Karen – A Weekend to Remember


“It’s gonna be a weekend you’ll never forget” had said Phil.

“What’s so special about it?” she had asked, looking at the plane tickets he had given her for her birthday.                                                                                                                                                            

“You’ll see.” he simply answered, smiling, that same smile that had her crack up and fall in love with him.

She had wiggled her butt, in her regular tight jeans, strolling on her skyscraper high heels, heading back to the kitchen to grab the pieces of cake he had ordered for her birthday.

He waited for her to take a bite, then he gently, sensually, wiped the icing off the side of her mouth, bringing her head closer to his, and kissing her sweet covered lips. The fork fell on the floor and he carried her to the bedroom, feeling her jeans ready to split open in his hands.

Taking them off almost broke the mood off, but he was used to it, and she was used to it, squirming, and making sure he, as well as she, would stay as hot as hell.

The next morning, they packed up for their flight. What puzzled Karen is that, usually, she was the one with the biggest suitcase. However, this time, he was, and his case appeared quite heavy, so much that he had to pay an overweight fee once at the airport. He simply brushed it off, saying that it was alright, he expected it.

They reached the luxury hotel, and while he was checking-in, Karen was puzzled by what she was seeing around her: the people. They were dressed in leather, in PVC and other similar fabric. Most women were in high heels. She even saw a few men in heels.

She smiled. She didn’t find it odd, just surprising to see all for it at the same… time… unless.

Phil cut her thought process short as he led her to their room.

“We better get ready for the formal dinner,” he said as he entered the room, putting his heavy suitcase on the bed.”

“Fo… Formal dinner? Phil, you never mentioned anything about it. All I have is jeans, shirts and swimsuits. I don’t have a formal dress.”

“Relax, honey. I didn’t mention it because… I’ve taken care of it.” he said, producing a short dress. A very shiny short purple dress.

“W… what is that” she asked, getting closer, touching it, a shiver running up her spine. “Is that…”

“Latex, hon.”

“But… That’s not… formal.” she said,

“Here, it is.” he said, picking up a much more elaborate garment from his suitcase.

“A tuxedo? A latex tuxedo? What’s all this?”

“I told you, a weekend for you to remember.” he said smiling.

“You never told you were in this… kinky stuff.” she said, puzzled, folding the dress over and over in her hands, feeling the fabric, its smoothness. “And about me? I’ve never been… kinky before.”

“No… and yes. You wear jeans so tight that you can barely move. You wear heels so high and do things in them that most women won’t even think about doing in heels. Just give it a chance. I know you, and I also know that, by the way you’re holding the dress, the way your fingers are fidgeting with it, you already like it.” he said with his killer smile.

And he was right. Karen knew it. As soon as she touched the latex dress, she wanted to try it.

“Oh, I think you’ll want these.” he said, handing her a clear bag with what was obviously a pair of red latex panties. “This dress is really short,” he said with a wink.

She undressed, giggling at the struggle she had taking off her tight jeans. Phil was right. She was wearing her jeans tighter than most people did, and she liked it. She liked the constant hugging of the jeans, and she loved being blocked, prevented from doing certain movements, because they were too tight. Was she really… kinky?

Phil was quick into his latex tuxedo, obviously experienced at putting it on. It had a classic white shirt with a frilled front, a bowtie, the jacket with the long tail, and the dress pants. He then went to help Karen with the dress, a rather thick and very tight dress, with long sleeves and a high collar.

She laughed at the sound, the squeaking, the clacking, the smell of it. All seemed to arouse her.

The dress fell into place as if it was molded for her body, squeezing it in its tight embrace. She flexed her arms, discovering the feeling, the sliding, the sound, the smell, and enjoying every second of it.

He took some shining product and proceeded to buff it to a mirror finish, which aroused her even more, seeing her sleek body reflecting in the hotel room mirror.

She did the same shining to him, mimicking the gestures he had done to her, before climbing on her high heel black pumps.

Ready to go?” he asked, opening his arm.

“I think so. One thing for sure, I will remember that night”.

As they walked off the room to the hotel corridor, he added.

“Oh, and it’s only the beginning.”

From different rooms, along the corridor, people were coming out, dressed in different fetish attires, from latex, to PVC to leather, to spandex. All were mixing together, all smiling, all enjoying.

