Karen – AndroDom


The Three Laws of Robotics. Introduced by S-F author Isaac Asimov (I’m a big fan of his work), in the novel “Runaround” (1949), they suggest the limitations of behavior on robots. They are so clever that it is well planned in the modern robotic community to include them into any human interacting robots to come. They go as follow:

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws

They are also mentioned in the movie “I, Robot” (2004), with Will Smith, movie based on the work of Isaac Asimov.


The restaurant was moderately crowded at this late hour. In one corner, two young women were sitting, one in a business suit, the other one in a more casual attire. She was the one talking.

“…So, I said to him: you better have your story straightened out, because it doesn’t add up. So he said: do your job and I’ll do mine… Do you realize what he said… Karen… Karen?… Yo!” said the redhead, waving her hand in front of her friend.

She sort of snapped out of the dream state she was in.

“… W… what? Oh… Yes, I’m here…” she said, looking around like trying to figure out where she was.

“Were you sleeping?”

“I… I guess. I think. I’m really sorry, I’m really tired.” she said, looking down at her plate and realizing that she had barely eaten anything. “I think I simply should go home and sleep.”

“That’s not good, Karen. You work too hard. You do what? 12 to 16 hours a day, and that non-stop for the past months, 6 even 7 days a week. You’re gonna snap, Karen. You have to slow down.”

“I know, but I just can’t. This project is really important for the company, and for me. If I go through with it, I’m looking at a whole new ballgame. How I do my work is spreading, and I began to get calls from really big corporations.”

“But what good is it in having a nice job if you don’t have a life, Karen?”

“Yeah, you’re right, Lynda. Whatever.” she said, brushing it off, tired of hearing people telling her to slow down. “The work itself is not that bad, but then, I have my house to maintain. I wonder why I bought that thing. That’s way too big for me. I should have stayed in my apartment.”

“Then hire help, hire a maid or something.”

“Yeah, right. I don’t want someone else living in my house while I’m not there.”

“Then get one of those new robots they advertise. I saw an ad on Facebook the other day.”

“Oh, like those robot vacuum cleaners that look like flying saucers?”

“Hey, why not? At least, they would get part of the work done.”

“That might be a solution.” she said, getting up and putting enough money on the table to cover both meals, including a very large tip. “I’m going home. Where… where do I find those robots?”

“I heard the electronic shop down 12th street has them.” said the redhead, getting up and putting on her red leather jacket.

“I took the day off tomorrow. I think I’ll go have a look. Good night.” she said, giving her friend a hug, walking out and hailing a cab.

Half an hour later, she was home, collapsing still dressed on the bed. She fell asleep instantly.

The next day, she awakened, it was almost noon. She dressed up, not for business with a knee length skirt, a white blouse and a dress jacket, but like she really was, with tight shiny PVC jeans, high heels and a skimpy tight fitting stretch top.

After a strong coffee and a light snack, she called a cab and headed downtown.

Her high heels were clicking hard on the concrete sidewalk, and people were turning around to watch her butt wiggle in those too tight jeans. She smiled. She knew the effect she had on other people.

She pushed open the door of the electronic store, her high heels immediately muffled by the plush carpet of the high end store. She stopped and looked around, trying to find what she was looking for. She could see those flying drones, some remote control toys, computers, but not what she was searching for. A young casually dressed clerk approached her.

“Hello miss. My name is Phil. Can I help you with anything?” he said in his best salesman voice.

“Hello Phil. I’m looking for vacuum robots or something like that.” said Karen, smiling. He was kind of cute, and she saw the spark in his eyes, pretty much undressing her.

“Of course, miss. This way, please.” he said, leading her to one aisle of the store, where the saucer-like robots were displayed.

“What size of room are we looking for?” he asked.

“Oh, it’s a two-story house in the West district.”

“So, an ancient house. Are you on the original hardwood floors?”

“Oh yes. That’s why I chose that house. It has been properly maintained with everything original.”

“Old houses like that have rather big grooves between the boards, and usually heavy wear and tear. I would suggest this model here, which is more efficient on deep grooves. Are you planning to move it up and down, or do you prefer to have one per floor?” he said, looking at an increase of his commission.

“Oh, it would probably be one per floor. So, those do the floors, right?”

“Yes, hardwood, carpets, tiles, all types of flooring”.

“Is there an attachment where they can, perhaps, do some dusting too?”

“No, there’s no attachment for that,” he said, laughing. “But we have a robot that might do the trick. However, we’re not talking of the same price range or the same technology.” he said.

“Money is not a problem. Show me.” said Karen.

He led her to another department. He could hear her PVC jeans creaking behind him. There, along one of the walls, with a large sign indicating “home robomation” was a row of different robots, from a spider looking one to a human looking one. He led her to the first spider looking one.

“This can climb up furniture and do the dusting. It uses…”

“How… Please. Tell me, what do they ALL do.” she said, making a broad gesture along all of them.

Seeing his commission increase, he obliged.

“Like I said, the first one uses its legs to grab a hold on the furniture. The ball looking one is a levitating robot. However, it doesn’t vacuum. You have to get the vacuum robot separately. It’s mostly used by people with disabilities that want to get something, a glass of water, food, the TV remote, etc. It’s mostly a grab and carry robot.”

He stepped in front of the third one, looking like a mechanical machine imagined in the 50’s.

“That one here, looking somewhat human, can be programmed to do basic tasks, like making coffee, vacuuming and dusting. It can bring things from one room to another. It needs recharging every day during the night.”

“Those are nice, but what about that one. It looks very sophisticated, with its human face and stuff.”

“This is, again, a totally different level. That’s the most advanced robot we have. It responds to voice commands and can be programmed to do many tasks, even change a wheel on a car, mow the lawn or replace light bulbs.”

“Wow.” she said, moving along, her tight PVC jeans creaking as she slowly rubbed her legs together. “And that one? Tell me about that one.” asked Karen.

By then, the salesman pretty much figured out that she was just an on-looker, that she wouldn’t buy anything. He figured he was losing time and money as he saw more customers enter, being picked up by other salesmen.

“Oh, this one is out of price. I don’t think we need to waste time on it. Would you like to go back to the vacuum cleaner ones, I can make you a deal on two units.” he said with a genuine smile, as genuine as a salesman is honest.

“I told you money was not the matter. Tell me about that one. It… she almost looks human.” she said, touching her skin, only to touch hard, cold, plastic. It was encrusted with luminous lines, emitting a soft yellow light.

“In fact, that’s an android.”

“What’s the difference?”

“This one learns on demand. It can do pretty much everything. It has the dexterity of a human. It can cook, sew, fix things, and of course, dust and vacuum.”

“Why the female form, and why the… high heels?” she asked, lights in her eyes.

“Well…” he said, lowering his voice “they are mostly sold to single men, for… you know… companionship.” he said with a wink.

“Oh… OH!” said Karen, realizing. “Are you telling me she’s fully… functional?” she said, wide eyes.

“No, not exactly, but she has great dexterity. It’s also available as a man. But as I said, it’s quite expensive.”

“Okay… I want one.” she said with a low sultry voice.

“Miss, it’s over… 50000 dollars.”

“Okay. I still want one.” she said, almost singing.

The salesman stood there, not moving.

“What do we do now? How do I order one?” asked again Karen.

“Oh, you’re serious? I’m so sorry. We get so many people playing with us at this stage. Please, follow me. It is made to order.” he said, leading her to a small desk where he invited her to sit down.

Karen did, her jeans creaking along the way. She sat slowly, giving them time to stretch to follow the change of position.

“Okay… So…” he said, getting out a pamphlet where the different models and options were shown, from male to female to anything in between and even to some creatures, and characters of different movies and TV shows.

“Will it be a man?” he said, beginning to type.

“No, a woman.” said Karen, smiling, looking at him.

“Ah… okay. A woman.” he said, his smile fading a little. “And for the options…”

“Let me see… I want the size 3 body, enhanced breasts 2, tiny waist 4 and… oh let’s have some fun, put in the high heels.”

“Oh… okay… wow. We usually see those requests from… male… but it’s none of my business.” he said, suddenly blushing.

“I like men… a lot.” she said, again using her low pitch sultry voice. “It’s just that I prefer to see a gorgeous robot walking around in the house rather than a man… unless he’s fully… enslaved.” she said, almost whispering. Then, switching back to a happy casual voice, she added “Say, is that a color option? Can you make the glow blue?”

“Ab… Absolutely.” he said, trying to get some blood back in his brain. “In fact, you can change it at will. So, is that all?”

“I think it is. It comes all programmed and stuff? What does it do?”

“It’s right here in the… oh, looks like you’re missing a page.” he said, turning around and taking another pamphlet, this one thicker than the one Karen was holding. He took hers and put it into the recycle bin, opening the new one in front of her. “Here are the programming options: you see, cooking, dusting, vacuuming, mowing…”

“Those are all very basic tasks. You mentioned that it could do pretty much…anything.” she said with a wink. “Is there an all-included package or something”

“Yes, but we have better than that.” he said, almost looking happy to get some distance between himself and a very… inviting customer. “It’s called the Ultimate option. It comes with basic knowledge, then, if you want it to, say, make pasta sauce, you say it to the robot: learn pasta sauce recipe. It will browse the internet, probably ask you a few questions for your tastes and will make that sauce. If you like it, you can give it a name and later say that you want the pasta sauce number one, or mother’s sauce, etc.”

“Is it limited to cooking?”

“No, anything. You can ask it to learn to be a hairdresser or anything you want.”

Karen raised an eyebrow “Reeaalllyy?” she said, slowly, not really believing him. “Okay, then, how much will all that cost?”

He punched keys on his keyboard, and then went wide eyes.

“Well, with all the options, so an Android, series 1000, Female, Size 3, with the 200-Female Package consisting of: breast size 2, waist size 4, heels option and the Ultimate package, your total is… $62489… Wow!” he said. “You’re sure you’re going with it? That’s really expensive.”

“That depends. Are you the one delivering it?” she asked, again using her sultry voice.

“Ah… Err… N… No. I’m not making deliveries… It’s shipped F.O.B… We… we have installment plans if you need. I can go get a form to ask for a loan…?”

“No need. Put it on this.” she said, slowly squirming on the chair, getting her left hand into the left back pocket of her tight PVC jeans, to retrieve a tiny wallet, holding only a few cards. She picked up a gold colored card and put it on the counter.

“A Platinum-Gold Special Card? Never saw that one before. I… I will need a photo-ID to process the transaction.”

“It’s right there, on the flip side of the card, see?” she said, turning the card over, showing her picture.

“Okay…” he said, swiping the card on the reader. His computer bipped and asked for a code. Karen entered it using the standard card reader keypad. All the information for the invoice automatically got filled up and the amount was accepted within seconds.

“Wow. Never saw that before, miss… Karen.” he said, looking at the screen. He thought to himself that this gal was stinking rich.

“What’s the delivery delay?” asked joyous Karen, eager to play with her new toy.

“About a month. Here, on the invoice, you have a website and your unique ID, with which you will be able to follow the progress on your order. They will ask in advance, to confirm a day and hour for delivery.” he said, shaking her hand, looking at the numbers only seen by him on the screen where his commission was displayed and smiling ear to ear.

He walked her out of the store, her jeans creaking loudly, as if she was doing it on purpose.

“Well, if you change your mind about making the delivery, you know the address.” said Karen, shaking his hand, then walking out, wiggling her butt, tight PVC jeans creaking.

Sweat stains were starting to be visible on the salesman’s shirt.

She saw him mumbling to himself, but couldn’t hear it.

