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The thrill.

The thrill of knowing what others don’t know.

The thrill of hiding in plain sight.

The thrill.

It was the perfect weather, sunny but a little chilly.

She was shimmering. Not from the cold, but from anticipation. She picked her pair of latex panties with double pouches, and after lubricating them, pulled them up her slim and slender smooth legs, up to her waist, where she wiggled them in place. The pouches were still dangling but that would be fixed a little later.

Then there was the catsuit. Black, shiny, and the maximum thickness she could put alone. After all, it was a neck entry catsuit, molding her curvaceous body to perfection.

She proceeded to gently feed her feet into the legs, down to the attached toe socks. Ghen, by gentle pulling and rubbing, got the suit to raise upward, reaching her hips, her belly, her chest.

Next was the contortions to feed one arm and shoulder down the tight sleeve, until it reached the attached glove, all that from the tiny neck opening, stretched like no one thought it’s possible.

As she fed her other arm in, the suit slid in place easily on her lubricated body, letting out a small fart-like sound that always made her laugh.

The giggling made her latex encased breasts bounce in the light of the morning sun filtering through her bedroom window.

Riding her hands along the smooth surface of the catsuit, she looked at her reflection in the long mirror, admiring her curves, enhanced by the smooth and shiny latex. She looked like she had just dipped herself into a vat of black liquid tar.

That was just the look. The feeling was simply awesome, and she welcomed the firm squeeze the latex was giving all over her body. She couldn’t forget she was wearing something that tight.

The next item would to partially hide that shiny finish, but she had no choice. And it was a struggle to put on, but the bodystocking was mandatory for the stunt she was about to perform.

She began by bundling it up at her feet, feeding her wiggling latex covered toes in it. Along the way, it provided another layer of tightness to her already tight catsuit. The bodystocking was leaving a large gap at her neck, but it wasn’t a problem. It would be covered.

She reached her crotch and through a slit in the bodystocking, reached for the zipper of the neck entry catsuit, pulling it open. It was time.

She produced two huge dildos, both remote controlled through an app on her smartphone. They were fully charged and would provide many hours of hidden pleasure.

She inserted them, one at a time, into their latex sleeve, before pushing the lubricated combo up the appropriate opening. She moaned as the large intruders began their job, and they weren’t vibrating.


The next item was one of the reasons for the bodystocking: a pair of extremely tight jeans. They would serve two purposes: apply some restriction to her as she walked. That’s how tight they were. But also, making sure the dildos would stay up, as if the catsuit wasn’t enough.

She struggled, and jumped around, pulling the generally too tight jeans up her legs, until the crotch rested firmly between her legs, pushing up on the dildos. She couldn’t fasten them yet. She had more to add before that, namely her boots.

Ah, her boots. Custom made piece of art.

From the exterior, they were standard knee high very trendy black wedge boots. The sole thickness was about two inches, and the heel another five inches on top of that. They were already extreme.

But that was only what was shown. They were hiding a secret.

She picked up two long black leather tubes she proceeded to put it over her foot: ballet boots, but without heels. They were calf  high, and she laced them very tightly. She made a few steps, walking only on her pointed toes, admiring the effect on her legs, on her thighs, of the extreme footwear.

Sitting back down, she picked the wedge boots and put them on… over the ballet ones!

Yes, that was the secret: they were merely sleeves to hide the ballet boots. Once the wedge boots were on, she stood up, pushing down so the ballet boot would fit tightly inside the hidden hole, firmly keeping them in place. Pulling the top of the boots the last few inches, covered the leather ballet boots, perfectly hiding them.

Then, from her dresser, she picked a long black rubbery garment she wrapped around her waist. Well, those jeans would not fasten without first, squishing her waist in a corset. She proceeded to expertly lace it, expelling at the right moment. Quite rapidly, her waist was crushed by four inches.

Her breath was short and shaking. Yes, it pushed some organs against the dildos and it was… disturbing. In the nicest way, of course.

She had to lay down, on her back, on the bed to pull the jeans up to their maximum, and pull the zipper, with the help of a pair of pliers, before fastening the jeans button.

She smiled as she gently rubbed her crotch, feeling the tight jeans through her latex covered fingers, struggling to breath under the crushing corset.

Damn, she liked it.

Damn, she was hot.

And it was not over yet!

She added a leather belt on her tight jeans. Oh, the belt wasn’t there to hold the jeans in place, but to prevent her from taking them off, forbidding access to the dildos, either to take them off or to… recharge them, because the belt had a locking buckle, and that the key was into a timed safe, releasing only eight hours from now. She would have to take care of her liquid intake.

Struggling, with her legs pretty much in bondage, from the ballet boots to the tight jeans, she rolled out of the bed and expertly walked to her closet, choosing a nice burgundy turtleneck sweater. That one would cover the upper portion of her catsuit / bodystocking. It was on the small size, allowing a second, or is it a forth by now, skin fitting.