They reached the main dinner hall and looked around for a place to sit.

There they met fellow fetishists, to which they became friends. All were talking about the evening, the activities, the play room.

Karen was puzzled, not exactly knowing what they were talking about, but she was not feeling afraid, no, she was feeling interested. She wanted to learn more.

After dinner, one after the other, the guests retired to their rooms to prepare for the evening, for the night.

“Are they not going dressed like that? I mean, they’re already in fetish gear.” she asked Phil.

“Because people dress differently between a formal dinner and the play time. Some will put on their alter-ego. Like you… You will put on this.” he said, producing another garment, but this time, it was a long one.

“A catsuit? So my alter-ego is Catwoman?” she said with a grin.

“Well, I would be tempted to call you a sub, but I’ll let you decide what you want to be called tomorrow. Just put this on.” he said, handling her the suit.

“There’s no zipper. How?…”

Phil helped a disbelieving Karen to put on her first neck-entry catsuit. He began by giving her another pair of latex panties, that one sporting two sheats. She became horny. She knew that toys would be involved.

She wasn’t new to toys. They had a rather extensive collection at home. But with latex panties? And a latex catsuit?

However, to put on the suit, she didn’t know quite what to do, how to move. They had a few good laughs, but when the collar took its place, pulling the suit all along, Karen was speechless. The tightness, the hugging she had felt from her dress was now all over her body. It was strange, yet arousing.

She stretched her arms, wiggle her shiny fingers encased in the attached gloves. Even her toes were individually wrapped in the attached socks.

He reached into his large suitcase once again, to get out two long leather tubes, with lacing.

Karen looked at them in disbelief. She knew what it was, being a fan of high heels, but apart seeing them on the internet, never actually touched them.

“Ballet boots?” she said puzzled. “You want me to wear that, tonight, without any prior practice?”

“I figure it’s just a stretch from what you’re used to. Come on. Try them. I have a plan B if you can’t.”

He helped her lacing them up, tightly. Her breath was shaking as the leather covered her feet up to her knees, encasing her legs, her feet into this strange en-pointe position.

It was time for the big moment. He helped her get up. Her legs were shaking. Phil had a strong grip on her. She began to walk, one tiny step, then another. He was still there, ready to grab her at the slightest sign, but she went on, another step, and another one.

“It’s.. easier than I thought. I mean, I would not walk around the park, but still, it’s… wow.” she said, walking more and more confidently.

“Okay, ready for the next items?”

“What? There’s more?” she said, approaching the suitcase, but he was quick to turn her around.

“You know how much I love to surprise you, right? Let’s go surprise by surprise.” he said, taking a long rubbery garment, and when the laces fell down, Karen knew exactly what it was. Her eyes lit up.

“A corset!” I always wanted to try one of those!” she said, all excited, turning her back to Phil, ready to have it wrapped around her already slim waist.

Almost drooling, Phil proceeded to lace the garment, covering her from her hips to below her breasts, tighter and tighter, and Karen acting as if she had done it a thousand times, by sucking in her stomach and squishing her lungs empty.

“Sure you never put one before?” he asked.

“Well, I sometimes have to do something similar to… fasten my jeans… you know…”

“Ah, yes. Of course. That explains.” he said, pulling one more time and tying a knot. “We’ll let it settle for a while and tightened it some more later… that is if you want it tighter.” he said.

“Right now, it’s enough but we’ll see. What’s next?” she asked, her eyes sparkling.

He reached into his suitcase and retrieved a latex hood.. It had a slit for the mouth, while the nose holes and the eyes were micro-punctured. It would allow Karen to see, somewhat. He stretched the collar of the suit and tucked the rather wide yoke inside, almost sealing her in.

She rubbed her hands over her covered face, feeling the tightness of the latex. Her lubed hand was easily gliding on her lubed covered head, producing weird sensations.

During this time, Phil had gone back to his suitcase and had came up with a bunch of leather cuffs. He began by putting a pair on her wrists, then over her elbows, fastening them tightly before applying a small padlock, locking them on. The ones on her upper arms were so tight that she could now barely flex her arms enough to reach her head. The sudden restriction made her panic a little, especially since he was adding more cuffs around her ankles and over the knees, again, pulling them tightly. Now, flexing her legs was problematic. She would be pretty much unable to simply kneel.

