Karen – Holiday Wishes


She was putting the last touch at her table. She was receiving her friends for Christmas’ dinner, and she wanted everything to be perfect. The turkey looked simply wonderful, as well as the ham.

There was a ring at the door. Surprised, as she wasn’t expecting anyone this early, she walked to the door, wiggling her butt in her extra-tight skinny jeans and high heels, her white long sleeved fluffy wool sweater overstretched over her upper body, especially over her large breasts.

She opened the door and was greeted by a cold whiff of air from the freezing temperature outside and… nothing. There was no one. She peeked outside.

“Probably the brats of the neighbor playing pranks” she said to herself, closing the door, her brain barely noticing that the fresh thin layer of snow didn’t show any footprints.

She closed the door and had a last look at her setup, the table, the living room with the richly decorated Christmas tree, with a gift for everyone.

It was time for her to get prepared. She headed for the bathroom to take a shower, then dress-up before applying makeup. She wanted everything to be perfect.

She walked out of the bedroom, looking like a million bucks, standing tall on gold sandals with a five inches heel, and a blue and gold knee-length dress that molded her perfect body so carefully that a grain of dust between her skin and the dress would have stand out like the Mount Everest in the middle of the desert.

The dark blue velvet and metallic gold inserts of the fabric were molding her curves, although it showed a very large cleavage. Her neck was circled by a gold choker style necklace, pink, white and yellow gold bracelets were circling her wrists where the long tight sleeves of the dress were ending.

Her legs were wrapped in a sheer pantyhose, so shiny that it looked as if her legs were wet.

She was admiring herself in the hall corridor when the doorbell rang.

Her heels clicking hard on the hardwood floor, she walked as fast as her tight dress allowed her to, to reach the door.

It was Lynda, and her boyfriend, Phil. Shortly after, Suzy followed with Karyn, Pete, Annah, Annie, and the rest of the gang. Karen had Champagne bottles ready and was happily serving them. The mood was party, and they had a lot of fun while eating Karen’s perfect dinner.

After some more chatting and eating, Karen led them to the living room for their gifts. All of them received a little something that suited their likings. Everybody was happy. The evening had been perfect.

While clicking glasses with friends, someone noticed something.

“Hey, Karen. There’s still a package under the tree.” said Phil.

“Really?” said Karen, puzzled. “Is there anyone without its gift?” she asked, eager to know if she had forgotten someone, but nobody went forward.

Lynda bent and literally had to crawl under the tree to retrieve it, showing everybody her butt tightly encased in her white leather pants.

It was a small box, big enough to contain a small jewel, wrapped in blue and gold paper.

“It says…” began to say Lynda, then smiling “To Karen from… Santa.”

“Ah, come on!” said Karen.

“Are you hiding something from us? You have a… secret admirer?”

“What? No. I mean, if it’s a secret admirer, his secret is safe with me, since I have no clue who it is.” she answered.

“Ah come on!” said Annah. 

“Open it.” said Annie, completing her sister’s thought, as usual.

She removed the wrapping paper, revealing a small ordinary black box with a slip-on cover. She opened it and looked inside, and… frown. There was only a small piece of paper. She took it. It was written in blue and gold fancy lettering.

“What does it say?” asked Pete.

“Err… Your deepest wish for the New Year is granted. Signed: Santa.”

She looked around.

“Very funny… Now who’s it from? Come on, don’t be shy…”

They all looked at each other.

“Nope, not me.” said one. “Me neither” said another.

Puzzled, Karen put the little paper back in the box.

“So? What is it?” asked Lynda.

“What is what?” said Karen.

“Your deepest wish. What is it?”

“Geesh… I don’t really know. Like everybody, I think, living old, healthy, wealthy and in a paradise on earth.”

“So, basically… winning the lottery!” said Phil.

Everybody laughed and the subject was changed when Annie’s new intelligent watch began to beep while she couldn’t figure out how to turn it off.

By midnight, everybody was gone and Karen was cleaning the few items left to be cleaned. She picked back the little box with the strange message.

She looked at it through a light, she would have used a microscope if she had one, to try to figure out what the heck was that. If it was a joke, it was a really strange one, since there was nothing really funny about it.

She couldn’t figure out the sender, or the real meaning. She threw it with the rest of the trash and forgot about it.

The next following days were pretty uneventful, resting, going to work, awaiting the big New Year’s party.

The bar was packed full. Karen was having a hard time negotiating her way between them all with her drinks, brushing her body, her extra-tight thick black PVC jeans, stepping on toes with her high heel boots sporting a six inch heel and a platform, her extra-tight red spandex long-sleeve leotard, holding her drink with her arm in the air.

Finally, she reached her table, where some of her friends, Lynda, Phil, Karyn, Pete, Annie and Annah, all cramped around a table for four, the table mixed of full and emptied glass that the waitress didn’t have time to clean up.

