Karen – The Elected



A soft wind was moving around some trash left on the deserted street only lit by the sparse street lights. There suddenly was a rapid bright flashing glow appearing then disappearing, coming from the back of a dark alley, breaking the overall darkness of this late night scene.

It was followed by clicking sounds, irregular at first, as if someone was struggling to walk with hard soles shoes. As it approached the main street, a soft leather shuffle could be heard, echoing amidst the empty buildings.    

Then the sounds became clearer as a beautiful young woman walked out of the dark alley, sporting a black tight fitting leather jacket showing her curvaceous body, her legs encased in tight black leather pants, ending on platform high heel shoes.

She seemed nervous. She stopped. She rubbed her shirt down, like to remove the wrinkles, gently stroking her leather encased thighs with her hand, like to feel the leather, how smooth, how tight it was.

She was looking around, her long blond hairs, reaching her waist, floating as she moved her head from left to right. It looked like she was searching for someone. Or was it something?. Her high heel platform shoes clicking with every step, her leather pants creaking, she began to walk.

Hesitantly, she walked forward, high heel clicking on the asphalt of that downtown street. She wondered if she was at the right place, at the right time, and…wearing the right attire.

She heard noises, clicking and stomping noises. Chatting and laughing voices. She turned around and saw a young couple, the man dressed in T-Shirt, jeans and hiking boots, the young woman, in a small top, and tight PVC jeans, standing tall on high heel boots.

The woman smiled, as she turned around to face them, making a quick relief sigh, before walking toward them making small steps, making her heel click hard. She was smiling, but her smile seemed worried.

“Me… Sorry… New… Help?” said the woman, from a very soft, almost shy voice.

The girl of the couple giggled a little, obviously intoxicated.

“Hi… You… Help… Need?” said the girl, giggling.

The woman in white looked puzzled.

“She’s playing with you.” said the guy, doing his manly thing: After all, a woman was in need of help. He was there. Maybe a little drunk, but he was there, and he was the only man around, so he was the… bravest. “You need help?” he asked, letting go of his girlfriend, shuffling his shoulders, pumping up his arms, to show his muscles.

“Me… Protection.” said the woman, pointing at herself.

The guy was taken aback.

“Euh… Protection? You need protection?… You mean… This?” he said, reaching in his pocket to retrieve a condom. His girlfriend laughed. “You want a condom?”

The woman seemed puzzled, looking at the little enveloppe.

“Protection?” she asked, pointing at the little thing.

“Well, yes.” said the guy, laughing, putting the envelope in front of his groin and mimicking sliding it on.

Then there was a strange noise coming from the other end of the street, around the corner. It sounded like a jet engine was approaching fast and landing, but the sound was weird. Not exactly like a jet engine. There were bright red lights appearing, moving slowly, getting out of the corner, revealing a strange vehicule, floating off the ground. It stopped, and a door opened. Four people got out. Four greyish creatures, looking like monsters, holding long sticks with something glowing at one end. They were grunting and making weird savage noises.

“What the hell is that?” said the girl, laughing. “This ain’t halloween…”

Then one of the aliens pointed his stick toward them and a ball of blue fire was shot from it, passing inches over the girl and the guy’s head.

“What the fuck!” he said, taking his girlfriend and tucking. “You need to get out of here!”  he said to the woman, but she stayed of ice, extending her right hand in a sharp movement. A ball of light, bluish red,  appeared in it, like a ball of fire, of energy, but it didn’t seem to harm her.

“Me protection.” she said.

“What? What are you doing?” said the girl.

“Me. Got this!” she said.

She began to walk, slowly toward the monsters, her high heels clicking on the pavement, her tight leather jeans creaking. She raised her hand and threw the light ball toward the monsters. It exploded, sending them flying backward, shattering the windows of the nearby buildings, triggering the alarms of the few cars parked nearby.

When the light flash subsided, three monsters were down and the fourth one was limping back to the strange vehicule. Which quickly went up, to disappear in the dead of the night.

“Me protect you.” said the woman. “You come me.”

“What the… We’re getting out of here!” said the guy.

“No!” said the woman, firmly, her arm extending and another ball of light appearing in it. This time it was green.

“Run!” said the guy, pushing the girl in front of him, fleeing away.

There was a flash of green light surrounding them. Everything became fuzzy, foggy, like in a dream, then it became dark.


