Karen – Not Part of The Plan

Settling in

The large two-storeys house was secluded, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by farming fields. If someone was to scream his or her lungs out, nobody but the few rodents running amidst the vast cornfields would hear.

There were stories about this house, about ghosts and other strange phenomenons. Well, strange things were happening, but they were no ghosts or anything… well, that one was true: strange things were happening.

The young couple were standing at the door, each one holding a rather large duffel bag. 

Lynda, the owner of the house, was one of Karen’s coworkers. Lynda noticed that Karen was always in tight jeans, high heels, often wore leather or PVC jeans, and she was the only one that spotted what was wrong when, one day, Karen was moving with strange, slow moves. A few mentioned that she looked like she had back pain, to which Karen nodded, but Lynda saw something else, and she purposely bumped on Karen, holding a metal tray, which clanked rather loudly when it hit her in the middle of her lower back.

Karen startled, blushing as Lynda simply smiled at her, handing her a paper. Karen read it and it only made her blushing even more.

“We’ll talk more after work, if you want.” whispered Lynda with a wink.

After work, Lynda was waiting for Karen by her car. Karen approached slowly, trying to avoid Lynda.

“I must say, this is quite a stunt to come to work with a chastity belt.” said Lynda in a low voice. “Do you mind if I sit with you in the car, so we can discuss it?”

Karen felt blackmailed, although Lynda’s tone was soft and friendly.

Lynda sat and waited for Karen to move slowly, getting in the car with precautions. Blushing, She then turned to Lynda:

“Sorry, blackmail won’t work with me.”

Lynda startled.

“Blackmail?” she said, laughing. “I have no intentions to blackmail. I just want to know… how was it?”

It was then Karen’s turn to be startled.

“I’m a fetishist too. I have my own belt, but I would never dare to wear it to work. You have guts. More than I do, Karen.” said Lynda

“Well, I… I lost a bet.”

“Oh, really?” said Lynda, giggling. “And if you had won?”

“Then Pete would have gone to work with his cock cage.”

Lynda laughed out loud.

“I like you. Okay, my turn to let you into a little secret of mine…” said Lynda, revealing that she was a latex fetishist, that she had bought that house about an hour drive from the city, in the middle of nowhere, for a few pennies because it’s supposedly haunted.

“I don’t believe in ghosts, and if there’s any, I just hope they like to see a woman in latex wander around.”

That led to more discussions, leading to the three of them meeting and agreeing to that evening, all gathering at Lynda’s haunted house for a very unique weekend.

It was friday night.

They rang the bell. Soon after, they heard hard sharp stumping noise getting closer and closer. There was a pause, then the door was unlocked and opened.

A tall blond woman, wearing a red latex catsuit, thigh high red patent boots with a spiky high heel and a white corset smiled at them.

“Hello, Karen. Pete. Not too much trouble finding the house, I hope.” she asked.

“Hello Lynda. Well, we passed in front of it twice, but it was no big deal.” answered Pete, giggling, looking at Karen. “I had some… GPS problems.”

Karen looked at him with a grin.

“Hey! I told you that the only time I came here, I wasn’t driving either, and it was in the middle of the day, you know, with that big bright ball up in the sky LIGHTING everything around?” answered Karen with a harsh tone.

“Wow.! Somebody is in a touchy mood tonight. Might get interesting” said Lynda giggling and making an evil grin, closing the door behind her. “So, you too love birds, got everything?”

“Yes.” they said together, lifting their rather heavy duffle bags. “We got everything.” added Karen.

“Very well then. Would you care for a drink while you set yourself up… Well, I see you’ve already taken the first steps…” began to said Lynda.

Karen and Pete had dropped their bags and were starting to undress, revealing that they were already in their black neck entry catsuits. Pete had an attached sheath for his cock and it was well filled.

“We wanted to save more time in latex.” said Karen.

“And the thrill of, you know, driving while in latex.”

“Oh, I certainly understand. Just going outside in latex. Over here, nobody would see you. I do that quite often, in broad daylight, and I’ve never been bothered. People around town are kind of afraid of that house.”

“I just can’t wait for tomorrow. And about those ghost things, what is this all about?”, asked Pete.