The dance floor was packed, and the DJ was hot. Karen took a sip of her drink and headed for the dance floor, making herself a little place and began dancing, twisting her shiny body on her skyscraper heels as she was wearing flat slippers.

A man who was dancing with a young woman, who looked barely of legal age, saw her and did a double take before casually approaching her.

“Hello!” he yelled to cover the loud music “Come here often?”

Karen laughed.

“Kind of boring for a pick-up line.” she answered, smiling, but not pushing him away.

“Yeah, I know, but it always works. You… look wonderful” he said, glancing at her from top to bottom. 

She did the same. He was handsome himself, obviously working out, and dressed as a rich spoiled brat.

“My name is Marko. What’s yours?”

“Karen,” she answered.

“You know, Karen? I think I know just what you want.”

“Really, and what is that?”

“The life of your dreams.”

Everybody began to cheers as they all looked up the giant screen, displaying a large clock.

“Twelve!… Eleven!… Ten!…”

Karen stopped dancing and, like the rest of the crowd, watched the clock, yelling the seconds as they passed by.

“One… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!”

The man grabbed her by her tiny waist and pulled her against him and kissed her. Karen was surprised and shocked and was trying to push him away, but there was something… electrical in his kiss. Her pushing hand became a grabbing hand, pulling him harder.

She easily lifted her off the floor as they embraced, Karen wrapping her legs around his waist.

At her table, they were all in shock, looking at Karen.

He put her down. She was high, or looked high.

“Oh… wow. That was…”


“Yes… Oh…” he said, picking his cellphone. “Sorry, I have to take this… Yeah, sorry Elon. Happy…” he began to say while walking out of the dance floor, plugging one ear with his finger, trying to find a quieter place.

Karen walked back to her table, or rather floated back.

“What the hell was that?” asked Phil.

“I… I think I’m in love….” said Karen.

“Do… Do you know who this guy is?” asked Lynda, eyes as wide as a toonie*

“Marko…. I think…” said Karen, raising her shoulders.

“Yes Marko. THAT Marko, the billionaire! He owns shopping centers, hotels, cruise ships, heck he owns a whole island!”

“Oh…” said Karen. “So, I would guess that when he answered his phone and said Hi Elon, he was talking to…”

“Hh my gawd! He knew Elon? Yes Karen! That Elon… What did he say? Why the kiss?”

“I… don’t really remember. He’s a heck of a good kisser, tho.” said Karen, biting her lower lip, smiling, giggling.

“But what… Oh my gawd! He’s coming over here!” said Annah.

The handsome man approached, smiling, looking directly at Karen, ignoring the flirting looks of her friends.

“Sorry for the interruption, Karen. Would you like to follow me somewhere less noisy? I have a proposition for you.”

“Err… Gheesh…” she said, looking at her friends who were all gesturing “What the fuck are you waiting for? GO!”

They walked outside where his stretched limo was waiting. The driver, a woman, dressed appropriately, opened the door and let Karen in, followed by Marko.

Karen was looking around, feeling the REAL leather seats, overwhelmed by all she was seeing.

“Sorry to be kind of rushy, Karen, but I’m here to offer you a job.”

Karen went wide-eyed.

“Me? Why? I mean, why me? You don’t even know me.”

“Oh, I know you more than you think, Karen, and you’ve been highly recommended.”

“Recommended? By who?” she asked, puzzled.

“That’s of no importance. The fact is that I need you.”

“Yeah, right. You need an accounting clerk and you drove or flew or whatever mode of transportation you take, to come here, to pick me out of hundreds, hell, thousands of people lining up your front door to be hired.”

He laughed.

“You speak your mind. I like that. We might have to take countermeasures for that, tho. Anyways, one of my accountant clerks, in my F-Stars Resort in the pacific has just taken an opening on one of my cruise ships and I need a replacement, asap, and not many people are… skilled… in everything that job requires.”

“You need me especially for what? Because it’s a Five-Stars hotel?”

He smiled. It was almost devilish.

“Oh, Karen. F-Stars doesn’t mean Five Stars.” he said, turning over to show the screen of an embedded computer inside the limo, as the driver began to drive away from the club.

Karen looked at the computer screen, frowning at first, then going wide eyes before covering her mouth with her hand, squirming in her tight PVC jeans, which squeaked on the leather seats.

“Oh… My… Gawd…” she said, then looking at him straight in his blue eyes. “You’re fucking serious?”


The chains rattled against the steel desk as she was bringing her steel cuffed hands closer to her lap. 

Six months she had been the accounting clerk at the F-Star Resort. 

Six months of struggle trying to work while with heavy two inches wide steel cuffs and chains. Six months of hobbling her way around, standing on pointed toe boots, ankles cuffed in again 2 inches wide heavy steel cuffs and linked with a very short chain. 

Six months of struggling for every breath, from her crushed chest and her waist squeezed by five inches by a rigid steel corset. Six months of being tube-fed, her mouth completely filled and gagged, her eyesight impaired  by dark tinted lenses. 