It was like awakening from a cold, head heavy, dizzy, a headache hanging around somewhere in there..

“Gee. I did drink last night, but not that much.” said the girl, blinking her eyes, trying to get them accustomed to the harsh light. “Why is the sun so bright” she asked herself, taking the bed cover with her hand to pull it away.

“What the hell… This isn’t my bed… What… Where the hell am I?” she asked, stunned, looking at the long window on the side of the bed, where she could see the sun and… a planet.

“Heck of a high def TV.” she thought. “That must be that 4K thing. Awesome effect, tho.”

As she slid her legs off the bed, she realized she was only in her underwear.

“What the f…”

At the same instant, the door of her room, or whatever the place she was, opened with a soft sound, sliding away inside the wall.

A tall woman entered. She was walking on… her toes? It was as if she was wearing ballet boots, but without any heels. Her body was covered with a shiny purple-ish suit, very tight fitting, and very revealing. The suit had a very shiny finish, almost like it was liquid.  Her waist was incredibly thin. She smiled. 

“Hello, Karen. Don’t worry, you’re safe from the Zurathis. How are you feeling? I brought something to ease the effect of the stun orb. I’m sorry but you left me no choice but to use it.”

“The stun orb? You are the woman from the street, aren’t you. How do you know my na… fuck, how?…” she said, then stopped, realizing that, whatever the language she was speaking, it was NOT english.

“We implemented the language while you were in trance. The communication is easier that way.” said the woman. “Oh, how rude of me, my name is Taraia.

Karen stayed there, stunned. What the fuck was going on? She remembered the night, the monsters, the light ball in that strange woman’s hand, Taraia. Yes, she drank a little too much, but she never had psychotic episodes before.

“Oh gawd…” said Karen, before letting herself drop back on the bed, eyes closed. She forced them closed, like to reset her eyesights, or rather reset her brain, then re-open them, only to see the same soft, whitish ceiling, the same window with a sun and a planet, the same strange woman, in that shiny catsuit and strange boots.

“Don’t worry. You’re safe on board our ship. You can look at The Earth all you want. You will go back, but not now. You have your destiny to accomplish.” said Taraia.

“My… destiny?” asked Karen, puzzled.

“Yes. You are the Elected, after all.” she said, slightly bowing at the same time.

“The elect… Where is Euan?”

“He’s fine. He’s in the next room. He’s still sleeping. We need to talk before he’s awakened.”

Karen felt like she was in a daze, a dream. Taraia pushed on a place of the wall, and a drawer opened, with a neatly folded piece of shiny cloth on it. It was dark blue.

“It’s made of a fabric we call lastex. There’s no zipper, “she said, taking it and stretching the collar to an incredible size. “You put it on through the neck opening. It will tighten around your body to protect it. I’ll give you a few moments to put it on. Oh, better take off your underwear prior to putting the suit on. The fit will be better. We provided new boots. In time, you will learn to walk on your toes, but in the meantime, those will help you to reach it.” said Taraia before turning and walking away.

The door slid open with a small woosh. Taraia disappeared in the corridor as the door quickly closed behind her.

Karen, still unsure of what was happening, took the garment in her hand. It felt strange. To the touch, it was a mix of spandex and rubber, yet it almost felt runny, like semi-liquid. However, it was holding up and not running down. She aimed for the neck hole and, unconvinced, slid it up her legs.

Effectively, it stretched easily to slide up her legs. It was as if she was putting a one piece body stocking. A very loose one.

She easily slid her hands in the sleeves and the collar rose up her shoulders to tighten around her neck. She looked down and frowned.

“This a nice fit?” she said, as she looked at the saggy garment making huge wrinkles.

It was cold at first, but her body quickly warmed up, and then it happened. She felt as if thousands of worms were moving along her body. When she looked down, she saw the fabric shrinking, tightening around her. The suit was taking its shape, following Karen’s every curve, and then… tightened. More and more. She felt her waist getting squeezed, then it stopped.

She stayed there, panting. Taraia was right. That fit was… amazingly comfortable. Maybe a little tight at the waist, but then again, she loved wearing tight jeans.

She did find the boots in the corner. They were reaching almost to the knee, were blue, similar to her suit, had a thin high heel, and looked like a mix of fancy high heel boots, motocross boots and ski boots. When she picked them up, she found them surprisingly light, quite comfortable as she put them on.

