Karen – Abduction


She struggled through the door, carrying that large cardboard box which was rather heavy. She could barely see where she was going, making small steps on her strappy high heeled sandals. Those small steps, and the fact that she was struggling, made her butt, already encased in tight skinny jeans, appear even firmer, and the rubbing was sending her some little not unpleasant sensations between the tightly encased thighs.

“Why did I park this far away, and who’s this moron blocking the way?” she said as she approached a white beat-up van, backed up in the narrow alley between the commercial buildings of the downtown area of the city. She wondered how she would go past it.

As she was passing the back of the van, a door opened and she hit it with her box, stopping her hard.

“Ooof. Oh, geesh I’m sormmmfff yeEEEEE!” she tried to yell as someone put a rag over her mouth and dragged her inside the van.

She struggled the best she could but he was too strong and whatever was on that rag, quickly got her knocked out.


Her head was hurting. She was feeling dizzy. One thing for sure, she was disoriented. Why was her hands in the air?

She tried to pull them down but they were held somehow.

“Why can’t I open my mouth” she thought as she moaned and tried to open her mouth, but it was glued shut or something.

Her vision was still blurry, her hearing echoing, but she heard a voice. A man’s voice.

“Finally, you’re awake. Good. Now stand-up.” he said, picking her to pull her up.

Karen tried to help herself but her feet were… bound together? What the hell was happening.

As she got up, her arms got loose but they were quickly yanked up, and up, until her arms were totally stretched, wrists tied together and her feet barely touching the ground.

That was not a great way to wake up.

She moaned.

“Oh, shut up!” said the man, coiling some left-over rope, apparently.

The dizziness was slowly fading away. She looked around: she was in some sort of industrial, abandoned place or something. Her wrist rope was tied to an overhead pipe. The lighting was yellowish. The whole place was dirty.

She tested her bonds. Nope, she would not get out of it. Now, who were they and why did they kidnap her? Certainly not for what was in the box. Yes, she had value, but not worthy of a kidnapping.

She moaned, trying to attract the guy’s attention, but he continued coiling the rope, ignoring her.

Footsteps! Someone is approaching. Karen moaned louder and squirmed in her bonds.

“I told you to shut up!” he said, slapping her hard on her tightly encased butt, which made her grunt.

The footsteps were of a woman, unless a man wearing high heels was approaching. A tall brunette with a long ponytail appeared in the shadows, wearing tight leather jeans and booties, looking like high heel running shoes.

“Hey there, Bud! What’s new… Oh! What’s with the girl?” she said, an evil grin crossing her face. Karen’s hopes of being rescued vanished in a few seconds.

“Hello Janet. That’s the contract abduction I had. The boss should be here in a couple of hours to take her. I just have to make sure she won’t go anywhere.” he said

“Nice catch.” said the woman, slowly approaching Karen.

She ran a hand down her butt, feeling her jeans.

“Geesh, those are tight. You like it tight, don’t you?” she asked, slowly bringing her right hand on her belly which was uncovered by her short shirt yanked upward with her arms tied up in the air. She was ready to play with Karen’s breasts.

“Can we play with her? I’m bored and she looks like fun.” she said, running her hand under Karen’s shirt, and feeling her breasts. “Nice and firm. You would like that, Bud.”  she said, the guy laughing.

“Well, I don’t have any kind of games, here. I don’t don’t know how you’ll play with her.”

“Come on, Bud. I wasn’t talking about… board games, you dumb butt. I was talking… you know…”

“… Oh, I wonder what’s in that box?” he said, not picking up a clue about the “play session” the woman wanted to have.

He ripped the tape off the large cardboard case, opened the flaps, threw away a couple of layers of filling paper and startled.

“What the hell is this stuff?” he said, picking up a large piece of very soft rubber, then a couple of steel items. “Shackles, a ball on a leather strap, a corset, steel undies and a strange wetsuit”

The woman went all awe.

