Karen – Ski Trip


She was standing on the balcony of her hotel room, looking at the mountains close by, as the sun was shining its first rays on the white blanket covering everything.

She took the deepest breath she could take, feeling the cold air filling her lungs. She smiled.

“That’s gonna be a perfect day.” she said as she walked back into the room, looking at herself in the large mirror, stunning, in her metallic blue one piece ski suit.

It was perhaps bold of her to get one so tight fitting, but it was only the tip of the iceberg anyways. And she liked things that were tight, so. Nothing new there.

A little while later, she was getting into the gondola lift, walking awkwardly on her ski boots, amidst the other skiers.

She was given a few weird looks. Of course, her shiny metallic blue suit was attracting attention, but its tightness also. She could barely bend her arms, and when she sat, it was stretched to its maximum. She even let out a barely muffled yelp as she sat down, making a funny smile.

If only they knew.

The twenty minutes ride went without a hitch, except a few lip biting as it went through the bumpy wheels at each tower, which apparently, disturbed her.

Finally, she was on top of the mountain.

She put her skis down and snapped her rigid boots on them, struggled with her too tight suit sleeves to put her goggles in front of her eyes, before slowly beginning the descent, throwing long curves, going slowly, appreciating the view and the sport. She stopped quite a few times, to admire the view and take a short break, sitting on one of the multiple benches.

She took her time. She got to the base and she was up again, but this time would be different.

Once she was ready to glide down, she reached in her pocket and fondled with something, before making a surprised face. Someone very close could hear a faint intermittent humming.

Karen smiled as she put her goggles back on and began to slide down.

She was about at mid slope when, as they say, the stars aligned. It was a mix of sun shining in her face, an icy patch, a gust of wind and… the dildos firing, that made her lose her balance, tumbling forward, landing hard on her shoulder.

The pain was sharp as she felt her shoulder move in a way she would not normally do, but as she continued to tumble, her tight metallic suit sliding on the fresh snow without offering anything to grip on, she felt another snap on her shoulder, and the pain lowered, although it was still there.

As she was getting her senses back, trying to figure out where she was, the dildos fired again. She tried to reach her pocket but the pain in her shoulder was too strong. It would have to wait.

“Are you alright, miss?” asked a man.

Karen struggled with the sun in her face. It was a ski patrol.

“Are you okay? You took a nasty fall. Anything broken?” asked the man.

“I… My shoulder hurt, but it’s not that bad.” she said, moving it, still with a lot of pain.

“Stay put. I’ll get your skis.” he said, getting away to return a few moments later, holding Karen’s skis.

“They look okay, but you’re not going down on skis. Anyway, I wouldn’t let you. A stretcher is on the way.”

“What? A stretcher? No, I don’t need a stretcher. I’ll go down by myself, thank you.” quickly said Karen. “It’s not bad, I swear. Just give me my skis and… ouch!” she said as she extended her arm to get them.

“See? I told you.” said the ski patrol as another one was getting nearby with a stretcher sleigh.

Reluctantly, she took place, where she was well wrapped in blankets and then strapped down.

“Too tight?” he asked as she twitched while he was binding one.

“No.” she said. “Actually… can you get them… tighter? I’m afraid to fall off.”

“Oh. Of course.” he said, chinching them, but of course, not enough to her, but she felt it would be weird to ask him to put all his will into tightening them.

The ride down was actually pleasant, especially with her dildos still firing at random. She let out a few moans, which puzzled the patrols, but she smiled back at them, reassuring them that everything was fine.

She was led to the medical unit.

“Oh, I don’t think I need to be seen by a doctor. “ said Karen. “I’m feeling fine.” she said, moving her shoulder, but grinning at the same time.

But it was too late. The doctor was already there: a tall blond woman.

“Hello, I’m doctor Lynda. The patrol already sent me their report. We’ll just make a few tests, probably a few X-rays and you’ll be on your way. Just to be on the safe side.”

“No, it’s really not necessary.” said Karen, but Dr Lynda was not letting go. She had Karen clumsy walk her way in her ski boots to the exam room where she sat on the examination table.

“Okay,” Said Dr. Lynda, “Please, take off the top of your suit so I can have a look at your shoulder.”

“No.” answered dryly Karen.

“Err what? No? I’m sorry, but I’m the doctor here.”

“Just… just do the X-rays. I’m fine.”

“The X-ray will not work adequately through your metallic finished suit. You need to take it off.”

“I prefer not to.” said Karen. “Can… Can I go back to my hotel and then come back for the exam?”

“Listen. I’m a doctor. I’m a professional. I’ve seen my share of skin conditions, of scars, and there’s nothing I could see that could raise questio….” she said as she grabbed Karen’s suit zipper and pulled it down, revealing a black and shiny skintight latex catsuit. “…  but that could raise a question, tho.” she said, frozen, looking at Karen who was blushing.