When she stood up, she had the net feeling that the heel was higher than it seemed. She had worn high heels, but this was higher than anything she had ever worn.

She made a few steps, turning around in the small cabin, feeling the suit that seems to get slightly tighter with time, and her new heels. She walked to the door, but it remained closed. She searched for a control panel, a button, a knob, but saw nothing.

She turned around, walking toward the bed, facing the large window, looking at the Earth from afar.

“Damn! What the fuck is going on here!” she said out loud.

“I told you. You are the Elected [slight bowing]. You’re here to save humanity.” said Taraia’s voice from behind her.

Karen startled, turned around quickly and backed up against the bed, squeezing her buns on it, feeling the tight suit squeeze her even more.

“Sorry if I startled you. If you come with me, everything will be explained.”

“The Elected? Save Humanity?…” Softly said Karen.

“Yes. Scary, isn’t it? Just come. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“But…” said Karen, rubbing her thighs. “This thing is so tight, I’m kind of uneasy. I feel almost… naked.” she said.

“Don’t worry. For one, everybody wears the same kind of suit, and for second, nothing shows.”

“You’re sure?” said Karen, putting her hand at her crotch. Her body was telling her that the suit was molding every bump of her biological features, but her fingers told her that it was just a smooth flap.”

“Sure! Look at my crotch. Believe me. It hides… EVERYTHING.” she said with a wink. “Come.” said Taraia, opening her arms toward the exit. “Oh, just don’t be surprised. Some people may want to bow at you. Just walk by normally.” she said with a smile.

“Want to bow?…” Mumbled Karen. “… at me?…”

Taraia didn’t respond. She indicated to turn to the right while exiting the room, to which Karen did, and she almost immediately launched forward and up, making a giant leap, quickly grabbed by Taraia.

“Oh damn. I’m sorry. I forgot. The corridors are  0.7102665 Earth’s gravity. You will have to be careful. That’s the standard gravity. It is applied on all spaceships, except in personal rooms where the gravity is equal to the host’ planet. Just walk lightly.”

“Geesh. Uh. Okay.” said Karen, trying to be careful. It was as if, instantaneously, she had lost      30% of her weight, now partly understanding why people were walking on their toes: a push of the foot and you’re launching!

They crossed many people. Most were looking at Karen with wide eyes. Then again, some of those… races, didn’t seem to have eyelids, so. A few of them were slightly bowing. She felt she was in a dream. She was used to seeing different races on Earth, but this was way beyond her imagination.

They walked down a corridor, turned right, turned left, then reached a large hole in the ground where two columns of tinted lights could be seen, one alongside the other.

“Now, just remember, Karen. The blue goes up, the green goes down. We will get off at level 2. You just walk off when you reach it. Oh, on the ship, the first floor is 1. So we’re going lower in number but higher in level. Understood?

Karen nodded, she wasn’t sure.

Taraia simply walked forward, as if there was a floor, within the beam of blue light and she softly went up, floating in mid-air.

Unsure, Karen followed. They were at level..56? Damn! How big was this spaceship?

The ride was smooth. She didn’t feel standing on a floor, but rather being grabbed everywhere, like being held by hundreds of small hands. The feeling was not… unpleasant.

She saw Taraia simply walk off as the number two approached. Karen did the same, but was a little late and bumped against the ceiling of the corridor, but with the low gravity, it wasn’t bad. Taraia laughed.

“Everybody does it a few times before learning where to jump off. You’ll be fine. Come.”

They walked some more before making another turn to a much narrower corridor. It wasn’t very long, and there were three human-robot things that seemed to be mounting the guards on the door at the far end, and the one on the left. There was another door on the right, but it didn’t seem guarded.

“What are… these?” asked Karen, pointing to the human-robot.

“Those are androids. They’re robots with an organic brain.” said Taraia.

Karen went wide-eyed.

“No, we’re not sacrificing humans or any other creature for that. Their brain is man-made. It allows them to think, analyse, make decisions and memorise better than robots. They will obey order without arguing. They never get tired, they don’t sleep, and they have no emotions.  They’re the perfect workers for those long, boring or dangerous jobs. You’ll see many of them around.”

“Oh… Cool.” said Karen, nervously approaching her hand to touch one but changing idea, although the android didn’t move.”

“Is it… on?” asked Karen.

