Karen – Hugging Suit


She was bored. She was browsing the internet, from YouTube to Instagram to that-thing-that-used-to-be-good called Tumblr (yeah, she was THAT bored), and she saw the constant click-baits popping on the sides of her monitor, sometimes attracting attention (Why did that guy dug a hole in his backyard), but generally speaking, didn’t give them more attention than that.

Then, the word HUG began to flash. Her eyes were drawn to it.

“Need a hug?” the ad said. “We have what you want. Hugs, hugs and more hugs.”

Well, she did need a hug. She was lonely, and needed someone, or something to hug, and if that “thing” hugs back, the better.

She clicked on it. And laugh!

They showed a man, and a woman, wearing some kind of shiny tight catsuit, hugging themselves. Not each other, themselves! And smiling.

“The Hugging Suit will leave you asking for more.” said the ad, and it went on, presenting the suit, with close-ups of that shiny fabric, not going too much in detail around the crotch area, and showing the couple smiling, hugging themselves, without touching each other.”

She found that intriguing. Just to see, she clicked on the “buy me” link and ended-up on an ordering form. There were only standard sizes, S, M, L, XL, a choice for man or woman. She couldn’t see the price until she entered a size. Well, as long as she didn’t have to enter any billing info to see it, she went on and went wide eyes: $1000, but a special introductory price of $500.

“Damn! That’s a lot of money for a friggin catsuit” she said as she closed the window. “Nope”.

But a pop-up came back.

“Wait. Don’t you want to try it? Give it a try for $50. If not satisfied, return within 15 days for a full refund, minus the $50 trial fee. If you keep it, you’ll be charged $450. That’s one heck of a deal!” said the popup.

“Damn.” she thought. “They really want people to try it.

She clicked back the ad, and looked at it. People seemed to enjoy it, or they were very good actors. 

On the website, were accreditation from every consumer protection agency and business bureau possible, with all the credit cards approval.

“I have nothing to lose for $50” she said, putting her order in.

Three days later, on Friday, as she got home after work, the package was there, waiting for her, in a standard courrier plastic envelope. She finds it feels rather heavy for a simple spandex suit, she figures.

Like a kid on Christmas’ eve, she ripped the envelope open and took out her gift. She was puzzled to discover that the suit was made from some kind or shiny vinyl, rather medium thickness, relatively heavy… and large. Very large.

Holding it in front of her, facing a mirror she grinned.

“Geesh. I could fit twice in this thing with room to spare!… Well, let’s try the hugging feeling.” she said, seriously doubting the claimed effect, and already thinking about calling her credit card company to block any subsequent payment to this company.

She stripped down and easily put it on through the large neck opening. It was hard, not to put on, but not to put both legs in the same hole. That’s how large it was.

Once fully on, she had a hard time standing up, because there were some weird plates in the attached socks of the suit, and something hard and heavy at her crotch.

She took up the hood. It was a little smaller and had holes for the nose and another hole for the mouth. Over the eyes were very tiny holes, making a screen like finish, allowing her to see, but not clearly. It also sported a very large yoke, filling the large hole of the neck of the suit.

There was an instruction sheet, she obviously just browsed. In big bold letters, it was stating that the suit will start to work using body heat.

Yeah, right.

So, she walked to her bedroom, using a hand to hold the heavy and thick box, triangular shaped, at her crotch, which, according to the instruction, was the battery pack. 

Heck of a strange place to put that on.

She laid down on her bed and waited. The suit was just too big to do anything else.

She fell asleep.

She awakened about an hour later, slightly sweating, but mostly, feeling uncomfortable.

The suit had shrunk, about half of the original “too big” size. It was still too large and the hugging feeling was nowhere to be felt.

She decided to be proactive and to search the return procedures on the website. Again, walking from the bedroom to the office was awkward with the plates in the socks, and the lump at the crotch. She felt she was walking with her pants full of…

She sat on the office chair, that battery back between her legs and began to browse the internet, her eyesight impaired with the hood.

She was breathing heavily, getting warmer and warmer. She searched for the return procedures on the suit website, but they were only returning her to the “instruction” page, stating to wait, to get warm.