“Apparently, there are some apparitions, some disappearances, there’s even some stories about flying saucers. So, everybody is afraid to take the house down. They were selling it cheap, with the condition that I would not take it down, they are afraid of reprisal from the ghosts, the spirits or whatever, and to be able to rent the land that came with it, 300 meters on either side, I had to live in it at least the equivalent of three months out of the year. I’m not about to wash out the ghost stories, as it keeps lurkers from getting nearby, and I’m free to do what I want, like dressing in latex.”

“Oh, and when the farmers on either side come to look at their crops?”

“They keep a 50 meters band untouched all around the house and on each side of the driveway. I’m totally isolated. THE BEST!” she said, as they were taking off their last piece of civil clothings and were fondling in their respective duffle bags, each getting out a corset.

Karen wrapped her first and began pulling on the laces while Pete wrapped his, leaving it loose as he began to tighten Karen’s.

It was a rather long and rigid red leather corset, covering her from her hips to over her ample breasts. He pulled the laces expertly, tightening over and over until there was about a 3cm gap. He tied the knot and turned his back on Karen, who began to lace his long torso latex corset.

“Are… are you shivering?” asked Lynda.

“Yeah.” answered Pete with a nervous laugh.

“Why?” asked

“Well, Lynda, me and Karen have known each other for quite a while and have tied up one another quite often. But, every time, one has to remain free, or if both are bound, both have to have an easy and fast release in case the other needs to be released. Basic security.”

“Yea, I get it… so?”

“Well, this is the very first time we will both be tied up and out of one another’s control. It will be the first time we will interact with each other, knowing that there’s no easy way out to either of us. This is a… milestone. I get goosebumps thinking about it.”

“Wow. Is he always this intense, Karen?”

“Yes he is.” she said, giving a last yank at the laces, leaving also a  3cm gap. “Okay, time for the footwear. After that, I’m sure we’ll be able to close off the corsets.”

Karen sat and put on thigh high lace-up white and red leather boots with a 2 inches platform and a 7 inches heel. On the good note, there was a side zipper.

Pete helped her put the boots on, keeping her steady, then gradually getting the zipper up. Once done, he took leather and steel ankle cuffs and tightly wrapped them around Karen’s ankles. Those boots would not get removed.

When he got back up, Karen turned her back on him. He knew the next step. It was all part of their routine: he completed the lacing of Karen’s corset, closing it fully, and Karen did the same with his corset, although she had a little more difficulties.

“Better cut on the beer and desserts, Pete, or it will become excruciatingly tight.”

“Or exercise.” added Lynda.

“Very funny.” concluded Pete, with a grin.

“Hey, what’s with the footwear for him? Nothing?”

“Well…“ began to say Pete, I know that, technically, you’re in charge of our predicaments but, I have, kind of… planned to spend the night in the vacbed.”


“Yeah. Karen mentioned that yours have some kind of monitoring system and that someone could be left unattended, so… for the night… I mean, if it can be done, of course. I don’t want to, order or… you know…”

“I think that could be arranged.” said Lynda, giving a wink to Karen who responded with a smile.

“What… what are you two up to?” asked Pete, suddenly suspicious that there was more than what meets the eyes.

Karen went to her bag and got out her full chastity set, which includes a full belt as well as the bra. Lynda went away to return with a large box.

“I know that you are used to a cage, but I convinced Karen to go… heavy.” she said, opening the box, and producing a steel chastity belt for men, but the concealing kind, where the shaft is hidden under it, giving the look of a woman.

Plus, after she handed it to Pete to have a look, she got out a steel chastity bra.

“What is that for?” asked Pete. “or I should say, for who is it, since Karen already has hers”

“They’re for your breasts.” said Lynda, smiling.

“THOSE AREN’T BREASTS, THOSE ARE PECS.” answered Pete, obviously shocked at the thought that those could be breasts.

“Whatever. They get covered.” laughed Lynda, with Karen losing it.

“This was going to be just a prank, but the way you’ve reacted… “said Karen, looking at Lynda to have her approval, “… those will go on too!”

“Now way, I will not…” began complaining Pete, but Karen produced a panel gag and she stuffed it in, muffling his complaints.”

He stayed relatively passive as the chastity belt was wrapped around hiswaist. It was a tight fit, almost too tight.