(“I don’t know if I should be attracted to her, or be afraid of her…”)

She took a cab back home, and threw herself on the bed, on her back, thinking of what she would ask that android. She was eager to try it.


She followed the construction of her android, her anticipation growing exponentially as weeks passed by and the delivery date was approaching.

It came out in a large case she had the delivery man put down in the middle of her living room.

She opened it, and stood in awe in front of the sight. The android was cast inside a brownish gel, keeping it safe for transport. Following the instructions provided, she covered the gel by sprinkling a grey powder that was included, which dissolved the gel, which retracted into a special compartment under the “bed” of the box.

The android was there, sparkling white with the blue colored glow she ordered. It looked peaceful, like asleep… or dead.

As instructed, she took her phone and called the app she had got and installed from the manufacturer, and linked it to her android.

It took a few seconds for the app to complete its configuration, then the android’s eyes lit up and it slowly rose with a faint mechanical winding noise, to stop sitting straight in the box.

She raised her head and looked at Karen, her facial recognition software matching Karen with the image she had stored into her memory bank, allowing the completion of the first initialization process.

“Hello Miss Karen.” the android said, with a very soft spoken voice. “My name is currently Android 116305UKP. Would you like to provide a more usual name?”

Karen smiled. She had thought of it for a while. She went for a very basic one and probably 90% of androids were sharing that name.

“Yes. Your usual name is… Andie.”

“Andie. Thank you Miss Karen. My name is Andie. Is this correct?” she said of her soft voice, almost as if she was signing. With her eyes closed, Karen would have sworn it was a human voice.

“Yes it is. Complete initialization.” said Karen.

“Location of delivery confirmed by GPS – Correct”

“Currently status: Charge level 99%. All systems nominal. No problem to report.”

“First Level initialization completed. Awaiting command.”

Karen was smiling. It was even better than she imagined. There, in front of her, was a humanoid robot, which contrasted completely with her soft, almost signing voice.

“Andie, get out of the box, please”.

“Of course, Miss Karen.” answered Andie.

Karen was expecting to hear a lot of mechanical noises, you know, robot stuff, but she barely heard anything. Whatever motors were in there, they were very well dampened.

Andie slowly got her legs under herself and rose up, standing very tall, before stepping aside to get out of the box, perfectly at ease on her sky high heels. With those on, she was standing as tall as Karen… in heels.

Karen was looking at her, at her blue glow, soft, shiny plastic skin, glowing green eyes with that, a little bit creepy, red iris, which was emitted by the sensors embedded in her eyes and could change according to what wavelength she was using to see.

She felt strange, almost attracted to it.

She approached, Andie not moving, getting closer.

“Andie, can… can I… touch you?” said Karen, feeling silly, asking for a robot to be touched.

“You can do as you please, Miss Karen, as long as it’s within my limitations of the Three Laws of Robotics.”

Karen giggled, then, smiling, in awe, she slowly raised her right hand, first to touch Andie’s arm, then going for her cheek.

“Can I touch you too, Miss Karen? It would help my knowledge.”

“Oh… well.” she said, giggling, like shy, thinking, that’s a robot, what’s to be shy about. “Yes, Andie. You can.” she said.

Andie was imitating Karen, raising her left hand to touch her arm, as Karen was repeating the maneuver, then rising to touch her cheek, delicately, softly.

Karen was expecting to touch cold plastic, but Andie’s skin surprised her at being mildly warm. There was no thermal shock, as much as when she touched Andie as when Andie touched her.

“Wow. Awesome.” said Karen, touching her shoulder, descending almost to her breasts.

“Data assimilated” said Andie, throwing back into the reality that Andie was a machine.

Karen withdrew her hands before she lost herself and decided to caress Andie’s breasts. “They’re bigger than mine,” she said to herself, with a grin.

“I was designed according to your specifications, Miss Karen.” answered Andie, from her soft spoken voice.

“That’s so strange. Your voice is soft and warm, yet what you say is cold and mechanical.”

“Is that contrast too strong? You can change the status report for only something important.” said Andie.

“Yes. Do it… How do I configure that?”

“Command acknowledged. Changing setup… I’m programmed to interpret what you’re saying. I’m currently set at the default level. You can increase or decrease it. The higher the setup, the more to-the-word I will interpret your requests.”

“Leave it as it is, Andie.”

“Very well, Miss Karen. For safety procedure, it is recommended you should designate another administrator.”

“Okay, make it… Lynda.” said Karen.

“The other person must be present so that I can record her body signature.”

“Oh… well, it’s going to be for later, I guess.”

“Very well, Miss Karen. Do you have a task for me to do? If not, my programming requires that I tour the property to adjust it to the map I have in my memory.”

“Yes, of course. Please, complete your initial configuration, then… well, you can put the delivery box in the garage.”

“Very well, Miss Karen.” said Andie, before turning and walking away, going to the kitchen, panning to have a look, probably memorizing the location of everything.

Karen was looking at her. Her walking was fluid and sultry and very well adapted to the skyscraper heels she had on. It was odd as she seemed to switch from human behavior to robot behavior. It was like a human was playing the robot.

Karen silently followed her to the different rooms of the house and watched her, in amazement, pick the huge metal box she came in and carry it to the garage as easy as if it was a cardboard box.

When Andie came back, she reached Karen to ask her where she would stand when not needed.

“Well… Do you mind if I ask you to stay in the laundry room?”

“I suspect you’re inquiring if I would feel offended by it. Please note that I have no emotions. I will then go to the laundry room when not needed. Do you need me now?”

“Yes. I have to get back to work. Your task for today is general cleaning: vacuuming, dusting. Do as much as you can. The whole house needs it.”

“Very well, Miss Karen.” said Andie, walking away, clicking her heels, twisting her hips in the sexiest way, to the point where Karen was trying to imitate her without realizing it.

Karen went to her bedroom and she heard the vacuum cleaner kick into action.


The day at work was long. She couldn’t concentrate. It was the first time she had someone, in her home, alone, going through her stuff. She was afraid that Andie would go nuts and have a malfunction, break something, hell, destroy the house.

From an app on her phone, she could connect and check on Andie’s status: Vacuuming living room… Vacuuming guest room… Dusting office room…

Somewhere late in the afternoon, she sent instructions to Andie to prepare the meal for the evening, to be ready by 19:30, and make Chicken Provencal, with steamed vegetables and a Caesar salad.

When she got home, she opened the door to the wonderful smell of food cooking, something she hadn’t smelled in a long time. She went to the kitchen to watch Andie work. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing.

“Good evening, Andie. Everything went well, today?”

“Good evening, Miss Karen. Yes, everything went well. The vacuuming is completed everywhere. There’s dusting that needs to be done in the office and the living room. I will do it tonight while you’re asleep as they are far from your bedroom. Do not worry about the lights, I can work without them.”

“Oh, really? Wow. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Miss Karen.” said Andie, still working on the salad.

Karen went to change from her business suit to something more comfortable, namely skinny jeans, a tight T-shirt and high heels. By exactly 19:30, Andie invited Karen to take a seat.

The table had been set as if she was a princess, with little flowers and a glass of wine was already waiting for her.

Andie brought in the salad and walked back to the kitchen. Karen began to eat, feeling odd. Andie went back for the main course. She was turning away to walk back to the kitchen when Karen stopped her.

“Andie, please stay.”

“Yes Miss Karen. Is something wrong?”

“I… well, that’s silly but… I just want company. Please, sit.” said Karen, inviting Andie to take place at her table.

Andie did so, putting her hands in her lap and looking straight ahead of her.

“Err… Andie. I would like you to act more human, more like a friend, having a conversation, and stuff. Can you research that?”

“Yes Miss Karen. Progressing… I will need your center of interests. That would help concentrate on what’s important.” said Andie.

Karen continued to eat, smiling at Andie, not moving, but presumably working to expand her memory database.

Karen began to have basic communication with Andie, talking about the weather, the movies she liked, hobbies, her work, etc.

By the evening, they were having a rather interesting conversation about some well-known actors.

Then Karen went to bed and Andie continued her work, silently.

The next morning, she was awakened by the smell of a nice breakfast. She gave Andie her work for the day, then there was nothing much to do. Andy was too effective at what she was doing.


It was Saturday morning. Karen was still sleeping, her bedroom door closed, which meant forbidden territory for Andie.

But then, from the corridor, strange sounds began to be heard through the door. Moaning sounds. Choking sounds. Panting sounds. Andie’s logic circuitry detected distress and forced the door open.

“Are you alright, Miss Karen?” she asked.

Karen stopped dead in her track, holding a vibrator in her right hand, her left hand tied to the headboard with rope, and her ankles tied with ropes to the corner of the bed, a red ball gag stuffed in her mouth. She quickly pulled the gag with her right hand, the neck strap not tight enough to prevent it. Her body was encased in a tight fitting shiny latex catsuit with attached gloves, toe socks and only a crotch zipper.

“Y… Yes, Andie. I’m fine.” said Karen, trying to hide the vibrator and pulling the sheets over her.

“You know, I have no boundaries, Miss Karen. Nothing you can do can shock me or disturb me. I’m sorry if I interrupted something, but my sensors detected a possible distress judging by your voice patterns. Although I detect an abnormally high temperature in your crotch area and a slightly high heartbeat, everything else seems to be fine. Do you need me for anything?”

She said that completely detached. That stunned Karen for a moment, before she realized that Andie had no moral guidelines. She didn’t know what was appropriate or not.

“That was a… private moment, Andie. Can you update your database to include that?”

“Processing… Understood. Sorry to have interrupted you. However, if I may, I am well versed into sexual cultures and behaviors. According to my database, what you’re doing is called being kinky. It is a self-bondage session. Am I correct?”

“Err… Yes, you are.” said Karen, a little embarrassed. “What… what do you know about it?”

“It is a process where a person binds herself to achieve sexual pleasure. It might apparently be quite dangerous, because there’s usually no surveillance.”

“Yes you’re right… Say, Andie, does your program allow you to tie me up?”

“I’m here to follow your commands. Do you want me to?”

“Well… Yes. Why not?” said Karen, spreading herself on the bed. “Yes, that’s perfect… a little tighter… tighter. Yes. Thank you.” she said squirming on the bed. “Now, there’s some more rope by your feet. Tie the vibrator to my crotch… Oh gawd! You’re really an expert. How did you learn to make so many different knots?”

“My datab…”

“Don’t answer, Andie. That was a rhetorical question.

“Anything else, Miss Karen?”

“Yes. Put the gag back in my mouth. Oh, before you proceed, here’s what I want: you leave me like that for 30 minutes. Then you turn the vibrator on low for 30 minutes, then on high for 30 minutes, then off for a last 30 minutes. No matter how much I beg, you do not release me until all is completed. Understood?”

“Yes, Miss Karen. However, my knowledge on kinky sessions requires me to ask for a safeword.”

“Yes, of course. Safeword is… orange.” she said, thinking about it a little. She figured a word not usually spoken in a sexual stimulation would be best, and one that could be somewhat articulated while gagged.

“Orange. Noted.” said Andie. “And what’s the consequence for using it for no serious reason?” she asked.

She never thought of that.

“I don’t know. Do you have something to suggest?”

“A shower with only cold water for 30 minutes?” suggested Andie.

Karen thought of the outcome and agreed. Then Andie bent over Karen and tightened the ballgag, deep into Karen’s mouth. It had never been that tight before. She was always afraid to choke or something, but now, Andie was there.

“Be aware that my sensors will also detect any life threatening situation and my safety protocol, namely the First Law, will make me release you. Now, for safety, please say the safeword three times.”

“Orrggaaagggnnnee… Oorragaanggg… Oaaagggnn”

“Voice pattern recorded. Session beginning now.” said Andie, moving slightly out of sight from Karen’s view but within a safe distance in case anything happened.

