Karen – For Your Protection


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The feeling of the warm breeze on her scalp made her giggle. She touched it. It was weird. Well, she was going bald for the first time. But it was for a good cause: helping cancer victims. Plus, it would gain her more likes and followers on her social media accounts, and she hoped, a few more contracts for her modeling career..

And if it poses a problem, there’s always wigs.

As she walked down the busy street, people staring at her, not at her butt, tightly encased in the latest designer leather pants, or her extreme heels, but at her head, and herself, staring at her phone, smiling at the like number climbing, her phone rang. It was her agent.

Geesh! Was she following her at this instant?

“Hi, Lynda. What’s new?”

 “Hi Karen. Are you free at the moment? For a gig, that is.”

“Well, yes, of course. What is it?”

“It is for modeling some protection suit or something. There was a problem with their last model, and they need a new one, ASAP, as the studio is ready and they’re about to shoot. So, if you’re available, I mean, like, NOW, that would be awesome.”

“Yeah, sure!” she said smiling. “My usual fee, plus 50% for the emergency situation.”

“Yes… actually, they are offering double that.”

“Double my usual fee?”

“Err… No. Double your usual + 50% fee….”

“Oookayy… What’s the catch?”

“You… you have to go bald.”

Karen laughed. Hard.

“What’s so funny? I know your hairs are a prize possession of yours, but look at the financial reward. I mean…”

“Phil. Look at my instacrap account.”

“Okay but why. What is… holy shit! You didn’t really do this, right?”

“Well, look at my followers! 200 more in less than an hour.”

“Ah… yes. Good for you. So, that means that you take the contract? Good. I’m sending you the address. They’re waiting for you.”

Karen hailed a cab and within 20 minutes, she was there. It was not what she expected. It wasn’t looking like the usual studios, more like a high tech, fancy building.

She pushed the large and heavy glass door, and immediately, a young man came to her.

“Are you Karen?… Follow me, please.” he said, guiding Karen through a maze of corridors, to an elevator and… down a few storeys… Wait. DOWN?

“Where are we going?” she politely asked

“Down at the research department.” said the man.

“Research department? I thought I was here to model some kind of suit?”

“Yes, the Permanent Protection Environment Suit. The taping is done in the lab, with Natalia, our head researcher.” he said, as the elevator stopped at the -5 level.

The door opened, and, apart knowing that they were below ground, nothing showed. Everything was if they were higher up the building, in some corridor far away from windows. He led her down the path and turned left, entering a rather brightly lit room, filled with equipment, a table with lots of cardboard boxes of different sizes on it, and a professional video camera.

There was a woman, tall, red head, sporting a red leather jacket, liquid legging and matching red booties.

Karen immediately acknowledged her sense of style and felt at ease.

“Hello. You must be Karen? I’m Natalia.” said the woman, shaking Karen’s hand with a firm grip. “I see you already shaved your head?” she asked, puzzled, but evidently glad.

“Yeah, I happened to have it shaved a few hours ago to donate my hair for cancer patients.”

“How thoughtful of you! And very convenient for us. So, you know what you’ll have to do?”

“Not much, apart that I’m supposed to model some kind of environment suit.”

“Yes. The Permanent Protection Environment Suit, P-PES for short. We all know how the planet is going bezerk.  It’s a permanent suit that will allow whoever wears it, to be protected against pretty much everything, from polluted water, air, to harsh UV rays, chemical spills, etc.” she said, as she was getting paperwork out of a briefcase.

“This is the contract, acknowledge your fee, that will be for the time of the shooting, with a minimum of four hours paid.” she said, presenting a rather classic contract that Karen immediately signed. “And this one is for the Permanent suit, stating that, as long as you’ll be in the suit, we will provide all the basic necessities.” she said.

Karen quickly browsed it, and signed it.

“So, you agree to put on the Permanent PES, right?”

“Yeah, sure. How do we proceed?”

“Okay. That was quick… Very good then.” she said, opening one of the boxes, a white one, about the size of a shoe box. She retrieved three sealed, clear plastic bags from it, one rather thick and two thinner ones.She took one of the thin ones and ripped it open to take out a small pair of panties, and a bra, made of some shiny and smooth material Karen immediately recognized.

“Is that latex? I had to model some for a designer. That was actually cool.” she said, picking the garments.

“It’s more of a polymer, but very similar to latex. So, you put those on over there, behind that divider and you come join me in front of the camera.”

“Ah… Do we, I don’t know, rehearse or anything?”

“Do you really need to rehearse for dressing up? I’m sure you know how to put a catsuit on. Anyways, I will be directing you within the video. It will give up more of a learning look for the potential wearer.”

“Oh, okay.” she said, walking behind the divider.

She undressed and put on the tiny latex garments, barely hiding anything. They were very stretchy and pewter in color, as the whole suit appeared to be. She walked, barefooted, but on her toes, too used to high heels, to the camera room. The bags had obviously been put back into the box. Natalia looked at her with a large smile.

“Wonderful. Now, I’ve setup a number of boxes on the table. You will take them as I instruct you to. Any questions?”

