Karen – Two Weeks Notice.


“Hum… I believe this covers everything, Miss Karen.” said the young man, turning a document around so that Karen could read it.

Karen took the document and read it carefully, in silence, nodding at all the points, the man behind the desk, smiling.

She picked the pen that was standing nearby in its fancy holder, turned it around a few times between her fingers, thinking, acknowledging that this was the right decision, and signed the document.

The man extended a hand, smiling ear to ear.

“Welcome to MediTek Labs, Miss Karen. We’re glad to have you on our team.”

“Thank you very much.” she said, shaking his hand with a firm grip that seemed to surprise him. “I really look forward to starting working with your team.”

“No, YOUR team, Miss Head of R&D.” he said pointing his finger.

“Yes… A title I will have to get accustomed to. Thank you Mr. Thompson.”

“Yes, and without wanting to sound bad, I wouldn’t want to be the one you will break the news to.”

“Oh, that’s alright. They had it coming. See you in three weeks.”

Karen pulled on the tight pencil skirt she was wearing for the job interview. That was not “her”. That was not the Karen she knew. The Karen she knew was wearing comfy stretchy skinny jeans and sneakers. Not pencil skirts and dress jackets.

She will have to change some habits, the title she was getting demanded some dress code adjustment.

Then, butterflies in her stomach, she headed to her current workplace, where she had been for over 10 year, to give them the bad news.

In her mind, she was reviewing how she will present it, anticipating HR’s response, and her own reply. She had worked her ass off, creating a bunch of new products, increasing efficiency. She thought she was an asset. Then she asked for a raise, and some more vacation.

She never heard back. So…

The elevator doors opened silently and she walked out, smiled at the receptionist, stunned to see her dressed like that, and went on, directly to the HR office. She gently knocked at the door.

“Excuse me, Lynda. May I bother you for a moment?” softly asked Karen.

“Well, I do have some… woah! What’s with the suit? Are you going to a funeral or something?”

“That’s what I want to talk to you about,” said Karen.

“Geesh. What is it? Who’s dead?” said Lynda, inviting her in and gesturing to close the door, which Karen was about to do anyways.

Karen handed her the enveloppe.

“I’m sorry. I’m leaving. This is my… two weeks notice.” said Karen, realizing at the same point that she had reached the no-return point. She had accepted a new job, and now she had officially quit her old one.

“What do you mean, you’re leaving? To go to a funeral? You don’t need to give two weeks notice…” began Lynda, reading the message… “Oh sh… You’re resigning?”

“Err… yes. That’s what a two weeks notice implies, doesn’t it?”

“You… What? That’s not serious. That’s a joke, right?”

Karen stood there, in disbelief. Of all the scenarios she imagines how it will go on, that one was NOT on the list.

“Well, I did ask you for a few… improvements a few months ago, and you drop them off. There, I get better working conditions, better hours, better pay, well, better everything… except for this,” she said, making a broad gesture to show her clothes, “but it comes with the job: Head of R&D.” she said with a proud smile.

“Ugh… Tell… Tell me what we can do for you, Karen. I’m sure we can work something.”

“Sorry. Too late.” she said from a firm tone, which was one of her scenarios playing there. “My decision is made. So, just to recap, I’ll be leaving Friday, in two weeks, on the date specified in my resignation letter. I don’t think we have anything further to discuss, so, if you don’t mind, I have tasks to end, knowledge to transfer to my assistant, and work to complete before I leave.” she said, firmly opening the door and walking out.

Lynda reached the doorframe, a shocking expression on her face. “But… You can’t do that! You can’t just leave like that.”

“I’m not leaving like that, I just gave you two weeks notice.”

Everybody around had stopped working and were staring at them. To all of them, the news was a shock.

Karen sat at her desk to tidy-up some paperwork. Of course, she was swarmed by people wanting to know more, and wishing her good luck.

Not ten minutes have passed before she heard the distinctive footsteps of Mary, the director of the company. She was always in heels, preferably boots, and had a weakness for leather. Today made no exception: black leather pants and red leather jacket.

“Hello, Karen.” she said with her warmest smile. “Would you please come to my office? We have things to talk about.” she said, moving her arm, inviting her, strongly, to go along.

With a corner smile, Karen agreed.

Mary Closed the door, sat and invited Karen to do the same.

“Okay.” said Mary, with a friendly tone “You’re leaving us? Is that true?”

“Yes. I found a job elsewhere that will be more… fulfilling, where my talents will be more appreciated and recognized.”

“Ah? Because they are not, here?”