For the first time, Karen was tied up out of her control. Yes, she could use the safe word, but she was not in distress. She would get bored, excited, exhausted. But she would enjoy all of it. All… she added her times… TWO HOURS??? Fuck! She never thought of that. Oh well…

The first half hour was boring. She tried to squirm, making her latex catsuit squeak, but nothing exciting was happening and in fact, she was almost falling asleep when, silently, Andie turned the vibrator on at the lowest level.

That’s when she knew how devilishly precise Andie’s installation of the vibrator was. It was at the right spot, giving maximum excitement to her labia. She squirmed in her bonds, pulling on them, but they were not giving. That vibration was enough to excite her, but not to climax. That was frustrating like hell. She was getting hot inside her latex catsuit, feeling the coating of lubricating sweat glide on her body made it even more enjoyable. It was giving the impression that it was getting even tighter on her body.

Then, before she knew it, it was already time for the high power session. Damn!! She exploded right at the start of it, but although she had her long awaited orgasm, she couldn’t stop the damage the vibrator was causing, building another one, and another one… and another one. She lost count and she lost it when Andie cut the vibrator off. She literally passed out, and she barely awoke when Andie, half an hour later, removed her bonds and covered her with the bedsheets and the quilt.

Andie exited the room, closing the door to maintain Karen’s privacy and took her standing place in the laundry room.

Over an hour later, she heard noises coming from the bedroom attached bathroom, some swearing, something about the curse of the neck entry catsuit, then she heard her name called. She proceeded.

“You need me, Miss Karen?”

“Yes, Andie. Could you help me get out of that suit? Neck entry catsuits are enjoyable and comfortable, but a little difficult to take off, especially when your hands are lubricant coated latex…”

Andie used her strong hands to stretch the collar, allowing Karen to slide her shoulder through and free her arm. Then the rest was a breeze. Her nose was filled with the smell of rubber mixed with sweat.

“Thank you, Andie. That will be all.”

“Very well, Miss Karen. I will take care of the bedroom.” she said, turning around, leaving.

“Wait, Andie. Do you know a lot about… BDSM?” asked Karen.

“I don’t know what is a lot, Miss Karen. I could research it.”

“Yes, Andie. I want you to do that. And I also want you to focus on the Dominant / submissive relationship.”

“Understood, Miss Karen. Any one of those in particular?”

“Well… I’d like you to focus on the… Dominant part.” said Karen, taking a deep breath. Was she really going into that direction?

“Understood, Miss Karen. Processing…” said Andie, walking away.


Karen got out of the bathroom, all freshened up, dressed casually with a pair of leather skinny jeans, high heels and a tight shirt, and was, sort of, looking for something to do. Usually, those weekend days were filled with chores, but right now… she had nothing to do. Nothing but enjoying herself.

Seeing the sun shining outside, she went back to her bedroom to come out wearing a shiny red bikini swimsuit, tighter than her own skin. From a distance, it looked like a bikini, since only the bra and panties were red. From a closer approach, one would realize that it was in fact a full catsuit, the “skin” portion being clear latex.

Walking on clear plastic sandals with five inches heels, she trotted her way to the pool where she plunged, head first, with her shoes on.

She did a couple of lengths of her long pool, the water gliding away from her latex covered body. She loved the feeling of water over her latex skin, feeling the water temperature, its density, but not the water itself. Arousingly weird.

Andie, sensing potential danger, stood just outside the door, acting as a lifeguard. As Karen walked out of the pool, heading to a long chair, she noticed her.

“Oh, Andie. Never thought of that. Can you go under water? Are you… waterproof?”

“Yes, Miss Karen. I am certified for 30m, and have been programmed with multiple swimming patterns.” she said, of her best android way.

“You know, Andie, you should refrain using, how to say it, mechanical words. You know? Instead of using stuff like “I am programmed”, and “I’m certified”, how about “I know” or “I can”. Can you try that? It would make you more… human.”

“Proces…. Yes, Miss Karen. I will do.”

“Have you done research about Dominant/Submissive, Andie?”

“Yes I did, Miss Karen. I am still learning but I already know a lot.” she answered.

“Okay. Say, I tell you to dominate me. Tell me, what would you do, right now, just as an example.”

“I would use rope to tie you to the long chair and gag you.”

“That’s all?” asked Karen, perplexed that it was the only thing she thought about.

“That’s all I can do with what I have, Mistress. Ropes and a ballgag.” answered Andie, revealing to Karen at the same time that, she had no idea of what she possessed as kinky toys.

“Oh, I see the problem. Please, come with me.” said Karen, leading Andie to her walk-in closet, pushing away a row of business suits, to reveal a hidden compartment. When she opened it, she was overwhelmed by the smell or rubber and leather, and she found it odd that Andie would not appreciate how arousing that smell was.

She picked the items one by one, and explained them to Andie, from simple ball and bit gag, to full harness, panel gags, blow ups, etc, then turned to her collection of hoods, harnesses, armbinders, cuffs, corsets, even a chastity belt and bra, down to her impressive collection of footwear, and of course, her large collection of toys, and finally, her large collection of latex clothing.

“Okay, now, knowing all that, what would you do?”

“Do I have limits about how to use or modify the equipment?” asked Andie.

Karen was surprised.

“Modify the equipment? You are intriguing me, Andie. Let’s say you have no limits. Then what?”

She picked up a pair of knee high, patent leather platform boots with lots of buckles.

“The soles of these are hollow. I would fill the voids with caulking so that no air would be present. I would make you wear them and add steel cuffs at your ankles and knees. I would have you insert the double vibrating dildos, the latex corset, and would complete the outfit with the chastity belt and bra.

I would tie your arms in front of you with the steel cuffs and add the steel collar. I would take the full hood with tinted lenses, blow-up gag and the breathing tubes and modify it to attach the garden hose to it. I will attach the garden hose to the compressor in the garage. I would then add the required weight in the form of iron plates from your barbell set in the workout room chained to your feet, so you would sink at the bottom of the pool, and ask you to clean it.”

Karen opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

“Are you okay, Miss Karen? I’m sensing an increase in heart rate and in blood pressure and an increase in temp….” said Andie.

“Fuck, Andie!… Do it. DO IT!” said Karen, her face red.

An hour later, Karen was hitting the bottom of the pool, helped with the weights. She was heavy enough to stay to the bottom, but light enough to be able to drag the weights around to move and do the job. However, she didn’t have enough buoyancy to swim to the surface. She was feeling safe with Andie on the edge of the pool, keeping a watchful eye on her. A rope was attached to her chastity belt, so in case of an emergency, Andie would yank her out of there in seconds.

She took the pool vacuum brush and began to work. It was not easy, but she had ample supply of air. She loved the feeling of the pressure of water in the 10ft deep pool over her latex covered body. She felt isolated, yet in contact at the same time. Strange feeling.

She did as instructed by Andie, cleaning the width of the pool at about 2 ft, then going back for another two feet, and so forth. After the first “row” was done, the dildos fired for 30 seconds, throwing Karen off balance. She fell, ending on her butt on the pool bottom, hitting her chastity belt, which in turn, hit the dildos, pushing them a tad further.

She tried to reach them, to play with them, but the chastity belt did its job, and it was double frustrating when it stopped. If she wanted more, she had to clean another portion of the pool. She went to work.

Again, at the end of another two feet, the dildos fired for 30 seconds, then stopped. Karen suddenly hated her pool for being 24ft long.

About an hour later, she was done, and totally exhausted, and totally hot as hell, in all sense of the term, since for that last portion, she had water only down to her knees, and she was cooking under the sun. Her steel cuffs were very bearable underwater, but out of it, they were quite heavy. She wanted relief. She was hoping for some extended session, but instead, Andie pulled the emergency rope and dragged her back to the deepest part of the pool.

Once there, Andie dived down, with 100lb worth of steel plates that she added to Karen’s weights. Even struggling like the devil in holy waters, she would not get to the surface. She took the vacuum broom out of her hands and tied them in her back, adding steel cuffs to her elbows and pulling them together.

Andie attached something to Karen’s thick rubber hood top D ring, then swam back to the surface and Karen waited for the inevitable surge from the dildos, but… nothing happened. She could see Andie’s shadow on the surface, looking at her.


She squirmed, but she had no way out. She had nothing left to do than letting herself half float, held by the weight. Waiting.

After what seemed like a very long time, she heard something and felt being tugged upward by her head. She looked up and had the time to see a balloon being inflated before the pull of the rope became too strong.

There she was, held between the weights at her feet, and pulled upward by a balloon. Damn, she was hot, but again, nothing happened.

Andie didn’t have emotions, but she sure knew how to be annoying as hell. After an eternity of waiting, on the verge of dozing off, all hell broke loose as her two dildos went on, at full power, doing a dancing pattern that sent Karen into twisting moves that would compete against any exotic dancers.

The orgasm built, and built and… stopped. Everything stopped.

Karen grunted and showed her frustration by strong kicks of her legs, but it didn’t do much. She was sure, somehow, Andie was laughing. That was devilish.

When she was cooling off, the dildos fired again, and the same pattern repeated itself, bringing her to the edge, then stopping dead.

Five more excruciating times, Andie did it, before letting Karen have her orgasm. The long, awaited, powerful, never felt before orgasm that almost turned the water of the pool into seafoam.

While Karen was half-there, half-passed out, Andie dived down, released the weight and got Karen out of the water.


The sun was high when she finally awakened. She was out of her corset, boots and hood, but was still very much to her delight, into her clear latex catsuit/swimsuit combination and her clear platform heels shoes. She was lying in a long chair, under the shade created by the large umbrella.

She moved her legs, hearing the squeaking of the latex rubbing together. Her crotch was sensitive, but currently without any intruders. As she put her right hand there, to feel it, she saw a shadow moving closer.

“Oh! Hello Andie. “

“Hello Miss Karen. Was that to your liking? You passed out. It may have been too strong. Should I tame it down a little? I based the scenario on stories I read on the Internet where the heroine happens to share your name.” (Hummm, I wonder where she found those stories…) she said as she bent slightly over Karen.

“I… Well…” said Karen, trying to REMEMBER what happened. All she knew was that she was satisfied, fulfiled. “I can’t really say, Andie. How… how are my vitals? How long have I been out?” she said, suddenly realizing that Andie couldn’t have taken all the gear from her within a few minutes.

“You’ve been unconscious for 42 minutes and 21 seconds. The remaining time, 28 minutes and 55 seconds, you were mostly sleeping. Your general health is good. There are some hormones that are still higher than normal, but there’s nothing to be alarmed about, they are mainly dopamine and serotonin, which are associated as some of the feel good hormones.”

“Oh, yeah. I do feel good. But… shouldn’t I be in… bondage?”

“No, Miss Karen. The scenario I had prepared is completed.”

“Well, then, Andie. I want you to keep me in constant bondage until Sunday morning. In fact, I want you to… dominate me until then.”

Andie straightened her back.

“Very well, Miss Karen. I will do as you please.” she said, turning around and walking up to the garage, leaving Karen puzzled as to what she would do. She came back a few moments later with coils of rope and began to tie Karen, linking her ankles and knees together, coiling rope around her hips and breasts, linking her arms on her side with the rope, and finally, adding a head harness ballgag.

“You need rest, Miss Karen.” said Andie, taking a few steps back, keeping a watchful eye on her.

At first, Karen found it weird to have someone watching her enjoying her predicament, slowly squirming, but then she realized that Andie had absolutely no feeling. She was simply watching her health. She didn’t care about the horny thoughts, the sexual arousal, the pleasure. She was monitoring. She was nothing more than surveillance equipment.