“Hum… No. I don’t see any.” said Karen.

“If you have some during the video, just ask them. Makes the thing even more real. Ready Phil?” she asked the young man, now behind the camera.

“Whenever you are, Natalia.”

“Okay, in three, two…  Hello and welcome to the presentation of D-Research, Permanent Protection Environment Suit, or P-PES for short, demonstration. My name is Natalia and I’m here with Karen who will show you how easy it is to get yourself fully protected, for life.”

She walked to Karen, picking the thick bag out of the box.

“The suit starts with a neck entry catsuit, with attached gloves and feet.” she said, ripping the bag open , unpacking, unfolding and and showing the suit, holding it by the shoulders, then gripping the high collar and stretching it as wide as what the shoulders were.

“This is a very stretchy, yet an extremely resistant latex polymer, almost indestructible, providing years of protection with minimum care.” she said, taking something that almost looked like a sword and draping the suit on it, stretching over the tip of the sword until it was making just a point. Karen was sure to see the sword go right through, but it didn’t. That thing was tough! Natalia handed it to Karen. 

“It is already fully lubricated for ease of entry. As Karen will demonstrate, and note that this is her first time, easier to put on as it sounds, starting with one leg, collecting all of the suit at the ankle, then stretching the neck to put the other leg in, and do the same until both feet are fully inserted into the attached feet. The toe socks have been chosen because of the comfort.” she said as Karen wiggled her toes into them.

She already loved the feeling, smooth, silky, tight. Cold at first, then quickly warming up.

“Now, all you have to do is work the suit up your legs, by gently pulling on it. Do not worry about the wrinkles. if it feels tight or loose, it’s okay as it’s one size fits a large variety of shapes and sizes…” continued Natalia as Karen was slowly working her way inside the suit. For having worn a lot of different clothes, she was quick to figure out hot to put that on, pulling it gently up her body, then as it reached her upper chest, squeeze one arm in through the collar, down to it sleeve then the other one, and the suit slid in place, but Karen grinned. That fit was less than perfect: too tight at the calf, loose at the knee and thighs, tight at the hips, loose on the chest yet tight at the shoulders. It was quite uncomfortable. There was that thick padding at the crotch that was not helping, especially since it was hanging.

“The fit is wrong at first, but the suit will adapt. It’s available in only 3 sizes. Small, Med and Large, which would fit 99.9 of people. It’s body heat activated, so giving some time, you’ll see it work. In the meantime, you put the protection hood, which for better fit, required a shaved head, that Karen already has here.” Said Natalia.

Karen picked up the last sealed bag and opened it. She put the zipperless, pull-on hood over her head. The feeling of the smooth fabric over her scalp was very interesting. The hood had eyes holes, as well as nostril holes and a circular mouth hole.

“The holes might appear to break the sealing of the suit, but those will be taken care of with the installation of the gasmask, later in the procedure.” continued Natalia.

“We can already see that the suit has begun to conform to Karen’s unique body, getting tighter, removing every air bubble, to ensure a proper fit.

The whole process shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes. It is thought that, if the suit is put on as an emergency measure, the less exposure time to the harsh environment, the better.” explained Natalia as Karen was feeling the suit gets tighter, and what was shrinking, was getting thicker.

It was like a hugging feeling, she closed her eyes as she embraced that warm blanket of…whatever it was, wrapping her. The feeling was awesome. It was tight. Very tight. But the pressure was equal everywhere. Awesome!

“Now that the suit is fully in place, its intelligent sensing system, embedded within the suit, will sense the overall body heat and trigger the automatic insertion of the cleaning tubes.”

As if exactly on cue, Karen went wide eyes, and startled, putting a hand at her crotch, at the large thick padding, as she felt something move up, into her vagina, and into her urethra, as well as something pushing at her rectum.

“… All you have to do is relax and let the self-guided system take care of you. During this time, you can unpack the boots.” she said, pointing at a long box for Karen to open.

Disburbed by the insertion going on, she opened it and startled. Inside were boots, in half pipes, rigid with a polished carbon fiber finish on them. They were pointing and had no heels. She took one and held it upright, in front of her to examine it, but it looked like she was displaying it.

“We chose pointed boots for our design because it turned out to be the most effective footwear for universal accessories attachments. Different attachments are available, from wheels to tracks, to snow shoes, all universal, meaning you can take anyone and wear it. To put it on, you take the back portion and you slide your feet into the foot of the boot, then take the top half and put it in place.”

Karen rested on a nearby stool and put her feet in the hole, which was somewhat larger than her feet, and the boot reached just below her knee. She then put the top half on it, but she failed to see how to fasten them together. Then, it kind of came alive, tiny strings spouting from both halves, reaching for the other, and bringing them together.

“Our patented automatic fastening system made of nanotendrils, will take charge of the rest, brining the two halves together before sealing them, then filling the interior of the boot with expanding foam, providing a custom and comfortable fit.”

Karen felt the boot tighten on her leg, then her feet being encased in something hot. Within minutes, she was able to stand on it and proceed with her other leg.

She was used to high heels, but this was extreme. However, the fact that her leg was totally rigid from the toes to below the knee, proved effective at keeping her balance.

