2000 thousand years ago, a great savior came to free us from our sins.

That savior was a woman.

But the Great King saw it as a threat to his ruling. No way a woman could be more powerful than He.

So he sent for her and she was thrown into jail, kept in constant bondage, gagged, and forced to wear special steel ankle cuffs forcing her to walk on her toes.

Her waist was held compressed by a steel and leather corset.

To prevent her from having any pleasure, her holes were plugged with steel made by the finest blacksmith of the kingdom, and a carefully crafted steel belt was added to keep the plugs in.

Once a week, she would be brought to the center place of the kingdom, to be tied up to a post in front of everybody. Then, the high priest would ask her to deny that she was the savior.

Everytime she would deny the Great King of such a pleasure.

Everytime, she would be covered in hot tar and left there to dry, only to be returned to her cell.

One day, the guards came to her cell to bring her to the center place, but all that they found was an empty shell of dried tar. Empty. No body, no bones, no traces.

People began to believe that she was really a god. The goddess of tar. TarGod.

She had beaten the Great King.

Afraid that TarGod would get back to him, he lived a reclusive life until his death.

He had written instructions, after what he believed to be a vision he had of TarGod, asking to be mummified in strips of linen, soaked in liquid tar.

So today, all believers are wearing high heels and corsets to honor TarGod, and to show that they belong to this great cult. They wear tight fitting clothes as much as possible, as shiny as possible, to represent her bondage torture.

The representatives of the TarGod Cult are easy to identify, always wearing rubber, high heels, corset and a chastity belt.

They are always in chains, limiting their movements, and gagged

Once a week, they will reunite, men and women, all dressed in rubber and high heels, and corset, to represent the liquid tar and the special ankle cuffs.

The high priest or priestess, wearing the tightest, thickest rubber suit possible, duly plugged and belted, with the tightest of corset, and wearing ballet boots, would chose a follower to suffer, for Targod, where he/she would be tied on a post for the entire day.

Every year, there will be the Great TarGod Celebration, where chosen people, would get mummified for one full day, a full week, or a full month, depending on their spiritual deepness, during which time, the followers of the cult have to dress in rubber 24 hours a day, and be kept in constant bondage, gagged, chastised and corseted.

Long Live TarGod!

© Pete / monsterp63, Sept 1, 2019

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