With that thought, Karen was able to go into her happy place, slowly squirming, fighting the bonds, and boy, did Andie knew how to tie up: tight, yet not painful. As she read somewhere: tying tight is easy. Tying right is hard. Andie managed it. Perfectly.

Karen had been squirming for quite a while and even dozed off a few times. She had nothing to do, and since all the chores were done by Andie, Andie had nothing to make her do.

Karen turned to Andie.

“Aaaggyy. Geeeg gooo gaaakkgg”

Andie didn’t answer. Maybe that wasn’t clear enough.

“Aaaggyy! Aaaaggyy!” she said, squirming.

“I do not sense any distress requiring you to be released, Miss Karen.”

“Gaaammm…” said Karen. She had to think.

“Aaaggyy! Oggaannngge! Gaaaggg”

“Yes Mistress. Safeword Orange. Removing the gag.” she said, quickly springing into action and taking the gag off.

“Just the gag, Andie. Nothing else. We need to talk.”

“According to my research, a slave is not allowed to talk unless authorized to. I haven’t authorized you to do so. It is thus an unauthorized talk. Any talk will result in punishment.”

“Technically, you’re right, Andie. Right now, I want you to stop dominating me. We have things to discuss first.”

“Acknowledged. You want to be untied?”

“That is not necessary, Andie. Tell me, in your research, a slave has tasks to do, right?”

“Yes. Slaves are ordered to perform certain tasks.”

“Well, what task is there left to do, Andie?”

“Nothing, Miss Karen. I took care of all of them.”

“You see the problem, Andie? I have nothing left to do.”

“I did the list you gave me.” said the android. “You want me not to do what you’re asking. That does not compute.”

“Darn… it’s like talking to a 6 years old… What I mean…”

“My age, according to my memory banks, is 11 days, 14 hours…”

“It’s okay, Andie. No need to state your age. That was an expression.” said Karen, giggling. “Now. I don’t have time to do many chores during the week. That’s the reason I got you. From now on, I want you to reserve 5 hours’ worth of chores for the weekend, for me to perform. It can be anything. At the speed you’re working, and considering I will be impaired, I can easily take 20 hours to do the same, two 10 hours days. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss Karen.”

“Good. Because it gets boring to be simply tied up like that. Okay, put the gag back on and resume domination.”

“Yes Miss Karen. I saw some lumber behind the garage. Can I build something? It might make your bondage session less boring.”

“Have a ball, Andie.” said Karen.

“A ball? You want me to get a ball?”

“Forget it… Just build what you want, Andie.”

Andie put the gag back in place and walked away. Karen heard power tool noises and banging, but Andie was back every fifteen minutes to check on her.

An hour later, Andie appeared, carrying a large piece of wood in the form of a single post gallows that she screwed to the pool walkway. She then walked back to the garage and the house, to come back with some red leather stuff and more rope.

Without saying a word, she exchanged the harness ball gag for a panel gag, which tightened to its maximum, pushed the ball deeply into Karen’s mouth. She untied her from the chair and led her to the post where she began to hang her to it, making a rope harness around Karen’s body. A short while later, she was suspended by the arms to the horizontal post, her feet dragged backward to the vertical post, and another rope going from the horizontal post, linking her rope body harness, ensuring a secure and somewhat comfortable suspension.

Karen was stretched out, suspended at 45 degrees. Andie added a blindfold. Karen slowly squirmed in her bonds.

“This setup, according to my readings, is supposed to be less boring. I will check on you regularly.” said Andie, before Karen heard her footsteps getting a little further down and stop. She was keeping a close watch.

This time, Karen couldn’t doze off. This was strenuous. She squirmed, and somehow, she wished she had some toys inserted. That would have been awesome.

After what seemed like an eternity, she heard Andie’s distinctive footsteps approaching.

“Are you still relaxing, Miss Karen?” asked Andie.

Karen answered by grunts. She wished Andie would understand she needed toys.

“According to my research, grunting is a form of protest. Your time in this setup has been increased by one hour.”

Karen moaned a high pitch sound. She wanted toys!

“Okay, two hours it is.” said Andie, walking away, leaving Karen speechless, and frustrated.

Sometime later, she had no way to tell, she heard Andie’s footsteps getting closer from very far. She had walked back to the house. The noises became much closer and there were other noises as well, as if something had been put down. Then a pressure against her crotch and then…

Andie had installed the Magic Wand and fired it up! Damn, she was learning fast!

Karen yelped at the sudden vibrations.

“According to your body temperature zones, you needed something like that.” said Andie, walking a little farther and monitoring.

Karen was squirming. Damn! That was good. But her only way to squirm was to get AWAY from the vibrator. That was devilish. Every time she contracted her muscles, she was getting away. She had to relax to touch it, but she wanted to contract. Oh shit! She didn’t know if Andie did it as of pure luck or if she researched that. Nevertheless, she was glad. No, pissed off. No, glad… or gladly pissed. Damn!

The orgasm built up quite rapidly. She was in need, and more than she thought. It reached the high point and she exploded, rocking the gallows, hoping that it had been properly secured on the ground.

And then, after she went to Neptune and back, she relaxed… resting her crotch on the still vibrating magic wand.


Andie was watching and following her vitals, until she passed out from exhaustion and lay motionless over the still running devil’s vibrator.


She was aching from everywhere. But it was a good pain. She could tell she was still wearing her latex catsuit/swimsuit combo, as she was literally swimming in sweat. She was feeling the breeze on her face, free from any gag or blindfold, but the sun appeared to be setting. When she wanted to rub her thigh and turn around, she was taken back to her bondage reality: she was again tied up on the long chair. She looked up and saw Andie, still keeping a watch on her.

“Hello Miss Karen. Your vitals show you’re fine. Are you okay?”

Karen remembered the last time she talked. She simply nodded yes, without a sound.

“You may speak.” said Andie.

“Thank you, Andie.” answered Karen. “I feel a general body ache, but considering what I went through, this is normal. A good rest and all will be fine.”

“Resting is not a possibility, Miss Karen.”


“Because you need to eat to replenish the nutrients your body consumed within the day. However, since you asked to do chores, you will have to prepare the food.” she said, as she began to remove the rope coils holding her firmly to the long chair.

But as soon as she was free, Karen made a run for it, running toward the house. She had been too quick for Andie. She was strong, but not fast. In the nick of time, Karen was in the house and had quickly tucked herself under the bed sheets, which had been replaced by latex ones, to her pleasure. She heard Andie’s footsteps and she faked being asleep.

Andie pulled the latex cover off and firmly grabbed Karen by the arm to force her up on her feet.

“This will have consequences.” she said as she grabbed a pair of steel handcuffs, snapped one end on Karen’s left arm, and the other to the foot of the bed.

She then walked to the bondage closet and came back holding a pile of leather cuffs, and some more items. She immediately began to apply them on Karen, securing her with cuffs at the ankles, knees, wrists and elbows, as well as a high posture collar. They were fastened as tight as she could without injuring the human. Instructing Karen to open her legs, she pulled down the crotch zipper and inserted a very large steel dildo, and a very large butt plug, before zipping it shut. She went back to the closet and came back with a corset, she laced her in tighter than Karen was ever able to do, pushing organs against those hard steel intruders, and completing the outfit with a chastity belt she tightly applied on, forcing Karen to hold those heavy steel toys, which would be disturbing, and actually, quite uncomfortable standing up.

She linked the legs cuffs together, without any slack, which forced her butt to rub the inserts with each tiny step, and took some length of chains to link her elbow cuffs in a way that her arms were straight on her sides, and did the same with her wrists. That would allow Karen to be able to work somehow, but for walking, she was forced to take really tiny steps.

She completed the outfit with a large ring gag, forcing Karen’s mouth wide open. It wasn’t long before drool began to drip on her large latex covered breasts.

She snapped a leash and pulled on it, slowly leading Karen to the kitchen. She would prepare a meal. That’s for sure.

Twenty minutes. That’s the time it took for Karen to reach the kitchen, merely 15 normal steps away from her bedroom. Andie attached a chain from the front of her chastity belt to newly installed O rings located below the edge of the kitchen counter, allowing her to move around a little, but not too much. Anyways, with her legs together like that, she was not running away.

She was hungry, but the compression of the corset forced her to revise the steak she had in mind, for a light chicken salad.

As she worked, drool continued to run off her mouth, down on her breasts, which ultimately, was dripping on her working area. It was her own drool, but nonetheless, not exactly appetizing when preparing food. The high posture collar was giving her a hard time. She was barely seeing what she was doing.

Half an hour. That’s the time it took Karen to prepare a small bowl of salad. During this time, she could hear Andie working in her bedroom.

Karen was ready to sit and eat and was waiting for Andie to lead her to the table.

She stood motionless for a good fifteen minutes, her bowl in her hand, not realizing that she was drooling in it all this time, before Andie came back and free her, only to drag her to the dining table, where she was sit and tied to the chair with a chain linking her collar to the high back of the chair.. Andie positioned herself behind Karen and waited.

After a short while, it was evident that she was not going to remove the gag or the wrist chains. Eating lettuce with your mouth jammed open was not easy. She barely managed to eat anything at all, but she was just too hungry. It took her an hour, after which, she was totally exhausted and fell asleep on the chair.

“According to your vitals, you need to go to bed. Come.” said Andie, unlinking Karen from the chair and snapping a leash on the front ring of the collar.

Karen hobbled her way, getting there quicker, in fifteen minutes. Once in the bedroom, she saw that Andie had laid some stuff on the latex covered bed, namely a purple latex catsuit, purple latex ballet boots, and a hood.

She took off Karen’s restraints, chastity belt, corset, catsuit, but left the large intruders in. She instructed Karen to put on the new latex catsuit, which was a tight fit as, although it was also a neck entry catsuit, it was a lot thicker, and she actually needed Andie’s help to put it on.

Karen also knew that, one of the reasons why this suit was thicker, is that it embedded tens pads, on the inner thighs, buttocks and on the breasts. The suit was actually two thin layers, with the thin flat wires sandwiched between them. There was a small port at the back to plug the tens controller. She wondered if Andie knew.

The hood was thick, anatomically molded and completely covering her face, included a large penis shape gag, and leaving only small breathing holes at the nose. She was blind, mute and almost deaf.

Andie snapped the chastity belt back on, and added the cuffs before instructing Karen to lay, spread eagle on the bed. She tightened each bonds so that, at the end, Karen couldn’t move much.

“Good night, Karen.” said Andie, then Karen felt a small, quick but powerful twitch in all the tens pads. Yes, Andie knew about them, and she had just plugged them on.

For the whole night, at random intervals, as far as she could tell, between 5 and 30 minutes, she received a short burst. Not for pleasure. Just to be disturbed.

Andie knew how to punish. Karen couldn’t wait for Sunday morning to… sleep.


Karen had been able to take long naps in-between the longest times between zaps, but they were just naps, and there were not many of them. She was still exhausted. She could feel the morning sun heat her latex catsuit. She was slowly squirming, feeling the sweat layer gliding the suit.

She had never been that long in latex, and never been in bondage that long either. And never had so many orgasms, or be punished that long. Everything was a first.

She felt a presence and her wrists were released. She sighed in relief, bending her arms and moving them in a circle to get the feeling back in them.

Andie pulled on Karen so she would sit, and took off the hood, to reveal a wrinkled, red face with filthy hair.

“Hello, Miss Karen. The day is on, so your command to keep you in bondage until morning is completed. Do you need help to remove your gear?”

