Karen – Gone Fishing Two: Spring


Phil had recovered from the initial shock, and their life had taken an unexpected turn.

Over the course of the summer, Phil took many more fishing trips.

At first, he was leaving Karen at home, to her devices. However, they were keeping a close look at each other. With mobile signals, comes data signals, and Phil installed webcams so he could monitor Karen from his cabin.

He also “equipped” her with remote control toys, and also set up a few home automation devices he could call on or off at will.

That’s what happened in Karen’s vacbed sessions: he would call on the vacuum, and only he would be able to call it off.

Of course, there was a safety measure, Karen’s blood oxygen level and breathing were monitored and if anything went wrong, she was released and 911 called automatically as well as Phil advised.

That’s how she was confined for 4 hours!

Four hours of being vacuum sealed, teased and tormented, yet totally denied!

She was a wreck when Phil released her.

She came with him a few times at the cabin. He had her tied up in the corner while he was fishing. That was fine until they had a close call with a surprise visit from a wildlife protection officer, checking on Phil’s quotas and permit.

He saw the officer coming and walked to meet him. Karen was crouching behind the couch, hoping not getting caught. Oh, it wasn’t illegal, just a pain to explain.

A plan was forming. He took a whole week to prepare his cabin for the winter, saying that he had a lot to repair following a windstorm. Karen had seen the damage. She knew it was… true.

They spent the winter at home. Karen was spending more and more time in restraints and latex. The rule was that, as soon as she was in, she had to be cuffed and gagged.

She even slept all tied up.

However the regular rattle of the chains and/or her moaning woke-up Phil quite a few times, and he was really thinking about building her a dungeon so he could get real sleep.

Spring. Time to go back to the cabin. Phil had already gone to ready things up. Now, it was Karen’s first visit, getting there on friday evening, just before dawn.

To get there without attracting too much attention, she was putting on regular clothes over her latex catsuit. To hide her face, a woman’s face mask with a wig did the trick, hiding her latex hood and gag.

Phil had added a few more attachment points in his pick-up cab, so that, although she appeared normally restrained by her safety belt, she couldn’t move much: ankle cuffs linked to the floor, straps coming from behind, through the crotch, and splitting to go back on each thighs and a chain going behind the seat, through under the headrest to link to her collar. Her wrists were tied to a chain going under the seat. She couldn’t move much.

And she loved every minute, every second, of it. And in those situations, Phil liked the clinking of the chains, a reminder of how secure she was, and especially every moan she let out, over each bump, as her dildos were moved by a strategically placed hard piece within the seat.

When they reached the cabin the first time, what struck Karen was the roof. Yes, it has been fixed, but was now sporting a huge solar panel.

“I’ve added clean electricity to it.” he said, smiling, while taking Karen out of the truck.

Karen was still on ballet heels, but those new boots had a large wedge sole, making them sturdier on the soft ground.

Hands in her back, she followed the tugs of her leach, and hobbled her bound legs to the cabin. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, except a flower pot suspended over the corner where she spent a few days the prior summer.

“Come. I’ll show you the little modifications I made.” he said, bringing her close to the corner.

He then took a T shaped hook and inserted it into what looked like a knot in the wood floor, then pulled. Some mechanical sound was heard, and a one square meter part of the floor lifted up on hinges, revealing a huge tubular hole.

“I’ve buried a large PVC pipe, deep enough for you to be lowered in it.” he said, taking the flower pot off the hook, revealing a small electric winch. “I’ve got a harness to dress you with, then I can easily lower you in. I can tie your legs to the bottom, or leave you dangling or put you down completely, It’s your, or rather MY choice.”

Karen was wide eyes behind the dark lenses of her full hood and was eager to try it:being confined in a place this narrow must be a blast.

“And there this one.” he said, startling Karen that there was more.

He pushed away the sofa, took his T-hook again, and this time raised a section of one meter by two meters long from the floor, revealing a long, coffin like box, lined in foam rubber.

“In there, I can let you either like you are, or unbound, or I can fasten you every inch with steel straps. And then, there’s this one.” he said, moving the dining table, and opening a smaller rectangular hole, but deeper.