“Yes, it is. You can touch it, go ahead. Just one thing to remember, tho.”

“And that is?” asked Karen, approaching her hand again.

“You’ll see a bunch of different colors, of shell and of emissive light. They are gentle and no one will ever hurt a living creature, even in self defence. However, just remember that the red ones, and only the red ones, are guardians androids. If they feel threatened, they will shoot to kill.”

As Karen touched the android, its eyes quickly turned to her. Those cold, lifeless eyes. Karen quickly withdrew her hand and walked fast to meet Taraia standing at the door after pressing a button.

“Who… who are we going to see?”

“Governor Coenea. She’s in charge of the Elected Protocole.”

The door opened silently, splitting in half in the middle, revealing a large office with the full wall on the right, being a large window, giving an incredible view on the space surrounding them. Karen looked briefly, recognizing the Earth and even the Moon, but they were getting smaller, compared to what she saw from the room where she woke up.

On the far end of the room, was a desk. To its left, a red android. At the table, a slim and tall woman, all dressed in a very tight fitting black catsuit, that seemed to convey a lot of workmanship. Her waist was incredibly small and her belt was sporting a blue lit circle in the middle of the stomach. She had black hair, tightly held in a bun. She looked cold, but she stood up and opened her arms, smiling.

“The Elected! I’m so honored to meet you, Karen. Please, come closer!” she said, from a firm yet joyous voice as she walked around the table to come and meet Karen.

She had thigh high, high heel boots, but they seemed made out of steel, in fact, they looked like they were her legs, mechanical legs, made out of steel. She seemed to grasp Karen’s inquisitive look.

“Don’t worry about those old legs. I lost them in a battle sixty years ago. I could have chosen the cybernetics ones, but I like to see the mechanics of things. How are you, my dear.” she said as she came closer, and extended her hands, which Karen took. They were warm and soft.

She gently squeezed Karen’s hand while slightly bowing. “I am Governor Coenea and I am honored of your presence, Elected.” she said from a very official voice. “How do you feel, Karen?” she asked, as she slowly walked back behind her desk.

“Err…” began to say Karen, realizing at the same time that Governor Coenea didn’t actually speak, yet she heard her. “…puzzled?” she answered.

Governor Coenea smiled.

“Telepathy,” she said, “is a way more efficient mean of communication, don’t you think?” she again said without actually saying it.

“Ah… yes.” worded Karen, in her mind.

Governor Coenea smiled again.

“In time, you will learn.” said Governor Coenea with her voice. “After all, you are the Elected.” she said, while slightly bowing.

“What’s this elected thing?” asked Karen.

“Oh, it’s easy.” said Governor Coenea. “You are the mother of God.”

“Say what?” said Karen, laughing, looking around her for an audience or something. “Where are the hidden cameras?”

“Yes, I understand your reaction. You call it God. Others give it a different name. Oh, it’s not the creator of the Universe, but it’s the entity holding it together.

“I’m not sure I understand,” said a puzzled Karen.

“It’s not easy to understand. It’s not even easy for us.” said Governor Coenea. “What we do know is that, about every 350 of your years or so, the Entity needs a new provider. We’ve been providing it for a few thousand years, and other worlds that have now vanished, like we will do one day, were providing him before and others will continue, perhaps the people of the Earth, in a few thousand years.

We scan the galaxies to find the perfect match. The Entity itself guides us toward the Elected when the time comes, giving us some time to find it, because if, for some reason, we can’t contact the Elected in time, we have to find another one.”

“Find it in time?”

“Yes. Like before the Zurathis that were trying to kill you back on Earth.” said Taraia.

“The… creepy creatures?”

“Yes. That’s the ones.” answered Taraia with a smile.

“But… why? I mean, why do they want to kill the… euh… Elected, if it’s needed to keep the Universe afloat, or whatever it does?” asked Karen.

“You will have the rest of the long life ahead of you to fully understand everything.” said Governor Coenea. “What I can explain rather rapidly, is that, like in everything, there’s black and white. Right and wrong. there’s good and evil.

“The light side and the dark side?” said Karen, refraining to laugh at the StarWars reference.

“Yes, Karen. The Entity is the keeper of the good side. However, if he can’t regenerate, it will disappear, and thus, call it what  you want, the dark side, the evil side, the bad side, will take over.”

“Well. What tells me that what you call the bad side isn’t actually the good side?”

