Karen – Blackmail


Early spring.

Sunshine high, but cool air.

The perfect weather.

As a reporter, Karen had to work in about every condition, and to obtain scoops, she was ready for anything.

But on this ordinary Monday morning, she was at home. She had taken a much needed day off. Everything was calm, nothing special in the news, her boss agreed.

It was one of those times where everything was perfect for her to take her second personality, or rather, let her first, real personality, out.

She proceeded to dress up with a latex bra, with tiny spikes inside, that would stimulate her with every breath, or every time her ample breasts would bounce off. Then the panties, equipped with two pouches, were to receive dildos. Wonderful, arousing devices, that were vibrating, pulsating, and even twisting.

She followed it with a tight neck entry black latex catsuit. It had everything attached, except the hood. She proceeded slowly. Not exactly carefully, she knew that the latex could take some beating and stretching. No, she was doing it slowly because, well, she liked it that way.

She felt the once cold fabric, gently slide up her oiled-up leg, sending her shimmers as it tightened around her foot, her lower leg, her thigh, then feeling it encase her crotch, as it moved upward, wrapping her narrow waist. Then the struggle to pass over her ample breasts, before being able to feed one arm in, then the other one, and in a slow movement, lifting both her arms at the same time, the latex jumped over her breasts, engulfing them, squeezing them, tightening around them like a bandage, only a lot more arousing, squishing the spiked bra on her nipples.

Her breath shook as she looked at her shiny reflexion in the long mirror of her bedroom, black, shiny, like liquid tar. Too bad she couldn’t go out in public like that.

She took the dreadful dildos out of their storage box, and, laying on her back on the bed, legs wide opened, she slowly slid them, on at a time, in their respective pouch, moaning as she felt the intruders filling her cavities.

She took care not to turn them on. Not now. She had the remote in her purse, so. No need to worry.

She closed the zipper and, sitting on the edge of the bed, took her tight stretch skinny jeans, with a wonderful bleached wash pattern creating false creases on her buns and below her knees, and put them on, sliding them slowly up her latex covered legs, taking any wrinkles out, smoothing them.

She could feel the tip of her fingers, teasing her, scratching on her jeans with her fingernails, sending shimmers waves along her thighs even through the layers of latex.

She bit her lips, smiling, letting out a faint sexy moan, her eyes sparkling. That will be awesome.

She wiggled to get the waist portion in place. Those jeans were very tight, had butt lifting properties, and as she pulled the zipper up, as they took their place, lifting her butt with their intricate butt-lifting sewing, squishing the dildos in place.

She giggled.

She put on black leather ankle booties, with a four inches heel and a red sole. She just loves high heels and she would wear them a lot more often, but as image-concerned as her job could be, she really couldn’t. She had to settle for a lower heel. But not today.

And the booties concealed her rubber feet.

For her upper body, a tightly knitted turtleneck shirt would do the trick: tight, form fitting, squeezing her breast even more, and totally concealing her rubber top.

With a lot of struggle, she topped it by adding a tight, white leather bolero jacket, arms so tight, she could barely bend her elbow, finishing with a pair of wrist length red leather gloves, hiding her latex covered fingers, she tucked them under the sleeves of the already tight jacket.

She looked at herself in the mirror: stunningly sexy on the outside, stunningly horny, hot and sweaty on the inside.

She smiled, grabbed her purse and headed for the street. After walking a block, she could feel her latex suit had moved around, settling in the best position. She could feel her body warmth heating the latex, slowly creating a layer of sweat. Her dildos also had taken their rightful places, teasing her, but it was time to increase the stimulation. She discreetly reached in her purse and pushed the button on the remote control. For an external observant, she simply tripped on the lines of the sidewalk in her high heels, as she stumbled for a few steps.

For her, the kick start of the dildos put her off balance. A thrill in those conditions.

Smiling on the outside, screaming of joy inside, she continued her walk, heading for downtown, where all the people were.

Yes, walking in public, hiding her latex fetish was a blast. Would someone notice? What would happen if so? She was a public figure, after all.

Her answer was already prepared: what I do in my private time is private. Funny since, as an investigative journalist, she didn’t give a damn about the privacy of her subjects.

She slowed her pace, looking straight ahead of her, like concentrating, and she was, concentrating hard, not to show the orgasm that was about to run through her body. That was the hardest part. She wished that, in those times, she could find some dark corner to let it out as hard as it wanted, instead of, not repressing it, but controlling it, muffling it.

Her smile grew as she stopped, for a second of two, like thinking, before resuming slowly her walk.

Damn! That was good.

Her phone rang. She looked at the display: it was her boss. She let it ring. She was on her day off. She didn’t need to talk to him. But her phone rang again. And again. And again. After the fifth call in as many minutes, she decided to answer, with a shigh.

“Hey Phil. You gave me my day off, remember?”

“Yes, but this is important!” he yelled at the other end.

“There’s other equally qualified reporters, I’m sure of that…”

“Mayor Thompson has been arrested!”

