Karen – Spasylum


She opened the large steel door, marked with a fading “4”, of what looked like an abandoned warehouse. The large hinges cringed in a sinister way, the sound reverberating in the small vestibule she was entering. It was dark, except for the setting down sunlight entering by the opened door.

The pink-orange light was reflecting on the tight PVC jeans encasing her slim legs. Her tight PVC jacket sleeves creaked as she looked for a light switch or something, but she sensed nothing. She saw nothing.

Her high heel shoes made creepy noises while crushing some rust and other debris covering the floor of that room.

“Hello?” she risked, but her voice only echoed. That room felt a lot smaller than it looked.

The hinges creaked and the door quickly closed shut by itself in a loud clanking noise, reverberating endlessly, and everything became pitch dark.

Her heart was racing.

“Oh shit!”

At the same time, she felt something gooey, almost rubbery, take a hold of her arms, and covered her mouth as she screamed in surprise. She tried to walk away but more rubbery tentacles grabbed her ankles. She felt lifted off the floor and moved away. Something gooey was put over her eyes, no, her whole head, and that something also entered her mouth, filling it. Was it the mouth of the…whatever was holding her? She tried to scream, but no sound came out. She struggled but the tentacles held her firmly. She felt moved, more carried away. What a strange feeling.

… She liked it…

She was put down on a table and felt restraints, some kind of straps, being applied and tightened so that she was unable to move, her arms slightly distanced from her side like if she was laying in a relaxed position on her bed..

Her legs were spread apart.

“They” for lack of a better word, pulled down her pants to her knees and began to work at her crotch, shaving it, lubricating it, then inserting tubes. She moaned. Then something huge was inserted, a tentacle,  and it grew bigger! She tried to move away when it was too much for her and it stopped. Seems to work.

Then her butthole received a similar treatment. Again, she wiggled when she had way enough.

Her legs were then closed and “they” went to work on her head. They removed the membrane covering her head, but not what was inside her mouth, nor what was over her eyes. She felt something being inserted, being pushed inside, forced down her throat.

At first, she blocked the way, but the tentacle, or whatever it was, was insisting. She swallowed and it went down easy. She felt it go down, to her stomach. 

Then a not so good sensation as more tubes were going up her nose, going through her sinuses and getting back down at the back of her throat.

She could breathe easily through those… tubes. So they were tubes, not tentacles. She was not being invaded by some strange tentacle creature. Or was she?.

The blindfold was removed. Finally, she would have a look at what, or who was working on her, but all she saw was a bright light and some shadows. They put something in her eyes, like contact lenses. Once done, she could see light, and blurry colorful, surroundings. She couldn’t distinguish anything, but she saw someone, or something moving. There appears to be more than one person. They were moving around her. They almost look… humans.

A bag was again applied over her head. That one was a lot tighter and had holes for her eyes, for whatever it was worth.

She felt her ankles getting free of their confinements, and her clothes taken off. The creature seemed to struggle against the tightness of her pants, struggling to pull them off.

But she wasn’t naked for long. Her feet were immediately inserted into some soft, coldish bag.

Felt gooey. It raised up her legs, pinching them together for a while, then feeling them individually wrapped.

They worked whatever that membrane was, up her body, then freeing her arms, removing her tight jacket and T-shirt, and passing them through what she figured was the only opening, to put them inside the bag, down to sleeves.

A suit. A catsuit. That had to be it. She was put inside a catsuit from her feet up.

Her hands popped up into attached gloves. She wiggled her fingers in the smooth and silky fabric. She liked it.

But her arms weren’t free for long, as well as her legs which were re-fastened as quickly

She heard mechanical sounds, clanking sounds. She felt, whatever was supporting her back, move away. She was now supported from her hips down, and from her shoulders up. More clanking noises and she felt being shifted, turned to end-up on her stomach.

Something heavy and rigid was wrapped around her waist, and tightened. By the little sound she heard, something mechanical was crushing her waist.

It was getting tighter and tighter. At one point, she panicked. This was way too tight. She would be cut in half, but at the same time, the tightening stopped.

She was left, panting in short gasps. 

Her body was rigid and compressed. More than she was ever able to achieve with her tight jeans. She liked it.

She was turned on her back, again, and something was put on her feet. She was used to high heels. She was wearing them all the time, but this was different. Her toes would not bend, they were kept pointing. And she couldn’t bend her ankles. What the hell?