“Wow! A latex catsuit? Let me see that!” she exclaimed, reaching for the lump of rubber.

 “You know that stuff?” asked the guy, puzzled.

“Yes, it’s all BDSM stuff. Awesome!”

“B… S… D… M? WHat is that about?”

“You don’t get out much, do you, Bud?  You still live with your mum, right?”

“Well, my mum protects me. She wants to make sure I won’t do anything stupid”

“Yeah, ha ha… oh… You’re serious… Now…  how one put this thing on. There’s no zipper anywhere..”

“Maybe you put it on like a dress,” said Bud.

“You put a dress over your head, moron. This is a catsuit. How do you want to put it on over your head?”

“Well… by the… feet?”

“You are really… oh, look, there’s a fly on the wall!”

“What? Where???” he said, letting go of the catsuit.

“That can’t be true. The only way would do it is by the neck. Is that it?” she asked, looking at the bound woman.

She didn’t answer. She was in no mood to help her put on that catsuit.

“Well, only one way to find out. Here, Bud. Help me keep her still while I undress her.”

“Mpfffpf??” reacted Karen. No, she didn’t want to wear that catsuit. She squirmed, trying to give them a hard time, so they might change their minds, but to no avail. A few minutes later, she was totally naked.

Janet tried to put the suit on but the rubber was sticking on Karen’s feet.

“No. That isn’t working. Is there a bottle of talc powder or something in that box?” She said, getting closer.

“I don’t see any.” said Bud. “Only this bottle of oil.”

“Oil? Let me see… Silicone lubricant, rubber dressing aid.” she said, pouring some in her hand. “That thing IS slippery.” she said putting it on the rubber garment. “That should do it.”

She applied a generous coat on Karen’s legs, laughing because it rendered everything very slippery. She then proceeded with the neck of the suit.

It was a tight fit. She grabbed it and pulled on it as hard as she could. Karen was sure the suit was to rip in half. She felt the cold fabric cling to her legs, wrapping them in their tight embrace. The first touch was cold, but it quickly warmed up, at the same time as her breath became faster, as the neck was getting higher, passing her hips, her waist, stopping just below her breasts.

Janet then proceeded to pull all the loose rubber up, pulling the legs, putting the attached socks on her feet, laughing as each individual toes were wrapped.

She was pulling hard on the torso portion, trying to get the crotch in place, but Karen was complaining, louder and louder.

“What’s the whining, lady, and why is it so hard to put that crotch in place?” she said, putting her hand there to pull it up. “What the… oh! Toys!” she said, scanning the suit with her hand. “And there’s two of them! Well, they have to go in.” she said, looking at Karen with devilish eyes. “Open wiiIIIiiiide”.

Karen screamed as Janet pushed the large intruders inside. She had played with dildos, but not that big, and not in both holes. The rectum one was really new to her. Her eyes rolled backward as the device was inserted. She moaned. It was surprising, disturbing but not exactly painful.

Janet pushed them hard with her hand, even slapping them, which made Karen twitch. Then she went back to pull the suit up, making sure it was wrinkle free.

“I’m gonna have to lower her to the ground so… Anything in there to keep her still?” she asked Bud.

“I’m not sure. There are steel shackles and… what’s this?” he said, taking a steel tube about 30cm long, and pressed on a pin, which made one side extend out. There was a similar button on the other side, which did the same thing. In the end, the tube extended to about 70cm (30in).

“There’s this tube with rings on both ends and those cuffs… Oh! I have an idea! What if we link the cuffs rings with the tube ring with those toy padlocks?” he said, picking a bag with small brass padlocks.

“A spreader bar. Perfect but… Any shoes or boots in that box? I’m sure she must have something kinky in there.” asked Janet.

“I don’t know if this is what you’re talking about. They look like boots but…” he said, taking out long lacing leather tubed ends with a pointed boot, but no heel.

“Ballet boots? Wow!  You’re kinkier than I thought. Let’s put them on!” she said.