“The next item,” continued Natalia, as if everything was totally normal, “is the abdomen protection shield.” she said, pointing to another cardboard box that Karen opened.

She frowned. Abdomen Protection Shield? This was a plain corset! Again, made out of two rigid halves of carbon fibers.

“All you have to do, is to hold both pieces, one in front, the other in the back, over your body. No need to align them properly. The nanotendrils, like for the boots, will take over and adjust the size of the shield to your body.”

Karen felt the nanotendrils already at work, grabbing the two halves, bringing them together and then some more, getting tighter… and tighter… and tighter.

She went wide-eyed and wanted it to stop! She felt she was being crushed in half, her breathing getting shorter.

“The nanotendrils, “continued Natalia, totally unaffected by Karen’s panicking looks and gestures, trying to get her fingers between the shield and the suit, trying to stop it from shrinking, “will sense when it is tight enough. It is made to lower the amount of loose space in one’s stomach, and stiffen the spine. It might get some used to, but once it is done, you’ll be rewarded by a lifetime of lower back protection.

As Karen thought she was about to faint, it stopped. She stood there, panting in short gasps, feeling how tight it was, running her hands from her hips to her chest, feeling her new curvy body. She saw a reflection of herself in the glass panel of some equipment in front of her and was stunned! She had a real wasp waist!

“And now, for the final item” continued Natalia, unaffected by Karen extreme waist size, “the last item is the gas mask, which will complete the sealing.” she said, indicated to Karen to open the last box.

It was a rubber gasmask with orange tinted eye ports.

“As with the rest, everything is automatic. You simply put it on and tighten the straps.” she said, as Karen placed it in front of her face and adjusted the straps.

“Again, with the sensing of your body heat, the mask features are activated”

Karen gasps as something forced its way up her nose, and in her mouth.

“It might be panicking at first, but all you have to do is breathe normally and swallow a few times for the breathing and feeding tubes to be inserted. You will feel your mouth being filled, that is to protect it from any bacterial infection, especially for the tooth, since once sealed in, no dentistery could be performed.”

Karen felt something inflating in her mouth, filling it and then some more, feeling the pressure increase, reaching to the back of her mouth.

“Of course, this completes the sealing of the suit, the body heat having activated the adhesive, glueing all the components together, as well as fusing it with your skin, thanks for the special lubricant-adhesive compound that helped you put the suit on in the first place.”

That was just too much for Karen. She didn’t mind being wrapped, squeezed or wearing extreme boots, but those tubed inserting in her throat were too much. She grabbed the gasmask and tried to pull it off, but it wouldn’t bulge. She tried to grab the straps but they seemed fused with the hood, and while she pulled on them, pulling on the hood, she felt her scalp being pulled up the same way. She started to panic.

“So, that’s how you put on our P-PES, or Permanent Protection Environment Suit, and thus, gets fully… Are you alright Karen?” she said, stopping, realizing Karen was trying to get the gasmask off.

“Stop it. It’s no use. It’s permanent. There’s no way you can take it off.”

Karen stopped and stared at Natalia.

“Permanent! As in… for forever?” she tried to say, but she was totally gagged and only some mumbling could be heard.


Ending One


“Phil, stop the camera.” said Natalia, grabbing Karen by the side of her head to look directly in her eyes. “What is it in PERMANENT you do not understand? I told you it was a permanent suit. It’s called a PERMANENT protection suit. You signed the document stating that it was a permanent suit. Did you not listen? Did you not read? Why do you think the six previous models walked away without signing?”

Karen stared back at her, trying to understand what had happened. She tried to pull on the suit, tried to remove the attached gloves.

“Forget it Karen. You’re sealed in, for the rest of your life. What do you thought it was, a mock-up suit? A demonstrator?”

Karen nodded a small yes.

(Sigh) ”Models!”


Ending Two


“Stop it, Karen, you’re ruining the take… Damn it! Phil, stop the camera. AGAIN” she said, grabbing Karen by the side of her head to look directly in her eyes. “What is it in PERMANENT you do not understand? I told you it was a permanent suit. It’s called a PERMANENT protection suit. You signed the document stating that it was a permanent suit. Did you non listen? Did you not read? 

Karen stared back at her, trying to understand what had happened. She tried to pull on the suit, tried to remove the attached gloves.

“Forget it Karen. You’re sealed in, for the rest of your life. Now, I’m gonna have to start all over again… FOR THE EIGHTH FUCKING TIME!!!”

She grabbed Karen by the shoulder and led her out of the room, through a different door she used when she walked in.

On the other side, six women, some sitting, some standing up, all, like her, sealed in the P-PES.

“What is wrong with you, people? Do ALL OF YOU models don’t listen or read before agreeing to a contract?” yelled Natalia. “Really? What do you think this was? A mock-up, a non-functional suit?

They all looked at each other and shyly nodded yes.

“Oh…Well… WAIT! THAT IS a great idea! I should use a non-permanent suit for the video. Viewers won’t see the difference. Why didn’t I think about that earlier?”

© Pete / monsterp63, August 2019

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