The last one was a rather wide collar around her neck with two buckles. He looked at her breath and swallowing as he tightened it to be snug, before applying two padlocks.

“How do you like it” he asked.

“It’s… hard to tell.” she said, trying to reach it, but the tight upper arms cuffs almost denying her access.

“I would say that, judging by your shaking voice, that you’re alright” he said with a smile. “How about we check if we can tighten that corset a bit?” he asked.

Karen turned around and raised  her arms in the air, which helped to compress her thorax. It was getting really tight, and she was ready to call it quits, when she felt him tie the lacing.

“All done?” she asked.

“Yep. Can’t go any tighter.” he said, working more around the back of the corset, then she heard a click. She reached with her hands to feel, or rather not feel any lacing, but a smooth panel with a patlock.

“It’s locked on?”

“Yep.” he said, turning her around and smiling. “You’re stuck in until I decide otherwise. Ready to go? This is just the start.” he said, offering his arm, once again.

She grabbed it, as much as to be romantic as to keep herself steady in her new learning curve of walking with ballet boots.

As with dinner, along the corridor, people were getting out of their room, merging with them, some in pretty basic attires, other, similar to Karen, in full latex gear, even some already in bondage, having to hobble their way along. Some were obviously men. Some were obviously women, and some were… undefined, or rather undefinabled.

They took the elevator. Every one was complimenting everyone else on their setup, acknowledging their presence, their status. They walked toward the main ballroom. Karen received quite a few compliments for her catsuit, her tight corset and especially her ballet boots. She felt all shy inside.

When they reached the ballroom, her eyes widened. She didn’t know what to expect. She had no idea. There were different kiosks and play stations. People were getting tied up with rope, others were being spanked, others simply were showing stuff.

Phil brought Karen to a section where there was a huge X-frame, and led Karen to it.

“I’m going to tie you to the frame.” he said “I know you like to be touched, groped, you’ll be served.” he said with his smile.

Karen took place, legs slightly spread, and arms spread over her head, where Phil linked the cuffs to the sturdy rings of the X frame.

He then showed her a gag, a large rubber flap with a ball. Karen opened her mouth. She never wore a gag before, but somehow, she was attracted to it. The ball was rather large and forced her mouth open. Then Phil attached a blindfold to the attachment points of the hood.

“That way, you will have no clue of what’s going on.”

Her world became blank. She could faintly hear, couldn’t see, smelled only rubber and tasted only the silicone ball of her gag.

Then hands began to touch her. The feeling was strange. She was feeling the hand but not the touch. She was feeling the heat, but not the hand. She recognized Phil’s hand, or rather his grip when he squeezed her sensitive nipples. She moaned and squirmed, soon realizing that she was going nowhere, that she was now at the mercy of whoever put her there. She could squirm all she wanted, she would not get out.

More hands were felt, running down her legs, running up, feeling her tiny waist, her breasts, squishing them, around her head, wrapping her neck, sliding across her arms.

That was awesome. Her brain went elsewhere. She was rocking her hips, hoping, but nobody touched there, as if it was forbidden territory. 

That teasing, that touching was like nothing she experienced before. Was the latex skin responsible for all this?

To her, it seemed that it lasted just a few minutes, but already almost half an hour had passed when the hands, one by one, disappeared, leaving her in the void, with nothing. She moaned.

“Hello? Anybody there?” she thought she was saying, but only unintelligible mumblings were heard.

Had she been forgotten there? She tried her bonds, but she was still strictly held down, unable to get out.

“Mffooo?” she tried once more, but still, no answer. She could hear people nearby talking, so they hadn’t all suddenly disappeared.

She was about to doze off when she felt hands on her, again. The sudden touch startled her. It surprised her how much phased out she was, although tied up and spread. The hand fondled at her crotch. She could feel the crotch zipper being opened and someone fondling “inside”. She felt something being pushed up, in her vagina and rectum. It felt like a loose bag or something, being pushed with one or two fingers. Then something much bigger was pushed into it. That she recognized: dildos. Huge and in both holes.

That’s becoming more interesting.

The zipper was shut and then… nothing. Although this time, shen she squirmed, she could feel the intruders move inside her. And that was it.