Something was wrapped around her ankles, and her feet were brought together. She couldn’t separate them. They were linked. More straps were added at her knees.

Two creatures holding her, she was put up, slowly, carefully. Somehow, those creatures didn’t want her to get hurt.

She felt her feet touch the ground, her toes first, then, that was it. She would stand on her toes.

She began to balance from one leg to the other to stay upright. While one of the creatures was helping her hold still, the other was linking her arms in her back, inside some kind of sleeve, pinching them, bringing her elbows together. That sleeve, or glove, or whatever it was, was gradually tightened, like laced, up, getting tighter and tighter.

Something was approached and she was directed to it, walking backward, her feet hit something and she fell backward. Helped by the creatures, she was carefully lowered and sat on a chair.

A wide collar was wrapped around her neck and tightly fastened, forcing her head erect without much possibility of movements.

Her feet were pulled up and installed on some kind of footrest, and more straps were applied, effectively tying her up the chair.

Once the creatures were done, she couldn’t move from there.

Then the chair moved, rolled. A wheelchair! She had been tied up to a wheelchair!

She was rolled along a dark corridor. Her hearing was dampened by the thick hood covering her head, but she was nonetheless able to hear the wheels of the chair crush debris, rust, glass, as well as the footsteps of the creatures that sounded like… high heels. Strange that creatures would wear high heels.

The chair stopped and she was untied from it. She found it excessive to be so thoroughly bound for a three minutes trip. She was helped to get up and her arms were freed of the sleeve, but cuffs were added to her wrists and elbows. She was then spread on the wall, arms wide and high, feet spread far apart. Again, a lot of straps fastened her on the wall or whatever it was, securing it so she couldn’t move at all.

She felt slightly raised so that her weight was not resting on her strange boots but spread all over the straps holding her.

“Good night” she heard someone say. 

“So, they speak our language,” she thought.

Everything became dark. She squirmed in her bonds, testing them, but there was no way out. It wasn’t that bad. She imagined it would be a lot less comfortable.

But it had been only a couple of minutes. As time went by, it became less and less comfortable. She wasn’t squirming to test her bonds, but to get out. She wanted out.

Then her mind went elsewhere as the huge intruders at her crotch became alive. Soon, she wasn’t complaining she was tied up. Soon, she was not uncomfortable anymore. She was getting fucked, getting screwed, call it what you want, brain and body, over and over again. Not being restraint, she felt she would have flown off that wall again and again!

She never experienced anything like that. Ever.

She didn’t exactly sleep. She more or less passed out from exhaustion.

The next morning, well she assumed it was the morning as the sun was strong and shining, the creatures came back, took her off the wall, and set her up again on the wheelchair, rolling her away, climbing a steep incline.

She exited the dark corridor into a bright sunlight. She was rolled down a narrow and bumpy path, down to a larger area where she could make out other people moving, some more than others.

She couldn’t smell. She couldn’t taste. She could barely see and hear, but it felt like a poolside. Why would she set up her like that only to be brought by a pool? What was going on here? Where was she?

Who was she?

She remembered stopping at that hotel, that resort, being given a room number and then… this.

More creatures were walking around. She heard splashing sounds, but barely anyone speaking, as if everybody was mute. The moving shapes appeared more and more like humans as she got used to seeing their blurred contours.

The sun was shining and she was sweating a lot under that strange skin they put over her. She would have appreciated some shade, or even some dip in the pool.

She squirmed but she didn’t feel anything moved. She tried to speak, to moan, but no sound came out. Someone came over her. All she saw was a rather tall and thin white blurr approaching.

“Oh dear! You must be cooking in that black rubber suit under the sun. Let me take care of you.” said a feminine voice. 

The woman walked away, high heels clicking and when she approached back, Karen suddenly felt a hard jet of water hitting her, before becoming more of a spray. Oh, she was getting cooled, alright, but not the way she was expected.

She was hosed down for a few minutes then whoever it was, walked away, to come back some while later, and spray her again.

This lasted a long time, Karen dozing off between the water sprays. It was the first time she could actually sleep. Sort of.

By the position of the sun, she figured it was early afternoon when they came to her and rolled her to one end of the pool, removed her from the wheelchair only to tie her, spread eagled, on a frame, slightly slanted against a wall. She could hear two of the… creatures, chatting, on each side of her. It was weird. It was as if one person was actually at two places at the same time, each creature completing the phrase of the first one. One entity, two bodies.

