Karen – Cleaning Services


12 hours shifts on rotation.

Not every person likes it, but some do.

Karen was one of them, because she would get days off on weekends but also mid week, depending on the rotation.

That way, she could keep the “weekend stuff” happening on weekends with her group of friends, and other stuff, happening mid-week, when all of her group were working, so she wouldn’t get up embarrassed by surprise visits. 

Embarrassed? you may ask. Why?

Well, Karen was a latex fetishist. She was also a bondage enthusiast, in the closet anyways. She never participated in any gathering, big or small.

She kept it for herself, meaning that she had developed several self bondage ideas. Like the one she was preparing to get into on that day.

She began by a black, neck entry, latex catsuit. After lubing her body with care, she proceeded to don the legs, gradually, covering her body with the smooth material. It clung to her skin. Tightly. The way she loved it. She smoothed out the wrinkles, using the occasion to rub her body, gliding her hands on her hips, up her waist, then to her breasts, which she slowly but firmly squeezed a few times. The suit was quickly warming up and adjusting to her body, from her attached toe socks to the attached gloves.

She opened the crotch zipper, the only zipper of the suit, to insert two toys. She was not to do this without toys. Those dildos were huge, with a long life battery, and were the latest, Bluetooth operated vibrators.

She lubed them and shove them in, slowly, even playing with them a little, pulling them out, then back in a few times. She was smiling, even giggling, biting her lower lips.

You little nasty” girl” she said to herself, before pushing them in fully, moaning, and pulling the zipper shut.

Her next item was a latex corset. She closed the front hasps and began to tighten it, sucking her stomach and pulling at the laces at the same time.

She conveniently fixed the loose ends of the lacing to the doorknob of an opened door, one loop on each side, and began to walk away, pulling the lacing, tightening the corset. Her breath was getting shorter, but was also shaking from the extreme compression.

Damn, she wanted to be that compressed all day. Every day. She tightened the lacing and put them into a little pouch, before closing a little flap held with straps reaching the front of the corset, where they snapped together. There was a hole to put in a lock, but that was not necessary. Not with the setup she had in mind.

She picked up another suit. Another neck entry, but clear this time. Again, she applied some lubricant over her current suit, and the next one glided easily, adding one layer of latex, one layer of tightness to her body, that suit, also having attached socks and gloves. However, there was no crotch zipper. Her toys were now out of reach.

She slid her lubed hands over her body, feeling the latex tighten, feeling the double layer slide on one another, creating an awesome massaging sensation.

She reached for her footwear, tall leather boots. Her lubed feet slid easily inside them. She just loved high heels. Like for her corset, she wishes she could wear them all day, everyday. So much for steel toe safety high heel boots…

She wrapped leather cuffs around her ankles, and added a set just above her knees, tightening them until they were almost uncomfortable, and secured both sets with a brass padlock.

She added two more leather cuffs around her wrists, and two more around her elbows, although those last ones, were for show only, as she couldn’t do anything with them. Alone anyways.

She complemented her leather accessories by a stainless steel chastity belt, being made to fit over her fully closed corset. The crotch strap pushed her dildos deeper, making her softly moan. Instinctively, she sucked in her stomach to help close it, but it did nothing. Her corset was already giving up everything that could be given.

She completed the outfit with a tight fitting black latex hood, with pinhole eyes and a small mouth hole. The pinhole eyes area allowed her to see like if it were tinted lenses. Very dirty tinted lenses. She carefully put the yoke of the hood under her black latex catsuit.

Then she took a blow-up gag, put it in her mouth through the mouth slit, and fastened the strap behind her neck. There was no pump attached, just a valve, like the one found on tires.

She picked up another hood, clear latex this time, and pulled it over the first one. It didn’t had any holes for her eyes. It only blurred her vision. It also had a very small hole for her mouth, hole that was just enough for the air valve of the blow-up gag.. Feeling it with her clumsy fingers, she put it over the valve and carefully put the yoke of the hood under her clear latex suit..

She had no way to push the gag out, and it wasn’t even inflated yet.

One last leather item: a wide collar, also locked on.

Each lock had her key in it. So, before locking it on, she would work the key, making sure it was the right one, although they were color coded, then take the key off and put it into a KitchenSafe timed box. That was her main release method. Oh, she had a safety one, inside a container or bright orange paint. The only way to get those keys was to ruin her flooring, and possibly her suit and some cuffs as she would have to dip her hands in it to get them.

She needed four more padlocks. She carefully selected them, making sure her bright green one, the first one she would have to work to get released, was in the group, tested the keys, put them into the KitchenSafe, then walked across the room to put it down, selected the timer. 

She hesitated for a moment.

Did she think all of it through? Did she forget something? 

She did some calculation: about 15 to 20 minutes to finish her setup, then time to crawl over to the box, and time to… enjoy her predicament.

With a devilish grin, she turned the know for two hours, and pressed the button. Then having a doubt, due for her impaired vision: did she put two hours or two days? 

She let out a sigh of relief. It was two hours.