Governor Coenea simply turned around and the whole wall behind her became a giant screen. Livid, as real as it gets, images were seen. Images of lush forests, wonderful lakes, cities as large as Australia, wonderful oceans, wildlife and flora. Huge spaceships, interstellar stations, monuments. She even thought she recognized some places very similar to some places on Earth.

It was then followed by charred worlds, worlds at war, hideous creatures, dark cities and battleships.

“The first series images were from our worlds. It is spread over hundreds of galaxies, totaling thousands and thousands of worlds and civilisations. Some with whom we made contact, and others we haven’t, like the Earth. The second, from the Zurathis worlds. They have at the last count, 86 worlds in 65 galaxies. That’s not a lot. They live by taking on a planet and ripping off everything, from  minerals to life, then move on to another world. You can either join them, or be killed on the spot, and they don’t give out much invitations.” said Taraia.

“We never took contact with people of the Earth, but we will have to do it shortly, now that the Zurathis know about you, and especially since they now know that the next Entity will come from there, they will try everything to destroy the Earth. But that’s not our interest here.” said Governor Coenea.

“Okay…” said an overwhelmed Karen. That was too much information at the same time. Her whole world was falling apart. What the hell was going on here?

“… What am I doing here? I mean, what are WE, myself and Euan, doing here? Speaking of Euan, where is he?”

“He’s in the preparation room. I believe it’s time we go meet him. I’ll explain the rest there.” Said Governor Coenea

She led Karen and Taraia outside her office and turned left, toward another door guarded by a red android. The door opened silently and a large room filled with a bunch of high tech equipment was there, including what looked like two beds. Euan was there, sitting on one of them, dressed in a blue latex catsuit which was very well showing his… masculinity. He rose up, not exactly steady on… high heels?

Karen made wide eyes.

“High heels?” She said, puzzled, looking at Taraia.

“It’s the norm, here.” she simply answered.

“How are you?” said Karen as she rushed in his arms, where they embraced.

“I’m fine. How about you? And what is this all about? They keep calling me the elected or something. I’ve been elected to what?”

“You have been both designed to provide the next Entity.” said Governor Coenea, in a very formal voice, raising her hands as if she was calling spirits.

“So… you want us to… have sex?” asked Euan, puzzled, as Karen slapped him on the shoulder.

“No. The Entity is not a baby. It is formed by the joining of an egg and semen. Which means that we will extract one egg from you, Karen, and extract semen from you, Euan.” said Coenea, again with wide, exaggerated gestures.

“That’s it?” asked, surprised, Karen. “My O.G.N. can do that anytime. Why all the heavy machinery and stuff?”

“And I can provide semen from a few strokes of… what?”  said Euan, as Karen was looking at him, shocked.

“We know that. But we have procedures, and the specimens must be manipulated with extreme precautions. That’s why you will lay down on those beds. The top will close down on you, immobilizing you totally while the procedure takes place. You will then be coated with a special polymer that will seal both of you, for the rest of your life.” explained Governor Governor Coenea, like she was giving up a recipe.

“Sealed?” asked a shocked Euan. “Sealed… like… in a zip bag?”

“We can’t risk anyone or anything to be able to make any kind of weapon against the Entity. The only weapon that can harm or even destroy him, is based on DNA. By sealing you, we make sure your DNA will never be used against the Entity. You’ll be covered by a layer of polymer, from head to toes. All openings will be covered and blocked. That polymer is so strong that nothing can penetrate it.”

“But if we are…. If all openings are covered, we won’t be able to …”

“Reproduce. You won’t be able to reproduce. In your words, you will be permanently chastised.”

“No way!” said Euan, putting his hands at his groin. 

Karen was too shocked to even formulate an answer. Her mouth was opened but nothing was coming out of it.

“You have no choice.” said Taraia, as a red android swiftly approached, its glow getting brighter. “And don’t worry about sex. Believe me.” she said, as she winked at Karen.

They were instructed to strip naked and to lay on the bed.

The top platform was then lowered.

At first, Karen panicked, but she felt wrapped by a soft leather like blanket. She could move somewhat. It was actually comfortable.

Then the inside of the now closed plate began to move, shifting her around, actually spreading her legs, as it became more rigid, preventing her from moving.

Outside, Taraia and Governor Coenea were singing centuries old songs as the procedure was taking place.

