Karen – The Gamer


She could hear the explosions and firearms sounds coming from the living room. She was slowly rocking her firm butt, tightly encased in the pair of tightest leather jeans she could find, and with a white spandex halter top moulding her ample breasts completing the outfit.

He was so concentrated on his game, he didn’t hear the leather creaking or the clicking of her high heels on the hardwood floor as she approached from behind.

She slowly bent forward, getting closer to his ear, and she whispered, softly, horny words.

“Oh, damn! Not now, Karen. I’m playing.” he said, quickly adding “No…, I was talking to my girlfriend. You go to the room on the right.” he said to his headset, to one of the other players linked on-line on the multiplayer mode of the game.

Karen smiled and walked sexily and slowly between Phil and the TV screen, where he had to try to look around her, clicked her heels to the leather covered sofa where she slowly took place making the leather layers of her jeans and the sofa creak. She took a very provocative pose, laying on her back, opening her legs, smiling, distracting Phil.

 “Hey! Watch-it, Phil. It’s me you’re shooting at.” she heard from her headset.

“Sorry, Marco. I was… distracted.”

“Yeah, I bet you were. Don’t tell me: Karen?”

“Let’s concentrate on the game, shall we?” said Phil.

Karen stayed there for a while, but quickly got bored. She took a book but it was hard to concentrate, hearing the guns fire, and the screams, and seeing Phil jump off his chair, throwing his hands in the air, and stuff.

She slowly passed again in front of him and slowly walked away, to the bedroom where she laid down and resumed her reading.

At around midnight, when the game was over, Phil softly walked to the bedroom, to find Karen, Deep asleep, still wearing her sexy outfit, the book resting on her breasts.

He gently took the book away and covered her, before slipping under the bedsheets, Karen barely noticing.

The next morning, he woke up at the smell of bacon. He wrapped himself in a bathrobe and walked, half asleep, to the kitchen, where Karen was preparing some breakfast, still dressed like the evening before.

“You… you didn’t change?”

“Well, I woke up all dressed up. Why not keep it. So, good game, yesterday?”

“Yes, it was awesome. Too bad you don’t play.”

“You know it’s not for me.” she said, making a pause, like thinking about what she was about to say “and I know we have an agreement, that friday evenings are yours for the gaming but…”

Phil looked at her with a “oh, no” look.

“… I mean, It’s boring for me during that time.” she said, putting the plate with eggs and bacon in front of him, the smell of it mixing with the smell of her leather jeans and her soft perfume. “Is there a way I can be… part of the action?” she asked with a soft, sultry voice.

Phil was taken by surprise. His brain was not awakened enough to sustain sexy thoughts.

“Err… I… What… what do you have in mind?” he asked.

“Well, you’re the gadget genius. There might be a way to, you know, make something… living.”

It took some time for his brain to compute everything as he was chewing his food, but then, finally, the light bulb lit up. He took his phone and searched for something on it, then turned it toward Karen.

“There.” he said.

Karen looked at it.

“A feedback chair? That’s not what… I had in mind.” she said, puzzled.

“Oh.. Sorry.” he said, taking more coffee. His brain needed it, because right now, his other brain was using most of the blood, at the sight of Karen. “Let me explain. That chair contains a box that diverts the signals coming from explosions, gunshots, and stuff, into movements to the chair. If I can extract those signals, and feed them to what you want.”

Karen’s eyes widened.

“So, as you would play, I would get…”

“Worked out?” he said, with a devilish grin. “But it’s expensive, and I don’t kno…”

“Here’s my card. You get that. NOW!” she said.

A week later, the chair was in Phil’s workshop and he was adding plugs to the control box. The next friday, it was ready. He put the chair in the living room, then prepared where Karen would be for the game, in the bookshelves, which had already been modified to transform into a vertical stock.

He fed the wires to the devices while Karen, all joyous, was preparing herself. She appeared in the living room, her body wrapped in a black, tight, neck-entry latex catsuit, complete with socks, gloves and hood, standing in ballet boots, waist crushed by a leather corset, her head held erect by a giraffe collar.

Wires were dangling from her crotch, and from the back of her corset, linked to vibrating dildos and tens pads.

Phil looked at her, smiling.

“Going heavy! You’re sure you’re going to be able to cope with it for the whole evening? Remember our deal?”

“Yes, I remember our deal: if I use the safeword, I have to buy you the latest console with wrapped displays, and stuff.”

“Yeah. I can’t wait. Okay, in you go.” he said, gently putting her in place inside the bookshelf unit, then placing the planks, fixing her in place at the ankles, over and below the knees,  hips, waist, and neck. She wiggled her latex hands through the neck plate and squirmed in the tight boards to get comfortable.

“All set?”

“Yes.” she said.

