Karen – Oh Brother!


The door opened. The man startled at first, then smiled.

“Oh, Catwoman in distress.” he said. “

In front of him, a young woman he couldn’t tell the age as she was totally covered in shiny fabric, except for her eyes he could see, through two cat eyes like holes. The woman had yellow, cat-like lenses over her eyes, giving her a creepy look.

There was no mouth. Instead, there was a flap, snapped on each side, held in place by small locks, effectively gagging her.

She moaned, looking down at the plastic pumpkin hanging by a chain to her large collar, in front of her. Then she turned around, showing her bound arms in her back, with locked leather cuffs at her elbows, pinning them together, and her wrists.

She turned again, facing the man, frantically looking at the pumpkin.

“Yes, of course. Quite an elaborate setup. I can almost believe it’s real. Here.” he said, taking a handful of candies and dropping it in the container, already half full. “Happy Halloween to you too.” he said, before closing the door, and turning off the lights.

Things were not going well.

Although, it started well, a few hours earlier.

Halloween night. The only night of the year where one could go on with his or fetishes in public, without being pointed out as weirdo.

That’s what Karen had in mind: spending the evening in full latex gear, walking down the streets.

She had begun by putting latex panties, equipped with two large dildos. She lubed them carefully before slowly inserting them, moaning in the process. It was followed by a latex bra with tiny rubbery spikes inside, that would tease her all night long.

Then the latex catsuit. It was a neck entry one, which was the most comfortable, and didn’t had any zipper to break its smooth surface. That one sports white glued-on rubber stitching to make it look like Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman catsuit. She proceeded slowly, feeding one leg at a time, carefully smoothing it, including the individual toes of the attached socks. She gently pulled on the, feeling the first cool rubber becoming warm as it wrapped her leg. She smoothed it slowly, rubbing her well lubed hands all over it, shining it at the same time.

Going up the waist was easy. Then it was the contortionist actions of putting it as high as possible, then feeding the arms inside, to the sleeves, to the attached gloves. One last push of the shoulders and the suit smoothly slide in place on her well lubricated body, pulling at her crotch, pushing in the dildos.

She sensually bit her lower lip as her brain imagined the night ahead.

She shined the catsuit to perfection. It looked almost like liquid tar. She smoothed it at the same time, removing every last wrinkle and air bubbles. She rubbed her breasts many times, taking pleasure at squeezing them, feeling the tiny spikes biting at her nipples. While her right hand was busy at her breasts, her left hand made a trip downwards, to her crotch, where she played by pushing the dildos in and out. She became horny. And it was only the start.

She added a corset, leather, tightly compressing her already thin waist to an incredibly small size. Her breath became shorter as the corset became tighter with each pull on the laces. and shakier as anticipation grew. She tied it until the back was fully closed, then expertly tied a knot.

She completed the outfit with knee high, lace-up high heel boots, with an incredible 12cm heel.

She looked at her gleaming reflexion in the long mirror, admiring the shiny finish, her curvy figure. She liked what she saw. A last rub of her breasts. A last play with her crotch.

“Not now, Karen. Keep some for later.” she said to herself with a sultry, hot, raunchy voice.

She heard the door opened. It was Phil, her younger brother with whom she was sharing the family house they had bought from their parents who had moved back to their native town. Seeing Karen’s bedroom wide open, he walked to it.

“Say, Karen, I was… Wooo!” he said, seeing her in her full latex outfit. “Getting your kinky side out, tonight?”

“Well, it’s halloween. I’ve been preparing for that since last year.”

“So, you’re really going to do it. You’re really going out all fetish, tonight.”

He knew about her fetish games. He was sometimes part of it, mainly for release. She would tie herself up, and he would then free her, sometimes leaving her in her predicament much longer than planned.

He walked to the refrigerator and popped himself a beer. During this time, Karen put the last touch to her outfit by adding cat-like eye contact lenses. It impaired her vision somewhat, but the look was worth it.

“You do look stunning in that. Too bad you’re my sister.” he said with a devilish smile. “But there’s something missing.” he said, entering the room. He knew where her fetish gear was. He went to the walk-in closet and picked something up Karen didn’t see and asked her to turn around.

He wrapped something around her neck.

“Yes, a collar was my next item… No, wait, this one is almost a posture collar. That’s too wide.” she said, trying to stop him, playing with him, to grab his hands.