Karen felt something enter her, from the crotch, reaching inside her. It was warm, soft. As the procedure was taking place, she felt less and less able to move. The whole device that was once soft and comfortable, was not becoming so rigid that she couldn’t even wiggle her toes. She was still breathing fine, but she began to panic.

Was this how she was going to be… chastised? Kept encased in a large block of rigid whatever-that-is?

She felt what was inside her slowly retracting and everything went silent.

Euan, was feeling pretty much the same, except having something going up your dick is not exactly a pleasant feeling. He too was totally immobile while something was reaching inside him, to retrieve some semen.

Then for him too, everything became silent, and he wondered if this was how his life would end, because, in no way he was willing to be kept encased in something like that for too long.

Then, all around him, everything felt warm, enveloping, like a soft hot blanket being wrapped everywhere. He felt relaxed. All his anxiety had been taken away. Then he realized that something liquid was being inserted between his skin and the padding. It started at his feet, going upward. At the same time, the cushion began to move, like it did to spread his legs, but it was moving his dick, folding it backward, and pushing his balls were they were once stored, before he reached puberty, and he felt pressure, as the liquid or whatever that was, reached there. He felt a poking up his asshole. Something was trying to get in. Should he resist or let it go? What the fuck does it has to do with collecting semen.

He felt his will to fight softly vanishing, as the liquid rose to his stomach, getting tighter, and tighter. He felt his belly crushed, getting squeezed. His breathing became short. He was being crushed to death. Surprisingly, although it was panicking, he sort of liked it. He was always drawing his waist belt tight, and if it hadn’t been wrongly regarded by other guys, he would have worn his jeans quite tight.

Then, as the liquid continued to rise, reaching his neck, he felt dizzy and quickly fell into a half awake, half sleeping dream.

Karen’s feelings were similar, she had felt something going up her vagina, up her urethra, up her asshole, and now her waist was getting crushed beyond belief. She liked tight jeans, she even wore a corset for last year’s Halloween, but this was beyond anything she thought possible, beyond her… wildest dreams? Because she actually liked it. Deep in her mind, all her tight jeans were not tight enough, but this…

The warm liquid reached her breasts, gently squeezing them as it wrapped around. Karen was relaxed. Whatever was happening, she liked it. As the liquid reached her neck and began to tightly wrap it, she slowly fell into a half awake, half sleeping dream.

She felt tinglings in her head, as if small ants were running around. It was weird. At the same time, she felt something entering her nostrils, her mouth, reaching down to her stomach, enter her ears as her head was tightly encased by the warm liquid or whatever it was. Could have been zillions of small creatures for all she knew.

It was difficult for her to figure out how long it has been, but she felt the top portion of the device lift from her body, but she was still feeling the strong pressure, as if it was still there. She opened her eyes. Her vision was darkened. There was something over her eyes, like a lense. A dark lense. Her mouth felt full and extended, like those girls in bondage she saw images of, from the Internet. She was gagged. Her tongue couldn’t move and she felt something going down her throat. She couldn’t open nor close her jaw. Breathing was relatively easy, but it was done only by the nose.

She struggled to get up on her shoulders, feeling something tight around her arms, around her body. Her head could move, but with difficulties. She looked at her arm: it was pitch black, very shiny, like liquid tar. Her other arm was the same.

Struggling against the tightness of the coating around her now incredibly thin waist, she sat on the bed. She wasn’t hearing anything. She stood on her left arms while, from her right hand, she reached her face, feeling something thick in front of her mouth, and ball shaped lenses over her eyes.

She felt a touch on her left shoulder. She turned her head. It required force to do it. Whatever that coating was, it was restricting her movements. There was Taraia, smiling. She was mouthing something, but Karen couldn’t hear.

“Listen to your brain” was mouthing Taraia, repeating it slowly, with a smile.

“Listen to your brain? how the hell do you do that?” thought Karen.

She closed her eyes and tried to listen to an inside voice, then she heard Taraia, or what she believed was Taraia.

“I… I can hear you?” thought to say Karen, but gagged as she was, nothing came out.

“It’s okay.” said Tarais. “In time you’ll learn to use your new telepathic powers. We didn’t implant anything in your brain, rest assured. You all have telepathic powers. It’s most often locked because you haven’t reached that level of understanding. We just unlocked it.”

“Oh…” said/thought Karen. “And… Euan? What about Euan?”

