Lynda. Karen was known for her latex, PVC, Spandex outfits and heels. Lynda was known for her extremely tight denim or leather jeans, extremely tight jackets and high heels. Lynda sat with Karen. They almost have reserved seats, as some of the passengers also kind of have, to get their preferred looks on the two gorgeous gals.

About half an hour later, they both got off the bus at two stops intervals, going to their respective workplaces.

As usual, Karen was a little early in front of the shop she was working at: Phil’s Fetish Emporium. She has been working there for a few years, and since that time, his sales have skyrocketed. She was the main reason for that.

She leaned against the storefront waiting for Phil, who came in five minutes later, driving his oversize SUV, which also served as a delivery vehicle. He needed it. Some bondage furniture can get massive.

“Good morning, Karen.” he said with his usual smile.

“Good morning Boss.” she said, smiling. “Would that do?” she asked, opening her arms to show her outfit.

“Yes, perfect. That would be just fine.” he said, opening the door. Karen waited for him to disable the alarm system then got in. He locked the door back behind her. It wasn’t opening time yet, not for another half hour.

The time needed for him to prepare some devices. However, already, people were gathering in front of the display window. They were mostly the usuals.

Phil gave large leather cuffs Karen recognized as suspension cuffs. So she now learned that she would be suspended.

That was their deal. She was part time a display window idem, part time a saleswoman. She always began her day as a display window item. Phil would simply give her a few hints at how to dress, but the rest of the setup would be a surprise.

He put on a head harness with a red ballgag on her head and fastened it tightly, like Karen liked it, then he led her to the display window. Already, a dozen or so curious were waiting to see what would be the day’s setup.

Phil had her sit while he fixed a long chromed bar between her legs, spreading her legs far apart. He did the same on her wrist cuffs, then added a wide posture collar for good measure.

Once all the cuffs were in place and Karen gave him the okay (she had the last word), he linked the winch to the ring in the middle of the leg spreader bar and began to slowly rise her up, in the middle of the display window. Karen was slowly squirming, to get a comfortable position inside the wide leather suspension cuffs, and also to wiggle in place the two large dildos she had put on under her suit. They were dead for the moment, only one person having the remote: Phil.

Once she was well placed, suspended upside down, facing outside, in the middle of the window, he linked the central ring of the wrist spreader bar to the floor of the display window, and gave the winch a few more joggs, to tighten Karen firmly in place. She moaned and softly squirmed in her bonds.

The onlookers stayed there a few more minutes, admiring the view, admiring the morning sun reflecting on that well stretched shiny latex covered body, slowly squirming.

At 09:00, Phil opened the store and turned on Karen’s dildos.

They did a simple jolt while powering on, then nothing.

Under her gag, Karen grunted. She knew what was going on. Phil had different possibilities to set up Karen and her toys. With the short jolts, she knew that the dildos were linked to the motion detectors. The more people would walk by the shop, the more she would get vibrated. Devilishly effective.

The first people to walk by were either other workers of the nearby shops, or customers, just passing in front of Karen’s display. Some looked with a smile, others with a disgust grin. Some would stop and examine to see if she was real or a mannequin, and would generally leave with a stunned look.

Then, the first customer. By entering, as a reward, the vibrators were fired for two minutes. Karen closed her eyes, stretching in her bonds, trying to have an orgams, but she knew that it was too short, and that it would be followed by five minutes of total silence. She would be denied. Frustratingly arousing.

She spent the morning there, inverted, stretched, slightly wobbling from side to side with the blow of the ventilation.

By the position of the sun, she knew what time it was. She felt Phil approaching her, then felt something hard on her crotch. Immediately, her dildos were turned on as well as the hand held vibrator Phil was holding.

It was noon. It was time for her reward. She was vibrated, with Phil slowly running the handheld one from one inner thigh to the other, pressing on her crotch dildos every time he was passing over them. She exploded, straining against her bonds. Watcher, used to that scene, on the other side of the window, smiled and applauded when she exploded. Apparently, she gave a nice show.

Phil lowered her. After all, it was lunch break. He removed the cuffs and let her go have a leak and have her lunch. She would not return to the display window for another 3 hours. That was the deal: 3 hours bound, 3 hours free, 3 hours bound, which was leading her to closing time. For days where the store closed at 21:00, the last 3 hours, she would spend free.