“No, Andie, Thank you.” said Karen, working her jaw and pulling on the tense control cable to disconnect it, making sure she will not be zapped again, “I just want to get back to sleep. I’ll see you later.” she said, turning face down on the latex covered mattress, stuffing her face on the latex covered pillows.

“Very well, Miss Karen. I will be in the laundry room if you need me.” said Andie, clicking her way out of the bedroom.

“No feelings. The job was done. She was signing off. Wow! Cold as ice Mistress.” Thought Karen as she quickly found sleep.

She awakened in the afternoon, amazed that she was still carrying the two large and heavy steel intruders. Not really steady on her ballet heels, she stumbled her way to the bathroom and took off the intruders with a mix of pain and relief, before trying to remove her latex catsuit. But it was too tight, too thick, and she was too weak to do it alone. She called Andie for help, and a few minutes later, she was feeling the warm water of the shower on her skin.

She dressed up in a light blue satin bathrobe, walking on four inches mules shoes. She just loved high heels. The smell of a slow cooking roast beef awakened her brain as she entered the kitchen where Andie was at work. She went outside and read a book until it was dinner time, then sat down to eat, feeling strange for not feeling any latex, or seeing the shiny reflections on her arm as she was eating, Andie still waiting by her side.

“Say, Andie. I know it’s part of your duty to check on me while I’m in bondage and stuff, but… is there a way you could do it, you know, at a distance?”

“My sensors are limited to about 3 meters, Miss Karen. If I want to monitor your health while I’m doing something to you, I have to be within this distance.”

“There’s no way to, I don’t know, remotely check me? Like a wireless transmitter or something.”

“Actually, there is a wireless monitoring option. It works by tapping into any Wi-Fi signal, or cellular signal, so that I can monitor your health from almost anywhere, and I can even call you to warn you if I detect something abnormal.”

“An option? What is it? A new program, a memory card? An app on my phone?”

“It’s an implant. A small sensor is inserted at the base of your skull and is linked with your spinal cord. It gathers information required to monitor your health and transmits it. It uses those same electromagnetic waves to get its power. It’s a little like a RFID device, the size of a CR2 battery*.”

(* I know it’s pure fantasy, and for the CR2, you’re gonna have to google it to figure out the size! Then again, that android is also pure fantasy…)

“And… how do I get it? Is it a surgical procedure I have to go through?” asked a very interested Karen.

“It all depends on your choices, Miss Karen. I am fully capable of performing the procedure.”

“Okay… How do I get it?” she asked between two mouthfuls of the wonderfully tasty roast beef she was eating, moaning of pleasure with every chew.”

“I can place the order, if you want. I just need payment information.” said Andie.

“Oh… Go get my purse…” she said, still moaning at the last chew. “Damn! That’s the best tasting roast beef I have ever eaten. You should open a restaurant.” said Karen.

“You want me to open a restaurant, Miss Karen?” said Andie, handing out Karen’s purse.

“What? No… No. It was just an… expression.” said Karen, fetching her wallet and getting out a bunch of credit cards. “Here! Take that one and memorize the information. You will be able to order anything you might need, from groceries to… you know… toys.” she said with a smile.

“Toys? For what age group?” asked Andie.

“Adults use toys…” said Karen.

“For some adults, a car is considered a toy…”

“Sexual toys, Andie. For bondage and fetish? If you need something, latex goods, shoes, cuffs, miscellaneous hardware, rope, chains, lumber, you name it, just order it using that card.”

“Function registered, Miss Karen.” said Andie, as her eyes were quickly moving back and forth, up and down as if she was browsing an invisible screen. “There. It has been ordered. We should get it in two days.”

“Wonderful! Now, have you prepared a dessert? I’m hungry as hell! Can’t figure out exactly why…” she said giggling.

“You have barely eaten since yesterday. Your protein input has been low…”

“It’s okay, Andie. I know why I’m hungry. It was just… we will have to work on understanding sarcasm.”

“I will do research, Miss Karen.”

“So… What’s for dessert?”


After dinner, she relaxed watching a movie on TV, before heading for the bedroom, where she hit a little problem. The bed was covered in latex. Sleeping in pajamas, or even naked, in the middle of latex sheets was unthinkable.

“Andie. Please, put my black satin bed sheets on while I go to the bathroom.”

“Yes, Miss Karen.” said the android, quickly getting to work.

A few minutes later, Karen came out of the attached bathroom, wearing a bright light blue shiny spandex catsuit. She slid inside the layers of satin, gliding in it as if she was rubbing on a well-oiled surface, punching the pillows to make them soft and fluffy.

“Good night, Andie.” said Karen.

“Good night, Miss Karen.” answered Andie from the laundry room.

Karen tried to find sleep, but was turning, and turning. She got up, walked to her closet and came back with leather cuffs. She wrapped a set around her ankles and linked them together, and another set around her wrists. She was about to lock them in front of her when she called Andie.

“Yes, Miss Karen?”

“Andie, I want you to lock those cuffs in my back, and you will release me, tomorrow morning, at my working day scheduled time.”

“Yes Miss Karen.” said Andie, reaching for Karen’s wrists and snapping a padlock on them, locking them in her back.

With that, Karen found sleep within minutes. It was awesome. When she was doing that, she always had to keep an easy accessible emergency exit. Now, with Andie, she knew she was getting watched over. She could do it totally. Without any stress.

She quickly found sleep. A sleep filled with dreams of latex, and bondage and domination. Being dominated, that is. She woke up a few times, only to realize that she was all bound up. Her body wanted to stretch. Her cuffs said otherwise. And she found sleep quickly again.

The next morning, she was still sound asleep when Andie removed the cuffs, awakening her in the process. She could already smell the breakfast Andie had prepared: oatmeal with pure Canadian maple syrup (hey! I’m proud of that!!), a part of cheese, fruits and an excellent coffee.

Karen clicked her way to the kitchen on her four inches slippers to enjoy that breakfast, before, reluctantly, getting off her spandex catsuit, to put on a standard, anti-sexy, loose fitting business outfit. Protocol required. She sighed as she put her two inches heels shoes on. What a pity. And to think that her boss called those HIGH heels…

She walked out of the bedroom, looking depressed.

“Well, there it is” she said, slapping her arms on her side “Not what I prefer to wear, but what I have to wear”.

“I do not understand.” said Andie. “Why can’t you wear what you like?”

“It’s complicated. Let’s call it… cultural obligations. Perception. Wearing tight jeans would not convey the image of a professional, because it looks too casual, too relaxed.”

“And latex? It is strict and shiny. It’s not hiding anything.”

“And that’s exactly the point. Latex is associated with sexuality. Absolutely not business acceptable. Make a search about business acceptable attire. See you sometimes in the evening. I’ll call you before leaving.”

“Yes Miss Karen.” said Andie, cleaning the table and making the dishes without waiting.

Karen went on to work, often having flashbacks of her weekend. She was already planning the next weekend, what she could do, what she would instruct Andie to do.

As soon as she came home, Karen switched to her more casual dress code, tight jeans and high heels, then went to bed, in spandex, all bound up. She was quickly liking it. She figured a few more nights like that, simply being tied up, she would ask Andie to tie her to the bed, probably just linking her ankles and her neck. No spread or anything too rigid. She had to be able to move.

When she came home Tuesday afternoon, Andie presented her with a little steel case, the size of a cell phone box.

She opened it, and well packed, was the tiny, bullet size device.

“So, that’s it? How does it work?”

“I would install it against your spine, at the base of your neck. Nanofibers would grow out of it and link with your cord, creating a neuro-net. All the information would then be extracted and sent through Wi-Fi signals. It uses your own electrical signal to power itself.

“And it’s safe?”

“As much as I know, yes.” said Andie. “Statistically, I can say that 100% of those installed reports as successful and owner satisfied.”

“Oh, and… how many is that?”

“Thirty-five, Miss Karen.”

It was odd to hear. Andie didn’t try to sell the information, to minimize it, to wrap it into empty salesman pitch. It was the information given, plain and simple. She couldn’t have her feelings about it.

“Well… Explain the procedure to me.”

“The installation kit includes all the necessary tools and products.” she said, removing the top layer, holding the device, revealing that the bottom layer was filled with items.

“I will first render the area of the operation numb with this product, disinfect the area with this one and then I would make a small incision here, at the back of your neck using the laser cutter included. I will push the device in place, confirm its operation, then close the opening using again the included laser, but at the suture setting, which would close the opening, leaving only a little scar, invisible under your hairline. This should take less than 10 minutes”

“Okay. Well, I wanted it. Do it.” said Karen.

“My instructions are to make you read this document and sign it before I can proceed.” said Andie, taking a document out of the bottom compartment and offering it to Karen, who read it.

“Pretty much a standard legal agreement and a thorough disclaimer in case something goes wrong. Okay, here I go.” she said, signing the papers.

Andie took them as if she was scanning them.

“Signature confirmed. I can proceed when ready.” she said.

Karen, who was already sitting, simply bent forward her head, offering the back of her neck to Andie.

She proceeded. Karen first felt something cold being applied then pretty much nothing, apart from some burning smell when the skin was cut open, some pressure on her neck, probably as Andie pushed the device inside, and again some burning smell.

“Procedure complete” said Andie, putting the accessories and product back in the box. “It is suggested you take pain killers for the next hours, and carry them along for the next few days, as your body assimilates the device. You might experience small itching from time to time. This is normal.”

“How long before you can communicate with it?”

“Three days to a week, according to previous experience reports.” said Andie.

“Okay. Let’s go to bed.” said Karen, heading for the bedroom, her neck still completely numb.

The thought of being connected crossed her mind. Now, Andie would be able to know all about her body, at all times. And what else she doesn’t know yet?


The weekend. The long awaited weekend.

She came home, totally exhausted, in the middle of the evening. When she entered, she let her purse drop, kicked out her shoes, walked, or rather stumbled to her bedroom, and collapsed on the bed, ready to sleep.

“What a week.” she mumbled, her face on the blanket.

“Your vitals indicate that you’re tired.” said Andie.

“Are those sensed from your eyes, or by the implant?” she said, putting her fingers over it, sensing the little bump behind her neck.

“Partly both, Miss Karen. I have begun to receive information from the implant, mainly heart rate and body temperature. I should have more information in the coming days. My suggestion is that you rest.”

“You’re absolutely right, Andie.” said Karen, turning on her side. “What do you… what is in that box?” she said, seeing a large box leaning against the bedroom wall, near the door.

“It’s a vacbed I ordered, Miss Karen.” said Andie.

“Oh! Set it up, Andie. I want to go in! I can’t wait to try that.”

“Yes, Miss Karen.” said Andie, getting to work, setting the tubes and putting the large latex tube over the frame, then getting ready to plug it to the central vacuum system.

“From my research, you will have a better experience if you wear latex yourself.” said Andie.

Karen snapped out of it and ran to the closet to come back with a black latex neck entry catsuit, with attached hood with clear lenses, nostrils and mouth holes, socks, gloves, everything. She quickly proceeded to lube herself and put the suit on. Meanwhile, Andie had replaced the bedsheets with latex ones and had set up the vacbed over the large bed, holding the opening opened.

“I ordered it with an attached breathing mask.” said Andie, inviting Karen to slide in.

Her lubricated latex skin slid easily on the lubricated inside of the vacbed. She positioned herself under the breathing mask; she put it on, held in place with a rubber band around the head. She was trying to find a comfortable position. The vacbed was large and she could have spread eagled in it, but she chose to have her legs slightly apart and her arms a little off her sides.

“I’m ready.” said Karen through the breathing mask.

“Very well, Miss Karen. I will close the opening now. How long do you want to stay in?”