“He’s at the same stage. Governor Coenea is taking care of him.” said Taraia looking in his direction.

Karen turned her head, then her whole body to sit on the edge of the bed, facing Euan’s bed. She realized at the same time that her legs, her feet, were encased in pointed toe tubes of some kind.

She looked at Euan, apparently mirroring her own setup, with an incredibly thin waist and… pointed toe boots!

“Hi…” she tentatively said.

“Hi…” he tentatively answered.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

“Euh… rubbery?” he said, sending the emotion of laughing.

“In time, you will be able to interpret each other’s emotions. You will also learn how to control your telepathic powers to limit them to whoever is around you, otherwise you will hear everybody in the ship at the same time – Don’t worry, this room is blocking everything.” said Governor Coenea

She tried to stand up. It took her a couple of attempts to stand on her toes, and she was used to wearing high heels. Euan was struggling, but he surprised Karen at being quite gifted for it.

They stumbled slowly toward each other, and embraced tightly when they met.

“What the hell did they do to us?” asked Euan.

“We ensure your safety.” answered Governor Coenea.

“By stuffing us inside those things?” replied Euan.

“Bad people would do anything to get a hold of your DNA, and even more if they can access an egg or semen. In those suits, you are totally protected. Killing you is not something we would have done. After all, you are the provider of the next Entity. We had two choices: keep your body intact and hold you in a heavily guarded place, making you unable to travel because of the risk of being attacked, or, like we did, provide total protection, and letting you free.”

“Free…” asked Karen, uncertainly.

“You’re absolutely free to go wherever you want. You have to report to nobody. Everywhere you’ll go, you’ll have a place to stay. People will bow in your presence. The whole universe is yours.

“And the… Entity? Will we meet him… her… it?” asked Euan.

“Of course. The Entity will call you at the proper time. Do not worry.” said Governor Coenea.

“Well… that’s it for the sex, I believe.” thought Euan.

“I was thinking the same thing.” said Karen.

“Wait. You heard that? Now I can’t even think without you knowing?”

“You’ll learn how to control your thought shortly.” quickly intervene Taraia. “In the meantime, you’ll stay in this area of the ship where your thoughts are blocked. She said, leading them out of the room from where they came, down the corridor, to the other door, facing Governor Coenea’s office. 

It was a modern room with a large bed, and a desk.

“As for your question about sex, I let you discover it.” she said, turning around, and leaving, the door automatically closing behind her.

“Now what?” asked Euan.

Karen walked to the bed, feeling large intruders inside her sort of coming to life as she walked. Her whole body seemed to be covered by small ants, tingling. She sat on the edge of the bed. The bed itself appeared to be made of the same polymer, shiny and quite slick.

Euan was also experiencing the same tingling sensation, and no matter how his organ had been tucked up, stored, or whatever, he was definitely feeling something there.

Karen laid on the bed, on her side, and Euan joined her, laying to face her. They embrace. The feeling of their rubber coated limbs one another was strange, yet was sending electrical signals that were not without pleasure. The closer they got, the stronger those fields appeared to be.

Soon, Karen was on her back and Euan was pressed hard against her, on top, doing what he would be doing if he had all his manhood available, with the same pleasurable results.

They exploded both at the same time, an orgasm that they shared through their telepathic abilities. Each one was living two orgasms at the same time.

After they recuperated somewhat, laying beside each other, Euan shared his thoughts.

“That was one hell of an orgasm. How long did they say we will survive in this… suit?”

“I believe Taraia mentioned something around 150 years or so.”

“Oh damn!” said Euan, immediately rolling around to go on top of Karen.

“That’s not much time. Let’s do it again, shall we?… Are you as horny as I am?”

“Damn! YES! It’s just that… you will find it silly but… All this tight suit, and this time stuck inside that machine, unable to move, well, I…”

“You would like to be tied up?” he asked.

As if it had heard the thought, the bed moved and clamps grabbed Karen’s ankles and wrists, spreading her in the four corners of the bed. It got tighter and tighter until Karen thought it to stop.

“How the hell…” asked Euan, puzzled.

“I simply wished and…”

“I’m gonna love this place. But 50 years is not that long.”

“Who said 50 years. That’s 150 years!”

“Oh… then… the more, the merrier.!” said Euan, taking place over an already hot Karen.

© Pete / monsterp63, September 30, 2018

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