“Okay. Open wide.” he said, as he approached with the panel gag head harness that included an attached blindfold. He fastened the harness tightly in place, finally linking the top ring of the  harness to a ring under the top frame of the unit.

She couldn’t move much.

“Okay, safeword test.” he said.

Karen crossed the index finger and middle finger of both hands and yelled as hard as she could “Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” through the gag.

“Perfect.” he said. “Now, I’m going to plug everything. You might feel something as I power on the modules.”

She felt a quick, yet powerful zap on her tens pads on her breasts, hips and crotch. Then everything went silent.

“Okay, all is plugged. Give me some time to log in and it’s a go.” he said, taking place in the brand new gaming chair, putting his headset on.

“Hey, guys. I’m on-line.” he said.

“Great, Phil. We’re waiting for Jane and we’re all set to start.”

After a few moments of chit chat, everybody was ready and the game began.

Immediately, he heard Karen moan. Just walking around made the dildos start to vibrate. The faster he was going, the faster the dildos were going.

Gunshots! Explosions. The dildos were doing quick intense pulses with her butt pads firing. Phil was hit: breast pads.

He was gaining points: crotch pads and dildos.

Damn! To her, not seeing the action, all of this was random. She was getting horny by the second. Then, all the tens pads fired at the same time, not exactly a pleasurable sensation, and everything went silent.

And silent.

“Mmmmffffmmm???” she questioned.

“Sorry, got shot dead. There’s a five minutes delay before I can go back to the game.” answered Phil.

Karen grunted. That dead zone was a killer. Yeah, right.

Then, everything fired again, all the tens about 30%, and the dildos a full blast for about 15 seconds! That was enough to send her flying off. As she reached the orgasm point, the dildos stopped, and the breast pads fired. Damn! She had lost it.

It went on, and on. Everytime her orgasm was getting ready to explode, something was happening.

He was running, the dildos were vibrating harder and harder. He was getting shot at, and he was triggering explosions at the same time. The orgasm was building again, this time, extra-powerful, as if all the misfired ones, were accumulating into a giant one. She just wished that… Explosions and explosions, which meant, dildos, crotch and breast pads, all firing together, yet pulsating as each action was taking place.

She exploded. Big time. As she was flying high, her body requesting more and more, everything went dead!

Her body was still shaking when she felt something against her, pushing her, quite hard actually, on the breasts.

Breath shaking, she tried to figure out what was going on, as the pressure decreased and she felt herself balancing back and forth before stabilizing.

The blindfold was removed. Karen had wide eyes.

“Are you okay?”  asked a very concerned looking Phil.

She nodded yes, obviously, unaware of what had happened, then saw the tv, flat, face down on the floor, the large flower pot also on its side, the dirt spread on the floor.

“You shook so much, the whole cabinet fell forward. I was able to catch you in time, but the TV got thrown off. The game is over for me.” he said.

He gently removed the gag. Karen was smiling, like still out of this world.

“I assume it was good,” said Phil.

“You can’t imagine… Damn!!” she said, still squirming in the rigid frame, experiencing the last hormone surges going through her body. “Well… take me out. I’ll help you clean that mess.” she said.

Phil took her out and, still all dressed in latex, corset and ballet boots, she helped him put the TV back on its stand, TV that now had a cracked screen. She helped him clean the dirt spill and put everything back where it was supposed to be.

“I guess we need a new TV.” he said, grabbing her by her tiny waist and pulling her against his body.

“I guess we need a new setup.” she said, with a devilish smile.

One week later, Phil had a brand new TV, and Karen had the same setup, except the shelving cabinet was screwed to the wall!!

And again, frustrations, followed great climbs, and finally, a climax. In four hours, she was kept on the edges all the time with only 2 orgasms.

She was totally exhausted and pretty much passing out. Phil had to carry her to the bed, where she slept, all fixed up, except for the gag. He would have liked to remove the boots and the corset, so she would be more comfortable, but apparently, she had locked them on, and didn’t tell him where she had put the keys. 

The next morning, he was awakened again with the smell of bacon and eggs. He was stunned when he entered the kitchen and Karen was still fully dressed up. Barely awake, his brain still lacked blood as it went… downstairs…

“So… How… how was it, this time? At least, you didn’t break anything.” he said, quickly regretting it.

“Yeah… ha, ha… right. It was very good, being kept on the edge like that, for so long, damn! That was… and when I jumped, it… wow… I mean…”

“Okay, Karen. I get it. It was good, but not what you expected.”

“What? No… I mean, what makes you say so?”

“The fact that you’re at loss of words to talk about your orgasm. So, tell me, what is it? Or what isn’t?”

She began to explain to him the problem, that it was too “static”, with too many voids, making her lose everything.

