Karen – Guinea Pig


She was holding the sloppy thing at arms length, looking puzzled.

“What is that again?”

“It’s a pleasure suit.” said the man. “It gives you… pleasure.”

“How…  how does that work?” she asked, turning it upside down, and looking at the crotch, then feeling lumps in that area. “Ooooo”.

“Yep. It has toys inside but it’s more than that. Pleasure can be feel all over the body. Ever notice how your skin becomes more sensitive at times, that a simple brushing against your partner’s skin triggers a reaction?”


“Well, it uses that… feature of our body.”

“I would have to wear that to have sex?”

“You will have to wear it 24 hours a day, for a whole year.”

“But… how about my daily activities?”

“That’s the point, miss Karen. You will experience pleasure doing them. That’s why it’s called a pleasure suit. And even more, if you have nothing special to do, we will give you activities to do.”


“Oh, it could be a simple walk through the mall or going hiking, etc. We want to ascertain if the suit will be able to perform, whatever the activity.”

“Oh. Okay, and how do I get this thing on?” she said, searching for a zipper.

“If you flip the hood forward, you will be able to get in through the neck opening.”

She stopped dead on her track and stared at him.

“You’re joking, right?”

“No, I’m not. This thing is very stretchy. Just… just try it on.” he said with a smirk. “You can go to the booth over there.”

“Oh… okay.” she said, not really believe it.

“There’s some lubricant there to help you put it on. You can’t over use it.”

She headed for the changing booth, her tight skinny jeans sexily molding her tight buns on the way, her heel clicking on the floor. She liked tight clothes. What was the challenge?

He heard struggles, slapping sounds followed by “ouches”, followed by more struggling noises, panting, sighing. Finally she came back out, the hood dangling over her large breasts, walking on her tiptoes.

He just looked at her, amazed at the sight of that curvaceous woman, in a gleamin black rubber catsuit. He would never get bored of that sight.

“I can’t put my feet down.” she said.

“Oh, it has to be worn with high heels.” he said, producing pumps with a towering six inches heel.

“Geesh! That’s awfully high. I’m used to 3 to four inches heels” she said “… much lower heels.” she mumbled as the took the dreadful looking footwear in her hands, lifting her leg, bending it backward to reach behind her to put the shoe on, and did the same with the other shoe, amazingly keeping her balance in the middle of the room.

“How does it feel, now?”

“It’s… strange. I don’t feel like I’m wearing such high heels. And oh, the hood. I mean, what about my hair?” she asked, brushing her shoulder length brown curly hair with her hand.

“No worry. The hood is nano-punctured. Your hair will find their way out in a matter of a few days. They will be seamless with the suit.

“And… the eyes, the mouth?”

“There’s a special coating over the eyes that allows you to see through although nobody could see them. As for breathing, again, the nano-punctures will make sure you get enough air.

And you will be given a special broth, with all the nutrients. It will keep you well fed, and will condition your skin.”

“Wow, I mean… well, I don’t know what to say. I’m not really a techno-buff, you know. All of that is safe? You’re sure about that?”

“Well, the contract states that if your health is in any way in danger, you’re out of the contract, but will get full compensation.”

“Oh… okay. Can you help me with…” she said, grabbing the hood.

He obliged, smiling, stretching the tight garment over her head, then inserting the large yoke under the high collar of the suit, making a seamless suit.

Her face disappeared under the tight latex, leaving only a lump for her nose. She was a faceless rubber creature.

She tried to talk, but something entered her mouth and began to expand. At the same time, more… things, inserted themselves in her crotch and began to expand too.

A muffle high pitch yelp was heard before everything became silent. She put her hands at her crotch.

He watched her, silently, smiling as her orgasm grew higher and higher. She kneeled, her head backward, one hand at her crotch, the other over her breast, her body engulfed in convulsions. She literally threw herself down, on her side, rolling on her back, on her stomach, as she experienced orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, the suit seemingly getting tighter and tighter, almost acting like a corset.

He was smiling. Things were proceeding much better than anticipated.

After half an hour of countless orgasms, things calmed down, and her breathing became more relaxed. She re-composed herself, sitting on the floor. Already, with all the movements, her hairs had begun to exit the hood. In a few days, she will have a full flock of hair over her currently black and shiny head.

The lump that had grown inside her mouth retracted, allowing her to speak. It was muffled, but she could be heard.

“That was… indescribable.” she said.

“Glad you liked it.”

“So, that’s what it does. It means that I could orgasm anytime, anywhere? Not very practical.”

“Well, the goal of your testing is to see if you can control it, if you can… store that orgasmic energy and then release it later, at your convenience. In time, I believe you will be in constant orgasmic condition. That’s why it’s called a… pleasure suit.”

“Where do I sign?” she said, getting back up, suddenly kind of unaware she was wearing thin high heels.

She took the pen with her shiny black fingers and signed the 5 copies of the document.

“Okay… now what?” she asked, rubbing her hands along her tightly constricted waist, down to her thighs, without noticing she was doing it.

“That’s it. Just go about your normal day business, miss Karen.”

“I… really don’t know what to do, now. Do I go out… like this?”

“Like you wish, miss Karen. You can dress up or not, but you will not take the suit off for a minimum of one year.”

“I think I’ll put back what I was wearing when I came in.” she said, heading for the changing booth. She came back a few minutes later, Surprisingly, her skinny jeans were not as skinny now. She would need new ones, to accommodate her new tiny waist and a new shirt for her new… enlarge breasts? This suit was doing… things.

Fourteen months later.

She was at home, her hairs had fully grown over her latex covered head. She was sporting a tight white tank top, and extremely tight skinny jeans. She was looking at her phone. She had lost the ability to speak a few months prior. For some reason, the suit decided that keeping her mouth full was getting her more pleasure, as well as keeping her crotch fully plugged. Every single move, every single touch, was giving her pleasure.

She was now in a constant sexual arousal. Non stop.

Fourteen months. Two months over her one year contract. Well, it was written in plain black on white: one year MINIMUM. There was no maximum specified. For as long as they continued to pay her, she was stuck inside the pleasure suit.

As she received her next assignments, to go have a stroll at the mall, the thought of obeying orders from Control, feeling another orgasm build up, she wondered. Does she want out?

© Pete / monsterp63, February 11, 2018.

Thanks to Rubbermatt for the awesomely inspirational image.

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