Karen – Sauna and Tanning


Karen entered the tanning salon, clicking her high heels on the tiled floor, walking her tightly encased butt in her too small shorts, to the front desk.

There, a very young woman, probably a teenager, was sitting, looking down, playing on her phone.

She walked up to the desk, heels clicking then stopped, leaning on the counter, waiting for the woman to acknowledge her, but she kept staring at her phone, laughing then typing something on some social media app.

Karen couldn’t believe she hadn’t heard her heels clicking so far. She stomped a few times, making louder sounds, but the girl kept looking at her phone.

“Ahem.” risked Karen.

The young woman startled when she saw Karen leaning over the counter, looking at her.

“Oh…” she said, quickly hiding her phone between her thighs “I… like, didn’t hear you coming”.

“That’s okay. You’re new here? I never saw you before.”

“Yeah, like, it’s my second day, you know? Not used to, like… this” she said, waiving at the counter.

“Where’s Jacky?” inquired Karen.

“She’s home sick. I’m just here, like, to replace her before my aunt comes in, like.”

“You aunt? Lynda?”


“Ah… okay. Anyways, I have an appointment this morning, at 9. Name: Karen.”

Holding her phone in one hand, letting out a few sighs of frustration, she used the mouse from the other hand to search the database.

“Yeah… Karen…. Okay, now, I find it, like, stupid but I have to ask you, you know, like, if you would like to try the new… like, sauna-tanning option.”

“Sauna tanning? Never heard of that. What is it?” inquired Karen, moving her feet, making her heels click.

“It’s, like, a new process where, you know, wear something and it makes a sauna while you’re tanning, like… yeah. That’s it.”

“I… I don’t get it. So, No, thank you. I’ll pass. Now, which tanning bed do I have?”

“Oh, like, read this.” said the girl, putting a pamphlet on the counter. “You have to wear that, like, poly techno something, thing, you know, and…”

“Ah, yes. It says here that you’re providing a polymer suit, which allows the UV rays to go through, but keeping the moisture in, creating a sauna like environment.”

“Yeah, like,  something like that.”

“And how much is it?”

“It’s free for, like, the promo. Only one time.”

“Did you try it?” asked Karen.

“What? NO! I mean, like, getting all sweaty and, ew, like…, gosh, no. Gross.”

“Ah… well, I’ll try it.”

“Uh? Oh… Okay.” she said, turning around and picking a rather thick plastic envelope from a box behind her. “Here is, like, the suit, you know? Just put it on. It’s kinda one size fits all.”

“Okay… thanks. Now, can you tell me which tanning bed I’m assigned to.”

“Like, yeah… Number three.” she said, immediately returning to her phone, beeping non-stop notifications.

Karen smiled. Well, she had been young too. She didn’t remember being like that, but… She clicked her way to the changing booth. She stripped naked except for her bikini panties, and opened the plastic envelope, revealing a black suit, that was big enough to fit on a sumo wrestler. It was somewhat stretchy, and she had only the neck to get it, but the neck itself was very large, almost shoulder wide, and she had no problem fitting it. It was as thick as a heavy duty garbage bag, and almost had that same plastic feeling.

Then there was a hood with a yoke large enough to cover her exposed shoulders. The hood was also large but more form fitting. It was equipped with a breathing hole for the mouth about 2cm wide, two holes for the nostrils, and the eyes were covered by dark lenses.

She put everything on, but walking in it was difficult. Her feet were sliding inside the too wide socks and she was afraid to fall off.

She had a hunch and she squeezed her feet back in her high heel sandals, which proved to be a good choice as she then easily walked to the tanning bed.

She sat on the edge and tried to pull her shoes off, but somehow, the plastic suit tangled with her straps and she was afraid to rip the suit or damage the shoes, so she decided to keep them on. No big deal.

She positioned herself on the tanning bed and pushed the button, causing the upper portion to lower over her, the UV lamps to lit up and the cooling fan to start.

She closed her eyes and relaxed. The white noise created by the fans and the warm feeling of the lamps was simply making her doze off.

It wasn’t long, however, that she began to feel the sweat building up. That sauna thing was really working!

And she felt relaxed. Eyes closed, she fell asleep.

She was walking in the park, and, although it was sunny, it began to rain. She could feel her skin getting wet. The feeling was nice since the rain was rather warm. As she walked, she could feel her clothes cling to her with the rain. 

Then she felt something tighten around her. She looked down, and her clothes were shrinking, getting tighter and tighter. Somehow, her umbrella was wrapping itself around her head and getting also tighter, shrinking. That wasn’t right. How…

She tried to flee but was stopped by a row of blueish lights.

The tanning bed!