“Here, you have to be on your knees and your head between your knees, hogtied, frogtied or whatever you call it.”

Karen didn’t know what to say. And even if she knew, she was thoroughly gagged. She mumbled.

“Oh, that’s right. In case of a surprise visit!” he said, walking back to the wall close to the tube and hitting the base with his feet. A panel opened, revealing a space barely enough for Karen to get in, standing up, all lined up in shiny foamy rubber.

As if on cue, they heard the sound of an engine getting close and they recognized the wildlife officer vehicle.

“Oh shit!” said Phil “Quick get in!” he said, pushing her in, face first, and closed the door behind her.

“Damn!” he said, realizing that he might have made the space a little too small. He had to lean his back against the door and push with his feet firmly planted on the floor to close the door.

Karen moaned as she felt severely squished inside. She had no time to react, to position herself. She felt him pushing the door a few times, squishing her each time, until it latched.

In a flash, she couldn’t move. She was instantaneously aroused!

She heard him close the other traps and move the furniture before getting out.

It lasted some time, but Karen didn’t mind. She was totally immobile, and for her, it was a blast. Actually, she found it comfortable. A little tight, but, that’s what she liked: always a little more than enough.

When he got her out, it was dark, and the cabin was lit by small LED lights. He proceeded to remove her city clothes hiding her catsuit. The dim LED lights were reflecting on her highly polished black latex suit. Her waist was highly compressed by a black latex corset. Her head was completely enclosed in a thick anatomically correct latex hood with tinted lenses and a rubber filled mouth. He could only see the false white teeth and her playing with the rubber tongue. Long latex tubes were going up her nose, down at the back of her mouth, for easy breathing.

To feed her diet shakes, he had to plug a syringe to a tube hidden inside the rubber mouth.

She had toys, of course. Remote controlled, held in place by her beloved steel chastity belt. Once she was out of her jeans, he cuffed her ankles with a very short chain and linked her wrists to her sides, to the rings of the chastity belt.

Moving the sofa, he pulled up the coffin cover.

“I would guess that, for the night, this is the best setup. I know it’s quite early, but I do get up by dusk to go fishing.” he said, pointing at the box.

“Come on. Get in.” he ordered.

Karen complied, her latex creaking, her chains clinking on her steel cuffs, she stepped down inside the narrow opening, laying on her back.

She wiggled a little to get comfortable. It too was a tight fit. Phil actually had to push her chest down because her shoulders were getting stuck..

He kneeled besides her, getting closer to her fully enclosed head.

“I’ll let you discover its secrets all by yourself. Good night” he said before softly closing the lid and moving the sofa over it. After all, it was a hide-a-bed, and it was HIS bed.

Only when he closed down the lid that she realized that some breathing mask was coming down over her nose and mouth. Karen’s universe turned dark. Oh, it wasn’t the first time, it was just a new setup. 

She felt fresh air being forced in the breathing mask and she liked the thought. It makes the whole thing less claustroph… what the hell…

She heard a noise, similar to the small device he used once to put air back in one of her tires. That was actually when they met: she was stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire and no spare. He was able to pump some air in it, enough to last to the next garage.

Suddenly, she felt her universe getting smaller. Something was pressing against her legs, her body, getting tighter… and tighter. She moaned.

Dang! She loved it. She wanted it tighter. Much tighter. When it stopped, she could barely move. All she was hearing was the soft flow of air in her breathing mask, her own breathing, and her heart, pumping hard, excited.

She was relaxing. That would be a very good night. She thought.

Suddenly, all hell broke loose as her dildos began their work, pulsating, vibrating, shaking, twisting, even giving small electrical shocks, then her breathing was cut off, and restored.

Phil put his phone back on the table, smiling. He heard a very faint yelp coming from under the floor. He would sleep.

Karen would not. If  his setup was right, she would be kept on the edge, but never allowed to orgasm, in-between short “sleep” sessions.

When he got up, the next morning, and opened the floor, Karen was a wreck, barely able to hold her own weight on her legs. He knew she needed a break, some rest, some real sleep.