“You sure you took his measurements correctly?” asked Lynda.

“Yes, I took his corset measurements.” answered Karen.

“Karen, those measurements are for the inside of the corset. You had to add its thickness.”

“Oh darn! Didn’t think of that. Well, Pete, suck it in, because this belt is going on.”

He could only respond by grunting.

They finally had to resolve to use a ratchet-strap to bring the belt fully closed, much to Pete’s dismay whonow had to cope with something much tighter than anticipated.

 As they fondled with the belt, he felt Lynda pulling the rectum zipper open, revealing a rubber sheath.

Pete mumbled loudly under his gag.

“Oh, did I mention that this belt came with an attached butt plug? Oh then… my bad. Take a deep breath.” she said, laughing.

His cock, already well sheathed easily slid into the integrated tube, forcing it down, and pushing his balls up as the strap was pulled tight in the front, at the same time it was pushing a large plug up the rectum latex sheath, which helped it get it, but it was much bigger than what Pete used to wear. He had wide eyes.

Then they wrapped the steel bra around his breasts… correction, his pecs. It also fit very tightly, squishing their too small cups on his chest.

The whole outfit was completed with steel ankle cuffs, wrists cuffs and a collar.

While his brain was processing the whole predicament, at a level he never experienced before, Lynda helped Karen being fitted with her own chastity belt, including the two large dildos. He saw her bite her lips as they were inserted. She was fitted with leather and steel cuffs at the wrists as well as a collar. Her head was encased into a leather harness holding a large ballgag. That would be her setup for the night.

The First Night

Lynda led them in her dungeon. As soon as they got there, she took Pete, locked his wrists in his back and attached a chain hanging from the ceiling to his collar. She began with Karen, installing her on a bondage table, in a spread eagled position, pulling on all the restraints as hard as she could, stretching her to the max, before wrapping her limbs with attached leather straps everywhere. She would not get out of there. The last strap, immobilizing her head, wrapped over her eyes, blindfolding her as well as pressing ear muffs over her ears to kill any sound. Her only feelings came from her dildos. Her double powerfully vibrating dildos, that were sending her to the verge of orgasm before stopping, keeping her aroused but never letting her orgasm. This would be a long night.

She freed Pete to lead him to the vacbed, placing him inside. Before he was ready to get his head in, she removed the gag and put a latex hood without any eye holes or nose holes. Only a breathing tube attached to a blow-up gag.

He took place inside, the breathing tube getting fed through a small hole on the top cover. It was plugged to a breathing helper and monitor. If anything was to be wrong with his breathing, Lynda would get an alarm, and the vacuum would go in reverse, forcing air into the vacbed.

He suddenly heard a strong suction sound and within a few seconds, he felt his world collapse around him as the layer of latex pinned him down, unable to move. He slowly rocks his hips up and down, within the limits of the latex prison. He got an erection, but being forced downward, it proved disturbing, and was totally unable to get any pleasure out of it. And then, things went wild, when he discovered that the big plug that was shove off his ass was vibrating!

It would be a long night.

The First Morning

Waking up was difficult since, after all, none of them slept.

Karen’s vibrators were unplugged from the wall charger where they have been the whole night, providing non-stop stimulation while getting charged. They would provide for many more hours of intermittent use now.

As the multiple straps were taken off, Karen moaned. It was the first time she could actually move any limb since the last 8 hours or so.

She startled at Lynda’s sight. She was wearing a pink baby doll outfit, and was nonetheless standing on wedge platform mules with a very high heel.

Lynda helped her get up. She was quick to attach her wrists in front of her and snap a leash and pulled Kren to the kitchen.

“Begin preparing the breakfast while I get Pete out of the vacbed.”

In Pete’s tight rubbery universe, things changed rapidly as the vacuum was brought to a fast stop. He felt as if he was out in space and suddenly felt gravity again. 

Lynda got him out of the vacbed, and like Karen, quickly linked his wrists together in the front and snapped a leash before guiding him toward the kitchen, picking a pair of long goth boots with a five inches thick platform sole along the way. 