“Ah, come on. Let’s just try how it looks like.” he said, fastening it very tightly, then, as Karen was complaining it was too tight, she heard the distinctive click of a padlock.

“No, that’s too tight.” she said, feeling the lock behind her neck, then heading for the keyrings.

“Hey, I’m not finished.” he said, swiftly turning her around, and pinning her, face down, on the bed.

“Let me go, Phil. That’s not funny.” she said.

But he had no intention of listening to her. That’s the task of any little brother: being a pest to his older sister. It’s genetic.

He had brought more than just a collar. He wrapped leather cuffs around her wrists, locked them, and linked the wrists together with one more padlock. Then, to her dismay, he did the same with her elbows, drawing them close together.

He let her go. She turned around and struggled to get back on her feet.

“Phil. Release me.” she ordered.

He simply smiled at her.

“Please?” she said, with doggy eyes.

He made a devilish smile and walked out with the keyring. She followed, her heels clicking.

“Phil, that’s not funny… What are you doing?” she said, seeing him playing with her halloween treat plastic pumpkin she had the intention to bring with her, only as an accessory. She had no intention of going door to door. She just wanted to walk around in full fetish gear.

He took the keyring and taped it in the bottom of the container. He cut-off the cheap plastic handle and put in two small chains, then turning to Karen, he tried to attach it to her collar. She backed off.

“What are you doing, Phil? That’s not funny.” she said, but he pinned her on the wall and snapped the chains in place. She now had a bright orange plastic pumpkin hanging in front of her, between her two large breasts squished in the tight latex.

He looked at her with a devilish smile.

“Do you remember when you locked me out, in underwear, on a rainy night?”

“What? I was 10. You were 8.”

“Well, I had to go to the neighbor, who had a spare key, to ask them to come unlock the door. That was humiliating.”

“But it was funny.“ She giggled. “Anyways, I was grounded for A MONTH, Phil. I paid my dues.”

“No you haven’t. You were confined inside the house. Nothing humiliating there.”

“So, this is your payback stunt? How adult.”

“Well, you keep telling me I’m still immature, that I need to grow up. Sorry to tell you… I’M STILL IMMATURE!” he said laughing.

He let her go and walked back to Karen’s bedroom, reaching for her kinky drawer. She followed.

“Ah, come-on, Phil. We’re adults now… Okay, so you want me to go knock on the neighbor’s door to ask him to untie me? That’s it?”

“Something like that, but, as you said, we’re adults, so I’m not to make it so… easy.” he said, turning around and pushing her again on her back, on the bed.

“Phil what arrfffggmm.” she said, her pleadings quickly muffled by the latex panel gag, equipped with a large penis shaped gag, deeply inserted in her mouth. The flaps were linked to small posts on each side of her cheeks, where he locked it with small padlocks.

He let her go, but as soon as she was up, she began to kick him. He was quick to grab a pair of leather ankle cuffs and link her ankles with a short chain.

“You asked for it.” he said with a grin.

She grunted.

“Well, sis. Have a great evening. I’m going now. I’m meeting some friends at the bar, downtown. See ya later, and if you get free early, just come join us. I’ll pay you a drink.” he said with a wink, before leaving.

Karen stomped her high heeled boots on the floor, trying to get his attention, pleading to be released.

He left.

She stood there, in dismay, stucked. She tried to flip the plastic pumpkin around, but since the keys were taped to the bottom, they wouldn’t fall down. She had no choice. She would have to knock on the neighbor’s house.

Reluctantly, hobbling with her short chain, she walked out of the house, heels clicking.

She could feel her tight latex catsuit rub against her skin with each small step. With her arms in her back, the way she was to twist her upper body made her dildos move. It would normally be pleasurable, but not now. Not this time.

After a long slow pace walk, she reached her neighbor’s house. She had to ring the bell. She managed to bend down, almost crouching down, to push the doorbell with her nose. The door opened with a stunned looking man.

“Oh, hi Karen, how are you?”

She mumbled and looked down at her plastic pumpkin.

“Yes, of course. But aren’t you a little old for this?” he said, taking a handful of candy and putting it into the pumpkin, hiding the keys. “Also, I think your costume is a little… adults go door to door like that. You should keep it for the clubs. Well, happy halloween.” he said, smiling a forced smile, before closing the door in her face.

She stayed there stunned.

Things were not going as planned. Maybe the next house will help her. Or the next one. Or the next one…

© Pete / monsterp63, October 2017

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