She laughed. She had been dreaming, but what a strange dream, especially since she still felt her clothes getting tighter around her body, the hood over her head now clinging tightly around her face. Problem is: she wasn’t wearing any clothes: she was only in her bathing suit in the tanning bed. Oh wait, she was wearing that sauna suit.

That was it. The sweat was making the suit cling to her body. The hood was now sticking to her face. That was normal. She relaxed.

She then realized that it was strangely silent: the fans were off, although the lights were still on. She figured that it was part of the sauna thing, making sure the body would sweat. Since it was already really hot in there, she figured that it would end soon.

Now would be a good time, she thought.

But the suit seemed to get tighter. Now, it was completely different from clinging on sweat. The suit was definitely getting tighter. The polymer hood was not tightly pressed against her face, and it was forcing her mouth shut.

NOW would have been a really good time for the session to stop. Really.

She reached for the emergency stop and pressed it.

Nothing happened. The lights were still on, and still no fan.

Yes, definitely, the suit was shrinking. She could feel it, now encasing her legs, her thighs. Her waist, squishing it. The feeling was weird, and although she believed it wasn’t normal, she sort of liked it. Well, she liked tight clothes in general, wearing tight jeans, denim or leather. Well, pretty much anything she owned was tight fitting.

She felt that, if it was to stop now, she would be disappointed… Funny.

Trying to get more comfortable with that tightness, she sucked in her stomach.

Bad idea. The polymer immediately filled the void, but didn’t stretch back when she tried to take a full breath again.

She was starting to panic. Wearing tight clothes was one thing. Getting squeezed without seeing the end of it, was something else.

She continued pressing the emergency stop again and again, but even her fingers were getting wrapped in that polymer, and felt thicker, losing their dexterity, almost getting numb.

She tried to call for help but her mouth was not completely shut and only a faint screaming could be heard, dampened by the tanning bed. She shook her head, but it was rather stiff, barely moving.

She felt the suit tighten around her arms, her chest, squishing her breasts along the way, tightening around her neck. The feeling was at the same time, overwhelmingly good and frightening.

And her crotch. It was getting really tight down there too. She almost wishes…

There was a hum, as if the fans were trying to start, but it only caused vibrations.

Unbeknown to her, construction workers were doing a job on the street just on the other side of the wall where her booth was located, compacting the soil with heavy machinery, the vibration transmitting through the ground, through the floor, through the bed… to her.

The polymer, shrinking, was getting tighter, and less flexible, putting her into a semi-rigid body suit.

The vibrations of the machinery were easily transferred to it through the tanning bed, and definitively, her crotch received them.

Loud and clear!

She moaned. She tried to move but there wasn’t enough space inside the bed. She could raise her  hips up and down but they were very limited.

She couldn’t believe she was actually… liking it. Damn.

The vibrations were intermittent, in strength and in periods, leaving her frustrated a few times.

Finally, the mix of being mouth clamped shut, almost deaf, looking for air as her chest and waist were compressed, feeling her thighs and legs squeezed and the vibration, got the best of her!

She exploded, rocking hard, up and down. She felt trapped, which only increased her pleasure.

She felt she was crazy. How come something so weird would make her cum? She was getting squeezed in some sort of polymer and trapped inside a tanning bed with the lights on. She should be panicking!

The main door of the tanning salon and the loud sound of machinery filled the place. The clerk raised a bored head and quickly snapped back to life, and hurriedly dropped her phone out of sight.

“Oh, hi aunt Lynda. I wasn’t expecting you , like, this morning.” she said.

“Hello Julia. Just dropping by to get a few papers for the bank. Anything special?”

“No, nothing, like, pretty boring. Only one customer, you know.”

“Yeah, Mondays are usually calm, and with that construction blocking half the street, not much walk-ins. Who’s in? A regular?”

“Yeah, well, like, I think so… Karen. I think.” she said as Lynda walked around the back of the counter to get some papers from a cabinet.

“Ah, yes. Karen. Did you offer her the new saunatan?”

“Like, yeah, I did.” she said, as if it was obvious she had done it.

“And did she take it? Did she like it?”

“Well, yeah, she took it, but she’s not out, like, yet.”

“Really. She’s not usually late. How much time until she gets out?”

“Geesh, like I should know. She came in at 9, on time.”

Making wide eyes.

“She’s here since NINE? It’s been almost an hour. She should be out by now. Where is she…” she said, then notice a red glow behind the computer screen. She reached the light, grabbed it and pulled it out from behind the screen.

“Didn’t you see the red light flash?”

“Yeah, like, it’s really annoying. That’s why I, like, put it there, you know?”

“Fuck it, Julia. That’s the emergency light! Oh shit!” said Lynda, dropping everything and running to the booth corridor.

“Which booth?” she yelled as she tried one door after the other one.