She helped Bud put the tubes on Karen’s legs. She squirmed, giving them a hard time. The boots were very hard to put on, as if too small.

“You just had to pick the right size, babe. Just wait ‘till you’re all fixed up, lady. You will squirm for a whole other reason.” said Janet, pissed off after receiving a kick of a boot in the face.

Shortly after, Karen’s legs were spread-out by the long spreader bar. Janet slowly lowered Karen on the ground, just enough to get one hand free of the rope, leaving the other arm tied over her head. She quickly fed the arm inside the suit, down the sleeve with the attached glove. She smoothed the rubber over her slim arm until all wrinkles were gone, then put one of the wrist steel cuffs on.

She linked that arm back to the rope, and did the same with the other arm. A few minutes later, she pulled on the suspension rope to get Karen off the floor again. She added a steel collar.

She walked in front of Karen.

“Now bitch, listen.” she said, bringing the ballgag at face level. “I’m going to remove the tape and put this on. One word. Just one word. Just one sound, and I’ll give you reason to scream. Understood?”

Karen nodded yes. Janet removed the tape in a quick move, which made Karen grimace, then quickly stuffed the hard rubber ball in, spreading Karen’s jaw while she fastened it at the back of her neck, adding a padlock

“Okay…  What’s next? Oh! The chastity belt!” said Janet.


“Oh yes, dear.  You’re getting it.” she said, picking up the belt, searching a little how it opened.

“Nice! Once snapped in, you’re locked. Wonderful, now, the crotch strap… I guess, and the waistband..” she said, wrapping the bands around Karen’s body, but coming very short.

“Geesh. That thing is way too small. Oh! I get it! The corset! Of course!”

“Mgmfooogphh” mumbled Karen through her gag wide eyed

Janet wrapped the rigid rubber garment around Karen’s waist and began to pull on the lace. During that time, Bud was fondling with the chastity belt, turning it on all sides.

“I really don’t get those steel panties.” he said.

“That’s a chastity belt, you moron.”

“A chastity belt? What’s used it for?”

“Chastity, perhaps? With this on, nobody can have sex with her.” said Janet.

“What’s the point… Who are you punishing with that?”

“The girls, stupid. She. Can’t. Have. Sex.”

“Yeah but… neither her guy.”

“… Just… Just help me here. This thing is really small. Can the belt fit now?”

He tried it on.

“No. You’re gonna have to get a lot tighter, I would gess 5 or 6cm.”

“Damn! There’s still 5cm to… close…this… thing…. “ she said between each pull of the laces. Come here, Bud. Have a try.”

He reached for the back and pulled, hard. Karen let out a yelp as her lungs were being crushed, forcing her to have very small breathes. She was used to corset but this one was about 2 or 3cm tighter than what she was used to.

When all done, Karen was in awe. All of it was so tight, it was unbelievable. And the dildos, now crushed with the corset, and it was only part of it. Janet and Bud proceeded to put the chastity belt on. It was a tight fit and the crotch strap pushed up on the dildos, sending them way deeper. She heard a click and she knew that there was no turning back. Not soon anyway.

Panting, yet smiling, Janet made a few steps back to admire her work. The dim yellowish lights of the warehouse were reflecting off the mirror-like surface of the catsuit, making it appear strangely difformed. Karen was breathing hard, in short breaths, saliva drooling out of her gagged mouth, dripping on her large breasts enhanced by the tight corset.

Janet approached and began to feel Karen’s tight corset, running her hands over her breasts, squishing them, then down, feeling her tiny waist, then to her thighs. She reached behind, wrapping her butt, squishing her buns, then slapping them, which created a jolt with the dildos.

“Enjoying it, bitch?” said Janet approaching close enough to Karen to feel her breath. “I bet you’re hot as hell, right now, am I right? Kinky girl like you like that.” she said, pushing her body against hers, squishing her buns in the process.