After giving her some fluid and allowing her to empty her waste, he linked her arms in an elbow tie behind her back and put her into the suspension harness, Five minutes later, she was suspended inside the narrow tube, again in complete darkness, wires going to her dildos to recharge them.

She would rest, although her brain was anything but a brain anymore. She had been teased to exhaustion. She wanted relief! She tried to move, to squirm, to revive the dildos, but it was only teasing her more.

When he came back from fishing, around lunch time, He got Karen out of the tube. She needed to move. What better than to have her cook something.

Hot-dogs are easy to cook, but with your vision impaired, neck stiffened by a steel posture collar, wrists linked together and tethered to your waist by a very short chain, working the BBQ was not that easy.

She had no choice. But she loved it. She was Phil’s rubber slave after all. She was first and foremost her lover, but she was also her rubber slave, willing to please him anyway he wanted, to get her rewards. And being forced to cook all bound up, was in her mind, a pleasurable reward.

He ate the hot-dogs while she struggled to feed herself the protein diet shake. He was not about to help her. SHE had to manage.

Doing the dishes was not easier

“I have to go and get some dead wood for the fireplace. Care to join me?”

Karen looked around, as if searching for someone.

“Nah, you won’t get caught. The wildlife agent did his visit and I there was no one else on the lake this morning, in the area anyways. What do you say? I ride on the ATV. Sounds interesting?”

She had no idea. Sounds like fun.

However, “fun” is a very specific concept. To fit on the ATV, she had to have her legs into a frog tie position, her ankles firmly tied to her thighs, legs spread out on each side of the seat. Her arms were elbow tied and her wrists chained under the seat. She was also able to grab the handlebar located at the back of the seat.

This was not a very comfortable position. Basically, all her weight was resting on her crotch, meaning on her chastity belt, meaning on her dildos.

Then Phil started the engine. Already Karen, who had never rode an ATV before, realized the potential of her predicament. Just the vibration of the engine, and especially when Phil revved it, made expect the worst for the ride. She was overdue!

At first, Phil rode slowly, often turning around to have a look at Karen, to see how things were going. Karen kept mostly her eyes closed, to concentrate, to assimilate.

And it was devilish.

They were not on a simple trail ride. No, he was in the raw forest. Oh, yes, there was a trail of sorts, meaning that the biggest trees were out of the way, but the ride wasn’t smooth, wasn’t… linear. The ATV will lean on one side, then on the other. And Phil would stop, leaving the engine idled as he got some dead wood, sometimes having to cut it in smaller parts and load it in the small trailer, then revved the engine a few times before going forward.

Revving the engine upon getting on a bike is sort of natural. But for Karen, this was nothing natural.

So, her dildos would get pushed in and pulled out with every bump, every leaning on one side or another, then it would stop and she would get vibrated steadily while the engine is idled, and she would have two or three bursts of vibration before going on again with the in/out.

And that was not counting her upper body movements, forward and backward each time Phil was speeding or slowing, or taking a bump.

She would get pumped up real good, then the idle would keep her on the edge for a while, and then the bursts would get her ready to jump, but a bump would pull them out and back in.

In short, she was kept on the edge for a good hour until Phil reached a much larger road and decided to speed it up.

It was like suddenly putting the magic wand on high while pumping the dildos.

Did she explode? Like hell, she did! Phil thought she was having a seizure, so he stopped the ATV dead. That left Karen totally void in the middle of the orgasm.

She jumped up and down on the seat, trying to keep it longer, but it was gone. She was pissed off!

She grunted in frustration. That was devilish. Unplanned and unwanted from Phil’s part, but it was frustratingly devilish nonetheless.

He got in the woods and rode again for about half an hour, making Karen horny as hell before heading back for the main road where he sped up again, this time, expecting Karen’s behavior.

When she began to shake, instead of stopping, like the first time, he gave a burst of gas, then break, then gas.

Karen’s brain was a boiling mash of everything that had been repressed, hoped, held back, frustrated, and anticipated. Hormones were flowing high and the sudden jerks of the ATV didn’t help calm down because, as if Phil was reading what was left of her brain, he happened to trigger another orgasm just at the right time.

She lost count.

