Karen – A Mermaid by the pool


She was an out of work actress.

Okay, she was an aspiring actress.

In fact, she was looking for her first paying job.

She had a few non-paying jobs, mainly as an extra, a bystander, way at the back, barely noticeable, even on the big screen, but she knew she had what it takes.

After all, her acting skills were praised in all the school plays!

She was watching TV, in her pajamas, although it was close to mid day, when the phone rang.

Smiling, expecting, hoping, she picked it up, only to sigh at the caller ID. She let it ring, wondering if she should let it go to the voicemail. She answered it up at the last moment.

“Hello aunt Lynda.” she said, trying to sound as friendly as possible, although she hated that posh, self entitled, bitch.

“Wow, you did take your time to answer, from someone who doesn’t work.” she said, from her high pitch, annoying, snobby voice, without a hello, a how are you, or anything.

“I’m sorry, aunt Lynda, I was… in the shower.” she lied.

“Whatever, you should answer quickly. What if it’s your (giggles) agent?”

“Yeah. What can I do for you, aunt Lynda?”

“I need your help. It’s my little Angel’s birthday tomorrow, and she wanted a mermaid. I hired, you know, a professional actor to play it, but she just called to cancel, because of some lame excuse, like, her father died or something.”

“Well, that’s understandable for her to cancel.” said Karen.

“No it’s not. I mean, he’s dead. It doesn’t matter. My little Angel is alive, and she deserves her mermaid. I will never hire that bitch again. So, anyways, will you fill up the spot for her? I’ll pay you whatever they pay an… actress… like you. It’s what, fifty bucks a day.”

“Well, it’s…” began to answer Karen, but she was quickly cut-off by her aunt.

“It’s not that hard of a job, all you have to do is put on that stupid costume and swim around. You don’t even have to talk. Think you can manage that?”

She wanted to say no, to send her to hell, but, in her financial status, fifty bucks was a lot more than zero, it was only for a couple of hours. And more, there might be some hot-shot producer at that party. That could be her big break.

“Do… do I have to provide the costume?” asked Karen, bracing for the impact of the answer.

“Do you happen to own one?”

“No, I would have to rent one, so that would add up to…”

“A rental suit? For my little Angel? Hell no! I had one made to measure for that egoist bitch of an actress. You will wear that one. It’s stretchy, so I’m sure your chubby body will fit in it.”

Karen cringed. She was by no mean chubby, but her aunt was flat chested and had no hips or butt, so, anyone with more curves than her was chubby.

“Well… Okay, aunt Lynda. I’ll be there. What time do you want me in?”

“You have to be in the pool by 10.  You’re a (caugh) professional. You should know when to come in to be ready by 10. And come in by the service entrance. I don’t want my little Angel to see you and figure out that you’re the mermaid.” she said, hanging up.

“Nice talking to you, aunt Lynda. As always.” said Karen, putting the phone down.

She figured she should be there by 8:30, not knowing what the suit looked like and how long it might take to put it on. It might be done in a couple of minutes, or a couple of hours, and if Lynda ordered it custom made, it was more to the hours side.

The next morning, she boarded the public transit bus and headed for aunt Lynda’s house. A two hours ride to the suburbs!

However, it was 9:30 when she finally got to aunt Lynda’s house, a huge 3-storey mansion, a guest house and another house for the servants.

She ran the bell of the service door and she was greeted by her aunt, standing on incredibly thin high heel shoes, a gold lame dress and extremely exaggerated makeup, really pissed off.

Lynda looked at Karen, dressed in a T-shirt, torn stretch jeans and sneakers, and grinned.

“Hello aunt Lynda. Sorry I’m late, there was…”

“What the hell? You’re almost too late. You’ll never have time to put on that suit in half an hour. What went through your mind?”

“As I was saying,” said Karen, talking louder “there was an accident and the bus was stuck in traf…”

“Bus? You took public transit? You should have taken a cab. That’s what professional people take!”