She looked at herself in the mirror: except for her hands, nothing could indicate she had a latex catsuit and dildos on. The corset was still showing through the tight sweater, but that would be taken care of shortly.

Her jacket. It was also a hybrid. It started with a standard 3 in one jacket, you know, with a down jacket inside and an outer shell. She had modified the inner down jacket to be very tight. So tight in fact that she was barely able to reach her face to put her sunglasses on!

Yet the shell provided a standard fitting look, and no one could notice how tight she was really underneath.

Putting it on proved another challenge. Maybe she went a little too tight.

Nah. There’s no such thing as too tight.

She zipped the inner jacket independently from the shell. It followed the contour of her corset and her ample breasts. She stopped just as the zipper reached the height of her nipples, leaving some cleavage to show, as if anything was showing.

Then zipped the outer shell. It was fitting, and following the obvious curves made by the tight jeans and the corset, but not too close, to reveal anything.

A pair of leather gloves completed the outfit, hiding her latex covered hands.

She walked to the door, feeling her legs in the ballet boots, feeling the rubbing of the dildos in her crotch, and especially, feeling the latex gently squeezing her body. She could almost hear the silent creaking of it when she moved.

She got down on the street and walked toward the center of the town, to the bridge where everybody gathered for such a wonderful day.

She walked slowly on her ballet boots, tasting each step, each movement of her hips, and everything sensed by the dildos. She picked up her phone and browsed for the devilish app. She set up the dildos randomly.

That was devilish for two reasons:

1- it will keep her on the edge for a long time

2- not knowing when they will vibrate, she couldn’t prepare for it, but had to hide it the best way she could.

Hiding in plain sight.

It wasn’t long before the first burst had her almost trip. She looked steady on her high heel wedges, but she was far from really being steady on top of her ballet heels.

At one point, about halfway to the bridge, she had to slow down.. Yes, an orgasm was coming. She had to hide it. Her best excuse is to stop and admire the scenery.

Problem was: she was in a narrow alley with the only scenery was graffiti on brick walls. The good thing was that there was nobody else.

She took a hold from her gloved hand to the nearest wall, while slightly bending forward as the vibration triggered the orgasm.

She fought the urge to scream, to goran. She had to keep it hidden. It lasted almost one minute, after which she had to recompose herself and continue to walk while she was still getting teased.

Well, so much for the teasing… she already orgasmed.

She continued her walk, getting quite hot a few times, but holding it.

When she reached the bridge, there were a few people on it, and many passing by. She approached the guardrail and leaned her crotch against it, using it to discreetly push on her dildos. She giggled, which attracted the attention of a woman nearby.

Karen quickly looked at her phone, pretending to laugh from some sms or post. Then the dildo fired, sending its vibrations in her, but also to the guardrail who made a strange sound, until, quickly, Karen retracted, acting like nothing happened, and especially not looking at the woman who saw her giggling.

A man walked to her side, wearing baggy jeans and a brown leather jacket. He leaned against the guardrail, facing the water. He was rather short, or Karen, with the added height of her ballet boots, was now tall, almost a full head taller than him.

“Great feeling, isn’t it?” he said, with a soft voice.

Karen looked around. There was no one else.

“Are you talking to me?” she asked, but he didn’t acknowledge her.

“Ballet boots, right? Clever camouflage.” he said.

Karen was too stunned to answer. And what to answer?

“And I would guess… a corset” he said, still not looking at her. Karen kept silent. He was keeping his voice low. Only she could hear.

He took a deep breath. Then a second one.

“Latex. Probably a catsuit and…” he said, leaning back while holding the guardrail, looking behind Karen, at her neck “… no zipper lump under your turtleneck in front or at the back, I’d say, neck entry.”

It’s at this moment that both dildos decided to fire at the same time. Karen repressed a moan, while the man smiled.

“Double vibrating dildos at random. You like devilish setups, don’t you?”

Karen was stunned. How was he so aware of her setup? How could he be so right? Was he stalking her? Did he spy on her? Who was this guy?

“Err…” was all Karen was able to say.

“Don’t worry. The deception is very well done.”

“How…” began to say Karen, but he cut her short.

“It’s alright. No worries. No need to explain.” he said, making a pause. “A fetishist knows. That’s all.”

He waited a few moments, in silence. Karen didn’t know what to say, what to add. Then he walked away.

Karen looked at him go, baggy jeans, long, almost too long, dragging on the ground, tight leather jacket. There was something strange, the smell, the way he walked, the way his but moved, the way his hips… She knew. Yes.

A fetishist knows.

© Pete / monsterp63, Feb 17, 2019

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