Karen jolted, letting out a yelp.

“What the fuck…” said Janet, searching for the sudden humming noise. “They’re vibrating? How…”

“Hey, look. A remote starter.” said Bud, holding a wireless remote control.

Janet rushed to it.

“Give me that. That’s not a remote starter… well, in a way, it is one.” she said, aiming the remote at Karen (as if it was doing something) and pressing different buttons, playing with the speed, the power of both dildos.

Karen’s brain was getting fucked up. Bound, suspended, stretched, crushed and now vibrated! Damn. She was in a stressful situation, at the mercy of strangers of which she had no clue why she was there, and yet, she was getting aroused. 

She tried to keep it down, but Janet was playing with the controls. Those vibrating dildos were top of the line and absolutely devilish.

“Hey, look! We can do karaoke!” said Bud taking what LOOKED like a microphone. He switched it on and it began to vibrate, startling him.

“What the fuck? A vibrating microphone?”

“That’s a vibrator, dumb ass. I can’t believe you manage to get to… how old are you? Four?”

“That’s TWENTY four.” he said, snickering. “I do not look like a four years old kid.”.

“Surprisingly, you do. Give me that.”

“Oh, no. I want to play with it. What’s the best spot? Here?” he said, pressing it against the chastity belt, right under the butt plug.

The vibration was instantaneously transmitted to the coccyx since the belt was so tightly pressed against it.

Combined with the vibrations on the dildos Janet happened to set up to a devilish mix of twisting and vibrating, against every restraints, it sent Karen over the fence.

She made an increasingly high pitch, until it changed to a low grunt as her body was taken by convulsions. Eyes closed, she let the orgasm travel through her body, like a lightning bolt going back and forth.

Bud was having a hard time keeping the magic wand pressed against the belt.

“Ha, ha, ha, she hates it.”

“No, she’s having an orgasm, stupid!” said Janet, wide eyes. “I will have to try that. Looks awesome!”

“Try what, Janet?” said a strong woman’s voice.

Bud and Janet startled, looking away, leaving Karen wind down from her orgasm.

The woman was wearing a very tight, shiny leather dress and thigh high boots with a skyscraper heel. She looked very dominant.

“Oh, hi boss.” said Bud. “You’re in early.” 

“Yes. I wanted to check on my new possession… Who’s the girl?”

“What do you mean?” asked Janet.

“That’s the one you asked me to get.”

The woman lowered her voice and nodded in despair.

“Bud, Bud, Bud…  I wrote you the instructions. Please, read them back to me.”

“Right away, boss.” he said, picking a wrinkled-up piece of paper from  his jeans pocket. “Go to Tony’s laundromat located downtown to the right of the fetish store. He’s going to get out with a black suitcase. Grab the suitcase and bring it to me.”

He said smiling.

“And?…” asked the woman.

“Err… Well, it was easier to grab her instead of the large box and…”

“You stupid moron.” said Janet. “You kidnapped the wrong person?”

“What? No. You said that he would get out of the right building. Only her showed up, so I picked her up. You’re the one who made wrong instructions.”

The Boss walked to Karen, pulled on the gag strap, pulling it toward her cheek, stretching her jaw and pulled it out.

“Who are you and what were you doing at Tony’s Laundromat?”

“My name is Karen, and I wasn’t at the laundromat. I was at my friend’s store, the Fetish Outlet. I was there to see her and she asked me if I could make a delivery on my way home.” she said, then turning to Janet “That’s why the suit and corset are so tight: THEY ARE NOT FOR ME!. Now get me ouhhggmpfffn….”  said Karen before the Boss Stuffed the gag back in place.

“No!” said Bud. “You said from the right. She came from the right. She came from Tony’s Laundromat.”

“Bud… The store is to the right of the fetish shop FROM THE STREET! You were AT THE BACK of it. The laundromat was then to your LEFT.” said the Boss.