“But the cab fare would…”

“Enough of your excuses.” she said, looking frantically behind her to make sure nobody was seeing her. “Come.” she said, heading for the very large ground pool, walking fast, her heels clicking on the marble sidewalk, down to the service shack of the pool.

At the far end, was suspended a bunch of semi-opaque plastic bags, from which Karen could make up a catsuit and a long, very elaborate,  mermaid fin

“Hurry up, get dressed! Said aunt Lynda.

Karen undressed to her underwear, which happened to be a bikini, as Lynda was taking the first item off the bag.

“Take that off” she said, motioning to Karen’s swimsuit. “This thing has everything included.” she said, handling a strange looking catsuit, completely cleared except for an opaque molded shell over the breasts.

Nervously, Karen did, but when she took the suit, she was puzzled.

“What is that? Rubber?” she asked “and… how do you put that on?”

“That’s a high end latex suit. You should know, it’s the same kind they use on movie sets… Ah, right.” she said, stabbing again Karen to the fact that she hadn’t had a role so far. “And you put it on through the neck.” she said, taking the suit and stretching the neck opening.

The suit had apparently already been lubricated, so putting it on was easy. Relatively speaking. It was a tight fit. A very tight fit.

It included attached toe socks, which made Karen giggles when she put them on, liking the feeling.

“Geesh. This is tight.” said Karen, struggling to get the suit up her thighs. “What size is this?”

“It was made to measure for that selfish actress, and since she was less chubby than you, it will probably be a squeeze. Just live with it.” she said from a harsh tone.

Karen was struggling and aunt Lynda was in no way offering help. Passing the suit over her breasts, then feeding her arms inside was a lot of work. Finally, aunt Lynda snapped.

“Oh, for Pete’s sake!” she said, taking the collar and yanking it up, which pulled the sleeves up, forcing Karen’s hands into the attached hands, which had webbed fingers. It also pulled the crotch high, which made Karen made wide eyes.

Karen looked at her hands, puzzled. “Webbed fingers? On a mermaid?” she asked.

“Don’t you question my choices, young lady.” simply answered aunt Lynda.

Karen could catch a glimpse of herself in a small mirror: she was stunning. The suit was not exactly clear. It was rather foggy for the lower portion, and the top portion had some kind of greenish metallic feel, but just a hint, as if she was covered in green glitter.

Although tight, the suit was surprisingly comfortable, following her every move, keeping its tightness, it’s shine, it’s feeling.

“No time to admire your sorry ass. Get moving!” blasted aunt Lynda, handing Karen the mermaid tail. It was wonderful, colorful, with realistic plumes like fins.

Karen sat on the floor and began to feed her feet inside the tail. The rubber was rather thick and there were actually two tubes, one for each leg, going down, but as soon as her latex suit entered the tube, everything got stuck.

“It won’t get in, aunt Lynda. I think we need to lube this thing. Is there a tube of lubricant or something with the suit?”

“Lubricant?…  If you think… Damn, hand me the tail.” she said.

As Karen approached, Lynda dumped a cup worth of whitish gooey stuff in it.

“Here, slush that around and put it on. HURRY UP OR YOU’RE GOING TO RUIN HER BIRTHDAY!” she yelled.

Karen moved the tail in every direction to spread the lubricant then tried to fit in again. This time, it was more easy, and within less than a minute she was fully in. There was only the waist flap that needed to be tightened, at the back. Karen rolled on her stomach, moving for the first time with her legs inside the tail.

It was weird. Constricting yet somewhat free. The fact that each leg was into a different compartiment, made it a lot more comfortable, and allowed twisting realistic movements.

Giggling, she flapped the tail on the tiled floor, like a fish would do.

“Stop that, you’re going to damage it. Now, let’s tighten that corset.”

“C… corset?” asked Karen, puzzled.

“Well, a mermaid has a very small waist, so I asked for a corset. The original actress would have needed a mild squeeze, but you will need a lot more.” she said, as she started pulling on the laces.

Karen felt her waist getting squeezed, rather strongly.