“But… it’s none of my business.” she said as she reached in to feel Karen’s shoulder over the latex skin. “That sort of explains your way too tight ski suit.” she said as she poked, squeezed and moved her shoulder.

“Okay, take the full top off, I’m gonna do an X-ray.”

“I…” began to say Karen, and at the same time, the dildos, still on with a random setting, fired. Karen twitched, and the vibrating sound in the otherwise silent office, could not be mistaken for anything else

“Come on. Really? No wonder you lost balance on one of the easiest portions of the mountain!” said Dr. Lynda, almost shocked.

Karen didn’t add anything. She struggled to take her arms off the very tight sleeves, revealing the tight latex suit with attached gloves, but also the rubber corset, tightly squeezing her waist.

Dr Lynda was stunned.

“I’ve never seen someone ski with a corset before. Or dildos for that matter. Then again, I’ve never seen everybody’s underwear. You will need to take your latex suit off because of the metal of the zipper.”

“Oh, there’s no zipper.”

“The corset is no problem, it’s gonna be just your shoulder, but the back zip of the suit will be a problem.”

“I already told you, there’s no zipper. It’s called a neck entry catsuit.”

Dr. Lynda blinked for a moment, before having a look at Karen’s back.

“Oh. I see. Never saw one of those before. Alright then. Please, follow me.”

Karen followed her to the next room, using the opportunity to more easily reach into the suit pocket and turn the dildos off.

She was placed on the machine to take an image of her shoulder through the rubber suit. She then waited back in the exam room for the results, looking at the floor.

She had been caught. Big time!

Dr Lynda looked at the image on her computer screen.

“The latex blocked some of the rays, but from what I can tell, and what I can feel when I touch your shoulder is that your latex suit actually… healed your shoulder.”

“Say what?” asked Karen, pulling her ski suit back on.

“I’m quite sure your shoulder got dislocated, but the spring of the rubber pulled it back in place. Meaning the healing is gonna be a lot faster.”

“Oh. Really? Thanks.”

“Okay,” said Dr. Lynda, handing Karen a pill bottle. “Those are pain killers. If you feel the need, just take some. I would refrain from skiing for the rest of the day, and maybe tomorrow.”

“Darn. Well… there’s always the dance clubs.” said Karen.

“What? No! Your shoulder needs to be kept immobile.” she said, taking an arm support to Karen.

“No way I’m wearing that!” said Karen. “I’ll be careful.”

Dr. Lynda sighs, as if she was thinking.

“Well, you leave me no choice. I’m keeping you in.”

“What? No way! I can walk out of here!” said Karen, pissed off.

“Not without my discharge.” said Dr. Lynda. “Now, take off your boots and ski suit.” she said as she almost pushed Karen into a narrow room equipped with only one narrow bed. “I’ll be right back.” she said, closing the door.

Karen heard a sound as the door was closed, and reached for it.

“You LOCKED ME IN? LET ME GO” she yelled through the door.

She was left there for a while, and her boots were becoming quite uncomfortable, and she was getting very hot with her ski suit, made to protect from the cold.

Reluctantly, she took them all off and took place on the bed, the only place she can either sit or lay down, the rest of the small room having only a toilet and a sink. She doze off and was startled when the door opened again.

“Sorry, a kid came in with a sprained knee. I had to take care of him. Now…” she said, taking a large canvas pouch “That will give me the opportunity to use this thing. I’ve had it for years and never put it to use.” she said, getting leather straps and cuffs off the bag. “Don’t worry, they’re medical grade restraints.”

She began to install them on the narrow steel framed bed. Karen was too stunned to answer. She was having a crisis between calling it weird, and calling it awesome.

Once they were all installed, Dr. Lynda turned to Karen, gesturing to take place on the bed and sort of realized what she was doing.

“Err… Listen… I don’t know what came to me. I mean… you seem like the person who would like to… receive it and I feel I would enjoy… giving it. Weird, isn’t it? If I’m… we’re… going too far, just say so. You’re free to leave. I do strongly recommend the arm support, tho.”

Karen had hot flashes. She knew she was a latex fetishist, but bondage, that heavy, she never tried it. Her guts were telling her to go for it.

“I… Let’s… try it.” she stuttered.

Karen took place on the narrow bed and Dr. Lynda began to tighten the different wide tan cuffs. She noticed that Karen’s breath was shaking and she was slowly squirming as she got more restrained.

She tightened the cuffs at the ankles, then asked if it was too tight. Then at the knees. Then at the thighs. Everytime, Karen answered no.

When she reached the waist strap, she tightened it as much as she could over the corset, then tightened the strap over Karen’s chest. Since it was the only place she could expand to breath, she was careful not to put it too tight.