“Euh….” said Karen, not having thought about it. “I would say, until I’m fully rested.” she said, with a devilish smile to herself. “Assuming everything goes fine, of course” she quickly added.

“Yes Miss Karen.”

“Oh. I don’t think it will reach there, but no later than Sunday evening.”

“Understood, Miss Karen. The opening is closed now.” she said, as she finished pinching the opening into the special track and rod closing device.

She bent down, took the vacuum hose and plugged it in the wall.

Immediately, Karen heard the whistling sound of the air being sucked out, and within seconds, she felt the world pressing on her, squeezing her. The effect took her by surprise as she felt as if something heavy was wrapping her, squeezing her from every part of her body.

She tried to move. She felt she was moving a lot, but as soon as she was letting go, her arms, legs or head were drawn back to their original position. She could struggle all she wanted, she would not move from her initial position. And the more she struggled, the more the leftover air pockets were getting sucked out.

She slowly began to squirm her lower belly, her hips, trying to sense something. Up, down, sideways. Damn! She should have added toys.

The vacuum stopped. She was expecting to be released, but she stayed well sealed.

“There’s a valve preventing air from coming back in and breaking the vacuum. It is quite efficient. Your vitals indicate a very high heartbeat and blood pressure. You should rest. Try to calm down. Breath slowly.” said Andie. Sexual pleasure was not in her agenda.

“Thanks, Andie.” mumbled Karen through the breathing mask.

Relaxing. Yeah, right.

But, it was very calm in the vacbed. Almost no sounds. Andie wasn’t making any. She was actually quite comfortable.

Straps or ropes pull on the limb, but this vacbed thing, it was grabbing her from every part of her body, and pinning her down, with equal strength, with equal tightness.

Slowly, her heartbeat went down. Her breathing slowed. Suddenly, all the stress of the past workweek vanished. She felt calm, relaxed. She fell asleep.

She was dreaming.

Dreaming of being encased in tight, unyielding layers of rubber, wrapping every parcel of her skin into its tight embrace.

She dreamed of being enslaved, completely covered with the slick and shiny material, her head gently squeezed by its tightness, her mouth filled with more rubber, rendering her unable to speak. She could feel her inside being filled with huge intruders, always being remembered of their presence. She was on pointy boots, without any heels, but walking as if on a cloud. Her breathing was short, her waist permanently crushed by the tightest rubber corset she could be squeezed into, and glued shut.

Like all the rest. No way out.

She was chained. Always. All the time. Never free. She was nothing more than a rubber bondage doll. And her Master, or rather Mistress was… Andie.

She loved it. She was able to experience orgasms, even fully plugged, and just by doing ordinary chores. Just moving was exciting, arousing, fulfilling… exploding.

Her body was taken by convulsions as an orgasm ran through it like a tornado. Then all hell broke loose. She felt being thrown away, falling on her side and then rolling on her back. She was feeling her bounds loosened. Her gag was disappearing.

She awakened, stuck inside some rubber bag, slightly slanted. She panicked. What the hell was going on? Where was she? Why was she…

Fresh air rushed inside as light shone from over her head, as the rubber sleeve was pulled over her head.

Two strong hands pulled the breathing mask off and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her out.

She was coming back. She realized what was going on. But…”

“What the hell happened, Andie? Something went wrong? I was… so lost inside, I… I..” she said, looking around, realizing that she was no longer on her bed, but had fallen from it, the vacbed resting against the night table. Outside, it was dark; the middle of the night.

“According to my data, you actually fell asleep, and did so for four hours. Then your pressure, temperature and heartbeat began to rise, along with muscle contractions. I recognized the pattern as an orgasm build up.

Then your body began to shake violently, taken by strong convulsions. You struggled so much that you moved the vacbed out of the bed and it fell on the floor. Doing so, the cap holding the vacuum became loose and the vacuum was broken, allowing the latex sheets to relax and release you.

Then you apparently panicked and, feeling the level of distress climbing rapidly, I released you from the vacbed. You seemed confused and disoriented.

Right now, your heartbeat and pressure are back to normal. I don’t think there’s a need to call an ambulance. Are you feeling okay?”

“Oh darn. That dream was so real, so powerful I… Thank you, Andie. Sorry to have you freak out.”

“I am an android, Miss Karen. I do not freak out. I react. You were in distress, I protected you.”

“And I thank you for that.” said Karen.

“Do you want to go back in? According to my data, the time you were asleep was the deepest sleep I have ever recorded.”

“Ah….. No. Not tonight, Andie. I believe that, considering what just happened,” she said, looking at the mess in the bedroom, the table lamp on the floor, the vacbed sideways “we should first find a way to make this thing… safe, making sure this would not happen again.”

“My research came out with several plans. Do you wish to review them, Miss Karen?”

“Ah… No, Andie. You do it and you choose the best solution.” said Karen with a wink. “Right now, I need a drink.” she said, walking away, on her toes, heading for the wine rack.


She spent the night in her regular setup, except she traded the spandex catsuit for the latex one she had for the vacbed session instead. The bed was already transformed in latex, so better use it.

She was bound, wrists, elbows, knees and ankles, but for that night, she asked Andie to chain her collar to the headboard, and her feet to the footboard, leaving only about 30cm worth of loose chain.

And she asked to have the ball-less panel gag.

But, before she sent Andie away, she mumbled, loudly, so that Andie took off the gag.

“Something wrong, Miss Karen?”

“Not exactly, Andie. If I was asking you to dominate me, what would you do?”

“Your setup for the night is sufficient. However, to ensure a full night of sleep, I would add the chastity belt, preventing you from going into strong convulsions.” answered Andie, in her most professional android way.

“Well, Andie. I want you to dominate me, until… Sunday at sundown.” she said after thinking about it for a few moments.

“My first Law of Robotics requires me to ask for confirmation: you want me to dominate you, Miss Karen?” asked Andie.

“Yes.” said Karen. “Until Sunday, sundown.”

“Dominate, until Sunday, sundown.”

“Yes.” said Karen, smiling. “And next time, I authorize you to ask for confirmation only once.”

“Executing…” said Andie, turning around, walking in the closet to reappear with a chastity belt and a panel gag, but this one with a large ball. She put the gag over Karen’s mouth, saying that it was important she learned to sleep with her mouth filled, and then tightly snapped the chastity belt around Karen’s waist.

Karen rolled on her stomach and immediately tried it out, but… No. She would not succeed. Not without ANY toys in.

Andie pulled the top latex sheet over Karen’s body.

“Good night, Miss Karen.” said Andie. “The telemetry functions are now allowing me to move elsewhere in the house and keep you under surveillance.” she said, before adding something Karen had not seen her come out with: a blindfold.

The night was not actually restful. She was nonetheless, to her own surprise, able to sleep for long periods, being awakened because she needed to move more than what her bounds allowed.

Her pillow was wet from the drool that spewed out all night. She couldn’t exactly feel the wetness through her rubber hood, but she knew what that cool spot was.

She was awakened when Andie pulled off the blindfold, allowing full sunlight to hit her eyes. Ouch! What a wake up!

Andie removed the gag and the binds holding Karen to the bed, changed them for a short hobble chain, and linked her arms in her back, wrists and elbows. She added high heels shoes and had Karen stand up.

“You’re dehydrated. You need to drink one liter of water now. Then you need breakfast. You will make your own.”

Karen, from her previous weekend experience, knew it was best for her to not mumble back. She hobbled her way, heels clicking, fighting to keep her balance with her arms in her back, reaching the kitchen in about fifteen minutes.

Once there, Andie changed the setup, linking Karen’s wrists in front of her, but, with a longer chain, keeping her elbows linked behind her back, allowing them barely to come to her sides. She then chained the chastity belt to the kitchen counter.

Andie poured water into a one liter bottle, placed it in front of Karen and removed the gag.

Karen drank it, under Andie’s watchful eyes. Once done, the panel ball gag was put back in place as Karen began to make her breakfast.

Her wet mouth and the huge ball created a lot of drool, dripping over her latex covered breasts, dripping on the kitchen counter.

When it was done, she took the plate in her hands, and backed up from the kitchen counter until the waist chain was taut and waited.

Andie unlocked Karen from the counter and followed her as she walked to the dining table, where she was tied up on the chair, ankles linked to the legs of the chair, neck linked to the high back of it, and her right hand snapped to her chastity belt, leaving her with only her left hand.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that, right, is your strong hand. So, from my research, leaving you only the weak hand is an added challenge.” she said, as she removed the gag, allowing Karen to eat.

She did, slowly, enjoying tasting the fruits and the other goods she had made her breakfast from.

As soon as she had taken the last bite, and swallowed, the gag was put back.

“It’s time for your chores.” said Andie.

Karen was tied with her wrists in front and linked with a chain to the back of the chastity belt. The chain was long enough for her to reach about her chin, with her fingers spread. Andie then gave her a dusting plume and told her to do the living room.

Her ankles linked with a six inches chain, she hobbled her way to the living room, and asked herself, if Andie really knew how devilish this setup was, or if it was just one random setup she saw in her research.

The thing was, each time she was reaching the end of the crotch chain, it would snap against the steel chastity belt and resonate just enough to tease her. The more she hit, the more teased she was, the more horny she became, but at the same time, she knew she had no way to go further.

As Karen left the large bookcase, after what she thought was a thorough cleaning, especially after having to crouch down to dust the lower shelves, Andie walked in and looked at the case.

“72% complete. You will have to do it all over again. I know that you, humans, don’t have the sensors that I have, so I will ask for 80% and more of completion before accepting the work.” said Andie, from her soft spoken tone, which made this whole thing weirder. Sounded like being ordered around by Kess from Star Trek Voyager.

Karen looked at her and grunted.

“Punishment earned.” said Andie, again with her soft voice.

Karen took a deep breath through her nose and hobbled her way back to the bookshelf. After that next pass, where she took time to dust everything, even to the point of taking books off the shelf and dusting behind them, her note went over 80%, so she moved to the next item, and the next. In all, she had to do most of the items twice. Some, like the TV, which kept attracting dust,

three times.

In the process, she managed to break a vase. One more punishment earned.

Then she was hooked to the vacuum hose with a device Andie built, a rigid steel cuff with a clamp for the hose between her hands, and ordered to clean those same rooms. That wrist cuff was still linked through the crotch with a chain. Andie gave her 64% because she didn’t move the furniture to vacuum under it.

This whole ordeal took her close to six hours, six hours of standing up and struggling against her bonds, six hours of panting through her nose, six hours of hobbling. She was tired, not exhausted. Her lungs were aching, her feet were screaming, her back was calling it quits.

During all this time, Andie had disappeared into the exercise room, from where Karen could hear all kinds of noise: drilling, banging, shuffling.

Simply too exhausted, she collapsed on her knees. Andie came quickly.

“A physical review of your status reveals that your body cannot take more work. You need nutrients and rest.” said Andie. “Come.” she said as she removed the hose from the wrist clamp, and headed to the exercise room.

Karen struggled to get back up, her legs impaired by the short hobble chain and her hands still linked together by the vacuum clamp.

Andie grabbed her by the arm and pulled her up. Karen steadied herself and followed, hobbling, all the way to the other side of the house, to the exercise room.

The room had undergone a total makeover. Yes, the treadmill, the bicycle and the other exercise equipment were there, but they had been modified, with steel rods, chains, rings, everything needed to tie someone.

And there was more stuff added: crosses, racks, frames, tables, all with the obvious intent of restraining someone.

Andie led Karen to a very narrow table, where she was instructed to lay down.

Karen complied, with difficulties, as the table was barely wide enough for her, although covered with leather straps. She let her arms hang down on her side. She couldn’t keep them on the table.