It took weeks of research, and negotiations. Well, Karen was not to have all the fun, right? Step by step, everything was built, modified, enhanced, tested.

Four months later, the whole setup had been transformed. A game room had been built, where Phil’s new state of the art, 4 screen console and VR helmet ruled the world of online gaming, and Karen bookshelf stock had been replaced by a sturdy wooden frame, and the small control unit was now a rather large black box, containing a lot of controls, including a vacuum system and a an air pressure system, allowing to get any air bladder inflated or deflated in a fraction of a second.

Karen would show up all prepped up: her favorite neck entry catsuit, ballet boots and a crushing leather corset. Under it all, was an array of tens pads, running down her back from the shoulder blades down to the crotch, and going back up to the breasts. Two blow-up dildos were already deeply inserted and ready to work.

A thick leather body harness would be put over, the crotch portion holding two powerful magic wands, directly on the dildos. The harness was wrapping her around the thighs, crotch, waist and was circling around her breasts to end with large shoulder straps. Sturdy D-rings were mounted on the shoulder straps and on top of the hip band. The harness was holding two suction cups over her breasts.

She would step on a stool so that Phil could hook the numerous chains to the D-rings, chains that were linked to strong springs. Yes, she would be suspended in the middle of an array of springs, holding her shoulders, hips, but also the top of her head, her wrists and her ankles, pulling her in every direction at the same time.

She was not bound-up totally rigid and immobile, but suspended in mid-air, almost weightless.

But that was not all. Her head was encased into a blow-up hood, with a blow-up gag, and, on top of that, a tight gasmask, where the breathing was controlled by the black box. Her breath could be enhanced by pumping air, totally blocked, or render difficult by passing through an array of bubbler bottles, where the water has been tainted with mixes of some essential oils, some giving the smell fresh of roses, another rubber, another, the smell of a sewer or a swamp, whatever Phil felt up to when he prepared the session.

The gas mask had a dark, opaque lense. She couldn’t see anything. However, there was an array of bright LEDs, which would light, flash, pulse, on different colors, sending her brain weird and abstract patterns. Those LEDs were so bright that, even with her eyes closed, she would see the flashes.

There were other blow-up devices, like her collar, which could be made to almost strangle her, and an inflatable bladder between her already crushed waist and the corset, making it squeeze her even more, crushing her rib cage.

Everything was monitored with heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen sensor.

And she had a chicken button. All she had to do was to squeeze a tight fist, something she would do naturally while orgasming, so she had to be careful not to turn everything off at the worst moment!


She was all set up. All systems dead silent, she was awaiting, suspended, almost sensory deprived, dozing off, until Phil went online.

There was a rush of air, Karen interpreted as wind blowing. The magic wands began to vibrate, gently: Phil was walking.

She had to suck on her air. She was searching for the smell. What would it be? Roses or shit?…… nothing?

The inflation and deflation of the dildos began, working simultaneously, as Phil progressed in his game. Them tens pads fire, in her back, along her spine. The gag inflated. The suction cups sucked on her breasts, and then, inverted with pressure, squeezing them. Another rush of fresh air yet, at the same time, her collar tightened, and the vibrators went on full power.

Damn! She was moaning as loudly as she could through her over inflated gag, pulling on her restraints, making herself swing in the spring suspension, fucking her brain, now knowing if she was upright, laying down OR spinning.

Pads fired over her breasts over explosions. The orgasm was building. The corset bladder inflated, squishing her, her breasts were sucked on hard.

Flashes of red LEDs blew up her senses. The dildos were vibrating and their inflation pulsating. 

She was on the edge. That was awesome. Oh yes! Things were looking good.

But not for Phil.

His life level was very low, one last hit and…

Within Karen’s setup, within half a second, every tens pads fired simultaneously, her breathing was cut off, and all the bladders deflated. Then everything was dead silent.

Phil was mad and was smiling at the same time. He could decipher Karen’s jerky movements as his game player died. She was pulling on all her bounds at the same time, trying to swing, to feel something, to make something move. She had probably lost it very close to an orgasm, or worse, right in the middle of one. He couldn’t tell if it was the case, but he could tell that she was frustrated.

A five minutes blackout, before, all the bladder inflated and the vibrators went alive for five seconds as Phil got a new life in the game.

That jump started Karen, but she had lost the momentum. Sometimes, she wished she was looking at the game, to have a sense of what’s going on. But most of the time, she was glad she wasn’t seeing it. All the simulations were, not exactly random, but she could build her own history, her own universe, which wasn’t filled with acid throwing aliens, but with latex clad slaves and leather dressed mistresses, ordering slaves around, punishing them.

Again, there was a mix of smells, this time, smelled like a swamp, then roses. Her throat got squeezed, dildos vibrated, tens pads fired at the breasts and crotch.