She was softly moaning, trying to attract attention. She was about to doze off when she felt a hand on her, slowly caressing her, feeling the heat over her second latex skin. She recognizes it at Phil’s, with his soft touch and especially his firm grasp on her breasts.

He reached for her feet and unlinked the cuffs, then for her hands, and removed her from the cross.

Still wearing her blindfold, her wrists were tied in her back and a leash was snapped to the front ring of her collar and she was tugged along.

It was not easy walking in ballet heels while blindfolded. She had to rely on Phil, put all her confidence in him, trust him at the highest level.

And he provided. The walk, which she found to be a really long one, finally stopped, and the blindfold was removed.

They were in another booth, this one filled with strange latex cubes  and… beds. There were people in them, being like sucked out, molded in them.

“That’s called vacbeds.” said Phil. Care to try one?” he said, pointing to a smaller single sized bed.

She was intrigued, looking at the other bed next to it, where a couple were getting teased and tormented while unable to escape, their bodies molded by the latex, so tight that the garter belts of the woman could be clearly made out from the shiny purple reflections on the latex.

What was it like? Nervously, she nodded yes, and her gag was removed.

She was helped to get inside the rubber bag, and her head positioned inside the built-in hood equipped with a breather mask. Once in it, it was as dark as if she was wearing her blindfold.

She was given instructions, what to do if something was wrong then… her world collapsed, as the latex shrunk around her, confining her in the same spot.

She had a rush of panic when the latex confined her, wrapped her, especially when it took hold of her head. Then everything became still. She felt restrained, yet comfortable. She squirmed a little, but the restriction was there: she would not get out.

She then felt hands. Of course, they were Phil’s. But they were soon followed by more hands, sliding along her body while she couldn’t do much about it.

COLD! What the hell was that. It was as if someone just put an ice cube on her chest. She immediately reacted, trying to get away. Another ice cube on her inner thigh. Again, she tried to move away, and that’s where she realized the restraining effect of the vacbed: one can move, somewhat, but the bed would drag it back at the same place. 

Ice was followed by vibrators, then some other things she couldn’t figure out, then heat again, then cold, then nothing.

Oh, yes, there was: tickling. That was dreadful. She tried to really move away. It was stronger than  her will. This was not ice, it was tickling, and she just couldn’t stand it. She tried to move away, to slide off, to … do something, but the elasticity of the latex simply sprung her back into her original position. She giggled. Every sensation seemed to be stronger, enhanced, amplified.

Laughing, giggling, panting, the hands slowly retracted, leaving her in a void, unable to move much, but without any sensations.

She felt good. That thing was actually really comfortable. She could sleep in it.

And she was about to.

She yelped. Something was alive and on her, an animal or…

There! Again. No. It wasn’t on her, it was IN her. The intruders. The dildos. They were… jerking?

She moaned. She squirmed. She wanted more.

More jerking, then a long burst of vibration, then… nothing.

She squirmed, pushing her hips forward, trying to attract attention to her, to “it”. She wanted more.

She got more, the intruders vibrating, kicking, twisting.

Her moans grew to soft screams. Oh yes, she was building it. It would be awesome. Yes! One more step, one more jump. She was coming. She was getting it. She was…


Full of rage and frustration, she tried to kick in the air, to hit someone with her hands, but the latex of the vacbed proved unyielding. 

She grunted.

“You asked for it” she heard as a large ice-cold pack was put on her crotch!

Damn! That was devilish. Phil would pay for it.

She could hear him, and whoever was watching, laugh. 

That pissed her even more.

The ice was removed and she was left there to… chill out, before the dildos were fired again, but just to warm her up, before everything was stopped and she was let out of the vacbed.

“Sorry, hon.” said Phil. “I wanted to go further but we ran out of time.” he said laughing.

He helped her on her feet, but before he had time to fasten her arms in her back, she had time to slap him on the chest.

“I hate you!” she said, but not in a very convincing way. Anyway, that’s all she had time to say before Phil put the gag flap back in place to silence her.

They walked some more amongst the stations, stopping at one to look at a model being intricately tied up with rope and suspended in the air in the pure shibari tradition.

A little farther, someone was having his buns turned a bright shade of red and no pain was used, just the proper paddle.

Then, turning a corner, Phil became all excited.

“Hey! How are you, buddy?” he said, shaking the hand of a man Karen didn’t know. “Got what I asked for?”