“How should I know?” said Julia.

“You’re the one who attributed a boo.. Found it. Ah shit!” she said, as she entered the small room and was greeted by a cloud of smoke and a foul smell.

She could see a hand, a black and shiny hand, hanging from the small opening, pressing repeatidly on the panic stop button but with the bed stayed powered.

Lynda reached for the main switch and flipped it off, powering everything down, then quickly released the upper half and opened the bed.

She put her hands at her mouth in horror while a shiny, thin, black… creature was slowly moving and trying to get up.

“Oh… my… gosh… Ka… Karen? Are you okay?” said Lynda, grabbing Karen’s hand.

Karen tried to answer, but her mouth was still held shut. She only mumbled something intelligible.

Getting up, heck, moving was difficult. It was as if she was slow. Every movement demanded effort. It was like she was wearing a suit made of hard caramel: it would stretch, but very slowly, and when she let go, her limb would stay put, until she was using force to move it again.

She managed to sit on the edge of the bed. She could feel and fully… appreciate the tightness of her suit. It was so tight that, sitting on the edge of the tanning bed, her thighs kept their round shape instead of squishing where she was sitting.

She tried to get up, realizing at the same time, that she was still wearing her high heel sandals. She stumbled forward, catched by Lynda. The coating was so stiff that she couldn’t react fast enough to regain her balance. Lynda helped her stabilize.

She made a few tentative steps, and she moved her hands rather slowly, reaching for her crotch. It was like she was in slow-motion.

“Karen?… Talk to me…” said Lynda. “Are you okay? Does it hurt?”

She tried to signal a positive and a negative answer, at the same time, with her stiff neck. Easier said than done.

She managed to make a gesture to have a pen and some paper. When Lynda ran out of the booth to get some, Julia was there, looking inside, eyes wide.

“Wow… cool.” was all she said before she was called back to the front desk by lynda.

“You put the closed sign and lock the door!” she said before running back to Karen. She handed her the pen and paper.

Karen wrote, slowly.

“I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt. I feel stiff, slow. Sorta fun actually. How do I get out of it?”

Lynda read the note, wide eyes.

“Sorta fun?” she asked, in disbelief.

Karen wanted to raise her shoulders, but couldn’t.

“Okay, let’s get you out… of… that…” she said, trying to insert her fingers between the suit collar and the neck yoke, but didn’t seem to be able to.

“Damn! They look like they fused together. W… wait.” she said, running back to the front desk, returning with a pair of pointy scissors.

Karen backed up as Lynda approached the scissors from her mouth hole.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.” said Lynda, but Karen managed to raise a hand and block the hole, nodding no.

Karen took the pad: “It’s too tight to get the scissors in without risking making myself a wider mouth” she wrote.

“Then how the hell do you…”

“I dunno.” she wrote. “You’re the one who bought those suits. Look up the instructions.” she said.

“Stay put.” said Lynda before heading out.

Meantime, the construction work was continuing. Karen walked around the bed and found a place where she could rest her crotch on. She did, and she received the vibrations right there. She began to hum, her pitch getting higher and higher.

Oh yes, that was good, and when trying to move, the restriction caused by the semi-hard plastic was simply a blast. Head thrown backward, she exploded, slightly jumping up and down on the device, screwing herself, orgasming, and enjoying every second of it.

When she opened her eyes and managed to bend her head back forward, she was met with two pairs of wide eyes and gaping mouth.

She giggled.

“Did… did you just, like, you know…” tried to say Julia.

Karen nodded a slow yes, as much as ashamed as happy.

“That’s sick!” said Julia, before turning around and leaving through the back door.

“Oh gawd, Karen.” said Lynda. “I’ve known you for a few years, I know you get horny in some silly situations but… come on. Really?”

She raised her arms in a “what can I say” manner.

Lynda approached, holding a nail file.

“I really don’t know if I should try to get yourself out of this, or keep you in it.” she said as she began to try to file the suit off.

“This seems to work, but it’s gonna take weeks to achieve anything. I need something stronger. Hey, I think my brother has an angle grinder in his garage. We can try that”

Karen quickly got the paper pad: “get me to a doctor’s office.”

Easier said than done.

Karen was walking at a very slow pace. That polymer thing was acting weirdly, keeping half-rigid. Getting in the cab proved to be challenging, especially since Karen was enjoying everything as it played somehow at her crotch.

She was driven to a nearby medical clinic by a very stunned driver who kept looking in his mirror, avoiding a few accidents at the last second, where they turned a lot of heads, entering with a living plastic doll. It was silence as everybody was listening as Lynda tried to explain what happened, and why they wanted to see a doctor.

The doctor itself was stunned when he looked at Karen’s predicament. As suggested by Karen, he used the tool to take off plaster cast and proceeded to cut the shell open.