Yes! Right there! She launched. She exploded. She fired. She… whatever! Her body was shaking from every little nerve ending cell as the orgasm engulfed her. As if on cue, the vibrators began to turn off and on at half seconds intervals as the dildos were fully inflated. Her throat was released, her air was cut-off and her butt pads fired.

She couldn’t believe that she was having an orgasm while already having one. LEDs were flashing to fuck her brain even more.

Phil looked at the suspended, convulsing, shaking, swinging Karen and wondered if the frame would hold up. He began to wonder if steel reinforcements were required!

Four hours later, the game was over, and Karen was out. She had been out for about half an hour, suspended, lifeless, even though Phil could hear the vibrators and pumps working, she was not reacting, yet her life signs were all right.

He got her off of the rig and carried her to the bedroom. He removed the leather harness and the drool filled gasmask. He gently turned her on her stomach and tied her arms in the back, elbow touching, tied her legs together at the knees and ankles, linked her collar with a loose chain to the head board and her ankles to the food board.

Extreme? That was what Karen wanted. The first time, Phil was removing everything he could, except for the catsuit: removing a neck entry catsuit from a “dead” body was simply impossible. After a few times, Karen had said that she preferred waking up in full gear, corset, collar and boots.

So, she did the next time. Then she asked to be kept bound, until he would wake up.

And that’s what she did since. Finding sleep, however, besides a fully rubber clad, bound gorgeous woman, squirming and moaning as her brain was still getting fuck, was not easy.

The next morning, as he woke up, he would release Karen, who insisted on making breakfast and serving him, feet hobble chained and her wrists chained to her corset, before being fully released.

Phil was not to argue…

It had been a long week at work. For both of them,  so they were looking for some R&R, Phil with his gaming, and Karen with… Phil’s gaming.

As he got home, Karen was already dressed in her latex catsuit, ballet boots and corset. She was ready. Since she was never working on Friday’s afternoon, she always made him a very  nice dinner, stating that, if he had a nice dinner, he would play a better game.

“Say, Karen, about tonight’s game…”

“No, Phil. I don’t want to hear anything about the game.” she said with a smile. “Don’t get me scoops. I like surprises.”

“No, it’s not that, it’s just that tonight is…”

“I said I don’t want to hear about it! Whatever the game you’re playing, I don’t mind. As long as you’re playing” she said with a devilish smile.

“I know, but…”

“Phil! I said no.” She said, clicking her boots away, walking to the game room.

“Oh well…” he said to himself, taking another bite.

An hour later, everything was set up, Karen was ready and Phil was ready.

“Karen, listen, this is import…”

She nodded a strong no and moaned as loudly as she could to not hear him.

“Very well. Just to be sure, the deal is still on? If you chicken out, you get to pay me a full week at the gaming convention in July?”

Karen nodded yes. It was a small yes, because of all the restraints, but the answer was clear. Phil smiled and took place.

The game was on.

Agin, the mix of inflating/deflating bladders, vibrations and shock treatment worked its miracle, as Karen orgamed three times. Things were going lightly however. She was close, but she hadn’t reached the point of passing out of exhaustion, and even her orgasmes, although good, could have been a lot more powerful. Was this a new game, or Phil was playing badly tonight.

Suddenly, everything went silent, as if everything was turned off. Was it the end of four hours of playing? That’s how it usually ends? She couldn’t recall, as it never happened before.

She felt phil touching her, feeling her shoulder, her breasts, putting his hands on her thighs, squishing them, caressing them.

“Do you hear me, Karen?” he asked.

She nodded yes. She was concerned. What was wrong? Something with the black box? With Phil? With herself?

“Good.” he answered. “Now, you have no choice but to listen. What I tried to tell you and you refused is that tonight is a gaming marathon. 48 hours long.” 

He waited for the outcome to sink in.

“Have you listened, I would have given you the choice to get out before the end of it, without consequences, but you didn’t listen. I have the right to a 30 minutes break every 4 hours, which I can accumulate if I don’t take them completely or at all. I’m taking 15 minutes now, then I’m back in for 8 or 12 hours before I will take another one. You still have the choice to get out, if you press the chicken button. Remember, the deal is on. You said so yourself. The marathon ends Sunday at 20:00”

He waited for an answer. Karen squirmed as in a “let me out” fashion, but she did not press the button.

“Okay then. Just going for a bathroom break and I’ll be right back.

As Phil walked away, she stood there, suspended, still slightly bouncing from her last movements, thinking.

She could press the chicken button, which will cost her Phil’s trip to the gaming convention. Or she could go through that marathon.

The suction cups pulled on her breasts and she suddenly had no urge to press the chicken button.

She will probably have to call-in sick Monday morning…  and Tuesday…

© Pete / monsterp63, March 2018

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