“But… oh… OOOH!” he said, realizing his mistake. “This is so confusing. Why didn’t you write from the left?”

“So, let me get this straight. You don’t have the suitcase. Instead, you have an innocent bystander that you abducted, tied up and tortured… What are you going to do, now?”

“And she saw your face… and mine… and… yours, Boss.” said Janet.

The boss smiled.

“Technically, she has nothing against me. I didn’t ask for her to be brought here. I did not do anything to her, except putting back the gag in place, sorry, just talk too much.” she said, looking at Karen. “But you,” looking at Bud. “you abducted her, tied her up, dressed… I’m assuming you were NOT wearing that when he took you for a ride.”

Karen nodded no.

“You’re on your own, Bud. And Janet, you’re an unfortunate… Collateral damage.” said the Boss looking at Karen, with a wink.

“Shit Bud. Can’t you do ONE THING right? Help me get her out of that. Bring me the keys.”

“K… Keys? What keys?”

“Yes, the keys to the cuffs, the belt, and padlocks. What else?”

“I haven’t seen no keys.” He said, emptying the box of more toys, dildos, plugs, harnesses and stuff.

Janet kneeled amongst the stuff and frantically searched.

“Where are the keys?” asked Janet, looking at Karen.

But the only thing Karen could do was make wide eyes and nod no. She didn’t know where the keys were. She didn’t know what was in the box in the first place, until they opened it, that is.

The Boss had a talk with Janet and shortly after, they got Karen off the hook and carried her, Janet holding by the spreader bar, Bud by her shoulders. 

They had found another padlock, without the key, so they figured it wasn’t that bad to add one more, and it would keep Karen still. They linked her steel wrist cuffs together and to a ring at the front of her chastity belt. Karen had her wrists resting on her stomach, the steel cuffs banging against the chastity belt.

They carried her outside where a luxury SUV was awaiting, the back hatch opened. Bud and Janet carried Karen inside, all bound up, legs spread wide and set her up in the back of the SUV, leaning down.

They added a blindfold over her eyes and they drove off.

Quite a while later, the door opened and she was carried out and put on the ground, sitting. She heard the SUV drive away. Her head was resting against some wall. By rubbing her head against the wall and shaking it, she managed to get the fabric blindfold off. She looked around. She was back behind the Fetish Outlet store. It was dark, in the middle of the night. She had no clue what time it was.

Someone came back running. She recognized Janet. She was carrying the cardboard box. She dropped it next to Karen, then reached into it.

“It might be awhile before you’re freed so… better enjoy it.” she said with a sultry voice, pressing the remote control buttons and throwing the remote back in the box.

Karen twitched as the vibrating dildos fired.She threw her head backward, groaning against her gag.

She couldn’t move much. Her legs were much too apart to bend at the knees without snapping them. With her hands linked to the front of the belt, she couldn’t use them to crawl, or do anything. All she could do was stay there, sitting on the hard concrete stairs, suffering the constant vibrating dildos, although suffering was not exactly the right word.

She didn’t manage to sleep much. She was always awakened by the dildos, which were put in some kind of random mode, just enough to tease her non-stop, but not allowing her for an orgasm.

The sun was rising. Someone will come by. Eventually. She could hear cars passing by, but she was hidden from view. She heard noise from behind her, from the fetish store. She mumbled as hard as she could, but it wasn’t enough. She was about one metre from the door. She couldn’t crawl, but she could… hop… on her butt?

She tried. Once. She barely moved a cm, but she did kick the dildos in. Another jump. She figured that if she could use the momentum of her bouncing, she could move farther, faster. She jumped and the dildos decided to fire at the same time!

She made five jumps, each one increasing her level of arousal. She continued. She wondered if she was doing it to really get to the door or to get the orgasm that was coming.

And it came. Hard and powerful, at the same time she reached the door. Body shaking, she bangs her head against the door, both volountarily and from the orgasm wave.

The door opened and she fell backward.