She then secured her arms at the wrists and upper arms. The last strap was a wide one around Karen’s neck.

Again, carefully, she tightened it, asking Karen if it was alright.

Karen’s senses were in overload. All that restraint was feeling awesome! She was squirming, quickly finding the limits of her freedom, and enjoying it all.

Lynda was having a look from a distance, admiring her work, admiring the black squirming body strictly held within the heavy restraints.

“My shift ends in six hours. You think you can stand it?”

Karen didn’t answer. Hell, how would she know?

Dr Lynda grabbed the canvas bag to store it, but startled as there was still something in it. She took it out and went wide eyes, showing it to Karen.

“Damn! That kit had all the heavy setup options. In addition to all those straps, there’s even a… muzzle and a blindfold! Do… Do you want to add it?”

Karen looked at the heavy garment, sporting a leather prong that would go in the mouth, padded blindfolds, even flaps that would cover her ears. She nodded a hesitant yes.

“I’ll go slowly. If you want me to stop, just wiggle, okay?”

Karen nodded. Lynda proceeded to put the rather thick gag in place then slowly pulled the muzzle harness in place, tightening it, then the blindfold, which also holds the ear flaps.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

Karen didn’t answer. Lynda got closer to her ears.

“ARE YOU OKAY?” she asked, louder.

There was some hesitation then Karen nodded no.


Again, after a pause, she nodded no. 


Karen nodded a definitive no. Lynda was puzzled.

“It’s not okay, it’s not too tight, you don’t want it off. What do you… oh… YOU WANT IT TIGHTER”

A definitive yes not was the answer. Lynda obliged, checking with Karen at every strap. The only left was one linking the top ring of the head  harness to the frame of the bed. Lynda tightened it, then asked, again, if it was alright.

Karen would pull her head off the bed and nod no. It wasn’t until her head was firmly staying on the bed that she nodded it was alright with a thumbs up, as her head wouldn’t move anymore. She immediately began to squirm and made muffled moans

“Well… That gag thing is obviously the right choice.” said Dr. Lynda, looking at Karen, definitively enjoying the situation.

She got out of the room, locking the door behind her, only to enter again a few minutes later. Karen was unaware of her presence. Lynda went to Karen’s ski suit and searched it. She smiled when she found the small remote. She pushed the button. Immediately, she heard the buzzing sounds of the dildos and Karen arched her hips, but couldn’t do much, restrained as she was.

“I’ll check on you on a regular basis. Do not worry.” said Lynda, smiling, closing the door behind her, turning the lights off.

Her world was constrained. Contained. She could barely move, yet the dildos, firing, were giving her the impression she was in a rocking boat, in the middle of one of the biggest storms of the century. The setup turned out to be devilish, as when she was climbing the slope, getting ready to orgasm, the vibrator would stop, and she would be stuck, completely immobile, unable to get that last step, like she used to do, using her fingers to play with the dildos, or to rock her hips.

No. She had to suffer. To endure. But when all the timing was right, she exploded like she never exploded before, and she was pretty much glad she was restrained that severely, or she would have gone through the roof.

After a time she couldn’t estimate, the dildos fell silent, one after the other, as their charges were drained. She was left squirming in vain.

She felt something close to her, straps on her head being worked on, loosen.

“Keep your eyes closed.” she heard as the blindfold was removed as well as a well damped leather gag. Karen let out a grunt.

“Are you okay?” asked Dr. Karen giggling.

“I think so… Well, my shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Well, I had some sort of a rush of patients. Nothing serious but… because of that, you’ve been restrained for close to eight hours. Sorry. But I did check on you, and you seemed to enjoy it quite a lot.”

“Yeah.” she mumbled. “Until the batteries ran out.”

Lynda smiled.

“Well, that I can’t do anything about. You should go back to your hotel room. I’ll give you an arm support. You really should wear it.”

A few moments later, Karen was back in her ski suit, with her arm strapped inside of it, walking awkwardly on loose ski boots, heading back to her room.

She ordered some food to be delivered, and made sure she was hiding in the bathroom when it arrived, leaving a tip on the table.

The thing is that she couldn’t remove her latex catsuit suit. She was barely able on normal times, so now, with her injured shoulder, this was out of the question.

She had removed the dildos to put them back charging-up. She had covered her feet with black, knee high, high heel boots, and was relaxing on the bed, on  her stomach, playing with her feet up and down, browsing the internet from her laptop, thinking about calling it quits and going to sleep, when there was a knock on the door. She had a “do not disturb” sign on, so she decided to ignore it, but the knock came back, stronger.

Grumbling, she walked to the door and looked in the peeping hole, stunned to see Dr. Lynda. She opened the door, leaving the security hook in place, so that only a small opening was created.

