Karen – The Christmas Present


She had been a good girl, all year long. She was expecting a wonderful, joyous Christmas.

But apparently, Mistress thought otherwise. 

“Of all my girls, you’ve been the worst, Karen.”

So, right now, all she could do was watch Mistress maids and other slaves preparing the house, the dining room, even the dinner, while she could only watch.

Oh, she had a great view, tied up in a strict hogtie, suspended from the high ceiling in the corner of the dining room. It was just not exactly comfortable.

And she had nothing to take her mind off her predicament: no toys, no simulation.

She was taking short breaths, helped by her long constricting and tight leather corset squishing her waist 4 inches. Her mouth, filled with one of the biggest ballgag she could take, held in place by a panel gag harness, was slowly dripping saliva, falling down, on the floor, on a silver plate, making a loud clunk noise each time.

And each time one of the maid or slaves heard one drop of drool hitting the plate, they would add an X to a logsheet. She had no idea what Mistress would do of it, but she was sure it was not going to be pleasant.

Has she really been THAT bad? According to Mistress, she always complains, disputes orders, tries to talk her away from her chores, just be a general brat.

Well, yes, she did all of those, but just… a little… It was not her fault that she was always caught doing something bad.

She squirmed in her bonds. The leather straps cinching her elbows together was getting really uncomfortable, but she knew better than to complain. She nonetheless moaned, enough for Mistress to hear her and look at her with darts in her eyes.


She slurped some saliva and tried to swallow, with little efficiency.

She tried to switch her position somehow, but nothing moved. Mistress really went extremely tight with all those leather straps, circling her at the ankles, knees, then ankles to her hips, elbows together, wrists pretty much reaching her ankles, her feet held straight in their leather ballet boots. Her corset helped with the suspension, and a posture collar ensured that her head, pulled back by a strap linking the top of the gag harness to her elbows, wasn’t moving.

From the floor, she looked like an immobile piece of art, except for her eyes and her drooling gagged mouth.

From her vantage point, the maids, in their latex french maid outfits, looked exceptionally great, with the christmas lights reflecting off their uniforms. The rest of the slaves, Lynda, Suzy, were in red and white latex catsuits, while Annie and Annah were sporting their usual white medical catsuits.

She had been suspended there since just after lunch, and dinner time was approaching. She saw Mistress gesturing to Annie and Annah toward Karen, and soon after, she was lowered to the ground, but instead of being untied, she was put, in her hogtied, to a stretcher which Annie and Annah rolled out.

She feared for the worse: being body-cast for Christmas.

But she was rolled to another room to be untied, in silence. Her legs were chained with short hobble chains at the ankles and the knees, and her arms put in front of her, wrists linked with a short chain, while a longer one was linking her elbows behind her back so that they would not go farther than her sides, limiting her arms movements.

Drool was wiped off her gag and black latex catsuit.

Her corset laces were undone and she was ready to take a much needed long breath, but it was done only to tighten it some more, to its maximum of six inches of reduction. She felt she was being crushed in half!

With even shorter breaths, her eyes widened. Nope. That was not the Christmas she had in mind.

She was invited to sit on the examination bed and the two nurses left, without a word. With her ears plugged, she didn’t hear them locked the door as they walked out. After waiting a few minutes, she walked to the door to find she was stuck there.

Was that it? Her punishment was to be excluded from the dinner?

She went back to the exam table and laid down on her back. She had flash-backs. She didn’t remember only dozing off in this room. There was always some procedure involved.

She had nothing to tell time, but it seemed like an eternity before the nurses came back snapping a leash on her posture collar, wiping the excess drool over her latex covered breasts, and dragging her out.

She followed the best she could, impaired by her short hobble chains. Nevertheless, Annie was having a ball at constantly tugging on the leash, apparently to the Mistress’ pleasure, as she was all smiles when Karen walked into the dining room, the table already filled with the guests, all the food laid out, everybody waiting for Karen to sit before proceeding.

Karen’s eyes widened when she saw which chair she was assigned to: the one to the left of Mistress. The dreadfully feared chair. That chair was not for normal sitting: it was for restraining someone to the latest muscle. And worse! It also included two large steel dildos.