After a while, he had to lend the tool to Lynda to finish, as he was getting late on her appointments, and this was taking a long time.

Because that tool was adding another problem, depending on the point of view: Karen liked the vibrations, and all hell broke loose when they reached her crotch.

Finally, after three hours of painstaking work, taking turns between the nurse, the doctor, Lynda and the receptionist, Karen was out, and two half-body plastic molds were laying on the ground.

Karen was exhausted from the ordeal, but judging by the amount of fluid there was at the crotch area of the suit, there was no doubt that she had her share of fun.

One week later.

The door opened and the distinctive sounds of high heel clicking was heard. The receptionist raised her head and smiled at the young woman, wearing a tight T-shirt and hot pants, walking in.

“Hey, Karen! How are you?”

“Hello, Jacky. I heard you got sick. Feeling better?”

“Yeah, a bad case of gastro, thanks to my kindergarten kids. I heard you had quite an adventure yourself.”

“Yeah, a silly one. Any news on what happened?”

“Yes. Apparently, the problem was caused by the suit. As it got heated, it got hotter and overheat protection of the fans kicked in, stopping them. There was a glitch in the program that made it keep the lights on while disabling the emergency button because it thought the session was over.”

“Oh, okay. Do you still offer the service?”

“Hell no! Too dangerous. The insurance won’t cover it.”

“Ah… too bad. Anyways, which booth?”

“Number two, Karen. Have a nice session.”

Twenty minutes later, she was out, passing by the desk to confirm her next session.

“Okay, next session, can I have it Friday evening? How about the last one of the day? I’m going on vacation for three weeks.”

“Friday evening… damn. I’m already fully booked.”

“Oh…” said Karen, visibly disappointed. “It’s that I’m going on vacation for 3 weeks and I wanted a last session just before going.”

“Oh… well, you’ve been a regular here for years, I’ll make a special for you and put you after closing time.”

“No pressure, Jacky.”

“It’s okay. I have to stay late to vacuum, so, no big deal.”

Thank you very much, Jacky. Say, can I have one of those saunatan suits?” asked Karen.

“What? What for? They only work in the special frequency of tanning beds.”

“Whatever.” said Karen. So, can I?”

Janet phoned Lynda who, although puzzled, agreed.

Karen went home carrying the plastic envelope.

On Friday, Karen was there for her session. She entered the booth and Jacky went on to clean and vacuum the place, completely forgetting Karen.

She remembered there was someone in a tanning booth when she opened the booth door and was greeted by a puff of smoke and a foul smell.

“What the fuck!!!” she said, as she flipped the main power switch and opened the bed to find a tightly squeezed female form, with only a tube at her mouth and two tubes protruding from her crotch.

“What the hell? Karen? Why? We told you these suits were screwing off our tanning beds! I’m calling Lynda.” she said, running away.

Fifteen minutes later, Lynda entered the shop, running, and looking pissed off. Her jaw dropped when she saw Karen, tightly squeezed, once more, in the thick and semi-rigid suit. It was shiny as liquid tar, and so tight that she could see Karen wasn’t wearing any underwear below the waist, but was definitely wearing some sort of corset underneath it. She also seems to have a collar and wristlets and anklets, rather wide, and with steel rings protruding from small slots made to the suit, and even a collar. Knowing better, she was sure Karen was smiling.

“What the fuck are you doing, Karen? You know it took us three hours to get you out of it the la….” began to yell Lynda, but Karen handed her a printed letter.

“Dear Lynda. 

I know you’re all freaked out right now, but don’t worry. I did this on purpose. I have three weeks of vacation time, and I want to live them in the suit. I’m all set up with a feeding tube and relief tubes. I’ll be fine. If you would just call me a cab to go back home.

Thank you,


Lynda was stunned.

Karen twitched at the same time some buzzing sounds were heard. Lynda stretched an ear.

“What is that?” she said, following the noise, getting lower and lower on Karen’s black gleaming body, until she reached her crotch.

“Fuck!” said Lynda. “Toys??”

Karen giggled.

“Really? How… how will you get out? Don’t count on me this time. This is all your fault.” said Lynda.

As if she had foreseen the question, Karen handed another letter.

“I bought myself a cast cutter. I’ll be fine. Now, about that cab?”

Lynda arms dropped.

“You had all figured out, don’t you.”

Karen nodded a slow yes.

Lynda called a cab, and Karen handed a note to the stunned driver and they went.

As they drove away, Lynda turned to Jacky.

“One side of me is wondering what’s wrong with her, and the other side is thinking to try it myself.” she said.

“Well…” softly said Jacky “we still have three dozen of those suits in stock.”

© Pete / monsterp63, February 7, 2019

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