Karen – The Pleasure Suit


Based on a scenario by Rubbermatt.

She was playing with the lump of strange material, deep black, as shiny as liquid tar, in her hand.

“Feels strange. It feels liquid, but solid at the same time. It feels silky and oily. Slippery and gripping. I just can’t… describe it.” she said with a strange look on her face.

“You don’t need to describe it, Karen. You just need to wear it.” he answered with a smile.

“You’re sure there’s no danger, Pr Thompson?”

“There’s always a danger, Karen, like the danger of you not wanting to take it off.”

She looked at him puzzled.

“Remember, Karen. This is a pleasure suit. It will… stimulate you.”

“Yeah, I really… I wonder how. I mean, it’s just fabric… sort of.”

“Just… put it on, please, or should I find someone else?”

She took the suit and disappeared behind a pile of computers, tubes and strange machines to somewhat hide her privacy.

She had been hired by Thompson about a year ago as a laboratory assistant. He had spotted her on the university campus, and had invited her for an interview. Karen needed the money, so she accepted, even more since that assistant work was right up her alley, in her field of study.

He was obviously disappointed when she showed up for the interview in a summer dress and flat sandals. By his remarks and questions, it was clear the main reason she was chosen was because she, most of the time, she wore very tight fashion, jeans, shirts, and she had a love for those sexy butt shaping jeans, especially the vegan leather ones, and she was also hooked on high heels. She wore the dress and flats just so that the sexy thing was not at stake there.

Well, it was, and in the end, she didn’t give a damn, because that’s who she was.

She struggled to practically roll off the tight vegan leather jeans down her legs, stepping down from her five inches heels, then took off the tight blue spandex halter top she had on. 

She began to put the suit on. It had no zipper, and she had to enter through the tiny neck hole, that was easily stretched, almost as if it was… air.

“Don… Don’t forget to take your… err… panties off… otherwise it won’t work.” she heard him say from the other side of the piled stuff she used as a privacy screen. Could he see her?

She pulled the suit off and removed her panties. Shaking, she pulled it back up. The fabric felt strange on her skin, tingling, warm, smooth, silky. It easily got pulled up her legs and waist. To go higher, she had to somewhat squeeze her hands through the neck opening and feed them into the sleeves, down to the attached gloves.

It gently slid in place, molding her like a second skin. She barely felt it. It was taking her shape almost as if it was… alive? 

She walked out from behind her privacy shield of fortune, walking in small steps, the attached feet of the suit appearing slippery on the hard tiled floor of the lab.

Pr Thompson was turning his back at her, working on some chemical compound.

“There. Professor.” she shily said, her voice trembling. If this was a pleasure suit, just wearing it was… pleasurable. It was like a constant body massage, each time she moved.

He turned around and smiled, looking at her from head to toe and back again.

“Oh, you should… should put your… err… heels back on, Karen. That will be more… pleasurable.” he said, almost drooling.

Karen walked back to get her shoes. As soon as she put her feet in, she felt a strange tingling going from her feet, up her legs, right to her… private parts.

She walked back to the middle of the laboratory.

“Looks like the suit…  reacted to the heels.” she said, puzzled.

“It means it works. I did tell you this suit was… artificially… alive, right?”

“Err… I don’t remember you telling me anything about the suit except to put it on, professor.”

“Oh… Right… You’re right. I didn’t want my secret research to leak out, so I haven’t told anything to anybody. This is a suit made, in part, of nanites. You know what they are?”

“Yes. Nanomachines, too small for the eye to distinguish, almost at the atomic level.”

“That’s pretty much it. So, the suit will react to your body, to your feeling, and… oh, yes, the hood.”

“Hood?” asked Karen, puzzled.

“Yes, the hood. You should be completely covered by it. Here, put it on.”

“But…” she said, taking the smooth and silky garment, “how… do I see, or breath. And what about my  hair?”

“The nanites will take care of it, Karen. Just… Just put it on.” he said, wide eyes.

Hands shaking, Karen did. He helped her smooth the collar on the suit, which, within minutes, was completely fused with it, the nanites having incorporated it.”

Karen’s breath was shaking, but she was breathing effortlessly.

“It’s like looking through dark sunglasses.” she said, waving her hand in front of her face, then feeling the hood on her head, feeling her hairs being pulled through by the nanites. 

She was pretty much faceless. Her face was smooth except for a small bump over her nose.

She realized at the same time there were no longer any seams in her neck. She tried to pull on the fabric, but it stayed “glued” to her skin.

“How do I take this off, professor?” she asked, panicking, looking for a way to take it off.

“I just have to send the command through the computer, Karen. No worry.”

“Yes, I worry.” she said, almost crying. “Show me. Now.”

“Yes… yes, of course.” he said, walking to his computer and punching a few keys. She felt a flow of fresh air in the back of her neck. She reached with her hands and pulled the sides apart, virtually ripping the suit off, and pulling the hood off her head, leaving it dangling in front of her.

“Oh… I’m sorry. I panicked… Did I break it?” she said, blushing.

“No, of course not. Those are nanites. Just put it back on, you’ll see.” he answered, punching a few more keys.