Six months of struggling against the three inches wide heavy steel collar that was tightly wrapping her neck. 

Six months of sweating profusely in her second skin of thick, tight and unyielding rubber.

Six months of pure ecstasy.

She took a deep breath. Sort of. She tried to stretch her legs, her arms, but the chains were securely held by the automatic locking device, securing her feet to the floor, and her wrists to the computer desk. Talk about being chained to her work.

She looked at the clock: about half an hour before the end of her workday. She concentrated back on it, punching more numbers. She was keeping tight accounting. Marko liked it, and he had hinted that she might move up the ladder way faster than anticipated.

Typing and operating the mouse with her latex gloved hands demanded little adaptation, since she was already doing it at home. Yes, somehow, Marko knew about her fetishes. Well, some were pretty obvious the way she was dressing up for everyday activities, I mean who would wear, to go mountain hiking, hiking boots with a four inches heel. “They ARE hiking boots!” were her defence. “Look at the sole thread!”.

Maybe her jeans, so tight that she had to struggle climbing the steepest rock faces, didn’t help either. She did surprise everyone at being the third up the mountain, tho.

With a loud clunk, the mechanism holding her chains captive released. Her day was over. She pushed the chair back and got up, taking a little time to adapt, to balance on her pointed toe boots. Her heavy corset was not helping keeping a low center of gravity. Marko had given her the choice: it could have been latex, leather, brocade, fiberglass, anything, but she would be wearing it for at least one year, meaning until her next medical check.

She hobbled her way out of the office, smiling wide inside her gagged mouth. Well, the huge double dildos were manifesting themselves with a short burst of vibration. She passed the front desk of the hotel, where Rosita, clad in a bright green and yellow latex catsuit, waved her goodbye.

“See you tomorrow, Karen!” she said from her very sultry voice.

Karen walked down the street and took a cab, one of those little electric vehicles, to her own little private house. She was sharing it with Ingrid, one of the lifeguards. She had to have someone “free” to be able to tie her up at night: Karen was to be bound at all times. That was in her contract.

She fixed herself a quick dinner. Well, everything for her was quick: squeezing a paste from a tube. After all, her gag wasn’t coming off and she was tube fed.

She then collapsed on her bed, her latex covered bed, surrounded by a heavy steel frame. She laid on her back and began to play with her dildos. They were responding but they were waiting for the “approval” of Marko to fire, according to her performance of the day.

She soon had the answer that he was satisfied. Very satisfied!

It wasn’t long before the first of many orgasms engulfed her.

She faintly heard the door under the thick latex layer covering her head. Ingrid was there. She was quick to plug the ennemas tubes, remove her chains and fixed Karen’s wrists to the side bars, her neck to the top bar and her ankles to each corner.

“Nighty night!” she said, while turning around, turning off the light.

Karen was moaning. That would be, again, a wonderful night.

The next morning, it was the same routine again: Ingrid would link her wrists in front of her and put back the hobble chain, and Karen would go to work, chaining herself to the work desk.

But, in mid-afternoon, she had a surprise visit: Marko.

“Good day Karen. Listen, I’ll go straight to the point. I have an urgent need of you on my F-Cruise Ship.I usually don’t take relative newbies to go on it, as it’s the last step, but you’re performance has been so overwhelming, especially in your… situation,” he said, mentioning her gag and heavy steel restraints, “that I feel you’re the best person for the job. What do you say?”

Unable to talk, she typed on her computer: “What’s the catch?”

“The catch? Well, this is the highest job position for your field. There’s no coming back. You will stay there until the end of your career. In addition to the accounting job, you will be responsible for the staff schedule as well as help plan pier stops activities. You will not be able to leave the ship. Ever. And finally, for obvious safety reasons, we have to replace your heavy steel restraints and corset with carbon fiber ones. I mean, you fell overboard wearing this and… you would be a very good anchor.”

“That’s all?” she wrote.

“The last part,” he began to say, taking his phone out and going to the picture, “is this. Because of the space restrictions, each crew member is confined to a drawer containing a vacbed. No more houses, no more large beds. When you’re going to bed, it’s in a vacbed drawer.”

“Okay. When do I leave?”

“Oh… Wow.” said Marko. “Usually people demand if there’s the possibility of a trial period, but you… Well, one week from now the cruise ship will sail by. A chopper will pick you up.”

“I can’t wait!”

“You really are weird, you know that.”


Her deepest wish had been granted.

*Toonie: Canadian $2 coin.

© Pete / monsterp63, December 26, 2018

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2 thoughts on “Karen – Holiday Wishes

    1. Thanks, Simon.
      I barely see enough material to write another part.
      She will be constantly bound to work and sleep in a vacbed.
      Always, day after day, night after night.
      Get up, get tied up to her desk, go to the vacbed. Again. And again. Until the end of her career.
      I don’t even know how I would “end” that story.

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