“Oh, they are. In some way. I’ve been working here for 10 years, yet I hardly saw any real encouragement, real bonus, a real effort to keep me in. I asked for a few improvements, vacations, days off, a raise, and I was always answered that it would be for later. That later never came.”

“I see… I should have a word with HR about that.”

“Well, you should have had a word with HR a lot sooner. After all, didn’t Suzy leave the company for similar reasons about a year ago? There was Sandy, Mark, Carla, Steph…”

“I get the picture, Karen. You can stop naming them.” she almost ordered, but that order tone did not impress Karen. Not anymore. “So, that’s it? No turning back?”

“I’m afraid not.” coldly said Karen.

“Very well then. Now, this is a very sensitive research field and I have to make sure you’re not stealing sensitive information.” she said, picking up the phone and simply said “To my office” before hanging up.

Mary got up and shook Karen’s hand. By that time, a security guard was by the door.

“I will ask you to leave. Now. The agent will escort you out.”

“What about my personal items?”

“I’ll gather them in a box. Just come by my house, tonight if you want. You understand this is standard procedure, right? It’s not a retaliation against you.” said Mary with a smile.

“I fully understand, and I expected it. So, see you this evening.” said Karen, leaving with the security guard.

She left with a mix of sadness, relief and joy. Mary was not the best of bosses anyways. If Mary expected to find something incriminating in her stuff, she was in for some sad news: she had none of that. Only a few pictures, a container of loose change, water bottle, personalized coffee cup, the usual.

She had expected to get sent home on the spot, but just in case, she had taken a third week before starting her new job, to have at least one week non working. She will have three. That made her smile.

That evening, she drove to Mary’s home, a large house, outside of town, on an immense property, mostly virgin forest. The house itself was half a kilometer from the main road.

She drove up the long gravel driveway, already thinking about leaving and forget about a few pictures or a cup she bought on one of her cruises. It would remind her of that job anyways. But she feared she would raise more suspicions as simply turning around than going in.

She parked near the door, walked the few steps of the house and rang the bell. The house was big, but not very recent, nor very luxurious. It was simply one of those big family houses. She was well maintained, but nothing posh. Same thing with the land. It was maintained, but not as a national park.

“I get it!” she heard through the door and was surprised at the voice.

“What is Lynda doing here?” she asked herself as the door opened.

Lynda opened the door, wearing a very revealing, tight fitting black… something shiny, dress, and high heels.

“Ah, Karen?” said an equally surprised Lynda. “What are you doing here?”

“I… Mary told me to come pick up my personal belongings from the job. I just want the box and I’m out of here. I… I…  don’t want to disturb you.”

“Ah… no, you’re not disturbing us. Mary is currently in the shower. She should be a few moments. Would you care to come in?”

Karen entered. Again, the interior of the house showed good tastes, but nothing extravagant. In fact, it surprised Karen. Mary was always wearing fine leather. Well, mostly fine leather, clothes. She assumed that her house was very luxurious, but it wasn’t. It was the average house.

Karen stayed by the door, waiting, unable to take her eyes off the shiny reflections on Lynda’s tight dress..

“Don’t be shy. Come by the kitchen. I’ve just made some tea. Want some?”

“I don’t want to intrude.” said Karen.

“No sweat. There’s enough for the three of us, and if we run out, I’ll make another batch.” she said, putting the cup of hot amber liquid in front of Karen. “Milk? Cream?”

“No. Just like that. Thank you.”

Lynda added some tea cookies on the counter. Karen was smelling something else than the cookies and the tea, and that creaking sound Lynda’s dress was making with every move, it was… strange.

In silence, she drank the tea, Lynda looking at her with a smile. Some moments later, she heard footsteps. High heeled footsteps. Then Mary appeared, in a shiny red catsuit. Was this… rubber? Thought Karen.

“Oh, hello Karen, how are you doing?” asked Mary, extending a hand, but Karen stayed of ice. Although her eyes conveyed a state of panic. Her mouth slightly opened up but no sound came out.

“Impressive, isn’t it? A little drug of my creation.” said Mary. “The fun part is that you never felt it kick in. Now, let me show you.” she said, pushing rather hard, on Karen’s chest.

Karen backed up, made a few steps, regained her balance and stood there.

“Amazing, isn’t it? The reflexes are still there, but you can’t do a single thing. I call it my zombie drug. Way better than having to knock someone unconscious, don’t you agree? After all, you can see, hear and feel everything. Just not react.” she said, picking a dog collar she was apparently holding but Karen hadn’t noticed and wrapped it around Karen’s neck, and snapped a leash to it.