“Absolutely” he answered. “Is it for her? Damn, she’s gorgeous!” he said, looking at Karen from head to toe.

“Yes, it’s for her, can we fit her with it now?”

“Of course!” he said, walking back to his booth, followed by Phil who was dragging Karen by  her leash.

Karen didn’t have time to realize what booth it was, that Phil already had the dreaded device in his hands: a steel chastity belt.

“Let’s try that, shall we?” he said to Karen, wrapping the steel belt around her corseted waist.

“Oh! Perfect! It is meant to go over that corset, hon.” he said, winking at Karen.

He pulled the crotch strap, which pushed the dildos deeper in. Karen moaned and squirmed a little.

“Yeah, I know. It’s a chastity belt. It can prevent from having sexual intercourse, but it can also prevent anyone from taking any toys off” he said with a devilish grin, snapping the belt padlock.

“There. You look wonderful” said the chastity belt guy.

They then continued on, stopping to look at other play stations, looking at toy booths. Karen, herself, was a display, with her neck entry catsuit, corset, cuffs, ballet boots and chastity belt.

Finally, at a very late time, they headed back to their hotel room. Karen was eager to take it all off, to relax, but Phil had other plans.

The room had two king beds, and to Karen’s dismay, Phil equipped one of the beds with a portable bondage harness, spreading Karen on it.

Once she was well secured, he softly, slowly, climbed on her, caressing her tightly encased body, her latex coated arms and legs, squeezing her rubber breasts, kissing her… gag.

“Well, it’s time for you to go to sleep.” he said, putting the blindfold on.

Karen moaned and squirmed, pulling on her bonds, but they were too strong.

“Oh, yes. Of course. You deserve it.” he said.

Then, for Karen, all hell broke loose, as the dildos began their dance of vibrations, pulsations, twisting, even kicking. She pulled hard on her wrist cuffs as the first of many orgasms engulfed her, but she stayed there, all bound up, unable to get out. That is, if she wanted out.

The orgasms were powerful, more than ever, one after the other. She didn’t know if she phazed out or the batteries ran out, but at one point, she wasn’t there anymore, and fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of bondage, latex, tease and denial.

She felt her arms  being put to her sides, then the gag removed. She moaned.

“Keep your eyes closed. I closed the drapes, but it’s noon and the sun is shining through.” he said, while removing her blindfold.

Even with her eyes closed, the sunlight hit hard, making her grin.

“Go slowly, you’re coming back from far away.” he said, giggling. “How was it.”

“It was… I have no words.” she said from a faint voice.

He removed the chastity belt, dildos, corset and boots and helped her peel the second skin off, before she headed for the shower. She came back wrapped in the thick towels of the hotel and sat on the bed.

“Now what? Is that all?”

“What? No! I hope not… Well, you should let your skin breath for a few hours. We’re going for a walk. There’s a park in front of the hotel. Just grab some jeans and a T-shirt. It will be alright. Then, we have another formal dinner and another evening of… fun.” he said with a devilish smile.

“Uh… Okay!”

Karen giggled and walked, on her toes, back to the bathroom to come back holding the latex panties from the previous dinner outfit, and nothing else. Phil admired her perfect body..

“Say, Phil… is there a way to… you know… put some dildos back in?

“Really? Well, these need to be recharged and…”

“No, I didn’t mean the vibrating ones… you MUST have more. I wouldn’t dare to walk with vibrating dildos.” she said, giggling, which made her nude breasts bounce.

“Yeeees, I do have standard dildos, but, how to make sure you won’t play with them?”

“Well, the chastity belt did the trick.”

“Yes, but it’s made to go over your corseted waist, otherwise, the belt will be too tight, and the only thing squeezing your stomach in. It will be painful even for a short while.”

“Well, I see only one solution: put the corset back on.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. I love tight clothes, remember?”

Phil got to his suitcase to retrieve a hot pink satin corset.

“I brought it just in case, but not expecting for you to wear it. It’s kind of flashy.”

“No! It’s gorgeous!!” she said, turning her back on him, eager to have it on.

Her breath was shaking as he was tightening it. Damn she just loved that feeling, that compression, that embrace, that wrapping restriction. She rubbed her hands on the smooth curves of her new waist as he was knotting the lacing.