Pete was quick to fit his feet inside while Lynda pulled up the side zipper. She added two ankle cuffs she linked with a chain forcing him to make very small steps. Hands tied in front, linked with a short chain to the front ring of the chastity belt, he was pulled along to the kitchen where he noticed the clever installation.

There was a rail riding along the bottom of the kitchen counter to which was fixed a rolling buggy. Karen’s chastity belt had been tied to that buggy. It allowed her to move the whole length of the counter, get to the refrigerator and the stove, but she could not get farther than a 30cm from the counter.

Her hands were tied together in front of her. She was making rather heavy breakfasts, with sausages, eggs, bacon, the whole slam!

Pete wondered how he would eat that much, corseted as he was and he knew that Karen wouldn’t eat much more. A coffee would have been nice, tho, but he assumed that neither Karen got one.

He stood by her until the first plate was completed and then tried to grab it. It proved easier said than done. With his hands tied together, he could only hold the plate by one side, and with all the stuff, it was quite heavy. He was about to reach Lynda’s dining table when it slipped off his fingers, and landed upside down on the floor.

“Now you know why she was preparing so much breakfast.” said Lynda, with a smirk. “Go back and get me another one. Try to at least reach the table this time.

Pete hobbled back to the kitchen where Karen was already making another plate. Pete tried again, but his rubber covered fingers were now greasy and the plate slipped right on, but fortunately, fell back on the counter. Only some bacon slices slipped off. Karen picked them up and put them back on the plate while Pete wiped his fingers on a towel. He tried for a third time, this time, reaching the dining table. But putting it down was another story. He had to put it directly in front of Lynda, but was unable to, his wrist chain being too short.

Lynda had both her hands in the air, holding utensils, obviously indicating “I want it right there”, without moving or offering any kind of help. Pete was trying to push the plate as far as possible, but just couldn’t. She let her right arm down then took a ruler to measure the edge of the plate compared to her hand. 

“So, that’s… hum… 20cm. Which means that your night will begin at 20:00” she said, smiling a devilish smile at Pete.

He frowned, then made wide eyes, realizing the prank.

“Ah, I see you figured that one out. Actually, the closer you were gonna get it, the sooner your night predicament would have started. Funny, isn’t it?”

Pete grunted.

“What’s that sound? Are you talking back to me?.”

Pete kept silent and lowered his head, heading back to the kitchen, where Karen was cooking more breakfast but in much smaller portions.

“Ahem… excuse me?” they heard. They both turned around at the same time, seeing Lynda tapping with one heeled foot on the floor. “Who told you that you could come back to the kitchen?” she asked, looking at Pete, “and you, who ordered you to make more breakfast?”

Karen and Pete did a double take to each other. They acted as if they were home, living their bondage through their daily activities. They kind of forgot they were… under control by Lynda.

“I believe you need to know who’s in charge here and the meaning of punishment.”

The First Day

They had been allowed a few burned toasts and some cold coffee for their breakfast. Afterwards, they had to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen and dining room. Karen had been linked to the counter all this time, so Pete walked around with the broom and the mop. Everything had to be spotless. For the first time, each one knew that the other had no choice.

Lynda had gone away to change. She returned wearing a bright red skin tight, neck entry latex catsuit, a red latex corset, and black thigh high boots with a towering five inches heels. She was revealing her fetish and kinky side at them the same way they revealed it to her.

Lynda set them to clean the entire house, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning windows and mirrors. They were slaves. Slaves do chores. Period. 

To prevent them from breathing harmful fumes, she was after all, being a very caring master, she equipped both of them with gas masks. They were equipped with a built-in gag, preventing any sound from coming out. And more, the lenses had optical defects, scratches, chips, bumps, rendering their vision less than perfect. Everything to make their life difficult. 

And that was only the tip of it. Karen’s left hand had been taped to the vacuum cleaner hose with vet wrap. Since she was left-handed, it would appear to be the right choice. However, in her right hand, she had taped a dusting plume, making her use her most awkward hand for a precision job. Vacuuming and dusting at the same time. Talk about efficiency.

She was breathing heavily through the gag and the gasmask, and was sweating like hell. She hated her corset, yet each movement, each time she raised her arm to reach a higher shelf, she was reminded of her tight latex catsuit, by feeling it and by seeing it shine under the sunlight entering the house.