Damn! She knew this was only a click bait, and she had been stupid enough to buy it. Furious, she began to look up the procedure, with her bank, to cancel the automatic payment from her credit card.

She was tired of trying to see through the screen-like eye holes and she decided to remove the hood.

She couldn’t.

“What the fu…” she said as she awkwardly walked to the bathroom to look in the mirror. It looked like the large yoke of the hood had fused with the rest of the suit.

Frustrated, she walked back to her computer, but she began to realize that the suit was, indeed, getting smaller. It was now close to skin tight, and was also a lot thicker.

Browsing the website, she found out that the plates were there to allow easy wear of… high heels? What a weird feature.

She went to her closet and got out a pair of Pleaser platform high heels shoes she had bought a couple of years earlier as part of a costume. She normally never wears high heels.

She put them on. Well, the plate was a perfect fit, but her walking was still awkward, especially since she wasn’t used to it. 

During all this time, the suit tightened, and she realized it as she was trying to bend her arm: it resisted. Also, the hard battery pack was starting to rest directly on her crotch, creating a strange rubbing as she walked.

Not used to the high heels, and starting to feel the hug, she walked back to the bedroom and laid down.

Well, in fact, she almost fell down on her bed, because, as she reached the bedroom, the battery pack began to… vibrate!

She let out a yelp, and threw  herself on the bed, hands on her crotch, as the vibration took her by surprise.

Oh, she was horny. Right now, and the suit appeared to get tighter. A lot tighter.

A few things were sure: it was taking some time, it was hugging her and it was pleasurable!

As the vibration grew, the suit tightened some more, pushing the pack against her crotch, creating a reaction and…

She orgasmed. She wanted to scream but she couldn’t open her mouth. The hood was now tightly encasing her head, clamping her mouth shut, making her realize at the same time that her neck was getting stiffer, and was getting squeezed.

She giggled, which only triggered a more powerful orgasm. She felt her waist getting squeezed, getting hugged, tighter than she ever thought possible. Each time she was exhaling, the suit was hugging in the smallest amount of slack it was given.

She was getting hugged to a crushing point.

She loved it.

As the suit tightened, the vibration increased, she got hotter, and the suit tightened, which increased the vibration which…

At one point, the suit was getting so tight around her neck that she feared of being choke to death. That, along with a long and powerful vibration, sent her to the moon and back as the most powerful orgasm she ever felt engulfed her.

Her body was taken over by convulsions, which only seems to increase the vibrations, making her orgasm again and again, until exhaustion won over her and she slowly fell asleep.

When she awakened, almost two hours later, it was the middle of the night. She could feel the tight suit hugging her, and the battery pack being completely silent.

When she tried to move, she realized exactly how tight it had become, making it difficult to move, but that restraining feeling simply aroused her.

She needed to have a go. Fortunately, there was a relief zipper. When she opened it, a real shower of body fluids and sweat dripped through.

She was sitting on the toilet, her elbows on her knees, and her face in her hand, and realized… “Damn. I like it”.

Now awake, she tried to remove the hood one more time, but she couldn’t separate the seam between the suit and the hood.

“Maybe it’s time you read the instructions” she said to herself, fetching a glass of water and a straw, and sitting at the computer.

She browsed the website, looking for information, and each time, they were sending her back to a copy of the instruction manual.

With a sigh, she began to read it.

The Hugging Suit™ is made of high quality, advanced materials. The hugging feeling is achieved, not by shrinking the suit, but by reverting it to its normal size. Yes, the default size of your Hugging Suit™ is about half the size it was when you received it (width only). The suit was then stretched to allow anyone to fit in. Then, as heat is applied, the special polymers revert to their original size, giving the impression of the suit shrinking, and giving you this wonderful hugging feeling.

The Hugging Suit™ also contains state of the art energy producing fibers. It’s those fibers, invisible, embedded within the polymer, that charge the power pack as you move. An hour of intense exercise is enough to power the vibration of the suit for six to eight hours! So, doing exercise, tighten the suit while charging the power pack.

If the power pack is allowed to discharge, it will remain in its dormant state until the charge level reaches at least 90%, giving short bursts. A long five seconds burst indicates that 100% charge is reached..