She felt humiliated. Mary tugged on the leash and Karen followed, almost like a robot. She was dragged at the back of the house, where what appeared to be a simple pantry, revealed itself to be a small elevator. Karen was dragged in, alone with Mary as it was two persons only. They went down to a level Karen couldn’t estimate, but the ride wasn’t very long. There, they exited into a white tiled room, with a few stools, what looked like a medical examination table, and a few chaires, cabinets, etc.

She was dragged to the examination table, while the elevator made another trip for Lynda.

Then, as casually as anyone could be, even while whistling some song, Lynda began to undress Karen, taking it all off, including her underwear.

Karen’s brain was racing! What the hell were they doing? Mary had a long look at her, like if she was sizing her, then opened a drawer to retrieve a plastic bag. She tore it open and got out what looked like a lump or thin rubber, then it revealed itself as Mary unfolded it: it was some sort of catsuit, but she saw no zipper.

Lynda approached Karen with a bottle of lotion or something and, still whistling, she applied a generous coat, all over Karen’s body. She then took place behind Karen, holding her, while grabbing her right leg and raising it by pushing upward on her thigh.

Mary kneeled with the suit and proceeded to fit Karen’t foot in the narrow neck opening. Karen was in disbelief: that would never fit.

Mary crumbled the leg of the suit between her knee and ankle, until the attached sock of the suit, complete with individual toes, was in place. Lynda put the leg down and did the same with the other one, Mary stretching the collar to put both feet in, and fed the suit over the left leg until her foot was fully in place.

Lynda lowered her leg and held her by the shoulders as Mary yanked on the suit, pulling it upward.

Karen was amazed that the collar hadn’t ripped at this point.

The latex felt cold at first, then warmed up quickly once in contact with her skin. She could feel the smooth finish of the rubber quickly engulfing her legs, her waist, her torso.

The neck was now stretched wide as it was just below her breasts. Mary took Karen’s right and folded it so it would get inside the suit, inside the sleeve.

Like she did for the legs, she pulled the rubber up her arm until her hand was fully inside the attached glove, raising the latex over her shoulder, where the collar slipped to her neck.

She did the same with the left arm, and once done, the suit rode in place with a strange, yet almost funny, sound as whatever air left was pushed out.

Mary and Lynda proceeded to remove any wrinkles over the suit. In a long mirror, on the opposite wall, Karen could see her transformation, and couldn’t believe she was looking like that, a long, thin, shiny female body.

It was weird but… she liked it. She liked the tight hugging feeling of that strange suit on her.

She was dragged to the examination table and asked to lay down. While Mary was opening the crotch zipper, Lynda was unpacking something from plastic bags.

“You need toys to fully enjoy your visit, Karen.”

Karen made wide eyes. Well, in her mind anyways.

“I know.” said Mary, as Lynda was lubing the huge intruders. Yes, there were two of them. “Being unable to react, you say to yourself that this zombie drug would be a perfect drug if it were to hit the streets. Well, in fact, it wouldn’t for 2 reasons.

One: although you feel everything, you don’t react at all, meaning that it will be like raping a… corpse. Although, it may trigger some fetishists.” she said with a grin. “But the most important thing is that, contrary to GBH, you will remember everything, which is perfect to press charges.” she said. “In fact, I make sure it will never hit the streets. Ever.” she concluded.

As Lynda began to insert the first intruder, up her butt hole, Karen gasped. That thing was huge, and the way Lynda was twisting it was… oh gawd!

“And, after everything is over, I’m sure you won’t press charge.” continued Mary, while Lynda inserted the second intruder. Damn! She would have rock her hips up and down, as Lynda was purposely playing with it, smiling, inserting and pulling it off, twisting it. How?… How could she be aroused in a situation like that? Was it an effect of the drug? Or was it…..?

When Lynda pulled shut the zipper, the tightness of the suit pulled upward on her crotch, pushing the dildos deeper. Karen grunted. Faintly, but she did nonetheless. Mary smiled.

She was put sitting on the edge of the table as Lynda added more: high heel boots. Wait. High heel boots?

As if she heard the silent question, Mary answered.

“It’s much better looking with high heels, don’t you agree. And you’ll like it better.”

She was then put back on her feet. Her balancing reflexes kicked into action and she found the right balance on the incredibly high heels, higher than what she ever wore.

But apparently, that was not the end of it: Mary came back with a huge, rigid piece of rubber shaped like… a corset?