As for Pete, she had taped a bottle of window cleaner in his right hand, and a cleaning towel in his left one. Being right-handed, this increased his difficulties. But with each mirror cleaned, he could see himself in it, his crushed waist, his muscular body gleaming under the lights. Every movement reminded him that he was sealed in rubber. And everytime he was leaning against a counter or a desk, he was reminded, by the hard clunk, that he was wearing a chastity belt.

Lynda was behind them, taking notes, on every streak left on the windows or mirrors, and since Pete was using the same tower again and again, the more glass cleaned, the more streaks. 

As for Karen, every misplaced trinket, picture frame, books, etc, got noted.

After a light lunch where the same setups than the breakfast were used, Lynda sent them out to take care of the land: Pete was put on the lawnmower. It was a classic lawn tractor, but the seat had been ripped of its cushioning, meaning that his chastity belt was directly resting against the steel frame of the seat. He was very well feeling every bump, but especially, every engine vibration. 

They were transmitted directly to his painfully erect cock, pulled backward in its tiny confinement, but, although it was teasing him like hell, he was denied any satisfaction. The chastity belt was doing its job.

And he couldn’t get away from it, since she was chained to it, unable to lift his butt off of it. His feet were also chained to the tractor, allowing minimum operation of the break and clutch pedals.

Karen ws giving the task of taking care of the flowers. Again using vet wrap, a hand fork was taped in her left hand and a hand trowel in her right one. Knee pads were added and she was placed, kneeling, in front of the large flower garden in front of the house. Then her ankles were linked together with a 30cm chain, and that chain linked to her chastity belt, allowing her to raise her hips until she’s straight, but never to get up. She would have to crawl on her knees or on all four to move to a different place.

To make matters worse, Karen, a city girl, never took care of flowers.

The day was clear and the sun was high and hot, making them sweat a lot inside their rubber confinements, feeling the beads of sweat run down their spines.

They still had their gas masks on. Lynda stated that it would protect them from any allergens in the air, and the lenses would protect their eyes from harmful UV rays.

Again, dinner was prepared. By then, Pete and Karen were exhausted and just wanted to sit down or even better, lay down and sleep it over the night, but Lynda had other plans.

The Second Night

The sun was slowly setting down. For the evening, Lynda had them keep their gas masks, but had changed their footwear. She knew that Karen was craving ballet boots, so she obliged. Not that Karen ever mentioned anything about it before. 

She tied her wrists and elbows in her back, and linked her ankle cuffs with a very short chain.

It was time for Pete to get out of his comfortable platform boots, and put on something more challenging. She fitted him with thigh high black leather platform boots with a five inches heel. To her surprise, he didn’t seem scared.

“Don’t tell me. You wear those on a regular basis, don’t you?” asked Lynda, to which Pete nodded a definite yes.

“Then, those will be perfect for the whole night.” she said.

She finished Pete’s setup by tying his arms in a box tie behind his back.

 “Don’t worry, you won’t spend much time standing on those heels.” said Lynda. “You, city people, I’m sure never saw what a real starry night looks like. You will have a first row seat!” she said as she led them outside, Karen hobbling in her ballet boots and short chain, Pete struggling to keep his balance on the soft ground. He was used to wearing heels on solid ground.

“You will enjoy the view, and no, you won’t be laying down. I will tie you up to those ropes upthere, and I will winch you up using the tractor’s winch.” she said as she led them between a row of trees where they could see a pulley system hanging 10m up in the air. “You will be in the best position to enjoy the view!” she said with a devilish smile.

“Oh darn. Wait here. Pete, I forgot your ankle cuffs. I’ll be right back. Sky!…” she said looking up, then seeing some stars disappear under a large cloud.

“Oh, rats. The weather channel said that it was supposed to be a clear sky. Well, it’s probably just a lost cloud. I’ll set you up anyways. I’m sure it will clear out.” she said, leaving them and entering the house. “And if it rains, well, you will be well protected.”

Pete and Karen looked at each other. They never thought about a day like that. Hell, they never dreamed of a day like that. They got close to each other, rubbing their hips together, feeling their respective rubber suit rub against the other, the closest contact they were allowed to. They wondered what it would be like to be permanently encased in rubber, permanently bound, being slaves for life. In their thoughts, they were each planning another session like that.