Again, free simply meant that she would not be bound in the display window, nor that she would be freely… free.

That’s why she was fitted with leather cuffs on her wrists, elbows, knees and ankles for her lunch time, still wearing the posture collar. To help her eat, the elbow ones were not linked.

After her lunch, still cuffed, she would serve customers. She was well sought after, since she had, well, hands-on experience, with most of the stuff the store was selling, and thus, would give true advice and feeling, would know which questions to ask, and customers knew that there was nothing she would not talk of. When there was some dead time, Phil would link her arms in her back, snapping the elbow cuffs and the wrist cuffs together. Sometimes, if he was too busy to free her, she would serve customers without her hands, or struggling with them. She liked that way better than having them cuffed in front of her.

She sold corsets, suspension cuffs, gags, hoods, and of course, quite a few latex garments and heels, to as many women as men. In that shop, men were not afraid to talk about their love of high heels.

At 15:00, Phil gently taps on Karen’s shoulders. The customer understood and let her go. It was time for her to go back to the display window. He made a change of gag, using a muzzle and a blow-up gag. He fastened tightly the muzzle around her face and squeezed the gag pump until she signaled it was okay. As he was about to unscrew it, the customer Karen was serving when Phil interrupted the, grabbed the pump and gave it one full squeeze.

Phil quickly reached for the relief valve as Karen was making wide eyes, but the woman grabbed his hand.

“No. The customer is always right. She needed that squeeze.” she said.

Phil looked at Karen, who was struggling with the large gag in her mouth. “Well, she has a point.” she said, a devilish smile across his face, removing the pump.

A few minutes later, she was back upside down, stretched, until closing time, where, just before the end, Phil made her explode again.

At the end of the day, Phil got her down and removed all the restraints.

“That was a very good day Karen.”

“Yes it was, PhiL. We did sell quite a lot of suspension cuffs. But that gag  was really overblown. My jaws are aching.”

“Yeah, but I knew you could cope with it. You always make it blow up a lot less than what you’re capable of managing. As for the cuffs, I’m out of stock now. Three customers wanted to spank you as a compensation for being out of stock.”

“You should have let them do it.” said Karen with a smile.

“Are you nuts? I know you would have an orgasm right there. That was out of the question.” he said giggling. “And oh, speaking of out of stock, I’m looking to become a distributor of steel cuffs and collars, including steel chastity belts.

Karen made wide eyes.

“Of course! I would be delighted to show them off!” she said with a wide smile.

Karen grabbed her latex purse and headed for the door.

“Okay, time to go now. And for tomorrow? Suggestions?”

“Yes.” said Phil. “I would suggest a spandex catsuit or something like that. I just received a case of black vinyl mummification tape.”

“Ooo Goodie!!” said Karen, all smiles. “I will…”


Karen startled. In front of her was a computer monitor on screen saver, meaning that she hadn’t moved the mouse or typed anything for over 15 minutes. She felt warm in the crotch of her overstretched skinny jeans, realizing one of her hands was there, fingers deeply inserted between her tightly squeezed legs.

“Daydreaming again?” said a woman, who had just slammed a pile of folders on her desk.

“No I… I wasn’t…” began to say Karen, but the woman just stared at the monitor on screen saver. “Yes… I guess so. Spending all day punching numbers into a spreadsheet quickly becomes boring. I’m sorry.”

“That’s no excuse.” said the woman with a harsh tone. “You’re paid to do a job, you do it. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere.”

“I’m really sorry, boss. I’ll try not to do it again.”

“Yeah, right. I’m starting to think I should tie you up on that chair and zap you every time you fall asleep.”

Karen looked at her with sparkles in her eyes.

“You would do that? Really???”

The woman startled, mouth open, not saying anything… and left.

At the end of the day, Karen went home. She was still disturbed by that strange daydream that made her wet her panties. So much that she missed her first bus and took the wrong one after that, missing a stop, she had to take a bus through a part of the city she was not very familiar with.

The bus stopped to get some people in. She was looking without paying attention, when her eyes went wide and she did a double take. She was in front of a fetish shop, with a few mannequins showcasing various fetish gear.

There, on the door of that shop, a sign: “Help wanted – open mind required”.

She wondered if she was still daydreaming. Was she?


© Pete / monsterp63, September 2017

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