The crotch zipper of her neck entry catsuit was opened, to reveal her black latex panties, sporting two pouches for obvious holes.

She was instructed to sit. She went slowly, feeling the huge, cold, rigid dildos sliding inside her. That would not be comfortable. Her hobble chains were removed and her legs strapped down on the chair with multiple tightly cinched leather straps. The same with her hips, torso and upper chest, pinning her upper arms in the process. Her wrists were unlinked and brought to the arms of the chair, where her fingers were inserted into small individual leather pouches, like a fixed glove, before being strapped down until they couldn’t move at all.

Finally, her neck was secured to the high back of the chair and a strap was pulled hard over her forehead.

She wasn’t moving even if there was an earthquake!

And she wouldn’t be eating either, unless someone fed her.

Mistress made a little speech, Karen barely heard, thanks to the ear plugs, then everybody began to take food and put it on their plate. Well not everybody.

Mistress filled a plate to the rim and placed it in front of Karen, who looked at it with wide eyes. 

And that’s when Mistress pulled the lid down, literally. She added a blindfold.

She could not move, barely hear and now, would not see. She couldn’t eat. All she will be allowed to, was smell. And that she would.

She smelled the turkey, the ham, the gravy, the wine and all the other great food the maids had prepared. Damn! She was hungry!

She struggled in her bonds, testing them, but she knew there was now way out, not even a way to loosen something. She was firmly held in place. The dildos were quickly becoming annoying. If at least they were vibrating, but no. They were totally rigid and immobile.

At times, she received a strong puff of smelly vapors, as if someone purposely passed a plate full of food right under her nose.

From the little she heard, everybody seemed to have a good time. Well, almost.

After what seemed to be an eternity, she felt someone fondle with her arms restraints, and she felt her arms freed, but immediately her wrists were linked with a short chain. 

Her chest strap was removed to free her upper arms, then re-fastened as tight on her chest. She was still blindfolded.

Then everything seems to fall silent. Should she risk a move at removing her blindfold? Maybe that’s what Mistress is just waiting for to slam her with another punishment.

She decided to moan, in a question manner, soft of asking if there was anybody around.

She felt hands on her head and the blindfold was removed.

She discovered a room empty except for herself, Mistress and a table full of dirty plates, except for her own, still full of wonderful and tasty… cold food.

“Now that everybody’s done eating, it’s your turn” said Mistress, taking a piece of paper from her leather covered hands, and showing it to Karen.

“This is the logsheet on which the maids counted the number of drool drops. On average, you had one drop every 17 seconds. So, you have 17 minutes to eat your plate.” she said, taking off Karen’s panel gag, where a large pool of drool spilled out, running on her breasts, falling on her thighs. 

While Karen was working her jaws, Mistress pointed to a bowl with what looked cream in it. “And, oh, this is what’s left of your dessert: it was an ice cream log….  I’ll be back in… seventeen minutes” she said, looking at the clock on the wall, before leaving.

Karen was there, alone, tied up to a chair that barely allowed her to look at her plate, arms restrained so she barely reached the utensils, not mentioning the food in her plate, and she had to eat cold food.

She ate. It wasn’t the best taste, or the best texture, but she was so hungry, she would have eaten anything, although the quantity she was able to take on, with her waist as constricted as it was, was minimum.

She was licking the spoon with which she tried to have some of the melted ice cream when Mistress came back, looking at her with a shocked look.

“Damn! Look at that mess!” she said, as she pointed at Karen’s lap. However, Karen couldn’t look down to see.

“Now, it’s your job to clean everything.” said Mistress while undoing Karen’s restraints. She was able to see her mess: a whole lot of food went down on her lap and on the floor as she ate. Well, to her defense, she wasn’t seeing much as she was eating. 

For that, the panel gag with a ball was replaced with a muzzle with a blow-up gag. No drool would get out of that one!

Legs linked with a short hobble chain, wrists linked close together with a chain reaching to her collar, not allowing her to fully extend her arms, she attacked the chores of cleaning the table, putting everything where it should, filling the dishwasher to the brim and swiping the floor.

Each movement, each step reminded her of her restraints. At least, she was out of the chair with the rigid intruders. That was some relief.