“Yes?” she inquired.

“Ah, good. You’re there. I just wanted to check on your shoulder. Can… Can I come in?”

Puzzled, Karen opened the door, keeping hidden behind it until Lynda was in and she was closing the door.

Lynda was wearing very tight jeans, wedge winter boots with a cute furry trim, and a tight fitting down jacket. She startled when she saw Karen.

“Hi I… You still got your latex suit on?” asked Dr. Lynda.

“Well, my shoulder hurt too much. I can’t take it off alone. I would need help to take it off, or wait a few days.” answered Karen.

“I see… and is taking your arm out of the arm support going to help heal it?”

Karen realized she wasn’t wearing it.

“Oh! I took it off to go to the bathroom and forgot to put it back on. Don’t worry, I’m not working it.”

“I’m sure you aren’t. I mean…” she said, looking at the laptop on the bed, with the obvious position to watch it was laying on her stomach, the weight of her upper body resting on her elbows and shoulders “that wouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“I… Honestly, Dr. Lynda, I don’t know if it’s the time I spent tied up on the stretcher, but there’s practically no pain left when I move it normally. I decided not to try to take off my suit, which is no big deal… for me. I really don’t see the use of the arm support.”

Lynda approached her and began to poke at the shoulder, testing it, making a grin.

“Surprisingly, the inflammation appears to be gone. I don’t know if it was the bondage, the catsuit or a mix of the two, but it healed pretty fast.” she said, showing a sports bag she had with her. “But I want to make sure you’re gonna stay put for the night, so I brought something to help you.”

Karen was puzzled and made wide eyes when Lynda opened the bag and produced a few rolls of cling wrap.

“I couldn’t adapt the restraint system to the king beds of the hotel, and I didn’t think that you were gonna be in latex. I figured that this would combine the effect.”

“You want to… wrap me for the night?” asked Karen, wide eyes.

“Would that be a problem?” asked Dr. Lynda.

After a few moments of hesitation, Karen got closer, pinning her feet together and crossing her arms over her chest, one hand over the opposite breast.

“Well. You’re the doctor. You know what’s best.”

Lynda began the wrapping at her hips, pulling as  hard as she could on the plastic wrap, going up to her shoulders, pinning her arms tightly, then criss crossing in front to cover her shoulders, before going back down, to her knees, then back up to her shoulders, making sure they were well covered, then over her head, before running back down, to her ankles, and back up for one last time over her head. She helped Karen get on the bed, and she wrapped thoroughly her high heeled feet, before going back for the head, leaving a breathing hole.

“You okay in there?”

“Hmmm Hmmm.” said Karen, with a happy tone.

Lynda dragged her to one side of the bed before getting undressed herself, revealing that she was hiding a red PVC catsuit underneath her street clothes.

“Too bad you don’t see this.” she mumbled as she took place besides the wrapped-up, and moaning Karen. “Good night sweety. Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on you.” she said, before turning the lights off.

She couldn’t repress caressing Karen, imprisoned in her smooth, silky cocoon.

They slept. 

Sort of.

Karen had strange dreams where some strange spider was wrapping her in her web, and teasing her, edging her, non-stop, without allowing her to orgasm. She was still half dreaming when there was a sudden release of her cocoon, bringing her back to the real world.

Stunned, she saw a woman dressed in a shiny red PVC catsuit, removing the wrapping.

“Dr. Lynda?” she asked when her mouth was uncovered.

“Yeah. I didn’t have time to show it to you last night. How was your night?”

“Err… I can’t really tell. Geesh, it’s still dark outside. What time is it?”

“06:00. I have to get ready to go back to the medical clinic. How is your shoulder?”

Karen moved her arm, slowly at first, then faster, and with broader gestures.

“Feels fine! No pain at all. That… immobilisation technique works, doctor.” she said with a wink.

“Very good. I would suggest you refrain from skiing today, or at least, this morning, and go easy. Try not to do… too many things at once.”

“Will do, doctor. Thank you.” said Karen with a broad smile.

Lynda covered her PVC catsuit and headed out for work.

It was early in the afternoon when she received a radio call.

“Hey, Dr. Lynda. We have an injured woman coming in. She was down the… child slope, and fell. Nobody saw her falling that hard, but she’s complaining about knee pain.”

“I’m pretty booked up, a bunch of teenagers were doing stunts and injured themselves. Does she really need to be seen by a doctor? Just an ice pack could be sufficient.” 

“She refuses to take her ski suit off and she keeps saying that she should be immobilized.”

“Really? Interesting… Do you have her name?”


(giggling) “Okay, bring her in. I think I have a bed to spare.”

© Pete / monsterp63, March 3, 2019

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