It was wrapped around her waist and held in place while Lynda began pulling on the laces, tightening it.

It was a long garment, going from her hips to her armpits, cut to fit under her breasts. It got tighter and tighter, with each pull of the laces. Karen was starting to gasps for air, her breathing being reduced. She felt it was tight enough, she wanted it to stop. She tried to tense her stomach muscles to create a restriction, but it did nothing. Her muscles were not responding to this command. And the compression continued. She felt she was being crushed in half when, finally, Lynda stopped and knotted the lacing.

“There. Should be good for now. We’ll do the rest later.” said Mary.

The rest? That was impossible. She would be unable to breath if it got any tighter, thought Karen.

While Lynda was removing Karen’s collar, Mary went to another drawer and retrieved another plastic bag she ripped open, revealing some sort of hood or insect mask: it had bulbous chromed eyes and a tube protruding from the mouth.

“That one is not exactly fun to put on, but I’m sure you’ll manage.” she said, presenting the hood, with a rubber lump, to her mouth. They forced it open, but Karen couldn’t resist, and the lump was forced inside. Two small tubes were inserted in her nostrils. Then both of them together, they stretched the zipperless hood over Karen’s head.

She felt the rubber lump go deeper in her mouth and the tubes forcing their way up her nostrils. They then smoothed everything and put the large yoke of the hood under the collar of her suit.

“This is to ensure proper protection,” said Mary, “and this,” she said as she plugged a hand pump at the tube protruding from her mouth, “is to ensure silence.” she said as he began to pump it, filling Karen’s mouth. Now, she could only breathe through her nose. Thanks to the tubes, this was relatively easy.

Mary pumped the gag as Lynda was watching, smiling, gently pressing on Karen’s cheeks, to check the inflation.

“That should be good.” said Mary, but for good measure, Mary gave it one more squeeze.

While Karen’s brain was trying to cope with everything, the tight latex catsuit, the high heels, the hood, the gag, the dark lenses, Mary went to the corset and tightened it again. However to Karen’s surprise, she didn’t seem to mind that much anymore. Her breathing had become easier. Was she already used to it? It looked like her lungs had found a way to expand. Funny how the body could adapt.

Lynda walked to a cabinet to come back with wide leather cuffs equipped with steel D rings. She proceeded to put a set on Karen’s ankles, and another set at her wrists, at her elbows and then the last one, being a rather large collar, she tightly wrapped around her neck. With that on, she could barely move her head.

Once all the cuffs were tightly fastened, a small length of chain was put between her ankles, and her arms were pulled in her back, wrists tied together and elbows drawn close as much as they could.

“Wow. They’re almost touching! You’re quite flexible, Karen.” said Mary , as if it was a huge compliment, “And I see that the drug is wearing off. Just in time.” she said as she witnessed Karen’s fingers starting to wiggle.

Karen quickly realized that she was back in control of her muscles, as if the drug had been perfectly timed. She stumbled forward a few steps, restrained by the short hobble chain.

“Okay, time for the big show.” said Mary. “You will understand the use of all of this in a few moments.” she said, before opening a concealed door, hidden in the tiled wall.

On the other side, brightly lit, was a fully equipped laboratory, manned by… woman, all dressed like she was, with different colored suits. A number was printed over their upper left breasts. They were all standing on the opposite side of a large glass wall.

“This is my secret laboratory,” said Mary. “It is here that I developed, amongst other things, my zombie drug. This is also where I developed my XPK series of cancer fighting drugs. Yes, it was developed here, amongst a lot more.”

Karen was looking at the equipment, all state of the art, and especially at the latex clad women, working there, wearing tight latex, corsets, even were on pointed boots, without any heels. One of them walked past them. Her suit appeared strange, as if there were two suits on top of each other, the top one being transparent. 17 was written on her breast.

“By the way, remember Suzy? That’s her.” she said, pointing at 17. “Mark? He’s over there.” she said pointing to what would be looking like a rather strongly built woman, with a tiny crushed waist and… ballet boots.

“With their suit, they can’t contaminate the products. It’s like living in a clean room.” said Lynda, now wearing a full latex catsuit and a hood, as she put on what looked like a dust mask or something like that.

As she looked back at Mary, she had just added a red rubber hood to her suit and adjusting the breathing mask, her eyes hidden behind dark lenses.

“The best way to keep secrets is to prevent anyone from speaking. You don’t speak, you don’t hear anything you shouldn’t have.” 