Bending over the table to pick up the dirty plates was no easy task. Her corset limited her movements and her linked wrists were not helping. She could feel her arms rub against her ample breasts, rubber sliding on rubber, creaking. Her thighs were doing something similar, with each step, with each struggle, with each bending.

That was hard, and at the same time, pleasurable. Can someone really get pleasure from struggling? 

To Karen, yes. In fact, she would have found it rather dull, having to do the same thing but without any kind of restraints. Even worse if she wasn’t wearing latex! She shrugged at the thought. That would have been an awfully sadistic punishment!

It took her over an hour of hard work to do her chores. By then, she was panting heavily and sweating like a pig, feeling the sweat layer run down her spine was chilling, in a good way. She was soaking wet inside her total suit, which included attached gloves and socks. The sweat had no way to get out.

She took place by the door of the dining room, heading to the main hall, legs together, slightly wobbling from one leg to the other to maintain her balance on her pointed boots, hands in front of her. She waited for Mistress’ next orders.

She saw her coming down the hall with Annie and Karyn, chatting, laughing. Karen quickly turned her head forward, looking at the distant wall. Mistress approached.

“All done?” she asked.

Karen responded by a head nod.

“Let me see” she said as she walked into the dining room, inspecting it thoroughly, rubbing her leather clad finger at a few places, bending to look under a chair, then she entered the kitchen, to come out a few minutes later.

“That’s somewhat acceptable, considering your situation.” she said. “You’re just in time for the movie.”

That was one of Mistress traditions, watching a Christmas themed movie.

She dragged Karen along, stopping in front of the fireplace.

“You must be soaking in sweat. If I leave you like that, you will freeze.” she said, looking at Annie and Karyn. “Set her up in front of the fireplace.” she ordered.

With a devilish smile, Annie led Karen to the fireplace and pointed down on the false bear fur laying there. Karen kneeled but Annie ordered her to lay on her stomach. Karen knew what position she would end-up: hogtied. Again.

But this time, it was done expertly by Annie with ropes that were cinched tight. Her arms were tied with her elbows linked together, while her facing palms were opened and pressed against her lower back, locking her arms in place. Her elbows were then linked to her ankles, on one side, and to her head harness from the other side. She was pulled tight, creating an extreme reverse arch.

Karen would have moaned, but the gag prevented any noise. She was panting hard through her nose. She hoped the movie wasn’t too long.

Of course, to top it off, Mistress added a blindfold. Well, her ears plugged as they were, she wouldn’t have heard most of it anyway.

Then something was put over her head, and she began to hear sounds. Headphones!!

That was devilish. She would hear the movie, but not see it. She wondered what was worst: that, or watching without sound.

She could feel the heat of the fireplace through her latex skin. She was comfortable… on one side. The opposite side was cold. And they knew it. That’s why at regular intervals, people went and turned Karen around. Kind of making sure she was roasted equally everywhere…

Finally, the movie was over and it was time for the gifts. Mistress didn’t have the habit of giving individual gifts. Already, for all her slaves, her acceptance at being her slave was a gift enough. Many were applying. Few were chosen.

Karen was freed of her bonds, gag and earplugs, and was sitting with the others when Mistress revealed the collective gift, pulling off a red satin sheet off a huge box.

It revealed a new vertical stock, fully adjustable, which allowed the hands to be way up, spread-out, and that included holders for vibrators or other devices at the crotch. Even a Symbian could be attached there!

Mistress took two cardboard boxes wrapped in gift paper. She removed the lid of both of them.

“And now, the grand prize: who will test it first?” she asked, plunging her hand in one of the boxes, retrieving a piece of paper.

“Oh… Looks like I mixed the boxes.” she said with a devilish smile. “This one if for the duration of the ordeal and it’s…  8 hours!”

“Oooooo” said the slaves, looking at each other, eyes wide, smiling ear to ear.

“And the winner is…” she said as she frowned, “Well, looks like Santa believed you were good after all… Karen.”

There were sad slaves, of course, and surprised, Karen being one of them.

Being tied down in a vertical stock, being teased and tormented, for eight hours. That was the best Christmas Present she ever had.

© Pete / monsterp63, December 23, 2018

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