Karen startled.

“THE mayer Thompson?” she asked, stunned. “Our mayer Thompson?”

“No, Thompson, the mayor of The Lost City of Atlantis. OF COURSE IT’S OUR MAYOR, damn it. I want you there, with Pete. NOW!”

“But I’m on my day off.”

“Then I put you out of it.”

“ But I am not exactly dressed for…”

“I don’t care. Just tell Pete to frame you from the shoulders up, I don’t care. Just be there on the double.”

“He won’t be kept locked up long, that guy owns most of the city and everybody who tried to…”

“I said GO! NOW!”

“Yes boss. But where…”

“Pete is already at the police station. How long until you get there?”

“Err… about five minutes.”

“Good!” he said, then hung up.

Karen shigh and put the phone back in her purse and changed direction, heading for the police headquarters.

When she got there, there were already a bunch of TV trucks, covering the event. Phil was there, leaning against the TV van.

“Oh, Hi Karen.. Wow.” he said, looking at her from head to toe.

“Stuff it, Pete. I’m on my day off.”

“Yeah, I’ll frame from the ….”

“You frame the way you hell want, Pete. Lets get over this, shall we? He will get free within the hour anyways. He always does.” said Karen, pissed off. 

She reached in her purse for the remote and turned off her dildos. “Later…” she whispered.

It was a secret for nobody that Thompson has been the mayor for 5 years, without anyone against him, because he has his way, probably not entirely legal, but he has his way to keep everybody at bay.

“Okay, Karen. I’m ready.” said Pete, his camera on his shoulders.

“Lets g… what now?” said Karen as her phone rang again, from her boss.

“Karen, Thompson has requested that you, and only you, be there. He’s willing to go live, but only with you.”

“Really? Ain’t that so? Well, okay. Going in… No wait. I mean, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” she said, turning off her phone, grabbing the cameraman pushing him in the TV van. “Okay, Pete. Listen to me…” she said.

He was in awe. Karen was pushing against him, her strange perfume in the air. He involuntarily brushed his hand against her extremely tight jeans. She was so hot. She snapped her leather covered fingers at him, bringing him attention back to what she was telling him.

Five minutes later, she got out, alone, with her wireless microphone in hand, heading for the police station, wiggling her tight buns, clicking her heels with a strong decisive pace. The guards let her in, and she proceeded to Thompson’t cell, which, as she suspected, was isolated from the rest, without any security camera aimed at it.

“Oh, Karen. My favorite reporter” he said, getting up and approaching the bars. “Let her in, please, officer?”, he said to the guard. 

The guard unlocked the door and let Karen in, but not before she gave him her purse.

“Where is your cameraman? I thought we were going live. I just want to reassure the city population.” he said, with a large, fake smile.

“Yeah, but it’s clumsy Pete. His gear wasn’t ready. He should be here any minute now.” she said. “So what is it? What are the charges?” she asked.

“They say that they have proof that I pocketed money from the water treatment plant, that the real cost was about half what was publicly announced. That’s bullshit. I know the judge. He’ll have the charges dropped within the hour, and I will be the first one to say to all the good citizens that their Mayor is right and is good.”

“Yes, of course.” said Karen but… Ah, here’s Pete.”

The cameraman arrived, tripping on his tripod, almost landing his camera on the wall, before grabbing it and putting it on the tripod. Karen waited. He handed an earpiece to Karen.

“Okay, all set. Waiting for the station’s feed.” he said, taking place, leaning against the wall, playing with his phone.”

Karen put the wireless earphone in place.

“So, while we wait to go live, Mr. Mayor, can you tell me how you know the judge will free you?”

He leaned toward her, as to talk to her ear.

“Because if he doesn’t, he will go through a divorce that will cost him a lot.” he said.

“Really?” said Karen. “How do you know that?”

“I know everything, Karen.” he said, laughing of his low, raunchy voice. “Because I know everything about everybody I need to. I even know about you.”

“About  me?” she asked, puzzled. “What is there to know about me? I’m single, I live with two cats, and that’s about it.”

“Oh no, it’s not. I know your little… secret.”

Karen raised her eyebrows. “Secret?”

“Yes, the one you’re… wearing right now.”

“My perfume? It’s no secret.” said Karen, puzzled.

“Yeah, call that your perfume. Your latex scented perfume.”

Karen was taken aback.

“Oh, really, and how do you know?” she said, with a devilish smile.

He had a look at the camera. All lights were off. He leaned toward Karen to whisper.

“Because I have a way. I have proof. I have… video.”

“Videos? Come on, you can’t have videos of everybody. No Private Detective would do that.”

“A Priv… “ he laughed. “I’m way better than that. Go back 6 years. Remember that series of robberies?”

“Yes, I do.”

“And remember how they got caught?”

“Yes, they were taped breaking and entering your house.” said Karen.

“Exactly, so after that, everybody in town wanted the same security system. And who was owning the only electronic store selling the system?”

“Err… you?”