Putting on the suit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: there’s a vial of special lubricant provided with the suit. Apply a small amount under the collar and over the yoke of the hood to prevent them from sticking together. If they’re allowed to sick together, the removal of the suit could be very difficult without compromising it.

“What? A vial of lubricant? I never had that. They will hear from me!” she said, getting up, pissed off, picking the enveloppe, and, lo and behold, a vial of lubricant fell off of it.”

“Euh… damn.” she said. “Okay, so I might destroy the suit while taking it off. Better make the best use of it.” she said, going to her exercise room. “An hour of exercise will recharge the suit! Let’s see it.” she said, as she hopped onto the treadmill.

She was quick to sweat, and she could feel it on the suit, as it shrunk, well, reverted to its original size, eating any slack there could be. The power pack / vibrator was still silent, then she had a thought.

“Well, either I’m being horny or I’m being horny!” she said, getting off the treadmill to her bedroom where she opened the bed table drawer to retrieve two dildos. She grinned as she opened the relief zipper and slowly pushed them in place. The suit was now very tight, and she wondered if it could even get tighter. She almost wishes… Fortunately, the neck stopped “shrinking” before she was strangled, leaving her with a tight, and stiff neck. The designer had thought about everything.

And she liked that!

She moaned. She was already hot, this was cranking it up a few more notches. She returned to the treadmill and continued her walk, to charge the powerpack.

It took her almost half an hour before the powerpack began to vibrate again, meaning that she had reached 90%. It wasn’t on full. It was just short, yet powerful, bursts of vibrations, but now that she had added dildos, those vibrations were transmitted inside..

The moan would have changed for a scream if her mouth hadn’t been held clamped shut by the hood. And it was only bursts.

She continued until the long, five-seconds burst fired, indicating a full charge. She stopped the treadmill and collapsed on her knees.

That long vibration was disturbing, and by kneeling, she really discovered how tight the suit was now. She couldn’t open her mouth even the slightest. It was as if it was welded shut!

Oh, she just loved it.

Now, the details said that a full charge would deliver 6 to 8 hours of pleasure! She was ready for that. Or was she.

She stumbled to reach her bedroom, her knees giving up every time there was a burst of vibration, apparently randomly, but oh so devilishly!

She layed on her stomach on the bed, moving her butt up and down.

The pack seemed to sense that she was laying down and it began a little game of teasing, keeping her aroused, on the edge.

The more she was being kept aroused, the more she was squirming.

The more she was squirming, the hotter she got.

The hotter she got, the tighter the suit became.

And also, the more she squirmed, the more power she put back into the powerpack, making that 6-8 hours… endless!

She orgasmed. Again, and again… and again.

The day, the night, flew by. Whatever she was doing, she was aroused, orgasming. Even when sleeping from exhaustion, she seemed to still orgasm as the power pack was still delivering.

It was now Sunday evening. She wanted out.

She tried to take the suit off, but she remembered she had somehow, fused the collar with the suit. She took scissors, ready to pay the price, but deep inside, hoping to destroy, perhaps, only the hood, which she hoped, could be ordered separately.

But she hit a snag. The suit was so tight, she was unable to pull it away from her skin, to grab some of it. It was creating succion, and she would cut her skin at the same time.

Reluctantly, she tried on the palm of her hand. Gently at first, then stronger and stronger. The tip of the scissors only seemed to stretch the fabric to a point, but without going through. She went to her sewing kit, and tried to punch a hole with a needle: SHE COULDN’T!

On the edge of panic, she was back on their website, reading the instructions. She found disturbing news:

The Hugging Suit™ will revert to its original size as long as there’s heat. To take off the suit, simply remove the yoke of the hood from the collar of the suit  Then, in the shower, or with anything allowing you to pour water, fill the inside of the suit with cold water. The cold will stop the suit from reverting to its original size and will allow you to stretch it loose, to be able to take it off, and put it back on at a later time.

Get water inside the suit? How the hell is she going to do that? She was sealed in!

Frantically, she made more research and found a support forum. In the “help, I’m stuck” section, there was only one question: 

“How do I get out of that suit if the lubricant hadn’t been put on the collar?”.

There was only one answer:

“Hell! Do you really WANT to get out of that suit?”

Karen knew that answer…

© Pete / monsterp63, February 16, 2019

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