She had five seconds to change her mind. She looked at the countdown go, still thinking, searching if she had forgotten something. As long as she wasn’t tied up, she could always use a screwdriver to pry open the box. Ruining it, but it was a better choice than the bucket of paint.

The timer reaches zero and she hears the little motor, winding the locks in place.

There she was. Even if she wasn’t getting through with her setup, she would be stuck in her double layered latex catsuits, corset, chastity belt and… Oh. Her dildos! She had forgotten!

She walked back to her bedroom, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor, the latex creaking. She could feel the tightness of the latex layers, and of the corset, forcing her to walk by twisting her hips.

She could also feel how tight she put the straps on.

Her eyesight impaired by the pinholes and the blurring effect of the hoods, she looked around the room, searching, cursing at herself.

“Where the fuck did I put it?” she mumbled incomprehensibly through her filled mouth. She walked to the kitchen, and slapped her hands on her hips in frustration.

To the bathroom. Nope. Back to the office, and there it was, on the table, where she had put it in the first place. Where it should have been: her cellphone.

She opened it and started the app for her dildos. Her phone was controlling them. She had that thought for a while: the app had a function to control the output of the dildos through sound. She commanded some music to the wireless speaker nearby and set the phone down. That would be totally random.

To her dismay, the first song was a rather rocky one, and immediately, the dildos fired. It would be hell to complete her setup.

Legs ready to quit with each strong vibration, she reached a thick and rather large cushion, laying on the floor.

She took two padlocks and linked her knees together, as well as her ankles, but adding a small chain to the ankles.

She took the air pump and screwed it to her gag, and pumped it a few times, each time, working it in place so it would be as comfortable as possible. For a gag that is.

She unscrewed the pump and put it besides the cushion. Kneeling, hands in her back, she worked a chain and a padlock at the same time, linking her wrists together. She then arched back as much as she could, reaching her ankles with fingers, just enough to grab the chain. She pulled on it and, with many trials of practice behind her belt, worked the last padlock with the two chains, putting her in the most restricted position she could manage.

She fondled for what seemed like eons, trying to lock everything together, dropping one chain, then the padlock, having to set herself up all over again. The dildos firing at the most, is it appropriate or inappropriate moment, didn’t help either. Apparently, all those sessions of practices weren’t paying off. Yet.

Finally, on the verge of letting go, she felt the padlock click. She just hoped it locked everything together, not just itself on one chain, like it happened some time ago, leaving her in a straight, boring tie.

No. She was set up. She let herself drop on the cushion, its purpose not clear, as she fell face first, on her stomach, ending up in a strict hogtie.

She now had a little less than two hours to squirm to reach the KitchenSafe, for her freedom.

But she had a doubt. She felt she was forgetting something. She recap everything she did. She couldn’t find anything wrong.

As if to reward her, a soft song began, putting the dildos in a slow, but constant buzz. She moaned through her gag, enjoying it, letting herself drop into her fantasy zone, her happy place. 

That’s where she belonged: encased in rubber and tightly bound, getting vibrated to orgasm, over and over again.

The rhythm of the music had put her in the same rhythm, her hips dancing up and down with the beat of Summer of ‘69, then turned to a slower beat for Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me, with the Melbourne Symphony.

It’s as if her body, her soul, were waiting for it. When the grand finale hit, with the full blown orchestra, she exploded, rocking sideways, back and front, her gag muffling the screams coming from her brain, as she experienced the orgasm as she liked it: ballistic.

But as she wanted to relax, after such a powerful first orgasm, her random “oldies” playlist screwed her mind with I’m Feeling Good, quickly building another one but as the song reached its climax…

Ding, Dong!!….

What a way to throw someone’s mind off.

She stopped dead on her track. Who the hell was that? Probably another salesman… Wait. Did she lock the door? She believed so. After all, she had an electronic lock that was re-locking after 30 seconds. You needed a key or a code to come in. But… doubts are doubts.

Even tho her dildos were vibrating like hell, she didn’t care. They were much of an annoyance now.

Ding, Dong!!….

She stayed motionless, as if they could see her through the frosted window. Well, what if there was a spot where it was less frosty? Does the mirror in the corridor give them a view? What if… Damn, the mind can be a real pain sometimes. Funny when the brain is conditioned to do something on cue, like the doorbell ringing, to go and open the door, it’s fucking difficult NOT to do it, to play dead, to play the “there’s nobody home”, like leaving a phone ringing.

Silence. She was even holding her breath. Honestly, her dildos and her music were making a lot more noise.

She started to relax…

“Hello? Anybody home? Hello?”

What the fuck. Who the…

“Cleaning services! Miss Karen, it’s Natalia. I’m here for the monthly cleaning.”

Oh shit! That was it! That was what she felt she had forgotten. Last month, she had enlisted the help of a cleaning service, and she set them up to come on every four weeks, where she knew she would be home. That was today! Damn.

Well, maybe, since she would realize that there was nobody home, she would turn back.

Nah, silly. You gave her a code, because  you could be working an extra shift on that day… Now what.

She looked around for a place to hide: behind the desk? No, the chair was blocking the way. Perhaps behind the potted plant.