“Yes. See where I’m going here?”

“Ah… not exactly, Mayor Thompson.”

“I sold those systems. I had access to all their serial numbers. Just a little hacking later and…”

“You have access to all those cameras? But that’s illegal.” she said, lowering her voice, but with a smirk on her smile, as if saying “clever, very clever – I like that.”

“Really? And who’s going to tell? Certainly not you, otherwise I will show the world what you do in your free time, those latex things, those kinky accessories, those… vibrators?”

At the same time, the guard, half falling asleep, dropped the purse. The hit triggered the remote and Karen twitched.

Thompson looked down at her crotch and smiled, hearing the distinctive hum.

“Right on cue, I might say.” he said, smiling, a devilish, victorious smile.”Why… why don’t you show me? Just a little peak?”

“Mr Mayor. Are you asking me to undress in front of you?” she whispered.

He laughed.

“I would gladly ask you to do so, but with the camera coming on any time now, just… just take off your glove, and show me your latex hand.” he said.

Karen was shocked.

“I… I…”

He grabbed her arm and before she could react, she had pulled off her glove, revealing a black shiny hand.

“There! I knew it!” he said out loud, Pete letting go of his phone to look up, and saw Karen’s black hand, looking puzzled.

“So, said Karen, keeping calm, refraining from running off, her journalistic reflex kicking in “you claim that you have videos to blackmail about everybody in this town? That’s how you were able to stay mayor for all this time?”

He laughed. “It’s your word against mine. I won’t be showing up the video of yourself dressing up in rubber, Karen. It will simply… appear out of nowhere on the internet. My web is way larger than you can imagine.”

“Well, you know what? Sometimes, one’s personal secret has to be revealed for the good of the masses.”

Thompson looked at her, puzzled, and at the same time, looking afraid. Karen got up, took off her leather jacket, and pulled her sweater over her head, revealing her gleaming black body.

“What… what are you doing?”

“I’m taking off my shirt. It’s not like I’m naked, you know.”

“Yeah, so what. Only me, the guard and that puzzled cameraman is seeing it.”

“Err, not exactly. We are live. Everybody in the COUNTRY has seen it, and have heard your confession.”

“What? But the camera lights are off!!”

“Oh, really?” said Pete, looking at the camera. “I must have hit just the wrong spot. Or the right place, because I can assure you, we’ve been live since I put it on the tripod.” he said with a victory smile.”

“Everybody will go down with me!” yelled Thompson.

“You first.” said Karen, picking her clothes and walking out of the cell, clicking her heels, wiggling her butt, going out of the police station, not even putting her shirt or jacket on.

One month later.

“In an expedited trial, ex-mayor Thompson had been convicted of multiple counts of blackmail, illegal entry, and even espionnage by the federal court, earlier today. He’s facing a minimum of 275 years of prison.  However, he will be admissible to parole after two-thirds of that sentence, so in…90 years or so.

This is Karen, reporting live from the steps of City Hall, where the proceedings were followed on close circuit television in the main chamber.”

She smiled and her shiny black latex covered hand slowly led the microphone down. She began to walk, wiggling her butt in her tight fitting latex catsuit, clicking her heels toward Pete, her cameraman.

“Great show, Karen as usual. Next time, try to put a little less shine on your breasts. It was making weird reflections.” he said, very casually.

“Noted, Pete. No more shiny boobs.” she said, smiling, handing him the mic.

“You really don’t mind going out dressed like that? I mean, this is quite revealing… yet, hiding everything.” he said, casually rolling the wires of the camera and storing them in the van.

“Why not? I mean, after Thompson’s revelations, everybody would have liked to have a peek, people would be searching the internet to find pictures of it, others would fake some of them for money, paparazzis would be all over my house, hoping to get one, some would try to steal the confiscated files. This way, everybody is aware of it, and look around: nobody is staring. They’ve become used to it. It’s no big deal anymore.”

“Yes, and it had a domino effect… “ said Pete, trailing off, his eyes following a woman in a tight  red latex catsuit and corset, casually walking toward him, her high heels clicking. She waved her hand at him.

“Hi Pete. Still on for our dinner tonight?”

“Absolutely, Lynda. I’ll pick you at 20:00?”

“I’ll be ready. I’ve found the most perfect cocktail dress. In latex, or course.”

“Of course.” repeated Pete, almost drooling.

“Yep… a domino effect.” he said, following a couple, dressed in white latex catsuit with red vertical stripes along the sides, jogging along, both of them in high heel wedge sneakers.”

Karen giggled. “Yes, it did trigger something…”

“I heard that someone changed the slogan under our city name, from “The City of The Lake” to “The City of The Latex” on the billboards.”

Karen laughed.

I want to go see that. If it’s true, I’m doing a topo on it. The network will love it.” 

Pete put the last cables in their boxes and hopped in the driver seat, Karen taking place in the passenger seat.

“Let’s go make some shiny news,” he said.

© Pete / monsterp63, April 2018

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