They went through a small airlock like room, where they were each sprayed with clean water and dried out. Karen sort of liked the procedure, the feeling of the hard water jet, yet she didn’t feel the water itself. She was still finding it… interesting. Was the drug still on or was it…..?

They wandered through the laboratory, looking at experiments and stuff. In one corner, a statue, of a black woman, tightly encased, her left arm in front of her, her finger making a “shhsh” gesture as her hand was in front of her eyes, blocking the view, like giving out the message “don’t talk, don’t look”. Lynda noticed and tapped on Mary’s shoulders.

“Oh! Yes. Of course. I kind of forget her. Remember when I said that I was making sure that the drug would not hit the street? Well, this is Ingrid. She tried to smuggle some out of the laboratory. Her latex catsuit had been transformed into a rigid polymer. She can’t move at all. She’s fed twice a day. How long has it been, Lynda?”

“Hum… a little over a year.” she answered.

Karen was shocked.

“I’m sure she could be released by now, that she learned her lessons, but… well, I kind of like her there.”

As if on cue, one of the rubber clad workers dropped a glass beaker, which shattered on the ground. She frantically looked in their directions while she rushed to clean her mess.

“Make a note, Lynda. 9 will go 3 hours in the cage.” then, as Karen was looking puzzled. “When one get good results, they get rewards. When something bad happens, they get punished. The cage is a cage closely molded to the body shape. In it, she would be barely able to move, then suspended a few feet off the ground. It’s over there.” she said, pointing to a mummy like cage, suspended in a corner.

“Oh, don’t be so shocked, Karen. Some are doing those… errors, on purpose.” said Lynda. “In time, you would learn to appreciate them too.”

“And when good things happen, then, you get a reward.” said Mary, pressing a button on a small remote.

Karen jolted. The intruders: they were vibrating! Her knee flexed and she wanted so much to touch them, but with her arms firmly restrained in her back, that was impossible. That kind of makes her more aroused. She liked it. She liked being vibrated at the same time being bound, sealed in rubber, gagged, corseted. The heels suddenly became… too low. She slowly walked, her legs impaired by the hobble chain, that suddenly appeared to be… too long!

Nah. It must be the drug. Or is it?

“Okay, time for decision making.” said Mary, dragging Karen out of the laboratory, to another room at the back, where Karen was sure she was entering some medieval torture chamber: there was chains, cages, tables, crosses, racks, everything in there had one purpose: to restrain someone.

She was led to a wall, where her cuffs were unlinked from each other and she was spread eagled to the wall, a wide leather strap tightly fastened around her waist.

“Okay, the deal is simple: you can still go. If you choose this option, you’ll undergo a short procedure that will wipe out your memory for the last few hours, so you wouldn’t remember anything that happened here. If you chose to stay, well… you’ll stay, and you’ll sign a contract for the next 10 years. I’ll give you an hour to decide.” she said, both Mary and Lynda walking off, leaving Karen there, alone in that room.

She tested her bonds: no way to get out of them. She struggled, squirmed, but instead of getting her frustrated, it only aroused her. Could it be? Nah, must be the drug… But this felt so good!

She simply stayed there, doing nothing. She was about to doze off when the dildos became alive. Suddenly, pulling on her bonds made the effect appear even stronger. She wanted to move, to close her legs, to touch them with her hands. The fact that she was forbidden to was even more powerful. The orgasm built up rapidly, and when she exploded, she was almost thankful that she was restrained, afraid she would have flown across the room.

After the orgasm, as if they sensed it, they all became silent, allowing her to relax, somehow, and think about her options. What if?…

An hour or so later, when Mary came back to release her, she was in her sixth or seventh orgasm, and was totally exhausted.

Unrestrained, unleashed, she was led to a standard office. Her hood was removed, but she was quickly fit with a head harness and a ball gag. Surprisingly, she didn’t mind. In fact, she liked it, she was hoping for something like that. The drug, still? After all this time? Unless… Yes. The second answer was the obvious one. 

Could it be?

She was left sitting at a desk, Lynda and Mary leaving her alone.

In front of her, two contracts:

On her left, she was officially resigning her current position to go to a competitor. She was agreeing at the same time, at the memory erasing procedure. If she was to refuse the memory treatment, she would be under constant watch, and would be drawn to court at the slightest indication that she might have talked about what she had seen.

On her right, a contract to stay at Mary’s company, but to become a Special Research employee, including a 10-years long total rubber encasement, with the rewards as well as the punishments.

After just a few seconds of thinking, she made the choice. The right choice.

© Pete / monsterp63, June 9, 2013

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