She heard Natalia walk around, moving stuff, then she heard the vacuum cleaner. She was doing the kitchen. She had time to think.

What to do. What time was it? Maybe she would have time, maybe the Kitchen safe would release her before she came in the office. The emergency keys? Shit no. How to explain the fresh bucket of paint, especially since she is “not home”.


She just hoped.

The dildos were firing, the music was playing, but it was out of her mind. She didn’t experience anything pleasurable. It was only an annoyance.

She heard the vacuum getting to the living room, then the bathroom, hearing the distinctive sound of high heels. Was Natalia working the vacuum in heels?.

By then, she had reached the Kitchen safe. Once it unlocked, she would need time to free herself and get out of the way. She looked at the time: five minutes.

The door swung open. Karen looked in the direction. From her low vantage point, she saw high heel shoes and what looked like skinny jeans, pushing the vacuum broom.

Then it stopped. With the tip of her foot, Natalia turned off the vacuum and let the broom down. She walked to Karen, whistling, stopping right in front of her face. She stood there, immobile for what seemed like an eternity.

Karen was puzzled. There was no reaction, no scream, no “oh my gosh”, no nothing. Natalia was just standing there, her high heeled feet inches from her face.

Karen wondered if she was to moan, scream, squirm or whatever.

She heard the sound of the Kitchen lock releasing its grip. Natalia crouched down. Karen could see her jeans, so tight that the seams wanted to rip open. 

She picked the Kitchen safe in her hand, opened it and looked inside, before putting it… up on the desk.

What the fuck!

Karen groaned. What was she doing?

Natalia looked at the phone, then tapped on it, hearing the dildos fire at the same time Karen moaned. She then disappeared from sight, and Karen heard her move stuff around, browsing, opening drawers. She came back a few moments later and knelt besides Karen. She felt her fondle with her bounds. Her elbows were drawn together and she heard the distinctive click of a padlock, then she felt a leather harness being put over her head, which included an attached blindfold, and getting tightened around her head.

What the fuck was she doing? She had no right!

Karen’s head was yanked backward and evidently linked to her elbow cuff and then, her ankle link with her wrists was shortened,  arching her back dramatically.

Now, she couldn’t move at all, not even struggle. And to top it all, she was now blind! She had no way to free herself now! What the hell was Natalia doing?

She heard the vacuum start again, which filled the room with noise, triggering her dildos on full blast. Karen moaned, tried to scream for her to free her, but Natalia did nothing, either she was not hearing Karen’s pleas through the vacuum noise, or she was voluntarily ignoring them. 

As she reached the large cushion, she moved it to vacuum, she knelt to pick something: the gag pump. She looked at it and immediately walked back to Karen.

Blinded, she only felt something pushing on her gag, then she realized that it was getting inflated! Natalia would pump, then squeeze Karen’s cheeks, then inflate it some more, until Karen was about to cry, feeling her mouth ready to explode, but kept together by the double latex layers.

At one point, as she felt the vacuum cleaner broom close to her, she was grabbed and moved away, sliding on the floor, so that Natalia could do her job. She was thorough.

The sound of the vacuum faded away as Natalia moved to the other rooms, leaving Karen to her predicament.

She was straining against her bonds. That was tighter than she was ever able to achieve, and a lot more extreme. That was not planned. That was not anticipated.

But as the next orgasm filled her, that was AWESOME!

As the orgasm ran through her body, the fact that she couldn’t move at all only amplified the feeling. Her vain struggles, the blind fold, the extreme gag, everything contributed to make each following orgasm, a one of a kind.

Natalia came back, some time later, to complete her dusting of the room, moving the phone quite a few times, even dropping it. I’m sure it was accidental…

Each time, Karen felt the jolt of her dildos.

She was exhausted, on the verge of passing out, shen she felt her bounds relaxing. Natalia had removed the leather head harness, and was removing the locks putting her into a hogtie as well as the elbow lock, but leaving everything else on.

Karen stretched her legs, moaning. That was hurting. She rolled on her side. From  her blurred vision, she saw Natalia, crouching by her side, evidently smiling.

“I hope you enjoyed this little… unplanned adventure. Well, my work here is done, so,  unless you cancel the contract, I’ll see you again on the 20th of next month.” she said, before putting a set of keys in Karen’s bound hands. “I’ll leave you to your devices, now. Have a good day”. She said, walking away, her heels clicking on the spotless floor

Half an hour later after a hard struggle to free herself as she was totally exhausted, Karen was sitting on the floor. She had heard the notification sound on her phone shortly after Natalia left. She picked it up. There was a text message.

“Hi, it’s Natalia. Please, send me a confirmation as soon as you’re free. If I have nothing within the hour, I’ll send help.”

“I’m fine.” she texted back, then added: “Thank you. That was wonderful”

“You have four weeks to set up what you want me to do next time.” texted back Natalia “unless you don’t…” she added, trailing off the end.

Karen smiled. She already had some ideas. She answered with a simple emoji: Kinky.

© Pete / monsterp63, July 28, 2019

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