There was suddenly a loud low frequency buzz sound. Karen and Phil were surrounded by a harsh green light beam. Pete looked up and saw what looked like the underside of a large airplane, but since it was stationary, he thought it was a chopper of some sort.

From inside the house, Lynda heard the same sound and saw green light entering through the back door window. She cursed again about the neighbors who seem to like to shine his harsh lights at her house. It was not the first time, but none of the farmers dared to admit it was him. 

She figured they tried to scare her out, so they could have the land.

She rushed outside, hoping to catch the pranking farmer red handed, but instead, she saw that huge thing floating about 50ft over the trees, slowly rotating, and this harsh green light enveloping Karen and Phil.

She tried to reach them but she was stopped as if invisible hands were pushing her away. Phil tried to walk out of that light but the same thing happened to him, getting pushed back inside.

Then, suddenly, they felt weightless. They looked down and saw that they were leaving the ground, floating, quickly getting up, as if inside of a tube that was retracting. They saw that huge ship over their heads, ready to swallow them. 

Their hearts beat faster. Looking below, they could see Lynda, screaming, but not hearing her. She was frantically running around, searching for something. She even tried to throw rocks at whatever that thing was.

They entered the ship and the floor/door under them closed. The light beam transformed into a bubble, holding them. Phil tried to break free but was unable. Karen was looking around, obviously on the verge of panic. She would have loved to try to kick it open, but with her feet bound, it was out of the question. Pete would have liked to hold her in his hands, to reassure her, and himself, but all he could do was stay close, touching their bound shoulders.

The green light bubble carried them into a small room, before carefully lowering them on the floor and vanishing. The room had a wide opening. Phil tried to walk to it, but was pushed back by some sort of force field. He struggled to get his arms free but just couldn’t do anything. He tried to kick through the force field, only to be thrown backward, landing on his butt.

Karen hobbled to him and kneeled by his side. She tried to speak, but since the gas masks were equipped with an embedded gag, she couldn’t do much.

A strange creature appeared, walked through the force field and approached him. It had rough skin, like a reptile, and fins like a fish, yet was walking on two feet. He said something in a language that they didn’t understand.

Both sitting on the floor of what could be only described as a cell, they looked at each other, afraid and at the same time, puzzled by the situation: of all the people those aliens could have abducted, they chose two rubber fetishists in full gear, unable to speak. Not the best of choice. They cuddled the best they could.

They had a very rough idea of how long they were in this cell before being transported by another green buggle, down a series of corridors, to what could be described by them in a… display booth.

There was a bed with silky, metallic sheets, and a bench, and opposite to it, a large window where people quickly gathered to look at them. Inside similar display units, they could see other creatures, a lot stranger than them, even a few animals they recognized from Earth.

On the outside of their display window, was some kind of information panel, with a rotating Earth floating above it.

Karen sat on the bench while Pete walked toward the curious onlookers, being one curious onlooker himself toward them. He felt his chastity belt, his corset, his high heel boots, and looked at Karen, sealed, like himself, in a neck entry latex catsuit, corseted and bound. 

In time, they would learn their language and learn what was written on the information panel, but in the meantime, they were real strangers in a strange place, obviously, high prices specimen.

Orion Foundation for Biological Studies Data Sheet

Planet of origin: Earth

Species: Unknown (investigating). 1 male, 1 female.

Probably sub-humans or human-transmutation.

Known behavior: Some humans seem to transform into those rubbery creatures, generally at night. They either hide in their homes or in large groups, doing some strange rituals.

Many are maintained restrained, probably developing violent behavior that could hurt themselves or others.

We were lucky to find those in one of our isolated landing posts. They will be kept restrained for their and our protection.

Further study is under way to understand the need of restraints and this strange rubbery skin. Also, note their unique footwear, the female body apparently morphing to have pointed feet.

Phil thought: “and they call themselves high intelligence beings…”

Meanwhile, back on earth, Lynda had a hard time trying to explain the disappearance of her friends by an alien spaceship. But, somehow, the sheriff didn’t seem impressed… nor surprised.

That was not part of the plan. Not at all.

© Pete / monsterp63, January 3, 2018

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