The sun was still hitting her hard, and she was cooking. She could feel the sweat running down between her skin and that other tight skin. She squirmed and tried to attract the attention of the creatures: she needed to be hosed down.

Finally, it seemed they realized there was something wrong with her, as they took the whole frame on which she was tied and moved it. Karen sighs. She thought that, finally, she would get put into the shade, but instead, she was… thrown on the pool!

She was sure she was about to sink! She was struggling against her bonds but she was unable to release herself. All she did was rock the platform she was on, making the water splash on her, which was a relief. She was still getting cooked by the sun, but she had a way to cool herself. Those creatures were… strange.

She was on the verge of passing out when she heard someone talk loudly with the two creatures, and she was quickly taken out of the water, put back into the wheelchair and rolled down inside.

She welcomed the fresh environment, hidden from the sun.

She was brought back to the room where she spent the night, she figured, but this time, she was placed, more squeezed, into a narrow steel cage, barely able to hold her, standing straight. Again, she wasn’t able to move much. Little did she know that she was not alone. Someone else was sharing her cell, but not for pleasure.

She felt fondling at her crotch as well as at her mouth. Soon, cool liquid filled her colon as water was pumped in. At the same time, she was cleaned from the underside.

After some time, she felt something hot being poured into her stomach. She was being watered and fed. That was nice, and her stomach full, she began to doze off.

But again, her apparent sleep was cut short by the intruders becoming alive.

She didn’t care how tightly encased she was, how this all seemed uncomfortable. For her, at this very instant, it was perfect. And she exploded. Again, and again. Her world, her worries, all disappeared. She was soaking in pure joy, in pure ecstasy.

The sun shining hard on her face woke her up. She turned around within the pink satin sheets of her bed, feeling strange, like if she had been abused.

She opened her eyes and startled.

“This isn’t my bedroom!” she said “Who the fuck am I… I can’t remember… much…” she said, putting a hand to her hand. While squirming to get out, her crotch felt strange, as if it had been… abused. It was sensible to the slightest touch, which was not giving out pain but… well… feeling this, this early in the morning?

She got up, walking on her toes. After a few steps she looked down at her feet, kind of asking them why they were standing like that.

On her wrists, marks of something tight. Around her waist, more marks of something tight having been applied. She ran her fingers along the strange grooves along the side of her body, from her hips to her breasts, and in the front, where strange shapes could be made out.

She stumbled to the toilet and relieved herself, before looking in the mirror, where she could see more marks in her face.

What the hell?

Then, a sticky note on the mirror.

“Everything is fine, Karen. Just take the white pill on the counter and go lay on the bed for 15 minutes. Everything will be fine, I promise.” – Signed Karen.

She recognised her handwriting, her signature, the way she had the habit of drawing little hearts over every i. 

She looked at the pill with a glass of water, swallowed everything and walked back to the bed, again on her toes, and layed on her back, waiting.

Then everything became blurry, in her eyes as well as in her mind, as if a puzzle was suddenly thrown in the air, and then the pieces were linking to each other, recreating the original image. She remembered. Everyting.

She smiled and closed her eyes, her hands quickly finding her crotch to play some more. Yeah, it was awesome!

She took a long shower and dressed up with her stretch vegan leather tight jeans, high heels and leather jacket, and walked down the stairs to the main desk of the spa.

Her heels were clicking on the tiled floor, echoing in the vast lobby, Karen approached the service desk. She was smiling.

“Hello Miss Karen,” said the young lady “was your stay up to your expectations?” she asked, smiling.

“Absolutely, Sophia. It will take a few days to fully sink in.”

“I bet it will… Oh, there’s a note on your file here, that your next stay will be comped following the little mishap at the pool. Don’t worry, those nurses have been severely reprimanded.”

“Oh, really” said Karen, surprised. “I… I didn’t think it was that much of a deal, I mean no harm was done, but who am I to refuse a free stay.”

“Absolutely, Miss Karen.” said Sophia. “So, should I book you one month from now, and again for with the memory wipe/restore package, as usual?”

“Erm… no, I can’t. I’ll be out of the country, but after that, I’ll be on vaca… say, do you have week-long packages?”

THE END (no sequels, so don’t ask)

© Pete / monsterp63, January 1, 2019

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