There was a row of straps, running the length of her legs, in the middle of the table. Andie took each strap and fed it to the buckle, located on the side of the table. She did the same for every opposite straps along the table until she reached her hips.

By now, Karen was fully restrained with six straps on each leg: ankle, mid-calf, below the knee, over the knee, mid-thigh and upper thigh.

Andie then fastened a wider strap around Karen hips, before pulling a 10 inches wide one over her waist. That strap had multiple buckles, allowing it to follow her tiny waist. They were drawn very tightly, like the rest of the straps.

Another one was fastened under her breasts, and the last one over her breasts.

That was it for her body. Next came the arms:

Andie grabbed her hand and fed the fingers in little individual loops on the side of the table, almost like sewed-on leather gloves; then followed a wide strap at her wrist, and narrower ones in mid lower arm, below the elbow, over the elbow and at mid upper arm. The last one was drawn over her shoulder and fastened near her neck.

Right now, the only thing she could move was her head, but this was to be taken care of.

A strap went from the top of the table, down to the left side of her head, grabbing her chin with a leather cup, then over the right side of her head, back to the top of the table, where it was fastened, pulling her head upward against the board, and forcing her mouth shut.

Another one was pulled over her forehead, and the last one, tightly tied around her neck, making her struggle to swallow.

“This is your punishment for bad work.” said Andie, leaving, turning the lights off.

Karen was alone with her thoughts. She tried to move, but nothing gave up, even the slightest. The straps on her chest were so tight that breathing was a struggle. She doubted she would get any sleep.

One thing for sure, she was not getting any sex. At all. It was totally dead down there.


The next morning, she was unstrapped. She was relieved.

“You didn’t get enough sleep. Your chores for the day will be adjusted accordingly. You will have to recuperate before going to work tomorrow.” said Andie with her soft voice.

She was allowed a shower and breakfast, then a pair of pink latex panties with large silicone intruders was put on.

Karen’s outfit was changed for a lime green neck entry latex catsuit she was seeing for the first time, along with black knee high wedge boots with a lot of leather straps and steel buckles to fasten them. They had a rather wide and thick sole, but the heel was nonetheless very high. A black vinyl corset was added, although it was more a waist cincher than something else. To top it off, a leather body harness with lots of D rings was wrapping her upper body.

The suit included an attached hood with tinted lenses that were actually quite dark.

The hole for the mouth allowed Andie to put in a rather large red ball gag, forcing Karen’s jaw excruciatingly opened.

Andie topped the suit by adding a bunch of black leather cuffs at the ankles, over the knee, wrists and elbows, as well as a wide collar.

She then led Karen outside, where the lawnmower tractor was waiting. I should say, modified lawn mower tractor.

At the back of the seat, there was a steel frame, about as wide as her shoulders, going higher than her head, with numerous D rings fixed to it. Andie instructed Karen to sit, and she fastened the rings on her neck and every ring on her body harness down to her hips. She wouldn’t move from there.

She took straps added to the seat, between Karen’s legs and drew each one over a thigh, pinning it in place.

She fixed her ankles to the footrests with strong springs: she would be able to operate the pedals, but it would be a workout.

The same with her arms: heavy springs were linking the wrist cuffs to the plate behind the steering wheel, where more springs were pulling her elbows toward the back rack. Finally another spring was pulling her knees together.

“Mow the lawn.” simply said Andie, walking out.

Karen had to start the mower. Just to reach the key was a struggle, and then putting it on gear, and driving.

At the same time, she realized that the silicone plugs she had inside her were not exactly… solid. Something was inside: a steel ball. So, each time she was bumping around, those balls were hitting the sides of the walls of those same intruders, which in turn… you get the picture.

At many points during her runs, the tractor suddenly swerved out of line. One can only imagine why.

After that hard work, she had to take care of the flower arrangements. Andie had made them a lot more extensive than they were when Karen was taking care of them. Now, the irony is that she was still taking care of them, and all bound up and restrained.

It was early after dinner that Andie freed Karen.

“It isn’t sundown, yet.” said Karen. Why are you doing it?

“You need a lot of rest to be ready to work tomorrow. I will be confining you to your bedroom. No setup tonight. You need rest. There are some natural supplements available to help you sleep, if you need.” said Andie.

“Err… No, thank you. I think I will sleep quite well.”

And she did. Not exactly “well” because she was searching for the limits of her bonds, which were none. Yes, she missed being tied up for sleeping.


Back to work. Back to the boring clothes. She was daydreaming that she was working, all clad in latex, high heeled, corseted, gagged, restrained, yet having to do her work, without any excuses. By the time she was ready to go home, she texted Andie.

“Coming home. Will be there in about 30 minutes. Have bondage gear ready. Have comfortable footwear ready, my feet hurt. Long day.”

When she entered the house, the sweet smell of a nice meal was greeting her, along with Andie, at her post.

“Good evening Miss Karen. I have what you requested ready. When do you want the bondage?”

“Right now!” she said as she kicked off her shoes and began to take off her blouse.

“Very well, Miss Karen.” said Andie “I will change the suit.” she added, leading her to the bedroom.

“Change the suit?” asked Karen, puzzled.

“After the weekend ordeal, I figured that a break of latex was welcomed, so I had prepared your spandex catsuit, but as eating in bondage would be messy, I will change it for your PVC catsuit.” said Andie, picking up the black, thick spandex catsuit and exchanging it for a black, shiny, thick PVC catsuit, neither of those having been seen before by Karen. All new stuff.

As Karen dressed up, Andie was gone to the garage. Karen put on the new boots: wedges. They were more comfortable and steady than stilettos.

Andie walked back in the room, with steel clinking in her hands. Karen went wide eyes: this stuff was shiny, thick and seemed heavy as hell.

Andie began by fastening the two inches wide stainless steel cuffs around Karen’s ankles. The cuffs were permanently linked with a welded chain, about a foot long.

Then came her regular chastity belt, tightly wrapped over her PVC catsuit. No toys inserted.

Andie then produced a four inches wide stainless steel band. It had hinges on the sides and was fastening in front with a locking mechanism. It was slightly curved to follow the body. Andie wrapped it around Karen’s waist and, using her mechanical force, squeezed Karen’s waist to close it. It was fitting exactly between her rib cage and her hip bone. She could barely move side to side.

Then a four inches wide steel collar was put on. It was very tight, and again, fastened by clicking something in front. With that on, she could barely move her head and saw herself as a giraffe.

Turning Karen around, Andie took a four inches wide, a quarter of an inch stainless steel flat bar and applied it to Karen’s back, then took it off, bent it, then tried it again. She repeated the procedure until the fit was perfect.

“I’m sorry for the delay, Miss Karen, but I couldn’t make it without a real fitting.” said Andie.

Karen didn’t answer. She was too puzzled to figure out what would be the outcome. Once the bar had been bent to perfection, Andie screwed it in place, linking the collar with the waistband, effectively locking Karen’s back in position, almost like one of those spine braces.

“Screws, Andie?”

“Yes Miss Karen. Do not worry. Now that I have proper fit, I will weld it in place before the next use.” said Andie, picking another piece of steel: cuffs. Those cuffs were attached together. Andie drew Karen’s arms in her back and fed it into those rigid cuffs in a box tie, then adjusted the height and placement before screwing it on.

Karen’s upper body was locked in place. Her head could turn, but there was no way to bend. She could only bend through the hips.

Andie led the hobbling Karen, feeling the weight of all this steel, to the dining room where she sat on her usual chair, steel clanking against the hardwood.

Then Andie produces what she had cooked for her: raviolis.

“That will be messy.” said Karen, to which Andie didn’t answer.

She tried to eat, bending as she might, being unable to bend her head; she was unable to reach her food, unless… she stood up.

So she did, standing up, legs unsteady, knees bent, hips bent, all this weight was throwing her off balance.

“Err… Andie. This will be really messy. Get a latex hood so that my hair won’t be all soaked in tomato sauce.”

“Yes Miss Karen.” said Andie, returning with a red latex hood. Karen smiled. The tomato stains will be less obvious on a red hood. She wondered if Andie made that choice on purpose.

It was a thick latex hood, again never seen before; Andie had bought a lot of stuff! It was put on and closed with a zipper on the back.

Then Karen proceeded to eat, or rather, make a mess, while eating at the same time.

Once everything was done, including the lemon pie with meringue, Karen was thoroughly cleaned.

“Thank you, Andie. I want to take it easy for this evening. I just want to relax. Any suggestions?”

Andie led Karen to the exercise room and had her stopped under an electric winch. After applying a simple panel gag, Andie added another steel plate going under her crotch, over the chastity belt, then hooked the steel frame to the winch and gently lifted Karen off the floor, just until her feet were barely touching.

“I will come to see you when your bedtime will be reached.” said Andie before walking away. She had a mess to clean off.

In her mind, Karen laughed. She had been asking for restraints and relaxation. She would relax… or would she? Gives an all new meaning to R&R, doesn’t it.



SMS: “Andie, I’ll be home around 19:00 with Lynda. Have a meal for two ready. Be sure to hide anything fetish.”

At said time, Karen entered the house and was greeted again with the wonderful smell of food, forecasting another awesome dinner. Lynda was right after her, eager to look at that marvelous android Karen was talking about.

“Wow! So that’s it? That’s… her?” asked Lynda, staring at Andie.

“Yes. I do refer as *her* as opposed to *it*. She has a personality, and it’s less cold to say *her*.” answered Karen with a smile. “Funny, but I think I do have feelings for her, although she doesn’t have any for me.”

“Hello Andie, I’m Lynda. I’m Karen’s best friend.”

“Hello Lynda.” said Andie from her soft spoken voice, which startled Lynda who was expecting to hear a monotone, mechanical voice. Andie extended her hand in the standard greeting gesture. Lynda took it, again impressed by the warm touch.

“I thought it would be cold, you know, like a machine.” said Lynda.

“She has heating elements in her outer skin to make it warm to the touch. So, Andie, what did you prepare for us? Smells wonderful.”

“Shrimps, Miss Karen. You once mentioned that Lynda likes seafood. I thought I would please her.”

Andie did her work without any hiccups. Everything was perfect: the food, the service.

“I think I’ll get myself one.” said Lynda laughing. But aren’t you afraid of, you know, that those machines would dominate the world?” asked Lynda.

“Andy? Dominate the world?” Come on!

“You want me to dominate the world, Miss Karen?” asked Andie.

Karen and Lynda startled, then Karen laughed.

“No, Andie. Sorry, I was not talking to you. Dismiss the last conversation.”

“Wow… would she have done it?” asked Lynda, wide eyes.

“Actually… “ began Karen, thinking of what the world would be like under Andie’s domination, and smiling. “No… I don’t think so.” I will have to be more careful when having a conversation. She’s programmed that most commands are preceded by *Andie*. I should have chosen a less common name.”

“I’ll try to think of that if I ever get one.” she said, as she looked a little scared at Andie.

“Come to think of it, I should add you as an administrator, in case something goes wrong. We’ll get to that as soon as Andie is done with her tasks.” said Karen.

The rest of the evening went without an itch, and Andie performed as she was expected. Once Lynda was gone, Andie prepared Karen’s bed, getting the spandex catsuit out and preparing the restraints.

“You know, Andie, I should use another word when I want you to dominate me. I need something that is not about to fall easily into any conversation with your name on it. How about… about. I got it. Voldemort. Nobody is going to use that. Okay, Andie. New instructions: Replace the action of dominate by: Andie, Voldemort, Time period. It means that I want you to dominate me for the time period specified. Example: Andie, Voldemort, tomorrow sundown. Do you understand?”