“KAREN! What the hell? Where were you? I was looking all over for you. What the fuck happened?”

Karen could only mumble as she was still stuffed with the gag.

“Let me get the keys,” said Lynda, reaching over Karen and aiming for the cardboard box. She walked fast, on skyscraper high heels and very tight leather pants. She crouched down with difficulties by the box, searching in it. “Where are the keys?”

Karen nodded no. How to tell her.

“Whoever did this ran away with the keys? That’s insane!”

Karen  nodded no again.

“What do you mean, no?. You have them? No? Oh gosh. The keys were not in the box?”

Karen nodded yes.

Lynda ran back inside the store, walking over Karen, the musk scent of her leather jeans arousing an already on the edge Karen.

“Got them! Apparently, I left them on the counter!” yelled Lynda from inside the store, quickly walking back to Karen and removing the gag.

“You won’t believe it…” began to explain Karen, while Lynda was unlocking the different padlocks.

About half an hour later, Karen was all showered and back into her street clothes and the police were leaving with her statement. There was little they could do. It was perhaps due to the fact that she, sort of, kind of, let it hint that, she enjoyed it…

Karen was at the counter, looking at the box, the catsuit roughly folded on the side of it.

“What’s wrong?” asked Karen.

“Well, I… I can’t send that stuff to the customer. I called her and she understands, but… What am I gonna do with that? The chastity belt has huge scratch marks from rubbing on the concrete, the dildos have been used, there’s even bite marks on the ballgag. Nothing is “new” anymore.”

“Oh… I’ll buy them.” said Karen, with a straight face.

“Yeah, right. You like kinky stuff, but you’re more the kind for simple handcuffs. Not something as heavy as that. And more! The suit is too small for you, the corset is too tight, the chastity belt not the right size, the boots are extreme. Nothing is you.”

“Well, one can change. I did spend about 12 hours in it and I sort of… miss it.” she said, rubbing her waist. 

“But…  you’re a waitress working part time at minimum wage. Your car isn’t exactly road worthy. You barely have enough to survive. There’s about $5000 worth of stuff here. I can claim it to my insurance, but I can’t afford to give them to you.

“I thought about that. I can pay you back by working here.”

“Thanks, but I don’t have enough business to have employees.”

“Not as an employee but as a… living mannequin? Here’s the deal….” said Karen, spitting out what she had in mind. 

Lynda went from puzzled to rejecting to wide eyes.

“You really mean it?” she asked, totally freaked out.

Karen nodded yes.

And that’s how Karen, when not working as a waitress, was spending all her free time, bound up, suspended, hogtied, spread-eagled, stuffed, teased and tormented, in the display window or somewhere else in the store, for a pourcentage of the sales she helped conclude.

One year later, as Lynda was taking Karen off the display window after a night of being hogtied, Karen asked.

“You know, I’ve trusted you about how much I have repaid you. I was doing some calculations on my side, and I estimate I must be very close to have reached my goal. How much do I have left?”

“Well…” began Lynda, looking down “you actually paid it all three months ago.”

“And you didn’t tell me?”

“Well… you were having so much fun, I didn’t want to, you know, stop it. Don’t worry, the excess is all accounted for and put aside. If you want to stop, you can, although… you’re good for the business.” she said with a wink.

“Uh, okay.” said Karen walking away to go change for her day job.

Lynda went off to help a customer. When she came back to the counter, Karen was there, a few catalogs opened up.

“This, and that, and this and that…” she said, beginning pointing at various items, corsets, heavy bondage hoods, belts, collars, “.. and this. How much for all of that compared to what I… have in the bank?” asked Karen.

“That’s about… four times as much as what you have.”

“So, if I want to get them all, I will have to continue to work for another year or so?”

“That’s… about it.” said Lynda, shocked.

Good!” said Karen. “See you tonight then.” she said, strolling out in her extreme tight jeans and high heels.

© Pete / monsterp63, November 10, 2018

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