“You… you can… stop… now.” she said, between breaths

“I’m not stopping until this thing is fully closed. There’s a flap to go over to hide those laces, and it will only fit if fully closed.” she said, giving a good yank. “Damn it, Karen. SUCK IT IN!”

When aunt Lynda finally tightened the laces and put the flap in place, Karen was out of breath. Lynda took Karen by the armpits and yanked her upward, having her lean against a table.

“Damn it. It should all have been done, by now. The hood is next.” she said, picking up another piece of sparkling greenish latex, which had an attached wig. She turned the hood inside out, revealing a strange lump at the mouth, and two tubes at the nose.

“What are those for?” asked Karen.

“A mermaid doesn’t speak. She sings. This thing here, which goes in your mouth, will prevent you from speaking and will whistle, sing, when you blow through it. You control the sounds. I don’t really care for you, but the original actress needed to breathe easily, so I had those tubes added. They go up through your nose.”

She didn’t let Karen take time to digest that. The tubes were shoved up her nose and the whistle/gag stuffed in her mouth, filling it almost completely. It was so large that she thought her lips were going to tear out to allow it to go through.

Once in her mouth, she tried to place it as best as she could but she couldn’t do much. The hood was then put over her head. It was a very tight fit and included colored lenses over the eyes, that made them somewhat lumescents from the outside, but greatly impaired her vision from the inside.

Lynda seemed to struggle putting the rather large yoke of the hood under the tight collar of the catsuit, so she added more lubricant, which eased the process.

“There, all set. Now get into the pool!” ordered aunt Lynda.

Karen tried to gently lower herself on the ground to crawl to the pool: she had no other way.

“NO!” yelled Lynda. “You’re not going to ruin the suit by crawling on it.”

She took a garden trolley and put Karen on it, wheeling her to the edge of the pool where, with a sharp push, she pushed her in the pool, without warning.

Karen was stunned and was struggling for air, flipping her arms, trying to swim back to the surface. After the panic was over, and she learned to use the fin, it was relatively easy, thanks to the fact that, when a teenager, she was a competitive swimmer.

She squirmed/swam her way to the shallow side of the pool and, for the first time, blew in the mouth piece. A nice, high pitch sound was produced, and with small variations of her mouth, she could modulate it into a… mermaid song.

Although her hearing and eyesight were impaired by the rubber hood, she could see a bunch of kids running out, in awe, in amazement, looking at that mermaid, singing and swimming by the pool.

Karen began to swim around. The suit was really making it easy. She almost wishes she had it while competing: she would have gone faster than any other swimmers.

Also, the feeling of water over the latex suit was strange at first. The fact was that she could feel the water temperature. Her brain knew she was in water because of the resistance, but her skin could not feel the water itself.

Then there was this thing, within the mold of the tail, either intentional or not, she liked it! There was a lump, at the crotch, where the legs were getting divided, that was strangely rubbing at her crotch, stimulating her… hot spot, everytime she swam.

She couldn’t believe she was getting such an arousal from it. Perhaps, the mix of everything: the latex, the water, the tightness of the suit, the tightness of the tail, the corset, her impaired vision, breathing, hell the whole bondage thing.

Without realizing, her singing was changing, getting faster. Kids were around her. She could feel their tiny hands touching her, then making strange expressive noises as they found out that she was slippery, almost gooey like a fish, enforcing the illusion that she was a real mermaid.

She couldn’t tell exactly what happened, how it happened. Was it her last turn, the last twist, a accidental brushing against a kid, one thing was sure, is that she exploded, like never before, orgasming her brain out, singing a wonderful song, her body taken by convulsions, she launched, literally flying off the pool, landing on the marble floor, her body still convulsing, like a real fish out of water.

Her body was getting fucked. Her brain was getting fucked. She was on another planet, or was it in another ocean.

For an instant, she passed out, falling immobile, like a dead fish.

The kids screamed, and rushed to her.

“We have to get her back to the water!” yelled a voice she recognized as her niece.

She was getting back to her senses as she felt being tugged, pulled by the tail, sliding on the tiles. She couldn’t do anything. She had no strength left.