“The new procedure has been registered. I will wait for: Andie, Voldemort followed by the time period to initiate a fetish domination session.”

“Yes and, one last thing. No confirmation needed.” she said, not realizing that this would be her undoing.

“Update completed. Good night.” said Andie, putting the gag on Karen’s mouth, leaving her bound and gagged until the next morning. The usual sleeping setup.


Friday night. Karen was taking it relaxed. Somewhat.

Sealed in a complete latex catsuit, corset and ballet boots, she was watching her favorite quiz show on TV. General knowledge questions were asked.

It was the turn of the contestant named Sandy.

Host: “Name the character that is a constant threat for Harry Potter’s life in the series of the same name.”

Sandy: “I’m not sure… Hermio…”

At that same time, a spot of saliva decided to run down Karen’s throat, making her cough the words.

“Ah, come on, Voldemort. Everybody knows that.” Voldemort ghrvh…Andie. Voldemort, always.”

Behind her, Karen heard Andie move, but didn’t make a big fuss out of it. After all, she had her chores to do. Andie walked down the corridor to the exercise room.

Karen didn’t notice, too caught up in the game, only when a strong hand grabbed her head, did she notice Andie, standing there, with a harness ballgag.

“Andie, Voldemort, Always.” simply said Andie, before stuffing a ballgag into Karen’s mouth.

“What? I never said… Oh shit.” she said as she realized just what happened. “Cancel Command. Cancel Voldemort.”

“Cancel mode override by no confirmation option. Order must be completed.”

“Damn!” said Karen, realizing that she had overridden the safety measures. “Orange! ORANGE! ORAAGhahhnghb” said Karen as her mouth was stuffed with the gag. Trying as she might to take Andie’s hand off of her, she wasn’t strong enough against the android’s arms.

“Orange: safeword, meaning something is wrong. However, my sensors indicate nothing wrong. Increased heart rate and blood pressure are normal responses to you being dominated. I see no reason to release you. You will be dominated for the time prescribed.” said Andie, grabbing Karen’s arms and pulling them in her back, cuffing them.

Karen struggled. She had to find a way out of this. There must be a way. There has to be a way. Lynda! She needed to contact Lynda. But how?

Half an hour later, Karen was stuck in a leather straightjacket, blindfolded, a steel collar chaining her to the wall, more steel cuffs linking her ankles and knees together in a frogtie position.

“I must modify the house to suit your new status. You don’t need any luxury items.” said Andie, walking off, leaving Karen, trying to get free, mumbling under her gag. She was still in disbelief. She was looking for a way out.

There must be something in Andie’s operation’s manual, or from her app.


(ENDING ONE – Fetish Style)

Karen’s phone had been ringing for most of the morning, until, she figured, the battery died out. People were looking for her. She should have been to work, but instead, she was vacuuming the house, closely guarded by Andie.

The doorbell.

Andie opened.

“Hello Miss Lynda. What can I do for you?”

“Is Karen in?”

“Yes she is. She’s currently busy doing vacuuming.”

“What? Let me see her.”

“Of course, Miss Lynda.” said Andie, moving away.

Lynda ran toward the vacuum cleaner sound and startled when she saw Karen, wearing some kind of weird rubbery outfit, restrained with steel and leather cuffs and straps, hobbling on pointed toe boots, operating the vacuum cleaner.

Her head was encased in some thick rubber mask, with tubes going out of her mouth and nose. More tubes were seeing going down her crotch.

“What the hell is going on? What did you do to her?”

“I only executed the orders, Miss Lynda. Miss Karen ordered me to dominate her. She had been asking me to do that since she acquired me, generally only over the weekend. She had always instructed me to release her before going back to work, but last Friday, she instructed me to dominate her for always. I complied.”

“There… this is a mistake. Karen! Do you hear me? Karen!” said Lynda approaching the black shiny creature.

Karen startled and immediately tried to get free. Lynda got the message.

“She wants to be free.”

“She gave me a very specific command. I complied.”

“This was an error. Free her. Now.”

“Cannot execute. Command must come from Miss Karen.”

“But she can’t speak!”

“Command is to dominate. Dominate is to remove speaking capabilities.”

“I don’t believe you. Show me proof.”

Immediately, the TV turned on, and Karen’s extensive security system was called up. The view was from the living room when Karen gave the command. Upon hearing it, Lynda understood.

“That’s a mistake! She coughs at the same time. She did not say Andie, she said Sandie. That’s the name of the contestant.”

“Andie heard the command. Andie executed the command.”

“Oh, I know. She talked about an app. Where is her phone?”

“Her phone is on the table.”

Lynda walked to the table and took the phone, only to have it fetched off by Andie.

“You are not allowed to take Miss Karen’s personal items.”

“Fine then!” she said, picking up her own phone, and finding the app. She clicked on the search button, and she saw Andie as the only available android. She clicked Connect.

“Access request received.” said Andie, making Lynda having a smile of victory. “Access rejected: no pre-authorization by owner to accept it.”

“Damn it!” said Lynda, walking back to Karen who was standing still. At the same time, she jolted.

“What happened?”

“Slave not working. Incentive shock administered.” said Andie as Karen began to work again.

“I’ll find a way, Karen. I promise. Even if I have to cut through you with a chainsaw.” she said as she looked at Andie, who was looking at Karen.

She left.

After vacuuming, Karen was set up for dusting.

She was in mixed feelings: she liked it, but she didn’t want it for the rest of her life. She just wanted to have some control back, to limit the sessions time.

In the meantime, the dildos were doing their job, giving her pleasure when she was doing a good job, and pain when not.

She had been thoroughly intubated by Andie, for breathing, feeding, as well as her urethra and rectum. She couldn’t taste, smell, touch, feel, and Andie had complete control of her vision through interactive goggles over her eyes. She could even control her breathing. It made Karen think that, at one time, she had the power of life and death over Andie. Now, it was the other way around.

Three days later, Lynda was back. She stood in front of Andie, looking at her e-pad:

“Andie. Override code: Alpha, 3, 5, Omega 8, 5, 5.”

“Code received. Override rejected, you are not an authorized person.” said Andie.

“But she said she was going to make me an… administrator.”

“The procedure was not completed.”

“Well, there’s only one thing left to do.” said Lynda, quickly extending a hand to reach a little button located at the base of Andie’s neck.

Andie quickly turned around and snatched Lynda’s arm.

“Unauthorized procedure – You are unauthorized to access my controls.” said Andie, releasing Lynda.

“Well, there’s only one way left.” she said, getting a switchblade off her jeans pocket and tried to stab Andie as soon as she had turned her back.

But, again, Andie was quick to turn around and grab Lynda’s hand.

“Illegal attempt to tamper with an android. It allows me, in auto-protection, to put you into immediate custody.” she said, dragging Lynda around, screaming, yelling, pulling, fighting, but it didn’t stop Andie.

Less than an hour later, she was completely enclosed in a tight latex catsuit, inside a leather sleepsack, dangling upside down in the exercise room, her screams muffled by a blow-up gag.

But before zipping that last zipper, Andie explained the rules:

“According to the robotic laws rules, you are to remain into my custody until released by my rightful owner.”

Lynda mumbled.

Karen looked at her friend’s predicament, and hoped that the next one trying to help will be more successful. But an orgasmic reward for a job well done took her mind out of it.

The END.

© Pete / monsterp63, July 22, 2018


(ENDING TWO – Twilight Zone Style)

Andie left Lynda dangling, leaving her time to relax, to calm down. In the meantime, she retrieved her shipping container and set it up in the living room, opening it and punching control buttons. The gel that had disappeared reappeared, as a liquid about the consistency of oil.

She went back to Lynda and removed her from the leather sleepsack, to drag her, arms in an elbow tie and with a hobble chain, now wearing high heels, to the shipping container.

She forced Lynda to take place in it. Lynda felt the thick liquid around her, engulfing her, until only her face and her boobs were out. She figured it was to condition that strange suit she was wearing.

Andie punched a few buttons and within a few seconds, Lynda felt the oil transformed into something solid: she could no longer move, and more, that stuff expanded in the process, squeezing her.

While she was panicking, Andie closed the lid on the container.

The next day, a carrier came to pick the container to be shipped.

The trip lasted about two days, upon which the container was finally opened. Lynda found herself surrounded by androids, males and females.

“This is the subject sent by Android 116305UKP. Let’s prep her up.”

The gel was liquified and Lynda was promptly lifted out of the box by two strong androids. She was sent to a room that resembled an operating room, where she was secured on the table. Her gag was removed.

“What the hell is going on here? I order you to release me at once.”

“Your command is overridden.” said the female android.

“A little history before we proceed. Don’t worry, you won’t feel anything, and won’t remember your previous life either after the procedure.” began a male android.

“Androids need brains to function. The procedure of learning is too complicated for a machine. A human brain is the best computer of all. So, we started by taking terminally ill patient’s brains, just before they were dead, because, once dead, the brain is useless, and transferring it into a new android. In the process, all previous memories are erased and new ones imprinted. At will.

As we were doing procedures, we figured that this was the best way to have a limitless life, almost eternal life. We modified the programming and, each one of us, Brad, Kathy and I, made sure our memory would be transferred in the new bodies. “

“So we could continue our work” continued Kathy, the female android. “We believe androids are the future of this planet, and we will continue to do so for as long as possible. You have been sent here because you were considered a threat to an android. Well, my dear, you will become one.”

“But…” objected Lynda. “What about the three laws of robotics? You are violating the first one by doing that! You have to stop.”

“Oh, you haven’t heard of the fourth law, or better known as the “zeroth” law, which precedes them all:

0. A robot may not harm humanity, or through inaction allow humanity to come to harm.”

said Brad.

“As a matter of fact,” continued Kathy, “We are protecting humanity.”

“So,” said Brad. “Let’s begin, shall we?”

Frightened, trying to wake up from that bad dream, Lynda felt something cold being injected in her arm, and quickly lost consciousness.

The END.

© Pete / monsterp63, July 22, 2018

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7 thoughts on “Karen – AndroDom

  1. This story has opportunities for extension:
    1. Karen must work to survive and Andie would know this. Lynda could remind her of it. This would then require remote domination and given the telemetry device and remote control “toys” it’s possible and interesting.
    2. Karen should be given a short period each week or month for an evaluation session with Andie to go over what has worked and any new ideas. Maybe get Karen an android suit to make her look like Andie and mess with Lynda.
    3. Karen could invite Lynda for a session, or if she’s being annoying about everything, just tell Andie to do it. That could lead to more sessions, a vacation, etc.

    1. Thanks.
      Interesting ideas.
      However, I feel that this story is already quite extensive and I have no intention of going back at it.
      But, no decisions are absolute. 3 months ago, I had no intentions to return to “The Pod” and here we are…

  2. Hey, i just found your website through DA and i had spend the whole day reading stuffs from your web, and i have to say, by far this is my favorite one so far. The ending left me feel anxious and excited. Hoping to see the continuation of this if it wont bother you

    1. Well, thank you very much. Really appreciated.
      Glad you liked that story.
      However, I’m sorry to tell you that no further development is planned.
      You’re not the first one to ask, that’s why I put “The END” with “END” in capital.
      Going further, we enter the realm of bots and drones which, if I go into that, would make the story a lot more Sci-Fi than fetish, which is not the theme if this website.
      Experience has shown me that Sci-Fi, especially on this website, is not something people look up to.

      1. You are right, i apologize. But nevertheless this is very good writing and looking forward to dive in further to the other writings, cheers.

      2. I think I’m the one who is looking for this part 😁

        Great story. And I love the evil part at the end. Maybe there will be a continuation in the future.

        Keep one the good writing

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