She did, and within a few seconds, she felt the suit close back on her back, neck and face. The nanites fixed the suit.

“That’s… amazing, professor.” she said, suddenly a lot more relaxed. “I have one… technical question, professor? The nanites are machines. Where do they take their energy?”

“From wi-fi signals, Karen. There’s enough energy in the air to provide to them. They’ll be active as long as you stay within any kind of wi-fi, or cellular signal, which is pretty much… everywhere.” he said, all proud of himself.

“Uh… and… if I get somewhere where there’s no Wi-Fi signal? What would happen?”

“The… They will run out of energy and the suit will stay as it is. But that will never happen, Karen. There’s always a signal somewhere.”

Karen began to rub her hands on her waist, getting down to her hips, feeling the tight embrace of the suit, the silky finish. She wished it was tighter. A lot tighter.

“Okay, time to activate it.” he said.

“Activate it? What… what do you mean?”

“Enable the program in the nanites that will sense what you… want. It’s a pleasure suit, remember ? There we go…” he said, punching some keys.

“What the… Ooooooooo” said Karen, as the suit became alive.

It tightened all over her body. As it reached what she was used to, with her regular stretch skinny jeans, it continued to tighten, especially at the waist, where it got smaller and smaller. Karen felt crushed.. But she liked it. She wanted it more and more, but somewhat, it stopped.

Professor Thompson was looking at her in amazement, watching her become tightly wrapped by his invention, her waist getting thinner and thinner. As if he read Karen’s question as she was still trying to crush her waist with her hands after the nanites had stopped, he answered.

“The nanites will stop whatever you wish if it will harm you. You obviously can’t get your waist thinner than that, Karen.” he said, giggling.

“Ah… oh.” she said, realizing that he was watching. Of course, he was there, in the room, with her.

She began to slowly walk, on her spiky heels but the shoes fell off and she was standing there, on her toes. Then it grew… or they grew. THEY were… alive, as she felt something entering her private parts, getting longer, larger, and moving, like thousands of little critters. She put her hands at her crotch and opened her mouth to scream when IT filled her mouth too, going deep, going wide.

She couldn’t produce any sound, yet she was screaming internally. She slowly fell on her knees, then let herself drop on the floor, as the nanites were getting to know her. She was getting massaged inside and out. She had a funny thought: she was getting screwed by nanites… That would come to a shock to the guy with the smallest dick record…

The orgasm built quickly, powerful. She never felt anything like that. As she was exploding, all the nanites became as rigid as steel. That sudden rigid prison made her jump from the Moon to the next galaxy in one giant step.

That was too much. Too strong. She passed out.

When she awakened, she was laying on a lab table, covered with a makeshift blanket.

“Ah, you’re back. How do you feel?”

She tried to search her brain, which was still a mess.

“That was… killer, professor. You’ll make a fortune with that thing.” she said, sitting on the edge of the table, the blanket dropping on the floor, suddenly not giving a damn about being butt naked in front of the professor. She walked, on her toes, to the table where she saw the lump of the suit.

“Can… Can I bring it home, you know… for more tests?” taking the suit back in her hands, and rubbing against her breasts.

“H… Home? Well, I believe… you could, but the program is not portable yet. It’s only in the lab computer… and you need it to send the command to release the suit. It doesn’t need the computer to… work, but to take it off, it does.”

“Oh, I see. Too bad.”

“Listen, Karen, I have a few phone calls to make. Just… get dressed and… tidy up the lab a little. You know, investors might…”

“Yes, of course, professor.” she said, walking behind the equipment and dressing up with her tight jeans, feeling them tame compared with the suit.

“I think I need a raise.” she said, walking out to pick up her shoes left in the middle of the room.

“Why?” asked a shocked professor.

“Well, after experimenting with that suit, I will have to start wearing… corsets.” she said, squeezing her waist with her hands.

“Ah, … right. I’ll see what I can do.”

As Karen was cleaning the lab, she heard him,  in his office, talking into his phone. The tone was getting louder and louder.

“… I know… But… But it works… Come by tomor… I’ll show you… Of course there’s still a few bugs to work out, it’s a prototype… But… It’s just two more months… No, not ready… How about one more… NO?… Damn it. Listen… List….”

He stormed out of his office, and stopped dead when he saw Karen.

“I’m sorry… financial problems… as always. Just… just leave when you’re done. Don’t forget to lock the door.” he said before leaving.

About an hour later, everything was spotless. She grabbed her jacket then saw the suit. It couldn’t be that bad. She looked at the professor’s computer. It was still on. She knew the password since he told her a few weeks back and, obviously, hadn’t changed it.

She launched the program. There was an option to activate the suit once it was fully on. Biting her lower lip, a mischievous look in her eyes, she selected it and activated the suit. She would call him back in the morning to have the suit released. No big deal. She was sure he would understand.

She put the lump of nano-fabric in her purse and went.

As soon as she was home, it was early evening after all, she put on the suit, quickly. She knew what was coming. She took a deep breath and put the hood on, smoothed the collar and waited.