She was pulled back to the pool, where she laid, floating, almost motionless, singing, a soft song, almost a lullaby.

She slowly swam to the shallow side of the pool, near the exit stairs, and she sat, breathing fast, eyes closed, leaving her body to deal with the leftover hormone rush. The kids played around her, splashing her, laughing. She returned the favor.

“LUNCH TIME!” she heard called.

The kids, all 20 or so of them, quickly left the pool area to rush inside the house, leaving Karen alone.

She slowly let herself drop back in the water, relaxing, but even that simple swimming, that faint squirming, was arousing. Smiling under her gagged mouth, she set herself for a deep dive, then went straight up, throwing again herself out of the water.

Now, with all that water all around her on the deck of the pool, she could easily drag herself back to the utility shack and get out of it. Aunt Lynda didn’t tell her for how long she needed her, but she figured that, after the cake and the gifts, the party would be pretty much over.

She grabbed herself to a lawn chair and sat, getting her breath back. She reached for the seam around her neck to remove the hood. She could feel it, but somehow her webbed fingers were unable to get a grip.

She laughed, hopping her way around to get to the small mirror. She really felt like a fish out of the water.

She saw the seam, but she couldn’t get a grab of it, as if it had stuck to the suit. She looked around for something hard, but not sharp. She didn’t want to damage the suit, her aunt would kill her on the spot.

She managed to find a piece of hard plastic, but to no avail, she was totally unable to put it between the hood and the suit. Puzzled, she looked around for something metallic when she startled on a jar filled with a whitish gooey stuff. She made wide eyes.

She turned around and saw the intercom. She pressed the button.

“Yes…” she heard her aunt answer. “What is it?”

“Mfffm! Mff, MmmMMmmM!!”

“I can’t understand a word you’re saying, you know that, don’t you?”

“MmmMMffff. MMMMMMMMMMM!” she said, before blowing with all  her strength on the “singing” device, making the strangest and most annoying sound.

“(Loud shigh) I’ll be there shortly.” said Lynda before cutting off the communication.

Karen waited. It took close to half an hour for aunt Lynda to get to the utility shack, and she looked pissed off.

“What’s your problem? Can’t you figure out I’m busy?”

Karen put her hand on her collar, showing that the two were stuck, then took the jar of white goo and pointed the jar, and the collar and the tail.

“What do you want? You want to show me that you found what I gave you for the suit? That’s it?

Karen pointed, hitting the jar repetitively with her finger, a the words RUBBER CEMENT.

“Yes, I know what rubber cement is.”

Karen tried to gesture that she couldn’t take the hood, nor the tail off and made a very obvious “WTF” sign.

“What’s the problem? Of course I gave you glue. I was not to give you some stupid lubricant, and have the tail or the hood come off while you were in the pool with them. That would have ruined my little Angel’s fantasy!”

It was too bad that Aunt Lynda couldn’t see Karen’s real eyes at that moment: they would have burned holes through her.

“Anyway,” she continued, “you’re not getting out of it now. The kids, after the dessert, are to come back to the pool after taking a well needed nap, EXPECTING to see the mermaid. Be sure to be there!”

“Mfff…” began to say Karen, to argue. $50 was not enough for that!

“Shut up. You’re not getting out of that suit before little Angel is asleep, and that thing cost ten grans! You damage it, you pay for it.” she said, turning around and walking back to the house, stomping, her heels almost slipping on a splash of water. Karen repressed a laugh.

Come to think of it, this wasn’t that bad. She crawled herself back to the water and began to swim again, this time trying to learn to control what she’s doing, to put up the best show she ever had.

That was not the goal seeked, but that lump at the crotch, proved very useful to keep her mind off her predicament, and she even began to love having her legs restrained like that, bound together, and the tight corset squishing her waist, the feeling or latex, the non-feeling of water. Even her gagged mouth began to feel… good? Can it be? Can someone really like being… gagged?

She managed to control the arousal, to stop it, but after four tries, she just had to let go.

She couldn’t believe that she was actually having an orgasm, stuffed inside a mermaid suit!