He then carefully insereteed the dildo and the buttplug, both of a respectable size. Karen softly moaned.

“Sure you’re okay? There’s no turning back. That belt will be on until you change for dinner.”

“Oh…. Yes, I’ll be fine” she said, wiggling her butt, getting a good feel at the size of the intruders.

“Okay, then.” said Phil, picking the belt and wrapping around Karen’s waist, where it was still a tight fit. He then pulled the crotch strap, pushing on the dildos, to lock it in place.

“There you go. All set. Now, go get dressed. We’re going public.”

It dawned on her that the belt couldn’t be hidden, not with her low rise, extra-tight jeans: everything will either show through or on top.

Well, she should have thought about it before. In fact, the thought about going public while chastised was… arousing?

She struggled to get her jeans over the belt, and she deliberately chose a tight and short crop top, barely covering her breasts, so that the belt and the corset WOULD show.

She completed her outfit with platform sandals from Pleaser. Phil looked at her in disbelief.

They walked out. That’s when Karen realized the full extent of her predicament. The corset and the belt with the dildos were one thing. Adding the tight jeans was maybe not such a good idea. It forced her to walk with an exaggerated rocking of her hips, which made her look weird, but also forced the intruders to move quite a lot, and especially, rub quite a lot. Yes, she was screwing herself, but she couldn’t cum in public.

They reached the park with much more steps she would have hoped for. She had to slow down a couple of times. Phil was simply giggling. He knew what was happening.

In the park, people were set up in all kinds of predicaments, from almost naked only covered with some kind of harness, to fully enclosed in leather or latex.

A few people wowed her setup, winking at her, knowing that she had put toys in, just by the way she walked.

Karen marveled at a young woman, her arms tied in a box-tie in her back.

“Would you like to try it?” asked the rigger, looking at Phil for approbation.

“I don’t mind. It’s up to her.” he said.

After hesitating a little, she agreed, and the rigger began doing an intricate chest harness, securing her arms in her back. The harness even made use of the belt loops of her tight jeans, linking everything together. The more restrained she was becoming, the more shaky was her breathing, closing her eyes, enjoying every minute of it.

Walking became, again, a new experience, with her arms in her back, her breasts were pushed forward, changing her balance, and with the harness pulling on her jeans… That was awkward, yet incredibly fun.

They spent the afternoon in the park, Karen arms secured in her back. They both enjoyed it.

They went back to their room to prepare for the formal dinner. The belt and corset were removed, but not the toys, much to Karen’s dismay, or was it pleasure.

Once more, Phil surprised her with a latex garment, this time being a neck entry catsuit but clear and very thin, without as much as a relief zipper.

He helped Karen put it on as it was really thin and very tight. Once on, it looked like her skin was made of shiny plastic or even oiled. He added a long corset, covering her from her hips to over her breasts, all made of fine black leather, with lace trims. It was as tight as the previous one, suggesting that she may have ended-up with the chastity belt.

And she was right, as Phil locked the belt on, to complete the outfit with a frilly knee-length burgundy latex skirt, complimenting her leather corset, and hiding the chastity belt.

High heel, gladiator style sandals completed her outfit. Well, not quite.

Polished steel collars and cuffs completed the outfit. The collar was rather tight for her neck and she couldn’t forget its presence. The fact that it was two inches tall was also a key factor. The two inches wide wrist cuffs were also difficult to forget, just with their weight.

He cuffed her hands in her back and they headed out, again, mixing with people, where all the slaves had their hands cuffed in their backs, and headed for the main dinner hall.

People sat, but all the subs were still cuffed. Only when the cocktails arrived were they uncuffed, but only to be re-cuffed in front of them. This seemed to be a “slaves in cuffs dinner”.

The meal was served and they made interesting conversations with the nearby couples.

Afterwards, people retreated to their rooms to prepare for the evening and the night, Karen finding herself stuffed in her black latex catsuit, corset, chastity belt, hood and ballet boots.

She was again tied up, suspended, groped, vacuum sealed, mummified, hogtied, teased and tormented, and totally denied until she was tied up in their room, getting vibed and brain fucked the rest of the night.

She was still in a daze when they took their flight back home.

Oh yes, that was a weekend to remember.

She was already dreaming of her next birthday.

© Pete / monsterp63, January 18, 2019

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