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WARNING: Have you read “FINAL FANTASY”? If not, go read that first. This is a sequel.


The doorbell rang. The man opened the door to face a pizza delivery guy.

“Allright!” he said, smiling, taking the pizza box off the hand of the delivery man, to put it on a nearby table, then fondled in his pockets, suddenly concerned.

“Damn! Where did I put my wallet… Let me go check in the kitchen.” he said, leaving the man there. “Damn… Please, come in and close the door. You know… Bugs.” he yelled from the kitchen.

“Karen? Have you seen my wallet?”  he said out loud.

The delivery man made a few steps inside and closed the door, evidently nervous, feeling not secured. He was furtively looking around, as searching, and when he heard him call the woman’s name, he became more curious.

The home owner returned, but as he came close by, he produced a knife.

“Please, don’t do anything stupid.” he said. “Come with me.”

“I… Here, take all you want. I won’t tell. I prom…” said the young delivery man, opening his money pouch and producing a small amount of money, as he always kept a minimum amount.

“Keep your money” said the man. “I want you here for something else.” he said, dragging him toward a room.

The delivery man made wide eyes. He knew that house. He knew that room.

As the door opened, he was stunned at the sight.

First, another delivery man was there, from a chicken place. They looked at each other, not exchanging a word, but their eyes, conveying the same thing: fear. The home owner pushed him toward the other, and they both sat, next to one another.

“I believe you two know each other, but I don’t know you. My name is Phil, and you are?”

“I… What do you want?” said the pizza guy, looking around, scared by what he could see: strange torture devices, a bed that appeared to be covered in rubber, and in front of them, a huge bedsheet, hung from the ceiling, hiding part of the room. That was the scary part.

“Okay, come on, guys.” said Phil. “Let’s play straight, shall we? This house is equipped with cameras. I saw you coming in, picking my computer” he said pointing to the pizza guy “and taking one of the TV”, this time pointing at the chicken guy. “You wore ski masks that you put on only before entering the house and took off as soon as you left. I have your face on video, as well as your car plates.

“We… We didn’t steal anything. You… You saw it, right?”

“You’re right, you didn’t steal anything. But you broke into my house and you were about to, until you got scared by her sight.” he said, pulling off the sheet, revealing a woman, in a black shiny rubber catsuit, spread on a X frame, gently squirming.

The pizza guy was quick to jump at the door to flee, but Phil pressed a button on a remote and a locking sound was heard, and he was unable to open the door.

“Don’t… Don’t hurt us. I promise, we’ll never come back.” he said, his eyes showing his fear.

“Oh, I won’t hurt you.” said Phil, smiling. “I will hurt her.” he said, taking his remote and pushing a button.

Immediately, Karen’s body arched as a muffled scream was heard, her eyes opening wide.

“It’s funny what electricity could do to a body, don’t you think?”

The two delivery guys were looking in disgust at the woman’s body, being electrocuted, until he released the button.

Karen appeared lifeless for a few seconds, before she began to moan and squirm, trying to get out of her bondage.

“But… Why? We’re the one who broke into your house. Why punish her?”

“Oh, very simple, mister Pizza. If I was to spank you, you would say that you deserve it, and once it’s over, it’s just a bad memory that quickly fades away as you perform your next little robbery scam. But, if you see someone else being tortured for something that YOU did, that fucks your brain a lot more, because you know that someone else, someone innocent, is paying the price for what you did. After today, every time you’ll think about breaking into a house, you’ll remember what you’ll see here, because, oh, we’re far from done. Now, tell me, Pizza. How much were you expecting to get from my computer? $300? $400? $600?

“Ugh…. About… $300..”

“What? That’s a $4000 computer, and you would have sold it for $300? Well, so be it. $300. And you, Chicken.  How much for the TV?”

“One hundred…” he said, his head down.

“Okay, 100 and 300. Those numbers are too big, so, let’s take them down at 10 and 30. So… 10 times 30 seconds.” said Phil.

The men began to realize what was to happen.

“However, I need a power level. I divided those by 10, so, let’s take it to the power 10, which happens to be the maximum setting.” he said, turning the dial. “How convenient, isn’t it?” said Phil.

“You’re not about to…”

“So… ONE!” he said, pushing the button.

Karen’s body arched again, as her scream, muffled by a large gag under her latex covered head, prevented most of the sound to come out, but what came out was downright creepy, coming from deep inside her guts.

The guys were moving nervously, rubbing their thighs, rubbing their hands together, trying to get rid of the sweat building in them.

“29… and 30” he said, releasing the button.

Karen’s body appeared lifeless, hanging from her leather cuffs on the cross, but then her head slightly moved. She moaned.

“She’s still awake. Let’s go for cycle number TWO!”

He pressed the button and Karen’s body arched again.

Pizza got up.

“Stop it! I got it. No need to continue.”

“Oh, but I do need to continue. The punishment must be administered in its entirety, otherwise it’s useless.” he said, showing a smile that could have come from the devil itself.

“No. Stop it!” he yelled, as Chicken rushed to the door and began to yank at the door, kicking it, banging on it, trying to open it. At one point the door let go and the delivery guys rushed out.

Phil ran after them.

“Hey! Don’t you want to get paid for the pizza and the chicken?”

He heard the door open and shortly after, tire screeching in the distance.

He returned to the dungeon, where Karen was still hanging on the X frame, but her shoulders jumping up and down. 

He walked to her and rubbed the knive between her breasts. The blade bent easily, revealing it to be a foam prop. Karen was giggling. He took her gag off..

She laughed out loud, a large amount of saliva dripping off her latex suit..

“Ha, Ha, Ha! Their faces, that was priceless!! You were awesome, Honey.” she said.

“You too, darling. You were very convincing.” he said, pressing the button, the humming of vibrating dildos being heard, and Karen softly moaned.

He released the button and took Karen off the X frame. She sat on the bed, with sultry moves, and very horny eyes. She grabbed his tie and pulled him over her as she let herself fall on her back on the bed.

“You had this thing on, twice, at full level. It was hard as hell for me to keep a straight, electrocuted face, while being screwed up.” she said, as she was keeping his face close to hers. “Now, I need you to finish what you started, hon.” she said.

“Uh… Okay.” he said, pressing the button.

Karen twitched as the vibrator engaged, again, at full power.

“That’s not what… “ she began to say, then grabbing his head from her latex gloved hand, and locking their lips together  “Oh well…”

© Pete / monsterp63, August 15, 2019

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