She lost track of time and place. She was in her own universe, filled with colors, full blown orchestra music, and the best flavors known to man err… woman!

When he stopped the ATV back at the cabin, and everything became silent, it allowed her brain to slowly find its way back to reality.

She was beginning to feel the pressure of the latex catsuit, the tightness of the corset, her encased head, her folded legs that were starting to hurt from her ordeal.

Phil gently untied her and carried her inside. She was in no state, physically and emotionally, to walk, and put her on the sofa.

When it was time for dinner, Karen was still out of it, sleeping peacefully. Phil didn’t have the heart to wake her up and make her prepare the food.

After his meal, he tried to wake up Karen. She was a wreck, barely able to sit straight.

He unlinked her arms and feet, prepared the sofa as a bed and put her in. He would sleep by her side, enjoying the creak of rubber and leather with each of her slow and regular breath.

The next morning, he woke up and turned to face… nothing. He startled, suddenly awakening. Where the heck was Karen? He quickly looked on the floor, in case she had rolled down, but she wasn’t there.

The cabin was small, just a look around and he didn’t see her. Where was she? What happened to her.

He got up, and through the window facing the lake he saw someone, in the canoe, on the lake. Someone shiny and black… KAREN!

He rushed out, barefooted and in his underwear, running and jumping from one foot to the other as he stepped on sharp stones or pieces of wood

“KAREN! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING! COME BACK HERE NOW!!!!” he yelled, his loud voice echoing in the mountains, realizing that he might just have alerted half the park. In a humorous thought, if visualized all the animals in the surroundings, stopping whatever they were doing, eating grass, grooming, etc, and looking up toward the direction of that scream with a question mark in their forehead.

He reached the end of the pier. Karen was slowly rowing back, evidently enjoying the scenery and Phil’s outbreak.

She was still fully dressed in rubber. Well, she couldn’t get out of any of it, she was completely locked in. As the canoe approached the pier, Phil was quick to grab it and pull it out of the lake. Karen just stayed sitting there, obviously smiling from ear to ear under her hood.

“What’s wrong with you. You could have got caught. And why did you come here? All by yourself? All alone?  You know you’re not sup…”

Karen cut her reprimands off by showing a note she had prepared, obviously expecting his outburst.

“When I woke up, I was free. I could go outside if I wanted. Nothing was preventing me from doing so.”

He grinned. She was right. He had let her completely loose, not even chaining her to the bed, and her bounds were all taken off. The note continued.

“If I made something wrong, then I should be punished accordingly.”

“You bet you are going to be punished.” he said, angrily, as much at herself as at himself.

He dragged her back to the cabin, realizing that he hadn’t any real punishment setup planned. All was teasing and pleasure. To make things quick, he squeezed her back into the wall hide-out while he walked back to his truck to gather some stuff.

When he came back, he got her out of the hide-out, and backed-up to the wall. Then he began to screw plumber’s steel straps to the wall, and wrap her in it, securing her to the wall. He began by two straps, starting below her crotch, up each hip. Then one across the narrowest portion of her waist, another under and over her breasts. Two from the armpit around the shoulder. One around her neck, another one around her forehead.

Her  main body was very well secured to the wall.

Spreading her arms about 30cm off her side, he began to screw more straps, over her fingers, with a screw between each one of them, then hands, wrists, mid-arms, under and over the elbows and biceps.

Then her legs. He took the left one and spread it as much he could, effectively lifting her booted feed off the ground. Karen realized that her whole weight would be held by those straps!

He screwed down the feet, ankles, calves, below and over the knees, the thighs.

Once all done, Karen couldn’t move much. He took one of the bedsheet and screwed it, bundled up, over her head 

“There.” he said. “Learn what immobility and total deprivation means. I’m going fishing.” he said before lowering the bedsheet one her, hiding her from sight.

He kept her like that for the whole day, over 10 hours, until it was time to pack and return to town.

When, once home, he got her out of her suit, she was a stinky sweaty mess, smiling from ear to ear. She grabbed his head and passionately kissed him.

“I love you so much! Let’s do that again next week!” she said before casually heading for a much needed shower.

© Pete / monsterp63, October 28, 2018

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