She was floating, on her back, enjoying the afternoon sun cooking her inside the suit, almost dozing off, her long hairs floating around her, when she received a splash of water in the face. Again, with her face covered in latex, the feeling was different. She opened her eyes to see a bunch of kids, staring at her.

She quickly turned around, and with a flap of the tail, she plunged deep into the pool, splashing the kids at the same time, much to their enjoyment.

She had fun, singing, splashing them, swimming with them, getting aroused, keeping herself on the edge. Damn! That was good!

But by dinner, she was hot, horny and exhausted!

The kids were brought back by their parents who marvelled at the realistic mermaid, including her incredible singing voice.

Karen could see that aunt Lynda was pleased with herself, taking all the credit, to have hired the right… mermaid for the job.

It was after dinner. Little Angel was inside. Karen let go, slowly swimming with one goal: orgasm. She built it, gradually, taking great pleasure at doing it, and as she did the first time, she threw herself out of the pool, which seemed to make it even stronger, longer. Her body was taken by harsh convulsions as the hormones raced inside her body, engulfing it in pleasure.

Slowly, she calmed down. She was exhausted from her day that she would have fallen asleep right there, on the deck. 

But she was eager to get out of it.She crawled to the service shack and was waiting for aunt Lynda’s blessing to rip the suit open. Such a pity to destroy something so wonderfully made, so magical.

She heard aunt Lynda’s high heeled footsteps approaching. She prepared herself, already having a knife in her hand, ready to hand it to aunt Lynda.

“You did a nice job, Karen,” began aunt Lynda as she was crossing the door, then she startled, seeing Karen with a knife. “… What the FUCK are you doing? Put that knife down, now. No, better, give me that.” she said, snatching the knife out of Karen’s webbed hand, which was what Karen intended to do in the first place.

“Don’t you dare damage that suit. You’re not getting out of it. Not tonight anyways.”

Karen put her hands at her hips, in a defiantly “how come” manner.

My little Angel absolutely wants to show the mermaid to one of his friends, however, he’s out of town, he’ll be back in a few days.

“How long”? Managed to ask Karen.

“Three months”.

© Pete / monsterp63,

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14 thoughts on “Karen – A Mermaid by the pool

  1. Absolutely love this story. There’s something especially kinky about having 2 legs turned into a single tail whilst cocooned within latex and bound.

    1. Thank you very much.
      To me, any “restriction” is something good, this one is especially… weird, because it’s bondage without bondage. I mean, you have two fully functioning legs, that can’t be used (you can’t even stand up on such a tail), and you have to crawl, having only your arms. So, you’re “free” to go anywhere, but only while dragging half your body, and struggling to find a way to use it.

      Thank you again for taking the time to comment.

  2. I loved this story, because I find mermaids very cool and sexy. Especially if they are good looking women wearing full-body neoprene mermaid suits, similar to your Karen. But while they are very helpless on land, they are doing great underwater. I recently stumbled over this amazing (1 hour long!) video of two mermaids diving in such suits in the tropics. Wow!


    1. Thank you vert much!
      And thank you for sharing that video link.
      Some, okay a LOT, of shine is missing on these mermaids suits, (smoothskin neoprene or latex would be better… IMHO…) but they are indeed interesting.

  3. Great story, would love to see what happens next! Maybe in a more adult setting where she is ‘encourage’ to perform lol.

      1. Fantastic, can’t wait to read it!

        The costume idea was super too, the clear suit and hood, then the tail. Loved it.

  4. Love this story. Especially love the binding of the legs into a tail and, naturally, the latex.

  5. I absolutely love these stories your write!!! My favorite are these latex costume / permanent stories, so I do hope there are more of these! Or a part 2 to this story.

    1. Thank you.

      From memory, there is another mermaid story (you can search for the tag) but it’s not a recurrent theme, and apart maybe from a story with a Dart Vador or Seamus costume or some spacesuits, there aren’t many “costume” stories. Then again, there are 400+ stories. I may have forgotten a few ones.

      The “permanent” ones are more frequent. Again, search for the tag.

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