It took a few seconds and the suit activated, getting tighter and tighter, and began to grow.

She had already taken place on her bead. The orgasm came, as powerful as the first one, and she lost consciousness again, at the same moment. That thing was powerful, or she was asking to lose it. She would be more careful next time.

The suit was giving her pleasure with each move, each breath, almost each thought. She was able to eat, the nanites making a hole, and even to go to the restroom. That thing could be worn for eons!

She stimulated herself to a softer orgasm before falling asleep for the night. She dreamed of pleasure images, of fetish images or movies she saw . She felt as if she was there, living them, or perhaps, the suit was making her living them.

In the early morning, she surprised herself at rubbing her hands over her tightly squeezed waist, her enhanced breasts. Every squeeze was sending her waves of pleasure. She had a light breakfast then called the lab, but there was no answer. She was puzzled. Then, she realized: it was Saturday. The Professor won’t be back to the lab until Monday, for sure. He might go on the weekend, but he had no scheduled time.

Oh, well, it meant… two more days in the suit. Who was she to complain?

By now, walking on her toes was relatively easy. She even browsed the internet in search of ballet boots. She wanted to get some for some time but wondered if she would be able to wear them. Now she knows. She also searched for a corset, but waited before buying them. Just in case. Who knows, perhaps the Professor could make boots and corsets only from those nanomachines.

He was calling it the Pleasure Suit. And he was right, thought Karen. She had the time of her life for two continuous days. Every activity, even washing dishes, was pleasurable, at the very deep visceral level. That, it was good.

Then, suddenly, in the  middle of the day, as she was walking toward the living room, all went silent around her and the lights that were on burned black. She managed to make a few more steps before everything became sluggish and she fell forward, on the floor, frozen in the last position she had. She heard a faint beeping sound. It took her a few moments to realize what had happened: a power outage. That beeping sound was the UPS on her computer. Apparently, all the cellphone and wi-fi signals just went dead.

It lasted a few moments, before the nanites came back to life, the time for the generators to kick back the cell phone network into action. Her suit was working again, but it was sluggish. She took a mental note. One thing to consider. She was picturing a bunch of people, all frozen at home in different positions. She giggled.

But more, the sluggish response made her… hot. It was as if she was trying to move in goo. A kind of soft… bondage.

She slowly headed for the bed. Yes, why not having another one. That was what the suit was for and she was… experimenting, right?

It was a new experience she would remember, and she hoped the nanites too. Damn, she loved it.

About an hour later, full power was restored, and everything was back to normal.

That night, she knew it would be the last time before some time. She had a go, pumping herself to the strongest orgasm she ever felt, feeling the suit squeeze her, getting soft, sluggish, totally rigid. Yes, the nanites were learning. Wonderful.

Monday morning 8:00.

She called: no answer.

9:00. Same thing.

10:00. Same thing.

She was not supposed to call his cell phone unless there was an emergency. This was one. Again, no answer.

Around 11:00, there was a knock on the door. She opened, not checking through the peeping hole, hoping it would be Professor Thompson.

There was a man, in shirt and tie, obviously stunned by the sight.

“Are you… I’m looking for Miss Karen, Professor Thompson’s assistant?”

“Yes, I am. How can I help you?”

“I am Inspector Smith from metro police. I’m sorry to inform you that…there has been an accident at the laboratory.”

“Accident? What kind of accident?” she said, inviting him to come in.

“There was a fire Saturday evening,” said the inspector. “The laboratory was mostly destroyed.”

“A fire? Saturday? How… how come? Where is the professor?”

“We… we found him amidst the rubbles. I’m afraid he died in the fire.”

“Oh my god…”

“I’m sorry to ask you this, miss Karen, but do you… first of all, could you remove your mask or something, so I can see your face?”

“I… I can’t.”

“And why not?” 

She explained the situation to him.

“Well, that could explain some of the mystery.”


“Yes. Do you know if Pr Thompson had any financial problems?”

“None that I’m especially aware of. He works in research, so he’s always in money problems, asking for grants, and stuff. I know he had some kind of argument with, I believe, investors, friday afternoon.”

“Yes. I like that. It all makes sense. So, here what the theory is: he had financial problems to make… this…” he said, pointing at Karen’s suit, “, very deep financial problems, we’re talking millions, and the investors didn’t want to inject any more. We suspect he set the lab ablaze to collect the insurance money. He had surprisingly increased his coverage to 10 millions Friday  afternoon.”

“But.. you said he died in the fire.”

“Yes. It probably went out of control faster than he thought. He was close to the door, holding his laptop. He choked on smoke.”

“Laptop? He got his laptop? Can I have it?”

“I’m sorry… You can’t.” he said, showing his phone with the photo of something covered with a yellow police tarp, and a half charred computer by his side.”

“It means… I’m stuck in this suit for the rest of my life…” said Karen.

“If all you said was true, I’m afraid so…are… are you alright, miss Karen?” asked a puzzled inspector as Karen put her hands to her crotch.

The suit reacted. The thought of being permanently encased in the pleasure suit was just… overwhelming.

© Pete / monsterp63, February 2018

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